Red Grouper Framework Action 2014
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10/1/2014 8:50:22Jason Whitakerjdubb247@yahoo.comHere are my preferences for the Red Grouper recreational management measures:

Action 1 - alternative 2 - 3 per person
Action 2 - alternative 2
Action 3 - alternative 3A

PANAMA CITYPrivate Recreational Angler
10/3/2014 5:20:45Frank D. Mayfdmay@msn.comIt is Critical to consider not just red grouper but the impact of hooks in the water for Gags as well. For this reason I support the closed season in all federal waters Feb and March, which is peak Gag spawn. I think that was alternative one. Commercial Red Snapper should be closed outside of 20 fathoms at this time also! They are catching their Gag Quotas during peak Gag spawn while "snapper" fishing on the ledges.

Red Grouper may not be overfished statewide, but here in the Northern Gulf our population is WAY DOWN. Two fish per person bag is what I support.

In closing, Red grouper are the only reef fish I am aware of THAT CREATE THEIR OWN HABITAT. Here in the northern gulf we depend on that habitat creation to increase ALL our reef fish populations. Please conserve this species!
Port St. Joe, fl 32456Private Recreational Angler
10/5/2014 8:48:55Warner Fosterjwkillntime@gmail.comYou claim the recreational anglers have exceeded their Red Grouper quota. However, you have not shown any hard data to prove what you allege. As a private angler have never been checked and have only heard of one instance of being checked in Alabama. There are a lot of things that could and should be done to get a more accurate accounting of all reef fish caught.
Must say, Red Grouper are not as plentiful as they were five years ago. suggest reducing the bag limit to two per angler. Because Red Snapper and Red Grouper are frequently caught at the same location the seasons should coincide. There should also be a substantial reduction in the commercial fishing quota.
Thank you,
32405Private Recreational Angler
10/6/2014 10:38:33Captain Denis Davintarpononecharter@aol.comIn my opinion, the red grouper population has become seriously depleted, especially within the past year. The fishing pressure on red grouper is tremendous. A few years ago we were catching legal size grouper within 5 or six miles of shore. That distance has steadily increased to the point where we are now running 30+ miles offshore to catch a legal size red grouper. What angers me even more is when I hear a boat with four or more anglers limits out on red grouper and takes 16 or 20 legal fish. This happens on both private boats and charter boat and to me this is unconscionable even if it is legal. We seem to be living in an age where all that matters is me, me, me.
I think it's important that we protect the resource from this greed that is so prevalent.
My suggestion would be to close the red grouper season for a year or two to let these fish recover from overfishing. I would then reduce the legal catch limits to two fish per person not to exceed eight fish per vessel regardless of the number of people fishing.
And finally, I believe something must be done about the goliath grouper populations that are out of control. Many of the fish that we catch are eaten by goliath grouper as we attempt to get them to the surface. In addition, many of the reef fish that we used to catch are no longer present and I suspect this is due to the goliath grouper.
Thank you for your consideration,
Captain Denis Davin
Marco Island, FL 34145Private Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-Hire
10/6/2014 18:31:20Jerry Russelljrussell12@embarqmail.comI understand the need to manage OUR fisheries wisely. Lower bag limits, size slot limits are effective ways to manage. Completely closing the season during peak vacation season will change a lot of people's mind where they want to spend their money. If you don't want us spending thousands of dollars golfing and fishing in SW Florida, I'm sure we can find someplace else! I'd rather spend my vacation $ in the US. Hastings,MN 55033Private Recreational Angler
10/7/2014 17:48:52Conrad Szymanskiconrad_sz@msn.comThe best and most enforceable action is to have consistency of rules. We need some fish we can catch and keep other than Mango Snappers. Let's drop the bag limit to 2 Red Grouper and keep the season open for the maximum amount of time. Fishing regulations that are constantly changing are very poorly followed by the majority of anglers and generally weakly enforced.Bradenton, FL,34205Private Recreational Angler
10/10/2014 12:26:01Michael Carollocarollomichael@gmail.comI live in Michigan and have a condo in Marco Island. To get to keeper size red grouper in my area, I need to fish in 60-70 feet of water which is 25+ miles offshore...clearly federal waters. I would like to see the red grouper limit set at two per person and the aggregate set at 4 grouper per person total. Many times I fish alone and that's a lot of fuel for 2 keeper reds but it's worth it to keep our fishery strong. I prefer the season be open year round but if there must be a closure then March and April would be my choice. Thanks. MCMarco Island, Fl 34145Private Recreational Angler
10/17/2014 17:34:52Bob Trentobtrento@aol.comVery confused by the options discussed (could just be me). Also shocked we are considering a Feb/March Closure after the Oct-Dec. shut down??

Here are my thoughts
-First the recreation red grouper harvest (MRIPP’s) is absurd, the collection method was changed, was the history/comparison changed to make data credible? (NO) The sample size and methodology for collection is flawed + very expensive, projection method is not consistent with the capacity of recreational/for Higher fisherman to perform. (impossible)

Many other alternative collection methods and technology are available that can more accurately capture this info. Sizing markets, consumer intent, and predicting behaviors is done everyday by myriad organizations that do this stuff as a singular core competency. NOAA is re-inventing fire.

The accuracy of the data needs to be fixed first and then informed decisions can be made on how to manage the bio mass.

Feed Back Webinar Recommendation
-2 fish is plenty for recreational catch limit, at the same or even adjusted size, (have to be careful about size as the fatality rate of grouper caught and thrown back in + 100 ft of water is Hi).

-We NEVER want a closed season in SW FL, the finical impact on the fishing industry and all the business’s that support the industry is enormous, creates GREAT financial hardship.

-Would like to see a closed season during the actual spawn for both Recreational and Commercial the is could managed as red grouper spawn in a predictable time frame in +100 ft of water only!!!!! It would have to be for Recreational and Commercial ONLY.

-Establish a commercial open season (maybe rec??) on Goliath Grouper. Goliath's are everywhere, every rock pile and wreck, love to eat grouper and snapper.

Bob Trento
Naples FL
Naples, FL 34114Private Recreational Angler
10/24/2014 19:26:33Hans Katrosgatorhans@aol.comI think Red Grouper size limit should be lowered to 18 inches. We catch usually between 60 to 100 Red grouper off Tampa Bay on a day trip anywhere form 6 miles to 25 miles offshore. We usually get over 20 inches with about 3 to 6 average on our catch, but in our opinion Red Grouper are everywhere off Tampa Bay and shouldn't be restricted so much.The average Red grouper seems to be 18 to 19 inches.winter havenPrivate Recreational Angler
11/12/2014 14:21:24michael stringfellowmrbgbear42@aol.comwhy is hubbards marina in madero beach catching and keeping red grouper??? and I thought the capt and crew wen't allowed to catch and keep grouper? but in sept capt frank caught and kept a red grouper of legal size?? does that area have different rules??ocala fl 34472Charter/Headboat For-Hire
11/20/2014 9:58:33robert fowlergrouperbob@comcast.netWhen will the jan. 1st 2015 limits for red grouper be announced?cape coral,fl.33914Private Recreational Angler
12/1/2014 13:52:55William Sueppelsueppel1@embarqmail.comTo Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to communicate my dissatisfaction with the recent lowering of total Grouper aggregate as well as the season being cut short on Red Grouper. I do not believe the recreational fishermen are being properly represented when you all come up with your limitations. Recreational fishermen spend millions of dollars to be able to go fishing; myself, I spend at least $600 just to go fishing every trip, sometimes 12-1500 dollars depending on my target species and/or destination. I surely cannot afford to make that trip every day and when I do go; your limitations put a real dampener on my ability to catch a fair or reasonable share. Actually, it isn’t too often that I meet the grouper total aggregate catch during a trip. When I do, I feel like I accomplished something and in the same breath, it’s still cheaper to go to the fish market. The bottom line is that your restrictions are making recreational fishing extremely expensive and not worthwhile. In fact, it appears that maybe that is your intent?

While I look over your web site, it looks more like an “I love me wall” with the board member’s biographies and accomplishments. Then I see the commercial fishing pictures of long-lines and large catches that are exactly the problem; it is not the recreational fisherman depleting the states or federal resources. Is it the big stores like Walmart, Publix and whoever else can pay the lobbyists that you support and watch out for? It definitely is not the weekend fisherman that you are catering to with your bias quotas and ridiculous regulations. Red Grouper are like cockroaches in the Gulf and your limits are unfair. I believe the new restrictions will result in fishermen throwing back the smaller ones (dead) when they catch a bigger one.

Finally, I want to reiterate the failure of your decisions to limit resources that are not yours; they are the public’s resources and it is obvious to me that you are being influenced by lobbyists just like the rest of the federal government; shame on you! Again, there is no shortage of Red Grouper! I would like to see both the state and federal fish managers be a little more fair in their quotas to the little guys that are spending millions. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter. If I may be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at 863-441-4747.


Lake Placid, FL 33852Private Recreational Angler
3/21/2015 10:53:47Henry Kulhawickhwik4@yahoo.comIf the recreational Red Grouper catch is reduced to 2 fish it would hardly be worth the trip offshore as gas cost is $250.00 per trip. A 3 fish limit would be ok at least we could justify an occasional off shore trip. We have to go out 40 miles in Gulf to catch keeper red grouper and don't hardly ever see any boats out there. We fish out from Captiva Is. In winter months.
Thank you
Henry Kulhawick
Akron Ohio 44320Private Recreational Angler
Bill Huddlestonbhuddleston@dequeenleopards.orgI go with a large group to Grande Isle once or twice a year.It used to be easy to get people to go with us but that has changed.When you (the feds)started limiting the number of Snapper to two it totally stopped all the people wanting to go.We each spend around 1,000 dollars apiece when we go.If that is happening all across the Gulf then that is a lot of money going down the drain.The Feds must not how to count Snapper especially around the rigs because we never can get our bait through them for another species.This is why people are fed up with the Government,Dumb decisions like this make people angry.Why favor the big commercial guys instead of all the small guys.As of now I'm having trouble getting enough guys to come fish this year so I do not know if we are coming.Get a clue and let the small guys have fun catching some more snapper.DeQueen Ar 71832Private Angler
Michael Burkemburke80@tampabay.rr.comI believe Alternative 3 would be best for private anglers; The Council should take note that this Alternative, as long as the season does not close early, would help the private anglers in the Nature Coast area (Citrus County etc). We have to pick our days and travel further out due to the shallowness of our waters unlike the waters of the Panhandle, West Central and South Florida.
Thank you
Inverness, Fl 34450Private Angler
Clark EnochsClarkhunter21@gmail.comDon't just go raise the limit, let it grow more and become stable so that the limit can stay high permanently instead of this bouncing around. Also assume that your information is not a hundred percent correct and weight a few more years untIL you know that it is.Forney, TX, 75126Private Angler
Clark EnochsClarkhunter21@gmail.comDon't just go raise the limit, let it grow more and become stable so that the limit can stay high permanently instead of this bouncing around. Also assume that your information is not a hundred percent correct and weight a few more years untIL you know that it is.Forney, TX, 75126Private Angler
Jeffrey Bermanedgewater15@yahoo.comInteresting as not too long ago I recall you told us the stock indicated that the bag limit needed to be reduced for 4 RG to 2 RG so that the season would remain open. Then WOW the season was closed for several months anyway. Now WOW you tell us that the stock has increased and limits may be increased. Great news but seems strange that assessments can change so much in the course of a few years. Give us three fish per person all year long and leave it alone. Sarasota, FL 34231Private Angler
Donald Scott Collinsdscollins62@aol.comI dont understand why the commercial fisherman gets 76% of the total catch limit. I think this needs to change. I also think the recreational fishermen should be allowed a year round 4 grouper limit and the total catch limit quota be adjusted to allow this. when you catch red grouper especially in deep water they do not survive catch and release even when vented. I would like to know what I can do to try to change this. Port St. Joe Florida 32456Private Angler
James ClementsJim ClementsThe red grouper ACL should not be raised. The quota was not caught by the commercial sector last year and is on track to catch only 75% of the quota this year.

The same thing happened when the SSC said the gag grouper ACL could be raised much higher than the fisherman we're catching. The fisherman and the reef fish AP advised the Council not to raise the ACL and they did not.

If the red grouper ACL is raised, it will be disruptive to the commercial sector, and insite a shift toward targeting red grouper by the recreational center. This will hurt the biomass of the red grouper stock that commercial fisherman and the reef fish AP know is not there to begin with.

A small increase in the red grouper ACL may be acceptable to allow recreational fishermen a full season with no shut down, but raising it as much as the SSC says they project the ABC can be will be very detrimental to The red grouper Fishery.
Carrabelle, FL, 32323Private Angler, Commercial Fisher
James ClementsCaptjmclements@aol.comThe red grouper ACL should only be raised slightly. The commercial sector did not catch its quota last year and are on track to catch only 75% of the quota this year.

The commercial fishermen and the reef fish AP feel the biomass of red grouper is just not there. The same thing happened when the SSC said the gag grouper ACL could be raised a great deal. The reef fish AP and other fishermen convinced the Council that the fish were just not there, and the Council did not raise the gag ACL like the SSC said they could.

The ACL for red grouper should be raised only slightly so that the recreational season will not close during 2016. If it is raised much higher, it will be destructive to the commercial fishery, and the recreational fishermen will Target red grouper and decrease the biomass even more than it is now.

Please take a very precautionary approach when you decide what to set the red grouper ACL at.
Carrabelle, FL, 32323Private Angler, Commercial Fisher
gary freemanwgfreeman@windstream.nethow can you justify allocating 3/4 to commercial .sasser,ga 39885Private Angler
Capt. Steve Papenfintasticcharter@yahoo.comThe paperwork needed to ensure the Red Grouper fishery does not close in very important. If these fish are in no danger it should be the #1 priority of the council to make sure we can fish year round this year. With the support of the entire management sector in question I believe it will be even worse for your angler support if you decide to close the Red Grouper fishery here in 2016 and then in 2017 give us more fish. Seminole, Florida, 33772Private Angler, Charter/Headboat For Hire, Commercial Fisher
Patrick TooleyCapt.Pat85@yahoo.comGetting the paperwork completed on the grouper regs should be priority #1Clearwater Florida 33764Private Angler
Chad We have no Problem getting paperwork done for closures. I would certainly like to see something that benefits fisherman get done as fast. Thanks, Captain Chad HickmanSaint Petersburg, FL 33707Charter/Headboat For Hire
Austin James Michael Atkins Austin7@mail.usf.efuThis is very important to all fishermen Saint Petersburg , Florida, 33708Private Angler
Brian Getting this paperwork done should be first priority for the council.Seminole, Fl 33772Charter/Headboat For Hire
David Michael MillsDMMills5888@yahoo.comRed Grouper should be Open year round for the Recreational Sector...St Pete Beach, Fl, 33706Private Angler
Timothy Please open the Red Grouper to 4 per person per day Seminole Fl 33772Private Angler
Ryan DuVernayRhyno6786@gmail.comRed Grouper are plentiful, along with gags and American red snapper. This is a start to making these bag limits and closed seasons laws more reasonable based on real data. Glad to see were moving in the right direction.Largo FL 33773Private Angler, Commercial Fisher
Austin BuxtonSnookhooker63@gmail.comIf the Red Grouper population is not in trouble keep the season open. Tampa, FL. 33647Charter/Headboat For Hire
Gary Wilson Gary.wilson18201@yahoo.comBeing the last time we went out was in January as well as others I know with smaller boats I would hate to see any closure or change to the current limit.would rather see Gags open longerRedington shores,fl. 33708Private Angler
Steve Mainardi Smainardi@delta-engineers.comAs an avid recreational sportsman in Florida II would like the commission to move expeditiously so Res Groouper season is not closed in 2016 as the reports suggest the fishery is not in danger.

Thank you

Steve Mainardi
Bradenton, FL 34203Private Angler
Jeff Carrington Arffbo1@yahoo.comLet's work on this red grouper issue. Without delay. Seminole Florida 33772Private Angler
Jeffrey S Paddockjpaddock1@tampabay.rr.comPlease make every effort to pass option 4 or 5. With a healthy fish population opening the season without closures makes the most sense.St Petersburg, FL. 33703Private Angler
Cy ThaoCy_thao@yahoo.comKeep the red grouper season open.Bradenton FL 34210Private Angler
Mike It would be very much appreciated to get the paperwork done because it really hurt to have the closure of the red grouper last year I love taking my daughter out to go grouper fishing and it is really hurt that she has not been able to go out because of the closure when the only thing you could go out and catches amberjack it's not worth taking the boat out I wish they would go back to the old rules of three Reds and two gangs or two blacks sincerely Mike FranklinSaint Petersburg fl 33708Private Angler
Joe Georgiajoe@dogfishtacklecompany.comThis is absolutely ridiculous that science is showing our red grouper populations are perfectly fine. The fact that next year the season will not close but this year it will be close because of paper work not being done on time is joke. Make it happen do your job get the paperwork done on time so that everyone that depends on that fish can still have it. Thanks. Pinellas park fl 33782Private Angler
Kevin BernsteinCaptainkevin@gmail.comLet's get this passes so we can fish for some Red Grouper. Thank You for you efforts. Largo, FL, 33773Private Angler
Kevin R Little I don't get to go off shore much but when I do I catch lots of Red grouper of all sizes never having a problem getting the boats limit. If I can get it by the Red Snapper witch is another story. There is know problem with the Red snapper I catch more Red snapper now than I ever had.Plant city Fl. 33565Private Angler
Kevin R Little I don't get to go off shore much but when I do I catch lots of Red grouper of all sizes never having a problem getting the boats limit. If I can get it by the Red Snapper witch is another story. There is know problem with the Red snapper I catch more Red snapper now than I ever had.Plant city Fl. 33565Private Angler
Jim Marasco There is no need to modify red grouper ,there is plenty of fish,any more restrictions would put recreational angler out of the gameOldsmar,fl 34677Private Angler
Timothy M. GarsideTjegar@gmail.comBased on the science it appears the gulf red grouper has rebounded greatly since 2005. For the proposed red grouper allowable harvest discussion I personally would like to see alternate 4 enacted. I hope the changes can be made in a timely manner so there is no closure in 2016.

Tim Garside
Largo, FL. 33777Private Angler
Angela AndersonAngelajanderson@ymail.comI believe Alt 4 is the best planMadeira Beach, Fl, 33708Private Angler
Charles A. Ernst, Jr.chuckernst@earthlink.netPlease address Red Grouper limit change in time so it prevents a closure in 2016Tampa, FL 33629Private Angler
Tony Mesa Tony.mesa@ymail.comAs angler out of the tarpon area I believe we can bring the quota up an extra two grouper in the aggregate catch total.

Plenty of red grouper and red snapper it's just deeper that most anglers travel from this area to shallow for too far.

Big fish are in deep water of this area and winds and storms limit days out far 30+ miles
Lutz fl 33558Private Angler
Mike Falveyfalveym@aol.comI like Alternative 4. Please get the paperwork finished in time so that there is no closure on red grouper. As your research states, they are not in trouble. I target red grouper most of the time when I get to go offshore. As recreational anglers, we spend a lot of time and money just to be able to run offshore far enough to get good (legal) sized red grouper. When it closed last time, I saw no reason to run offshore at all. Many of my friends didn't go either. It hurt a lot of people...bait shops, marinas selling fuel, and mainly offshore captains. Please do us all a favor and get this done. I live for fighting those red grouper but it's no fun if I can't put a few in the cooler for my family. Thank You for your time!!Wimauma, FL 33598Private Angler
Samuel Shuff Sshuff87@gmail.comI've been fishing the gulf waters out of cedar key,fl my hole life. with in the last five years we've went from caughting are bag limits to caught hardly no fish the Red grouper are getting to the point we can't even find 1 a trip. Black Sea bass are there but the sizes we used to caught have dropped from an avg. of 12" to an avg. of 9" . The big schools of grunt are not even the same. Don't know what the problem is if it's the red tide we had last year but something needs to change in the fisheries in this area some closers need to had FlPrivate Angler
Larry Mathyslarry.mathys@ccisd.usI do understand what yall are trying to do with the Red snapper, as being a recreational fishermen the last 30 plus years in the Gulf of Mexico, I have seen the increase in #'s of snapper as well as the size since the restrictions have transpired. But to continue to allow the Commercial industry to take these fish from us as well as allowing the Charter /Headboat to have a much longer season makes NO SENSE and is tremendously unfair!
If you really feel this species is endangered, then whatever restrictions you come up with should be for ALL!
The only ones you are punishing is the rec fishermen.
Extend the season for ALL, or make the same restrictions for ALL!
Corpus ChristiPrivate Angler
paul loughridgepaul.loughridge@yahoo.comthis ruling takes the prize. How could this council be so foolish? You can't see that the quota isn't going to be caught at current level so you increase it? Red tide wipes out millions of pounds so increase the quota. Brilliant. Next year you will spend time money and resource to slash quota. business as usualCrystal RiverCommercial Fisher
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