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FailAdd new test cases to this document, and then copy and paste the contents into a new tab for each successive version to be tested.Wiki 5.0 and on
Test Date: Month, Day, Year
Author: TSGteam
iOS 8.3(iPad)iOS 9.2(iPhone)iOS 8(iPhone)iOS 9(iPad)
Test Case GroupTest Case NumberDescriptionExpected ResultsPass/FailActual ResultsPass/FailActual ResultsPass/FailActual ResultsPass/FailActual Results
LoginPreconditionClean install of the app from the store to have a previous version
1Create an account to Wikipedia on device.
Make sure you remember the credentials for later.
Logged into your new accountpass
App UpdatePreconditionTap on Gear icon, tap Log in, and tap Done to Create account.
2Find a Random item in the Explore feed tab. Tap the bookmark to save the page that you are served. Tap on the article, then tap on a link within the page. Return to the main tab bar (press < in the upper left), then check that the original page is in your Saved Pages in main tab bar. List the saved pages in the "actual results" column.

Random page is saved.passList of mergers and acquisitions by alphabet'
PreconditionUsing this previous version of Wikipedia run a few searches and save a few pages to the Saved Pages tab. Then install the new version from TestFlight, which should "overwrite" the older version.
3Launch the app for the first timeYou should be on the "Explore" tab, and it should have the following items: (if "Search English Wikipedia" is set in Settings) Today's featured article, the Main Page, the Picture of the Day, a random article, nearby articles (if you allowed access to your Location), and "Because you read X" for each saved pagepass
aGo to "Recent" tabArticle viewing history should contain same entries from before the upgrade.pass
4Turn on Airplane mode, then go to "Saved" tab. Turn off Airplane mode when this test is doneSaved pages should match those from before the upgrade, and they should be accessible offlinepass
bGo to "Search" view (tapping magnifying class in top bar)Recent searches should match from before the upgrade, and tapping one should conduct the same search (preserving the site it was originally searched from. For example: tapping a recent search for "foo" when the setting was "Search Spanish Wikipedia" should result in Spanish search results).pass
cGo to "Settings"All settings should match their pre-upgrade values (e.g. Login should show you, "My languages" should show the same language code as previous version)pass
Search5On the Wikipedia homepage, tap the Magnifying Glass logo and type a search for a topic of your choice. Tap the result.The chosen topic's page opens. Take note of your choicepasshello'
6In the search bar, type "18 billion page views".
The article for Wikipedia should appear in the results.
Back button7Tap the back arrow to go back to the main tabs screen.Returns to main tabs screen.failreturns to last searched page.
aTap the Explore to go back to the Explore page.Returns to Explore page pass
bW icon on Explore pageScroll down on the Explore page - tap W icon. Should be returned to the top of the pagepass
cW icon on article view pageWhen viewing an article, tap on W icon - should be redirected to Explore page.pass
Saved Pages8Type a search for "Washington" and tap the "Washington, D.C." page. Tap the bookmark logo to save the page for offline reading.Bookmark icons is filled in blue.pass
9On the main tab screen tap "Saved Pages."The recently saved "Washington, D.C." page is there.pass
Random10Go to the Explore screen. Find a Radom item in the feeed. Tap on the circular arrow Random several times.New random pages should load.pass
NearbyPreconditionLocation Services is turned on.
11On the Explore screen find a section in the feed labeled Nearby.A list of local locations within 1 mile or less are detected and when the testing device is moved around the room the compass shifts direction accordingly.pass
12Choose one of the nearby items and tap on it. The article about the item should open.pass
Peek and Pop13From the main tab screen tap on History.Recently visited pages are listed in the order they were visited.pass
Peek (6s iphone) one of the articles on HistoryPress and hold (peek) on one of the article in Historyblockediphone 4
Peek (6s iphone) on a link in any articileView any article, peek( press and hold) on one of the linksblockediphone 4
Orientation14Search or tap for a page with a lead image. Turn the device between Portrait and Landscape. Tap lead image and turn it between Portrait and Landscape. The article is adjusted so that Wikipedia pages fit the screen for each mode. Lead image adjusts to orientation. pass the bottom of the image gets cut off
Page Language/TranslationPreconditionSet device langauge/region to English/United States, then reinstall the app, launch it, and go through on-boarding flow. When you're done, you should end up on the "Explore" tab which should contain a section titled "Main Page"
15Tap the "Main Page" section in the "Explore" tabIt should load successfully, displaying todays featured article, in the news, etc. The Table of Contents and translations buttons should be disabled.failtable of contents works.
16From the main tab screen, tap Gear menu > "My Languages", choose Hebrew as Primary language. Search for Apple.Text is on the right. Edit pencil is on the left. The titles are justified on the right.pass
17Go to article about "Barack Obama" and tap the languages button. (Should work on any article, but Obama's article has many translations, which cleary demonstrates language picker functionality).Language picker should be presented with available translations for this page, with previous device languages in the first section, and all other languages in the next.
18Select "English" from the language picker.Same article displayed in English, now with edit icons on the right, and titles and paragraphs justified on the left.
19Tap the language button (letter A w/ another character on bottom toolbar) and select "Western Panjabi." Then change the language again to Urdu.Right justifications of titles and paragraphs followed. The page is not a direct translation of the English page as there is much less content on these pages.
20Set iOS device language & region preferences to a RTL language (e.g. Arabic or Hebrew). Check the content on the Explore feed is correctly displayedAll menu labels(Today, Random, etc) should be localized to the selected RTL language and oriented RTL (UI is flipped). Clicking 'Today' displays the Main page of the wiki that is currently selected in the "Search ____ Wikipedia" option in the "More" menu.i cant read arabic... i have no idea what im looking at at this point.
Table of Contents21Change language back to English. From the main tab screen, tap Search icon and search for "Economy of Virginia". Swipe from the edge of the device to open the table of contents.The Table of Contents - Background, Technology, Taxation, See Also, and References - are listed.
22Tap Background.Table of Contents closes and "Background" chapter of article aligns at the top.
23Open Table of Contents and tap Technology.Table of Contents closes and "Technology" chapter of article aligns at the top.
24Open Table of Contents and tap Taxation.Table of Contents closes and "Taxation" chapter of article aligns at the top.
25Open Table of Contents and tap See Also.Table of Contents closes and "See Also" chapter of article aligns at the top.
26Open Table of Contents and tap References.Table of Contents closes and "References" chapter of article aligns at the top.
27Scroll the Table of Contents up and tap Economy of Virginia.Table of Contents closes and "Economy of Virginia" title of article aligns at the top.
Editing Wikitext28Tap the Gear in the corner to open the settings.The settings menu should open.
29Tap the "Search English Wikipedia" arrow at the top.A select screen should appear with a "Language Filter" field at the top and languages listed below.
30On the language select screen, tap the "Language Filter" field and enter the word "test".Only one result should appear from the search, "Test Wiki".
31Select "Test Wiki" from the search results.
32Tap the Search symbol (magnifying glass) and search for "Foo".Several results with "Foo" in the title should appear.
33Select "Foo" from the selections below.The "Foo" page should load.
34Log out, then tap the edit symbol in the upper-right (pencil).The editing box should appear.
PreconditionMake sure to clear all data in the editing box before editing.
35Enter the following data, including apostrophes:
Test ''italic'' '''bold'''
Tap the blue "Next" button.
A page with "How did you improve" should appear.
36Verify the following objects exist:all items present
aHow did you improve (text)
bFixed typo (button)
cFixed grammar (button)
dAdded links (button)
eOther (button)
fCreative Commons logo (image)
gTerms of Use (link)
hCC BY-SA 3.0 (link)
iLog in (link)
jPreview (text)
37Check the preview under the Preview line.The test data should be displayed properly. "italic" should be italicized, "bold" should be emboldened.
38Tap the "Fixed typo" button.The "Fixed typo" button should be highlighted in blue.
39Tap the "Fixed grammar" button.The "Fixed grammar" button should be highlighted in blue.
40Tap the "Added links" button.The "Added links" button should be highlighted in blue.
41Tap the "Other" button.A text box should appear with "Other ways you improved the article" in gray.
42Enter "test", then tap the gray x on the right.The word "test" should clear away.
43Enter "test", then tap the blue "Done" button.The "Other" button should be highlighted in blue.
44Tap the "Save" button.The page "Foo" should load properly. The test data should be displayed properly. "italic" should be italicized, "bold" should be emboldened.
Abuse FiltersPreconditionTap the edit symbol in the upper-right (pencil). Make sure to clear all data in the editing box before editing.
45Enter "Poop" in the editing box, and tap the blue "Next" button.A page with "How did you improve" should appear.
46Tap the green "Save" button.A page should load with a red symbol of an X, with the text "You cannot save this edit. Please go back and change it." displayed.
PreconditionTap the back button.Make sure to clear all data in the editing box before editing.
47Enter "Soup" in the editing box, and tap the blue "Next" button.A page with "How did you improve" should appear.
49Tap the "Save" button.The page "Foo" should load with the text "Soup".
ReferencesPreconditionGo back to the Language Select screen and change the language back to English.
50Tap the Search button and search for "Tyrannosaurus".The search results should list pages with "Tyrannosaurus" in the title.
51Tap the result "Tyrannosaurus".The "Tyrannosaurus" page should load.
52Select the "[1]" reference link near the word "lizard".The Reference Panel should appear at the bottom, with the linked reference listed inside.
53In the Reference Panel, tap the link for "Online Etymology Dictionary".The "Online Etymology Dictionary" page should load in the app.
54Tap the back button and reopen the Reference Panel by clicking on [1].In the Reference Panel, tap the link for "Tyrannosaurus".The app should open the Safari web browser to
55Return to the Wikipedia app.Scroll down until you find the [7][8] citation links. Tap the [7] link.The Reference Panel should load, and there should be two dots on the upper-right corner of the panel, the leftmost of which should be highlighted in blue. The [8] link on the page should be highlighted in gray.
56Swipe the Reference Panel leftward.The Reference Panel should load the [8] citation, and the rightmost dot should now be highlighted in blue. The [7] link on the page should be highlighted in gray.
57Scroll down in the Reference Panel.The Reference Panel should scroll down.
58Swipe the Reference Panel rightward.The [7] reference should reappear.
59Tap the X on the upper-left of the Reference Panel.The Reference Panel should close.
Read More60Go to an article (not the main page). Open the Table of Contents and tap Read more.There should be 1-3 suggestions to other articles. Clicking those suggestions should navigate the user to the corresponding article.
Aggregated Prefix & Full-text Search61On the Explore feed find the "Nearby" section, tap on the first entry.The link should take you to the corresponding article page.
Image Gallery62On any page with 2 or more images, tap the second image on the page.The selected image should be displayed in the gallery; image Caption, close, share, and info button should be present.
63Click on "i" Should be re-directed to the image File page in Safari.
64Go to the image gallery on an article with 1 or more images. Go to the first image and perform "bounce" test, then repeat for the last image.When trying to swipe beyond the beginning or end of the image gallery, the picture should "bounce" back into position.
65Load an image gallery and optionally swipe to other images. Dismiss the gallery by clicking the "X." and load the same image gallery.The image you tap should be displayed.
Images in gallery viewPreconditionLoad any image gallery
66Pinch in or out on the imageThe image is zoomable between 1-2x it's natural size. For large images, the farthest you can zoom out is the point at which the image fills the screen.
67Zoom in on an imageuser can pan/drag to all 4 corners of the image
68Rotate the device to portrait or landscape orientationimage should resize to try to fill the screen w/o overflowing