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ChapterJune 13, 2018August 7, 2018October 5, 20182018 Conference Meeting MinutesItems the CGC can help you withFebruary 7, 2019April 4, 2019 JUNE 6, 2019August, 2019September 25, 2019October-CGC MeetingITEMS THE CGC CAN HELP YOU WITHDecember 2019December CGC meeting minutesFebruary 6, 2020April 2, 20206/4/2020 CGC meeting minutesAugust  6, 2020
Click here to view the 2018 Conference MTG MinutesDecember 5th-Time TBDFall chapter meeting:

on the Call- I couldn’t
see who was on the call. Lori Brunner, Diane Branham, Gordon Hill, Mary
Larkin, Catherine Griffith, Mariana Gallardo, Linda RothAgenda Items
Please see the Google Tracker for chapter updates- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BC0-09a8ijYSHZTUhmlCNwiu8fmZnmEDlSuhEsjWPTA/edit#gid=0Please list leaders and contact
information, upcoming meetings and virtual attendance information, if
applicable. Other chapters may be interested in a topic being presented.
Update on
Virtual Chapter-their pilot application is being reviewed. We
hope to send to the BOD for their June meeting.
Update on
Chicago -
There is an interest in Chicago to start a Pilot Chapter. The
contact is Evan Paelmo. Lori and Diane are working with Evan.

Annual Report (Lori) Survey Monkey was
due in April-Did everyone receive? It was due in April. Sam or Tricia will
resend the link out. It only accepted PDF documents, not Word, but it was
easier to work with. You cannot upload all documents, but you had to combine
them. Everything must be in one file. Ask Tricia Clark if she is the source. As
you complete, let Lori know.
(Mary)  Annual
conference-The conference will be moved to a virtual platform this year in
October. We will have the conference the following year in the same location
(hotel). The Conference Planning Committee has been busy figuring out how to
transfer everything to virtual.
Strategy for IACRN committees
(All)At the last Board
meeting, they had discussions regarding- “How could we could cross cover the
talents of all committees?” Is there a better
way to leverage the challenge? Could we utilize
Microsoft Teams? How do we join
the committee chairs together?
current process is through the BOD.  
Question-Is there
a place where all committees have their minutes
?  Minutes are supposed to be
posted on the committee web pages.
There is a
collaboration starting up regarding the
Member Survey
. Mary will talk to
the BOD about the opportunity to have a cross meeting to discuss communication strategiesLori will ask
Linda Wu or Mimi Shim if this would work with China/Japan and Gordon will ask
his contacts in the UK.
Membership Levels-extending our
Here are the
qualifications for IACRN membership.

Full Member: Full
members shall be a registered nurse or the international equivalent, currently
working in a research role or a role supporting clinical research. A Full
Member shall have the right to vote, to make nominations, and to chair, serve
and vote on committees, hold an elected or appointed office, and other
privileges as determined by the BoD.
Associate Member: Associate members shall be
registered nurses or the international equivalent who have an interest in
clinical research but are not currently working in a research role or a role
supporting clinical research. Associate members do not have the right to hold
elected office or chair a committee.
Student Member:
Student members shall be currently enrolled full-time in an accredited nursing
program, including both undergraduate and graduate programs. Proof of
enrollment is required at the time of initial application and at the time of
membership renewal. Student members do not have the right to vote, hold elected
office, make nominations, or chair a committee.
Life Member: Life
membership is awarded to the IACRN President at the completion of the term as
Immediate Past President. Past Presidents who are Life Members shall have all
the privileges of full membership. They are ineligible to hold an elected
office for 2 years following the completion of their term as Past President.

Currently, the
stress the member must be
a Registered Nurse or international equivalent. 
Are we being too restrictive? In many states, the LPN/LVN functions the
same as a Registered Nurse. Lori, Mariana, Catherine and Diane will discuss and
submit a proposal to broaden the opportunity for non-RNs to be a part of this





6 9:00 AM EST
at the ConferenceDecember
4th 3:00 PM EST



1)New EnglandThe chapter met last week with wonderful attendance inChapter Board reviewed the nomination documentsElections to be held for new board members:Question for the Group-How do other chapters New 2019 Chapter Board and Leadership : March 7th Chapter meeting held both in person anChapter meeting held 6/6 with Aimee Milliken PhD RN from BrigahmNext Chapter meeting November 7th.If members are not able to attend, they canRequest that Annual Report be made available back to CRNs Advancing Science Through Scholarly workNew Leadership ~ Andrea Hale president and Ann Connor president electVery successful meeting in March, in conjunction with Mass General Hospital Annual Research Nurse Day. Panel of speakers from very different areas of clinical research, excellent attendance, more than 50 people. Planning for next meeting on 6/4 via Zoom. Will have panel discussion of people doing various things in the COVID area-working on COVID research, doing regular work, been redeployed. Working to get members of IACRN from our area (New England) who are members of IACRN to join our local chapter and to clean up our email account so we have a solid idea of who continues to be interested in our activties. Deployed our new website.
Andrea Haleperson and via the webinar. The presentation from twofor upcoming Leadership posts. They discussed 2018Secretary role and Members (2) at large.Click on the linktransfer ownership of accounts from past to newWelcome to Emily Clemont ~ SecretaryVia ZOOM link ~ excellent presentation by Linda And Women's Hosptial Ethics Consult. Reviewing options for Chapter webpage template and content.update in the Google Tracker or send to Chapter to share with members.
Full ChapterResearch Nurses about the bionic pancreas was fantastic."Needs Assessment" survey and recommendationsTreasurers? Jennifer Germain and Audrey Nathanson Members atPitler RN,MS Medical Navigations Nurse  Over 20 atttendees(in person & Zoom) provided for rich dialogue.Call for Nominations ( President elect and Treasurer) sent out.someone who can. 2 posters presented by Chapter Members of MGH&CHBNext Chapter meeting March 5th ~
Advisor: The chapter hopes to gain even more momentum.which will be presented at the Nov. 1st ChapterNext Chapter meeting Nov1st ~ presentation of the localPatty Mendoza was on ACRN Board-with each change, Large. Chapter Meeting March 7th at MGH for Harvard Football Players Health studyBoard working on WEBpage for ealy summer.Meetings will be QO month. New Chahpter Title announced BOSTON NEW ENGLAND 2nd Annual Clinical Research Nurse
meeting. Clinical Research Nurses' posters from Annual IACRNthey signed by-laws. Patty will send docuents. Working from 2018 Local CRN needs assessment to Goals for year established ~Nominataions begin for 2020 Board positions.Mary Larkin will re-join chapterNew Chapter WEBPAGE reviewedRecognition at MGH with local speakers
Discussed work on IACRN Chapter web page andConference in DC Oct 2018Sam Devine-mailed Signature cards.inform projects for 2019 and new updated Chapter page1. Communications ~ IACRN website pilot Boston SoCal will submit to begin Pilot chapter. https://bostoniacrn.wixsite.com/bostoniacrn.
received approval to sponsor the Annual MeetingOn IACRN revised web page. Chapter page. Create "newsletter" type communiBejing-4 members wrote a book to share withAndrea Hale announced as New President as of Jan 2020WEB site ~ work in progress
at $250. Still working on "hand off" for Treasurer Projects to focus on Communicaiton ? Newsletter and cations with local "news" and FYIs.all nurses will train on this book. They will finishBallot for pres elect and treasurer out later in November
and will have conference call on Monday with Guidelines for Educational sessions.2. Succession planning ~ guidelines for transitionstraining of one group this year. Companies Open discussion/questions on PORTFOLIO discussions, CRN
outhoing and new Treasurers. Still looking for a of leadership rolessend nurses to train. They charge registration sites visits, leadership fellowship program and IACRN Webinars
candidate to run for Chapter Secretary. 3. Review Leadership positions and chapter work.
2)Ohio ValleyNext Chapter meeting September 19thNext meeting  September 19th- Research Nurses Role September Chapter meeting: "Research Nurses’ Role in Advancing Nursing Science" 1 contact hour, 15 attendeesElections complete- all board positions filled.  Next meeting February 20th.  Last meeting held March 20th.  It was our first meeting offering Skype as a means to attend. No one joined via skype.Our last meeting was on May 15th "The Low-Down on Deviations:  Understanding the Impact of Protocol Deviations in Clinical Research".  We had 2 people attend our meeting via Skype.  This was only our 2nd time offering this option.  We hope utilizing Skype we will be able to reach more research nurses.  We are gearing up for elections in the coming months.Will make a new effort to reach out to new nurses. Their overreach was a little too far so they will re-focus. Meeting monthly with leadership to strategize how to revitalize chapter interest and broaden our reach. the next chapter meeting will be in March at a local restaurant for Happy Hour. Over the next couple of months, leadership will be implementing new marketing strategies.- contact research nurses individually (more personal touch), have a physical presence at events throughout the Academic Health Center. Continue outreach via skype for our chapter meetings.We are having a Happy Hour meet and greet in March and are working with our leadership at CCHMC about the opportunity for the Institutional Membership. Our networking event in March was very successful. We submitted a roster of 36 research nurses for an Institutional Membership! Our next meeting is in August.No updatesNext meeting
Lori Brunner, BSN, RN, CPNNew President Elect as of January 2018- Sally McCartneyin Advancing Science-1 Contact Hour. Elections- open positions are President Elect and 2 Members-at-Large.February 20th. This wil be the 1st meeting that we will offer We continue to struggle with membership growth.
Our next meeting is in September.Discuss webpage guidelinesAugust 19 via zoom
Full Chapterthings are going well.Annual  Ohio Valley Chapter survey to be sent out
Annual Chapter survey sent out. Will review results with our BoardSkype as a means to attend. "Exploring Sickle Cell DiseaseWe are waiting for a response from the BoD regarding the question we posed about the Institutional Membership being offered to a group of nurses in a region vs. a group of nurses from a single institution.Elections are coming up
Advisor: Working on ways to broaden our reach- skype??early SeptemberHoping to reach research nurses further away by offering the option to participate in our meetings via skype and Care and Managememnt in Kono District of Sierra Leone"
the option to participate in our meetings via skypePresented by Stephanie Ibemere, PhDc, MSN, RN
and receive contact hours.
3)Rocky MountainThere were 9 in attendance on June 13th to watch the ComplionNo meetings since the meeting in June. We are Nothing to report. Looking forward to seeing everyone. The RM IACRN current Leadership Core met on 12/19/2018My Leadership approved my use of funds to pay I sent email invitation to 75 Research Nurses on our campus for ourOn July 17th, the Rocky Mountain Chapter Leadership met to discuss if weMeet & Greet to indroduce CRNs on campusDiscuss webpage guidelinesDue to COVID, deployments and furloughs, the chapter is hitting the pause button until the fall.
Diane BranhamWebinarand we had discussions afterwards.anxious for the Conference. for the purpose of "re-booting" the chapter. We discussed for the membership of 10 nurses in my dept. I haveplanned Meet & Greet on April 17th. Over 20 nurses planned to were moving forward or canceling the chapter. Here are the topics-to IACRN. There were 16 guests who wanted
Full Chapterour mission/vision and how we can utilize social mediacontacted Jane Lyall and am not waiting for the attend. However, due to a credible threat to all schools in Colorado,* Unaimous vote to continue our local chapterto learn more about the organization.
Advisor: NAto increase interest. We scheduled Leadership meetingscontact name from the hospital. all schools were closed. This forced many of our Leadership and * Our Meet & Greet is planned for Wed. Sept 25 from 4P-5PSeveral asked about the conference, but the
every month and will rotate the location between the two IACRN Mixer for April 17th. The flyer was posted potential attendees to go home due to child care. (A woman from * We confirmed our M/V for our local chapter. notice was late. It was a good mix of all
hospitals. Our Meet & Greet mixer will be April 17th at theand it was sent to various distribution lists. We haveFlorida, who was obsessed with Comimbine, flew to Denver and *We will continue our monthly local leadership meetings, the next one is entities (UCH/ UCD/ CHCO). Our next
campus pub with chapter meetings in June and November. not had one RSVP. purchased a gun). We re-scheduled our Meet & Greet for May 1st.August 25th from 4-5event offering CEU's will be Dec. 4th.
We have created flyers to post around campus Due to other conflicts with leadership, we had to cancel this Meet & Greet also. The next quarterly chapter meeting is Dec. 4th from 4-5. Members of theThe event will be on the campus library,
plus personalized email invitations were sent. Leadership Team will present highlights from work done on this campus. which is local to all sites.
The Leadership Core will pay for the appetizers. Diane will send meeting invitation to all CRNs on our distrubution list.
4)NortheasternChapter membership in transitionIn Transition.
Oklahoma- administrative hold
Candida Barlow
Pilot Chapter
5)United Kingdom & IrelandHeld branch meeting on the 26th of July. Claire Whitehouse was welcomed as co-chair
Gordon Hill4 (possibly 5) branch members will attend the conference
Full ChapterHave started #ILoveIACRN promotion/Will promote Twitter at conference
Advisor: The thought was to launch #ILoveIACRN prior to the conference using photographs of members holding placards, then convert this into a video for use at the conference however from discussion it might be best for our branch to start the photos and tweet to the hashtag, then propose the launch happens at the Conference itself. Potentially the student assisting with tweeting could invite people to take photographs holding the placard. these have been tweeted please see/follow @IACRN to contributeOne new member,who has requested to join the branch. Also, approach from group in London who would like an organisational membership. Study visits being planned.Held branch meeting on via Teams on 23rd April, with 2 new members attending (one of whom was a student nurse in Hungary). Discussed the role of the IACRN, careers in research, the respose to Covid from the research community and the resources that are avaiable to new CRNs via the IACRN. Although there were not many attendees, it was a really interesting and useful discussion. Members of the branch have been invlvoed in a series of twitter cahts using the #whywedoresereach hashtag. These have been extremely successful, with chats being led from Europe and Australia. GH is co-editing a focused edition of the Journal of Research in Nursing on the role of CR Nurses and midwives. The call for papers is here: https://journals.sagepub.com/pb-assets/cmscontent/JRN/Call%20for%20papers%20clinical%20research%20nursing_midwifery%20FINAL.pdf The deadline for abstracts is August 1. Continued participation in Twitter chats and tweets from IACRN account. GH is co-editing a CRN/M focused issue of the Journal of Research in Nursing. It is anticipated that a number of the papers will be from IACRN members
Considering writing an article based on the tweet chats for accessing global CRN/C workforce
6)New York CitySeveral nurses will attend the conference fromCatherine G. reportNew York City awarded Full Chapter Status at Conference Board meeting on October 20th!!MEMBERSHIP: 25 members to date (RUH -20, HSS – 1, MSKCC - 4  We need to find a way to increase our membership) Suggestions: Using surveys to gather feedback from potential members Maybe membership dues can be linked through a PayPal account NYC Chapter IACRNSubmission to full chapter
Rita DevineRockefeller. There will be two new members of theTREASURY REPORT:$510 ($250 was donated to the IACRN Conference)Tuesday- April 2, 2019
Full Chapter October 2019chapter who will present two posters.MEMBERSHIP: Attendance – 13 (RUH: 11, MSKCC 2)
Advisor: Catherine GriffithRita had met some oncology Nurses from ANC who wereApplication for full chapter status in process to be reivewed at IACRN Board meeting on Oct 14.PROGRAMS: The Heilbrunn Research Nursing Speakers Series
not aware of IACRN. Mary will obtain names and12/31/2018: Deferred until Jan 2019; (update from Catherine GriffithThis was our first collaboration with The Heilbrunn Research Nursing Speaker Series & our first guest speaker at a NYC Pilot Chapter meeting.
reach out to them.Dr. Bernadette Capili PhD, NP-C, Director of the Heilbrunn Center presented “Anatomy & Physiology of Research: Where to Begin”. This was a very interactive power point presentation with audience participation. Due to the length of the presentation & Q & A session, a brief meeting was held following the presentation.
EVENTS: The Beatrice Renfield Lectureship in Research Nursing3/26/19: Christine Miakowski, RN, PhD, FAAN  Title: “Advancing Symptom Science & Symptom Management in the Era of Precision Health”. The event was very well attended with close to 100 attendees present & more watching a live webinar through CDN.  DISCUSSION:    This evening an ethical dilemma was brought for discussion. What is the ethical responsibility to research participant “A” who has received a new drug & is in mid study who committed a crime against another research participant “B”? Initial responses were to cut A from the study since a crime (felony) was committed & his continuing in the study may put other participants & staff at risk. Further discussion decided there is an ethical responsibility to A, who volunteered to have a never before used in human drug infused. It was revealed, the facility consulted the PI, security & hospital administration & it was decided A could & should return to the facility for safety labs only (with the supervision of security), all other visits were cancelled.
7)JapanThe Japan Chapter has discussions regarding chapterJapan chapter hold the meeting in July. It would be appreciated, if IACRN provide ZOOM settingJonathan to reach out.
Noriko Fujiwaraactivies every 2-3 months. They have received theNext meeting will be in Sep or Octto chapters when we would like to set our chapter MTG.Japan members have delivered educational sessions and lectures at research conferences constantly. And we started to communicate with companies in order to publish the scope and standard of practice of IACRN which would be translated (looking for the publication company to accept our offer). We are now difficult to hold our all members MTG, but officers communicate via e-mail and onsite each other. We appreciated Jonathan and other CGC members contact.Submission to full chapterNoriko will put more information on the website.  It will be in Japanese. Japan chapter decided to held the 1st research nurse forum in Tokyo,Japan at 28th,June, 2020.Japan chapter is now preparing the research nurse forum.Held Japan chapter MTGs every 2months. We decided to postphone 1st CRN Japan MTG from June to Dec because of impact of COVID-19. And now we are discussing the contents, and chapter brosure.
Full Chapter October 2019IACRN Chapter logo and are trying to create chapterJapan chapter send officers to conferences and
Advisor: Jonathanbrocheures with the chapter logo. Their next meetingledutures for research professionals as an educator
is July 6thto disseminate the role of CRN and IACRN.
8)MichiganUpdate from Mary Larkin July 2018We had our first meeting October 23, 2018. Total of 4Email sent to Patty Brink to see if their Pilot Chapter was ready to becometjobkar@med.umich.edu
Patty Brink &Patty Brink and Terri are regrouping and hope to attend the Terri and Patty working on first official meeting this      Possibly set up a virtual meeting with another site or site(s)? Maybe join Ohio?a full chapter. There is no email for Terri Jobkar in the IACRN database.
Terri JobkarOctober meeting in DC to get ideas and reinvigorated. fall.  Currently struggling with staffing issues. attendees. Reviewed overall Mission/Vision and August 13, 2019-Diane
Pilot-June 2018Unfortunately, I don't think either of us will be strategic priorities of IACRN. Looked at ways we can
Advisor: Lori Brunnerable to attend the conference in October. expand our group, including virtual meetings with other
groups already established. Highlighted educational
opportunities available through webinars. Discussed
ideas for projects that we may work on as a group.
Possibilities included safety issues, defining roles
and our differences, education gaps.
9)Beijing ChinaFour of the members are working on the textbook writingChina has not received their approval letter and logo. China has received the approval letter for their logoChina Branch Activities-Webinar on Dec. 12, 2018 with theWe had IACRN China Exchange Webinar 2 on March 13, 2019.
Xiaokun Liangfor CRN/CRC training in China. Xiaokun is the chief editorChina organized GDM/IACRN CRN/ CRC TrainingWebinar debrief on January 4, 2019. Textbook-The first draftAgenda:
Pilot Chapter-June 2017of the book. We will organize some training based on thein Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center. is revised. Training-We are preparing for the IACRN/GMD 7:30-7:35: Introduction - Linda Wu
Advisor: Norikotext book.There were more than 150 participants, includingCRN/CRC Training. We are preparing for the IACRN/GMD7:35-8:20: Virtual exchange topic: The Nine Ethical Provisions of Clinical Research Nursing” – Margaret McCabe; Facilitator: Linda Wu
They are preparing for the GMD/IACRN Training forCRN, CRC, research physicians, pharmacists and CRN/ CRC Training in 2019. Membership-New IACRN 8:20-8:30: Report-
CRN/CRC in Shanghai, China.research administrators who participated in the Member-Kun Rao. · How to apply for IACRN membership online - XiaoKun Liang
During the training workshop (July 13-15), they plan totraining. During the training, the China Chapter · Upcoming CRN related education, training/workshop in China - XiaoKun Liang & Yan Fei Liu
promote IACRN China Chapter.promoted their Chapter. One CRN joined the More than 20 people participated in the virtual Chapter meeting. They are trying to invite more nurses. One challenge is they use English to hold these calls – some people didn’t participate for this reason. Maybe we can have a translator? Hold part of the meeting in Chinese? Jane to investigate what Zoom can do regarding translation in Chinese during the webinar.
The chapter has 1 new member making the membershipIACRN so they have 7 members in the chapter.
6 Nurses in the chapter.They discussed and are looking forward to the 10th
They do not have their China Chapter logo or approvalAnniversay of IACRN and hope to bring more nurses
letter yet and hope to have it soon.to participate in the conference.
10)Greater HoustonPatty mentions some challenges with membership.Membership cost reductionStill having issues selling IACRN membership for the price. Still having having concerns from past and possibleOn holdPlan to send letter of intent for chapter to CGC in the next week or soChapter updates:
Mariana GallardoThere was discussion within the CGC group regardingHouston has a robust clin research ed opportunities and IACRN members about joining/rejoining IACRN.Seeking new leadership. Lori is in discussion with a few nurses from MD Anderson who have expressed interest in leading the chapter.First meeting planned for 02/27Next meeting 06/12/20 ASU to present masters in clinical research management
Pilot Chapter-January 2020the value of IACRN membership and ideas to enhancemost folks belong to SoCRA, ACRP, RAPS, HCCA, ONS,...As stated before, most folks belong to SoCRA, How can we get Houston website up?Continue to have issues regarding CE credits
Advisor: Lori Brunnerofferings and resources for members.that currently offer cert + more at less costs.ACRP, RAPS, HCCA, ONS, etc. and the costsDo we need approval for social media accounts? E.g. LinkedIn
I provided membership comparisons for costs, certs, etc.for IACRN are too high based on return. HELP!
I sent an example of a t-shirt to be made & sold for IACRNMDACancer Ctr wants to join but SoCRA is so
to raise funds. inexpensive, it will be hard to bring them on.
11)FloridaReceived their Pilot Staus during last year's conference.Planning to participate in the CTSI seminar series this ideas to help generate membershipThe Florida Chapter of the IACRN hosted a Celebration Event for Nurses Day, last May. We had several speakers and our main event was a presentation of the scope and standards for which we gave CEUs. Our most recent news is that several of our members are working on an abstract to submit for the 2020 conference. I and some of my colleagues from the UF CRC plan to attending the conference in October where we hope to present a poster.
Evan WatersThey have had 1 Quarterly chapter meeting. The chapter hadfall, to discuss the difference between a research RN
Pilot Chapter-October 2017and Interest meeting and people are weighing in.and a RN researcher. Planning an event/meeting for
The Chapter is investigating the option of involving thefall quarter as well but date hasn't been finalized
Advisor: Amy SbrollaNursing School.
12AfricaAfrica chapter approved on February 6Jonathan has let the run and they are doing well.
Bupe Mwamba
Submitted pilot in
Advisor: Jonathan Roland
13Shanghai, China