1What is Token Play?Tokenplay is a blockchain startup in gaming and NFT (non-fungible token) aimed at connecting users and publishers, as a market place and make profits.
Tokenplay offers users various activites: play games to earn, trade NFT and game items. Publishers (game developers, creators) can deploy/ upload their products/ assets.
For investors, Tokenplay brings potential value and great profits to investors through staking, farming, holding or providing liquidity.
Tokenplay is organized with 3 main business segments including:
- Gaming platform: where developers can distribute their games, users buy game tickets and get rewarded
- NFT Marketplace: where anyone can create, listing and sell NFTs, trade and farming NFTs.
- Gaming Marketplace: a place to trade items of famous online games like CSGO, Dota2, League of Legends, PUBG
2How does Token Play work?- Gaming platform where Players buy tickets and play games. Game developers deploy theirs products/ gaming items. Revenue is shared with game developers and used as rewards for gamers. A small part of the revenue will be retained by Tokenplay to operate the system.
- NFT Marketplace: where digital assets holders tokenize their items to NFT according to BSC's BEP-721 standard. Creators can sell or auction their collectibles. In addition, users can also sell their owned NFTs and get minted from smart contracts of Opensea, Rarible, Air NFT ... Revenue from NFT trading and auction activities is divided back to the seller and Tokenplay. Specially, Tokenplay pay NFT copyright to creators with each purchase and sale transaction.
- Gaming Marketplace where various game items are selling directly by linking to the developers of Dota2, CSGO, PUBG, League of Legends games. Since then, Tokenplay opened a P2P item exchange between players and players. Items will be tokenized and ownership recorded to be included in a smart contract, when a transaction is completed, the ownership of the corresponding token and item will be changed. This minimizes the risk of fraud. Ensure players/ collectors will own their items and developers recieve their revenue.
3On which platform does Token Play develop?Tokenplay built on Binance Smart Chain.
4Who is the founder of Token Play?Mr. William Nguyen, Founder Tokenplay, President of Aspiration to become a leading management and investment group in Vietnam
Mr. Richard Tran, Founder & CEO Tokenplay, 10 Year Startup of AI, Blockchain and Big Data Technology. Expert in transformation technology solution
5Who is the advisor of Token Play?Dr. John Vong, Asian Development Bank Former NUS Lecturer
Mr. Rémy Bien Bao Peretti, Blockchain and Community Advisor
Mr. Marc Moglen, Topio Network Director
6Who is the Token Play Partners?TechX, Binance Smart Chain, Nordic, Startup World Cup, Amazon, DappRadar
7What makes Token Play so special and attractive?First, the play2earn gaming platform model with various mini games attract players and help them earn money everday.
The second is buying and selling NFT items in a variety of fields and including NFT auctions, listing and selling NFTs from other marketplaces such as Opensea and Rarible. Content creators earn money after successful transaction, collectors satisfy their passion.
Third, as a platform for buying and selling game items, with the participation of blockchain and smart contract application, it will minimize the risk of fraud when trading - a huge risk every day on item exchanges. traditional games.
Finally, with Token Play game developers/ publishers are more free, fair, and beneficial than traditional distribution units such as Apple Store, CH Play, Epic Game and Steam...
8What is the total supply of the Token Play Token? Top Token
9What is the TOP Token used for?TOP is the governance token for the Token play marketplace. TOP is used for all Token Play's features such as: buying game tickets, awarding the best users, buying and selling and participating in NFT auctions, buying and selling printed items. -games
11What brings value to TOP Token?In addition to using it to pay for features at Tokenplay, users can benefit when TOP's price increase.
Second, holders can also add TOP to liquidity at DEXs to earn profits from transactions here.
Third, holders can also use TOP for farming at Tokenplay and get income from this activity.
12Does Token Play use a private wallet?Binance Smart Chain Wallet, Trust Wallet, Kiva Wallet
13How to mine TOP Token?We can not mine. Only one time release with total supply Tokens
14How to get TOP Token for free?Playing game, trading NFT, community activities, airdrop and bounty
16The liquidity of the Token Play project?When Top is listed, can trade on Decentralize: binance, coingecko, coin marketcap
Centralize: pancake swap
19What is the project's roadmap like?Q3-2021
IDO Launching
Process airdrop & bounty campaign
Build community
Connect Tokenplay Token (TOP) for payment in Tokenplay
Release Kiva Wallet Application for staking & play game on Tokenplay

Integrated with E-sport game partner for marketplace item
Connect api for buy sell item of Steam Game, Dota2, Pubg, League of Legends

Build some new game on store
Expand market & growth user by marketing campaign
Release function auction, pledge of NFTs
Add new Gamification payment by BNB & TOP
20Who is the project's development team?Mr. Quan Tran
Blockchain Expert

Mr. Lam Nguyen
Project Manager

Mr. Steven Nguyen
Kivachain Business Partner

Mr. Zenki Dang
Tokenplay Marketing Manager
21What is the address of the project on the BSC?
22What is an Economy Token ?Symbol: TOP
Type: BEP-20
Total Supply:
Initial Calculating Supply: 92.500.000
Private Sale Price: 1 BNB = 60.000 TOP (≃ 0.0050$)
Public Sale Price: 1 BNB = 40.000 TOP (≃ 0.0075$)

- Private Sale: 9.25%
- Public Sale 10.5%
- Community Rewards 11%
- Team & Advisor 15%
- Play to Earn 18%
- Staking 20%
- Foundation Reserve 16,25%