2019 Theme Camp list & neighborhood placement
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Theme Camp NameNeighborhoodWhat color code rating would you give your Theme Camp?Theme Camp Organizer (TCO) Burn NameDescribe your Theme Camp and its offerings.Region of Origin
Aegir's TavernNarniaREDRough TradeViking inspired shenanigans, smash and get smashed at Aegir's TavernCackalacky
Aphroteasiac Tea HouseEdenREDSheffaJoin us for conversation and chill at the teahouse by the Temple. We're here to warm you up, cool you down, and help you relax.Cackalacky
ArcanaEdenYELLOWEvanArcana returns to Mysteria with another collection of audiovisual content to engage your senses. We'll have nightly showings in our theater of our various collections of video oddities. Come join us!Cackalacky
Arrr! Camp & LGBTea House Elysian FieldsPURPLEKassArrr! Camp is a chill space that's smoke free! We serve tea and listen to audio books during the day. We do kinky things and watch cartoons at night. We're a super LGBT, body, queer, kink, and tea positive space. We have 2 chill spaces: our living room plays audio books and cartoons, and our LGBTea House serves tea when they feel like it. We're a great place to relax when things are too much in Valhalla, but you don't want to stop your experience!Cackalacky
BangarangAvalonREDMelissa KlimaJoin us at Bangarang for our usual music, art, and shenanigans, and the return of LASER TAG! Face off against your friends on our obstacle course, or dance it out to your favorite DJs on our dance floor. Expend some energy and get some exercise while you nurture your competitive spirit, or come chillout in our lounge area and watch the mayhem from a distance. We supply the beats, you supply the company, with special events happening throughout the weekend, too.Somewhere Yankee
Beat PittShangri-LaREDLaTowerList of things which will be getting smoked in the Beat Pitt:
- meat
- circuitry
- your brain
Bliss BoxEdenREDEileenAre you an inter-dimensional traveler weary from traversing the sands of time? Overwhelmed by the cornucopia of fantastical visual, auditory, and sensual delights of Mysteria? Want to discover your fundamental interconnectedness to all things in the universe? Ready to come to terms with your overwhelming insignificance and parallel pivotal importance? Rest assured, our Bliss Box will provide a cushioned perch for the existential metamorphosis of your burn. Gaze up into the astral planes of existence and escape into the infinite depths of the universe. Revelations welcome 24 hours a day, alone, with loved ones, or with strangers. Some times may be more cosmically gratifying than others. Bring own towel. Cackalacky
BooBoos Buffing & Booty Calls
Paradise Plateau
PURPLEDavid HinkleBoo Boos, Buffing and Booty Calls
The famous Love Burn camp The Magic Touch and Huang Di: The Yellow Emperor present: Boo Boos, Buffing and Booty Calls: A bodywork, Herbal Health and Comfort Station, and Forum for discussions on Love, Sex and Healing.
Boo Boos: Monski will be bringing her 34’ school bus converted into an Herbal Health and Comfort Station. We will serve hot tea, soup and have “Tea talks” and panel discussions (some in workshop form) on Ovarian Kung Fu, Tantric Love and Avoiding Poly Fall Out (tools to help the polyamorus community.) Herbal Health for minor ouchies, sore throats and simple injuries will gladly be addressed by our experienced herbalists. Body therapies such as cupping, tui na and gua sha will be offered as well.
Buffing: David Hinkle is bringing his famous Buffers for body work and buffergasms !! These will be conducted with the highest level of consent and privacy, or you may experiment with his body buffers on each other (again with consent and guidance.) No participants under 18 please.
Booty Calls: We will provide a phone to use as a tool to make a booty call to your Fantasy Mate, Lover, Tantric God or Goddess, or even the girl/boy/non-binary, (or any thing in between) next door. This, of course, is a tool for self-exploration and manifestation of true love, sexual bliss and conscious change. You are invited to record your conversation on your personal device for future reference. We will provide a person to listen and react to your call, if you so desire. Performance Art, Poetry, and Mad Ranting is encouraged and supported in this forum.

Special Feature: The No Guilt Kilt Show
(We’re auditioning strapping young lads at present.)
Eastern Seaboard
Camp BeemoreAvalonREDStarterCamp Beemore is a Baltimore-based Burner menagerie of visionary mischief-makers, uninhibited booty-shakers, virtuoso world-creators, avant-garde awe-curators, fathomless dream-dreamers, unrelenting plan-schemers, earth-shattering music magicians, extraordinary experience technicians, rowdy blissful chaos agents, and trickster status quo reagents. Home is wherever we build our Hive, and we give our all to keep our vision alive. Our hands may be dirty but our spirits are free and we’re shaping the kind of world where we want to bee. A Bee is industrious, but never a martyr; we work feckin’ hard but throw down even harder. We keep it buzzing non-stop (a Bee’s work’s never done) but the sweetness we all share is damn worth it, hon.
Camp ContactEdenREDSpaciousCamp Contact brings embodiment practices such as Acro Yoga, Massage, Meditation, Contact Improvisation Dance, Hooping and more to the burn! We also are fascinated by crypto based systems and like to talk about new technology.Cackalacky
Camp Eau de ToiletteAvalonYELLOWJordan La LiaisonCamp Eau de Toilette: Serving up essential toiletry items to Mysterians who forgot them!

If you left for camp in a rush, it's no worries because we remembered your toothbrush! Forget your lip lube like a noob? Stop by and we'll gift you a tube! If you're stranded in the sun without your SPF, just hustle on over before you burn to death! If you started unexpectedly or forgot your vajay plug, just come on by, no need to bug! Didn't remember to bring a bag for your camp MOOP? Swing through and get one so you don't feel like poop.

Camp Eau de Toilette will be offering up toothbrushes, tampons and pads, sunscreen, lip balm, trash bags, and more. If our Open sign is out, we'll be happy to see if we have in stock what you need to be comfortable and happy. Catch us at the right time and we may even be offering up Bloody Marys, Mimosas, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches or Grilled Cheese!
Camp Invisible Elysian FieldsPURPLEMitsu SincognitoWe have a dungeon for your kinky leisures and bacon for your eating pleasures. What else could you possibly need? Cackalacky
Camp Justice LeagueEdenYELLOWbatnipsWe're a nerdy gaming pub.
Eastern Seaboard
Camp No Friends Here EdenYELLOWATL A crew of assholes that all camp together bc well, we're assholes.
Camp Shit ShowNarniaREDN/AWe are Camp Shit Show! Hailing from Asheville, NC, we are just a couple of artists that would like to bring to you our first annual Shit Show n Tell! We offer other events and activities for you to enjoy or be offended by. However, we can't promise we will always be put together, as we are, in fact, a total Shit Show (the fun kind.)Cackalacky
Camp UpdogEdenREDColonel UpdogWhat's Updog? Not much, just hiding from the amazing Effigy fire raining down from the sky, how about you? Come by and hang out with friends, old and new. Sip some tea and join us for Cookies & Cocktails. Come for the Cookies and Alcohol, stay for the awesome tree lasers. Be sure to find a disco ball and ask us for the Dogballs special.Eastern Seaboard
Catastrophe!NarniaREDEastern Seaboard
CLASSHOLES!!!!!!EdenREDNicole Class is back in session! Come by for a reminder of
all those special school times... That hot teacher...
that epic school-wide game of tag... that 4th Place
Honorable Mention Spelling Bee trophy you still
have... that time you swiped your mom's Arbor Mist
and brought it in your water bottle... that time you
got caught masturbating in the bathroom with
pictures of... Well, maybe not THAT time. But what
matters is that you learned something! Check the
blackboard for daily activities, and prepare to get
Eastern Seaboard
Drum CampArgonathGREENJoseph LockeSupport Camp for Drummer's Conclave
Dualsport SpinnersAvalonGREENDanceswithsticksUkulele lessons, nunchaku spin class, devil stick lessonSouth East
Echo Presents: Ye Olde Theme CampValhallaREDSam DeliriumThe lands of Mysteria will resound in 2019 with the glorious thunder of Bass and mirth as the Echo Collective Presents: Ye Olde Theme Camp!
Welcome weary traveller, join the society of Blurple Knights in this festival of summertime merriment, mischief, mayhem and music. Quench your thirst and engage in the formal art of snark at Viking hall, lose your troubles and get washed away in our seafarer's lounge, or battle for booty shaking glory on the main dance floor. Challenge the local wizard for title of most wizardly.
Rage with the champions of shenanigans for glory, for honor, for whomps.
Somewhere Yankee
Elton Johnnie WalkerElysian FieldsPURPLERubyCome down to Camp Elton Johnnie Walker to say goodbye to that yellow brick road and embrace your tiny dancer! We'll be serving whisky of all sorts to get your properly warmed up - just as Sir Elton would have wanted it.Eastern Seaboard
Fast and the FurriestNutopiaREDFlatty McFlatflatSpeed checks will be in place for all motor vehicle races and dangerous activities- enjoy the sunrises and the long walk back when someone runs off with your cart because you forgot your keys in it while you were trying to take that prrrfect sunset photo
First FiresNarniaYELLOWBasilgay space communism

A Camp constantly experiencing multiple timeline loops while weaving the tapestry of spacetime into a cozy chill space with dancing, art, and heckling the concept of linearity because it’s too straight for them. Also, Ghosts.

“First Fires is a camp with a theme. We host activities and we art real art, art art, art. Art art art, art art art art.”

diversify the arts with arT aRt and <bold>Art</bold>

yes, maybe even an árt

add on some árts for good measure!

a r t s


A(rt) Camp constantly experiencing multiple timeline loops while weaving the tapestry of spacetime into art cozy chill space with dancing, art, árt, aRt, and heckling the concept of linearity because it’s too straight for them. Art, A R T a®️t. Also, Ghosts.

Wow that's a work of aRt™
Flaming nitro ratchet catsValhallaREDTuesdayCrazy cats hiding in the woods
Fromage GrilleEdenGREENSomewhere Yankee
Fuck You, I'm a WizardXanaduREDWrenWe tend to offer some adult level fuckary, normal shenanigans of misinformation, unusual bar offerings by snarky bartenders, fire, wizardry, and general weirdness. If you see someone at the bar, ask for a drink and see what you get. If you don't see anyone at the bar, step right up and start bartending. We aren't your mom and can't be standing around waiting to snark at you all day... If you are nice to us, and we mean really nice... like offering bar donations, we might let you play with fire, but probably not. Eastern Seaboard
Garden of HedonsElysian FieldsPURPLEStephanie Step into our Garden. Curl up to a sexy serpent, confess your original sins and be rewarded with forbidden fruit. Eastern Seaboard
Habitat for InsanityAvalonPURPLETeppySteam is the New Fire! (Sweat Lodge), Shaven, Not Stirred! (Alcoholic snow cones.)
Infinity GatheredAvalonREDMichaelWe are the crew that is building the effigy and we have a bar too. Come talk stories of past, present, and future glories! We'll see you there :)Eastern Seaboard
La la landAvalonREDLa laCan hang out with me, lala in my magical world of whatever I have imagined and thrown together. There's some paint with dildos or other objects but I'm sorry I couldn't figure out what a brush is. If painting isn't your thing then I have chairs and the randomness that has became my world. See for yourself and cross your fingers you dont get lost in lala land or do. I'm okay with that.Eastern Seaboard
Loud Erudite Goblins on FireAvalonRED
LoveLabValhallaREDTeakCome boogie down to some wicked beats, live-mixed visuals, and have our experienced Lab Tech's mix up the perfect potion for you (Firday and Satuday nights). And on Saturday 4pm-7pm, we are running ScreenLab - A silk screen demonstration. Come get something silk screened while learning how to do it - Limited time, Limited Supply, come early... first come first serve. (while your clothes dry, compete in the "pants off dance off" - nudity encouraged). Somewhere Yankee
Low Expectations and Bad Decisions EdenREDEastern Seaboard
Machine Elves Local 309AvalonREDRayWeaving the fabrics, chinking the logs, multiplying the cells and refracting the fractals that make up every universe is the best job ever, but it's also serious and tiring work. Every once in a while the machine elves need to blow off some steam by getting their burn on and having a partayyy down at the local union hall. Beings, burners and revelers from all dimensions, levels of consciousness, and any plane of existence are welcome to join the fun.Cackalacky
Micro BallsEdenREDMordecaiWe are small but mighty, elegant but dirty. Ball Gowns will be worn. Balls will be played with. And/or dodged. Principles will be upheld.Eastern Seaboard
Muddy RootsValhallaREDCarloCamp Muddy Roots may have some "tripping" risks and we cannot guarantee it to be hazard free… or dry! Now that we got that out of the way, your experience with us will be full of music, art, and shenanigans! This is a place to network, play, dance, and enjoy art. Put your seats back, tray tables in their upright positions, because we want to go for a ride! Our team will have a memorable sound system that will push you to dance, smile, and mingle with the best! Don’t just dance in your mind; we have booze and subwoofers! We are a team from both Philadelphia & NYC bringing a powerhouse of djs, producers, and eclectic talent. We will have visual art and projections to inspire you when you arrive. Intelligent lights and party favorites won’t be forgotten. Have a drink at our bar, check for happy hours and special events scheduled. We look forward to meeting and experiencing Transformus with you at Camp Muddy Roots!
Somewhere Yankee
MustachevilleEdenREDChrisProviding a chill, relaxed atmosphere, shade with things to recline on and cool home-brewed libations to fill one’s cup all with a distinctly mustachioed twist. Find yourself in a quiet repose surrounded by artistic distractions and conversation as flavorful as the beer. Mustacheville: “We don’t know how to not.”™Cackalacky
Nacho Average CuddlesElysian FieldsPURPLERadianceNacho Average Cuddles is a cheesy collective of weirdos and misfits who offer up salty snacks and welcome access to our inclusive cuddle puddle. A safe space for POC, queerdos, and virgins.Eastern Seaboard
Nama'Stay In BedArgonathGREENDharmaCamp Nama'stay In Bed will be a Zen space for
those that want to come to hang out, chill, listen
to some music, and be mellow....or not. We will
have lots of wine, munchies, and several food events. Yoga classes TBD by 200 RYT. Tarot readings and meditation upon request. Henna tattoo fun available. Our Airstream trailer offers a quiet space if one needs to escape the melee and air conditioning for cooling off.
South East
New York DangerousEdenYELLOWHot ToddyWe are a merry band of adventurers from New York City and specialize in "everything your mom warned you about". We like talking with strangers, drinking too much, and have been known to run around with scissors. Come say hello, we have Free Candy!Somewhere Yankee
Oasis LoungeAvalonREDSidhe “She”Sparkly Woodland Folks • Lovers & purveyors of the good life.
Pan's Labyrinth and After-Hours SpeakeasyXanaduPURPLEPanPan’s Labyrinth and AfterHours Speakeasy is a sex positive, clothes optional, chill, party and sexy-time space. Visitors are encouraged to be themselves, be free and explore with no expectations of engagement. On the insides visitors can play and participate in the varied games and activities of the day, spend time watching the latest sexy time videos playing on any one of our flat-screens TVs and projector, entertain or be entertained compliments of our portable stripper pole, enjoy our bar and refreshment station or sink deep into our lounge space (beds and sofas). On the outside, visitors and passersby can enjoy our silk performances and striptease acts (clothed).Somewhere Yankee
PANGEAAvalonREDAshley AndrewsWorld music & jungle vibes.
Party Liberation Front and Fire TriangleValhallaREDTornado KelleyFire Triangle and Party Liberation Front are back to rock another Transformus. We cordially invite you to congregate, participate, and celebrate in our collective corner of Mysteria. Here we strive to get as appropriately weird as possible with fiery antics, bass infused booty shaking, and memory making times, from the time the gates of Marvin's Meowtain open well into late Sunday. During you stay visit the FT flaming libation station and hydrating lounges. Approach, praise, and worship at the kitty alter where you can join the cat cult and receive feline blessing aplenty or take a load off your feet in the Pretty Princess Pussy Palace. Let's get weird y'all.South East
pb&j barEdenGREENsteve50% self serve food and beverage barEastern Seaboard
Platform 9 3/4AvalonYELLOWPotterWitches and Wizards throughout the burn may board the Hogwarts Express 2.0 Magic Art Car from Platform 9 3/4 From this boarding station the Hogwarts Express 2.0 Magic Art Car will depart round trip to Hogwarts and various local stops along the way. Word to the wise for the weary Witch or Wizard: Wizarding hijinks happening hourly!!.......Somewhere Yankee
Porcine AviationAvalonGREENmonkeyHome of Tangle Dangle, the rock climbing twister wall and Ball Slappin', the pacman style maze tag game. Come put your name on the score board!
Purple Camp/LSDragon's Lair Elysian FieldsPURPLEPyroCeltEvery freak gets tired and needs shelter from the rain, even the Lazy e'Scaped Dragon. This is the purple respite of that gentle beast.Cackalacky
Pyramid PeopleAvalonREDOutdoor VoiceWe are the Pyramid People. We camp under a giant purple pyramid, we make pyramid necklaces, and we play games with colorful little pyramids. Pyramids are cool. (We also dig cubes and round things.)
Raised By RabbitsAvalonREDFireballOnce again it's time to ride the frontier with the Rabbits! Recently back from their historical year-long tour of default world, the Rabbits want to celebrate summertime at the Warren with their herd and the beloved Transformus community. Come by and visit the Bunny Bar and share in a Shotski next to the ghost of the Gypsy Bar! Come shake you cottontail at the Watership Get-Down! Hop on over for good fellowship and epic story reads! Please note: We welcome ALL species and just because you might be a goat, or a peacock, or a cat, or even a sparklepony does not mean you can't be raised by rabbits right. So come on by, check your pants at the door, and get ready for what will sure to be a thumping good time!Cackalacky
Red, White, & BrewAvalonREDRadarWe brew things, whether that's coffee or jello shots. Look for our mobile cart in the mornings, bringing coffee and bacon to tired Mysterians. We like America but we don't talk politics and the only party we care about is the one we're having, so come on down.South East
Reflection SectionXanaduYELLOWkitanaCome one come all to Reflection Section! Bring all your (emotional) baggage and leave it with us to throw in the fire. We have mirrors and beats and all things neat. Come reflect on our Throwback Thursday Beats, be in the present for a power hour with special guest Carlo Rossi, and look forward to ghost stories, talent show, granny panties and a bitchin drag show. You’ll be able to reflect in every artistic way you can think of. Bring the weirdest thing you own (or don’t, we don’t really care) and rage face.
Somewhere Yankee
Serenity NarniaGREEN
Yoni "brightside" Gold
Serenity is the place for health, wellness, relaxation..... with a touch of platonic kink! Bringing back the fun with playforms like Shiabri for Relaxation, Kinky Coloring for Meditation, and Self awareness through sensory deprivation/stimulation, we have both a movement tent AND a sweet chill den!South East
Serenity: Firefly Base CampAvalonREDlaceyAre you a weary space pirate who needs a place to rest a spell … share stories of your travels … or just some time to plan your next heist ahem . . . adventure? Join us on Serenity (look for the teal bus!) WE AIM TO MISBEHAVE! Or flag us down in the Steampunk Airship . . . Fire Fly!
Shady "as fuck" AcresEdenYELLOWShady Acres is the premier retirement village for the most distinguished and jaded burners.

After you are done with your volunteer shifts, setting up your art and dancing the night away wouldn't it be great to have place you can retire to? A place where the music is played at a reasonable volume and the fire side chats go on deep into the night. Then Shady Acres may be for you!
South East
Paradise Plateau
YELLOWSargeBorn from confusion and tempered by mild incompetence, now a respectable bar and lounge! The events are eclectic, the drinks are good, and the fire is warm.
Spirit CampNarniaGREENJosiahSpirit Camp is a community that Loves, heals, frees, cares, and shares.
We offer classes, workshops, blessings, food, and music. Dream and tattoo interpretation, bringing Heavenly Presence, mind clearing, removing darkness and oppression, bringing peace, compassionate listening, and aligning the soul. A safe space for grounding. You can tell us your secrets: dark, clean, or future dreams.
May include hangout space, performances/interactive collaborations, drum circles, improv, jam sessions, and art. Come in to our warm space for a personal blessing! Workshops and classes may include topics such as: Love, connection, gratitude, community, forgiveness, and personal responsibility through character and integrity. Check the boards at our theme camp for class and workshop times.
SWOMP CampValhallaREDLuciBringing you all the delicious wubs and womps you crave with sound that will leave you drooling for more. If you want to get down and dance, come hang with the Swompers and get grimy with us!South East
Tasty PastyElysian FieldsPURPLEMegan CosmosWe used to just put food on titties. But oh my, things have gotten quite out of hand since then. We are home to the “pickled egg incident”, the original butt plug tug of war and we’re the miscreants responsible for the phrase “Butt Stuff Burn”! We like to think of Tasty Pasty as a land of opportunity and spectacle for saying HELL YES to radical consensual experiences. Participants have described us as “their favorite experience ever at a burn” and thanked us profusely for pushing boundaries in the burn world. We aim to razzle, dazzle and shock you to your core but also hope that our genuinely weird experiences allow you to open your sphincter up…oops I mean SELF... to love and understand yourself a little better. To be quite honest, we never know what we’re going to think of next so come get weird with us and leave your dignity at our door because you’re not getting it back!Cackalacky
The Burlington GOAT FactoryAvalonREDShaneSup Transformus. It's your champ, Tom Brady, here. The Burlington GOAT Factory is dedicated to providing burners with a five star experience. Our team of Yelp Elite Squad (YES!) experts will curate a top-notch extravaganza for you any time you stop by. Let our elite community members and role models provide top-notch service...4u! No Mickey Mouse stuff here. Pay homage to the Greatest of All Time at our shrine, have a five-star artisanal bagged wine tasting, get pliable and receive the insider info on the burn's hottest locations 2k19. Our team is here for you. MAKE SURE YOU RATE US FIVE STARS ON YELP.Eastern Seaboard
The D Presents: Smellsburg and Hammock ParadiseEdenREDGrandmaFollow your nose to the olfactory offerings of Smellsburg. Float by for a gentle waft, sniff, or spritz. Linger at our smell bar and make your own essential oil spray to keep your burn body smelling sensational. Nuzzle your nose into our fragrant flowers and herbs. Submit to aromatic indulgence. ConSCENTual smells only!
Elevate your mood and your body by climbing on our geodesic dome! Join our hammock paradise and maybe even flip your perspective with an upside down hang. Sway in the breeze, fill with air, float away!
South East
The Gang Becomes Infinitely Self SimilarAvalonYELLOWSara ToninWe will be creating a light up lounge for everyone to come and relax and get weird. We come equpit with crazy stories, fun games, and we're pretty easy on the eyes as well. Somewhere Yankee
The MintValhallaREDJamieEver want to get away from the burner rat-race? Well, in a location that can only be described as a cross between The Overlook Hotel and the Hotel California, the Mint exists for the hedonistic pleasure of its guests. Check-in with the concierge at the registration desk, sway gently like a leaf in the breeze to our sonic thrill-masters as they tickle your auditory buds, and delight yourself in a complementary cocktail at our Flaming Bar™️!
Yes, the Mint has it all! Everything a person would want: for those who just wish for a momentary respite from the outside world, to those in a 10-alarm full on sensory hallucination involving those fucking lizards eating Diane Arbus in the backseat of a '49 DeSoto.
The PlaygroundElysian FieldsPURPLETRexThe Playground is a magical and mysterious place where incredibly remarkable beings reside to offer hedonistic play, childlike wonder, and fluffing to the citizens of Mysteria. We bring our legendary squirting competition/female body empowerment event (which all began at TFus and has been brought to various regionals on both coasts), a giant Twister board (with a naked twister event), and a fluffing station (mouthwash, sunscreen, massage table, back scratches, hugs, etc.). Eastern Seaboard
The Sinister MinisterElysian FieldsPURPLEIABPotential penitents will prove they are worthy to enter the Confession Booth and be judged by our Sinister Minister. If their confession is both creative and perverse, they will be allowed to enter the Communion Bar to partake in Wholy Potato Vodka Water. If they are judged to be unworthy, they will be banished to the Excommunication Purgatory to consider their lowly state and attempt to make penance for being dull, possibly assisted with some Wholy Potato Vodka Water. Successful applicants will be led in the sacred communion rites of the Priest of the Perverse and are at the mercy of the presiding Potentate. Eastern Seaboard
The Small SomethingNutopiaGREENPartyBearThe Small Something is a hidden, creative oasis for those enterprising passers-by who venture off the beaten path into Nutopia and are willing to slow down and engage their senses and their curiosity to appreciate direct experience in the face of the increasingly impersonal and streamlined forces of Big Nothing in default world.

Enjoy our massage station, and see what the wee Folk have been doing in their tiny fae houses.
Eastern Seaboard
Tool CampXanaduRED
Uncool, never been given a burn name Holly
Do you need to screw something? Nail it? Or need a hoe? Tool Camp has got ya covered. We have a plethora of tools (hammers, screw drivers, wrenches, saws, rakes, sockets, drills, tape measures, axes, step ladder, etc.) that you can borrow. We will also probably play music by Tool. And probably act like tools, our egos FAR exceed our talents and likability.
Very Important Burners (VIB)AvalonYELLOWAndreaThe VIB Lounge embodies the principle of Radical Self Importance. Privileged and approved burners who pass our rigorous screening process will be ushered past the red velvet ropes to experience: signature VIB swag, table service, and entertainment. Is your theme camp no longer attracting the burniest burners? VIB is also available to conduct top-down assessments and elevate your experience. We accept payment in gold and nepotism.Eastern Seaboard
WaffelhausElysian FieldsPURPLEWaffle MikeWe serve up delicious Belgian liège waffles and a few other waffle concoctions. Our waffles will change your life. You'll never look at a pancake the same way again.
White Dragon Noodle BarAvalonYELLOWKelfayFrom the dust of the Nevada desert flats to the snowy tundra of the Appalachian hills, White Dragon Noodle Bar has been slinging our world-famous vegan soy shiitake noodle soup to the huddled masses for fifteen years. Sumo wrestle a buddy and you both win hearts — and cut the line. We practice rampant favoritism (we find gin favorable).
Wrong WayValhallaREDWhispersCome! Come one and all and bask in the glow of the Love tower while the sounds of our lord and savior BASS wash over you. step up to the bar and engage with some slightly damaged individuals, who can always be counted on to do the right thing the wrong way.Eastern Seaboard
You Are BeautifulNarniaGREENFree RadicalYou Are Beautiful Camp celebrates the subtle and not-so-subtle beauty in all Mysterians, and creates a cozy, welcoming space for you to discover/remember your own beauty. Come enjoy a beautiful moment with us! We might be cooking food to share, playing a ridiculous game, preparing for a wandering adventure, or (gasp!) talking about our feelings. Come jump in to whatever is happening!
Your Soul is My SoulAvalonREDMathiasYour Soul is my Soul is a theme camp designated to live music and fire performance, and all that goes along with it. We will have a full drum set, piano, microphones, electric guitar and bass, electric violin, and other instruments on site and hooked up to a small sound system set up on a ramshackle stage. Come by and attend one of our open jams or daytime events, or come see a full set band performance around dark on Friday, or after the burn Saturday. We also love fire, and will have a fire spinning stage and fuel dump provided for anyone willing to perform. Oh...and FULL BARCackalacky