Edcamp Hudson Valley Introduction Form 2016 [Form] (Responses)
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TimestampWhat is your name?What is your role in education?Have you attended an "unconference" before?What would you like to learn about at Edcamp Hudson Valley?Is there a topic that you would like to help facilitate?Do you have a website or a blog?Are you on Twitter?Is there anything else that you would like to share?
6/18/2016 10:58:57Debby BrooksArt TeacherNoI am interested in learning more about Google apps, wikis, wallwishers? and PBL
6/21/2016 10:50:05Daniel LoGiuratoELA teacher (secondary)YesReading strategies, research projects, new technology in the classroom (Project Based Learning, Literacy Centers, Digital Storytelling, Common Core Standards, Blogs, Glogs, Wallwishers, Edmodo, Twitter, Comic Strips, Livebinders, Wikis, Google Apps, etc.)
6/22/2016 13:39:49Dana NordstromI am a 7th grade Computer Applications Teacher at Van Wyck Junior High School.NoProject based learningwcsdcompapps.weebly.com
7/19/2016 20:37:45Lucille OgdenI am an English teacher and department coordinator at Arlington High School. YesI am interested in everything! Sometimes it is hard to choose! I could facilitate ... hmm ... I don't know. I will add / help whatever presentation I attend. Confession: I am still a flip phone gal!!!!!
7/19/2016 20:50:32Michael Circe3rd and 4th Grade Instructional Literacy Coach in Kingston City School DistrictYesBlended Learning, Guided Writing, Writing WorkshopInstructional Coaching/Literacy Coaching @mrcirceThis is my 5th year as an Edcamp HV organizer. Thank you to all who are joining us again this year!
7/19/2016 22:14:58Mindy GreySchool librarian, lit leader, member of DLTT and BLTT YesLivebndersI would like to facilitate free resources from NYState (NOVEL databases)@mingreylib
7/19/2016 22:25:25Amy-Jean CarlzonInstructional Coach for Secondary Humanities
Secondary English Teacher
NoI am interested in learning creative ways to engage students in reading and applying what they read to answer compelling questions.
I also would appreciate more technology training.
In addition, I would like to gather ideas as to how teachers manage formative assessments in group work efficiently.
7/20/2016 10:54:13Sarah CombsTheatre Arts teacher and director of the Admiral Players Drama ClubYesHigher learning questioning, Live BindersNoNo
7/20/2016 16:38:25Christine Zandstra 9th grade English teacherYesGamificationNo@ChristineZandst
7/21/2016 6:50:20Kathleen VogtK-12 Health Educator, currently teaching 8th grade.YesWhat is a wallwisher?! To understand Livebinders, application of QR codes (how have others used them).I'm familiar and confident with Google Classroom & Drive & I recently learned of a few new sites for video curation (Khan Academy and EdPuzzle). MrsV_UVMSThis was a great event last year & I'm looking forward to participating again!
7/23/2016 11:53:35Dave ZirkleRetired STEM educator, now supporting low cost and mobile maker initiatives. I love working with motivated learners of all ages.YesWhat is currently happening in the Hudson Valley as far as makers and makerspaces.I'd like to help participants make use of things they already have, but are struggling with - Raspberry Pi, Arduino, repurposing cell phones and other electronics. Low tech is cool also - think cardboard prototyping!http://tiny.cc/davezirk@davezirkCan't wait!!
7/26/2016 10:48:07Caitlyn GirondaHigh School Mathematics TeacherYesStandards Based Grading, Classroom Discussions, Classroom RoutinesBlended Learning, Math Twitter Blog-o-spherehttp://givemeasine.blogspot.com/@caitlyn_gironda
7/27/2016 6:51:37Debby BrooksI am an art educatorNogoogle apps, what is a livebinder? wikis-how to make themno
8/8/2016 11:46:11Nitya NarasimhanI am a technology advocate and an software/systems developer and architect interested in building or supporting ed-tech solutions, particularly for the K-8 demographic. I am particularly passionate about STEM and teaching kids to code/make things to encourage problem solving.

I am also a parent with a child in elementary school, and as a result am interested in understanding ideas like flipped learning (which involve parents as partners) and want to help support or trial new ideas and initiatives in the space
YesTools & Strategies for Flipped Learning -- who has tried this and what are the challenges?

Digital Storytelling

Use of emergent technologies (Google Cardboard, Mobile Apps etc.) to create enhanced learning experiences for students outside the classroom.

Lesson Plan strategies (finding, creating, sharing and reviewing lesson plans for developing curriculum for K-8)
HourOfCode and Computer Science education options (from Scratch to Robots)

Emergent Technologies (Virtual Reality, Beacons, Location-Based Apps) and how they might be useful for in-class or after-school activities.

Flipped Learning and how parents can be engaged as learning partners to support at-home activities
http://nityan.me (under development)nityaI am the founder/organizer of the Google Developer Group in Hudson Valley (https://www.meetup.com/gdg-hudson-valley/) and am passionate about STEM advocacy.

Via GDGHV, I have run "Hour Of Code" sessions at elementary and high school levels, and would love to meet and work with teachers/administrators who are running such events (or are interested in running such events) in their schools.

An example of the event we ran in 2015 can be found here (https://hourofcode2015.splashthat.com/)
8/8/2016 14:00:23Carol BahruthHello everyone! I've been involved in both school administration and classroom teaching and I must say that I prefer the latter! This Fall, I will be teaching First Tech Challenge Robotics and an Introductory course in Computer Science as well as coaching Girl's Varsity Volleyball. In Spring, I'll be teaching Detective Fiction.

My interest is in the use of technology in the classroom for meaningful work, such as connecting and collaborating with other students worldwide.
YesProject-based learning for certain, as well as how other teachers are using technology to support learning. Glogs, Comic Strips, Common Core, Wallwishers, etc.Wikis, Digital Storytelling, PBLpoughkeepsieday.org@carolbahruthLooking forward to a great day of learning and collaboration!
8/9/2016 13:39:25Allie CashelI work with a company called Postcard.com. One of our platforms, Postcard Educate, is a social action platform created specifically for classrooms across all grade levels. It is designed for educators working to inspire students to become global citizens dedicated to making the world a better place. With Postcard Educate, teachers have access to an engaging, common-core aligned tool for integrating social action into their curriculum, and students gain experience creating their own grassroots social movements. We partner with schools, youth groups, and teachers interested in bringing social activism into the classroom. Utilizing the Educate platform and curriculum, educators engage their students around a cause or social movement of their choice. This can be as simple as asking for healthier school lunches in the cafeteria, or as ambitious as sending messages directly to a senator or the president.NoDigital Storytelling, Project Based Learning, How to build something for common core I'd love to run a session on Postcard Educate, and on bringing activism into the classroom. This spring, we ran a similar session at the Museum of the City of New York's Teaching Social Activism Conference, and it went very well!
postcard.com/educate@ThisisPostcardCan't wait to attend the event! You can reach me at allie@postcard.com :)
8/10/2016 13:23:55Jonathan HeilesHigh school science teacher at the Poughkeepsie Day SchoolYesproject based learning; Google Cardboard, especially for virtual field trips Open-ended questions as a tool for encouraging and assessing resourcefulness and ingenuity in scientific analysis; brainstorming how to get students sharing their scientific results with students at other schools; using Google Earth to teach plate tectonic theory and global patterns in volcanic style and distributionnono
8/10/2016 22:50:25LeciaScience teacherYesYoga mindfulness on classroomYoga and health education and ecological responsibility curriculumNoNoThe yoga class lasts year was amazing and I did incorporate fundamentals in my class.
8/15/2016 21:27:53Rosellen Hardtscience teacher YesGoogle Forms
Any classroom success stories
I know that a facilitator does nit necessary surly need to present on the topic yet I still don't feel qualified to facilitate. Nonot any more
8/15/2016 21:28:52Claudia M KingEnglish Language Arts - Grade 8YesWikis and Comic Strips?Project Based Learning Www.claudiaking.orgNah
8/16/2016 8:13:37Megan MurphyHigh School Biology Teacher Arlington High SchoolYesStrategies for helping IEP students pass state exams, Google Apps, Integrating more engineering in scienceGoogle Classroom@AHSMurphyBioLooking forward to learning together and getting ready for the new year!
8/16/2016 10:24:08Kim LorenzTeacher: self contained 3rd and 4th gradeYesTechnology: new and exciting
Readers/Writers Workshop
8/16/2016 11:50:03Ana Yara PostigoI teach foreign languages in 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th class and do my PhD as well. I'm researching how games can improve emotional intelligence to increase my student's well-being.NoProject Based Learning, Gamification, Digital Storytelling, and any other tools or methods that can be interesting to introduce in my classes. I'm looking forward exploring new things.@AYtranslator
8/16/2016 13:23:17Karen NoyeBusiness Education teacher at Roy C. Ketcham High SchoolNoProject Based learningno@kmnoye
8/16/2016 21:06:12Dan SchmittHigh school teacher and coachYesProject based learningCoach_schmitt1
8/17/2016 10:25:32Lynn Grainger3rd Grade Teacher Arlington
National Board Certified Teacher
Faculty Member of National Board Council of New York
NoLive Binders
More Project Based Learning
PLC Work based on the course I teach on Facilitating Teams. Focused on the development and maintenance of Norms.@lynngReady to Learn
8/17/2016 10:45:08Gretchen LytleI work in literacy support at PDS with children and teachers in the lower school.YesI would love to learn more about digital storytelling, comic strips and anything else related to writing with elementary-aged children.
8/18/2016 9:20:28Greg NiemanAPUSH Teacher and Psychology Teacher at high schoolYesGoogle Classroom@NiemanAHSLook forward to Edcamp. The first two were great.
8/19/2016 14:47:46Jake LaheyI teach American History and Current Events to 6th, 7th, and 8th gradersYesHow are teachers going to embrace the 2016 presidential race in the opening months of school and how to continue the learning after the election?@jakeyehal
8/20/2016 4:10:41María Jesús AsturianoScience teacher in primary school.YesPBL and gamification@mjesushbs
8/20/2016 12:14:29KATHY WHITEBusiness Teacher at Dutchess BOCES and advisor for technology club.NoAll of the above!
8/21/2016 16:36:55Jennifer5th grade teacherNoTwitter, Edmodo, Blogs, Livebinders, Project Based LearningNot at this time@jenmacri8
8/23/2016 11:38:00Marifran DeMainehigh school library media specialist (or "librarian," if you prefer)Yesproject based learning
student driven inquiry
de-emphasizing grades with students
building a readerly community - how are we share a love of reading with our students?pvhslmc.weebly.com
@abookforfrances / @pvhslmc
8/24/2016 10:37:52Li Pipman DenautMathematics and STEAM arts teacher as well as FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics coach.YesGlogs--looks awesome and would like to learn more
Livebinders--so much information and how to filter effectively
Environmental consciousness, green mindset and education initiatives
8/25/2016 9:17:13Karl P Mauks-KoepkeMiddle School Teacher
Focus in Mathematics
Growing interest in developing technology solutions to bridge students understanding of arithmetic and algebraic concepts.
YesStudent-Centered Learning in Math
Differentiated Learning in Math
Best Tech Tools and Resources for Students - Math
8/26/2016 12:45:35Ann SCer
8/26/2016 12:45:58Ann SCer
8/26/2016 12:50:09Ann SceriI am a fourth grade teacher. I teach ELA and Social Studies.YesComic strips, project based literacy, and literacy centersNowcsdny.org@ann_sceriI have directed the 6th grade musical at my school for the past 14 years.
8/26/2016 20:34:21Amy DeNitto9th grade Special Education teacher at Roy C. Ketcham HS YesReaders'/Writers' Workshop, PBL
8/27/2016 9:38:56Connie WeberSchool Counselor/ Student Government AdvisorYesGoogle Apps
Teacher/Counselor communication.@ceweber8
8/27/2016 13:17:22Mary Ellen IatropoulosI'm Director of Education at Spark Media Project, a media education non-profit based out of Poughkeepsie. In my role, I'm responsible for overseeing curricular design, implementation, and assessment across all of our media education programs, which range from after-school programs for elementary-age youth to in-class residencies at the secondary level to undergraduate service learning. I train teachers, I lead professional development seminars, I coach and advise a team of media mentors, and I teach my own courses as well. Yes 21st Century Literacy Skills, Project-Based Learning, Free Video Editing AppsYouTube, Google Forms for Formative Assessmentmaryelleniatropoulos.com@metamareI'm looking forward to connecting with fellow Hudson-Valley educators!
8/27/2016 19:28:05Natalie Gerich Brabsonassistant teacherNoProject Based Learning, Literacy Centers, Digital Storytelling, Google AppsI am excited to attend my first unconference and learn from experienced and enthusiastic educators!
8/27/2016 22:37:07Natasha MerrittI teach Global 10 and US 11 at Harrison High SchoolNoProject Based Learning and Literacy Centers would be wonderful.I would like to be more of an observer and participant as this is my firstwww.merrittsocialstudies.weebly.com@merrittsstudies
8/28/2016 9:00:12StephanieteacherYesPbl, lit centers, anything to help making my classroom more engaging@coach_maher
8/28/2016 10:10:10Crystal6-8 Social Studies TeacherYesPBL, Genius Hour, and generally integrating technology into the curriculum in new and exciting ways!@dasweaveI'm so excited to attend this Ed camp! Can't wait to meet some innovative educators tomorrow!
8/28/2016 10:18:18Crystal6-8 Social Studies TeacherYesPBL, Genius Hour, and generally integrating technology into the curriculum in new and exciting ways!@dasweaveI'm so excited to attend this Ed camp! Can't wait to meet some innovative educators tomorrow!
8/28/2016 10:25:46Crystal6-8 Social Studies TeacherYesPBL, Genius Hour, and generally integrating technology into the curriculum in new and exciting ways!@dasweaveI'm so excited to attend this Ed camp! Can't wait to meet some innovative educators tomorrow!
8/28/2016 11:00:30Dawn MartellUnion Vale Middle School eighth grade math teacher- Math 8, Algebra INoCan't wait to learn something new!!
8/28/2016 11:24:35
Shanauzelda Montgomery
I teach grade one and also act as school's technology liaison.NoAs much as I possibly can within the days time constraints.Literacy Centers and utilizing technology within the curriculum.
8/28/2016 11:25:07Brian Reid3rd grade classroom teacherYeshttp://briansuepds23.blogspot.com/ @reid9reid
8/28/2016 11:27:47Elizabeth WPELA Teacher and Dept chair YesUsing Google classroom as more than just a homework-link source...@mrswp93
8/28/2016 12:12:46Jim FlanneryI am a web developer, entrepreneur, and life-long learner. I'm trying to solve the great problem of how to educate our youth.

So far, my journey has led me to focus on peer-to-peer learning and unschooling. You can see some of my work with peer-to-peer learning at OpenSourceHigh.com where we've had students make video lessons teaching one another. The students content is amazing and inspiring - but there is much more work to be done to create something truly robust and powerful.

I'm particularly interested in see if there are ways to use peer-to-peer learning to enable more students to access the benefits of unschooling.
NoPeer-to-peer learning, unschooling, alt. ed options for for ADD/bipolar/schizo/etcPeer-to-Peer learning, web development, entrepreneurship, unschooling, mental healthhttp://jim-flannery.com@opensourcehighFirst timer - very excited!!
8/28/2016 12:16:08Bianca HernandezMiddle school humanities and science teacher.NoNothing specific. I'm looking to pick up new tools and ideas in general.
8/28/2016 13:20:54Betsy DenisMiddle School Special Education TeacherYesWallwishers, Google Apps, Literacy CentersMsdenis@uvms
8/28/2016 14:16:26Dorothy Luongo5th Grade teacher- Poughkeepsie Day SchoolYesPlace-Based Learning resources in the Hudson Valley, community building across schools@dorothypenz
8/28/2016 15:21:50Norma Chlus High school special education teacherYesGoogle appsNo@nzchlus
8/28/2016 17:56:14Jeffrey FisherI'll be teaching high school English at PDS.NoCommon Core Standards, Project Based Learning,
8/28/2016 20:57:00Amie GellemMathematics Instructional Coach NoUsing technology for student-centered learning and formative assessment in middle school math class.

Instructional coaching
8/28/2016 21:41:56Hilda CioffiK- 5 librarianNo@Hildacioffi
8/28/2016 22:25:32Aimee LicariI teach Spanish at Arlington High School.NoBlogging, using more technology in the classroom
8/28/2016 22:45:31Todd BroomheadHigh school English teacherYesI don't recognize the following terms on your list: Glogs, Wallwishers, LivebindersI am looking forward to learning best practices.
8/29/2016 0:08:34Tory BiasottiItalian Teacher YesLivebinders or anything that would maybe be an online learning platform similar to what I've been using for a few college courses I'm taking. So, not sure what that even would be. @ToryBiasotti
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