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ExcellenceWebFOCUS 8207 Release Notesibi, a TIBCO companyNYMUS06User Support Materials The Release Notes include all information for each release update (new features, enhancements, fixes, bugs, known issues, release and gen/packaging information, upgrade notes, and supported browsers). The target audience is all WebFOCUS 8207 users.
DistinctionEPRI Research Roadmaps: Large Scale Photovoltaic (PV) Plants and Large Scale Wind PlantsNexight Group for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)WDCBINF03Informational MaterialsThese roadmaps present a 10-year vision for photovoltaics (PV) and wind energy to reach 25% or more (combined) of the global electricity mix by 2030, up from approximately 8% today. The roadmaps identify pathways that designers, owners, and operators of large-scale PV and and wind plants can take to reduce costs, increase energy production, and better support the electricity system.URL
ExcellenceHP OMEN Frequency Wireless Headset Setup Instructions PosterHP, Inc.SCTUS10User Support MaterialsThe purpose of the Setup Instructions Poster is to provide printed instructions to assist the user to properly set up and use the headset. URL
MeritLeague of Women Voters of Texas - Texas Conference for WomenLeague of Women Voters of TexasSCTPR02Promotional Materials The LWVTX hosted an exhibitors booth at the 2020 Texas Conference for Women to help educate Texas voters and build brand awareness for our non-partisan, non-profit civics organization. Texas has historically had one of the lowest voter turnouts in the nation, and the League (along with other orgs) is working to engage and empower Texas voters. URL
ExcellenceRave Grants Manager Planning Knowledge Space
Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company
NYMUS09User Support Materials The entry provides a unified knowledge delivery platform in a digital format for the Rave Grants Manager Planning app.
Users include financial pros who manage clinical trial operations during the multi-phase grant life cycle in drug development.
To support the data-driven tool, the entry features:
• Release Notes
• Context-sensitive Help with full-text Search
• Clickable diagrams
• 150+ defined terms across financial, clinical, and technical topics in the UI.
• Specialized reference tools
Content submitted electronically via upload
MeritA Guide to the American Workforce SystemNexight GroupWDCBINF04Informational Materials The U.S. workforce development ecosystem is multi-layered and complex; this document simplifies the key terms and legislation to facilitate conversation with frontline leaders in workforce development space.URL
Meritibi Open Visualizations Release 8207ibi, a TIBCO companyNYMUS11User Support MaterialsThis content describes how to install, configure, and use our 2020 Open Visualizations solution, which enables a customer to easily connect a Business Intelligence platform to any database, file format, or web service in their enterprise. The target audience is business analysts who use any analytics or visualization tool to access data sources using ibi connector software, or data administrators who configure software adapters or connections to various data sources. URL
ExcellenceMoDaC User GuideLeidos Biomedical ResearchWDCBUS14User Support MaterialsThe MoDaC User Guide supports users of the NCI Predictive Oncology Model and Data Clearinghouse. The target audience includes users who want to search for, download, or publish scientific research datasets, using the web application.PDF uploaded to shared drive
ExcellenceU.S. Department of Energy Free-Air CO2 Enrichment Experiments: FACE Results, Lessons, and LegacyOak Ridge National LaboratoryWDCBINF08Informational Materials Inform research community, governmental entities, congressional staffers, educators, potential grantees, academia, industry, and lay public about the history, results, lessons, and legacy of the U.S. Department of Energy’s large-scale carbon dioxide (CO2) manipulation experiments in diverse biomes. Studies were performed across the United States at four Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) and two open-top chamber sites to explore ecosystem response to rising CO2 concentrations.URL
Best of Show and ExcellenceMitigating Attacks on Houses of Worship – Security GuideNexight Group for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)WDCBINF14Informational Materials Acts of targeted violence against houses of worship are a real and potentially growing problem in the United States. As the Nation’s risk advisor, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) prepared this guide to help houses of worship develop a comprehensive security strategy to mitigate future incidents. The guide is addressed to a wide audience and presents insights that can be applied to the unique circumstances of every house of worship.Content submitted electronically via upload
MeritMedidata Patient Profiles Knowledge SpaceMedidata Solutions, a Dassault Systèmes companyNYMUS16User Support Materials The Medidata Patient Profiles Knowledge Space provides online help for Patient Profiles - a software-as-a-service, cloud-based solution that allows users to create patient profile designs using study environment-specific metadata. Users can generate subject reports based on profile designs for general review and FDA consumption. Life sciences professionals such as programmers, statisticians, medical writers, and clinicians work in Patient Profiles to view, create, and edit profile designs.Content submitted electronically via upload
DistinctionMEDS Reporter Knowledge SpaceMedidata Solutions, a Dassault Systèmes companyNYMUS17User Support MaterialsThe MEDS Reporter knowledge space serves as the single source of truth for using the MEDS Reporter. MEDS Reporter is a software-as-a-serivce (SaaS) cloud-based solution by Medidata that allows users to generate preconfigured reports that contain their data. MEDS Reporter users can also schedule reports for regular delivery and manage their scheduled reports.

MEDS Reporter serves a variety of users within the clinical trial research space, from Biostatisticians to Supply Managers.

Content submitted electronically via upload
DistinctionMedidata Detect Knowledge SpaceMedidata Solutions, a Dassault Systèmes companyNYMUS19User Support MaterialsThe Medidata Detect Knowledge Space provides online help for Medidata Detect - a cloud-based data analysis and visualization solution that applies advanced statistical analytics on clinical study data to detect risks, anomalies, and trends. Detect's findings help determine any mitigating actions to take on study issues or risks to ensure study data quality and compliance. Clinical study managers, CRAs, monitors, data managers, biostatisticians, and more use Detect.URL
ExcellenceSatellite Technology FundamentalsKVH IndustriesNEIM02Instructional Materials This introductory training course explains the core science behind KVH's satellite antenna products. While the primary audience is KVH-authorized dealer technicians, dealer salespeople who have an interest are also welcome. It is also made available to all KVH employees. Although it’s not required, many technicians complete it first before moving on to take the certification courses for the products they wish to install and service.URL
MeritMEDS Data Viewer Knowledge SpaceMedidata Solutions, a Dassault Systèmes companyNYMUS20User Support MaterialsThe MEDS Data Viewer knowledge space serves as the single source of truth for using the MEDS Data Viewer. MEDS Data Viewer is a software-as-a-serivce (SaaS) cloud-based solution by Medidata that renders clinical data from Medidata's database in a table. Users can also create table columns based on calculated data.

MEDS Data Viewer serves a variety of users within the clinical trial research space, from Biostatisticians to Study Managers.
MeritRBQM Configuration Manager Knowledge SpaceMedidata Solutions, a Dassault Systèmes companyNYMUS21User Support Materials The RBQM Configuration Manager Knowledge Space provides online help for RBQM Configuration Manager - a cloud-based application that serves as a centralized repository for platform-wide system key risk indicators (KRIs) and user-defined custom KRIs. RBQM Configuration Manager allows users to create custom KRIs and activate KRIs for use in an external product, Medidata Detect.

Risk managers, data managers, and any personnel involved with study risk management use RBQM Configuration Manager.
ExcellenceRave Safety Gateway Knowledge SpaceMedidata, a Dassault Systèmes companyNYMUS24User Support Materials The purpose of the entry is to show the improved usability and readability of the Rave Safety Gateway (RSG) Knowledge Space.
The target audience is all Medidata product users (internal and external).
MeritMicro:bit Innovations Student WorkbookBruno LarochelleOtherIM06Instructional Materials This booklet is intended for grade school students aged 9-14. It is a hands-on introduction to physical computing using the BBC micro:bit.paper
MeritAre you working from home too? Let’s figure it out together. HP, Inc.SCTINF09Informational Materials This Community Knowledgebase Article provides an informal guide for HP PC and printer users to transition from the office to working from home during the COVID pandemic. It includes tips and videos for cleaning, setting up video and microphones, and solving common problems.URL
Meritwww.BarCan.caTEK-Right Consulting Ltd.OtherPR03Promotional MaterialsPurpose: Inform the target audience that a reliable, high-quality, North American/Canadian source for the product is available. This company was previously in business but ran out of funds; the new funding meant the previous incarnation of the company was reopened with new staff, new equipment, and a new methodology, resulting in a very high quality product. Target audience: logistics/purchasing staff at on- and off-shore drilling companies who are sourcing a known product (Barite)). URL
MeritLavaCon UX OverviewThe LavaCon ConferenceOtherPR05Promotional Materials Audience: Potential conference attendees
I wanted to communicate that the LavaCon virtual conference was going to be MUCH more than sessions in a virtual platform. We were going to open our in-person conference with a drum circle and jazz parade, so we did so virtually! Attendees received an "experience box" of items to use during the event, and more. Finally, I used "LavaCon On Demand" and "LavaCon Live!" to communicate which sessions were recorded and which were live, etc.
Content submitted electronically via upload
ExcellenceNYC Site Safety Training: 8-Hour Fall PreventionAmerican Safety CouncilWDCBIM01Instructional Materials To continue to operate in New York City, construction workers are required to complete a minimum number of hours of approved site safety training. American Safety Council’s 8-Hour Fall Prevention course was developed to instruct construction workers on how to recognize and avoid fall hazards.URL
MeritFleXinspect T with SCOUT Technology Dimensional Inspection Setup SupplementBucher Emhart GlassROCUS03User Support Materials This manual is intended to describe:
- Optical alignment and calibration procedures required to prepare the inspection system for setup
- Procedures to set up the inspection to detect dimensional defects in glass containers.
Target audience:
- Inspection setup technicians
- Operators
Customers are manufacturers of glass containers.
MeritKVH ASP Support HelpKVH IndustriesNEUS15User Support MaterialsThis tool was developed for the support agents of KVH's Airtime Service Providers (companies that resell KVH products and services) to help them troubleshoot technical issues over the phone with customers prior to escalating to KVH Technical Support for resolution. The ASP agent can select the customer's product from the Filter (V3-HTS, V7-HTS, or V11-HTS) and the content will automatically adjust for that antenna model. ASP agents are trained in the tool's use.URL
MeritOMEN Gaming Tower Setup InstructionsHP, Inc.SCTUS08User Support MaterialsThis poster was created to assist the customer in setting up their OMEN gaming tower for first-time use. The target audience is the internet gamer who has specific wants and desires in their gaming equipment. paper
ExcellenceHP PCs – How to Clean Your ComputerHP, Inc.SCTUS04User Support MaterialsThis document is an online knowledge article that is posted on the HP Support site. The original version of this document was meant to teach HP customers how to clean dust and debris from their computer to prevent overheating and keep their machine running smoothly. At the start of the COVID pandemic, we expanded the scope to include CDC-recommended cleaning guidance on how to disinfect computer surfaces and help prevent viral spread.paper
MeritHP ProBook 445 G7 Notebook PC Maintenance and Service GuideHP, Inc.SCTUS22
User Support Materials (job aid, online help, reference, system documentation, etc.)
The Maintenance and Service Guide provides information to technicians about how to disassemble computer components to the level for which spare parts are available. It also provides other informational and support-related topics, such as sections about computer components, spare parts, backup and recovery, specifications, and BIOS.URL
ExcellenceCase In Point: Advanced Financial Social EngineeringLiving SecuritySCTINF06Informational MaterialsCybersecurity awareness and compliance training end-users and human risk managers.URL
MeritDid You Know: 2020 Texas Election Information League of Women Voters of TexasSCTINF05Informational Materials Texas has had one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the nation. Therefore, LWVTX (and many other organizations) worked hard to increase voter participation in 2020. Because of the addition of so many newly registered and newly engaged voters, there was a huge need for voter education. Therefore, LWV Texas created an information series titled Did you Know. The goal of the series was to break into consumable chunks the enormous amount of information from our website: http://lwvtexas.org. URL
MeritHP Travel USB-C Multi Port Hub Setup Instructions PosterHP, Inc.SCTUS13
User Support Materials (job aid, online help, reference, system documentation, etc.)
The Setup Instructions Poster is included in the product box to give users clear illustrations and simplified instructions to properly set up the Multi Port Hub. Content submitted electronically via upload
ExcellenceHP Pavilion All-in-One Setup InstructionsHP, Inc. SCTUS18User Support MaterialsThis setup instructions poster is intended to let the end user quickly set up and start using their new computer. The target audience is a consumer/retail end user. URL
MeritTCS Style GuideMedidata Solutions, a Dassault Systèmes companyNYMINF02Informational MaterialsPrimary audience: Medidata Technical Writers
Other audience: Medidata employees
Content submitted electronically via upload
MeritTEKNOS JournalTEKNOSWDCBINF13Informational Materials The TEKNOS journal is an annual journal that aims to showcase the amazing scientific research of students at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Although one of our target audiences is the student body at TJ, we also publish for the broader scientific community.Content submitted electronically via upload
OMEN by HP Laptop Setup Instruction Booklet
HP, Inc.SCTUS26User Support Materials The Setup Instructions document provides quick setup instructions and overview feature content for the owner of the mobile OMEN gaming notebook computer. This document is intended primarily for the first-time setup experience to get started. The targeted audience is the retail gaming user who has experience with notebook computers and gaming features. This audience wants selected setup content and an overview of the hardware components available on their gaming computer.URL
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