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On approximately ten Wednesdays between January 2010 and June 2010Manhattan, NYCAnna ChapmanCHAPMAN observed in the physical vicinity of an individual ("Russian Government Official #1") who has, on multiple occasions, been observed entering the Russian Mission to the UN. It is believed that on each occasion, CHAPMAN and Russian Government Official #1 covertly exchanged electronic communications via a private wireless network.
Examples (rows 4-10):
1/20/2010Coffee shop near intersection of 47th Street and 8th Avenue, Manhattan, New York (the "Coffee Shop")Anna ChapmanCHAPMAN was seated near the window of the Coffee Shop and had with her the "Tote Bag". After approx. ten minutes, a minivan passed by the window. Russian Govt Official #1 has been observed driving the minivan subsequent to Jan 20, 2010. Agents detected the presence of a network (the "AD HOC NETWORK") with two associated MAC addresses ("MAC ADDRESS A" and "MAC ADDRESS B"). CHAPMAN (from the Coffee Shop) and Russian Govt Official #1 (from the minivan) used their laptop computers (which bore "MAC ADDRESS A" and "MAC ADDRESS B") to create the AD HOC NETWORK and to use it to communicate with one another.
3/17/2010Book store in vicinity of Greenwich and Warren Streets, Manhattan (the "Book Store")Anna ChapmanCHAPMAN was inside the Book Store; Russian Govt Official #1 was across the street from the Book Store, carrying a briefcase. CHAPMAN pulled a laptop out of the Tote Bag. CHAPMAN stayed in the Book Store for approx. thirty minutes; Russian Govt Official #1 was in the vicinity of the Book Store (but outside) for approx. twenty of those thirty minutes. Ad Hoc network created.
4/7/2010mid-town ManhattanAnna ChapmanIt appeared that Russian Government Official #1 noticed the presence of the surveillance team and returned to his office. Wireless communication with Chapman aborted.
4/21/2010ManhattanAnna ChapmanCHAPMAN observed in the vicinity of Russian Government Official #1. Data transferred wirelessly between them.
5/5/2010ManhattanAnna ChapmanCHAPMAN observed in the vicinity of Russian Government Official #1. Data transferred wirelessly between them.
6/9/2010ManhattanAnna ChapmanCHAPMAN observed in the vicinity of Russian Government Official #1. Data transferred wirelessly between them.
6/16/2010ManhattanAnna ChapmanCHAPMAN observed in the vicinity of Russian Government Official #1. Data transferred wirelessly between them.
6/26/2010Coffee shop in Manhattan, NYCAnna ChapmanFollowing several phone calls, met with an FBI individual purporting to be a Russian consulate employee in NYC at which CHAPMAN received a fraudulent passport to pass on to another illegal. CHAPMAN provided undercover agent with her laptop which was not working properly. [conversation documented]
6/26/2010near intersection of 10th Street N.W. and H Street N.W., Washington, D.C. (The "Washington Street Corner")Mikhail SemenkoFollowing a phone call, met with an FBI individual purporting to be a Russian Govt official at Washington Street Corner, walked to "Washington Park" nearby, sat on bench and spoke for approx. 30 minutes. Discussed SEMENKO's June 5 2010 meeting, SEMENKO's Center training and how he sends communications. FBI agent gave SEMENKO $5,000 cash in an envelope inside a folded newspaper, and asked him to deliver it to Drop Site in an Arlington park.
6/27/2010Drop Site, park in ArlingtonMikhail SemenkoSEMENKO is videoed dropping the money at Drop Site agreed with FBI agent above. The FBI retrieve it.
6/5/2010Washington DC restaurantMikhail SemenkoAt approx. 11:00 a.m., SEMENKO entered the Restaurant carrying a bag. Approx. ten minutes later, a car with a diplomatic license plate for Russia entered the Restaurant parking lot and parked (the "Car"). Car driver has been identified as "Russian Govt Official #2". The Car remained in the parking lot for approx. twenty minutes and then drove away. Within a few minutes, SEMENKO left the Restaurant. Ad hoc wireless network and 2 MAC addresses detected.
29/07/2006the Boston TownhouseDonald Howard Heathfield & Tracey Lee Ann Foleyjudicially-authorized clandestine residential search by FBI
17/02/2006the Seattle ApartmentMichael Zottoli & Patricia Mills
judicially-authorized clandestine residential search by FBI
27/07/2005the Hoboken ApartmentCynthia Murphy & Richard Murphyjudicially-authorized clandestine residential search by FBI
1/14/2000In a South American countryVicky PelaezPELAEZ received a package containing money from a representative of the Russian government
5/16/2004Queens, New YorkChristopher MetsosMETSOS received a package containing money from an official associated with the Manhattan-based Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the UN
6/20/2004Manhattan, New YorkRichard Murphy & Michael ZottoliMURPHY met with ZOTTOLI and gave him (ZOTTOLI) money that he (MURPHY) had received from METSOS
9/23/2004Hoboken, New JerseyCynthia Murphy & Richard MurphyC MURPHY advised R MURPHY as to how he could effectively gather information in the US for provision to Moscow Center
During 2004n/aDonald Howard HeathfieldMet with an employee of the US Government with regard to nuclear weapons research
10/3/2004the Boston TownhouseTracey Lee Ann Foley & Donald Howard HeathfieldFOLEY discussed with HEATHFIELD a method for sending secret messages to Moscow Center
6/8/2006Wurtsboro, New YorkPatricia Mills & Michael ZottoliTravelled to the vicinity of Wurtsboro, New York, where ZOTTOLI dug up a package containing money that had been buried in the ground by METSOS
8/25/2007In a South American countryJuan LazaroReceived a package containing money from a representative of the Russian government.
9/26/2009Brooklyn, New YorkRichard Murphy & Michael ZottoliMURPHY gave ZOTTOLI money that he (MURPHY) had received from an official associated with the Russian Mission.
5/6/2003the Yonkers HouseJuan Lazaro & Vicky PelaezLAZARO told PELAEZ that he was "receiving" "radio" "from over there"
2/20/2002the Yonkers HouseJuan Lazaro & Vicky PelaezAfter PELAEZ had returned from a trip to the South American Country, LAZARO and PELAEZ were recorded engaging in a conversation about money hidden inside PELAEZ's luggage
2/23/2003the Yonkers HouseJuan Lazaro & Vicky PelaezOverheard counting what sounded like a large amount of money. PELAEZ, who had just returned from the South American Country, stated that they had eight bags of "ten," and that she had divided up the remaining two bags so that they would not be so bulky. PELAEZ and LAZARO then discussed whether, after expenses, they had "72,500" remaining or, as they later determined, "76." I believe that, in the South American Country, PELAEZ picked up eight bags, each containing $10,000, which money was compensation for the Yonkers Conspirators' work on behalf of Russia
1/14/2000The Park, South American CountryVicky PelaezPELAEZ met with an individual at a public park in the South American Country ("the Park") and received a bag believed to contain money from Russia for Yonkers Conspirators
1/14/2000Telephone communicationJuan Lazaro & Vicky PelaezFollowing meeting above, PELAEZ told LAZARO that "all went well." Believed that PELAEZ was confirming for LAZARO that, while in the Park, she had successfully received funds from a representative of the Russian government
8/25/2007The Park, South American Country Juan LazaroLAZARO met with Russian Govt Official #1, Russian Govt Official #1 placed shopping bag into a plastic bag held by LAZARO. Believed that Russian Govt Official #1 gave a payment to LAZARO for his work on behalf of Russia. Prior to LAZARO's trip, interceptions of telephonic communications indicated that LAZARO was struggling financially; after LAZARO returned, interceptions of telephonic communications associated with the Yonkers Conspirators indicate that LAZARO paid off nearly $8,000 in taxes within days of his return.
1/8/2003Inside Yonkers HouseVicky Pelaez & Juan LazaroConversation between LAZARO and PELAEZ: LAZARO: When you go [to the South American Country] . I am going to write in 'invisible'. and you're going to pass them all of that in a book.
PELAEZ: Oh, o.k.
LAZARO: I'm going to give you some blank pieces of paper and it will be there about everything I've done.
(Believed to be discussing delivering a message to Russian government officials during PELAEZ's meeting in the South American Country; this message, LAZARO indicated, would be written "in invisible" with invisible ink).
10/3/2006Manhattan, New YorkRichard MurphyAgents searched a bank safe deposit box registered to "Richard J. Murphy" containing birth certificate for "Richard Joseph Murphy" with certificate number that does not exist
1/23/2001Cambridge, MassachusettsTracey Lee Ann Foley & Donald Howard HeathfieldAgents searched a safe deposit box registered to FOLEY and HEATHFIELD containing: photographic negatives that appear to be of FOLEY when she was in her 20s. On all the negatives save one, the name of the company that produced the film has been excised. On one negative, the name of the film company remains visible - "TACMA", a Soviet film company; a realCanadian birth certificate for a "Donald Howard Graham Heathfield" who is now dead
4/17/2002Inside Yonkers HouseVicky Pelaez & Juan LazaroLAZARO, who claims to be from Uruguay with Peruvian citizenship, heard describing childhood to PALAEZ: "...we moved to soon as the war started"
Internet message intercepted from one of Boston ConspiratorsTracey Lee Ann FoleyFOLEY has traveled on a fraudulent British passport prepared for her by the SVR. One of the Boston Conspirators' Internet Messages provided instructions for FOLEY with respect to her upcoming trip to Moscow: "Itinerary to M. [Moscow] for D.j Paris - Wien (by train), Mar 18 in Wien exch[ange] doc's for British pass [port] - [Moscow] (Mar 19, flight OS 601 ). Very important: 1. Sign your passport on page 32. Train yourself to be able to reproduce your signature when it's necessary. 2. PIs, be aware that you just visited Russia (see stamps on page 14 - entry - Mar 16, departure - Mar 17). If asked, we suggest you use the following story: you flew to Moscow on Mar 16 from London for example flight SU 211 to participate in business talks. (your business is international consultancy seminars - pIs, copy sample of your husband) on invitation by Russian Chamber of Commerce. In the passport you'll get a memo with recommendation. PIs, destroy the memo after reading. Be well."
3/31/2002Restaurant, Sunnyside, New York Richard Murphy & Christopher MetsosMet, discussed MURPHY's work, salary MURPHY had received from "our office". Believed METSOS gave MURPHY a bag containing $40,000 - as compensation for MURPHY's work on behalf of Moscow Center.
4/17/2005Restaurant, Sunnyside, New York Richard Murphy & Christopher MetsosMETSOS provided MURPHY with an ATM card, pin number and directions as to how to use the card. Believed the ATM card was to be used to withdraw money from an account funded for MURPHY by Moscow Center, as compensation for MURPHY's work on behalf of the SVR.
5/16/2004Forest Hills train station, Queens, New YorkChristopher MetsosEngaged in a brush-pass with Russian Govt Official #2 on a staircase at the Forest Hills Train Station; as they passed one another, METSOS and Russian Govt Official #2 quickly exchanged orange bags. METSOS then continued ascending and Russian Government Official #2 continued descending the stairs. Believed that Russian Govt Official #2's orange bag contained a large sum of money, and that METSOS caused the money to be given to the New Jersey Conspirators and the Seattle Conspirators
5/16/2004Restaurant, Sunnyside, New York Richard Murphy & Christopher MetsosHours after METSOS's meeting at the Forest Hills Train Station with Russian Govt Official #2, METSOS and MURPHY met at the Sunnyside Restaurant. METSOS provided MURPHY with a package which METSOS suggested contained MURPHY's "cut," and further suggested that the "rest of the money" was in a category separate from MURPHY's "cut." METSOS then told MURPHY: "you will meet this guy, tell him Uncle Paul loves him . . . he will know It is wonderful to be Santa Claus in May."
5/17/2004Wurtsboro, New YorkChristopher MetsosMETSOS travelled by car to the vicinity of Wurtsboro, New York. Believed to have buried some of the money at the Bury Location.
6/18/2004Seattle-Tacoma International Airport / Manhattan Hotel, New YorkMichael Zottoli & Patricia Mills
Boarded an airplane at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, bound for Newark International Airport. Following their arrival at Newark International Airport, ZOTTOLI and MILLS checked into a hotel in Manhattan ("Manhattan Hotel")
6/19/2004Central Park, ManhattanRichard Murphy, Michael Zottoli & Patricia Mills
At approx. 3:00 p.m., ZOTTOLI arrived at an entrance to Manhattan's Central Park. After ZOTTOLI arrived, MILLS sat nearby on a bench for approx. one-and-a-half hours, looking toward the Park Entrance where ZOTTOLI was. Believed that MILLS was engaging in counter-surveillance watching the area where ZOTTOLI was trying to meet MURPHY, in order to determine whether the meeting was being surveilled. While ZOTTOLI was in the vicinity of the Park Entrance, MURPHY was nearby, but ZOTTOLI and MURPHY did not appear to see each other, and ZOTTOLI ultimately returned to the Manhattan Hotel without meeting with MURPHY. In a phone conversation later that day, ZOTTOLI and MURPHY arranged a further meeting in a different location.
6/20/2004Columbus Circle and Central Park, Manhattan, New YorkRichard Murphy & Michael Zottoli

At approx. 4:00 p.m., ZOTTOLI arrived near the subway entrance at Columbus Circle. ZOTTOLI and MURPHY met near the subway entrance and talked. Neither was carrying anything but MURPHY was wearing a backpack. ZOTTOLI and MURPHY then entered Central Park together. Approx. three minutes later, ZOTTOLI and MURPHY separately left Central Park, heading in different directions. ZOTTOLI was carrying a red paper bag with the logo of a museum on it.
6/24/2004Newark International AirportMichael Zottoli & Patricia Mills
ZOTTOLI and MILLS boarded an airplane bound for Seattle, Washington, and then returned to the Seattle Apartment
6/5/2006Seattle-Tacoma International AirportMichael Zottoli & Patricia Mills
ZOTTOLI and MILLS boarded a plane at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport bound for JFK International Airport.
6/8/2006"Bury Location", in direction of Wurtsboro, New YorkMichael Zottoli & Patricia Mills
ZOTTOLI and MILLS traveled in direction of Wurtsboro, New York - to the Bury Location where, two years before, METSOS had gone after receiving money from Russian Govt Official #2 at Forest Hills Train Station. On FBI surveillance video ZOTTOLI can be seen digging at the Bury Location and retrieving a small package - near where the brown beer bottle was partly dug up by law-enforcement agents during the fall of 2004. On the surveillance video, MILLS is visible in the vicinity of the Bury Location.
6/9/2006"Washington Hotel", Washington DCMichael Zottoli & Patricia Mills
Shortly after visiting the Bury Location ZOTTOLI and MILLS traveled to Washington, DC, stayed in "Washington Hotel". Audio and visual surveillance in their room showed ZOTTOLI with what appears to be "money belt" which seems full. When ZOTTOLI and MILLS left the hotel, ZOTTOLI generally wore the belt; when they were in the room, ZOTTOLI generally placed the belt out of view, including underneath a pillow on the bed. Video shows ZOTTOLI apparently dividing the money among several wallets.
6/6/2009North White Plains train station, White Plains, New YorkRichard MurphyBrush-pass between MURPHY and Russian Govt official #3 (who worked at Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the UN) - as Russian Govt Official #3 and MURPHY passed on the stairs, MURPHY held out his backpack and Russian Govt Official #3 placed the Shopping Bag he had been holding into MURPHY's backpack. Believed bag contained flash card and cash.
9/26/2009Brooklyn Street CornerRichard Murphy & Michael ZottoliZOTTOLI approached by MURPHY, wearing a backpack. MURPHY and ZOTTOLI shook hands then appeared to speak. The men walked around together and sat down on a park bench in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn. While sitting on the bench, after approx. 90 minutes, MURPHY gave ZOTTOLI a bag and smaller item. MURPHY and ZOTTOLI then walked away in separate directions. Believed MURPHY handed ZOTTOLI the money ("$150k") and flash memory card that had been given to him (MURPHY) by Russian Govt Official #3 on June 6, 2009.
January 2010Intercepted message from Moscow CenterRichard Murphy[W]e expect A [MURPHY] to arrive to C [Center] in February...A's route (old one): USA-Europe (Rome) on US passport; exchange of docs - in Rome. Rome-Milan by train. In Milan A. takes flight SU-286 (combined Aeroflot-AI Italia flight). We'll provide A w[ith] two-way e-ticket Milan-Moscow-Milan...A's docs'll be in Rome by Jan.23, so A may plan F[lash] M[eeting] with C's repr[esentative] for documents exchange any day after that time. Meeting place in Rome (same) - MP "Stan" (at the show-window of the shop "Libreria", address Via Illiria, 14 under address pointer of the house, subway station San Giovanni) [.J 68.
January 2010Intercepted message from Moscow CenterRichard MurphyCenter explained how MURPHY and the SVR's agent would be able to identify each other in Rome, and described for MURPHY the false Irish transit passport that he would receive in Rome for travel from Rome to Moscow: Password (C's rep[resentative]) - "Excuse me, could we have met in Malta in 1999". A's rep[ly] - "Yes indeed, I was in La Valetta, but in 2000". A's recognition sign: "Time" magazine in A's hands (title to be seen from outside). Sign of danger: "Time" magazine in A's left hand (title to be seen from outside) . Transit passport (old one) - Ireland - Name Doherty Eunan Gerard; nationality Irish; d. of issue 30 Jul. 01, exp. date 30 Jul. 2011; place of issue Dublin; purpose of the visit - business trip. Legend - interpreter or IT specialist (at A's discretion) by invitation of [Russian Executive].
2/9/2010Computer Store, ManhattanRichard MurphyComputer Store employees spoke with investigating agents and identified MURPHY from a photograph as having bought a laptop computer. A database of sales maintained by the Computer Store reflected that an individual who identified himself as "David Hiller" had paid cash for an ASUS EEE PC 1005HA-P laptop computer. This was the make and model of computer that the SVR had directed MURPHY to buy.
2/21/2010Newark Airport, flight to RomeRichard MurphyPassenger on Continental Airlines flight 40 to Rome - consistent with Moscow Center's instruction that MURPHY fly to Rome before receiving a false Irish passport for his continued travel to Moscow Center.
3/3/2010Newark Airport from RomeRichard MurphyArrived on Continental Airlines flight 41 from Rome. Official with US Dept of Homeland Security searched MURPHY's luggage. MURPHY's luggage contained the same make and model of laptop computer that MURPHY had bought using the name "David Hiller" on February 9, 2010.
3/6/2010Arlington Apartment & "Upper East Side Hotel", ManhattanMichael Zottoli & Patricia MillsAt approx. 12:25 p.m., agents saw ZOTTOLI and MILLS leave the Arlington Apartment in a grey BMW sedan registered in ZOTTOLI's name. ZOTTOLI and MILLS drove from the Arlington Apartment to a Manhattan Hotel, which they entered at approx. 6:00 p.m.
3/7/2010Coffee Shop nr corner of Vanderbilt and DeKalb Avenues, nr Fort Greene Park, New YorkRichard Murphy & Michael ZottoliAt approx. 11:00 a.m., agents observed MURPHY and ZOTTOLI meet at a pay phone on corner of Vanderbilt and DeKalb Aves, then walk to nearby coffee shop. ZOTTOLI and MURPHY sat at a table where they stayed for approx. 1 hour and 50 minutes. MURPHY and ZOTTOLI discussed problems the Seattle Conspirators were having with computer equipment they used for communicating with Center. At approx. 12:50 p.m., MURPHY removed plastic shopping bag from his backpack and put the bag into ZOTTOLI's duffel bag; MURPHY and ZOTTOLI then left the Coffee Shop.
In intercepted message, Moscow Center reported MURPHY delivered "laptop, two flash drives, and $9K in cash" to ZOTTOLI.
9/10/2002inside the Yonkers HouseJuan Lazaro & Vicky PelaezRecorded discussing Moscow Center's disappointment with the quality of LAZARO's reporting.
9/23/2004inside the Hoboken ApartmentCynthia Murphy & Richard MurphyC MURPHY advised husband R MURPHY that he should improve his information-collection efforts; he would not be able to work at the top echelons of certain parts of the US Government - e.g State Department. She suggested he should approach people who have access to important venues (e.g. White House) to which he could not reasonably expect to himself gain personal access.