2021-2022 First District PTA Reflections Winners
* Denotes that they also placed at the California State level
Dance Choreography URL & TitleFilmArtist,
Film Production URL & TitleLiterature Artist,
Literature URL & TitleMusicArtist,
Music Composition URL & TitleMusic Composition - Notation URL & TitlePhotography Artist,
Photography URL & TitleVisual ArtsArtist,
Visual Arts URL & Title
1st PlaceSouth Pasadena Council*Phoebe Ho,
South Pasadena HS
That homeCovina-Valley Council***Annie Feng,
South Hills HS
A Work in ProgressLa Cañada CouncilElyse Hwang,
La Cañada HS
PhysicianTemple City Council Tatiana Liang,
Temple City HS
starlightMusic Composition Notation Arcadia Council*Sophia Araki-Chew,
Arcadia HS
KINTSUGI MAMAGlendale CouncilYolanda Barkhordarian,
Anderson W. Clark Magnet HS
Expressing our feelings
2nd PlaceLa Cañada CouncilSophia Luu,
La Cañada HS
Somebody to HoldArcadia CouncilWeber Lin,
Arcadia HS
One Step at a TimeArcadia CouncilLauren Nieto,
Arcadia HS
ChangerLa Cañada CouncilKate Chun,
La Cañada HS
Sunny DaysMusic Composition Notation Alhambra CouncilCamilla Chan,
Mark Keppel HS
HelenSan Marino CouncilKatherine Gutierrez,
San Marino HS
A Needed Awakening
3rd PlaceBurbank CouncilEmily Levin,
Burbank HS
Hope for EarthAlhambra CouncilCamilla Chan,
Mark Keppel HS
Knowledge, School, and ChangeOut of CouncilKendall Suehiro,
Gabrielino HS
Immutable, With YouOut of CouncilYin Tang,
Gabrielino HS
QuestMusic Composition Notation Glendale CouncilDylan O'Meara,
Crescenta Valley HS
Dare to Be ColorfulArcadia CouncilKatie Tsui,
Arcadia HS
A Better Place
Honorable MentionGlendale CouncilLawrence Latiza, Glendale HSMy Solo
1st PlaceSouth Pasadena CouncilAbigail Hillman,
South Pasadena MS
Ripples to BreakersLa Cañada CouncilJane McManus, Paradise Canyon ES
(6th Grade)
I Can Change the World One Seed at a TimeArcadia Council*Juliette Fang,
First Avenue MS
The Death That Will Shake the WorldArcadia CouncilKate Wang,
Dana MS
Keep It UpMusic Composition NotationCovina-Valley CouncilAllison Garcia, Traweek MSThe HorizonSan Marino Council***Angie Li,
Huntington MS
2nd PlaceBurbank CouncilViolette Beltran,
John Muir MS
RescueBurbank CouncilBailey Coyne,
John Muir MS
One Book At A TimeGarvey Council Mona Boyd,
Temple IS
When I Grew UpBonita CouncilJoel Soto,
Ramona MS
WHAT'S THE WORLD COMING TO?Music Composition NotationBurbank CouncilChristabelle El Khoury,
John Muir MS
Plant for the PlanetLa Cañada CouncilAudrey Kim,
La Cañada HS (7th / 8th)
The candle
3rd PlaceArcadia CouncilHazel Jung,
Foothills MS
Dear Old FriendCovina-Valley CouncilMark Jolicoeur,
Traweek MS
I Will Change the World By...Bassett Council of sDylan Tapia,
Don Julian
ES (6th Gr)
NarrativeTemple City CouncilEllie Lam,
ES (6th Gr)
A Cleaner WorldMusic Composition NotationGlendale CouncilDorian Vogt,
Roosevelt MS
DesertedSouth Pasadena CouncilKatelyn Kim,
South Pasadena MS
Words, small but strongest
Honorable MentionGlendale CouncilSienna Rho,
Eleanor J. Toll MS
DreamGlendale CouncilSeraphima Vulchev,
Monte Vista ES
Changing the World in a Small WayMusic Composition NotationGlendora CouncilAvrie Stump,
Goddard MS
All for One
Honorable MentionSouth Pasadena CouncilNoel English,
South Pasadena MS
Make a ChangeMusic Composition NotationLa Cañada CouncilZoe Watts,
La Cañada HS (7th / 8th)
Panting Hope
Honorable MentionLa Cañada CouncilNatalia Eastman,
Palm Crest ES
SacrificeMusic Composition Notation
1st PlaceAlhambra Council*Madeleine Angelo,
Monterey Highlands ES
Treat The World With LoveGlendora CouncilLogan Burnett,
Sellers ES
Better EarthAlhambra CouncilDesiree Chong,
Monterey Highlands ES
I Will Change the WorldOut of Council*Alexander Lee, Washington ESHopeN/ASouth Pasadena Council*Kadence Chian,
Marengo ES
CHANGELa Cañada Council**Brandon Lee,
La Cañada ES
The Hand that Transforms
2nd PlaceArcadia CouncilAva Vagenas,
Hugo Reid ES
Representing All The WomenLa Cañada CouncilCaroline Chen, Palm Crest ESHow I Can Change the WorldBurbank CouncilSofia Dounn,
George Washington ES
Bonnie and the Time TravelerArcadia CouncilRuby Farrington, Camino Grove ESHelping HandMusic Composition NotationLa Cañada CouncilKatherine Lee,
La Cañada ES
Nature in the BricksGlendale CouncilDaisy Kim,
Mountain Avenue ES
A little seed that makes a difference
3rd PlaceGlendora CouncilKalea Scoffinger,
Sellers ES
Kindness can change the worldSouth Pasadena CouncilEmilio Jones,
Marengo ES
I Will Change the WorldTemple City CouncilPrarthana Girish,
Longden ES
I will change the worldBurbank CouncilHarlowe Schulz,
Bret Harte ES
I Will Change the World ByN/ABonita CouncilLexi Deegan, Oak Mesa ESWHAT A CHILD CAN DOPasadena CouncilDaria Kononenko,
Alexander Hamilton ES
Yelena Smirnova
Intermediate (Cont'd)Honorable MentionLa Cañada CouncilCora Ryan, Palm Crest ChallengesGlendale CouncilJuly Werner,
Franklin ES
Hello on my bike
Honorable MentionSouth Pasadena CouncilLaila Jennings,
Marengo ES
House of GoldBurbank Council Griffin Biermann,
Ralph Waldo Emerson ES
Recycle-A-Nator 2800
1st PlaceCharter Oak Council*Ariel Yanez,
Washington ES
What A Wonderful WorldLa Cañada CouncilRohit Sampath,
Paradise Canyon
I Can Be a Hero to The EarthMonrovia Council*Justice Kermani,
Wild Rose ES
If I Could Change the WorldLa Cañada Council*Alise Mendoza,
Palm Crest ES
People love to change the worldMusic Composition NotationArcadia CouncilJolie Yu,
Baldwin Stocker ES
Donating and Recycling your clothes can save the worldGlendale CouncilSophia Doh,
Monte Vista ES
Sharing Peaceful Moonlight
2nd PlaceBurbank Council Lila Showell,
Joaquin Miller ES
Lila ImaginesBurbank CouncilAmara Chidgey,
RL Stevenson ES
Kindness and TogethernessLa Cañada CouncilClara Cobb,
Paradise Canyon ES
How I'll Change the WorldBurbank CouncilMayu Valencia,
Providencia ES
I Want to change the worldMusic Composition NotationSouth Pasadena CouncilLeo Tuason,
Monterey Hills ES
Things Happening SlowGlendora CouncilIsaac Fang,
Sellers ES
I am an architect
3rd PlacePasadena CouncilGrace Odlum,
Altadena ES
Brave is BeautifulSouth Pasadena CouncilLeo Tuason,
Monterey Hills ES
Saving OctopusesArcadia CouncilCalista Lee,
Baldwin Stocker ES
I Will Bring SmilesGlendale CouncilKaren Jeong,
Monte Vista ES
Let's Make a Happy World!Music Composition NotationCovina-Valley CouncilDerek Hamachi,
Mesa ES
Hug a TreeSan Marino CouncilLeanna Huang,
K.L. Carver ES
I Will Change the World By Education.
Honorable MentionGlendale CouncilKadence McClenahan,
Valley View ES
Super SqueekersBurbank CouncilManya Balaji,
George Washington ES
I Will Change The World ByCharter Oak CouncilKhaleesi Madrigal, Badillo ESThe recycle
Honorable MentionAlhambra CouncilAllana Ramos,
Monterey Highlands ES
Special Artist
(All Grades)
1st PlaceLa Cañada CouncilMichael Tang, Paradise Canyon ESRaindanceCovina-Valley Council*Jayro Flores,
Grovecenter ES
JJ's One Cent StoreCovina-Valley Council*Jayro Flores,
Grovecenter ES
JJ One Cent StoreSouth Pasadena CouncilIsaac Madrigal,
South Pasadena Middle
Hunter's MoonBonita CouncilBrandon Hong,
Ramona MS
2nd PlaceMonrovia CouncilKatherine Regencia,
Monrovia HS
Got it GoodMonrovia CouncilHailee Chiu,
Monrovia HS
The TrashGlendaleAren Zakarian,
Valley View ES
I Will Change The World BySan Marino CouncilEvelyn Wen,
San Marino HS
Life and NatureGlendale CouncilJeremy Rhee,
Rosemont MS
I Will Share My Times
3rd PlaceGlendale CouncilSerena Gharakhanian,
RD White ES
Serena's Armenian workGlendale CouncilSabrina Mombrun, College View SchoolI Can Change the World by Sharing my SingingMonroviaAnthony Jimenez,
Monrovia HS
I Will Change the WorldAlhambra CouncilNicholas Lee,
Emery Park
Super Nicholas
*** = Outstanding Interpretation (OI) at the California State levelInvited to attend the California State Convention to receive individual recognition during a General Session. Entry will be displayed in the Reflections Art Gallery & video.
Will continue to the National Reflections level for reviewing.
** = Award of Excellence (AE) at the California State levelInvited to attend the California State Convention. Their artwork will be displayed in the Reflections Art Gallery and in a video presentation at one of the General Sessions.
Will continue to the National Reflections level for reviewing.
* = Award of Merit (AM) at the California State levelWill be displayed at the California State Convention.