Packs 50-59
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AuthorDiff.Length+1s-1sNetCommentsPossible WRDownload link (click here for [almost] full pack)DifficultiesLengthsRatings
(Mostly) Tube RacingJeffInt.MediumBWTMRosie, Xedron, NF-2there's POTENTIAL -BWTMVery annoying to get a good time, level itself is pretty mediocre. - xeef
Air TimeaviShortThreefolder, Xedron2Quick, fun, grindable LE level -3F5.455 (BlastedMarble) [.mp4]Adv.34Long30120
AislesHiGuyExp.ShorthPerksRosie, NF, Xedron, Threefolder, Weather, Frostfire, Shrekcraft-6Crazy hard, like you guys are gonna be begging for MPMC back, but creative - hp
no pls - Weather
Firstly there's no checkpoints, so lots of fustration. Secondly these time travels are so hard to get that they're pretty much a distraction. Thirdly these moving walls make it hard to aim your jumps. Creative idea but not well executed.This map literally was literally made to literally test a plugin for literally moving platforms. The level literally worked almost literally as well as the plugin. Literally.13.910 (hp) [rec]
Ascentor MentorGersonInt.MediumBWTM, Rosie, Xedron, Frostfire4Like those other red levels but good -BWTMSimple and easy level made in the level editor and one of my favorites from GLC. It could work... - Rosie
Banana SplitNathanAdv.ShorthPerks, NF, Threefolder, Xedron, technostickFrostfire4Small and linear, but sometimes we need those in the leaderboards okay - ?Heh all right, perfectly harmless and a couple creative parts, found a sick path - hp | I agree. -tshPerks might just want it on because of his time, but I legit think this is a cool level :^) - xeef6.226 (hp) [rec]
Battle Towers!BeackInt.ShortBWTMRosie0you want more short levels here you go i had fun going fast -BWTMAnnoying to speedrun. - Rosie
Beginner TwistRosieBeg.ShorthPerks, NF, Frostfire, technostick, XedronThreefolder4Pretty easy level with a couple little path twists, it does have tightropes but you can skip em - hpA real "playerly" level for all. -tsReally fun WR path and innocent level - Xedron3.557 (Xedron) [rec]
Between the LasersRalphInt.MediumhPerks, ThreefolderRosie, NF, technostick-1Beautiful as always from Ralph, with a nice original idea done well - hpEh..kinda mixed on this one. Concept is cool but not executed to its full potential imo. - xeef | I agree. The lasers idea has been done more interestingly. -ts16.382 (RV) [YT]
Bite Size: CheckpointThreefolderBeg.ShorthPerks, Rosie, Xedron, Threefolder, NF, Frostfire6There's a shortage of really good puzzle levels on the LBs and this one fits the bill nicely - hpPerfect small level for this pack. - xeef28.129 (hp)
BlastedMarble's Skill Course 3BlastedMarbleAdv.MediumhPerksRosie, Threefolder, Xedron, NF-3Symmetrical pathfinding style level, purple bouncy floor is a little annoying but overall good - hpInteresting level format, confused me a bit the first time around but got used to it after a while. - xeef28.884 (Lee) [YT]
BlastingtropiaNF, Xedron1
BranchesRosieBeg.MediumShrekcraftXedron0Nice easy level. Though I would rate the difficulty medium since beginners wouldn't know how to stable themselves on the fan lifts. Also it could use more decoration. -Shrekcraftmaybe it's okay if you actually like pathfinding levels but all i can see is a level made in a day just to get on the LBs, +0 - 3FI hate levels like this that are completely cycle-based, and the path is too obvious to be considered a pathfinding level - Xedron38.231 (Xedron) [rec]
Building the FoundationWeatherAdv.LonghPerks, Weather, Frostfire, technostick, NFRosie, Threefolder, Xedron2Beautiful and interesting idea, a "prequel" to Platform Smash showing the level being "built" (also ofc foundation repair memes) - hpHonestly I'd rather have a level that is fun and replayable than this level that is super annoying but looks good - Xedronyes quite annoying but if PS is getting in... :P -Weather | This and PS are really inventive and interesting at every turn. For playing they feel awkward and "unidiomatic", and to me they are great to play through, explore, and contemplate, but not to run fast. I went quite a bit back and forth but decided in the end to give both +1, because I admire so much what you were aiming at. -ts!KZwFDSyb!qGTo-VlCc9DamnZIyjT2Rtij0NDphsbRsf_k501yi9k
Camp 2Moshe DamkaniAdv.LongWeather, Sefaro, Rosie, NFXedron3Relatively forgiving, and has some challenges I haven't seen. - WeatherNot nearly as good as the first one and also very confusing for new players ironically - Xedron
CGL 10: Building It UpThreefolder et al.Exp.LongThreefolder, LeeZX, Frostfire, WeatherBWTM, Rosie, technostick, NF0Incredible massive effort by 21 people with a construction theme, might be too long but screw it we have Arrival to Marbleland don't we - hpyeah but arrival to marbleland sucks you pleb i don't wanna marathon -BWTM
yeah well fuck u you furry -3f
Laggy as all hell. - Rosie
git gud scrub -3F
Only complaint is an MP that doesn't reset on checkpoint respawns . . . And RDs lost a bunch of objects in my part when exporting the interior and didn't add them back in. -Weather
For me, too long to be replayable. Very pleasant indeed to play through once, but I suppose that's not what LBs are for. -ts
If this were shorter then absolutely put it on the LBs, but imo it is too big and inconsistent to be fun to play - Xedron
CGL: How would you continue it?RDs et al.Adv.Long0Another CGL, hurry up RDs and release it - hpRDS WHERe -Weather"almost forgot, yeah, it's almost complete" -RDs 2017
Citadel CastleTechnostar LonghPerks, Xedron, Rosie, UltraRobot, Threefolder, Frostfire, LeeZX, NF8Looks amazing, plays great, potential for crazy paths, sadistic helptexts are a bit 2008 but w/e - hpOne of the best designed levels I have seen in a long time - xeef
Compact Climb V1RokoshuInt.ShortBWTM, Rosie, Threefolder, NFXedron3Could have some interesting stuff with a TT near the end - BWTMDoesn't look very good and also the WR path really sucks - Xedronsomeone had a boss time on this iirc, alexis or niha or someone
Conflicting ClimatesFrostfireInt.MediumFrostfireHiGuy0Lots of shiny pies with good opportunities for
pathfinding - frost
That sand pie... just why. Takes forever to get up and half the time your jump doesn't work -HiGuy
ContraptionsKurtAdv.MediumhPerks, Xedron, NF, Rosie, Threefolder, noby6Fun, medium sized level with pathnodes and rotating objects used in creative ways, good pathfinding potential as well - hpI still can't get past the green fan section. - NF
Yeah, the green fan and getting to the finish are annoying. -Weather
18.181 (hp) [YT]
Dizzy DancingXelnaInt.ShortBWTM, Threefolder, NF, EguyRosie, Xedron2Xelna's only fun level. - BWTM11.48 (Xelna) [YT]< hi there peky
Edge of FrostFrostfireInt.MediumFrostfire1One jump ruins it... but its a good level
otherwise - frost
Editor's BlockBWTM et al.Adv.LongBWTM, hPerks, Rosie, Threefolder, Weather, NF, Xedron7Creative idea done well, some pathfinding potential - hpOne of my favorite large-group level projects, good length and very fun to play. - Xedron1:04.363 (hp) - can go sub min w/ no tweaks
ExamG3orgeBeg.ShortBWTM, hPerks, Xedron, Rosie, LeeZX, EguyWeather5From the mini mod, it's got that sick multiple pathway thing - BWTMNice level, my favorite from the mini-mod. Would make a great level for pathfinding. - Xedron
Flip Out!ThreefolderInt.MediumhPerks, Xedron, RosieThreefolder, Eguy, NF0Decent sized level where gravity flips every 5 seconds, sick path for sub 20, we'll need to fix jeefbugs - hpExtremely fun for pathfinding and just to mess around with. - xeefDefinite +1 from me if all works as it should. -ts18.256 (hp) [YT]
Flippin' AroundEndyInt.MediumhPerks, Rosie, Threefolder, noby, NFXedron4Fun well-made loopy grassy level with many paths and tricks, you need to take it a bit slow sometimes but you get used to it - hpI'm just not a fan of these kinds of levels in general - Xedron28.265 (Lee) [YT]
FrameworkOakyInt.MediumWeather, Rosie, Threefolder, Eguy, Xedron5Some nice MP challenges. -Weather.+1 if this level is what i think it is -3F
Frictional ArchesLeeBeg.ShorthPerks, Rosie, Frostfire, WeatherThreefolder, NF2Perfect sized level with balanced challenges - hpAnnoying icy tornado ending. There's a cute fence there, but still... -WeatherToo basic and not very interesting, although nothing is frustrating about it - Xedron16.939 (hp) [YT]
Gem Helix 3MatanInt.ShorthPerks, technostickThreefolder, Xedron, NF-1Creative use of Gravity Helix interior with gyrocopters, pretty simple level - hp | I agree. Also, old-timer represent! -tsif a level makes me go "oh i don't want to play this" then it shouldn't be included -3F
...You may as well just change the entire Net column to whatever the hell you want then. -Weather
Never played it, never will. - Rosie
Gem on the Tallest TowerShrekcraftThreefolder, Xedron, NF-3We do NOT need another level that's designed (if even designed) to be near-impossible to beat. - 3Fseriously who the hell added this level here i can't get past the second jump without cheatsThis shit it is literally impossible - Xedron
Gem On The Tallest Tower V4ShrekcraftAdv.LongXedron-1Sub 2:30 is possibleWIP
Gem StealerRobertInt.ShorthPerks, noby, technostick, NFRosie, Threefolder, Xedron1Creative concept done pretty well - hpAfter playing this for the compilation I still believe that this level is not good, sorry guys - XedronThis was clearly a level made to test path nodes. Why are we even considering it. -3f | I see where you are coming from, but I have to say that the visual effect is splendidly hilarious, and really gets you into the feel of the theme, of a chase. We forget too often that MarbleBlast is not only a striving for genius and the sublime, but can and should put a smile on our face. -ts7.729 (hp) [YT]
Green AdventureLeeInt.MediumhPerks, Threefolder, NFtechnostick2Sure, it's harmless and shorter than TLRR - hpMost of the level is not particularly interesting to advanced marblers. I would guess that the last wall-hit section is not accesible to the non-advanced. -ts
Green AscentionBlastedMarbleBeg.ShorthPerks, ShrekcraftRosie, Threefolder, Xedron, Frostfire, technostick, NF-4Fun sized level with multiple paths (including the funky one from the BM movie which may or may not be the fastest) - hpFun easy level, except the mis file was broken. fix this: interiorResource = $usermods @ "/data/interiors/GreenAscention.dif";Well made enough, but nothing interesting. Perhaps the magnet is a little bit memorable. -ts11.087 (hp) [YT]>237
Half-Pipe LaunchBPXAdv.MediumhPerks, Xedron, NF, Rosie, Threefolder, nobyWeather5I kinda like this one, nifty idea done well and looks nice - edges are too bpxedgy - hpWas a lot better than I expected, challenges are fun and is a good difficulty for 50-59. - xeef
Happening?XelnaInt.LongNFEguy, Xedron-1Getting high on the half pipe with the gyrocopter is fun, and the ending is also satisfying. The start help text is amazing. Tubes are a bit overused though, and it's an old LE level. - NFVoting against this for the last two reasons that NF mentioned. Not much replayability for me. -Eguy
High BeamtechnostickExp.ShorthPerks, Xedron2Another Technique Puzzle, great use of super bounce - hpWould probably be really fun to optimize - Xedrondushine has a vid iirc
Highway to MarblelandXelnaAdv.LonghPerks, Xedron, Rosie, UltraRobot, LeeZX, Eguy, technostick, MBOUltimate, FrostfireBWTM, NF, Threefolder, Weather, Shrekcraft4Nice unique level that's not too frustrating, newbies/kiddies will like it - hp | Classic themed level, nice relaxing playthrough, speedrunable. -ts It's GROSS and LINEAR ew -BWTMNo checkpoints, hazards and pits hidden in plain sight, inappropriate placement of super speeds and lazy aesthetics. -Shrekcraft
Ian and PF's BaseIan and PFAdv.LongBWTM, Xedron, UltraRobot, noby, Weather, EguyhPerks, NF, Rosie, Threefolder, technostick1this is a legendary level on par with kurt levels - BWTM | I suppose it has its place in MB history, and it is quite entertaining in parts. If you want my opinion, I am not wont to willingly play it again. -tsMasterful level editing skills, definitely good level for the packs. - xeefclassic LE level - noby
Got a bit confusing in spots and isn't nice to six-legged luke things, but good overall. -Weather
This si SOOOO nostalgic. I will be pissed if this doesnt make the cut.1:36.937 (Xedron) [rec]
Icy Tightrope Fold MazeFrostfireAdv.MediumRosieHiGuy, NF-1lol, tbh best level everno
Still Better Than "What way?" As Long As You Don't Cheat! - Weather
It Takes Two...hPerksExp.ShortRosie, Frostfire, NFXedron, Threefolder1Rosie: How about I just go and copy It Takes Two.
hPerks: i think if ur just gonna copy it then i should probably just release it and put that in
It's just so confusing, I had to look up hPerks' video of the level to understand what to do. Don't think thats good for new people trying the level on the LBs. - xeef12.321 (hp)
Jeff's Skill CourseJeffAdv.LongRosie, Eguy, Xedron3Sweet LE level and fun to speedrun. Jeff needs a level on the LBs. :P - RosieABSOLUTELY YES -EguySome parts are a little weird . . . And I couldn't find the last gem. - Weather31.063 (Lee) [YT]
Jessica's Blue Lava HasteRalphInt.MediumhPerks, Rosie, Threefolder, NF, LeeZX5Inspired by PQ's Momentum, done just as well if not better IMO, sick pathfinding - hp1.250 (Lee) [YT]
Jewel JubileePerishingflamesAdv.LongRosieEguy, Frostfire-1There's always an opportunity to find a new path despite the fact that TM catches can only go so low to the point where a new path isn't needed. Still a fun, well designed level. - RosieVery classic level but the competition is exhausted. -Eguy4.60 (IsraeliRD) [YT]
Jump Boost BlastThreefolderExp.MediumhPerks, Threefolder, Xedron3Neat speedy level, takes a little getting used to but fun to grind, make the OOB trigger lower at the bottom - hpThe OOB trigger is purposely this high because 1) to prevent abuse of the colored angle scenery blocks 2) if you go OOB, there's an almost certain chance that you wouldn't be able to recover anyway -3FJust tried this today, very fun experience. - xeef11.432 (Rosie) [YT]
JungleMoshe DamkaniAdv.LongEguy, NF2I'd say absolutely for this one. I hope and pray that this is the right level name. -EguyNothing particularly unique, mostly jumping. - WeatherIf this is what I'm thinking of...then still +0 - Xedron
Lil' YellerEndyInt.ShorthPerks, Rosie, noby, technostickWeather, Threefolder, NF1Great simple pathfinding level, I like it cause I found a sweet path for it - hpFun to play, and surprisingly well designed (clever structure) given how unspectacular it looks. I have a soft spot for such levels. -ts6.629 (hp) [YT]
Marbilo CircuitPabloInt.MediumRosie, NF, Eguy3
Master the Speed BoosterBlastedMarbleExp.LonghPerks, Regi, technostick, NFRosie, Xedron, Threefolder1Sequel to Master the Jump Boost, kinda tricky and frustrating but creative and with tons of possible paths - hp | I agree. If only getting out of the glass shaft weren't so needlessly fickle! -ts59.976 (hp) [YT]
Master the Super Jump 3technostickLongHiGuyhPerks, Threefolder, NF-2Technostick is a fucking god with the level editor scripts that place platforms for him - Rosie
Gotta agree with Rosie but most of it made no sense. -Weather
Lags like hell for me, worse than 3FRT - hp
I need video proof that this level is even possible - 3F
Was very confusing (at least for me) when I played it for the first time. - xeefHopefully less laggy version: As said to hp, I replaced boobs with cubes. The level is quite possible. The difficulty is not really in the execution. -ts~32 (ts)
MasteryXedronExp.LonghPerks, Rosie, Xedron, LeeZX, Frostfire, NFHiGuy5Very Marble Mosaic-like. Good amount of difficulty and fairly long. - RosieI like it, none of the challenges are confusing or frustrating, fun to camp and shortcuts aplenty - hp | I agree. Excellent "expert-style" level. -tsFix the first part by adding a help trigger and it's a +1 - 3f38.344 (Lee) [YT] - can go sub 30 with frosty level pathfinding
Meet Me InsidehPerksInt.Longnoby, Xedron, Eguy3Some of it is meant for co-op though (king of the hill / sumo areas) - hpremove the gay helptexts - noby || done - hp22.977 (hp) [rec]
Mega CourseHiGuyAdv.MediumhPerks, NFRosie, HiGuy, Xedron, Threefolder, Frostfire-3Don't think we have any levels involving mega marbles (besides Marble Melee Primer) - hpthis map is not that good - HiGuy30.412 (Kalle) [YT]
MetropolisKurtAdv.MediumhPerks, Xedron, NF, Rosie, Threefolder, noby, LeeZX, Frostfire, Eguy9Random box needs to be replaced with a powerup (preferrably helicopter) but a great experience for pathfinding - Xedron21.07 (Xedron)
MinicubeFrostfireInt.MediumFrostfire1My best level, amazing pathfinding, would love
to see this one added - a step above the rest
- frost
Same as Skymaze -HiGuy
MMG Hole 17PhilInt.ShortBWTM, Xedron, Threefolder, NFRosie3Like the only good MMG level lol - BWTM
Nature AscentionLeeBeg.MediumNF1Absolutely beautiful and good for beginners. - NF
Nerves of SteelAndrewExp.LonghPerks, Xedron, Rosie, Threefolder, LeeZX, Frostfire, Weather, NF8One of my favorite levels - XedronFun level with cool challenges. Beat it first try. :P -WeatherPersonally I think Andrew is at his best when he does not try too hard to make things challenging. This level to me does not have the easy pleasant flow that I admire in Andrew's levels. Nevertheless, it is more than worth playing. -tsBeg.9Short28<016
Night ShiftWeatherAdv.MediumRosie-1Winner of the random word generator level competition - hpI didn't really know what I was doing. - Rosie!SVIVERBR!9Mrpy2Ww0hmgiQ_1yxFUERa7IS_eFOR4aT9gyeDKCDo
No JumpingFrostfireAdv.MediumtechnostickFrostfire0Wonderful creative level combining slope "abuse" and powerup "abuse". -tstechno play my newer packs - frost
No Turning BackInt.LongEguyNF0
Opposing AttractionstechnostickExp.ShortNF1
Ordeal IIFrostfireAdv.MediumFrostfire1Open to speedrunning but pretty plain, MBG
- frost
Otto's Climb OttoAdv.MediumEguyNF0This deserves a spot.It's confusing, I don't know what to do after the mud part unless I'm just really tired. - NF
PathfinderMarblefireAdv.LongBWTM, NF, Rosie, Frostfire, EguyXedron4it's got that sick multiple pathway thing - BWTMLooks good but honestly frustrating to play so it ruins the fun of pathfinding - Xedron1:06.57 (Alexis) [YT]
Pathly BrownLeeBeg.ShorthPerks, Xedron, NF, technostickThreefolder, Frostfire2I really like this level as like a simple semi-linear but also pathfinding level, super speeds and ramps plus wall bouncing is fun - hpreally annoying - frostFun level. Visuals are disappointing given what we know he's capable of now, but I see myself coming back to this one. -ts12.864 (hp) [YT]
Perplexing PlungehPerksInt.ShortNF-1
Pizza PartyFrostfireBeg.ShortFrostfire1short and salty :^) - frost
PlanksNihahhatAdv.ShortRosie, FrostfirehPerks, Threefolder, NF-1Another linear one but I don't care it could be interesting for strats - ?A bit simple but we need some simple levels in this pack also. - xeefWait all of a sudden we like tightropes? It's just tightropes. Also I got UT first try thug life - hp <--- yeah wtf - 3F11.391 (hp) [rec]
Platform SmashWeatherAdv.LonghPerks, Xedron, Frostfire, Weather, technostick, NFRosie5If we have Building the Foundation we'll need this one as well - hp | see my comment at BtF -tsWeather is probably one of my new favorite creators. - xeefAn attempt at making an MBP-style level. It's got the difficulty. :P -Weather30.903 (hp)!KZwFDSyb!qGTo-VlCc9DamnZIyjT2Rtij0NDphsbRsf_k501yi9k
Precision BouncetechnostickAdv.ShorthPerks, NF2From the Technique Puzzles, good short and sweet puzzle, perfect for LBs which again needs those - hp5.some shit
ProgressionBlastedMarbleInt.MediumhPerks, Rosie, Frostfire, NFThreefolder, Xedron2Pretty construction themed level with creative challenges and wall hits - hp30.394 (Lee) [YT]
RaftingWeatherInt.MediumWeather, NFRosie1Very well designed level, but I was clueless on what to do and too many custom codes that would probably break a whole lot of stuff. - Rosie
no u
This level is AMAZINGLY put together, unique enough for the leaderboards and a good puzzle challenge. - NF!2IgUGZrT!iAqPq9X4wV9_s7-aj4bpgYUU-1YAwAOmZ57KdRUUgNA
Ramp PlaygroundRosieInt.MediumhPerks, Xedron2Simple pathfinding level from Rosie's Mini Mod - ?Fun to play, nice open spaces and cool paths -hpOne of the best levels in Rosie's mini mod - xeef26.500 (BlastedMarble) [.mp4] from the original version
Red RampageRokoshuAdv.MediumBWTM, Rosie, NF, LeeZX, Eguy, technostickhPerks, Threefolder, Xedron3There could be potential for strats - ? | I think this is an excellent introduction to advanced marbling. Many of the tricks seem obvious to us, but we can still enjoy the nice flow of the level. -tsWTF is the section at the top - hp <---- 3FI'm not surprised 3f downvoted this level because of the top section.It's literally like he gave up halfway through the level - Xedron
Red RootsTechnostarExp.MediumRosie, Xedron, Frostfire, technostickhPerks, Threefolder, NF1Fun level with a Verticality-like interior style - RosieSome challenges are weird - hp | Indeed. I like the weird. This level also makes me puqe for some reason :p -ts
Red RushOakyInt.MediumBWTM, hPerks, Threefolder, NF, Eguy5yes -BWTMFun level, designed for Big Marble 3 iirc, doesn't work as well with regular size - hp1.37 (Matan) [YT]
Red SkillRosieInt.ShorthPerks, Xedron, technostickThreefolder, NF1Nice difficulty, creative challenges, cute shortcuts - sun colour is weird but that can be changed - hpI'll change it if I'm not too lazy. - RosieExcellent level that hides a lot under the surface. Keeps me coming back for more. -ts10.522 (hp) [YT]
Riddle of Right AnglestechnostickExp.ShortNF1Not sure how to get to the finish other than a perfect edge hit which I haven't yet managed. - NF
Sarah's River ChallengesRalphAdv.MediumEguy1One of Ralph's best levels IMO. Haven't seen it until his latest upload. It's got that classic Ralph feel and is even better than Emmeline's Mini Golf IMO.
Secret SkillsNF1
Shifting HallwaysThreefolderExp.LonghPerks, Xedron, Threefolder, Eguy, NFFrostfire, technostick3Funky MP challenges - hp
Some nice ideas but ended up being really
annoying imo - frost
LOL my best time is 6:03.25, nice level for the most part. - xeefInteresting level, but some parts are a bit annoying and speedrunning is HARD. +0 - Rosie | Pity that it is, taken as a whole, so annoying to play through – for some parts are really an exemplary execution of an idea difficult to make truly fun. -ts43.999 (hp) [YT]
Shock FlowtechnostickAdv.MediumhPerks, Rosie, Xedron, Threefolder, Eguy, WeatherNF5Trippy level with shock absorber challenges and crazy MPs, really well-made like goddam - hpThis is a fucking brilliant level just like all of Technostick's other levels. - xeefTHIS. -WeatherBeautifully made but difficult and requires lots of precision. - NF32.916 (RV) [YT]
Signs and SupportstechnostickExp.ShortNF-1I haven't finished it yet. - NF
Simplicity: MBPBrixarShortBWTM, Xedron2I remember this one being ok -BWTM edit: it wasShort and sweet. Nothing too unique about this level but it could work. - xeef
Skillful MarbleShadowMarbleAdv.MediumEguy, NF2I'm sorry for putting this at the start but this is beyond deserving of a spot. ~EguyI wouldn't go quite that far but it is a good level. - NF
Sky CityLee & RosieLongXedron, Rosie, UltraRobot, NF4Amazing constructor effort from Lee, looks really nice, I haven't played it yet but people like it -
SkymazeFrostfireAdv.LongFrostfire1Super unique, some would find it tedious, but
definitely fun to pathfind and run. Some crazy
shortcuts can be found with edgehits - frost
I'd vote for this if I could see what i was doing... wtf are these textures -HiGuy
Space AdventureAndrewAdv.LongRosie, Xedron, technostickThreefolder, Frostfire, NF0One of my favorite classic level editor levels. - RosieLike it or not, it's a part of MB history. The shortcut makes it fun enough for competition. -ts37.728 (Xedron) [YT]Int.31Medium37011
Speed TowerThreefolderInt.LonghPerks, Xedron, Rosie, Threefolder, technostick, NF6Longish level that is well made and has some creative parts, I haven't found any big shortcuts but they're out there probably - hpProbably one of 3f's more simple levels but extremely fun to play nonetheless. - xeef | Excellent in every way. Just the right amount and distribution of creativity. -ts
40.954 (Xedron) [rec]
Speed Twist 2PokkoAdv.MediumRosie, Xedron, Threefolder, NF4Seriously impressive from a design standpoint, gameplay is pretty solid as well. - xeef
Speedrunning 101hPerksAdv.LongXedron, NF, Rosie, Regi, Threefolder, LeeZX6Maybe my favourite of my custom levels - hp<<< hPerks' best level without a DOUBT. - xeef42.634 (hp) [YT]
SpeedsterKurtInt.MediumhPerks, noby, NF, Xedron, Rosie, Regi, Threefolder, Shrekcraft, LeeZX, Eguy10Speedy level that is really fun - hp
meh -Weather
+1 this level is awesome - nobyWarning: once you play this level you will NOT be able to stop playing it. Extremely addicting. - xeef34.965 (hp) [YT]
Spin ClasshPerksExp.LongThreefolder, Xedron, Rosie, Frostfire, technostick, NF6Best custom level I've seen in a while - 3f || fuck you i'm putting +2 -3fcool level but QUITE linear - frost | I agree. "Use your head" is just brilliant. -ts1:04.821 (hp) [YT]
StrideBrixarMediumBWTM, Rosie, technostick3like choco valley if i actually liked that level -BWTMBrixar's style never completely clicked with me, but this and Turning Point are wonderful levels. -ts
Super SkyscraperhPerksInt.Mediumtechnostick, NF2Interesting powerup puzzle. -ts
Terminal Velocity 2WeatherExp.LongRosie, Xedron, Threefolder, Weather, Frostfire, NFhPerks5Literally the coolest level in Marble Blast I have seen in the last few years or so. I think the ultimate time is a bit low (Under a minute is pretty difficult. I'd move it to 1:15 or 1:20.), but otherwise it's a sweet level. - RosieGod it looks so cool but I found some parts way too hard and frustrating. Needs more testing - hp
no u
Extremely cool level. Must-have for 50-59. - xeef
same tbh -Weather
58.182 (Rosie) [YT]!KZwFDSyb!qGTo-VlCc9DamnZIyjT2Rtij0NDphsbRsf_k501yi9k
Test of Skills: Balance and ControlCyberfox & FlaredAdv.LongBWTMRosie0It could work -BWTMIt's a test of balance. That means tightropes. - Rosie