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11/07/2018 11:15:34The Battle of Saubos - Imperial Knights v. Dark Eldar - November 4th, 2017 - Dan R. v. Steve Y.After receiving reports of Dark Eldar raids on the populace of Saubos, The Sun King rerouted his crusade forces to the planet to end the perpetual night and terror.

The Imperial Knights fought in typical fashion for the crusade, gallantly striding forth to make contact with the xenos scum. Eldar trickery delayed initial contact with the enemy, denying Lady Cambria the Extolled the blood of her foes. The Sun King, gallantly leading from the front, marched into range heedless of the dangers around him and unleashed the blessed cleaning flames of promethium into the hulking monstrosities utilized by the Dark Eldar.

Supported by Sir Frederick the Bellicose in his Knight Crusader and the pages of the Sun King in their Helverin suits, withering fire was poured into the Dark Eldar forces, nearly clearing them all from the field. The Sun King, sallying forth in his Knight Valiant and as always leading from the front took withering fire from all sides, and even the shields of the mechanicum were not enough to save him from everything. His suit was incapacitated and will need repairs.

While the majority of the Dark Eldar forces were seemingly destroyed, the fury and firepower of the Helios Crusade was not enough to save the imperial citizenry from being carried off by the Xenos to fates too foul and cruel to be spoken of here.
11/08/2018 9:52:58Judge, Jury, ExecutionerIn the search for a fallen Warlord Titan on the ice planet Ikos, Rogal Dorn and his forces come across the 244th Fire Drakes Regiment attempting to set up a secure zone around the god machine.

Refusing to let the Primarch through to investigate, Dorn declares the imperial commander a heretic and traitor, and attacks.

Though his primaris astartes are heavily armored, the might of imperial armored companies and a lord of war.

Losing all of his air support to overwhelming fire and the mighty volcano cannon, Dorn is given no choice but to charge the traitor ranks in an attempt to rout the ground forces.

Dorn sees much merit in this, as his squad of vindicare assassins decaptiate much of the imperial command structure.

However, all was for naught when the arms of the two tank commanders and shadowsword focus fire his charge and bring Dorn to his knees. With the choice of death or tactical retreat, Dorn withdraws from the field and back into orbit where his fleet awaits in high anchor.

Greatly enraged in this defeat and the loss of so many hardened warriors, he orders cyclonic warheads he dropped on the battle site. With the loss of much of the planet and the god engine, Dorn wonders if such rash decisions were necessary? Was sacrificing valuable technology necessary to put these guard regiments in their place? We will never know...
11/08/2018 11:29:12Raid on Saubos - 11/5/18Feeling increasingly youthful and energetic from the repeated raids on Saubos, the members of the Kabal of the Shattered Mirror and their allies decided that they would strike again. Knowing that a military response was likely with this upcoming raid due to their continued harvests, the overlord and his second-in-command decided that they would take some precautionary measures this time.

Although the archons could never fully trust the mandrakes, they had negotiated a substantial portion of the raid's spoils over to them if they provided a valuable distraction. Several hours before the larger raid, a small group of mandrakes had appeared on the southern side of the planet and started abducting citizens and sowing fear amongst the mon'keigh. Unsurprisingly the planetary defense forces were called to the scene to investigate. With the distraction in place, a portal began unfolding in the sky above another of the large hive cities on northern side of the planet. After some initial destruction of the defense batteries, the Dark Eldar force began descending onto the planet.

With the grotesques forming a perimeter, the ravagers and venoms of the Kabal hammered the defense forces while the civilians were extracted. Eventually the giant mechanical knights of the mon'keigh stomped onto the battlefield and the Kabal was forced to deal with them. As the machines lumbered forward, the haemonculus directed all of his grotesques towards one of the knights. Though they all perished in the assault, with the support of the ravagers, the knight was eventually taken down. The flamers of the knights destroyed the razorwings with ease and some of the venoms were destroyed from the smaller mon'keigh machines.

Sensing that his forces were outgunned, the overlord focused on capturing or killing all of the mon'keigh ground troops. The overlord also directed the remaining venoms to cause especially gruesome deaths for some of the ground forces since he noticed that they were tampering with the warp. The fact that such rudimentary creatures thought that their minds were capable of harnessing such a dangerous force disgusted him. He had the same disdain for the rogue farseer that joined them on these raids, but he did not show it. It joyed him greatly however when he saw that the human bodies of the psykers had been impaled on the sharp wings of the venoms before they were destroyed. It also amused him that another one of the venoms was thrown by one of the mon'keigh machines like a deadly frisbee at the farseer chopping him in half in a shower of gore. The remaining ground forces were slaughtered by the arrival of the mandrakes.

With the mon'keigh machines closing in, those Drukhari that remained alive collected the remnants of the dead for later regeneration and filled any remaining space on the vehicles with captured civilians and ground forces. They headed back to Commorragh knowing that, though their losses were great, they had gained more than enough slaves to fill the arenas and busy the haemonculi in their experiments for months to come.
11/12/2018 12:04:11Battle of Lorn V (November 6th, 2018)999.M41 - Terra
Adeptus Astartes Vessel - Phalanx
Long Range Vox Transmission Log
Priority Orders Received ++Lord Commander: Roboute Guilliman++
++ Make immediate travel to Lorn V
++ Astra Militarum Regiment: Death Korps of Krieg on Mission to obtain artifact from downed Imperator Class Titan, Classification Dominatus
++ Assist and protect
++ Deploy Storm’s Teeth only if necessary

999.M41 - Lorn V
Commandant of 83rd Krieg Regiment
Short Wave Vox Transmission to Carrier
Intercepted by Phalanx Vox Communication Array
“Chaos Resistance discovered around Dominatus Super Structure. Chaos Daemon Prince encountered and slain. Worshippers of Khorn purged from system. Artifact Recieved.”

999.M41 - Lorn V
Adeptus Astartes Vessel - Phalanx
Captain’s Log
New Order’s Received from Storm’s Teeth:
Potential Chaos Threat to 83rd Krieg Regiment, Purge
Retrieve Artifact and Return to Mars for Purification

As the sun rises on Lorn V, recently awakened Rogal Dorn, Classification Storm’s Teeth, arrives 500 Klicks from downed Titan Dominatus on Storm Raven Ætos Dios, accompanied by 3rd Company Intercessor’s and an Temple Vindicare Officio Assassinorum Vanguard detachment. Librarian Xeros Darsway, recently under the tutelage of Chief LIbrarian Tigurius and Techmarine Brother Micoleth Karazan lead the attack on the Death Corps of Krieg. Storm Raven Ætos Dios is accompanied by Stormtalon Tears of Terra. As the 3rd Company arranges itself into formation, Dorn sets his eyes on the forces of his first battle since being awoken.
“They have a Shadowsword,” The primarch grumbles to Brother Karazan.
“Yes Lord,” The techmarine responds, “and a number of Hellhounds as well.”
“Very well,” Dorn said sternly, “commence the attack.”
As the order was given Ætos Dios soared over head, and Dorn watched as Darsway looked to it, muttering litanies under his breath and blue energy rolling from his hands. The Gunship appeared to swerve with more agility than Dorn thought possible. The librarian did this a few more times, to the Tears of Terra, and then creating a massive bubble around himself.
Suddenly, thunder ripped through the sky as the two Gunships opened fire, blasting laser fire, rockets and tracer rounds, soaring through the air towards the astra militarum lines. Despite, the Librarian’s help, Tears of Terra’s shots soared beyond any of the oppositions vehicles. Ætos Dios’ fire was more succesful, blasting into the massive Shadowsword, but he hulking tank seemed barely affected. Dorn gave a nod to his Intercessor Sergeants. The Blasphemous creations of Cawl, groteque as they were to Dorn, would no doubt be helpful in the battle. They charged forward towards the center of the field. Dorn had identified the location as a significant tactical resource before the battle had begun and tasked the marines with capturing it and holding it at all costs.
As Dorn watched his Imperial Fists charge headlong into battle, from overhead he heard three rapid Cracks from the Assassin’s Exitus rifles.
“Target eliminated,” crackled over the Vox Comms, “retargeting.” Dorn looked across the battlefield and sure enough, a soldier who had been giving orders from behind cover lay still on the ground.
Dorn allowed a small smile to break across his face, but before he could issue the order for another volley, the Death Corp’s retaliation was upon the Fists. A hellhound burst from behind a large rockwall near the Intercessor Marines and a gout of burning prometheum ensconced the team. As the initial burst of flames subsided, three marines lay burning on the field, the remainder of the team huddled towards the other side of the wall.
Across the field, two small transports approached rapidly over a hill, a group of soldiers huddled in the back. And then the Stormsword opened fire. The Volcano Cannon’s laser blasted through the snow. Dorn watched as the massive laser blast smashed through the Stormtalon Gunship that was hovering near his own Stormraven. The flyer’s jet engine exploded and it careened to the snowy floor beneath. As the devastation continued, Dorn ordered another volley of fire.
“My Lord,” called Karazan over the gunfire, “That Command Tank near the front appears to be issuing orders to the soldiers, they are heading for the enter point!”
“Focus fire on the lead tank!” bellowed Dorn, his booming voice echoing across the snow covered ruins. Ætos Dios opened up and a number of missiles and Lascannon round smashed into the tank. Great bursts of flame erupted from the tank, but it continued to move. The Intercessor’s continued on their own mission, firing bursts of fire into the soldiers approaching the point they were told to hold. Recovering from the Hellhound’s fire and continuing to approach the target.
The Assassin’s fired again, and one of the transport vehicles erupted in flames, the soldiers inside scattered forth from the vehicle. One, an ornately decorated man, clearly a commander of some kind pulled himself from the wreckage, but before he could stand, two more shots from the Assassins hit him in rapid succession and he fell.
Dorn, confidence unshaken, urged his soldiers onwards, but on the winds he heard a loud thundering sound. From behind the lines, a mass of Horse Riding soldiers burst over the hillside. They charged towards the intercessors. Their Auspex scanner had clearly warned them, as they turned to fire at the lead horseman, but the shots were wild and uncoordinated.
“These Intercessor’s are not as skilled as my Fists ought to be,” thought Dorn, watching the rider’s descend upon the hulking troops, cutting down one squad and then focusing on the other. The hellhound that had been targeting the marines broke from around the wall, quickly followed by another and descended on the hill where Dorn and his team stood. And over the sound, the Shadowstorm fired once, more, this time blasting into Ætos Dios. The Gunship was overwhelmed in the blaze of laser fire. Smoke billowed from it’s engines and Dorn signalled for it to leave the battleground for emergency repairs. Both gunships now out of action, Dorn knew the only chance they had of destroying the massive tank was if he cut through it himself, strode atop the hill side, ready to charge across the battlefield.
As he did so, a third Hellhound came streaming across the battlefield, seeming to intend on crashing into him. The vehicle appraoched and Dorn gave the order to unload all fire on the incoming tank. As it crashed into the lines, the Stalker Bolt Rifle Intercessors, Darsway and Karazan all fired into it. Suddenly, the Tank seemed to stop in place, a strange groaning coming from deep inside they chasis. Suddenly, the vehicle erupted in a massive fireball of prometheum from the tanks inside. The blue flames engulfed the hillside, a swathe of heat and light washed over Dorn. As the fireball dissipated, Dorn felt a pang of pain in his side. He looked to see a large piece of shrapnel sticking out of his side. He pulled the piece free and looked around. The team seemed fine, a single marine had died, and Karazan looked shaken. Then Dorn realized that Darsway was laying on the ground not moving.
Dorn couldn’t wait, he charged over the hill, Karazan and the Intercessors with him. They needed to make it across the field and take out those tanks! Another rapid succession of cracks issued from behind dorn and he watched as the commanding tank erupted in flames. They Assassins had targeted the main fuel injector to the vehicles engines and the backdraft of ignited fuel had caused the tank to explode from the inside.
“One down,” thought Dorn, continuing his charge across the field. From all around he heard gunfire and chaos. Karazan broke from the group to engage a few remainig troops from the transports that had halted their advance. Dorn watched as he cut them down with his power axe, then turned to fire his conversion beamer across the field at their target, the Shadowsword.
From behind Dorn heard the screaming of jet engines, and knew the reinforcements had arrived. A six man squad of Inceptor’s dropped to the ground and unloaded round after round of Bolted fire into the horses harassing the Intercessor Marines. Many of the hosemen fell, and the distraction was enough. The final remaining Intercessor, a sergeant nonetheless, called over the Vox Comms.
“I’ve made it to the central point, holding my positi…” before he could finish his sentence gunfire burst across the channel and the line went dead. Dorn didn’t have time to call out to the marine. The Shadowstorm turned it’s cannon firing multiple times in rapid succession. Laser fire erupted over Dorn’s head, then right in front of him as the marines who had been surrounding his charge exploded before him. He ran onwards, looking over his shoulder to see horses overrun the last of the assassins, firing rounds into the soldiers. They couldn’t fire fast enough as one of the assassins was overrun. Dorn watched the other, leaping from the cliffside and retreating to the insertion point, firing his pistol as he ran.
The chaos of the Battle around Dorn began to fade from his view as the massive vehicle came into view. Dorn ran towards it, massive fourteen foot strides carrying him ever closer. When suddenly the tank’s massive gun faced him and before he could react the lased fire was upon him. The Earth around him erupted into a molten boil, and the unbearable heat singed his skin, even through his golden armour.
The molten Earth swallowed his feet as he ran, and he fell forward. Superheated liquid rock engulfed his armoured hands and feet, and he was nearly swallowed by the Earth. Dorn’s strength swayed under the pressure of the heat that surrounded him. The air sucked from his lungs, and the molten ground swallowing him from below.
“I am no mere man!” he yelled to himself and to the heavens, “I am Rogal Dorn! Son of the Emperor! Praetor of Terra! Primarch of the Seventh Legion!” Dorn ripped his hands from the earth, the snow now melted and evaporated from all around, and ran forward one more. His strength returning with every stride. The barrel of the Shadowstrom glowed red once more, readying for another shot, but Dorn jumped to the right, and sprung forward to destroy the vehicle.
As he reached the massive armour panels of the vehicle, he readied an attack to cleave open the vehicle. Before he could swing his massive Chainsword down on the hull, another tank burst forth from the shadow of the colossal Shadowstorm and tried to ram his side. He leapt onto the front of the tank and brought the chainsword down onto it. Ripping through the hull, and cutting the vehicle almost in two. He turned to the tank, ready to cut through it as well.
Suddenly his Vox Comms erupted, “My Lord!” came the voice of Ætos Dios’s pilot over the communication device, “we’ve recovered Brother Karazan and Xeros. We must come and pick you up!” Phalanx has readied it’s Cannons and will fire upon this location in minutes.
“I didn’t order that,” growled Dorn, Chainsword still over his head.
“Priority orders from the Lord Commander sir, he demands our return to Terra and a council with you!” As the pilot spoke, Ætos Dios soared overhead.
“Very well,” growled Dorn, climbing onto the hull of the still active vehicle and leaping twenty feet up to catch the open bulkhead of the Gunship as it skimmed low overhead, too close to be a target for the Shadowsword.
Ætos Dios soared into the atmosphere, avoiding the laser fire of the tank, and heading back to Phalanx. Dorn gritted his teeth and held his head in his hands. The battle had been a loss. He would isolate himself in the pain glove for the failures he had had on this day, after his council with his brother of course.
As the Stormraven came into range of the massive Phalanx, it’s forward batteries unloaded on the planet below. Great plumes of fire, burst from the planets surface. Dorn hung his head. This was not a victory. Couling
11/14/2018 18:29:22World Eaters vs Imperium - Nov 12thThe World Eaters had been pillaging the Ruins of Rymark XI, for 2 days now, scouring the area for salvage, both material, and sacrificial, sending any... Biological salvage.. straight to Khorne.

Guilliman gathered the what troops he had on hand, calling in the Blood Angels for back up and tried to crush the Chaos filth where they stood. Gathering on the river running through the broken walls of an old castle, the two armies faced off.

initial Salvo's by the Imperium proved very positive, despite not taking down anything in the opening salvo, much of the Khrone Armor was limping, rather than charging. The Squad of Hellblasters managed to destroy the Heldrake bearing down on them in during overwatch. But the Berserkers, the berserkers were truly blessed by Khorne this day. Coming charging out of the Kharybdis Assault claw that was already on the ground, they slammed into the enemy lines, carving a bloody swath through the enemy cutting down the banner of the Ultramarines. and taking out most of the frontal army in one fell swoop. Such was the carnage and mayhem that a squad of scouts was encircled by the world eaters, meaning the ultramarines weren't able to shoot into combat without risking hitting their friends.

The Blood Angels had managed to secure the Western Flank by as the Blood Angels Captain took the Blood Slaughterer of Khorne down in a final act of vengeance.

Gulliman took the fight to the Berserkers himself cutting down half of them with one swing of his sword, however the counterattack took down most of the rest of the Ultramarines. Summoning his inner strength, Gulliman struck with unbelievable speed, killing the remaining berserkers. When he looked up from the Carnage, he saw that most of his army lay in ruins among him. The second wave of the world eaters came in, with the Helforged Contemptor Dreadnaught taking down Gulliman in the shooting phase. Both teams had very little left, unfortunately most of the World Eaters were the elite units, the Demon Princes, The Dreadnaughts, and Kharn the Betrayer himself. Despite the Blood Angels best efforts, the World Eaters tore into them, leaving the battlefield a blood soaked sacrifice to Khorne. C.
11/26/2018 6:44:26Wrong turnAs my conscience came to me I could hear the alerts and systems awakenings different parts of our tome world in response of inturers. With conformation of a distorted human species , I almost felt excitement. It has been awhile i thought as all information filled my being.

As my units filed though the Corridors, coordinates for the flesh bags location seemed scrambled or...... curious readings.

Finally something to kill..... ugh demons.

See battle photos below. Mcginty
12/02/2018 23:06:12The Lords StandThe lords held their ground and drove back the shadows sent to desecrate this world and stem the great Tyranid tide. Keegan
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