Root's Mutual Aid & Support Network (MASN)
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Welcome to The Root Social Justice Center's
Mutual Aid & Support Network Spreadsheet!
What is MASN?The Mutual Aid & Support Network (MASN) is here to meet needs that arise for you during the time when our center is closed.
Who is this for?We are prioritizing BIPOC folks, program participants, and our extended Root family.
How does this work?MASN is about empowering and connecting people. If you see a need you can meet or an offer you could use, please contact that person directly!

Needs that are current/ongoing are often highlighted in yellow, completed needs are striked out, and urgent things are often in red text. Folks who are NOT associated with our Root Community are highlighted in blue.

If a need has been met or partially met plase make a note of that in the sheet.
Can I be anonymous?This document is public. If you prefer to be anonymous please contact the Root at or 802-451-0509. We will list your needs, keep your personal information private, and help coordinate assistance for you.
Is there money available?The Root Community Members who need monetary support are invited to apply for financial assistance using this form.
Here are the different tabs in this document and how to use them:
Resources & OffersList of people who have something to offer or are willing to be a resource. Post here if you want to offer support. Add your name, contact info, types of support, and any other notes.
Root Needs & RequestsThese are things that The Root as an organization is asking for support with.
Community Needs & RequestsThese are individuals or households seeking support. Post here if there's something you need. You can be anonymous or post your contact info.
BIPOC InitiativesProjects or businesses run by BIPOC folx that we encourage you to support.
Local ResourcesOther ways to get support outside of the Root's network.
Added Note: If you are contacted directed for financial support, do not know the individual, and have suspicions arise, we suggest you: 1.) check the Community Needs & Resource list for more information about the need; or, 2.) contact someone at the Root (contact info above) to confirm that they are a Root community member.