Gamerhead Radio Episode 099 Show Notes
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Into0:00:00Everyone loses their job except Yanis Varoufakis and the Ouya!
Game Releases0:01:432/3/2015Apotheon Win, Mac, Lin, PS4
Criminal Girls: Invite Only PSVita
Game of Thrones: Episode 2 - The Lost Lords Win, Mac, PS3, PS4
SpongeBob HeroPants 3DS, X360, PSVita\
2/4/2015Game of Thrones: Episode 2 - The Lost Lords X360, XBO
Grow Home Win
2/5/2015Cities XXL Win
Game of Thrones: Episode 2 - The Lost Lords iOS, Android
Moon Chronicles – Episode 2 3DS
Moon Chronicles – Episode 3 3DS
Moon Chronicles – Episode 4 3DS
What We're Playing0:03:05MichellePeggle 2, Angry Birds Stella, Hot Dog Hotshot
0:08:35JonThe Banner Saga, Killer Instinct, Grand Theft Auto V, Wolf Among Us, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
0:12:21CharlieSunset Overdrive
News0:14:305Ouya Gets $10 Million Investment From E-Commerce Company Alibaba
0:19:304Smash Bros. tournament goes on after fire marshals condemn hotel
0:22:453Valve Economist Becomes Finance Minister for Greece
0:26:442AOL shuttering Joystiq in the coming weeks
0:30:351300 staff offered voluntary retirement as Sega focuses on mobile and online PC games
Feature0:39:14Our Loyalty Program Ideas
0:56:23VoicemailsPizza Order
0:58:14Since Nintendo is shutting down Club Nintendo, tell us your ideas! What would your dream loyalty program be like?Ricky Keller First of all I'd like to give credit to Nintendo for ever even offering a loyalty program (in which I went platinum twice). What are the names of the Sony and Microsoft loyalty programs again? Oh right, there aren't any and to my knowledge never have been any.

I'd be good with coupons and discounts for games like steam has, but I'm really not of the opinion that there was anything wrong with what they had aside from it not being obvious or convenient enough. I liked the real life rewards that were given out through the Club Nintendo program. Posters, hanafuda cards, and other Nintendo merchandise was a lot of fun to collect. All you had to do was take a quick survey on the game you bought and you got points. Perhaps if they tied it to the Miiverse accounts and did some analytics or allowed you to fill out shorter surveys directly on the console for rewards, more people would participate.

If every company did the survey method or an alternative option to paying for a membership, I'd be all over it with all of them.
1:00:16Carlton NullfuxckNintendo Power.

For every hour a game played, you earn a credit of 15 minutes of time dilation (freeze, speed up, rewind ect) --- you said anything goes.
0:01:09Danny MeclerValve should offer a loyalty program where you buy all of their games and support everything they've ever done. And in return, valve promises to never release a third game and to shit in your dreams.
1:01:32SongbirdDear Technetronicorn, Goat, and Fallon Flynn

Considering how Nintendo is completely terminating the current membership site, which really irks me, they're likely to formulate a system similar to the Wii U's Deluxe Digital program which ended last year; coincidence I think not! Basically, games purchased in digital and hopefully physical will generate points which'll eventually allow you to purchase digital games at a cheaper price; I, however think they should deliver more than just digital games. It's probably safe to say Nintendo lost money thanks to the cost of making and shipping physical goods from Club Nintendo. So rather than only having said items available for club members why don't we have an online Nintendo store where they can sell the goods to everyone, but also allow people of the new loyalty plan use their points to reduce their purchases.

The following message is a P.S.A regarding Club Nintendo - If you or if you know anyone who may have unused Club Nintendo codes please consider using them or give them to Club Nintendo users, "wink wink", so they may not go to waste. Additionally, if you are trying to get codes for yourself or others consider going to places who sell used games or even rental stores and persuade them to give you said codes; it doesn't always work and sometimes the codes are missing or used, but you'll never know until you try.

There's the Puppy Bowl, Kitty Bowl, and heck, now there's even a Fish Bowl; what gaming creatures would you actually pay to watch if they had there own Bowl?

Forget the Super Bowl lets have a Powderpuff Bowl! Which gaming gals would you put in your team; additionally, who would be your male cheerleaders?

If you guys had control of the halftime show what would you do?
Plugs1:20:04JonV is for Villains will be at Shock Pop Comicon
1:21:07MichelleGamerhead Radio's LIVE 100th Episode Spectacular at Oasis Cafe on Feb 8th!
1:21:50CharlieGamerhead Radio's LIVE 100th Episode Spectacular at Oasis Cafe on Feb 8th!
Beer of the
Dino S'Mores by Off Color Brewing
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Easter Egg1:28:25Oblivion Horse Armor DLC
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