Action ItemsPartnersFunding SourcesTimelineNotes and Work ProductGJHNP AlignmentMain Streets Transformation Strategy
Transformation Strategy -
Foster Entrepreneurship
- Promotion -
MEETS: 2nd Thursday at 6:00pm
1.1 Event Management OngoingContinue to work on existing events and look for opportunity for new eventsArts and Culture 6 - Support and expand Cultural and event programming
1.1.1 Events CalendarN/A, but include major partner eventsN/AOngoingPromotions Events and Content CalendarEmployment 4.5 - Coordinate diverse public events and programming to attract vistors
1.1.2 Summer VibesDTCIDSponsorships: DTCID, Incarnate Word, Crawford-Butz July 2022
1.1.3 Park/Pool Movie NightsSoutside Youth Council, AMP, MCD, TDLCSponsorships: St. Mary's, Gene Slay's, TDLC, DOCY(advertise May)
Summer 2022
Have full calendar ahead of time
Youth Partners Distribution List - Complete
Advertise at schools
Movie Magnet?
Arts and Culture 6.2 - Encourage consistent activation of parks as cultural and artistic spaces for gathering
8 Add kid friendly event prior to movieLibrary, Perenial, City Mission Collective (TSA) Summer 2022Service to families
1.1.5 Spring Fling Virginia Avenue EventMain StreetsQ2*Board Priority w/ Main Streets Budget Investment
Well attended
New Partnership with VAL Community Garden
1.2 Small Buisness PromotionEconomic Vitality
1.2.1 Sidewalk SalesEconomic Vitality, Dutchtown BizOngoingDutchtown Businesses Taking Lead
Hispanic Heritage Event
Magic Saturdays
1.2.2 Business ResourcesEconomic VitalityOngoingContinue to develop resources and guides for neighborhood businesses
Full Chamber Commerce style booklet with Economic Vitality
Special Use District Advertising 2023
1.3 Residential PromotionEconomic Vitality, Habitat, DSCC, Lutheran Dev.Struggled with this, important to touch on
1.3.1 Go DutchSJHI, DSCC, HabitatOrgs, realtors, industryQ1 2022 (March)Host a Real Estate Mixer to showcase all the benefits of DutchtownHousing 3 - Foster access to homeownership
1.3.2 Residential resourcesSJHI, DSCC, LDG, TDLC, Prosperity ConnectionReal estate industryQ1 2022INCOMPLETE: Struggled with standardized promotions. St. Joseph Housing doing programming at NIC however and we advertised. Provide resources for homebuyers, Nick has plan to reach out to realtorsHousing 3 - Foster access to homeownership
1.4 BrandingEmployment 4.6 - Develop a Unified Marketing Campaign
1.4.1 Destination brandMain StreetsOngoingContinue to develop strength of Dutchtown destination brand"
1.4.2 Dutchtown Main Streets rebrandOrganizationQ1 2022Update website and materials
Need to audit all materials and confirm updated with most recent name and branding (Block Organizing for instance)
1.5 Collaboration
1.5.1 Be a reliable partner for promotionAny and all neighborhood orgsN/A2022Reach out to other orgs for updates on programs or events that need to be promoted. See 1.5.2."
1.5.2 Streamline communicationsAny and all neighborhood orgsN/A2022*Board Priority
Hold regular meetings/maintain consistent communications to ensure that goals are aligned
Business cards with meeting info and contact info
Youth Partner Email Distribution List Created
- Design -
MEETS: 1st Thursday at 6:00pm
2.1 Foster Clean Streets and Community
Dutchtown CID Safety Committee and other partnering organizations
2021 1st Quarter with monthly maintenanceFocus on commercial district along Meramec Street. We have to broaden our reach beyond Meramec to avoid alienating our residents and business owners along Virginia Ave. There is already large concern that we only care about Meramec.Enviornment 5 - Foster Clean Streets and Community
2.1.1 Recruit partnering organizations and businesses for initial clean-up dayCure Violence, SLACO, DSCC, Brightside, TDLC, SJHI, neighbors and business owners.Private, should be small investment (<1000)Q4 21
Reoccuring Keep It Clean Up in September with SLACO
Enviornment 5.4 - Organize inclusive neighborhood clean-up days regularly
2.1.2 Calendar of Annual Clean-up DaysCure Violence, SLACO, DSCC, Brightside, TDLC, SJHI, neighbors and business owners.Private, should be small investment (<1000)Q1 22INCOMPLETE: Molly Pehle at Tattoo shop interested in Virginia Clean Ups"
2.1.3 Recruit and Create Database of volunteersCure Violence, SLACO, DSCC, Brightside, TDLC, SJHI, neighbors and business owners.OngoingINCOMPLETE"
2.1.4 Host districtwide clean-up dayCure Violence, SLACO, DSCC, Brightside, TDLC, SJHI, neighbors and business owners.Private, should be small investment (<1000)Q2 22September - Keep It Clean Annual Event w/ SLACO

Saturdays are the best days
2.1.5 Create schedule with partners for maintaining a clean districtCure Violence, SLACO, DSCC, Brightside, TDLC, SJHI, neighbors and business owners.NAINCOMPLETE

Each partner agrees to monitor the cleanliness of the district for one week on a rotating basis. Depending on number of partners these weekly monitoring duties could be shared to further share the load.
2.1.6 Monitor the cleanliness of the districtCure Violence, SLACO, DSCC, Brightside, TDLC, SJHI, neighbors and business owners.NASee Wash U study on plastic waste abatement

During scheduled week, each organization/business/volunteer group will monitor the cleanliness of the district on a daily basis and clean-up any necessary litter or weeds. The Design Committee will serve as point of contact for cleanliness issues that require further assistance.
Environment 5.3. Ensure existing trashcans are properly serviced and install
recycling at strategic locations.
2.2 PlacemakingEmployment 4.1 - Invest in high impact, high visability commercial district improvements
2.2.1 Painted CrosswalksSTL Streets/S.CohnSTL CITY??INCOMPLETE:

Shane and City agreed to fund and execute. Need to get details on timeline and priority intersections.
2.2.2 Public Art ProjectsMain StreetsINCOMPLETE* Board priority for 2022 Destination Branding - identify project and funding source
34 - Destination Branding and Way FindingWayfinding - PGAV, Wash .U.CID - $20,000q2 planning and
q3 implementation

*Board Priority

Ted Greenfeld has agreed to use his building for destination mural. Likely needs tuck pointing work in preparation for mural application whether permanent or otherwise.

Need to ensure we are both installing larger scale for pop-value, but also smaller scale at ground-level for selfie opportunities."
35 - Virginia Public Artq3IN PROCESS:

Installation of raised "Dutchtown" beds as local solution to traffic calming at Taft, Itaska, and Bates intersections of Virginia and at Klocke Bus Stop
36 - Entry Point WayfindingCID - $20,000q2 plan q 3 implementationINCOMPLETE: Needs further discussion and plan*
37 Address Vacant Buildings with Artistic Board UpsEconomic Vitality, Sign of Times TattooCIDQ2 22IN PROCESS:

Completed by Molly Pehle on one Virginia ave LRA building as she agreed to donate art.

Need to get quotes on printing, solidify properties to target (prelim list already in circulation) and how to install.
Arts and Culture 3.1 - Support artistic efforts to board up vacant and abandoned buildings
2.2.4 Façade Design and Funding AssistanceDTMSCID, Main StreetsQ1 22Facade Grant Program - Funded at 10k by CID and 1k by DMS. DMS applied for 5k grant to expand through SLDC.
2.2.5 Work with City of St. Louis on Code and Ordinance EnforcementNIS: Christian Saller
Dutchtown South
Facilitated Virginia Avenue Meeting and Solutions Oriented Approach
2.2.6 Lighting Grant for Meramec/VirginiaCIDCID, Gateway Lighting GrantDuring 2022Completed by Michael Powers and DTCID, possible future upgrad on LED lightsTransit, Streets, and Walkability 6.2 - Increase pedestrian scale lighting
2.2.7 Concrete PlantersCID, local businessesCIDq4Purchased and being fabricated. Commitments in place for planting and maintenance by local businesses. Tony Rocca.

Locations picked after Virginia safety meeting to support traffic calming.

Taft/Virginia - Duncan Architecture/Shay's
Itaska/Virginia - SIgn of the Times/WildFruit
Bates/Virginia - Your Place Diner
Grand/Klocke - Laundromat
2.3 Historic Preservation and Zoning Acitivites
2.3.1 Design District BasicsThomas Dunn/ Safe,Clean, GreenPassed Special Use District, historic design limitations not favored by board.Employment 5.11 - Encourage commercial reuse of historic buildings along commercial corridors
2.3.3 Special Use DistrictAlderman Cohn, Planning, DSCC, Gravois-Jefferson DesignCity of St. LouisIn ProcessSUD Promotion Blurbs5.2 Arts and Culture - Create a special use district to allow for live/work spaceyes
2.3.4 - Gravois - Jefferson Development Committee Collaboration*Board Prioirty - Incomplete
2.3.5 - Historical Society ToursHistoric Society
2.4 Safe, Clean, & GreenDSCC, Cure Violence, SLACOSafety Priority - Foster a safe and vibrant community through preventative, responsive, and restorative approaches to public safety.
2.4.1 Block Organization FormationDSCC, CV, LDG, SJHI, Block CaptainsDSCC, Main Streets, LDG, SJHI

Ongoing*Board Priority
Need to spread load to others and better publicize efforts/resources/network.

Harris Stowe Intern did not work out, look at Americorp in future.

Model functions well, but needs oversight.

Block Organinizing Intern/Employee Job Description
Safety 1.1 - Build Robust and Representative neighborhood associations and block captain programsYes
2.4.2 Integrated camera network set-up for businessesCID, NICCIDQ4 21INCOMPLETE:

John Chen pilot testing cameras..
2.4.3 Trash Service and AbatementEmployment ConnectionCIDIn process.Contract in place with Beautification Team through Employment Connection.

Expanding to Park with EPA Grant and AMP
GJHNP - Envioronment 5.3
2.5 Park ActivationAMP, TDLC, DSCC, Cure ViolenceArts and Culture 6.2 - Encourage consistent activation of parks as cultural and artistic spaces for gathering
2.5.1 Form Allies of Marquette Park w/ Fiscal SponsorshipMain Streets Board, MCD, DSCC, City Parks and Rec, CVMain Streets board is taking lead, not design. Account established. Ben Robinson and Markus Haskins to be initial founders.
2.5.2 MOU for Field Houseq1MOU DRAFT - Executed
2.5.3 Calendar of Events for ParkTDLCCalendar Draft

Year Round Programming Work Is Ongoing

See Brochure Link
2.5.4 Pool ImprovementsParks and RecMain Streetsq2Rebuilding relationship with rec center.

Need to audit need. Need to purchase alternative single person chairs.
2.5.5 Futsal Court Improvements and ImplementationCity SCMain Streets Private Donationsq2COMPLETE: Public art installation with Jayvn Solomon
Economic Vitality
MEETS: 1st Tuesday at 6:00pm
3.1 Address Commercial Vacancy MMSC, Vacancy Collaborative, St. Louis Development Corporation, CDCs, City of St. Louis PDAMMSC EDA GRANT*Board Prioirty Vacancy Audit on Virginia Ave Completed 2021 q3

Partnership with LSEM and Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Association for Vacancy Lawsuits
Employment 5.12 - Encourage the development of underdeveloped sites along commercial corridors

Environment 3 - Transform vacany into vibrancy through community-informed design
3.1.1 Vacancy MappingMMSC, Vacancy CollaborativeMMSC EDA GRANTQ1*Board Prioirty Vacancy Collaborative Portal - Determine how Dutchtown Main Streets can get access to a portal and what assistance will be needed or can be given by EDA Grant and MMSC to accomplish this goal

Confirmed with Lance Knuckles, this will be used. DMS will have internal access through partnership with LSEM.
3.1.2 Develop a Management Assistance Program for vacant storefrontsQ3INCOMPLETE:

Needs more discussion
Employment 4.4 - Develop a Management Assistance Program for vacant storefronts
3.1.3 Maintain a map of available commercial properties and listed suggested usesQ3INCOMPLETE:

Most property is not listed for sale.

Commercial Real Estate listing with Eric Friedman
Website is place where investors research, suggested to maintain there as well as have published hard copy
Employment 5.1 - Maintain a list of available commercial properties
3.2 Business RecruitmentMMSCMMSC EDA GRANTEmployment 3 - Support development and growth of small, minority, women, and immigrant-owned businesses
Employment 5.2 - Recruit desired businesses to the planning area
3.2.1 Identify educational opportunities 2022Start a Business in Dutchtown Brochure - Needs Updated
Business Resource Development Programming
Wash U.

Build out relationship with SLDC's new NEEC
65 - Set up a Business Support 30 Min RoundtablePNC, Legal, STL Partnership, Insurance, City of St. Louis Small Business CenterQ2INCOMPLETE:

TDLC can develop/sponsor "Speed Dating for Your Business" at TDLC
3.2.2 Create community profile for business recruitmentWash U. SBIWash U.Q3Yes, utilized 2021 stats for presentation to elected officials and marketing materials.Employment 5.1 - Create a community profile for business recruitment
Employment 3.1 - Market planning area to recruit multicultural businesses
3.3 Business Retention and Support3.3 - Provide mentoring, one-on-one coaching, and training seminars for business development and growth
3.3.1 - Audit District Business to complete with contact info and create inventoryQ2Updated Intake Page and Spreadsheet
Completed Commercial Data Set (TBD)
3.3.2 Create/Support retail promotions and eventsPromotion Committee2022Dutchtown merchants taking lead, additive approach until staffed

Sidewalk Sale Support
Holiday Support
Magic Saturdays
3.3.3 Dutchtown Biz Owner FB GroupDutchtown merchants2022Dutchtown Business Owners

INCOMPLETE: Identify a locally engaged business owner moderator

Identify standard resources to share locally
3.3.4 Quarterly Biz NewsletterDutchtown Main StreetsQ1Need a robust email listserv on HubSpot - Complete

Dutchtown Dividend - INCOMPLETE, need content volunteers
3.3 Entrepreneurship / Employment5.7 - Foster Cultural Entrepreneurship
3.3.1 - Promote Entrepreneurship Coaching and Training Wash U. Olin SchoolWash U.Q1Currently promoting shared opportunities on Biz Owner FB Page

INCOMPLETE: Independent programming
5.5 - Improve and expand counsling, training, and networking related to starting and growing businesses
3.4 Data Reporting
3.4.1 - Create Workflow for Reporting Quarterly MMSC Data ASAPData Reporting Sheet

SLDC Has Geofenced Boundaries for Building Permits
3.4.2 - Identify Sources for Public Improvements DataCity, SLDCn/aASAPCurrently "eyes on street"
3.4.3 - Identify Sources for Private InvestmentCity, SLDCn/aASAPRecieved Permit Data from SLDC, needs to be updated for q3
3.4.4 - Lost BuildingsCity, SLDCn/aASAP"Eyes on Street"
3.4.5 - Business ExpansionCity, SLDCn/aASAPBusiness License Reports being recieved quarterly, but how is that data being used and where is it going? Not yet geofenced. What about a geofenced and complete city set?

MMSC working on standardized data.
3.4.6 - Annual Rents and VacancyCIty, SLDC, Vacancy Collaborativen/aASAPVacancy collected during SUD process based on planning review.

No plan for follow-up for 2022 data, but MMSC working on streamlined data.

Rents collected based on survey of published advertising and questions to developers
MEETS: 3rd Tuesday at 6:00pm
4.1 Volunteers StrategyInclude Youth
4.1.1 Volunteer RecruitmentPromotions, BoardVolunteer Data Base?
4.1.2 - Brand Ambassadors Program for TablingT-Shirts for Volunteers - Purchasd for Summer Vibes Need More
4.1.3 - Calendar for tablingCalendar for Tabling Link
4.1.4 - Cheat Sheet for Brand Ambassador Talking PointsPromotionsTabling Procedures and Cheat Sheet for Volunteers Link
4.2 Structure – Organizations & Staff
4.3 Funding Grants & Resources
4.3.1 Grant ManagementCarrie Lindsey is lead
4.3.2 Quarterly Operational Grantq1 - PNC Bank, State Farm,
q2 - Incomplete
q3 - STL Community Foundation, Forward Through Ferguson (AMP)
q4 - TBD
4.4 Communication PlansPromotions Committee
4.4.1 - Annual Report*Board Priority - Include EV Committee details and work with promotions on format
4.4.2 - Amplify Entrepreneurship at TDLC to promote our transformation strategyINCOMPLETE
4.5 Resource Development
4.5.1 Donation/Sponsorship Asks TrainingBoard, EV, Promotions, DesignINCOMPLETE
4.5.2 Annual Sponsorship CalendarINCOMPLETE:

Forming for use for all of DMS
4.5.3 Donor DatabaseSponsor/Donor Database

Consider adding in grant opportunities as table?