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TimestampWhat is your name?What is your handle? (ie. common username)What is your email address?What job would you like to contribute towards as a supporting Pardus Community Member?Relationship to Pardus (ie. describe your past usage of the Pardus GNU/Linux OS and why you choose to support it)
1/29/2012 1:36:59Bedri Özgür Gülerbedribedri@istanbul.comPackage Maintainer/Bug Fixer, End UserI had been used between 2007-2009. After that I wasnt able to use it because of my requirements for my work. I am using GNU/Linux OS since 1994 and I choose Linux since I choose freedom.
1/29/2012 8:56:58Sezai Yeniaysezaiyeniaysezaiyeniay@ozgurlukicin.comPackage Maintainer/Bug Fixer
1/29/2012 9:06:23Emre Erenogluerenogluerenoglu@hotmail.comPackage Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Promoter, End UserI used to maintain some virtualization related packages such as virt-manager
1/29/2012 9:07:54Efe Gürkan YALAMANnamcojoulderefeyalaman@gmail.comTranslator, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Promoter, TesterI heard and learned Linux by Pardus. Later i tried other distros but Pardus was my first. :)
1/29/2012 9:18:33angloangloanglophony@operamail.comEnd Useruser ( old geek ) .Reasons ( conservative (you get cut on bleeding edge ))
(First distro I've come across giving working pulse audio ootb)
(curiosity ( as in cat , but so far this cat likes it )
The reasons above are my public reasons , but linux is as much a Political decision as usability... but you'll have ask me nicely for more on that
1/29/2012 9:19:44Kaan Akşitkunguzkunguz@gmail.comTranslator, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Promoter, Tester, End UserJuniour developer, see:
1/29/2012 9:20:40Alexandre GougerAlexandre1545alexandregouger@gmail.comTranslator, Promoter, Tester, End UserI have tested a lot of Linux distribution. Many of them are great, but are only well integrated with Gnome. I like KDE and I have found that Pardus is the best KDE Distribution.
1/29/2012 9:22:58Nihad Karslıenkienki@r-3.orgPromoter, Tester, End User, Everything
1/29/2012 9:29:10Aaron Johnsonacjohnsonacjohnson@jordanschool.comDeveloper, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Promoter, Tester, End UserPardus has been essential to my use and my success with Linux. Without Pardus I am not sure I could use Linux as an every day operating system.

I work for a private school in the USA called Jordan Catholic School as the IT Manager. I have been working with them for the past 7-8 years and have most recently been switching servers and student computers over to Linux. All student computers currently at Jordan are running either Pardus 2009.2 or Pardus 2011.2.

At Jordan Pardus is a perfect fit and I intend to keep it that way. At a minimum we need a community who can provide new packages with bug fixes and security updates, which should not be difficult at all to come by. But as time goes on a new Pardus must exist if there will be no official successor to Pardus 2011.
1/29/2012 9:54:38Philipppe SvetoslavskyPhiXphilsvet@gmail.comTranslator, Promoter, End UserI am the main french Pardus tools translator, and member of the team.
I want Pardus to survive and be usable by a lot of french-speaking people.
1/29/2012 10:10:52İsmail SEZENisezensezenismail@gmail.comDeveloper, Package Maintainer/Bug FixerI'm mostly user but in the meantime, I'm a programmer and I know C language. I can help on development stage if an experienced developer lead me. Why did I choose to support it? Because I love it. Love is unquestionable. :)
1/29/2012 11:26:46Richard de Bruinrichdbrr.debruin@gmail.comTranslator, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Promoter, End UserI use and follow Pardus from the beginning. Not the whole time, i switch a lot to other distros, but in the end i allways come back to Pardus.
The last months i also build packages for Pardus, and it is fun to do.

And for the rest i think that Pardus is a special distro, the base and the way they are started is different (read no commercial thinking behind it). That is why it is also important that the Pardus stay alive. And i am ready to help to reach that. #pardusrocks
1/29/2012 12:16:35Evgenijzhenshendom8479@gmail.comTranslator, Promoter, Tester, End UserI am using Pardus for 2 years. Became a big fan of this particular distribution. I consider it the most user-friendly and simply.
1/29/2012 12:17:41Yasin Aydinyasinaydinyasin@yasinaydin.netTranslator, Developer, Tester, Organizer and ModeratorI have known Pardus since 2005-2006 and actively used it in 2007-2009. Starting from my friends, one by one I have migrated many people's operating systems to Pardus and told about free software and this Turkish-made linux. I have contributed with some PiSi packages in the past and also attended a few meetings, written some blog entries and articles and translated some documents.

Nowadays, with the current incidents unknown future of Pardus, I want to contribute to this one of the best nationally-written linux which I think played and will play a magnificient role of making our nation to know and to use an open-source and free software; and to increase the awareness of participating in it.
1/29/2012 13:04:34David Parduekalwistikalwisti@gmx.comTester, End UserI have been using Pardus from its 2009 version to the present (2011.2) and it has been one of my primary Linux distros. So I am fairly familiar with it as an end user, although I have no special "under the hood" knowledge of it (I have never been able to build a .pisi package, for instance).

I chose to support Pardus because of its stability and reliability on my hardware, its ease of use, its top-notch implementation of KDE 4 and its governmental support. With more promotion, I always felt that it could be one of the "Big Five" Linux distributions. I also had great respect for the developers' decision to create it from scratch, without basing it on an existing distro. (I realize it was probably done for security reasons, but that decision required courage and commitment, IMHO).

I am saddened to read of the current situation within TUBITAK, and if Pardus is officially discontinued, I would hate to see all that good work be wasted. Whether Pardus is made into a "community version" (`a la Fedora / Red Hat) or whether a new version is forked, I would like to be a small part of seeing it continue -- and thrive, hopefully.

I would gladly be a tester for any new version which is released.

Thank you.
1/29/2012 13:08:04Onur Güzelonurguzelguzelmu@gmail.comDeveloper, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer
1/29/2012 14:14:44Antoon Tolboomatolbooatolboo@gmail.comTranslator, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, TesterUp to now I did the EN-NL translations for Pardus.
Some aticles in NL and EN Wiki.
Maintaining/building repo/packages for
1/29/2012 16:15:52marcina.paliusTranslator, Package Maintainer/Bug FixerHi,
I can help with translation to Polish (my native language).
I started to create pisi packages one year ago. I've created at least 1/4 of packages and used to help with many others. I'd like to use pisi package management in the future, that's why I'm filling out this form.
1/29/2012 16:22:54Alexey Ivanovkrabalexey.ivanes@gmail.comTranslator, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Tester, End UserI started using distribution in December 2010 from Pardus 2011 beta. No experience with Pardus 2009.2 and migration tool. Began with the selection of exotic distributions. And the creation of the first package, called a vacuum-im. Russian translator and bug submitter.
1/30/2012 1:14:01Jakob Androidnisse TranslatorI used it for a while and likes it and i dont want it to die out
1/30/2012 1:32:17Willy VertommenWillywpl@base.beTester, little translation ,no TurkishI use Pardus since 2007
1/30/2012 8:44:51ludoludolala@hotmail.comEnd User, moral supportEnd user since Pardus 2007, and I don't believe this could be the end of such a good Open Source project.
I don't have time nor knowledge nor money to tribute a lot to the fork, but want you to know that I am very gratefull to use Pardus and always will be, thanks to you guys
1/31/2012 9:18:43Tristan VanderaerdenTristantristan.vanderaerden@gmail.comTranslator, Developer, Tester, End User5 Years ago, when i was so sick of Windows, i decided to try out a new OS.
I had no money to buy a mac so decided to give the power of open source a try --> Linux.. But at first, i didn't knew there were more than just one Linux distro, so i did some googling.. The good part is, that i first came out on Pardus, downloaded it and installed on my PC.. Back then i was a huge Linux noob, so i had some problems installing software (didn't discover pisi yet) so i switched back to windows.. a few months later i wanted to try Linux again because windows was as slow as hell! So I did a search on google again, and came out on Ubuntu. This time I was more convinced to try and learn Linux, so I learned how to install software and configure my video driver.. The thing is: Ubuntu was Bad, bad, bad, bad Bad! So i remembered Pardus, and how stable and fast it was, so i tried it again.. and from the knowledge i had from Ubuntu I figured out how to use Pisi.. From that day on I was convinced that Pardus is the best LInux distribution ever! stable as a rock and the best KDE Distro on the planet!
Now, four years later, im an ict student in my second year and i do some basic programming, Linux scripting, C, java, webdesign, etc.. Also in my free time i code around with QT and c++ for desktop and mobile purposes ;) all on Pardus.. I don't know if i can help, but i will try to do my best to keep Pardus running!
1/31/2012 19:32:02Berkan Nalliberkan.nalli@gmail.comTranslator, Testeri want that pardus keep alive, i'm a Turkish person but
i'm living in belgium, i would help with translation on dutch
2/1/2012 12:23:21Kranthi KumarKranthikranthi.t2000@gmail.comTester, End User, I help other new users, etc, Will contribute more in the future.I love Open Source (like Richard Stallman). I am new to Linux(1.5 years). Pardus is my second GNU/Linux OS after Ubuntu. I loved it because it worked out of the box. It seemed more stable on my box too. I will stay with Pardus as long as it stays open.
2/1/2012 15:45:17nasrullah chinnarassenuhurunasrullah1983@sabily.orgPromoter, End UserI am using Pardus since 2011 after Ubuntu. since 2004 I am a Linux User.
Pardus is a robust OS compared to many other distros.It is my best Linux OS.
2/3/2012 10:08:18Yasirov VasyazaG3riam2r0k@gmail.comTranslator, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Promoter, End Usergood linux OS
2/8/2012 14:29:20Michael Diegmannminidiegimdiegi@gmail.comPromoter, Tester, End UserI am using Pardus since 2008 and I am a moderator of
2/8/2012 16:44:38TanjanTanjantanjanozbilgi@gmail.comEnd UserI beleive it may become one of the best linux system.
2/13/2012 15:58:35CravenCraven Gemetzelcravengemetzel@yahoo.comDeveloper, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Tester, End UserMy time with Pardus Linux was short but sweet . It is one of the only Linux distributions that have brought a smile to my face (the other being Arch Linux) and it pains me to see that it is slowly dying off .. I have been *nixing for about three years now and I am familiar with *nix operating systems, although I have not done any development yet (am currently learning Python and Haskell, and I am open to learning almost any other language, however I refuse to learn C) . If there is anything I could do to keep Pardus alive, please let me know .

Perhaps my qualifications will grow exponentially in the near future, as I might be entering a 4-year program in university (next Fall), namely a "Specialization in Computer Sciences with a Major in Mathematics" . I have already gotten an offer but I have not accepted it yet .

Aside from that, I am fully fluent in French and English, and I am slightly fluent in Swedish, German, Latin - enough to read and write, to the best of my abilities, and I have just started learning Russian .
2/13/2012 16:05:49CravenCraven Gemetzelcravengemetzel@yahoo.caDeveloper, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Tester, End User*I apologize for filling this form in a second time, but I believe that I had written the wrong email address the first time; my email address is and I often get it mixed up with a ".com" ending .
3/11/2012 15:31:23Hakan Akkanagonifiedhkn@hakanakkan.comDeveloper, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Promoter, Tester, End UserI am an active Linux user and promoter since 2006. I have always wanted to contribute to a distro but haven't been able to due to school and work. I am still swamped with both but I am willing to try harder for the sake of Pardus. I am very proud of Pardus and its success world-wide. That's why I want to contribute and keep it alive as long as I can.

I installed Pardus only once and absolutely loved it. However, I had to switch back to another distro due to some hardware incompatibility issues. I am going to give it a one more go and this time I will try to fix whatever the problem is.

I can develop any kind of system tool/application in C or Python. I can also do kernel development.

I would really like to do everything I can to keep Pardus alive.


3/15/2012 22:30:37Chris Lorenzousgrossetofc/Christopherusgrossetofc@gmail.comEnd User
3/31/2012 23:46:07Yasin Aydinyasinaydinyasin@yasinaydin.netTranslator, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, PromoterI have been using Linux as my first/second choice of os alternatively since 1998. I have used SuSe, Fedora and Debian distros for years. I also am a basic unix administrator because of the firewalls I install on them.

I have witnessed all of Pardus's development timeline, starting from the early Uludag release to 2011 and attended many meeting. I encouraged many of my friends to use Pardus and supported the project in other different areas; mostly in communities.

I want to support Pardus for two reasons:
1- For the things that Pardus is doing good and are for; like being a national operating system, being a standalone distro, having PiSi
2- And for the things that Pardus couldn't to good at all; like project management, DMs other than KDE, lack of packages and package maintainers.
4/1/2012 4:28:08Nikolay SemenovTribunaltribunal2000@gmail.comTranslator, Promoter, Tester, End UserTranslator and promoter of Pardus in Russia. Of course, end-user :) C++ - development (not python).
4/1/2012 4:46:20ZhenjkaZhenjkaeklejmenov@ya.ruEnd User
4/1/2012 6:25:42zaG3rzaG3riam2r0k@gmail.comTranslator, Developer, Promoter, End User
4/1/2012 6:58:35Ülgen Sarıkavakulgensulgensrkvk@gmail.comTranslator, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Tester, End User
4/1/2012 7:40:56Semih İşerisemih.iserisemih.iseri@gmail.comTranslator, Developer, End UserUsed it between 2007-2011 (then I've forced to migrate to ubuntu due an hardware incompatibility of a new computer)
Wrote an offline package updater/installer for pisi
I choose to support it to learn what's under the hood and to help other people.
4/1/2012 10:30:54Özgür Kılıçaslankaspiozgurkilicaslan@gmail.comDeveloper, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixeri love GNU/Linux and its delegate in Turkey. i've used GNU/Linux for 5-6 years
4/1/2012 11:12:47WalidTnTranslator, Developer, Package Maintainer/Bug FixerI discovered pardus 3 years ago while searching for a windows-like and user friendly linux distro in order to make migration from windows easier.

I tried pardus 2009 and I was well surprised with its quality and especially the fact that it ran on all of my computers (laptop and desktop) without the problems I used to encounter with RedHat or ubuntu.

As a C/C++ developer, I am using everyday the shell for small tasks but I would like to enlarge my knowledge by touching the bases of linux kernel, KDE and the other stuff shipped with pardus.

I prefered to support Pardus rather than other distros because it's still a new (even if it has more than 5 years ) distinguished and promising project.

4/1/2012 11:37:00Osman Alperen ElhanSegFaultsegfaultmaniac@gmail.comDeveloper
4/1/2012 13:32:46Hamit Giray Nartkuftikuftihamit@pardus-linux.orgPackage Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Tester, End UserPardus is my first distro. I met with GNU/Linux via Pardus. Other distros never afford me to exchange.
4/5/2012 16:31:52
4/6/2012 12:38:59JohnBnib@southslope.netEnd UserUsed Pardus for several years, and love it's reliability and ease of use.
4/9/2012 23:40:53Abidin D.avdnedademir@demirdesign.comTester, End UserI am Pardus end-user and I like to support this project.

4/19/2012 8:08:02Eoineoinmontyeoinmonty@gmail.comDeveloper, Package Maintainer/Bug Fixer, Promoter, Tester, End UserI have been using Pardus since 2007. However I have until now not contributed much, beyond one or two bug reports. Would like to help out contributing if I can find time. Unfortunately will be busy doing dissertation over the summer.
5/3/2012 10:04:36Jaapjaapjaapkr@gmail.comTester, End UserPardus is voor mij de beste
5/13/2012 UserI have tested out at least 5 linux distributions. After installing Pardus I didn't wanted anything else.
5/27/2012 7:36:44anglophonyangloanglophony@operamail.comEnd Userused as a general purpose o/s ( and as a base )

better to learn a tool's use .than to keep switching..........
7/29/2012 15:33:11devingregorydevingregory@yandex.comTester, End UserUser since Pardus 1.0

Pardus is always ready to use, differs from other distros. And also Unique features of Pardus is the key element, pisi, mudur etc.
11/6/2012 6:56:35PerTeditiksper@stahre.euTranslatorUser of Pardus 2009 up to 2011.2. Like the approach Tübitak made to a new and refreshing Linux distro. Willing to contribute to its replacement, if it's on the same mindset.
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