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Track and Trace Identity Smart Contracting Ecosystem CreationFInancial Inclusion
Blockchains encode and timestamp every transaction, making it very reliable for tracking origin and subsequent handling (within, for instance, a supply chain). Sector Blockchains require users (or any tangible or intangible object being recorded) to have a unique digital identity which is encrypted and protected by a private key. Blockchain identity gives individuals full control of when to share their personal identity data and to whom, ensuring data security, integrity, and sovereignty.Sector Blockchain technologies allow for contracts to self-execute when all involved parties fulfill the terms laid out in the agreement. Smart contracts are written into the blockchain.SectorSector Blockchains substantially reduce transactions costs, especially when it comes to furnishing financial services. This in itseld lowers enry barriers to accessing such services by under-served communities.Sector MOVE TO
AgriDigitalAgriDigital simplifies the supply chain between farmers and consumers. This blockchain platform allows users to oversee contracts, deliveries, payments, etc. and control operations and trade securely and cheaply. AgricultureAmplyLogging the needs and tasks of Early Childhood Development (ECD) service providers can be inefficient, time-intensive and expensive. Amply is a blockchain mobile application tracks students' attendance, ensures the accuracy of pairing services with the needs of different children, lowers administrative costs, and maximizes the efficiency of the pre-school subsidy system. These offerings can be accessed universally through smart phone devices, so that Amply can have potential impact on several diverse ECD centers, schools, etc. EducationAlice Though there are opportunities to share insights and collaborate in social good projects, the due diligence, low visibility and reporting costs associated with joint efforts sometimes hinder these possibilities. Furthermore, money can also be wasted on inadequate social good projects. Alice is a blockchain platform that manages community social funding and impact transparently in order to crowdsource social change and generate this shared knowledge. Financial ServicesAustralian Government funding for blockchain in Smart CitiesThe Australian government announced they will provide $2.57 million in funding for a cutting edge project in the City of Fremantle trialling the use of blockchain-powered distributed energy and water systems.Public UtilitiesAbraGlobal cryptocurrency app that allows you to buy, store, and invest in 25 cryptocurrencies in one place - with the security you need. Fund your mobile wallet with fiat or bitcoin. Then invest in bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash, litecoin, dash, and many more cryptocurrencies - instantly.Financial ServicesCUT
AgUnityTrust & Transparency for Global Agricultural Supply Chains -- Co-ops are based too often on paper contracts, verbal agreements, and complicated processes that lack transparency and ultimately doesn't enable the farmer. AgUnity is providing inexpesive smartphones with a blockchain technology application that helps build networks among farmers along a framework of trust. This technology also improves effiiciencies for developing world farmers.AgricultureAndhra Pradesh land registryThis Indian land registry project – aimed at boosting transparency and reducing the incidence of document forgery – has become a global model for how technology can improve government services. Land Use and RegistrationCarbon Conservation and Dappbase experiment with Indonesian forest firesThe Smart Contract for Good program is providing funds to remote villages in Indonesia via smart contracts to protect the communities' local forests from forest fires. EnvironmentBlockfreightBlockchain platform for global commodity trading.ExtractivesBBVA and WaveBBVA, with the help of Wave, used blockchain to automate the electronic submission of documents in an import-export transaction between Europe and Latin America reducing the time required to send, verify and authorize an international trade transaction, which normally takes from seven to ten days, to just 2.5 hours.. Financial ServicesTrack & Trace
Bext360Bext360 is a traceable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform focusing on critical supply chains such as coffee, cocoa, seafood, palm oil, minerals (Coltan, Cobalt), timber and cotton. It provides a traceable fingerprint to track products from producer to consumer to ensure accountability and sustainability. Business OperationsAustin blockchain pilotAustin, TX is piloting a blockchain platform to improve identity services among its homeless community. Blockchain technology guarantees the security and privacy of marginalized people's information, which can both help end the cycle of poverty and start the transition out of homelessness. Government services Euroclear BankchainCompletes First Market Pilot for Blockchain Gold Settlement.ExtractivesBlockoGyeonggi-do, a populous province in South Korea, utilized Blocko's Coinstack platform to vote on community aid projects as part of the Ddabok program that utilizes smart contracting. Formerly happening behind closed doors, holding a vote in the traditional sense proved too onerous. Through this program, local residents are able to propose ideas for aid, after which the provincial government can opt to award budgets to fund those projects.Government ServicesBerkeley City Blockchain Municipal BondLed by Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín and City Councilmember Ben Bartlett, the city is partnering with University of California Berkeley’s Blockchain Lab and finance technology company Neighborly to create a “tokenized municipal bond offering.” The offering will allow individuals to buy Berkeley’s cryptocurrency to fund city-issued municipal bonds. The money raised will pay for things such as affordable housing, homeless shelters, ambulances, street trees, even a community theater.Financial ServicesTrack & Trace
BHP BillitonRecords movements of wellbore rock and fluid samples and better secure the real-time data that is generated during delivery.ExtractivesAustralia Post Blockchain VotingAustralia Post presented a plan to the Victorian Electoral Matters Committee to use Blockchain for voting. The process was described as, "We envisage a vote being an electronic transaction whereby a number of voting 'credits' can be 'spent' by the voter to attribute preferences. Permission to vote would be secured through the use of secure digital access keys sent securely to each voter. A ballot would be cryptographically represented within the blockchain, with each vote linked to the voter through their preference choice stored within the blockchain in a way that anonymizes and protects that information from being publically accessible." It will start with corporate and community elections before scaling up to parliamentary elections.
Elections & VotingFizzy AXAAXA is the first major insurance group to provide insurance through blockchain technology. Fizzy offers direct indemnity to policyholders when flight delays exceed 2 hours or more - because it's automated on a tamperproof Ethereum blockchain, users can feel more comfortable and secure about receiving their rightful compensation through a service that ultimately restores customers' trust. Financial ServicesCivil: A Decentralized Marketplace for Sustainable JournalismThe idea is to build a new type of media economy, which relies on Ethereum-based tokens (an off-shoot of bitcoin) to fund worthy reporting. If it works, the result will be a decentralized editorial model where important stories of all sorts can be funded. Another advantage is the stories will be hard to wipe off the Internet, as often happens when a media firm goes bankrupt, because the article are hosted on an immutable blockchain.MediaBitPesaA digital foreign exchange and payment platform that leverages blockchain settlement to significantly lower the cost and increase the speed of business payments to and from frontier markets. BitPesa is a market-maker in every major African currency and opens corridors for business payments and trade between frontier markets and the rest of the world.Financial ServicesSmart Contracting
BlockVerifyVerifies product origin to address counterfeit problems.Business OperationsAustralia Post Digital IDThe Australia Post will soon launch a new mobile digital identity platform based on blockchain technology. The digital service will allow people to verify their identity in just a few minutes via smartphone using biometric data. The technology will be robust enough to allow individuals to apply for a passport or mortgage by mobile and could become a new growth business for the national utility.Government servicesKazakhstan debt note salesThe National Bank of Kazakhstan has
revealed it is looking to harness blockchain
technology to sell short-term debt notes to
investors. The proposed project will allow
citizens to buy and sell the notes of the
National Bank online from a mobile phone,
bypassing intermediaries, namely brokers
and dealers. The plan includes no taxes, commissions, or restrictions on the periods of ownership, in addition to absolute liquidity.
Financial ServicesGiveth donationsGiveth uses the Ethereum blockchain for its open source platform that allows givers to oversee their charitable funds directly. Philanthropy & AidChina blockchain-based asset custody system (PSBC)Beijing wants banks to adopt the technology to help combat chronic fraud such as fake trade finance deals.Financial ServicesTrack & Trace
Brackets by SkuchainA blockhain based platform that gives a real-time view of the flow of goods and money, and eliminates transaction fees between businesses partners.Business OperationsBanQuUsing a proprietary blockchain-based platform, BanQu aims to connect marginalized populations to the global economy using digital identity technology that is securely preserves transaction history. Financial Services LendoitLendoit offers peer-to-peer lending and makes connections between borrowers and lenders to utilize blockchain empowered smart contracts. The company aims to establish fair, transparent and decentralized lending options outside the realm of traditional banking services that often have high interest rates and hidden fees. Financial ServicesRegen NetworkAddresses climate change and environmental degradation using distributed ledger technology (DLT) to create verifiable solutions that are community and market-driven. The technological arrangements needed to structure this decentralized system includes smart contracting, trusted data quality and infrastructural means, and validated governance mechanisms within discrete legal jurisdictions. In this way, the Regen ledger is a doman-specific blockchain that's able to coordinate ecologically sustainable outcomes. Chinese Digital CurrencyThe People’s Bank of China has developed a prototype of a cryptocurrency that it could end up in circulation in the near future. It would be introduced alongside the China’s primary currency the renminbi (also called the yuan). China will be simulating possible scenarios and running mock transactions using the cryptocurrency with some commercial Chinese banks. Financial ServicesCUT
CatenautCertifies forest management compliance.ExtractivesBlockstackBy eliminating the traditional model
of centralized servers and cloud
services, the company hopes to
remove middlemen and central
network attacks, effectively changing
the nature of internet privacy in application creation. Blockstack is open-source, universal, scalable and provides user-owned ID/data for its users.
MedRecGiven patients' permission, MedRec uses the Ethereum network to create smart contracts that retrieve patient data from different local storage systems and allow separate medical practitioners to view it. MedRec concentrates on patient agency by utliizing a distributed validation system that replaces centralized intermediaries hinder transference. HealthDenmark Digital CurrencyTransitioning into a world of digital currency and the Danish central bank has a plan in motion to use blockchain technology to achieve this goal. Using such a virtual currency would make crime harder and improve financial oversight. Financial ServicesCUT
Dubai Government and IBMTo launch a scheme using blockchain computing technology to process transactions and keep track of goods being shipped.Business OperationsBrazil Digital IDBrazil's Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management is piloting a blockchain identity application on ethereum that allows users access and control over their own dataGovernment services OodlesExperts in developing high-quality Ethereum and hyperledger smart contracts. Specialized in developing robust, secure and decentralized Smart Contract applications. Also offers custom-tailored solutions for smart contract development with minimal complexities.Cross-cuttingDistributed Giving ProjectThe Distributed Giving Project (DGP) leverages recent technological innovations to more effectively provide charitable donations to those in need.
Our pilot program, in partnership with the Denver Rescue Mission, provided 24 participants with access to funds they used to purchase food and drinks, toiletries, and other daily essentials from an approved vendor.
Financial ServicesIdentity
EverledgerDiamond company, DeBeers, works with Everledger to track diamond from beginning to end of supply chain.ExtractivesBrazil Land Title RegistryBrazilian regions Pelotas and Morro Redondo have commenced a blockchain-based pilot, adding public property record data for the two regions. Initially, a parallel platform will be built to replicate the existing legal structure of property ownership recording and transferring. In time, it is anticipated to create a vastly superior system that incorporates blockchain technology for ultimate accuracy and security.Land Use and RegistrationOpenlawModel all or parts of legal agreements using our markup language, decreasing the cost and friction of creating, securing, and generating binding legal agreements.LaweCFA Senegal's digital currency will be legal tender just as the current currency, CFA Franc, isFinancial ServicesCUT
FluxUsing blockchain technology to collect data on agriculture and the environment. The Flux system collects data from crowdsourced sensors and also has a token that creates a peer-to-peer marketplace between farmers and consumers. The company plans to launch later this month.AgricultureBreastWeCan.OrgBreastWeCan! encourages women to share the results of their mammograms with medical researchers to find more insights about breast cancer. The effort uses blockchain technology to allow people to control their data and grant or deny permission for its use.HealthPetroleum (COIN:OIL)Designed to become a commodity-based utility token employing the Ethereum BlockChain protocols with trading symbol "OIL" in order to provide a liquidity and management solution to global petroleum industry participantsExtractivesEverexEnables transfers, borrowing, and trading in any fiat currency, anywhere. With settlement times below 30 seconds, low transaction costs, and military grade security, the world’s financial markets are in the palm of your hand.Financial ServicesCUT
Grid+Uses technology and automation to offer you dramatic savings in home energy costs, all powered by a simple mobile app. Join us to save big and help make the grid where you live cheaper and greener.EnergyChainScriptTEx allows the learner’s academic record to transfer from a traditional transcript into a blockchain-powered ChainScript™ that can be kept by the individual learner. This ChainScript™ contains a validated and immutable record of the learner’s academic and professional accomplishments across multiple institutions and experiences, building a portfolio of accomplishments that includes credits, competencies, micro-certificates, degrees, and other records of achievement.
EducationPolySwarmThe first decentralized threat intelligence marketplace. Crowdsourcing truth by market design and Ethereum smart contractsBusiness OperationsGIVE FoundationThe GIVE token empowers kids to learn and experience the benefit of giving to support charities and kids in need as well as get financial literacy. By receiving, investing, and earning more tokens through specially designed smart contracts, kids in Southeast Asia will support their community.Philanthropy & AIdSmart Contracting
ModumStreamlines value chain processes by providing trusted and scalable monitoring solutions for goods in transit. Through modum’s services your supply chain data will become your most valuable intelligence, automating business processes and bridging with external data silos.
Business OperationsChile/Smartmatic VotingSmartmatic, the world’s leading election technology and services provider, empowered Chilean citizens during a three-day election in the Commune of Maipu last weekend. Using Smartmatic’s multi-channel voting platform, Chileans had the opportunity to cast a ballot either online or to vote in person in precincts equipped with electronic voting machines.Elections & VotingPopulousThe Populous’ blockchain-based invoice discounting platform is a win-win platform from creating new liquidity and expanding the pool of potential clients. Business OperationsKoraPromoting financial inclusion in emerging markets.Financial ServicesIdentity
Netherlands Truck Driver TrackingDeveloped a blockchain-based system for the tracking of working and resting hours of truck drivers.Business OperationsChinese Social SecurityBlockchain technology will be used in China's social security system because it can facilitate trade and lower transactions costs, according to Wang Zhongmin, vice-chairman of the National Council for Social Security Fund. "There's no doubt that blockchain technology will be used in the social security system because of its valuable applications in the investment and management of social security funds," he said. Wang said blockchains can enable people to trade freely and lower transactions costs.Government services Project JasperProject Jasper addresses the suitability of DLT for the issuance, transfer and settlement of CAD payments from a business, technical, operational, monetary policy and regulatory perspective. Phase I efforts involved building a framework in order to evaluate the suitability of a central bank-issued asset transferred between participants on a distributed ledger network for CAD domestic large value wholesale payments.Financial ServicesLevel One ProjectThe Gates Foundation believes that everyone benefits from an economy that includes everyone. Yet today, billions of people—particularly in the world’s poorest countries—are excluded from a formal economy and miss out on the many advantages these financial systems offer.Financial ServicesIdentity
OriginTrailBrings trusted data sharing to global supply chains by utilizing blockchain technology. The OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN) is built for data integrity and validation in inter-organizational environments, based on globally recognized standards and powerful graph data structures.Business OperationsCivicEnables users to share and
manage their verified identity
data (including biometric data)
via a blockchain.
Cross-cuttingPropyDedicated to solving the problems of purchasing property across borders.Land Use and RegistrationMoedaMoeda’s use of blockchain technology helps it to effectively leapfrog some of the most common challenges that microlenders often encounter: lack of transparency, a preponderance of middlemen, and inefficiency. Blockchain allows for the creation of trustworthy, immutable records, as well as cost-saving operational efficiencies that then lower the cost of lending.Financial ServicesSmart Contracting
PoweledgerGives retailers the ability to empower consumers (or in an unregulated environment, the consumers themselves) to simply trade electricity with one another and receive payment in real-time from an automated and trustless reconciliation and settlement system.RetailCoalichainCoalichain is a decentralized governance platform, delivering effective, accountable democracy to any organization such as companies, NGOs, municipalities and all the way to general elections. It claims to provide "direct and clean relationship between voters and representatives".Elections & VotingQtumA decentralized and open-source smart contracts platform and value transfer protocol. Community participants can vote to change certain network parametersCross-cuttingMoneda PARMoneda PAR is a social currency program which is based on the mutual credit system philosophy and materialized under the form of LETS. Thus, the issuances of PAR are neither made out of thin air nor they are backed by a certain asset like gold or the legal tender. Every PAR that is issued is backed by the transactions that take place within the community. Tokens are like a voucher for an existing product, service, or future ones. One PAR is worth for one Argentinean Peso. (Winner in the "shakers" category at the LaBitConf 2017 at the Blockchain for humanity awards).Financial ServicesTrack & Trace
Project SmartlogTo be dispersed over a three-year period, the money from Kouvola Innovation will be used in part to connect various enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools used by the trucking industry, warehousing industry and freight operating industry to manage their supply chains in FinlandBusiness OperationsCoca Cola/US State DepartmentA secure registry for workers and their contracts using blockchain's validation and digital notary capabilities, to combat forced labor.Business OperationsQueensland Treasury Corporation BondsQueensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) successfully used the blockchain to generate a bond tender, view investor bids in real time, finalize investment allocation and settle instantly with investors. QTC acted in both the issuer and investor role to test the end-to-end process for the issuance.Financial ServicesNational Bank of Cambodia The National Bank of Cambodia has signed an agreement with distributed ledger tech startup Soramitsu that will find the central bank contributing to its development projects. The goal of the effort is to begin joint work on new payment infrastructure prototypes using DLT systems. The central bank will to continue to develop interbank payment solutions using blockchain.Financial ServicesCUT
ProvenanceTracks natural resource products to prove provenance.ExtractivesCoverUSThe CoverUS smartphone app puts users in control of their medical data for the first time, keeping that data secure.HealthSmartcontractConnect smart contracts to your web application, any API, and widely accepted USD payments.Cross-cuttingOrigin ProtocolOrigin is a sharing economy marketplace and set of protocols that enables buyers and sellers of
fractional use goods and services (car-sharing, service-based tasks, home-sharing, etc.) to transact on
the distributed, open web. Using the Ethereum blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFS), the
platform and community are decentralized, allowing for the creation and booking of services and
goods without traditional intermediaries.
Financial ServicesCUT
PubliqPUBLIQ introduces a peer-to-peer distributed network that implements a new vision and approach to the media industry. It changes the way people interact and stay informed, specifically in the fast growing online media environment where no disintermediated way to transact and exchange exists.MediaCryptoseal - ChronicledChronicled developed Cryptoseal, which is a hardware that contains identity data verified on blockchain. This hardware can be placed on any item for purposes such as certification, tracking, etc.Business OperationsSolidifiedSolidified has the largest (200+) community of Solidity experts
and incorporates all stages of technical due diligence into a
single platform so you can bulletproof your smart contract.
Cross-cuttingRootProjectBlockchain technology is applied to a class of economic models for the first time. The result is a new funding paradigm for the social good – one that aligns the interests of investors, donors and nonprofits.Financial ServicesTrack & Trace
Rhizome ProjectIf you’ve got any information about what a politician might been up to, using Rhizome you can make them shown, openly, visually and in a live interaction environment.
Flag fake news, score information quality and create a validated political database using Rhizome and Blockchain technology.
PoliticsDigital voting for Moscow governmentThe government of Moscow is pushing ahead with plans to test blockchain for use in local voting initiatives.Elections & VotingThe National Research Council of CanadaTransparent Administration of Public Contracts: “This Smart contract provides the functions necessary to record (“push”) & retrieve public funding data to the Ethereum blockchain”Government ServicesRussian Bond TradingThe National Settlement Depository (NSD), the central depository for Russia's largest securities exchange group, has announced it is testing a new commercial bond trading platform built on top of the Hyperledger blockchain consortium's Fabric software. Already, Raiffeisenbank Russia has used the prototype platform to purchase $10 million-worth of bonds of MegaFon, the country's second-largest mobile phone network. Financial ServicesCUT
RipeBy designing a radically transparent digital food supply chain, harnesses quality food data to create the Blockchain of Food – an unprecedented food quality network that maps the food journey to answer what’s in our food, where it comes from, and what has happened to it.AgricultureDubai digital passportDubai government is developing a digital passport to streamline immigration process.Government services VnesheconombankThe project's goal is to bring about a transparent environment for electronic transactions between businesses and government customers. And the new methods will be created for storing and verifying the information to drive the transition toward the digital economy. Vnesheconombank plans to use this technology to facilitate aspects of its business such as investments, project monitoring, procurement, electronic contracting, e-contract fulfilment and tracing the supply and subcontractor chain.Business OperationsTunisian blockchain currencyThe Tunisian government has collaborated with Monetas to combine blockchain technology and a national digital currency, which will allow the eDinar to be used for making mobile money transfers, managing identification documents, paying bills, and much more.Financial ServicesCUT
Russia’s Ministry of Health and Vnesheconombank (VEB)Exploring how the tech could be used to exchange patient history.HealthEstonia e-healthMedical information management system.HealthUNDP (AltFinLab)/BitsparkIn Tajikistan, UNDP is working with BitSPark on investigating possibilities to transfer remittances money from Tajikistan workers from Russia to Tajikistan using Bitcoins. Financial ServicesIdentity
Slock.itOffers transparency, security and auditability to real-world objects by offering the following products and services.
Business OperationsFinland Blockchain Credit Cards This technology empowers refugees by giving them a way to be independent and assimilate into their new surroundings. Immigrants can use their cards at a wide variety of businesses and the cards help the government track their spending and identity, giving them access to government services and making their integration into society easier.Financial is a joint-venture company owned by 9 European banks to develop a blockchain-based platform to provide a secure, innovative environment for banks’ commercial clients engaged in import/export transactions to trade in a user-friendly and efficient way.Financial ServicesCUT
S&P Global PlattsDeploys a proprietary, secure Blockchain network to allow market participants to submit weekly inventory oil storage data to Fujairah Oil Industry Zone (FOIZ) and the regulator, FEDCom.ExtractivesFollow My VoteAn online open source voting platform that provides transparency into election results by allowing voters to independently audit the ballot box.Elections & VotingWeTrustWeTrust aims to provide decentralized financial services and create a more inclusive financial system which allows anyone to access fair, equitable financial services without an expensive trusted third party.Financial ServicesIdentity
SmartLogAims to reduce cargo transit times by applying blockchain technology to optimise data transfer in the logistic business.Business OperationsGeorgia Land Registry/BitfuryIn April 2016, The Bitfury Group announced it would pilot the first blockchain land-titling registry in partnership with the Republic of Georgia's National Agency of Public Registry (NAPR) and renowned economist Hernando de Soto.Land Use and Registration!GreenCom!CPSCom!SmartData!Blockchain!CIT!Cybermatics2018-1Q1rrimpxFNyCxx89cHrQN/6w5nImI0Ig3hGYLb0t5U7Z/W9mvW1z55LQNosEjAhN92.pdfDescribes an improved process of lending, monitoring and evaluating development projects counting on BNDES public financing. The key component to enable the process improvement is a proposed mechanism to track funding, called BNDESToken. This paper also explains how BNDES is implementing a transition solution, which is going to be used during proofs of concept in some financing projectsFinancial ServicesTrack & Trace
SolshareSustainable, affordable energy access for low income rural people is possible right now. Our decentralised peer-to-peer microgrids deliver solar power to households and businesses, and enable them to trade their (excess) electricity for profit.EnergyGhana Land Registry/BitlandGhanaian government partners with Bitland to register land through a blockchain platform.Land Use and Registration
StratumnAddresses confidentiality concerns in chemicals supply chainExtractivesHorizon State (voting)Voting in elections can be insecure, inefficient, and expensive -- which leads many to abstain from the process. Horizon State offers a blockchain-powered platform that enables vote casting and collaborative decision making that is tamper-proof. Voting abilities are delivered straight to mobile phones and computers to eliminate the planning and execution of centralized voting according to geographical areas. Horizon State enables community engagement in a safe and effective manner to “ensure every voice counts.”Elections & Voting
T-mining container transportation BlockchainT-Mining is currently working on a pilot project that will make container handling in the port of Antwerp more efficient and secure. Using blockchain technology, processes that involve several parties – carriers, terminals, forwarders, hauliers, drivers, shippers etc. – are securely digitised without any central middleman being involved.
Business OperationsIllinois Blockchain Initiative (statewide, cross-agency, including birth certificates)Illinois government is piloting a blockchain-based birth certificate project.Government Services
TE-FOODFarm-to-table traceability solution, covering all logistics and food quality activities and data management of the supply chain. It provides cost effective software and identification tools to make livestock and fresh food supply information transparent. AgricultureIndonesia blockchain IDPotential application in tax filing, voting, agricultural subsidy distribution.Government Services
Trafigura/NatixisThe technology could ease the cumbersome process of exchanging contracts, letters of credit, inspection and other paperwork by email or fax when one company sells oil to another.ExtractivesIntelligent Multifunctional Identity The system will reportedly provide a more efficient way for residents to authenticate their identities and official information without filling out forms each time they need a new government service in Chan Cheng District in Foshan CityGovernment Services
UK Mortgage Transaction BlockchainThe system, which was built using R3’s Corda, enables banks to generate automated delivery receipts for the regulator each time a mortgage is booked. The organizations hope that it can reduce the cost of the process and the risk of error. The FCA prototype “can give the regulator a new tool capable of overseeing mortgage activity much more quickly and efficiently than before whilst greatly reducing data inconsistencies,” Richard Crook, head of emerging technology at RBS, said in a statement.Financial ServicesiRespondThe iRespond identity solution is a combination of the unique signature of the iris, the power of encryption and the protection of blockchain technology, crossing boundaries and barriers securely and in real-time, controlled by your own eyes. Government Services
WaltonchainA genuine, trustworthy and traceable business ecosystem with complete data sharing and absolute information transparency. It is created through a combination of the RFID and blockchain technologies,Business OperationsIryoIryo deployed blockchain-based electronic health records in refugee camps in Jordan, enabling people to store health data on their mobile phones, and take it with them. Health; Humanitarian Services
Waste Processing Blockchain In the pilot, the waste weight data is linked to that of the transporters, intermediaries and final processors, and organized via the blockchain. All these parties keep their own administration. Blockchain can contribute to a joint administration that provides absolute certainty about the integrity of the data. Another big advantage is that a number of control moments are automatically controlled via smart contracts. At the same time, we have insight into the entire process from waste container to final processor.Business OperationsJapanese Land RegistryThe Japanese government is reportedly planning to unify all property and land registries across urban, farmland and forested areas in a single ledger powered by blockchain technology. The new blockchain-powered register will be tested in select cities come summer 2018. If it proves successful, the Japanese government is looking at a nationwide rollout over the next five years. Land Use and Registration
Zest Labs AgTech Company specializing in post-harvest shelf-life and freshness management solutions that reduce food waste, and improve product margins and profitability for growers, processors, distributors, 3pls and retailers.AgricultureLantmäterietA project set up last year by Sweden’s land registry authority, the Lantmäteriet, to trial blockchain technology for recording property deals has just moved to its second phase.Land Use and Registration
Brooklyn MicrogridLO3 Energy is developing blockchain based innovations to revolutionize how energy can be generated, stored, bought, sold and used, all at the local level.EnergyLondon Stock Exchange shareholder voting systemDeveloped by London Stock Exchange subsidiary Borsa Italiana, the blockchain platform, built with IBM Blockchain, is being designed to digitize both securities ownership and the capital structure of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMEs).Financial services
China Tax BlockchainThe Chinese government will utilize blockchain technology for social taxation and electronic invoice issuance matters. Government ServicesLuxembourg Digital IDLuxTrust S.A., the leading European Trust Services Provider, and Cambridge Blockchain LLC, the Massachusetts-based pioneer in digital identity enterprise software, announced the development of a new privacy-protecting European identity platform. Cross-cutting
Centrica (UK energy supplier)Provides a secure platform for consumers to buy and sell directly from each other and is being explored by several European utilities which say it could revolutionise the energy sectorEnergyMedicalChainA way to securely share and store patient records.Health
Mercuria, ING, Sociéte Generale Commodity TradingIcalled Easy Trading Connect, is designed for paperless trading and aims to digitalise and standardise commodity transactions in order to increase speed and efficiencies in the trade process.ExtractivesMicrosoft and Accenture Refugee ID Blockchaincombines biometric data (like a fingerprint or an iris scan) and a new form of record-keeping technology, known as the blockchain, to create a permanent identity.Health
Tiqpit SolutionsBlockchain based commodity trading platform.ExtractivesMIT/Blockcerts digital diplomaMIT issued its first batch of digital diploma using Blockcerts blockchain platform.Education
Moscow Government Blockchain based documents management systemDubbed "Digital Ecosystem", the project is aimed at developing tools that can "increase the speed, reliability and quality of interaction during document exchange.Business Operations
Nasdaq shareholder votingSouth Africa's central securities depository (CSD) will leverage the solution to improve voting efficiencies and increase shareholder participation in South Africa.Elections & Voting
National Settlement Depository Blockchain VotingThe NSD used the NXT blockchain system to create the open-source prototype, with the goal to enable shareholders to more easily vote as part of annual shareholder meetings. E-Proxy Voting’s blockchain-based prototype registers the instructions directly in the distributed ledger, which is used by all chain participants at once.Elections & Voting
Podemos (Spain)/Agora (now nVotes)Podemos, a political party in Spain, used Agora (now nVotes) for its national primary election.Elections & Voting
Procivisthe startup will supply the Canton of Schaffhausen with an electronic Citizen-ID based on a mobile app, which will be available to citizens free of charge. The Citizen-ID is planned to be launched later this year as a pilot project.Government Services
Ship RegistryBlockchain based registration of ships. This system would result into a more user-friendly system for the owner of a ship that only needs to fill in a registration form. Upon registration, a “file” on the Blockchain is created which triggers requests to, for example, the builder of the ship, who can add information to this file. Business Operations
ShoCardEliminates the need for usernames and passwords within the enterprise to authorize network and data access, instead using a blockchain-based digital identity verification and authentication process.Business Operations
Singapore bank securityfraudulent companies used duplicate invoices for the same goods to get hundreds of millions of dollars from banks, so the Singapore government developed a system with the local banks focused on preventing invoice fraud by using the blockchain to create a unique cryptographic hash (a unique fingerprint) of every invoice.

The banks share this unique key, rather than the raw data. If another bank tries to register an invoice with the same details, the system will be alerted.
Financial services
Sovereign ( decentralized protocol for validating identities serves the political purpose of personal sovereignty.Government Services
Swedish blockchain Land RegistrySweden's land ownership authority has been testing blockchain for land and property transaction/registration. Two years later, Lantmåteriet is eager to perform its first blockchain property transaction. The authority is looking for volunteers to buy and sell housing on its blockchain platform.
Land Use and Registration
Telangana Land registryThe Indian State of Telangana has started a pilot programme in parts of capital city, Hyderabad, to use Blockchain technology for land registration and integration with the state revenue department in association with Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC).Land Use and Registration
Texas Libertarian Party VoteWatcher (by Blockchain Technologies Corp)Balloted election services for Texas State Convention of the Libertarian Party provided by Blockchain Technologies Corp, a New York-based software company and startup accelerator.Elections & Voting
The Healthcare InstituteIt has developed a prototype on Ethereum, which allows involved healthcare providers to get real time information on a need to know basis about their client/ patient. The client/patient has more control over his data and can determine - via an application - which professional can get access to additional information.Health
The UK Department of Work and Pensions blockchain projectBlockchain system is used to distribute welfare payments.Government Services
TierionCreates technology and products that reduce the cost and complexity of trust.Cross-cutting
TU DelftCurrently developing a government issued blockchain ID, that can be accessed from cellphones.Cross-cutting
Tufts / Massachusetts Democratic Party Convention / West VirginiaBlockchain for voting startup ran pilots for Tufts Community Union, and the Massachusetts Democratic Party Convention before recently announcing a partnership with West Virginia to test blockchain-enabled votingElections & Voting
Ukraine blockchain-based auctionUkraine to auction seized assets through blockchain, as an effor to fight corruption.Government Services
Ukraine E-voxEthereum blockchain-based election platform.Elections & Voting
Ukranian Land RegistryThe application of a Blockchain system that will protect the auctions from black market controls would provide a way to stabilize the land price slide and increase income for farmers. The State Land Cadastre provided a resolution stating: the transfer of the State Land Cadastre to blockchain technology. Land Use and Registration
UnitedHealthPilot project for secure exchange of personal health data onlineHealth
University of MelbourneThe University of Melbourne will soon test blockchain technology to record student credentials, allowing people to share verified copies of their qualifications with employers and other third parties in a tamper-proof system. The university is among the earliest in the world to pilot the technology, which will be used this year in an internal course, the Melbourne Teaching Certificate, taken by its academics to improve their teaching skills.Education
Utah Republic Party/SmartmaticPowered by Smarmatic, members of the Utah Republican party will be able to cast their ballot to vote for this 2016 Republican presidential nominee by registering online at the party’s website.Elections & Voting
VoatzA mobile election voting platform, secured via smart biometrics, real time ID verification and the blockchain for irrefutability. Voatz did a pilot in West Virginia.Elections & Voting
VotemMobile voting platform designed to securely cast votes in elections across the globe.Elections & Voting
WiSeKeyRwandan digital ID and land registryLand Use and Registration
World Food Programme's Building BlocksWFP's Building Blocks has integrated into the existing biometric identity system for refugee, providing them with identity document which can be used for further transactions such as receiving cash money, buying food, etc.Humanitarian Services
Zug ID, Switzerland blockchain for identitySwiss city, Zug, is piloting a government-issued self-sovereign ID using blockchain technology.Government Services
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