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TimestampName of blogWeb address of blogWhy this blog deserve to be considered as a Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2014?What is the link to your first blog post?How many blog post does your blog have now?How can we reach you should there be clarification?Admin notes
5/13/2014 10:49:32The Slambook Projecthttp://www.theslambookproject.comCool approach to blogging: Comic Blogging & Graphics
5/13/2014 22:04:31Knowing Ropesknowingropes.comKnowing Ropes is created mainly for expression of thoughts and sharing of knowledge and insight. I don't expect to earn from it since a personal blog does not easily get readers' attention, neither people would go back to reread your experiences shared. Despite that, I was able to get a decent number of readers who backread my posts and those who return for new ones. Though I'm not earning from my blog, I think my readers find it interesting and worth sharing. In fact, some of my readers (who are mostly my students) personally tell me how much they learn and enjoy my blog and that they really wait for my next post. That is actually more than I can ask for. My first topics on my blog are indirect answers to questions of my students and I thought of blogging them in order to reach more people who have the same questions. I then included my experiences such as travels with friends, and my insights on topics that people are generally aware of, with the hope that they would find it informative or at least entertaining. Since my blog satisfies the purpose for which I made it, I can consider it influential especially to my target audience, my students.
5/14/2014 11:33:06The is created to carry on the very purpose of writing and reading online— and that is to be connected to the world. @thedailypedia
5/16/2014 1:06:22Sole Searching Soulwww.solesearchingsoul.comSole Searching Soul is not just an ordinary travel blog or guide, rather it's a blog that aims to make a difference in a community, one trip (one blog) at a time...

My Sole Searching Soul blog serves an agent of communication or link of networks for bloggers & businesses (with emphasis on tourism related SMEs), especially locals & Bicolanos, to stay connected and meet each other offline, not just online. It also aims foster strong partnerships with different stakeholders through co-creation and collaboration instead of competition!

I integrate my passion and knowledge in education/training, communication. marketing, community development, peer counseling, hospitality & tourism with digital marketing to create opportunities not just for myself but in great part for others as well especially those small players with big potential .

This blog is about my life's journey and others too (the community I visit, the people I meet, my solemates, etc).
More than just travelling, it is about making our own path
And inspiring others to always believe in the Philippines and to the Filipino spirit... Finding our way back home, rediscovering ourselves as we explore our own countries and the world...

This is about a Sole searching for a Soul. 0917 597 5684
Smart +63 947 721 6000

IG & Twitter : @msappleallison
Twitter : @SoleSSoul
FB Page :
Approved. Disclaimer on start date indicated on its sidebar.
5/16/2014 23:48:40Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life made this novel book ever since I was working in Dubai City, Riyadh City and when I started as a blogger, I thought, making it as a blog can fully reach-out blogger and Filipino readers alike.

As an OFW before, I could share my experiences in a way, that they'll educate the boundless terrain of being an OFW. It needs sacrifice, love, devotion to be able to survive in a far away places as worker.

My life is not the same as other OFWs, but It could enhance readers or other Filipinos to gain an insight of why OFWs behave and decide what could be the reverse of normal Filipino thinking.

Through my writing, you can feel the dream of a person coming from the province, who wanted life to be normal as possible, but its course was subjected by heartaches, lies, revenge and love.

Building a family is a foundation for him to create and nurture even in a far away land. Unluckily, more and more events in his life that needed to be cultured and decided upon through his dream. can reach me:

+63 9167321901 (Globe)
+63 9998237772 (Smart)
046 9705182 (Landline) (Email Address) (facebook) (Google+) (Twitter)
5/18/2014 23:02:21Nutri Facts in the Packshttp://whatsinthepacks.blogspot.comThis blog is a basic, yet essential step into understanding the world of nutrition conciousness. Through this blog, nutrition facts and figures are being highlighted to bring information on what we eat or drink. The blog's author believes that becoming an informed consumer is a way to a healthier eating lifestyle.
Twitter: @dimaks
5/19/2014 11:58:59Eats Now or Neverwww.eatsnowornever.comOne of the main strengths of Eats Now or Never is that the founders of the blog actually know what they are talking about. The three founders have been involved in the food industry in different ways, Hershey studied culinary arts, Dale and Hershey run a food service company, and Peter has been writing for food magazines. Articles are well-written and researched, and it's not just about our opinions on food, or a simple reporting of events. We have a different take on what happens, and we always want to make sure that the reader is entertained when they read the blog. We think about what the readers want to read, and we strive to always give them something new, something they didn't know. We like to ask weird questions about food, and when we get answers, we share them to our readers. Questions like "What are some restaurant secrets that the restaurant industry keeps from its customers?" or "What should you be eating in a buffet to get the most out of your money?" or "What part of the Chickenjoy should you be ordering?", these are questions we are curious about, and our readers are more than happy to read about,,, facebook/eatsnowornever, twitter/eatsnoworneverapproved
5/19/2014 13:45:11Matakaw Na Batahttp://matakawnabata.comI've been a foodie for quite some time. And as a blogger, I want to explore about food. With my tight schedule at work, I always see to it to search for the best homemade pastries, recipes and hip restaurants around Metro Manila.

With the creation of my blog, from my daily status post on Facebook last September 2013 which I used the hashtag #matakawnabata. The hashtag itself came from a conversation of a friend of mine who keep on teasing me as a very matakaw na bata. I realized that I need to put up my food blog as an inspiration of my hardwork as an online worker and find myself as a certified foodie., lee, @MatakawNaBataPHapproved
5/19/2014 17:18:58Delightfully Desserts by Zheymehttp://www.delightfullydesserts.comThe idea of this blog comes out when my eagerness to learn on how to bake and create my own version of desserts. I love eating desserts and I love learning new thing on how those sweet bites are made. On this blog, I will not only share my versions of desserts but also how I manage to make delightfully desserts for my family and friends. Of course, people who visit my blog will also get inspired on the stories behind the dessert that has been created.

Delightfully Desserts by Zheyme is not just a blog, its a guide and reference that can help. Its Delightfully Sweet and Deliciously Desserts! | +639169683991approved
5/19/2014 17:59:58Fervil SEO Blog of the best thing which has happened to me in 2014 was to get series of interviews from top internet marketing and seo experts in both local and offshore (including Neil Patel of Quicksprout and Brian Dean of Backlinko).

This post:

Garnered lots of good feedback from visitors in the comments and was highlighted in top 4 social media sites: 09359358785
social media:
G+ page:
5/28/2014 7:40:02Quite Simple Bitswww.quitesimplebits.comThe blog was created as a motivation to practice a simple and sustainable lifestyle. It aims as a resource for people who want to live the same lifestyle by providing information that is more practical than science-heavy (less about climate change, more on how to conserve energy).
6/3/2014 15:41:15Corrine Ematawww.technorush.comWith the high-tech world we have today Techno Rush is a blog that talks about and anything about gadgets, gaming and any thing about technology. From time to time I will be joined by my son a tandem talking and discussing about technology. We also plan to make some vlogs included in our post discussing about a certain product and sharing our opinions. We would also discuss food relevant that goes well with technology and gadgets. / approved
6/26/2014 13:34:10Rumor, Humors and More Issues

Because Pinoy Rumors plus Humor makes it more fun. me at
or Social Media tweet me at carlvalenzona
7/4/2014 13:11:21Cagayan de Oro's Breathing Space Breathing Space? And why Cagayan de Oro?

Cagayan de Oro's Breathing Space is a breath of fresh air in a virtual universe populated by ultimately meaningless lifestyle concerns.

This blog promotes the key principles of sustainability and eco-friendly solutions. It encourages the creation of a space where people are free to breathe, pursue their passions and help make opportunities that will benefit humanity without causing harm to the environment.

It also believes in Cagayan de Oro is a wonderful city of amazing potential, rich with experiences, and that Kagay-anons have valuable insights that should be shared with the world.

As stated on the blog:

"By this blog, and with each blog post, we believe that we help educate our readers about a better way to live, work and play. We hope that we inspire as well as inform with our news and events section.

We often ask, how do we make the world easier to live in? But we say, how should we live so we are easier to live with?

We hope, Cagayan de Oro’s Breathing Space can give some insights and provide the opportunities and experiences to help make our way of life more eco-friendly and how we do things more sustainable." Baena Ciriacruz
Linkedin -
Approved. Disclaimer on start date indicated on its blog footer.
8/18/2014 0:54:13JLofiedwww.jlofied.com1. Quality presentation with quality content
2. Simple, clear design lay-out
3. Easy to read
4. Informative post / topics
5. This is something that I love. This is me, and my heart and soul is into it. My blog inspires and empowers women to be the person that they want to be.
8/19/2014 12:00:46Raket Hub the blog is named RaketHub?

Because "Raket" is an informal Filipino term meaning sideline..

On my Blog, I share to my readers my Raket Ideas, insights and the things i learned in the webinars and seminars that i have attended.and covered.(The event are mostly for entrepreneurs and for those working online) 0933-198-3660 / 0905-400-3660
8/25/2014 14:32:46ASTIG.PHhttp://astig.phASTIG.PH sets itself apart from traditional blogs by providing quality content supplemented by pleasing visuals presented in a mobile-friendly user experience. With a team of over 20 editors and contributors, the site has grown rapidly from its inception in February 2014, garnering a large viewership as proven by its Google page rank and Alexa stats.


Dennison Uy
Editor-in-chief, ASTIG.PH
Mobile: +63.917 555.3366
Email: /
8/25/2014 15:44:23Pinas Social blog is not only meant for the Filipinos entertainment but also to provide the best in different aspects of life.,, Tel: 09274513801, Facebook:
8/25/2014 16:59:08CEnterTechNewswww.centertechnews.comCenterTechNews stands for Center of Entertainment Technology and News. As the name suggests, this is a news site that serves readers with the freshest news from the planet that has something to do with different categories like current events, celebrity, television, technology, educational, travel, health, lifestyle, love and quotes.

With well researched and updated information posted on this site, everything you need is here. There is strict implementation of rules on the blog in order to preserve order and veracity of information because these rules are not just applicable to the readers but to the writers as well.

This blog started when the writers figured out the need to serve people all throughout the net with the information that they need. This blog is Philippine based that is why there are special consideration to Philippine-related news but without taking for granted news around the world.

The blog’s sole purpose is to increase awareness of people of what is happening in his community. The writers believe that through this kind of service, there is a possible change of life – for this blog aims change and improvement.

The news articles written are based on the current trends and the writers see to it that there are updates on the previous article to preserve continuity. Staying in this blog will give you continuity in your reading life. Some of them are written to entertain, inform and persuade. For this blog upholds the basic purpose of writing.
8/26/2014 15:50:38Dizkarteng Noypi Noypi - "Ang Tambayan ng Madiskarteng Pinoy!"

Ang ating blog ay naging daan sa maraming Pinoy na nakitambay upang mamulat sa kahalagahan ng kaalamang pinansyal (financial literacy) at matutunan ang ibat-ibang uri ng "investment instruments" na makakapagpalago sa ating buhay-pinansyal sa paraang madaling naiintindihan ng mga mambabasa ang lahat ng mga artikulo ukol sa pananalapi at pamumuhunan. Ang ating mga blog posts ay nakasulat sa "Tag-Lish" format.

Naging inspirasyon din ang Dizkarteng Noypi sa buhay ng mga tagasubaybay na patuloy na mangarap at ang lahat ng bagay ay posibleng maabot kung patuloy lamang itong pagsusumikapan at babaguhin ang mga maling nakaugalian ng mga pinoy lalo na sa konsepto ng pera.

Ika nga, "kung gusto mo ng PAGBABAGO, gumawa ka ng BAGO."

Mabuhay tayong lahat! :) :
Twitter :
Google+ :
Email :
8/30/2014 8:39:54ProfitBlitz a lot of advise and resources on how to make a profitable online business. than 20
8/30/2014 8:52:05Self Made Businessman lessons learned and insight on being an entrepreneur. than 20
8/30/2014 9:03:02NicheHacks shortcuts and steps to accomplish goals. than 20
8/30/2014 9:21:37Poshtrend latest reviews on movies, cars, and gadgets. than 20
8/30/2014 9:32:41Jewelled Kitchen food preparations shared that can help any kitchen / cooking newbie. than 20
8/30/2014 10:02:54Pinoy Blog Watch sharing news and point of view on trending topics than 20
8/30/2014 11:04:15XolXol news and buzz in a blog. than 20
8/30/2014 11:37:33Lookout interest news and insights. than 20
8/30/2014 11:39:36Primavera Residences Blog latest developments in CDO. Good example of a corporate blog. - antidated - started september 2013more than 20 Disclosure on start date seen on blog footer.
8/30/2014 13:21:20Dateline Movies is a blog of a 14-year old boy who is a certified movie buff. He uses this blog to offer his thoughts and comments about movies and anything related to it. Simply put, he is able to use whatever influence he has by writing about something which gives him so much enjoyment. He uses the blog as well as a platform to express himself and is very fulfilled when people listen.
Twitter: datelinemovies
8/30/2014 14:06:29Dok Tour to see someone in the medical profession who blogs with a lot of fun. than 20brian.macasa@gmail.comapproved
8/30/2014 14:13:38Pinions and Plumage of Love mom blogger who talks about blessings, greatness and beauty with God as the center of the family.
8/30/2014 22:54:01Freelance Blendwww.freelanceblend.comI believe I deserve the consideration because aside from blogging, I was able to stand out from the rest in the field by offering a unique way of getting my message across to the masses through podcasting (i.e. The Freelance Blend Podcast).

Further, my interviews with the biggest names and influencers in the freelancing, blogging and entrepreneurship fields inspired not only myself, but also my audience. This helped my podcast grow organically and placed the show among the top business and careers podcasts in iTunes. As the podcast grew, so did the blog, and it gave me the opportunity to hold my first workshop and appear on national TV to talk about the workshop. It's been a roller coaster ride so far.

But more importantly, I believe I deserve to be considered as an emerging influential blog because it will give me the opportunity:
1. to reach out and inspire more people; and,
2. to achieve my vision of eliminating unemployment in the Philippines by enabling Filipinos to earn income through freelancing. / 0917-5319431approved
8/31/2014 1:30:26Adventurous Outdoors is all about the outdoors and the adventures that comes with it. It's not for the faint of heart. I seldom see blogs that focuses exclusively on mountain climbing and outdoor gears review.
8/31/2014 9:08:57Mommy Bloggers Philippines blog that intends to unite all mommy bloggers. than 20
8/31/2014 9:35:56Tweensel Mom sharing life and parenting tweens. than 20
8/31/2014 11:20:19Lallie Peralejo Blog Udquin-Peralejo is one of the managing partners for Travel Factor HQ. After travelling the world and still helping people cross out items on their bucket lists, Lallie started transcribing her experiences in her piece of the internet.

Now blogging mostly about food, just await how far you are missing out if you do not get out of your house.
8/31/2014 11:25:45BPO True Stories is where all BPO stories are written. Everything is True.

From legal cases, suicides, scorecards, everything is True. You get to learn more about the BPO industry. The Philippines is now the BPO capital of the world, it is time that we have a blog about this.
8/31/2014 20:10:18Not your Ordinary Mum blog where a mom shares her journey, recipes that her family enjoys and the other things that can make her life colorful. than 20
8/31/2014 20:15:25Kezon 101 blogger whose advocacy is to promote the Quezon province. than 20