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Alan CreanDublin City UniversityIT Service Desk1) Their organisation's setup; 2) Their organisation's experiences, good or bad; 3) Future plans in their institutes1) My University's recent migration for staff to Google Apps; 2) I give Google Apps training in my College; 3) I am finding it increasingly hard to stay being a Man Utd fan!
Alex GoffeKeele UniversityICT Services Coordinator Google Apps within Health Faculties; 2) Use of Chromebooks/Chrome for Staff/IT Labs/Students; 3) Use of Google Hangouts as a replacement to Skype or video conferencing1) Linux systems; 2) Management of technical staff and service; 3) My experiences with a Google Chromebook
Ali McManusUniversity of YorkExternal Returns and Data Officer
Alison KayeUniversity of YorkTeaching and Learning Advisor
Anthony RimmerLeeds College of ArtWeb Services and Support Technician
Arthur CluneUniversity of YorkHead of Systems
Arti RumpalBrunel UniversityEmail Project Manager1) How they moved from offering Email only to other Google applications such as Google Drive; 2) How they engaged other people in other teams; 3) Did they need Chrome on their desktops in order for the project to be successful1) Upgrading from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010; 2) Options and considerations when your archiving solution runs out of contract and you need another supplier; 3) Brunel University and changes
Ben CattUniversity of YorkSerials & e- Resources Assistant
Brian MorrisseyUniversity College DublinHead of Web Services
Carol HiggisonUniversity of BradfordSenior Lecturer in Technology Enhanced Learning
Caryn DouglasWhite Rose College of the Arts & HumanitiesManager
Charles MifsudUniversity of MaltaSenior IT Systems Engineer
Charlie GoodOxford Brookes UniversityIT/AV Support Officer/Postmaster Lead How much do you handle communicating new Google Apps features/changes to your user community?; 2) What's the most innovative use you've made of a Google Apps product in your organisation?; 3) How do you see Big Data evolving in your institution?1) I have worked for Oxford Brookes for 7 years in a variety of IT roles (field specific such as architecture and psychology IT technicians) and currently work on the Servicedesk and am lead on the email related tasks; 2) As an insitution we are trying to implement best practice and improving our services, I have passed ITIL Foundation V3 and Intermediate Level - Service Offerings and Agreements; 3) I do amateur dramatics and have just taken on an allotment
Chris MayoUniversity of BristolMobile Technology Specialist1) Experience of Google services on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets); 2) ChromeOS use in institutions; 3) Approaches to mobile support1) Interactive documentation - using elearning for system documentation; 2) Different types of support of mobile devices (clinics/community networks); 3) Boats (navigation, electrics, motor cruisers)
Colin MitchellLeeds Metropolitan UniversityLearning Technologist Google Classroom!; 2) Google's Roadmap - especially in relation to Classroom; 3) Other institutions experiences of using Google Apps for Education1) Our use of Google Blogger; 2) Nexus tablet trial project; 3) Discuss approaches to eLearning suing Google Apps
Dan HardingKeele UniversityLearning Technologist Google Apps Script - innovate 'build your own' adaptations of Google Apps for Education (e.g. Google Forms); 2) Using Google Apps for Education as a fully functioning VLE; 3) Becoming a Google Educator - is it worth it?1) Vespa scooters; 2) Using Google Apps for Education as an alternative to Blackboard; 3) Using Google Forms for assessment and feedback
Darren MillerUniversity of YorkSystem Administrator
Darren MundayUniversity of YorkNetwork Technician
Daryl BamforthUniversity of YorkSystems Administrator & Developer
Dave SurteesUniversity of SheffieldAssistant Director - Support Services
David BarrettUniversity of YorkIT Project Manager Use of Drive for collaborating on projects; 2) Use of Google Spreadsheets for cataloguing requirements; 3) Identity Management & cloud - issues/challenges1) The Post-It-Note user story generator; 2) Use of Google App Script for managing sites permissions; 3) Painting with ink and watercolour
David HullUniversity of YorkTechnical Manager
David MullettUniversity Campus Suffolke-Learning Developer Cultural changes shifting to GAFE, how was it handled?; 2) What suite of apps are you using the most?; 3) GAFE as a VLE?1) Survival Preparedness; 2) Motorbikes; 3) Modern Technologies
Dike NsoedoUniversity of West LondonProject Manager
Eddy HartleyUniversity of Sheffield2nd Line Support
Garry BoothLoughborough UniversityIT Specialist
Gary WoodUniversity of SheffieldAssociate University Teacher in Linguistics
Gavin AtkinsonUniversity of YorkIT Security Specialist Discuss security aspects, e.g. audit report use, API access; 2) Discuss issues other security-focused people have with Google when faced with account compromises, misuse etc.1) Focus on IT Security; 2) FreeBSD committer and core team member
Graeme CappiUniversity of BristolSystems and Operations Manager
Heidi Fraser-KraussUniversity of YorkDirector of IT Services
Holly AdamsOxford Brookes UniversityIT & AV Support Officer
Iqbal HussainUniversity of WestminsterSenior Web Services Analyst
J DewitzUCLInnovations Officer
Jan ApolloUniversity College LillebaeltSenior Consultant Google Drive integration in LMS; 2) Security - person sensitive information; 3) Third party add-ons in Google Drive1) Telepresence and videoconferencing; 2) Video; 3) Spearfishing
Jessica GrampUCLE-Learning Facilitator How can Google Apps be integrated with Moodle/Canvas or other VLEs?; 2) What is the best thing about Google Apps for Education?; 3) What is the one thing you wish Google Apps for Education did that is not (yet) available?1) eAssessment; 2) Moddle; 3) Developing e-learning networks
Joanne CaseyUniversity of YorkCommunications & Marketing Manager1) Supporting users; 2) Engaging reluctant users; 3) Promoting collaboration1) Engaging users; 2) Using social media to promote Google Apps; 3) Cheese
Joel MillsUniversity of HullTEL Advisor Developing workflows for collaborative mobile learning; 2) Using Google solutions for e-Marking; 3) How Google solutions can be used in innovative learning spaces1) Utilising tablets for innovative learning pedagogy; 2) Working with ePortfolios; 3) e-Assessment cycle
John HawesUniversity of YorkIT Specialist Support Advisor
John MasonUniversity of YorkHead of Networking
Julian Lintell-SmithUniversity of PortsmouthSenior Manager - Service Delivery
Justin DoyleDublin City UniversityServices Manager
Ken BarrettTribalEnterprise Service Desk Product Owner What do institutions use Google apps for with the Student Population?; 2) How institutions see the uptake of more Google apps in the future?; 3) Do institutions use Google apps to market to prospective students?
1) How the Enterprise Service Desk product suite has improved both the Student Experience and Student Retention in our institutions; 2) How we intend to integrate the E.S.D. API with Google apps; 3) That I play guitar and sing in a jazz band :)
Mally MclaneUniversity of BristolGoogle Apps Manager Increasing Adoption; 2) Google+; 3) Hangouts1) I'm a policeman too!; 2) And a part time Ambulanceman!; 3) I speak Swedish
Mark FarrugiaUniversity of MaltaSenior IT Specialist
Mark HouseFakenham Academy NorfolkE-Learning Manager Admin console; 2) Management console; 3) Scripts1) Domain change; 2) Teacher education (PGCE); 3) Skiing
Martin How did you embed Google Apps in the institution?; 2) How much money has Google Apps saved you?; 3) What has Google Apps made possible that you couldn't do before?1) Building on Google's APIs; 2) Hacking your organisation; 3) Parenting and the iPad Generation
Martin HawkseyAssociation for Learning TechnologyChief Innovation, Community and Technology Officer Experience of using Google Apps in education; 2) Do you use Google Apps Script?; 3) Are you a member of ALT?1) The Association for Learning Technology (ALT); 2) Google Apps Script; 3) The best recipe for vegetarian lasagne
Matt SmithUCLLearning Technology Officer
Matt StreetKeele UniversityLearning Technology Officer
Matthew CollinsUniversity of YorkProfessor Using GDocs in an Office world; 2) Problems with VPN - off campus access from Chrome OS; 3) Integration of G+ with Twitter and other social media1) ChromeOS as a primary platform (or not); 2) PaperPile - references in the cloud; 3) Closed G+ Communities for teaching
Matthew LeachUniversity of DerbyTLA Developer Google Sites - templating and assessment; 2) Calendar for session booking; 3) Dealing with cyberbullying/harassment1) Blackboard Learn; 2) Creating Google Maps Site for student induction; 3) Augmented Reality
Matthew MobbsUniversity of LeicesterLearning Using Google Apps for Professional and Personal Development; 2) Using Google Apps for Educational Resources; 3) Using Google Apps in assessment1) Learning Technology; 2) Educational Design; 3) Formula 1
Max SpicerUniversity of YorkIdentity Systems Developer
Michelle BlakeUniversity of YorkHead of Relationship Management
Mike BrudenellUniversity of YorkSystems Administrator & Change Manager Having "Gone Google", how do you handle people using outsourced bulk mailing services wanting to send messages as being from your domain? (SPF records, access to SMTP services, etc.); 2) If you enable end-users to create Google Groups themselves, how do you check for/deal with obsolete groups once all owners and/or members have left them?; 3) How do you track forthcoming changes Google are announcing and who makes decisions about their introduction/announcement at your institution? E.g. is one person responsible for this or a committee, and how do they find out about impending changes?1) Email services/routing/delivering Change Management, and avoiding being a dinosaur; 2) The name of a tea-shop in York selling the most awesome chocolate scones with chocolate chips, chocolate spread and cream (optionally, with a Hot Chocolate to drink!); 3) Where to buy the most stunningly beautiful soaps, deliciously scented shower gels, and awesomely scented candles in York. Clue: Follow the bubbles!
Mike DunnUniversity of YorkTeaching and Learning Advisor1) What interesting things do you do with Google/IT that's not about work?; 2) How long could you cope without access to any form of wired/wireless network?; 3) Will historians of the future have any primary sources to work with?1) Narrowboat toilets; 2) Sound engineering at mime shows; 3) Capabilities of MS Office v Google Applications
Mike SmithLeeds College of ArtProgramme Leader - DFGA/Animation How people are currently using Google Apps for Education; 2) What problems they have come across; 3) The positives of using Google Apps for Education1) Our experience of Google Apps for Education; 2) Integrating Google Apps with Moodle; 3) Postgraduate study
Neil CouperUniversity of YorkIT Support Technician
Nick SkeltonUniversity of BristolAssistant Director IT Services What are you using Google Apps for, beyond the core apps?; 2) Is anyone using Google Drive as a strategic part of their organisations filestore?; 3) Google Plus as an organisational social-networking tool?1) Cider-making; 2) Backupify cloud backup for Google Apps; 3) Understanding academics' views on cloud services and how to get past any fear
Paul BellUniversity of YorkICS Technician
Paul BrianUniversity of PortsmouthProject Manager1) How they are using Google products within their organisation; 2) If they had any major problems adopting Google Apps; 3) Success stories1) The non-technical aspects to change communication and managing expectations; 2) What to expect during a move to Google Apps; 3) How to transition from a Fine Art degree into Project Management
Paul BushnellUniversity of YorkEstates Works Manager
Paul CareyEaling, Hammersmith & West London CollegeUX Design & Learning Technologies Manager What impact has using Google Apps had on the staff culture at your organisation?; 2) Is technology a barrier to educational change or an accelerator?; 3) If you had a blank canvas for delivering education next year, would you pick Google Apps as the platform?1) Having fun is more important than working; 2) Some people still see design as a visual luxury, rather than the "bricks and mortar" it really is; 3) Everyone must read this book - The Design of Everyday Things
Paul GaffneyDublin City UniversityDesktop Development1) Migration; 2) Training; 3) Future Plans1) Training Plan; 2) Windows Migration; 3) Google Certification
Peter JarvisUniversity of YorkICS Manager
Rhodri ThomasThe Open UniversityExternal Systems & Mobile Projects Manager Educational uses of Google+ - suitability and configuration for tutorial groups; 2) Use of Google Hangouts replacing Talk - and how to access without Gmail; 3) Extent of coverage of other Google tools within the Educational service terms1) Integrating Google Apps for integration with Moodle for curriculum use; 2) Mobile web provision for learners and extending this to a broad range of learning systems; 3) Adapting the Google toolset for use with workplace and community choirs - Sites, demos and sheet music
Richard GilbertUniversity of SheffieldMail Service Manager
Ross MahonGoogleStrategic Partnerships Manager
Sara PerryUniversity of YorkLecturer in Cultural Heritage Management
Sarah ButcherUniversity of YorkSoftware Licensing Coordinator
Sarah KennedyUniversity of YorkCustomer Services Manager
Sean DodsonLeeds Metropolitan Tablets in seminars; 2) Data Journalism; 3) Collaborative learning in the cloud
Simon ThomsonLeeds Metropolitan UniversityHead of E-Learning Google Play for Education; 2) Google Classroom; 3) Google Helpouts1) Google Apps integration with Nexus Devices; 2) Google+ Communities for course communication; 3) Google Hangouts for personal tutoring
Simon Warwick Sheffield Hallam Universitye-learning Technologist
Stuart GravesUniversity of PortsmouthService Delivery Manager How they use GAFE and what future plans they have; 2) What devices do they use; 3) Chromebooks etc.1) How we use GAFE; 2) Use of Chromebooks and Nexus devices; 3) Google Sites and App Engine
Susan HalfpennyUniversity of YorkTeaching and Learning Advisor
Tim SmaleKeele Universitye-Learning Do you store all your files in Google Drive - or only non-sensitive (e.g. non DPA '98)?; 2) What add-ons are you using in Google Drive?; 3) What's the largest number you've Hungout with at any one time?1) We're using Hangouts-on-air as a webinar platform with good success; 2) We're using Google Forms for recording practical assessment marks; 3) I'm trying to find the line between letting my 2 year old use tech and not letting it dominate his life
Tom JenkinsUniversity of SheffieldService Improvement Coordinator
Tom SmithUniversity of YorkIT Advisor Are you doing anything with Arduino, Pi etc.?; 2) What people-based tricks and tips have you found to work?; 3) How are you using Apps Script?1) Playing with Neo4J the graph database; 2) When I was 16 I shared a bottle of Southern Comfort with Nick Cave; 3) Lots of Apps Script hack/ideas/apps
Usman NasirKeele UniversityDoctoral Student What have the done to overcome the challenges like user resistance, security apprehension and other challenges?; 2) The part way to migrating IT services on Cloud; 3) End-user training applied and found effective and ineffective1) I have identified the technical, organisational and environmental challenges that are faced whilst adopting Enterprise Cloud Computing, through extensive research
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