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Wooten Dogs2017
Dog's NameYour NamePhoneEmailNotesPhoto
Quintana RooHeather & Jeff979-412-1308 or 832-494-7594spinnakerkestrel@gmail.comRoo is a 2 year old lab mix. Chocolate with a white patch on his chest. He's about 60lbs. Roo is very sweet and good with kids & dogs (loves to play with other dogs), not sure about cats. He will most likely come when called.
Baloo / "Loo"Mike and Alicia832.338.6801 / 512.673.3264mikemccutchen@gmail.comLoo is calm, sweet, and not aggressive. He will likely come when called, especially if you crouch down. He's friendly with other dogs, especially puppies.
WaldoMike and Alicia832.338.6801 / 512.673.3264mikemccutchen@gmail.comChihuaha/Yorkie Mix: Waldo is pretty timid. He's likely to run off if you chase after him. He gets nervous around other dogs and strangers. He doesn't care for cowboy boots whatsoever.
KileyAbby617.538.5013abbykaplan1125@gmail.comfriendly! might bark at kids or bikes & skateboards. may "hop up" if you hit your knees or a car seat. offer her food and she'll definitely come to you. please call me if she's ever found lost. i miss her just thinking about this :(
KatyJoanne & Jay512-934-2850 or 512-434-9055jogarrett2015@outlook.com She’s just a big sweetie. She is an older gal (14) and has some hip issues so be aware of that. I think she would come if called, although her hearing does seem to be going. She’s a real love bug and has a thing for younger, good-lookin’ guys 😉 She is also on high blood pressure medicine.
DorieJoanne & Jay512-934-2850 or 512-434-9055jogarrett2015@outlook.comDorie is a recent rescue and it’s taken awhile, but she is now responds to her name so hopefully she would come when called although she can be a bit obstinate. She doesn’t like to be picked up from a lying position (we think due to pain) and she can be a bit moody around other dogs. Not sure how she is around cats, but has been known to hunt squirrel and possum (although thankfully not recently). Like Katy she’s an older lady (est. 12-13).h
GradyBobby972.743.3755robert.lish@gmail.comHe may bark at squirrels and cats, but he's harmless! He's an English lab and loves kids.
PhoebeJack405-414-6684jencox1230@gmail.comDoesn't do well with other dogs or small children - otherwise very friendly! Hard to catch but can be persuaded to jump into any car
WynnCharlie & Adrienne512-484-4518, 512-825-4251Very Friendly
Pasta BowlChris and Stephie212-748-9407 (Chris)
949-466-7134 (Stephie)
ctplante@gmail.comShe loves treats, and will come to you if you offer one to her; mostly goes just by "Pasta," so she should respond to that.not groomed:groomed:
LeroyMelinda & Rachael252-414-0149
taylor.melinda@gmail.comReactive towards other dogs and cats; not easy to catch and must be coerced with super stinky treats
CookieBrant & Erin 512-659-5332
erin@slideux.commini dachshund - orange/white double dapple - one blue eye - deaf, blind - loves anything smelly or edible
MaxBrant & Erin 512-659-5332
erin@slideux.commini dachshund - reddish brown long-haired - very playful
JasperAustin & LouiseAustin: 512-592-1957 Louise: 512-592-8522louiseewing26@gmail.comSchnoodle/ Terrier mix
3 years old

Description: small black and fluffy!

1707 Wooten Dr

General info:
Jasper is very energetic and playful our fear is that if he got out and someone tried to catch him he would give chase thinking it was a game. Responds exceptionally well to treats/ food and "come here" or "let's go".
Squirrels drive him insane and he is very very easily distracted.

Vet info:
Dr Mcleod
Austin Animal Clinic
4330 N Lamar Blvd
Cajun, Heidi and Boz (and usually a foster dog as well!)Diana512-422-2803dianamlott@me.comCajun is a Beagle (maybe beagle mix?) 35 lbs, friendly, would likely come up to someone if he got out, chases squirrels and has that beagle nose so could take off on a scent at any moment - therefore he's not allowed off leash! Vet is Burnet Road animal hospital - Dr. Simmons. Heidi is a blonde/white lab mix (but looks like a small full blooded lab. She's very skiddish - especially with males. If you get down to her level and let her come to you you will likely get a lot of french kisses (sorry!) She's very sweet, great with other dogs and cats, etc... but if you try to grab her she will run from you. best to sit on the ground and lure her with a treat which should work very well. Boz is a full size pug, 11 years old and super friendly. loves all people, especially men! He could really care less about other animals, he thinks he's human. He is a bit hard of hearing so sometimes you have to wave him to you to get him to come.
HazelKate512-554-3377kharrington78@gmail.comHazel is a lab/Anatolian shepherd mix. She's like a big (68-lb) puppy, and she loves nothing more than playing. She may jump up, but she's never been aggressive toward other people or dogs. She does respond to treats, especially cheese and hot dogs.
WinstonAmanda 214-802-1721amandagrubb@icloud.com12 years old, blind and deaf, diabetic dog. Blackish gray, Pom Mix. About 15lbs
Cooper Jen and Caleb512-587-6040nierijen@gmail.comVery handsome, 40 lbs, brown, white patch on chest. Will bark at men, especially men with baseball caps.
SophieMegan and Wes248-974-6165megan@wesleytodd.comBlack, White, and Brown Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is 5 years old and the most loveable little girl! She has never gotten out before (Cross your fingers) but if she does she is super sweet so don't be afraid to approach her!
Max & PogoTony512.921.6642tonyfaia@hotmail.comOne 30 lb brown/red catahoula, one 12 lb 3-legged chihuahua
Tony Toni ToneJosh and Kelly512-484-4098kellysmerritt@yahoo.comChihuahua mix- white/tan color 8lbs, 7 months old, will do anything for a hotdog!
RileyCarrie & Trent512-826-4343cgentry9@gmail.com7 yr old white and merle Catahoula, if you approach with a leash, he will cower.
FidoCarrie & Trent512-826-4343cgentry9@gmail.com8 yr old Pug, and like most pugs, is highly motivated by food.
MouseScott & Anne512-644-1684annecw515@gmail.comBorder collie mix, chocolate lab color. White "socks," chest, and chin.
WidgetMisty512-672-9048mvalenta@wilco.orgSchipperke, do not chase,
amazing with dogs, with
humans : best to not
handle if he's off his Prozac
recall word: vamanos
OliveMisty512-672-9048mvalenta@wilco.orgBlue Heeler (black mask),
very sweet,
sometimes shy and
skittish, do not chase,
recall word: vamanos
TobiasMisty512-672-9048mvalenta@wilco.orgBlue Heeler/Aussie
mix, extremely
fearful, will bolt if you
make eye contact,
do not chase
recall word: vamanos
will go up to anyone
very social
Tilly MaeChloe & Arthur254-421-4301 254-913-0997chloedpotts@gmail.comWeimaraner with lots of lumps; will likely be fearful/skeptical, but responds well to food
AdelaideChloe & Arthur254-421-4301 254-913-0997chloedpotts@gmail.comChocolate Lab; very friendly with people but nervous around other dogs
Nate & DexterRyan and Juliana Kerker Ryan: 512-827-1254 Juliana: 713-303-5803julikerker@gmail.comNate: Light brown and white pitbull mix | Dexter: German shorthair pointer with almost no white ticking
Nelson Meagan and Dustin MikschDustin: 512-632-5805mah03c@gmail.comVery friendly - only 4 months old
DillingerAutumn Righino/Jeremy Osborne724.493.1677 / 512.567.4698arighino@gmail.comVery friendly with people; can sometimes be reactive on a leash with other dogs
Sophia Sandra Menjivar-Suddeath and Nathan Suddeath832-654-8677/512-496-3582smenjivar@gmail.comVery friendly once she sniffs you. loves other dogs, balls, and treats. She will probably follow for a treat or game of ball fetch. 4 years old
SparkyMatt & Annie512-695-9986
Mixed breed, mostly black with some white, some kind of herding dog most likely. Very friendly and chill. Around 13 years old, but still very playful like a puppy.
DulceMatt & Annie512-695-9986
Yorkie about 7 lbs. Pretty fiesty and protective; doesn't really know her size. Doesn't get along well with any dogs she doesn't already know.
DavinciAustin and Jaimie512-785-7843 512-287-9135jaimie.kepner@gmail.comItalian greyhound (miniature greyhound), has a large lipoma (fatty tumor) on his chest; very friendly with people and dogs, is starting to lost his vision to cataracts
Goliath (Goji)Austin and Jaimie512-785-7843 512-287-9135jaimie.kepner@gmail.comItalian greyhound (miniature greyhound), friendly but sometimes shy. He is a digger and likes to sneak out of the yard every so often. Address is 1505 Fairfield Drive.
Ellie and BeaBrecca and Austin515-669-7117 469-569-7994brecca.hoffman@gmail.com austinmkeeler@gmail.comEllie: Staffordshire terrier (pitt), white with black spots. Super friendly and curious, great with dogs and kids, but does like to jump. 9 months old. Bea: Pug, tan with black ears. Barks at other dogs, but only to get their attention so she can smell them. Was raised with large hunting dogs, so she thinks she's one of them. Loves treats, will come running when you say "cookie". 8 years old.
MACSpring Lee512-731-8786macaronicasserole@gmail.comMale Blue heeler, skittish with strangers, food helps but calling is best
CASSSpring Lee512-731-8787macaronicasserole@gmail.comFemale LAB/HEELER mix, super friendly, doesn't like female dogs
Lamar and CaseyAmanda & Chris480-241-5256, 480-241-5250amanda.ronan@gmail.com, chris.specht.91@gmail.comLamar: Black lab mix, very friendly with people, though will jump up. He's a loud barker, but a total lovebug. VERY food motivated, will approach anyone. Doesn't love other dogs. He's about 55 lbs with really long legs and a white spot in the shape of a star on his belly. Casey: Beagle-lab mix. Loves other dogs. Very skittish around people, will run away or try to dodge you, but will approach your dog. Not food motivated. White, carrot-shaped fur on her belly.
LucySuni & Troy512-317-1114aeroplanesnstars@gmail.comvery friendly, loves kids, hyper, not shy
MiloMartin Pennington 512-914-2308Cmartinpennington@gmail.com
JoyMichele Zweede
MiloLauren and Patrick Gallagher512-704-2967: 512-736-9491lmhiggi0824@gmail.com; patrick.punk@gmail.comvery loud and will bark at you if you try to approach him. Let him sniff you and say his name and he will be your new best friend. Update: He how has some back issues (IVDD). He doesn't really get out much. If he does, he shouldn't be playing with big dogs that can hurt him.
Dog's NameYour NamePhoneEmailNotesPhotoPhoto
Bear & ZippStephanie & Dustin Hawkins - 1707 Belford Dr.512-797-5809 or (817)729-9504 jdhawk@gmail.com; svhhawkins@gmail.comBear is a huge black lab (100lbs). Zipp is a border collie/shepard mix (60lbs). Both sweet and non-agressive boys. Zipp will make a lot of noise, but both love other dogs and cats. Should respond to bear and zipp. Zipp might be a bit standoffish with new people, or he might shower you in kisses. Bear is well behaved and should come to his name.
Hermes & SaraChrista French 8520 Hathaway Drive 512-921-2923christa.is@gmail.comHermes is a scrawny mid-sized dog, black and fluffy (except for when I attempt to trim him), border collie/retriever mix. Sara is a 12-year-old yelow German Shepherd mix who is nearly deaf. Both extremely sweet!
Lucky & TonyBritton Byfield - 8518 Hathaway512-365-0805britton.d.byfield@gmail.comTony is a black lab mix and has 3 legs with a white spot on his chest. Very sweet with people. Lucky is a boxer mix and is friendly with other people and other dogs when off his leash.
Dexter Amanda and Leland 2105 B Pompton512-626-3043 or 713-410-5763Austinears@aol.comDexter is a white and brown jack russle and Pitt mix. He is abundantly friendly and lives to play ball!
LucyMary and Liz Clare - 1806 Kingwood Cv512-200-5250, 512-412-5438 or 512-302-4799mary.clare@hotmail.comLucy is a smallish brown and white rat terrier mix, about 20 pounds or so. She has large round brown spots on her sides. She is a little shy with strangers but will sometimes come when called and will do just about anything for treats.
Dog's NameYour NamePhoneEmailNotesPhotoPhoto
MiloIsaac Oster - 8204 Polar Drive352 514 5766isaac.oster@gmail.comBoston terrier, comes to the word 'treats'. Friendly dog.
Sophia & FrijoKimberly & William- 8605 Woodstone Drive512-922-9698 and 203-232-6936 kmsanch@gmail.com; whjacques@gmail.comSophia--Yorkshire Terrier (5+years old) and around 7 pounds. She loves to bark and cats and chase them, but otherwise is a very calm and loving dog. She loves to socialize with people more than dogs! She gets a little skiddish round other dogs, but loves getting pet by strangers. She will pee a little when she gets picked up when not expecting it. Frijo-- blonde mixture of Corgi & Lab and possibly dachshund. He is still a puppy, and around 13 pounds & growing! We are still teaching him on the leash, and how to sit. He loves to play, dig, chew on things, and run around. He is starting to come at his name and trying to get him to stay when we open the door. He has been wanting to run out the door lately! He especially loves to snuggle around you close and give kisses. He also loves people, and will stand on his hind legs or bark for attention. His left ear will perk up, while the other ear flops down.
Oscar & MabelRobin & Melanie 206-295-0230robinrm2@uw.eduOscar: mini dachshund/chihuahua mix. Oscar's a she, weighs about 10 pounds and is 9 years old. Mabel is a beagle mix about a year old and weighs around 20 lbs. She's reactive around other dogs, but loves people. Both respond well with treats.
Red & K.C.Renee & Richard - 8404 Bowling Green Dr512-743-8993reneevma@gmail.comRed: Red/Tan Male American Doberman. Fixed. 3 years old, 70lbs. Loves attention and everyone. KC: Black/Tan Female European Doberman, 1 years old, 75 lbs. Very protective. We are still training her.
George & OscarChrista & Andrew 512.968.5840 / 512.415.3993smith.christa@gmail.com / afberry@gmail.comGeorge is a terrier mix (brown, white & black) who's a bit scared of people so he probably won't come up to you unless you have another dog with you (he LOVES other dogs). Oscar is a long-haired terrier mix (all cream) and 90% blind - he is also cautious of people but will come to treats.
PaisleyMadeline Smart4252601626madelinejsmart@gmail.comPaisley is a four year old heeler mix, about 50-60 pounds, with yellow eyes. She is very friendly, but probably would be wary of people if she was out alone. She tends to duck away if you try to grab her collar over her head, or lead her by her collar. I usually get lower down and reach under her chin to grab her collar if needed. She is very scared of thunder and fireworks and her hackles stand up for everything--she doesn't really mean it. Is microchipped. She gets along well with other dogs.
TuckerMatt & IsabelleM:832-515-0996/I: 512-538-8009isabelle.newton@gmail.comTucker is a black lab mix. We think with german shepard. He is 11 years old, very friendly, weighs 90 lbs.
RockyRich & Elaine GarzaR: 512-565-8087/E: 917-693-7064rich@giantnoise.comGolden Retreiver. Born March 2013. Super sweet guy.
RoscoeJoey GidsegJ: 512-944-0729joey.gidseg@gmail.comsmall boston terrier mix, orange and brown brindle with little dot on his head. sweet but a little shy with humans. Motivated by food and his extreme interest in other dogs.
SamKristi Park and Josh LowerK: 512-797-2925
J: 512-576-6531
Large yellow lab/great pyrenees mix. Born April 2011. Friendly with people and responds to his name and to basic commands ("come," "sit," "stay"). Mostly yellow with white markings on the tip of his tail and on his forehead.
Tremont and MonaMisti and Nathan - 1406 KamarM: 512-567-3772 N: 512-567-2544misti.k.webster@gmail.comTremont (12) and Mona (6) are Italian Greyhounds and though they're little they. are. fast. Very food motivated and will probably chase you if call their names and offer food (you want a treat?!) . Very prone to bolting and you will not be able to catch them. Mona's favorite thing ever is Tremont so if you can corral him with food, she'll probably follow. But she's a rescue and thus even more skitish than most.
GossamerJessica & Chris Cargill512-323-0898, 512-992-8493; 1806 Ohlen Rdjessicarcargill@hotmail.comGolden Retriever, neutered male, born 2006, approx. 82 lbs., with a bald section on his right hind leg where he had radiation therapy. Goss gets along with other dogs and is super friendly, he'd probably come to anyone. He responds well to his name and all basic commands, and is pretty food motivated. His vets are Allandale Vet Clinic & Capital Area Vet Specialists on Shoal Creek.
Dog's NameYour NamePhoneEmailNotesPhotoPhoto
Kofy and GoliathKara Andrade
Brad Eller
510 384 0788
512 825 6997
Kofy and Goliath are brothers from different liters. They are both black and tan German Shepherds adopted in Guatemala and brought to Austin. Kofy is 6 years old, 74 pounds, Goliath (Goli) is 72 pounds and 5 years old. Both have little tolerance for stray cats, squirrels and random people they aren't used to seeing in the neighborhood. They stopped a home invasion near Exmoor Drive two years ago and were featured on the nightly local news. Kofy (pronounced like “Coffee”) has hip dysplasia in his left hip and a tatoo with four numbers unique to his owners' identifying information. Goliath (you can call him “Goli” like a soccer Goalee) has tons of energy, barks a lot when he’s happy, anxious, wants attention or to play. Neither is aggressive to children or people. They are both well-trained, respond to the typical commands and are micro-chipped. Their vets are at Allandale Vet Clinic on Burnett.
HutchSam and Grace Dowd512-992-5229 or 404-895-7405Gracewdowd@gmail.comHutch is a sweet, loving dachshund/terrier mix. He has white curly hair and floppy ears. He is very loving and is micro-chipped
CashewJulie Sanders512-999-6711Escapes sometimes. May run.
IggyJoel & Claire Simmons512 970 3568
512 970 8739
ArloMatt and Jessie Fraker970-388-1185 or 512-569-5691nickell.j@gmail.comArlo is a small Boston. 12lbs or so. Very shy but friendly, loves people and other animals.
Tony Toni ToneJoshua and Kelly Merritt512-574-0249 (Joshua) or 512-560-3423 (Kelly)atxjoshua@gmail.comChihuahua mix. Super friendly, loves people. Has collar with tag.
GradyLauren & ChaseL: 407-808-7308 C:972-832-3455laurendaniel61@gmail.comPoodle-dauschand mix, 11 lbs, super sweet, would likely be very scared if he got out.
LuluBecca & Daniel GoreB: 248-778-5556
D: 512-669-2559
Poodle-spaniel mix, 23lbs. Very sweet, loves people, suspicious of big dogs. Very food motivated.
ValentineBecca & Daniel GoreB: 248-778-5556
D: 512-669-2559
Collie-terrier mix, 43lbs. Very sweet, nervous of new people and dogs. Terrified of boots and loud noises. Very food motivated.
Trapper and GeorgiaMerritt Rinard512-786-5625merrittrinard@yahoo.comTrapper 30lbs; Georgia 17 lbs. If they're out, they'll probably be together. They are puppies so they might want to play, but may also be fearful of new people. Treat motivated.
StellaRebecca & Jim Eastburn512-689-3909rebray73@gmail.comStella is a 3lb maltese puppy who would probably be happy to see you if she were to get out. Stella is new to us but she seems to enjoy other dogs and people. She has a tag with name/phone number. Her vet is Allendale Vet on Burnet Rd.
Daisy & LorraineAl & Katy Royer512-771-2056, 512-589-7566paulroyer02@gmail.com kmckerley@gmail.comDaisy is a black lab, very sweet and friendly- she's never met a stranger. Her companion is Lorraine, a blue heeler. Lorraine is gentle, but shy of new people. These two are inseperable and will travel as a team. Easily bribed with treats.
Jennifer & Sara
Stephanie & Kevin Barrett
512.903.6190; 512.903.5438
Jenny, the brindle one, is a friendly little gal. She is a mix between a Basset Hound, and a Boston Terrier, she is a "Baston." She will come to you if you call her in a playful and inviting manner. She is also very much food motivated (hence her "seal" figure). Sara, the slim yellow one, is a tougher cookie. According to the shelter, she is a Lab and Terrier mix. She can be very skittish with stangers and will run away from you if she sees you as a treat, and Sara sees everything as a treat. She is not at all aggressive though. She is the most submissive dog I have ever come across. She did not come from a good family before us, and we are still working on building her confidence and trust (we've had her for 2.5 years). Getting her to come to you will take some real effort. Be as gentle and "fluffy" as you can, she likes to know she is a good girl ;) She will cower and/or run away if you make big movement with your arms toward her. Sara is the most likely to get out of the house or yard. Both girls are well trained and non-aggressive. They are also fairly well socialized with other doggies. I know Jenny is pretty good with kids, I don't know much about Sara. Cats on the other hand, I don't think they like them too much.
Stoney & Piper
Becca Rushworth, Haley Pollock
713-598-4711, 214-546-8201
beccarushworth@gmail.com; haleypollock@utexas.edu
Stoney is a German Shepherd-Corgi mix. He looks like a German Shepherd who forgot to grow. He is very people friendly and gets along with most dogs. He is attracted to cats because he likes to chase them, but he wouldn't harm them. Stoney responds best to people who squat or bend down to his level and sweetly summon him. Like I said, he's very people friendly, especially if you have food. Please do not run after him as he will think it's a game and will sprint off. The best method to catch him if you are chasing him is to follow him in a car. Piper is a cattle dog- shepherd mix. Very friendly with people, dogs and cats. Don't let her size fool you, she's a derpy, friendly dog probably following Stoney around. She tends to run if you chase after her, but will definitely come if you have anything resembling food.
BellaJohn Rose512-779-5140johapatro.etc@gmail.comBella is a border collie. She is friendly and will likely approach you for pettings and smiles. She is visiting from Junction, TX. My mom's name, Anne Rose, and phone number is on her collar.
Sadie & NellaDerek Law916-747-5770sven7777@gmail.comSadie is a Shiba Inu and is super sweet, calm, and kind. She will be hesitant but will eventually come accept pettings. Nella is a besengi and though she may bark and seem a bit fearful, she is also very sweet and kind. She is very submissive.
TyKate & Richie DeGrow830-730-7299 / 407-269-7930kateposs@gmail.comTy is a male, medium size beagle mix (approx. 30 lbs) with a calm and sweet disposition (unless you are walking towards him, then he barks a lot). He is quite reserved but warms up quickly once he knows you are safe.
ZekeGarrett and Millie Hicks214-577-1808 / 214-502-9346garretteer@gmail.comZeke is a 50 pound, 5 year-old red-merle Australian Shepherd. He's extremely friendly and, unfortunately, has escaped on two occasions to play with other pups. We've taken precautions to prevent further escapes, so hopefully there won't be a third breakout.