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RichTopia6/26/2015Provider of broader information on entrepreneurship, executive management, tech, personal finance and more /richtopia#sthash.ocoGtxM0.dpufDerin Cag
Feedespy4/24/2014Receive news which are tailored to users'professional and personal special interests. /feedespy-ltd#sthash.SU6OcL0K.dpufChristina Chinas, Vassilis Dontas
Reedsy1/13/2014Streamlined Self-PublishingRichard Fayet, Emmanuel NatafUndisclosed Amount in 2 Rounds from 10 Investors
CoinDesk12/10/2013CoinDesk provides news and analysis on the trends, changes, technologies, companies and people in the Bitcoin and digital currency world. From explaining the very basics of what Bitcoin is, to showing you how you can buy bitcoins, to all the latest news in the digital currency world.Shakil Khan
Bullet News Ltd11/7/2013A mobile app and platform delivering smart fast news in bullet points from news providers. - See more at: bullet-news-ltd#sthash.L3XqtjeT.dpufJulia Wurz$697.2k in 1 Round
Echobox11/7/2013Echobox is an intelligent publishing service that helps news publishers maximise their reach on social media.

Echobox detects viral content and gives suggestions on which articles to share on social

Antoine Amann
Etsuri11/4/2013More than just an RSS feed; it is your online news source. News is easy to discover and understand while being able to see how events have unfolded from the very first instance. - See more at: etsuri-ltd#sthash.KuSGouEf.dpuf
Doorda8/17/2013Doorda is a dynamic young company based in London committed to making data accessible to all. Doorda's online presence includes the award winning which is designed to give the general public a factual, uncommercial, independent, overview of their local area. - See more at: doorda#sthash.HTc2aCNI.dpuf
TechDependent8/1/2013TechDependent is a significant online technology media organisation, specialising in tech reviews, tech discussions, extra entertainment videos, tech news, monthly tech competitions, and an online store with a variety of tech products. - See more at: techdependent#sthash.vx1aLu1w.dpufMahfujur Rahman
Scriggler7/30/2013A writing, blogging and debating platform. An informal place to write and read on any subject, in any level of detail. /scriggler#sthash.k947gyVw.dpufVictoria Ablesimova, Sebastien Cottrell, Dmitry Selemir /scriggler#sthash.k947gyVw.dpuf
Thinkglue7/1/2013Thinkglue develops a cloud-based semantic video search engine to automatically extract actionable information from a user’s videos. /thinkglue#sthash.lPM5JfA6.dpufGiuseppe Fenza, Maurizio Cibelli$30k in 1 Round
Gitoon6/23/2013Gitoon is a user-generated content publishing platform. Its purpose is to create a high-quality-only media environment. This is achieved with the help of a proprietary algorithm and a peer-to-peer review system. - See more at: gitoon#sthash.8zplFDig.dpufDavid Zokhrabyan
Litbloc5/1/2013Litbloc is a viral content aggregator that grabs content from the web and packs it into shareable nuggets of information. - See more at: litbloc#sthash.Foe0asyC.dpufAalya Magsi$50k in 1 Round
Peekster5/1/2013The main product is the Peekster mobile app - a bridge between printed media and internet. With only a simple headline scan of a newspaper or a magazine headline, Peekster allows users to share the content with their friends through social networks, save it for later to read on their favourite device and find related articles about the same topic. /peekster#sthash.CtKRYzJg.dpufTine Hamler, Tomaz Orter, Smiljan Kerencic$79.5k in 1 Round from 1 Investor
QDemand4/1/2013QDemand is developing a lead generation technology platform that incorporates social referrals, marketing automation and content marketing. - See more at: qdemand#sthash.qu3Mi2LK.dpufUnknown
CELEFEED3/20/2013Celefeed is an entertainment website launching in July 2013 that features breaking TV, movie, and entertainment news - See more at: celefeed#sthash.XAR2aobU.dpufUnknown
Tech City News11/3/2012Tech City News is the leading resource of news, events and information for technology innovators in London. /tech-city-news#sthash.9fmUlE0y.dpufSimon Thethi
NewsFixed11/1/2012NewsFixed is a global marketplace for freelance journalists, photographers and video specialists to meet editors and commissioners who need stories, fast. /newsfixed-uk#sthash.6bs7Ra8I.dpufBrendan Quinn, Jeremy WalkerAcquired by PayDesk on May 14, 2015Undisclosed Amount in 1 Round from 1 Investor
fortunespreads.com8/1/ was set up to provide traders with a hub of spread betting information. From social trading companies, offers and CFDs to stock market news, opinion and guides.

- See more at: fortunespreads-com#sthash.6HUmrQIC.dpuf
Planet Ivy7/18/2012They are an online magazine providing news for the bored generation. They're located in London and provide you and many others with what's going on in films, technology, gaming, and the weird and wonderful things that happen throughout the rest of the world. /planet-ivy#sthash.MBnjnSiz.dpufLewis Flude, Vincent Dignan$227.3k in 1 Round from 1 Investor
Vizibee7/15/2012Vizibee is a mobile video publishing platform. We only publish footage. Our audience gets aggregated, original, trusted mobile videos, captured and shared exclusively by journalists and publishers. /vizibee#sthash.KYLpQOwQ.dpufArtem Kiselev, David Tomchak, Neha Manaktala
Descrier7/4/2012The Descrier is an independent news and culture magazine that highlights the quality of the independent web. /the-descrier#sthash.0awHVHxt.dpufTim Dickinson
Oximity5/1/2012Oximity's mission is to re-engineer the news industry entirely by providing a substantive and significantly improved alternative to traditional news media as a mainstream news provider. /oximity#sthash.EURpxNqx.dpufAnand Ranganathan, Sanjay Goel, Christian Hapke$1.2M in 2 Rounds from 6 Investors
SearchBuzz4/12/2012SearchBuzz is a Human Powered Aggregator. Previously known as Suck My Trend, we have rebranded into the true way to bring you the news on all the latest trends from around the web. We know what's trending, but do you? - See more at: searchbuzz#sthash.5LCfdKqv.dpufAshley PearsonDefunct
Metwit4/4/2012Metwit is a crowdsourced platform for the collection and analysis of environmental data. /metwit#sthash.pt21TtDy.dpufDuccio Catalioto, Michele Ruini, Davide Rizzo, Simone D'Amico /metwit#sthash.pt21TtDy.dpuf$25k in 1 Round from 1 Investor
ScreenHits2/14/2012ScreenHits is an online platform for the screening and selling of TV and film content. /screenhits#sthash.5RHM3aPR.dpufRose Adkins$1.2M in 1 Round from 3 Investors
Cyber Security News1/2/2012Cyber Security News provides the latest cyber security news feeds, stories, articles, jobs and resources. The most up to date security news site, with articles from security professionals, job listings and tutorials. - See more at: cyber-security-news#sthash.ASXg6hw4.dpuf
The Kernel12/19/2011The Kernel is Europe's new quality technology magazine, offering comment, reviews and analysis about the European technology industry. Adrian McShane, Milo YiannopoulosAcquired by The Daily Dot on January 29, 2014$30k in 1 Round
FIT Digital11/1/2011FIT is a Lon­don based Japanese/English cre­at­ive digital mar­ket­ing agency, spe­cial­ising in Web Design & Build, Digital Pro­duc­tion, Social Media Mar­ket­ing and Advert­ising. - See more at: fit-digital#sthash.w7TG4Mv6.dpuf
OpenWeatherMap10/1/2011OpenWeatherMap is a cloud service to calculate and distribute weather forecast on the website and through simple API. /openweathermap#sthash.bo6DFVd6.dpufOlga Ukolova, Denn Ukolov
Theme Tuner10/1/2011Theme Tuner is Magento extension for designers and non-technical users to alter the look and feel of your Magento website using an intuitive user interface. Visit us at - See more at: theme-tuner#sthash.yiZpYsPD.dpuf
clipDO8/1/2011clipDO is working to deliver the leading clipping service for news content from the web and delivering that content to ereaders and mobile devices. - See more at: clipdo#sthash.cy9JyTjQ.dpufUnknown
The Upcoming7/1/2011The Upcoming is a British daily online magazine based in London. Its London and New York City teams provide content relating to current affairs, music, cinema, art, fashion, beauty, theatre, food, literature, technology and sport. - See more at: the-upcoming#sthash.MuUmT9hl.dpuf
Summly6/1/2011Summly is a web platform and smartphone app that provides algorithmically-generated summaries from thousands of sources.Nick D'AloisioAcquired by Yahoo! on March 25, 2013$1.5M in 2 Rounds from 20 Investors
Beepl4/1/2011In November 2012, Beepl was acquired by Brand Embassy for an undisclosed sum. Around the same time, the consumer-facing Q&A site was taken off-line. /beepl#sthash.uSNesHCA.dpufSteve O'Hear, Jan Paricka, Pete HarrisAcquired by Brand Embassy on April 10, 2013$400k in 1 Round from 3 Investors
Readrz4/1/2011We are building the "Bloomberg of the Internet" – a content search engine that lets you slice and dice the information by topics and suggested key words. - See more at: readrz#sthash.en3hE95v.dpufDefunct
Streetlife3/1/ is a local social network helping people across Britain connect with nearby residents, groups, organizations and businesses. /streetlife-com#sthash.yRx2i8vc.dpufMatthew Boyes$5.8M in 3 Rounds from 3 Investors
IndieSquares2/22/2011IndieSquares will be a new way to find unknown music, stay with, or even ahead of, trends, and know what your friends are listening to. /indiesquares#sthash.FIFdWK5u.dpuf
Pressglue2/2/2011Pressglue offers news management tools and mobile news casting applications to report, share, and monetize news stories. /pressglue#sthash.xS23h9uI.dpufJonathan Farber, John Haynes$312k in 3 Rounds from 1 Investor
On The Come Up TV2/2/2011On The Come Up TV is a multi-genre music magazine. Quality journalism matched with exceptional artists and musicians from across the globe. - See more at: on-the-come-up-tv#sthash.SvFfGA1b.dpuf
Scribol10/25/2010Scribol is a platform to connect bloggers together and exchange audiences. Publishers install Scribol's free content widget, which displays popular stories from similar publishers. - See more at: scribol#sthash.NJR1FaiB.dpuf
Retail Gazette9/1/2010Retail Gazette was launched in September 2010 and is designed for use by retail professionals who want up to the minute information from the UK retail industry. - See more at: retail-gazette#sthash.RKkvBAqu.dpuf
Blottr8/1/2010Blottr is a people powered news service that enables anyone to capture, report and collaborate on news as it happens around them, from mobile to web instantly. /blottr#sthash.TCqdq7Ug.dpufAdam Baker$769k in 2 Rounds from 3 Investors
The Media Briefing7/1/ is the intelligence platform for the global media industry. We mix original analysis, insight and reporting on industry trends, challenges and opportunities with selective curation of the best articles on the media landscape from around the media world. - See more at: the-media-briefing#sthash.RbgXOund.dpufRory Brown, Neil Thackray
Bookmate6/1/2010Bookmate is a social e-book service subscription service that makes reading accessible to anyone in the world with a mobile phone. We inspire millions of people around the globe to read more, discover new books and find new friends with common interests. /bookmate#sthash.pIl2QvBF.dpufVictor Frumkin, Andrew Zotov, Simon Dunlop$6.5M in 3 Rounds from 2 Investors
Urban Times5/1/2010Urban Times is a social content publishing platform for writers, bloggers and journalists. /urban-times#sthash.zH8hSRuk.dpufCharlie Hilton, Alexander Phillips$105.9k in 3 Rounds from 1 Investor
Global Corporate Venturing5/1/2010Global Corporate Venturing is both a monthly magazine and website written for the in-house venture capital units of businesses. - See more at: global-corporate-venturing#sthash.cwir86rT.dpuf
Gloo Networks plc2015Creating a new blueprint for digital media. Gloo Networks plc is an acquisition vehicle listed on London's AIM. - See more at: gloo-networks-plc#sthash.AL8wgXE1.dpufWent Public on Aug 11, 2015 / LSE:GLOO
Pitch Me2014Pitch Me is an online community that connects journalists to indie publishers. It is accessible from anywhere to share knowledge, submit content, and post reviews. - See more at: pitch-me#sthash.wsa4scQX.dpufKabir Chibber, Martin Alderson
n0tice2014n0tice is a UGC publishing platform developed by Guardian Media Group. The n0tice platform offers publishers solutions for inviting audience participation, easily managing it, and turning these interactions into new revenue. - See more at: n0tice#sthash.ta2bJ0zQ.dpufMatt McAlister
52 is a new digital publication dedicated to covering the European technology industry in depth. /tech-eu#sthash.PeionWuQ.dpufRobin Wauters, Adrian McShane, Roxanne Varza, Ivo Spigel, Alex Barrera, Jon Bradford$407.1k in 2 Rounds from 10 Investors
NPTV2013NPTV is a technology startup established in 2013. Headquartered in London, it maintains a large R&D center in Moscow. The company is focused on providing scalable, cost efficient platforms to partners and delivering innovative video solutions to customers. - See more at: nptv#sthash.Q5GNMsdF.dpufUndisclosed Amount in 1 Round from 1 Investor
Local World2013Local World is one of the largest regional media networks in the UK. - See more at: local-world#sthash.oP1sS1cz.dpufDMG Media
Livemans- A Complete E-Magazine2013Livemans a complete online e-magazine for health tips, new gadgets information, New recipes, Tech news, travel destinations information, latest world news, latest business news, Entertainment News cooking recipe tips and much more at one place. - See more at: livemans-a-complete-e-magazine#sthash.1mVOggba.dpufUnknown
Global Dating is the online dating industry’s only independent editorial news service. - See more at: global-dating-insights#sthash.K3mt6xqR.dpuf
SamEnrico2012SamEnrico provides interactive app store source codes, designs, APIs and publishing tools for publishers, authors and content creators. /samenrico#sthash.FyyM3N2Q.dpufSteve Nico WilliamsUndisclosed Amount in 1 Round from 1 Investor
Windunit2012Realtime WeatherUnknown
90min201190min is a cutting-edge football media platform that allows brands, publishers and fans to create rich content that is distributed globally. Gilad Beiman, Asaf Peled, Yuval Larom$23.8M in 2 Rounds from 3 Investors
PlanetTechNews2011PlanetTechNews is an educational news website which focuses on innovation, futuristic and scientific issues. - See more at: planettechnews#sthash.FPVwUcYY.dpuf
Grand Parade2011Grand Parade is a digital creative agency known for intelligently designed high-tech products. - See more at: grand-parade#sthash.7OP6xzs9.dpuf
Quill Content2010We are global content marketing specialists, purpose-built to deliver high performance content. /quill#sthash.Ag5lWJm3.dpufEd Bussey$9.1M in 2 Rounds from 10 Investors
MVNO Dynamics Limited2010MVNO Dynamics™(formally known as PrepaidMVNO) is one of the world's leading business-to-business (B2B) information providers, with a specific focus on the Mobile Virtual Network Market, providing market intelligence and professional services globally. - See more at: mvno-dynamics-limited#sthash.BSQO5gjn.dpufUndisclosed Amount in 1 Round
Stonewash2010The Stonewash magazine framework has been developed alongside media owners to help them publish to smartphones and tablets without the need for extensive re-purposing of content. /stonewash#sthash.d0eDYtjZ.dpuf
Eyetease2010Eyetease is a British technology company that develops disruptive digital media technologies for the taxi market. Its products include Digital Taxi Top, an industrial grade LCD taxitop technology which enables media, news, and information to be broadcast to the right people, at the right place, and time - See more at: eyetease#sthash.MivCCast.dpufRichard Corbett
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