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What is your name?What healing modality(/ies) do you offer?Where is your practice located? (Please include full address, if applicable)What are your rates?Do you offer a sliding scale? (If so, what is the process of getting on the sliding scale?)What are your days and hours of availability?How do you identify? (e.g. person of colour, straight, white, etc...)What is your contact info?Link your website / social media pages here.Are there non-gendered and/or single-stall washrooms available at your practice space?Is your service available in non-English languages, including ASL? (If so, which?)Is your practice wheelchair accessible?If yes, how wide are the doorways? (Please include measurements of the entrance and bathrooms)What is the nearest wheelchair accessible public transit stop (if public transit is available)?Which scents are used in your practice space? (e.g. cleaners, chemical fragrances, essential oils, incense, etc.)Is your service available regardless of immigration status? And does your practice abide by Sanctuary City policy that immigration status will never be reported to provincial or federal authorities? (For more info, see here: is your policy and practice regarding calling the police with regards to clients?Are there other ways you strive for access and accessibility for your clients? (e.g. alternate practice spaces, skype sessions, child-friendly spaces, etc.) Is there anything else you'd like to add about yourself or your practice (that you want publicly viewable on the directory)?
carly boycetherapy (social worker) 691 bloor west #202full rate $150 limited spots for reduced rate ($75) reserved for racialized and/or trans feminine spectrum clients. folks needing reduced rate can contact me and self identify. wednesdays and fridays, afternoon and evening.jewish, white settler, queer, enby, femme, fat.carly.boyce@gmail.comwebsite: instagram: @tiny.lanternYesnoNothere is scented dish soap and hand soap, as well as cleaning supplies. service is available to anyone regardless of status, and does abide by Sanctuary City policy, but is fee-for-service. police are never called without client's explicit permission or request.UMHN (the network i practice with) is a by-and-for LGBTQ practice, so services are meant for folks who self identify as queer and/or trans
Weronika RogulaPsychotherapy (MSW, RSW) 102 Harbord St. Toronto, ON M5S1G6Individual Sessions: 120 Couples Sessions: 150 Yes, I do. I have a set number of spots available at multiple rates decided upon based on access to resources. I also reserve low cost spots for BIPOC and/or trans women. I work Mondays 3-8; Tuesdays 10-4; Wednesdays 1-8; and Thursdays 10-4I identify as a white settler, fat genderqueer femme, eastern european immigrant with a working class backgroundrogula.weronika@gmail.com, I also provide sessions in Polish. NoSpadina Station Cleaners Yes and yes. I do not call the police. I offer skype sessions and reduced rates.
Sarah HarwoodFeldenkrais, Somatic BodyworkTiohtià:ke/Montréal$90 for 1.25hrsLimited number from $40+. To gain access, we have a conversation and come to an agreement that's mutually fair.Sundays from 8am-4:30pmWhite, genderqueer, bisexual, able, IG and FB @inhabit_movementYesBasic FrenchNoLionel-Groulx Metro StationNone. We have hand sanitizer that smells temporarily of rubbing alcoholYesI would only call the police if my or someone else's physical safety was in danger.There is an adjoining, private waiting room where kids can play while their caregiver has a session. House calls can be arranged for people with access needs.I'm trauma informed, sex positive, sex work positive, and trans friendly. Sessions can be with touch, low touch or no touch (verbally guided). Sessions are client-centred, highly individual, and consent based.
TaiBiodynamic Craniosacral TherapyClinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York City150$/hr75-150$ mainly open to queer and trans people and BIPOC.Fridays 2-8pm and Sundays all dayA non-binary, neurodivergent Black, Chinese, Taiwanese, and White person. She/her IG @felineforestmedicineYesI only speak English, but if someone has had Craniosacral therapy before and is willing to have a follow-up non-verbal session, we can discuss the possibility of that.NoFranklin Avenue C trainNoneYes! Absolutely.I have never called the police for clients and don’t plan to unless they situation obviously warrants it (use of a weapon, extreme violence, etc). I don’t expect I will ever have to.My sliding scale is my main point of accessibility for an anti-oppression based practice. I have experience with people who’ve dealt with anxiety and depression as well as people aiming to recover from childhood trauma. I also get people coming in with sports injuries or mystery pain.
Kerri KimotoPsychotherapy717 Bloor st West, Toronto, 5O Sunny Meadow Blvd, Brampton $40/hour - $135YesWednesday - Toronto - 11-1 - Brampton 3-9
Thursday - Toronto 10-7
Friday -Toronto 10-12
Saturday - Toronto 12-6
Sunday- 12-6
Bi-racial, Japanese, Matrialinially descendant of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation, straight, cis female, able bodied kerrikcounseling@gmail.com free YesPolice will only be contacted within my duty to report guidelines provided by the CRPO - duty to warn, duty to report harm to a childVideo sessions, email sessions, phone sessions, in home session
Jody Chantherapy720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 509full rate $90/hourI have $40-90 sliding scale spots available for queer/trans and BIPOC clients.Fridays, morning and afternoonQueer, genderqueer, Chinese, sick/Mad, femme. they/them pronouns.therapy@jodychan.com StationcleanersyesPolice will only be contacted within CRPO duty to report guidelines; full information on these guidelines is always shared in the initial session with clients.fidget toys available in session
Tynan Rheasex & relationship therapist, RP (Qualifying) & AromatherapistBroadview and GerrardSliding scale $75-$150, occasionally lower rates are availableYes, the process would be to reach out and book a free consult and we can discuss sliding scale needs and how support via exercises between sessions can help continue the healing process outside of sessions. Generally, Mon-Fri 4pm to 7pm with some day time availability on Mon, Tues, and SaturdaysGerman and Slovak ancestry/white-settle, nonbinary/queer, trauma-survivor, living with intermittent chronic; offer online services for folks with accessibility needs, the office space is not accessible. Babies and Strollers welcome. N/ABroadview and GerrardEssential oil perfumes available for use, no chemical cleaners or incense or scented candles, rarely a diffuser is used in the office. Yes (heads up! the link appears to be broken on the form)It is an absolute last resort and only in cases when imminent threat of death is present (i.e., the client is making threats with a weapon or has successfully harmed myself or another client or the client has named that they intend to kill another individual). Crisis intervention techniques will be the first point of action and in the case of self harm and suicide a plan will be discussed with the client early on in the therapeutic process with regard to what their wishes are for intervention (i.e., calling the emergency contact over 911). If a client were to request the police be contacted, this would be respected, as well. Babies are welcome, breast/chestfeeding is welcome, polyamorous/non-monogamous folks are welcome, safer sex materials are offered for free along with accessibility buttons for TTC. I also bring my politics to a Sex & Birth course I teach for birth professionals through Doula Training Canada. Scholarships for folks who are a part of and serve marginalized communities are available. You can learn more here:
Arianne Di Nardo (Ari)Traditional Western Herbalist (western), Italian folk medicine, tarot consultationsTkaronto (Parkdale); online (Skype, Google chat)Sliding scale prices for a range of services/offerings. Please see websiteYes. Trust-based processFlexible, by appointmentWhite settler, queer, femmegoodwalkherbs@gmail.com; insta: goodwalkherbsUsually yes, but depends on locationItalian (basic)No; but I offer online consults or can meet you somewhere that isScented soaps usually, herbs are burned here, essential oils occasionallyYes + YesOnly at the client’s request or with permissionOnline consultationsHarm reduction is important to me. I have experience working with herbs to manage c-ptsd and substance use withdrawal.
Charm TorresAstrology and Tarot ConsultationsToronto and OnlineRange from $30-$165 as of March 2020My Tarot Readings are currently on a sliding scale. The process is streamlined and the client can just choose to pay on the scale they can. No questions asked.

My Astrology Readings do not currently have a sliding scale. However, I've instituted in my policies that conversations about financial accommodation are always welcome.
Tuesday-Saturday from 12:30-7:30pmRacialized, Filipina, Queer, Femme, Ciswomancharmastrology@gmail.comwww.charmastrology.comYesTagalogNoBroadview StationSpace scent is minimized but not free of scents. Usually beeswax candles smell, soap in washroom.YesI do not have one. I will think about this. It has never come up as a consideration in my 3 years of practice nor do I anticipate it to be an issue moving forward. I offer online sessions always. I offer text-based consultations for folks who cannot engage through speech/hearing.
SashaBody-based Psychotherapy, and Birth and postpartum Doula285 Carlton St. Toronto, ON M5A 2L6$100/hr Yes, I ask them to use their judgement and pay between $40-100 a session. Monday-Sunday, mostly in the evenings or before noon. hispanic (raised in Mexico),,, @sashalizarragaYesYes, Spanish NoParliament and Carlton St. None.Yes, service available to all. I'm a mandated reported for child abuse and neglect, client hurting themselves or hurting others. Virtual sessions using Zoom are always a great option to accommodate needs. The following is my blurb at Psychology Today: "You are my ideal client if you've tried therapy before and have found that just talking things through has not been enough to sustain a balance and satisfaction in your life. Now you are open to learning about your nervous system, and ways in which your body naturally heals itself of anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, etc.
Working at your own pace, I'll support you in regaining/boosting a sense of safety and trust in your body. Through movement, awareness exercises, and basic education about how your body processes experiences, my goal is that with every session you feel more confident, in control and at ease.
Ready to get to the bare bones of mental/physical health and wellness? Contact me to book a free 15-minute call to see if we may be a good match."
Gunjan ChopraAcupunctureonline for now (pls msg re in person practice)online during pandemic - by donation. in person - $80 / hour session.yes - please contact me directly re sliding - flexiblequeer cis punjabi ,, essential oils - can forego use close to appointment if needed. please reach out if so.yesI will only call the police as a last resort if asked to by a sessions available
Sarah ReimerRegistered Massage Therapy610 Concord Ave Toronto90$/hrYes, it is available to choose when bookingthey vary, but available most days and evenings including weekendsQueer, white, she/her pronouns, settler, able @sarahreimerrmtYesYes, French and SpanishNocleanersyes and yesI don't.sliding scale, programming funded by other clients to offer access to those who can't afford,
house calls
Trauma informed, consent-based treatment with a harm reduction approach
Karishma KripalaniTrauma-informed, somatic and craniosacral therapy, incorporating SE and NARM.Online120/sessionYes, send me an email about s/s availability.Queer/ cis/ brown/, sessions only right nowFrench, SpanishOnline sessions only right nowYesNope
Mackenzie Kinmond, MSW, RSW
Individual, couples and family psychotherapyBloor and Christie$120/50-minute sessionSome discounted rate spots are available, contact me via my website to discussMonday afternoon/evening; Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morningStraight, white, cis-gendered and able-bodied person committed to anti-oppression and always working actively towards allyshipmkinmond@aurummedicine.cawww.mackenziekinmond.comYesN/AYesOssington and Bathurst stationsome practitioners occasionally burn sageYesMy only legal requirement is if someone is at a significant threat to themselves or somebody else, but I do everything I can to avoid this (safety planning, involving other supports, etc.)I offer sessions virtually and am open to discussing other access needs for clients
JenEnergetic Healing; Reiki; Soul Path Readings; Past-Life Reading/Healing; Ancestral Journeying; Womb Healing.Toronto / VirtualRates range from $77-$333 depending on request or service/ Will meet any individual within their financial capacity. No one is turned away for lack of funds. 1 hour healing sessions are $88-$111 / Will meet any individual within their financial capacity. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Email to inquire about financial exchange. Please see calendar at: / Filipina/x / Queer jenmaramba@gmail.comwww.jenmaramba.comyes however, in person appointment are currently postponed until further notice due to COVID-19English / I am able to have closed captioning available during zoom calls if requested. Virtual sessions only at this time.Yes. Thank you for this question. I am developing a practice which offers folx to submit an emergency and trusted contact person(s) that can support the individual when in crisis or in need of additional support. I believe in community support as a sacred act of care & wellness care. I am also developing protocol and contact lists that support transformative justice within my healing practice. Zoom calls for those with internet capacity and phone calls for those who prefer audio calls.
Laur KellyAstrology Southern ontario (online)$80-120 sliding scale, encouraging BIPOC folks to price at low end of scaleYes. People can place themselves along the sliding scale as their resources allow.Everyday, 10am to 8pm, by appointmentA white settler, and disabled, non-binary spaceNo.Online spaceYes and yes.Wouldn't call for police but would maybe call emergency services for an abulance only as a last resort in a mental health crisis, after serious effort to de-escalate them and get them on the phone with a crisis line. Online meetings thru zoom, sliding scale, option to record session.Astrology as spiritual care to uplift our resiliency and guide our justice-doing.
Lanie Chalmers Somatic, trauma, relational and depth psychotherapy, energy therapy Tkaronto, west end (currently all appointments virtual)$100 regular rateYes. Rate decided on basis of accessibility Some spots avail: Mon (10-5) wed (10-6) Thurs (10-6) fri (10-6)I am a cis queer femme, mixed race (Chinese and European) white presenting.Laniechalmers@gmail.comNANoNAOnly essential oils used sparingly YesNever to call police. Refer to emergency contacts and safest appropriate care Trauma informed as well spiritually informed (no spiritual bypassing)
Yasmin KowlessarPsychotherapy Online only$150 / hrYes. Sliding scale ranges from $75-$140, and is mutually determined on a case-by-case basis (no financial documentation required). Tuesday 3 - 7 pm; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am - 2 pm.queer, Trinidadian-Canadian, Indo-Caribbean, POC, cis woman, fat, femme.hello@yasminkowlessar.comhttps://www.yasminkowlessar.comN/A (online only)NoN/A (online only)N/A (online only)N/A (online only)N/A (online only)Yes.Police are only contacted as required to do so by the my licensing body CRPO, and as a last resort only. Online services.I am sex-worker positive, have experience with alternative relationship structures (non-monogamy, polyamory, etc.), kink / BDSM positive. I am fat positive and take a Health-At-Any-Size (HAES) approach.
JenniferTrauma informed, anti-oppressive and person centered.Located in Tkaronto (Colonially labelled Toronto). Virtual sessions are available internationally.Free 30 minute consultation via phone or video call. Sliding scale $20-$60 CAD per 1 hour sessions. Sliding scale $40-$60 for partner sessions. Yes, I offer sliding scale. Sliding scale encourages folks to select an amount that is most accessible. The scale is flexible and can include collaborative payment plans based on individual financial access needs.Monday to Friday 11:00am to 6:00pm AND Saturday 11:00am to 1:00pmBlack queer cis woman.jeaman.peer@gmail.comI can understand some set practice spacen/an/ano set practice spaceServices are available regardless of immigration status.I do not call or involve the police.My practice rejects restricted "office only" meeting requirements. I encourage access by collaborating with clients on defining what spaces are most supportive. For example: a park, a video call, a phone call, a kitchen, public transit etc.Hi Everyone!
I offer (currently online/phone call) peer support that prioritizes Black queer and trans folks. I have been practicing peer support for 5 years. I ground my work in person-centered, trauma informed, and anti-oppressive approaches. Reaching out for support can be intimidating and we deserve to be received with care! I appreciate every person who chooses to share with me.