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Updated every-ish Tuesday!Questions / Suggestions: @fjsouki // Ratings represent attendees' personal opinions (not Schell Games')
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1928/14/2017no9 Takeaways from 'Duelyst': From Tabletop to Digital GameEric Lang, Keith Lee
1918/7/2017noSchell Games Note-taking and Task-tracking microtalksElaine, Chuck, Lucy, Chris A, Marlena
1907/11/2017noBoard Game Design Day: The Making of 'Pandemic Legacy'Rob Daviau, Matt Leacock
1896/27/2017noLURP showcaseChad Cable
1886/20/2017noAlexandra's Talk - Modeling and Designing for Key Elements of Curiosity
Alexandra To
1875/30/2017free2.33Managing Conflict on Small TeamsRebekah SaltsmanThere are only a few good nuggets here. Learning to postpone decisions and add tons of placeholder stuff are probably the best lessons.
1865/10/2017free3.30Board Game Design Day: 'Puzzle Strike': A Design DiaryDavid SirlinYou would like some insight into balancing strategic games in which clear strategies have emerged.
1855/9/2017no4.10Improving the Culture of Critique: Communicating Across DisciplinesJeff HesserYou would like to learn new tools for how to provide and receive feedback and critique across disciplines
1845/2/2017no-Anisha's TEA Summit reportAnisha Deshmaneinternal SG
1834/18/2017no-RFP ShowcaseMarlena Abraham, Chad Cable, Melanie Harke, Dave Bennettinternal SG
1824/11/2017no-Game Studio Leadership: You Can Do ItJesse Schell
1813/28/2017no3.63Absolutely No Pressure: Continuing a Successful Game Series with 'Civilization VI'Ed BeachYou would like some insight into Civ's approach to improving their franchise with every new release
1803/21/2017free4.07Job Simulator PostmortemAlexander Schwartz, Devin ReimerYou would like a well rounded look at the process for making Job Simulator, are interested in how one of the first VR games of this generation was made and/or want a look into how this type of game handled iteration.
1792/22/2017free-Critical RoleGeek and SundryYou like or have ever liked pen and paper RPGs
1782/8/2017free-Schell Games Wild Pitches 3Shawn, Marlena, Michal and ChrisYou like fun
1771/24/2017free3.75The Scret of Psalm 46Brian MoriartyYou want an entertaining and well told story about games, secrets, easter eggs and what motivates players to go after them. This is audio only
1761/17/2017free4.00Lessons Learned from 'I Expect You To Die': New Puzzles, New HandsShawn Patton, Jesse SchellYou want a great look into VR controls
1751/10/2017free3.38Empowering the Player: Level Design in N++Mare Sheppard, Raigan BurnsYou would like a deep look at the level design of N++ - some general learnings but not a lot
17412/6/2016free3.50The Body Is Back! Understanding Embodiment in VR & AR Game DesignRobin Hunicke
17311/29/2017free3.507 Ways VR Confounds Design ExpectationsNoah FalsteinYou want a very intro level look at a few design considerations for the VR space
17211/8/2016no4.17This is a Talk About Tutorials, Press "A" to SkipNicolae BerbeceYou are working on tutorials and want examples of what to do and not to do
17111/1/2016free4.38Making Her Story - Telling a Story Using The Player's ImaginationSam BarlowYou are interested in game story and (preferably) have played Her Story
17010/18/2016free3.07History and Game DesignChris King
16910/4/2016free3.60Inside the guts of a successful attackBen RuizYou are working in any game with character combat, especially a beat-em-up
1689/27/2016free3.60The sound of Hyperlight DrifterAkash Thakkar
1679/20/2016free-Schell Games Wild Pitches 2Shawn Patton, Ryan Hall, Andrea Hall, Harley BaldwinYou like fun.
1669/13/2016No3.505 Mistakes by Good Teams That Produce Bad Free to Play GamesDon Daglow
1658/23/2016free2.50How We Introduced UX to Epic Games' Production PipelineCelia Hodent, Heather Chandler
1648/16/2016free-Schell Games Wild Pitches!Jesse Schell, Marlena Abraham, Dave Bennett and Tim RoskoYou like fun.
1636/21/2016no3.67Rules of the Game: Five More Techniques from Quite Inventive DesignersRichard Rouse III, Michael de Plater, Emily Short, Liz England, Lee Perry, George FanYou'd like to see short talks about concise topics by five different game designers
1626/14/2015no4.14Darkest Dungeon: A Design PostmortemTyler SigmanYou'd would like a look into the systems in Darkest Dungeons and insight into some of the changes the did in development and reactions to Steam Early Access feedback
1616/7/2016free3.75Alphabear PostmortemDavid EderyYou'd like a quick look at the path that Alphabear, a free to play word game, took from end of development, through release and attempts to increase retention
1605/17/2016noSpecial Edition!Jared hosts a BrainstormSpecial Edition!Special Edition!
1595/10/2016free4.70Twenty Years, Twenty LessonsMark RosewaterYou want an awesome list of design principles that have driven the design of Magic: the Gathering for 20 years
1585/3/2016free4.17The Gamer Motivation Profile: Model and FindingsNick YeeYou're curious as to how to classify gamers according to their motivations when gaming. Survey link in notes to the right ->
1574/26/2016noSpecial Edition!Schell GamesTransformational Design Case StudiesSabrina hostingSpecial Edition!
1564/19/2016noNAAwesome videogame data 2016Geoffrey ZatkinProbably don't bother unless it's still early-mid 2016. Good talk, but only contains data from 2015.
1554/12/2016free4.00Engines of Play: How Player Motivation Changes Over TimeJason VandenBergheYou want a quick look at Jason's previous talks plus a view into his thoughts of why categorizing games and players through the lens of player motivation can be useful
1542/16/2016freeDesigning the UniverseJonathan Blow, Marc Ten Bosch
1531/26/2015free3.50Far Cry 4: Gameplay Team Workflow, Iteration and PhilosophyMarc Andre SaulnierYou're a junior producer and curious about the development process of a AAA gameplay team
1521/19/2016free2.33Trying to make idea-rich gamesJonathan BlowYou want to hear Jonathan Blow say that no game ever made is really a great design achievement and how he hopes to change that with his next project.
1511/12/2016free1.88How Game Developers Reach New Customers with Twitch (Presented by Amazon)Marcus Graham, Ernest LeThis talk has become outdated. Some okay ideas and info about developers using twitch to promote their game
15012/9/2015noSpecial Edition!Schell Games Design Case StudiesSpecial Edition!Special Edition!On Internal Google Drive - video on shared network
14911/17/2015no4.00User Research on DestinyJohn HopsonYou want a look of how a big company does big playtests. Some cool observations and takeaways for playtesting that any game (big or small) can benefit from.
14811/10/2015no4.00The Gamer's Brain: How Neuroscience and UX Can Impact DesignCelia HodentIf you're in UX, this is a reminder of a lot of stuff you might know intuitively. If you don't do UX, this is a great primer on UX methods.
14710/27/2015free3.00Design Lessons from Multiplayer InstallationsAlistair AitchesonYou want a look at lessons learned from a developer of onsite, prototypey physical games
1469/29/2015free4.50Failure Workshop 2015Steve Swink, Ben Esposito, Adam Saltsman, Will Stallwood
1459/22/2015no3.00Worlds Collide: Combining Story and Systems in Dragon Age: InquisitionMark Wilson, Kaelin LavalleeYou want a high level, not very deep look at a few systems in dragon age that are interetwined with the storytelling
1449/8/2015free4.10Making It to Break It: Designing Hack 'n' SlashBrandon DillonYou want a look at the core mechanics of Hack n' Slash and the design philosophy behind it
1439/1/2015free3.40Witchcraft: The Alchemy of a Crafting-Based EconomyMatthew SteinkeYou want a kinda, but not fully in-depth look at the crafting and item system in The Witcher 3. Some good pointers but it's not a system or implementation that looks particularly amazing
1428/25/2015no4.17Designing CounterSpy: A Journey From Games to Pixar to GamesMark HolmesYou want a look at the concepting, art direction and graphic design of Counterspy
1418/4/2015free3.88Against the Burning Hells: Diablo III's Road to Redemption with Reaper of SoulsJoshua MosqueiraYou want a candid look at what was wrong with Diablo 3 when it shipped, and how they fixed it
1407/21/2015noRoundtable - Romance In GamesHeidi McDonaldSpecial Edition!
1397/14/2015no4.25Design by Constraints: Hitman GO Design PostmortemDaniel LutzYou want a good postmortem of the Hitman GO game. Especially interesting since it walks through the challenges of translating the Hitman feel to a mobile experience.
1386/23/2015free3.50A Live Art Demonstration of Creating Worlds through Design ThinkingFeng ZhuYou want a refresher on different methods for coming up with new ideas early in development. Both in the context of design and concept art. There is a slide that I found very useful about advice for starting a freelance business. It's towards the 30 min mark right before he gets started on the live demo.
1376/16/2015no3.50The Neuroscience of Game AudioZak Belica, Seth HorowitzYou're curious about how our brain processes sound differently than other senses, and a quick look at some simple examples from games
1365/19/2015no3.80Permadeath, Aging and Marriage: The Bloodline System of Massive ChaliceBrad MuirYou want a look at the design decisions in Massive Chalice - especially the ones that try to model real life, relationships, character traits and regal bloodlines
1355/12/2015no4.50Do Artists Dream of Electric Sheep?Grant DuncanI personally think most everyone will enjoy this talk. Great insight into the art process for No Man's Sky with fascinating tidbits for artists, designers and programmers
1345/5/2014no3.38Designing Your Design TeamRichard CarrilloYou want a relatively simplistic view of different approaches to game design. Some good examples, some not so much. It's a short watch and you might get a nugget of wisdom or two. If you like categorizing things into quadrants, you'll like this.
1334/28/2015noSpecial Edition!Schell Games Design Case StudiesSpecial Edition!
1324/21/2015free3.75Design Case StudiesEric Zimmerman, Dan Cassar, Bennett Foddy, Tanya ShortYou want an in-depth look at the design of three specific features from three different games. The third one, Bennet Foddy's about Pole Riders, is DEFINITELY worth a watch and the reason this has a ❤
1314/14/2015free3.81Rules of the Game: Five Tricks of Highly Effective DesignersRichard Rouse III, Laralyn McWilliams, Dan Teasdale, Chris Avellone, Kim McAuliffe, Nels AndersonYou want fun, useufl bits of design wisdom. Similar to microtalks but less risky and more insightful
1304/7/2015no4.20Game Studio Management: Making It GreatJesse SchellYou want a look at Jesse's philosophy behind studio management. A good mix of general ideas and actionable advice. Entertaining and informative.
1293/31/2015no3.38Awesome Video Game Data (2015)Geoffrey ZatkinYou want a look at video game data from 2014
1283/24/2015noSpecial Edition!Schell Games Design Microtalks 1Shawn, Anisha, Tim, Sabrina, Yotam, Jared, Heidi, FranciscoSpecial Edition!
1272/3/2015no3.80Designers Are from Saturn, Programmers Are from UranusBrian SchwabYou want a list of actionable stuff that can help designers and programmers communicate better. You'll have to get past the cheesy stereotypes and do some introspection to get the most out of this one.
1261/27/2015no3.25Death to the Three Act Structure! Toward a Unique Structure for Game NarrativesTom Abernathy, Richard Rouse IIIYou want a quick overview of why the traditional Hollywood three act stuctue might not be great for games. Lacking a bit of substance but it's a short watch with a good call to action.
1251/20/2015free3.83The Cerny MethodMark CernyYou want an enthusiastic look at a project development process that prioritizes pre-production over everything else. It's an old talk but there's good stuff in there.
1241/5/2015free3.58A Great Disturbance in Development: The Dark Side of Early AccessJames CroweYou are thinking about (or curious about) pour game on early access or any sort of open development. This is the case of a higher budget game with a pre-established small fanbase. note - if you can, watch at x1.5 speed
12312/9/2014free4.46Practical CreativityRaph KosterYou'd like insight or inspiration on how to analyze and combine existing games to create new game ideas
12211/18/2014free3.00EVO 2014: Counting FramesFrank LantzYou want an academic look at fight games
12111/11/2014free3.75Tips for playtesting - Sago SagoJason Kroghyou are designing games for toddlers and young children. Also general good playtesting practices.
12011/4/2014no3.50The Art of Hearthstone: Playing With the Cards You're DealtBen Thompsonyou want a quick description and some useful pointers of how to base your digital experience on the physical space
11910/28/2014no4.42Evolving Bungie's Production Practices for a Brave New WorldMark Noseworthyyou want a good, detailed account with examples of the risks of growing your team from big to super-big. Great talk
1189/30/2014free0.00In 3 Sentences or Less: Perfecting Your PitchRami IsmailDon't watch this took too long to get to any valuable content and we lost patience
1179/23/2014free3.17GDC Microtalks 2014Emily Greer, Tadhg Kelly, Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris, Harry Lee, Richard Lemarchand, Susan O'Connor, Lana Polansky, Elizabeth Sampat, Brian Sharp, Austin WintoryYou like microtalks. This edition was a little weak
1169/16/2014free4.00Designing Monument Valley: Less Game, More ExperienceKen WongYou want to hear about how the concept of Monument Valley came about and became a game
1159/9/2014free3.70The Art of Making Guacamelee! - From Folklore to FinishAugusto QuijanoYou want a look at the development process of Guacamelee from the art perspective
1149/2/2014no4.25How We Used Iterative Level Design to Ship Skyrim and Fallout 3Joel BurgessYou'd like to learn about the planning process of a smaller team (the level design team) within a larger team. Great insight on how to plan ahead, do iterative content passes and adapt to the larger development process
1138/26/2014free3.98Scenography of Kentucky Route ZeroTamas KemenczyYou want to learn about how stage theater influenced the art in KRZ, and see one or two cool animated gifs of how they set up some of their Unity scenes
1128/19/2014no3.17Paper Tales: A Guide to Narrative PrototypingJamie AntonisseYou're curious about how paper prototyping might apply to narrative. This is a somewhat cursory look and he could have affroded to go a little deeper and provide examples.
1118/12/2014noN/AAwesome Video Game Data 2014Geoffrey ZatkinYou want a great look at industry data that was up to date in March 2014
1106/10/2014no3.50Child's Play: Playtesting with Children in the World of SkylandersGareth GriffithsYou want to see a couple examples and stories from Skylanders playtesting with kids of different ages
1096/3/2014no3.80Characterization, Purpose and Action: Creating Strong Video Game CharactersJeremy BernsteinYou want a detailed look at the base principles of character-building, including character motivations, actions and traits
1085/20/2014free3.75Jiro Dreams of Game DesignBrenda RomeroYou want inspiration about aspiring for greatness in your game design craft
1074/28/2014free3.57Hearthstone: 10 Bits of Design WisdomEric DoddsYou want a compilation of conventional/basic design wisdom looked at through the lens of Hearthstone design. Not a lot of concrete examples for the game, but all in all a correct talk
1064/15/2014free3.50A Study in Transparency: How Board Games MatterSoren JohnsonYou want to a broad overview of what makes a game transparent, in terms of its content and mechanics. He discusses the concepts of "pre-luck" and "post-luck" and how decision making in relation to luck affects the transparency of a game.
1053/25/2014freeN/AThe Smash Brothers Episodes 1 and 2East Point PicturesYou want to see an awesome documentary about Smash Brothers
1043/4/2014free3.63Using Plot Devices to Create Gameplay in StorytellerDaniel BenmerguiYou want to hear about the game Storyteller, how the mechanics work and what the early prototype looked like. Storyteller is an indie game where players move characters around story panels to achieve narrative goals. No previous knowledge about Storyteller needed.
1032/18/2014no3.83Tapping the Collective Creativity of Your TeamMarcin ChadyYou want a look at a system for managing team feedback. This talk features a system for collecting, managing and responding to the team's creative feedback on a large team
1022/11/2014no4.60Of Choice and Breaking New Ground: Designing Mark of the NinjaNels AndersonYou want a great overview of design choices made during development of Mark of the Ninja, in the context of improving upon an existing genre by defying some of its conventions
1012/4/2014no4.11Working the Crowd: Engaging Players Through the User InterfaceJoe KowalskiYou want a generalist overview of why UI is important, with some specific examples particularly from Brutal Legend and Guitar Hero.
1001/28/2014free3.71Minimalist Game Design: Growing OSMOSAndy Nealen, Eddy BoxermanYou want to take a look at the design process for OSMOS as well as a bit of the philosophy behind the minimalist design.
991/21/2014free4.07Building the Touchy-Feely World of TearawayRex CrowleYou want a broad view of the art, mechanics and design philosophy behind Tearaway. Even if you haven't played the game, it is a very fun talk to watch and the game looks gorgeous.
981/14/2014no2.63From Great Ideas to Game FeaturesMaciej SzczesnikYou want a view at a model for how to come up with game ideas, evalute them and schedule them for implementation. It's not necessaril very informative, just some examples that they use at the studio that makes The Witcher. Highly recommend that you at least check out Steps 6 and 7 from his talk.
971/7/2014free3.33Broken Age: Rethinking a Classic Genre for the Modern EraGreg Rice, Tim Schafer, Lee Petty, Oliver FranzkeYou want a superficial look at the design, art, tech and community management of Broken Age. It tries to talk about a lot of things but ends up not talking much about anything. Tim Schafer talks about puzzle design in the first 15 mins. Also, this resource was really cool:
9612/3/2013no3.90Location-Based Interactive Storytelling the Walt Disney Imagineering WayJonathan Ackley, Chris Purvis
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