anthologiesA Colony in Crisis: The Saint-Domingue Grain Shortage of 1789wars/revolutions, Americas, pamphlets
translated and curated primary sources concerning the Saint-Domingue Grain Shortage of 1789
anthologiesCourt Depositions of South West England, 1500-1700women, work
A digital edition of 80 fully transcribed depositions relating to 20 cases heard in church courts and Quarter Sessions 1556-1694.
anthologiesEarly Modern Texts - Philosophers and Philosophy Topicsphilosophysome classics of early modern philosophy prepared with a view to making them easier to read
anthologiesJamaica and Slavery in the Age of RevolutionCaribbean, slavery
excerpts from letters written by Simon Taylor, an 18th-century Jamaican slaveholder and plantation owner
anthologiesLuminariumwriting, literatureAnthology of English literature, medieval to 18th century
artworksArchive of Early American ImagesAmericas
A database of images of the colonial Americas from Hudson Bay to Tierra del Fuego, 1492 to ca. 1825
artworksBritish Printed Images to 1700Britain, print culture, printsA digital library of prints and book illustrations from early modern Britain
artworksCranach Digital ArchiveGermany, visual arts
an interdisciplinary collaborative research resource, providing access to art historical, technical and conservation information on paintings by Lucas Cranach the Elder
Europa Inventa: Early European Objects in Australasian Collections
Europa Inventa is the first systematic description of medieval/early modern European manuscripts, art works and objects held in Australasian libraries, galleries and museums.
artworksJohn Slezer's Engravings of ScotlandScotland, prints
More than 70 original engravings digitised by NLS from the first ever pictorial survey of Scotland, published by military engineer John Slezer in 1693.
artworksThe Wenceslaus Hollar Digital Collectionvisual arts, prints, Europe
Digitised collection of works by 'one of the most skilled etchers of his or any other time', keyword search or browse themes.
databases15c Book Tradeprint, material culture, books, digital
project using material and documentary evidence to investigate the introduction of printing in the West
databases18thConnectc18th, writing, federated search
18thConnect is an online finding aid and scholarly community in the field of eighteenth-century literary and historical studies.
databasesAnnotated Books Onlinebooks, print culture
A digital archive of early modern annotated books and virtual research environment for scholars of historical reading practices.
databasesBroadside Ballads Onlineperforming arts, print culture
a digital collection of printed songs made between the 16th and 20th centuries, featuring the Bodleian digital collections of ballads, with links to other resources
databasesCause Papers in the Church Courts of the diocese of York
Britain, courts, local government, voxpop
a searchable catalogue and scanned images of more than 14,000 cause papers relating to cases heard in the Church Courts of the diocese of York
CESAR - Calendrier Electronique des Spectacles sous l'Ancien Régime
drama, France, theatre
CESAR is a dynamic resource at the service of all those with an interest in the French theatre of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
databasesChurchwardens' Accounts of England and Wales
local government, religion, material worlds
A database of surviving churchwardens’ accounts from the earliest known (c.1300) to c.1850.
City and Region: Urban and Agricultural Rent in England 1400-1914
money, agriculture, GIS, statistics
A collection of rental data for London, Essex and Kent, with maps, visualisations, and downloadable raw datasets
databasesClergy of the Church of England Database 1540-1835religion, biographies
A database of clerical careers with the aim of providing coverage of as many clerical lives as possible from the 16th- to mid-19h century
databasesConnected Histories: British History Sources 1500-1900Britain, federated search
federated search of a range of digital resources related to early modern and nineteenth century Britain
databasesDatabase of Italian AcademiesItaly, learning
a detailed searchable database for locating printed material relating to the Italian learned Academies active in Bologna, Naples, Padua and Siena in the period 1530-1700, and now held in the British Library
databasesDEEP: Database of Early English Playbooksdrama
Database of of every playbook produced in England, Scotland, and Ireland from the beginning of printing through 1660.
databasesDugdale CatalogueBritain, learning
a catalogue of the correspondence of William Dugdale from 1635-1686, with links to transcriptions where available
databasesEarly Modern Letters Onlinemanuscripts
Early Modern Letters Online (EMLO) is a combined finding aid and editorial interface for basic descriptions of early modern correspondence.
databasesEarly Modern London Theatres (EMLoT)theatres, London
A research database and educational resource about London theatres which developed before, during and shortly after the life of Shakespeare.
databasesEighteenth-Century Book Trackerbooks, c18th
ded­i­cated to in­dex­ing free­ly-a­vail­a­ble dig­i­tal fac­sim­iles of eight­eenth-cen­tury texts and cross-ref­er­enc­ing them to accurate bib­li­og­raph­i­cal ref­er­ence sources
databasesEighteenth-Century English Phonology Databaselanguage
A database enabling users to investigate the social, regional and lexical distribution of phonological variants in eighteenth-century English
databasesEnglish Short Title Cataloguecatalogues, print culturefully searchable version of the key union catalogue for early modern British printed works
Europa Inventa: Early European Objects in Australasian Collections
Europa Inventa is the first systematic description of medieval/early modern European manuscripts, art works and objects held in Australasian libraries, galleries and museums.
databasesFirst Fleet Onlinecrime, punishment, AustraliaA database and other resources about the first convicts transported to Australia in 1787.
databasesIntoxicants and Early Modernity, England 1580-1740consumption, material culture
Intoxicants and Early Modernity explores the period between the introduction of tobacco in the 1570s and the ‘Gin Craze’ of the early eighteenth century.
databasesLocating London's Pastmaps, London
A GIS interface enabling researchers to map and visualize textual and artefactual data relating to 17th and 18th-century London.
databasesLost Plays Databasedramaa forum for scholars to share information about lost plays in England, 1570-1642
databasesManuscript Pamphleteering in Early Stuart Englandpolitics, manuscripts, literatureA database of early Stuart manuscript pamphlet literature.
databasesMaterial Evidence in Incunabulaprint culture, material worlds
database of the material evidence of 15th-century printed books: ownership, decoration, binding, manuscript annotations, stamps, prices, etc.
databasesPLRE.Folgerlearning, books
a database companion to the print volumes in the series Private Libraries in Renaissance England
RECIRC: The Reception and Circulation of Early Modern Women’s Writing, 1550-1700
women, literature
A database about which female authors were read, by whom, and how texts by women circulated in the 16th and 17th centuries.
databasesRecords of Earl's ColneBritain, communities, local governmentDatabase of wide range of surviving records relating to the village of Earl's Colne, Essex
databasesRenaissance Cultural Crossroadsbooks, language, encounters
A list of all translations out of and into all languages printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland before 1641
databasesRobert Hooke's Booksscience, books, learningAn online source on the library of the 17th-century virtuoso Robert Hooke (1635-1703).
Runaway Slaves in Britain: bondage, freedom and race in the 18th century
slavery, rebellion
A database of newspaper advertisements placed by masters and owners seeking the capture and return of escaped slaves.
databasesSloane Printed Books Cataloguelearning, science
The Sloane Printed Books catalogue lists books which belonged to Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753).
databasesThe art world in Britain 1660 to 1735Britain, material culture, visual artsprimary sources and research tools for the study of the arts in early modern Britain
databasesThe Court of Chivalry 1634-1640government, courts, Britain
records of the Court of Chivalry during its heyday between 1634 and 1640, covering a wide variety of topics relating to the social, political and cultural history of the period
databasesThe Digital Miscellanies Indexpoetry
A searchable record of more than 1,600 poetic miscellanies published between 1680 and 1800
databasesThe Early Novels Database (END)novelsHigh-quality metadata about novels published between 1660 and 1850.
databasesThe French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europebooks, France, print culture
project using database, web interface and GIS technology to map the 18th-century French book trade
databasesThe Inner Temple Admissions Databaselaw, catalogues, biographicalThe Inner Temple Calendars provide a social and administrative history of the Inner Temple
databasesThe London Stage Databasedrama, theatres, London
A database of plays, performances, performers and theatres in London from the 1600s to the end of the 18th century.
databasesThe Mind is a Metaphorideas, literature, culture
The Mind is a Metaphor, is an evolving work of reference, an ever more interactive, more solidly constructed collection of mental metaphorics.
databasesThe Reading Experience Database 1450-1945 (UK RED)reading, print culture
the reading experiences of British residents and travellers between the invention of the printing press in 1450 and the end of the Second World War
databasesThe Records of London's Livery Companies Online (ROLLCO)urban, work
website providing records of Apprentices and Freemen in the City of London Livery Companies between 1400 and 1900
databasesThe Rembrandt Databaseart, Rembrandt, artists, Netherlands
an inter-institutional research resource for information and documentation on paintings by Rembrandt or attributed to him
databasesThe Sloane Letters Projectscience, medicine, correspondenceDescriptions and metadata for the correspondence of Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753)
databasesWho were the Nuns?reformations, religion, women, EuropeA Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800
editions1641 Depositions Onlinewars/revolutions, Ireland, voxpop
digital edition of 4000 depositions, examinations and associated materials in which Protestant men and women told of their experiences of the rebellion by the Catholic Irish in October 1641
editionsA London Provisioner's Chronicle, 1550-1563Britain, politics
searchable scholarly edition of this diary of a turbulent period in British history as seen by a London merchant
editionsAaron Thomas: The Caribbean Journal of a Royal Navy Seamanwars/revolutions, maritime, c18th
the journal of a British seaman in the West Indies during the French Revolutionary wars; includes accounts of naval operations, sailors' health and punishments, and personal views on slavery, religion, and morality
editionsAdams Family Papers : An Electronic ArchiveAmericas
This electronic archive presents images of manuscripts and digital transcriptions from the Adams Family Papers.
editionsAlciato's Book of EmblemspoetryAn edition of Andrea Alciato's Emblematum liber or Book of Emblems.
editionsBluestocking Corpus: Letters by Elizabeth Montaguwomen, correspondenceA corpus of letters written by Elizabeth Montague between the 1730s and 1780s.
editionsCasebooks Projectmedicine, magic
Digital edition of casebooks of Simon Forman and Richard Napier, two of the most popular astrologers in early modern England.
editionsChymistry of Isaac Newtonmagic, scienceAn edition of Newton's alchemical manuscripts and new research on Newton's chymistry
editionsCivil War Petitionsvoxpop, medicine, wars/revolutions
Petitions to the state from veterans and their families for welfare payments as a result of injuries and bereavement sustained during the English Civil Wars.
editionsdigiberichte.deEurope, travelDigitized travel accounts of late medieval and early modern Europe
Digital Archive of Renaissance and Early Modern Inaugural Lectures
Europe, Italy, learning, manuscripts
a digital collection of searchable descriptions, digital photo-reproductions and codified transcriptions of inaugural lectures given from the Renaissance to the beginning of the eighteenth century
editionsDigital Cavendishwomen, literatureScholarly editions of the works of Margaret Cavendish, and other resources for research.
editionsDigital Quaker Collectionreligion
DQC is a digital library containing full text and page images of over 500 individual Quaker works from the 17th and 18th centuries.
editionsEarly Americas Digital ArchiveAmericas
a collection of electronic texts and links to texts originally written in or about the Americas from 1492 to approximately 1820
editionsEarly English Books Online (EEBO) TCPbooks
EEBO-TCP is a partnership to generate highly accurate, fully-searchable, SGML/XML-encoded texts corresponding to books from Early English Books Online.
editionsEarly Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO)manuscripts
Transcriptions, metadata and images of manuscripts from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
editionsEarly Printprint, digital, useful tools
Developing a digital library of English books published before 1700 and a range of tools for computational exploration and analysis.
editionsEarly Stuart Libelspoetry, politicsA web-based edition of early seventeenth-century political poetry from manuscript sources.
editionsECCO-TCP: Eighteenth Century Collectons Onlinebooks, writing
More than 2000 freely accessible, accurately rekeyed texts of English titles printed between 1701 and 1800 (ECCO and Text Creation Partnership).
editionsEighteenth-Century Book Trackerbooks, c18th
ded­i­cated to in­dex­ing free­ly-a­vail­a­ble dig­i­tal fac­sim­iles of eight­eenth-cen­tury texts and cross-ref­er­enc­ing them to accurate bib­li­og­raph­i­cal ref­er­ence sources
editionsEmory Women Writers' Resource Projectwomen, writing
Edited and unedited texts by women writing from the seventeenth century through the early twentieth century (early modern/c18th collection)
editionsEnglish Broadside Ballad Archivemusic, print culture
site for early modern English ballads providing full transcriptions and images, search facilities, sung versions of ballads, and background essays
editionsEnglish Prose Drama Database (EProseD)drama
EProseD contains more than 1,600 plays written by more than 350 different authors from the Renaissance to the end of the nineteenth century.
editionsFolger Digital Textsdrama, Shakespeare
free, high-quality digital texts of Shakespeare's plays, meticulously edited on the basis of current scholarship; searchable and downloadable
editionsFrench Emblems at GlasgowFrance, print cultureFrench Emblem Books of the 16th century, along with their Latin versions when appropriate.
editionsHearth Tax Digitalsociety, economy, Britain
A platform for the publication and dissemination of research and analysis on hearth tax records.
editionsHooke Folio Onlinescience
The Hooke Folio contains extracts from the Royal Society's Journal Books and rough minutes for the period of Hooke's secretaryship
editionsHortus Nitidissimisscience
This web site is the culmination of a project to make available one of the great florilegias of the 1700s, the Hortus Nitidissimis.
editionsIn Mozart's WordsMozart, music
multilingual access to an annotated version of the voluminous correspondence of Mozart and his family (1400 letters)
editionsJohn Foxe's Acts and Monuments Onlinereligion, reformations, BritainDigital edition of the 16th-century editions of John Foxe’s protestant martyrology.
editionsJonathan Swift Archivewriting
The Jonathan Swift Archive makes available digitized texts of Jonathan Swift’s prose works, transcribed from a great variety of early printed editions.
editionsLatin Texts of Early Modern Europelearning, Latin, Europe, language
Latin Texts of Early Modern Europe projects are dedicated to building a digital library of the humanistic Respublica Litterarum
editionsLetters of Philip II, King of Spain, 1592 – 1597Spain, wars/revolutions
174 letters of Philip II, King of Spain, from the time of naval war against England and France, 1592 - 1597.
editionsLetters of William Herle ProjectBritain, letters, politicsonline edition of the letters of William Herle, Elizabethan spy and diplomat
London Lives 1690 to 1800 ~ Crime, Poverty and Social Policy in the Metropolis
poverty, manuscripts, local government, courts, Britain, urban, voxpop
A fully searchable edition of 240,000 manuscripts from eight archives and fifteen datasets for eighteenth-century London. Includes criminal justice, parish poor relief, hospital and guild records.
editionsMarineLivesmaritime, courts, public history
collaborative transcription, linkage and enrichment of primary manuscripts from the High Court of Admiralty, London, 1650-1669
editionsMary Wroth's Poetry: An Electronic Editionpoetry, womenElectronic edition of Mary Wroth's poetry.
editionsMedicine in the Americas, 1619-1914: A Digital LibraryAmericas, medicine
A digital library project that makes freely available original works demonstrating the evolution of American medicine from colonial frontier outposts of the 17th century to research hospitals of the 20th century.
editionsModern Philosophy SourceEurope, philosophy
primary sources for the history of thought; includes texts by several major authors of the period from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
editionsNew York Society Library: First Charging Ledger (1789-1792)Americas, books, c18th, print culture
The Library's earliest surviving charging ledger (July 1789 - April 1792) is a window into the reading habits of over five hundred members of the Society Library