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ADDRESSNeighborhoodCoop, Run & StructuresPoultry & Other LivestockEco-Yard AspectsWheelchair Access >32 in wideHost Site Language/sHost Statements
YesYesNoNo1515 N Springfield, Chicago, 60651Humboldt ParkHomemade coop and run made from salvaged wood4 birds: 1 Ameraucana, 1 Australorp, 2 Plymouth RocksWe have compost bins, raised beds, and native plants.If needed, there is access to our yard from the alley. If people enter through the front, there is a narrow gangway and a single step. English1) fresh eggs are delicious, chickens are great companions that are (usually) easy to care for. 2) visiting other sites in the past helped us learn how to start our own flock, and now we are excited to share what we know with others. 3) it's a fun way to meet other chicken enthusiasts!
NoNoYesNo2204 Rosehill Court, Naperville, 60565SuburbanThe coop/run were built from scratch for 4 hens. Then we got four more hens and added 8x10 protected run connected to the original structure by covered bridge. We have 6 coop-cams and 2-way sound that we can view on our phones.6 hens and 2 pullets. Mixed flock of cinnamon queen, Easter egger, golden laced Wyandotte, buff Orpington, Cochins and a Brahma. NoneNoEnglishI keep backyard chickens as pets, not to mention they are calming and fun to watch. I I am constantly learning New things. I look forward to hosting the tour because I will meet people as interested in backyard hens as I am
YesYesNoNo2421 N Francisco Ave, Chicago, 60647-2609Logan SquareOne fully-enclosed coop, built ourselves out of new and recycled materials, with a run below.3 chickens, Mystic Maran and 2 Olive EggersNative gardens, food gardens, composting, rain barrels, solar panels, bat house.Yes (path between houses is a little under 3 feet)English only1. We keep backyard chickens because they are a great addition to our urban homestead! 2. We look forward to hosting the Tour because we get to meet other like-minded folk. 3. We love the Tour because of the sense of community around urban agriculture and chicken keeping.
YesNoNoNo2444 N. Talman Ave., Chicago, 60647Logan SquareScrap built coop and run made during "stay-at-home" with one trip to the hardware store.4 hens, Buff Orpingtons and Silver Laced Wyandottes, less than a year old, Bees - two hives, Italian honey beesThe garden is a combination of edible foods and bee and butterfly friendly plants.Yes with assistance. There is one small curb between grass and side walk and some bumpy terrainArabic/EnglishWe keep backyard chickens because we support eco-friendly farm to table practices. We look forward to hosting because we like to share ideas and imagine ways we can support our urban environment. We have never been on the tour so we are looking forward to joining in this year.
YesYesNoNo2448 N. Springfield, Chicago, 60647Logan SquareCoop, run and pen. All were custom made by a local carpenter8, silkie, polish, ameraucana, variety of othersWe have a vegetable garden, worm compost bin.No, there is one step down into the yardEnglishWe keep chickens to get fresh eggs and learn the basics of farming. We are excited to share our flock and experiences with chicken.
YesYesNoNo2719 W. 16th Street, Chicago, 60608Little Village / Lawndale / Douglas Park Custom Built Modern Urban Chicken Tractor 10 hens and 1 rooster,
Buff Orpington
Blue Plymouth Rock
Golden Laced Wyandotte
Olive Egger
Black Copper Maran
Mystic Maran
1000 gallon IBC tote Rain Water Harvesting System, Vedge Garden with 70 different edibles, 3-Bin Compost, Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes, Pollinator Garden (milkweed etc), bug hotel YesspanishWe keep backyard chickens because we like to know where our food comes from. They are great pets and provide a food source. We love hosting the tour, because we like to meet other people that keep chickens and/or others who are consider keeping chickens. We have had chickens for 8 years. We love the tour because it offers an opportunity for other people interested in chickens, both new and experienced alike to meet one another and learn more about keeping chickens.
NoNoYesYes2946 N Lawndale Ave, Chicago, 60618AvondaleI purchased two cheap coops, reinforced the bases, and added additions with stick ladders and roosts. I repainted and re-Roofed them. They are insulated with spray foam and we use ceramic panel heaters in the winter. We also have a chicken swing!We have 7 hens and 2 roosters, a Polish crested rooster and a white silkie bantam rooster. Our hens are mixed breeds. We have a Plymouth barred rock, a Rhode Island Red, 2 buff orpingtons, 2 white brahmas, and a black silkie frizzle. The roosters get along well and Jadwiga our buff Orpington is currently broody so we may get chicks!We have a large garden, we can vegetables, and we have a huge herb garden. We also collect rainwater and compost and have a tiny gold fish pond.The yard yes, the coop no.EnglishWe keep backyard chickens because they are great pets and make us more sustainable! We look forward to hosting the tour because we want to meet other garden enthusiasts. We love the tour because it makes us more neighborly and gives us great ideas!
YesNoYesNo3624 N Leavitt St, Chicago, 60618North Center/Roscoe VillateEverything in the yard was built by hand. We have a 3x12 chicken coop and a 16x16 pergola standing over a 4x8 mini barn/deck for the goats. The duck pond is a 40gal livestock tank with a handmade water filtration system.All Female- French Rouen duck, Isa Brown, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Plymouth Blue Rock, Black Barred Rock, Ameraucana, Two Nigerian Dwarf Goat wethers, beehiveRaised-bed square foot gardening 12x16 enclosure. Rain barrel. Bird bath. NoSpanish/English/FrenchWe keep backyard livestock because we love to feel a connection to animals and share this unique aspect of life in Chicago with everyone. We look forward to hosting the Tour because it really allows people to see what can be done within the confines of a typical city lot that is a less than ordinary urban setup. We love the Tour because our year round effort to keep our animals safe and healthy can be shared with anyone who is curious!
YesYesYesYes3717 N Kenneth Ave, Chicago, 60641-3025Old Irving ParkI built my coop more than six years ago, based on the Wichita Coop, a design I found on-line and felt I could easily build. The hen house it partly built into my garage... a convenience for me so I can collect eggs indoors in bad weather. While I intended for the flock to roost in this space, being chickens, they quickly chose to roost in the fully protected/fully roofed run. After my first year I built an addition to the run to better accommodate their needs. I add a protective layer of clear plastic in early winter thru mid spring to keep the wind, rain and snow out of their living space. I have one bee hive this year. With the addition of 4 babies in mid July I now have 18 chickens. One (Sally) is a beautiful year old rooster. I keep a variety of heritage breeds and hybrids to keep things interesting visually, and so I cal more easily tell them apart. Two of my first hens are still with us in their 7th year. I try to add a few each year to maintain flock size and egg production. I usually give them to a broody hen to raise. This helps the babies become part of the flock much quicker than raising them indoors by hand. not officially accessible, I have a wide straight sidewalk from the alley to the rear of the house from which most of the chicken living space can be seen. EnglishI keep backyard chickens For the fresh eggs, and the companionship! Each has its own unique personality and interacts with me in its own way... they are dependable.

I looked forward to sharing my experience with these lovely animals as a host on the tour.

I love the tour for the variety of people I meet who visit for a variety of reasons! Some are looking for new ideas or hoping to raise their own flock. Others just enjoy chickens!
NoYesNoNo3733 North Lawndale Avenue, Chicago, 60618Irving ParkCoop and run6 chickens, 1 rescue rooster/breed unknown, 2 red star, 2 black star, 1 Welsummer. Honey bees (hive on top of chicken coop/not near ground or humans)Rain barrels, compost, vegetable and spice gardenNo English1) They're a pet that gives back. 2) we love sharing our flock with our neighbors and educating about how to live simple and eco friendly 3) we've hosted other tours at friends locations and always enjoy meeting people who are passionate about caring for animals and eco friendly living
YesNoYesNo4313 N. Keeler Ave., Chicago, 60641Old Irving ParkPrefab coop we assembled and attached to an old playhouse structure. We have added an automatic, programmable door, cameras, bird netting, and a ramp the girls can climb each day to the second level (former playhouse).5 hens: barred rock, golden laced wyandotte, buff, and two isa brownsGreenhouse, raised vegetable garden bed, berry bushes, grapes, apple tree + composting + rain barrelNot really. They would have to wheel over grass to reach the back area, which is covered in large wood chips.EnglishWe keep our chickens because we like having them as pets, enjoy eating their eggs, and their waste helps our garden. They also are good consumers of scrap food that we would otherwise compost.
We would like to host on the tour to share our space we've put lots of time in building and modifying.
We love the tour because it's a way to open up our space to people who may be interested in becoming chicken keepers!
NoYesYesYes4401 S Troy St, Chicago, 60632Brighton ParkWe have a prefab coop with run. 4 chickens. ( 1 Light Brahma, one Blue Plymouth Rock and two Buff Orpingtons)NoneYard is coop is not.SpanishBecause its one step closer to sustainability. We also wanted to include the community and encourage others to try urban farming.
NoNoYesYes443 E 46th Place, Chicago, 60653BronzevilleBuilt our coop out of old wood studs left over from our home renovation. Green roof is incorporated in the structure. Recently installed an automatic coop door.bees, Four hens (Black Australorp, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock) Second Year on the Tour! Composting on site. Intensive vegetable gardening, hugelkultur berm with native perennials. Fruit trees.It would be challenging, but possible.Spanish/EnglishKeeping chickens is fun, challenging, and rewarding. We feel an affinity for these birds and enjoy sharing our efforts with curious neighbors and friends. Local food production is important to us and we look forward to sharing our backyard with the community.
NoNoYesNo4433 W. Montana St, Chicago, 60639HermosaLarge walk-in coop, walk-in run. Both homemade, on a cement block foundation, well insulated with detachable plastic sides to keep snow/wind out in winter.5 ladies. Plymouth Barred Rock, two Buff Orpingtons , Black Australorp and Speckled SussexRaised bed gardens and composters. Native plantings.Yes, though bumpy around coop. No steps.Bad FrenchHad chickens for more than 10 years, learnt a lot about them and coops from others and want to pass that knowledge on. Also Chickens are easy and make you laugh a lot.
YesNoNoNo4741 S. Kenwood, Chicago, 60615KenwoodWe have a coop made from a vintage 1960s airline dog crate and an indoor run made from an upcycled storage shed. 4 laying hensWe have 1200 sf of edible gardens, rain barrels, a small pond, a deep-winter greenhouse, many native plantings, and a community compost system.Yes, but the yard surface is woodchips. It's doable for a wheelchair but not ideal.EnglishAs a school, we keep chickens because of students fascination with them.
YesYesYesNo4835 N Bell, Chicago, 60625Lincoln SquareI built coop from plans and am currently building a larger run. 5 total. 2 barred rock (8yr and 2yr), Buff Orp(2yr), red Ameraucana(8yr), lavender Ameraucana (2yr)Solar roof panels, rain barrel for potted plants, 2 composers, raised movable beds for veggies and flowersYes. EnglishThey are pets with benefits. We have hosted in the past and it’s been fun. We love to learn new things and exchange ideas.
NoYesNoYes5140 S Justine St, Chicago, 60609Back of the YardsMy husband and I built our chicken coop about 5 years ago and this year we expanded the chicken run.We have 14 chickens and a rooster. We have many different breeds like silkies, ameraucana, plymouth, rhode island and others.We plant various vegetables and flowers to attract polinators. We have composted for over 5 years and this year we installed another compost system to compost our dog's poop. Also this year we intalled two IBC water containers for rain collection.YesEnglish/Spanish1. We want to teach our kids where their food comes from.
2. We would like to encourage other to be more sustainable.
3. You get more ideas and motivation from others.
NoNoYesYes5230 N Christiana Ave, Chicago, 60625North ParkSelf-designed 4x8 coop with an enclosed house, secure outdoor space, nest box door, and full roof. Home made hanging feeder. Separate chicken tractor.We have 3 hens (ameraucana, olive egger, Rhode island red) and an accidental rooster (mystic maran). We got them as chicks at the end of April, so they may or may not be laying by 9/10.6 raised beds including one in the parkway that is part of the Chicago Mutual Aid Gardens project, drip irrigation system, one in-ground bed, container gardens, native plants, home-built compost bin, rain barrels, fruit trees/bushes.Yes. Can park in front driveway to access sidewalk, then the concrete walk along the south side of the building leads to the back. Most of the back yard is concrete -- not perfectly smooth, but similar to a city sidewalk. Much of our garden space is adjacent to the concrete pad, and the coop is about 2-3 feet away.EnglishWe keep chickens because we love watching them and are looking forward to their eggs; we look forward to hosting the tour because we enjoyed seeing others' coops and yards last year and are always curious to chat about different ideas; we love the tour because it's great to meet other city folks who are interested in small scale livestock and permaculture.
YesYesNoNo5249 N. Leavitt Street, Chicago, 60625Bowmanville/Lincoln Squaren/an/aMy parkway is a version of a rain garden, at the low end of a gentle slope of 125' of sidewalk that previously drained into the storm-sewer system (capturing up to 100,000 gallons of water/year). It was constructed in 2013, replacing an ugly concrete parking slab. Along 20' of the parkway, a French drain of sorts takes storm water and channels it into six L-shaped chambers (4" perforated, flexible plastic pipes) that lead to the center of the parkway, into and below the soil layer to the natural layer of sand to feed the aquifer. Vegetation includes two trees and perennial plants; this is on the west side of my house, greatly reducing afternoon temperatures. I also compost and use three rain barrels on my two-building property, and generate 100% of my electricity from a rooftop solar array installed in 2019. The interior garden is largely used for edible plants.Yes, it's entirely on the public sidewalk.EnglishI have educated friends and neighbors on this installation for years, including as a host site for the annual Bowmanville Garden Walk, which was cancelled in 2020 because of the pandemic.
YesYesNoNo5749 W. Midway Park, Chicago, 60644AustinOur coop and run were built by volunteers over a series of years using local materials. Our outdoor run is officially a carport for hensWe have 23 hens in a large chicken coop. They have access to the back yard by day and the coop by night. 14 goats, including 5 nanny goats, 1 grandmother goat, and 8 kidsWe compost and our garden is dedicated to pollinatorsDon't know haven't had wheelchairsSpanish/Englishthe Tour promotes community
Hosts needed to
cancel suddenly
Please do not visit
during this year's Tour.
Thank you!
5818 N. Whipple st., Chicago, 60659Peterson WoodsThe chickens live in a pen in the backyard, and have a home-made coop. The coop is made of cedar, and has an aluminum roof and removable nesting box.3 one-year-old White Leghorns, 3 one-year-old ISA BrownsSmall vegetable gardenyesEnglish/German1) We keep backyard chickens because they are wonderful pets and because we get fresh eggs every day. 2) We look forward to hosting the Tour so we can spread the joy of chickens. 3) We love the Tour because it lets those who normally would not be exposed to chickens meet them and it lets chicken keepers share tips with one another.
NoNoYesYes6021 N Nassau Ave, Chicago, 60631Norwood ParkOur coop is made of majority repurposed materials, as we try our best to be eco friendly. It consists of three distinct spaces: the coop, the enclosed and covered run, and the fenced run. The coop and enclosed run are predator proofed and the birds have access 24/7. They are given access to the fenced run during the daytime only. The quail are kept in a separate outdoor enclosure. I currently have 16 chickens, 2 turkeys, and 5 quail. Chicken breeds include Buff Orpington, Ameraucana, Cornish Cross, Brown Leghorn, White Silkie, Black Sex Link, Barred Rock, Old English Game Hen bantam, Golden Seabright bantam, and four mixes of Silkie and Buckeye. Our two turkeys are Narragansett and our quail are Common (Coturnix) Quail. We compost, keep a vegetable garden and grow a number of vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers, squash, lettuce, kale, cabbage, celery, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes and a number of herbs and edible flowers. Our property is certified as a Certified Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation, and we have a number of native pollinator plants and purposefully allow our green vegetables to flower and go to seed for our pollinators. NoEnglishWe enjoy urban homesteading as both a hobby and as a way to feed our family. We also have a passion for green and eco-friendly living, and utilizing our yard to grow our own food and raise our own livestock is the center of our mission to reduce our impact. Participating in the Coop Tour is a way to share our passion with our community, and hopefully provide inspiration and useful hands-on information for those interested in raising livestock or gardening in an urban environment!
YesYesYesYes6125 N. Rockwell St, Chicago, 60659West Rogers Park/ West RidgeOur coop was given to us by someone whose neighbors were annoyed by her roosters! Sad for them, but a happy ending for the coop. They constructed it themselves and it has proven to be perfect for our 4 hens. One of its nicest features is the platform it sits on -- its top is hardware cloth so no critters can dig their way into the coop from the earth below. We have 2 hens that are middle-aged, a Buff Orpington, and a Black Australorp. In the spring we added 2 chicks, a Rhode Island Red and an ameraucana. We grow several organic vegetables and herbs and keep them from being munched on with 3' foot tall mesh fencing. Our compost bin is out by the alley. Our other plants are mostly perennials with annuals added in every summer. We've chosen lots of plants that attract bees and butterflies. YesEnglish1) chickens are endlessly amusing, and they've taught my child to appreciate her food chain. 2) it's so much fun to educate people about keeping chickens 3) I always learn so much from other people's chicken setups and gardens.
NoYesNoNo6615 S Keating Avenue, Chicago, 60629
West LawnCoop and run custom built. There is also a dirt bath area provided on the lawn. 6 chickens: 3 silkies, 2 ameraucanas, and 1 Golden Wyandotte Rain barrel collection system with gutter and sump pump. We also have a compost bin for kitchen scraps and chicken litter. No, but can be accessed by wheel chair through the garage from the alley. Spanish/EnglishWe keep backyard chickens because we enjoy keeping them as pets and providing ourselves, family and friends with fresh eggs. We look forward to hosting the tour to make connections with other livestock/garden enthusiasts who live in the city. We love the tour because it gives people a chance to explore different parts of the city and learn more about the various ways people can care for their chickens and garden.
YesYesYesYes6712 N Olympia Ave, Chicago, 60631Edison ParkOur coop was custom made with a fellow chicken enthusiast and his construction company. The coop has a solar power dawn to dusk door as well. 8 (Salmon Favorelle, Ameraucana/Easter Egger, Silver Lace Wyandotte, ISA Brown, Golden Comet, Rhode Island Red, Lavender Orpington, Buff Orpington)Raised vegetable garden along with potted veggies. We should have a compost set up by these tours in September. YesEnglish1.) We keep backyard chickens because we wanted our kids to grow up and enjoy the many benefits of having them between pets with countless hours of entertainment, fresh eggs and waste reduction. It has been a fun learning process for us and we can't wait until we get our first egg! We decided to raise our flock from day old baby chicks. 2.) We look forward to hosting the tour because it'll be fun to connect to fellow chicken enthusiasts and people who can share more information about eco gardens. 3.) We love the Tour because it'll allow us to connect and learn more with others within Chicago!
YesYesYesYes7018 Seminole drive, Darien, 60561Suburbanwe bought a coop, but soon learned it was pretty small, so we build a large run around it. I designed it and my husband and boys build it. We plan to build a home made coop before winter too. We used hardwire cloth to go all around for great ventilation and I wanted to be able to easily walk in and spend time with the chickens. Also its super easy to clean. we have 3 four month old buff orpington hens. They are super pretty and friendly. My young boys love to help out with the chickens!We started out veggie garden this year and it's super pretty and has produced lots of veggies already. We have broccoli, tomatoes, onions, celery, potatoes, Brussel sprouts, sage, lavender, and strawberries. In the front of my house I have a few pumpkin plants too. On the other side we have an overgrown herb garden of mostly mint. We plan to incorporate a rain barrel and compost soon. Luckily most of our veggie left overs go right to the chickens. We recently added a butterfly garden that attracts all sorts of pollinators! Its in memory of my daughter who passed last year. it is very easy to see from the sidewalk and the garden is super close to the sidewalk. English1) we keep backyard chickens because it's a great learning opportunity for my young children, to create less food waste, and to be more sustainable.
2)we look forward to hosting the tour because we are super proud of what we've accomplished with our "little farm" we have many people comment and ask questions daily and would love to invite even more people to come and learn and hope inspire them to at least live a little more sustainable.

3)we love the tour because it open the minds of people who otherwise might not even know owning chickens is an option and hopefully they are more inclined to join in on this fun adventure with us!
YesYesNoNo615 East 60th Street, Chicago IL 60637West WoodlawnMy coop and run were hand constructed by a very talented neighbor who lives down the street from my home. They are predator proof, with wire netting beneath the ground to prevent access by a digging predator. We added coop elements based on our observations of the hens to make the coop more interesting for them, as well as easier to access and to clean. It is made from the same material as my decks, pressure treated pine. It appears to remain cool inside in the summer. The back of the coop abuts a basement window and is warm in the winter. (Experts hold that chickens neither need nor should have added heat in the winter).7 hens: 2 Welsummer, 1 Easter egger, 2 French black copper Marans, 1 cream legbar, 1 speckled SussexI maintain compost, using the composted chicken waste plus hay and soil as well as composted plants from my vegetable garden. I maintain a raised bed and container garden. I recycle as much as possible and as much as I know how to recycle.They can reach the coop via public transportation or by vehicle. I am located between Chaplain and St. Lawrence streets and across the street from Washington Park in the 600 block of East 60th Street - the only two-flat on the block!English + FrenchI keep backyard chickens because I wanted to do so for some time and was interested in the idea of raising the animals who produce the eggs I consume. I appreciate the idea of food coming from animals that are treated and raised using humane, kind, practices based on time tested principles.
I look forward to the Tour because I feel a sense of stewardship about the animals that produce the foods we eat. Though I am private by nature, I enjoy the idea of helping to expand people's notions about where food comes from. Food raised in a way that is respectful and conscientious is better and cheaper for us in the long run than supporting food production practices that do not consider animal welfare and the welfare of the earth that produces our food.
The Tour is also a way to expand my contact with people with similar interests.