2018 MLS Prospects
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1Francis AtuaheneWMichiganJR - GAMost exciting player in the class. The Ghanaian born striker has incredible pace and power, but also the ability to make HUGE impact plays. He is best deployed on the wing in isolated areas and can strike with both feet with fine power and accuracy. His only question, and it is a concern, is his fitness and ability to stay away from injury. If he can do that, he can become a big time attacker in MLS.Still probably the best target in this class. Just so much ability. Top 2 pick
2Joao MoutinhoD/MFAkronFR - GAThe most technically and tactically gifted player in the class. His left foot is so smooth and was a master at starting the attack in Akron's "beautiful game" scheme as a center back. When called upon to challenge for aerial duels and make plays defensively, he was always up to task. Can play anywhere on the field - literally - and be very effective. Will fit in well for teams that thrive in possession and switching the point of attack as his ability make creative plays against the grain with pin point pass or savvy dribble is extraordinary.Solid combine but nothing noteworthy. Biggest concern is not talent or vision, just a fit in a team dynamic. Will he play as a LB or in the central of defense? Either way, ability may be best in the group.
3Jon BakeroCFWake ForestThe center forward for the most talented team in the nation was better in person than in highlights and video. Tremendous ability on the ball makes him a highly coveted player for any team in the league. Can probably play in behind the center forward or as the target. Not as athletic as some of the other strikers on the board, but has game excellent vision and can finish - which is what MLS scouts need to focus on.Probably best overall player at combine. Continues to just make the game easy. Hopefully scouts do not overlook anything and realize he is a top player.
4Mason ToyeCFIndianaFR - GAThe #9 for the national runner up had a tremendous freshman season with the Hoosiers and was a major game-changer for their attack. Not just big and strong, the target forward is quick and elusive and does very well to get past defenders to the end line. Needs to be more rugged and tough with back to goal in a physical league, but has exceptional technique and athletic talents. If he can continue to develop the ability to create his own shots and goals, he can be an immediate go-to striker in MLS. If he can become a threat in the air, he may have all the tools to be a top striker.Very imposing physically at the start of the combine. Missed a left footed attempt on a 2v1 breakout and then over-dribbled on another wide open transition attack. With that being said, his lack of production is his major weakness right now (against top level teams/opponents). He is showing great physical tools and hold up play.
5Chris MuellerF/WWisconsinVery strong attacking player that improved more than anyone in college over the past two seasons. Playing up top in a direct 4-4-2 allowed him all of the freedom to run freely and look to make plays, and he made a ton of plays! Incredible ability to ball strike and whip in service allows him to play anywhere up top or in a wide midfield role. He was a dribble first player in college so he must learn to connect with teammates at the next level and improve his movements off the ball to get into dangerous areas.Showed that he can play wide. Active player that has enough ability to impact a team in year 1. I still think a top pick candidate.
Tomas Hilliard-Arce
CDStanfordOne of the most MLS ready center backs to come out of college in a few years. The 2-time All-American has completely dominated the college scene and is a selfless warrior. His leadership and toughness will help him step in to any team straight away to help fortify a back line. He is very eager to learn and will get better and better. Decision making and execution on the ball may not be at the same level as his defensive qualities, but he will not be expected to make the game from the back as a rookie.Up and down. Warrior that may not have helped his cause enough this week.
7Ema TwumasiWWake ForestSO - GASimilar to Atuahene, the Ghanaian winger is a menace on the flank. Smoother on the ball than Francis, Twumasi glides by opponents off the dribble and makes great plays at pace. Better at setting up his teammates, Twumasi can also be lethal around the goal but can improve his overall finishing ability.A little slow start to game #1. When the game opened up, Ema obviously had 2-3 nice runs and beat Shultz to the end line. Struggled with some simpler decisions. Will need to show that he can vary his game a little as the combine goes on.
8Mo AdamsCMSyracuseSO - GAVery talented midfielder for the Orange that did not get a ton of help this past fall. Very steady on the ball and decision making playing quickly is solid, but has a great ability to cover ground with tremendous work rate. Has good versatility about him so can play in a few different positions, even as an outside back. Not as sexy a name as some of the other players, but is consistent and tidy.
9Wyatt OmbsbergCDDartmouthOmsberg may be one of the tallest players in the draft and is an extremely consistent central defender. Has very good positioning and rarely is beaten in behind or off the dribble, but needs to be more aggressive in his challenges and more dominant attacking the ball in the air. Steady passer and good vision - he can be a reliable center back straight away and has a team first mentality.Helped his cause overall with good testing and some good performances. Simialr to Sjorberg at Rapids in a lot of ways and could be useful straight away. Not sure what Moutinho is considered, but Omsberg is pushing HIlliard Arce for top CB.
10Eddie OpokuWVirginiaJR-GAHas had back-to-back menacing seasons in the ACC for Virginia. One of the quickest players on the list and loves to drive to goal. Moves well across opponent's backline but can probably improve some holdup play with his back to goal (especially in a physical MLS). Uses his strikeforce partners very well and gets himself into incredibly dangerous positions, with a high focus of 1v1 dribbles. IF he can link up with his teammates in possession a little better and learn to chase balls down in behind, he has a skill set that will make him extremely valuable for years to come.
11Tristan BlackmonRDPacificTrue wingback that can get up and down the sideline. Has a lot of hype coming out of Pacific where his team was excellent at keeping possession and attacking teams with overloads. Questions do arise in overall quality but if he can fit into a system defensively, he has the ability to make plays joining into the attack but is also pretty steady as a defender with good physical gifts.Did fine at CB as well as steady as a wing back. Good pace and athletic attributes. In a group of outside backs but still a good prospect overall.
12Jon GallagherFNotre DameVery similar player to Mueller, Gallagher is a dribble first striker that loves to create his own chances. Excellent off the dribble with quick touches and can be very elusive. Has good ball striking ability and can serve a killer ball. Must diversify his game if he wants to explode onto the scene in MLS by linking with teammates and moving the ball quicker. As a Bobby Clark product, has a very good understanding of defensive pressure and angles.Playing wide - which he is not used to. Started very slowly, but really got going. Woud like to see him wide left as he is a very good dribble and can cut in. Can also whip in a ball left footed. I think this could be a very positive combine for Gallagher.
13Justin FiddesODWashingtonThe fullback from Washington had a stellar career for the Huskies in the PAC 12. Fiddes was a mainstay over his four years and has a lot of athletic tools that MLS execs value in a highly athletic league. Good size and speed are his main attributes, but also has a good understanding of passing forward and moving up with the play. Genuinely is two footed which will move him up this board as the combine progresses with good showings. Will be a very solid addition to any club's backline - especially if he can get game minutes early on.Again - another outside back in a good group of wing backs. Two footed and used it well to get a goal and set up other teammates. Defensive consistency is a concern. (Mental focus?)
14Rafael A SantosAMFVCURegarded as the top #10 in college soccer this past season (with Cichero tearing his ACL), Santos has special ability. His left foot can create chances for others, but can also finish them off for himself. Not many question marks for this player outside of a few intangibles here and there. If selected to the right environment, Santos could really thrive as a high-performing midfielder.Smooth player but production could be an issue. 2-3 forward passes were off the mark and missed a couple of shots. The game was slow and did well with Vancazeeyle in MF to control the tempo. The game is slow for Santos which is very good.
15Danny MusovskiFUNLVA lot of scouts and media have Musovski as a potential sleeper and breakout player in this class. Danny is a very good goal scorer and could breakout with better players around him at the next level. (DO NOT KNOW HIM WELL ENOUGH TO ADD MORE INFO - ranked here due to reputation and others' reports)Played as left sided midfielder with defensive responsibilities in game 2. Was solid but looked out of position. Did some pretty good work getting up and down.
16Lucas StaufferODCreightonSimply just a good "footballer." Knows the game well and makes a lot of good plays. Can probably be overlooked due to his simple nature but is extremely effective. Can play a variety of positions but most likely to succeed as an outside back. If he can improve some physical toughness and 1v1 defending in tough matchups, he could thrive in the right environment.Probably the player that will move up the most on this list. Three steady performances and was really used all over the field. Best spot is RB but showed he can be versatile in any defensive position. Really like this prospect and hope he gets taken high!
17Ken KrolickiMFMichigan StateKrolicki is flying a little under the radar as he played his senior season sharing minutes out wide as well as in the middle of midfield. One of the most fit and energetic players in the draft, he simply impacts the game at all times. Krolicki has incredible vision and seems to slow the game down so well for his teammates. As most players coming out of Michigan State, has a tremendous understanding of team tactics and is a great defender with incredible work ethic. Very good forward passer and link player, but final product is lacking. Very selfless and a versatile player...he can impact an MLS team straight away in a variety of positions in MF or outside defense.Got a little better with each performance. Major question is ability to make plays in MF but tremendous energy, work ethic and discipline. American status puts him as one of the top MF in the group but not a game changer.
18Alan WinnF/WNorth CarolinaThe former youth national team member and Tar Heel striker had a wonderful career at UNC and in the ACC. The forward combines good athletic attributes with a direct attacking technique. Has a ton of experience in high-level matches in his career and should be able to make the move to MLS smoothly.Slow start to the combine but showed a little better toward the end. Overall maybe didn't do as much for himself as needed.
19Mohammed ThiawFLouisvilleThiaw is a very electric, yet raw striker. The Lousiville Cardinal product thrived in the ACC and has the ability to create something out of nothing. He is not the most physical presence but knows how to bait opponents into mistakes and creating chances for himself. Has tendencies to come in and out of games, so needs to be more consistent throughout the 90 minutes - starting with his willingness to close down defenders.
20Marcelo AcunaCFVirginia TechThe left-footed Central American had a wonderful final 2 seasons at Va Tech. Incredible hold up play and even better finisher. Has a lack of pace but that should not be overlooked. His ability to hold off defenders and bring his teammates into play is second to none in this class. Should be valued very highly as a striker that can take chances with high efficiency as well as link with his teammates.Great hold up play. Poor decision making/execution. Seems like there are too many players on the high line for Nemeziz but he needs to pass better off his good hold up play.
21Chris LemaCMGeorgetownComfortable midfielder that connects all of the dots. Does very well to create time and space for himself, but also for his teammates. Coming out of Georgetown he will be prepared tactically for the next level. If he can make the transition physically with ease, he can be a mainstay in the middle of midfield. Very good "footballer"Did very well in the combine. Along with Krolicki (potentially Roldan?) is top American MF in group. Very good passer. Major questions about covering space and being able to play in an athletic league, but is a very good player.
22Tim KubelRDLouisvilleBest outside back in the class, and can do it all. Very good service of the ball as well as ability to finish from outside the box. Kugel has been a mainstay since joining the Cardinals and can continue to improve his game at the next level. An overall steady player will bring consistency and competency to any club as he is a solid defender with good position and can make critical plays.Steady combine but not big time as would have thought. Other fullbacks had big games so he may move down.
23Gordon WildFMarylandJR - GAThe German had a very disappointing season this past fall at Maryland in front of goal; especially compared to the previous year where he was scoring goals for fun. The left footed talisman can find great fortune in MLS if he can get his confidence back and bang in some goals. Has ability to find dangerous areas and be a poacher around goal, but can also create his own chances with savvy footwork and creative movements. Does not seem to have a selfless work ethic so he will need to be focused to assure himself minutes straight away.Very active second game. Showcased some big skillsets but also leaves scouts wanting some more.
24Oliver ShannonCMClemsonThe holding midfield player out of Clemson is a major reason for the Tigers' success over the past few years. Shannon is an imposing player that does a lot of the dirty work for his teammates. Somewhat of a typical hardnosed British-style enforcer, Shannon needs to improve his ability to switch the ball from side to side and get his teammates out of pressure. If he can improve the tempo of his game in that aspect, he has a lot of abilities that could get him on the field.Kind of a typical British, tough defensive MF that did fine. Defered a bit to others but solid overall.
25Brian WhiteF/WDukeThe Duke striker knows how the make great attacking plays. However, Wright needs to learn how to diversify his game and not rely on his speed at all times. Very good on the dribble and excellent around the opponent's goal, Wright is a big time attacker. If he can learn to create space for himself and clean his touches up in tight areas, he can really help out any team's attack.A lot of pace and energy and had some productive plays with good crosses (PK). Is in a mix of A LOT of good attacking options.
26Ricky Espin-LopezCM/FCreightonPhysically imposing players that has had some of the highest of highs, as well as low points in his time at Creighton. Can play as a striker or underneath with very good ability on the ball linking players together. Does not move as well as he once did, but Lopez has attacking ability joining the play late on. Powerful player will handle the physical play just fine.Did pretty well in MF and up top. Showcased some good talent to impress some scouts. Did well for himself overall and could move up some lists.
27Cory BrownCD/LDXavierThe Kiwi had a great career for the Musketeers and was a physically strong defender in the Big East. Questions as to whether Brown can play outside back in a 4 back system may hold him up, but he can defend as well as anyone here. Does not have the size as some of the other defenders, but scouts must focus on what he does well - which is consistently make good defensive plays and have a great understanding of team play.I like his game. Very strong first half in the combine. Physically did well against two tough forwards. Passed out well with his left foot. CB partner left him out to dry a few times and he handled it very well.
28Brandon ByeRD/WWestern Mich.Probably the surprise player in college soccer in 2017, the Mid American player of the year was a goal-scoring threat for the Broncos on the wing. Very good speed and incredible jumping ability allowed Bye to fit in well with the all-out direct play for WMU. Is not an efficient scorer so will probably be best used as a right (wing) back. Questions as to Bye's tactical understanding and general technical ability playing with many defenders in his path could cause some uncertainty. However, if he can earn minutes in USL and develop his game over time, Bye has talents that not many players in the draft are given.Did well for himself to show that he can play some righit back. Biggest concerns here are his tactical awareness in defensive shape, recognition and picking out passes out of the back. When he has to solve problems, he really struggles. When he can get up and down the flank and use his impressive skill sets and keep things simple, he can be very useful. Kinf of a risk, but moved up the board.
29Graham SmithCDDenverSolid at CB in game #1. Beaten in behind on first goal against but had some very good passes out of the backline. Stock moved up.
30Alex RoldanCMSeattle USteady MF that reminds me of Krolicki from Michigan State. Good work rate and vision and impacts the game almost at all times. Consistency with his possession and decision making need to improve, but that will hopefully come with game minutes at the next level.Solid in MF. Loaded team in terms of strikers and attackers. Thought Roldan (along with teammate Krolicki) needed to connect some more dots out of MF and keep possesion more (what Lema did for his team!). Good work rate. Not a bad combine at all and maybe even impressed a few coaches depending on needs.
31Pau BelanaCMAkronMr. Consistent in MF. Rarely makes mistakes and knows how to play a great possession game. International status probably has him lower than he should be.
32Harry CooksleyMFSt. John'sHave not seen enough to make an accurate evaluation, but many Big East coaches seem to rate him highly.Another player that did very well over the combine games. Box to Box type mid that showed great passing and attacking plays. Went way up!
33Jeff CaldwellGKVirginiaProbably the most consistent GK in the class, Caldwell shows up to play for every play and rarely makes mistakes. Not as flashy on the highlight reels as some of the other GKs on the board, but he can really make a name for himself with consistent performances.
Jose Carrera-Garcia
AMFCalSpecial, talented player. One of the most exciting players in college soccer in 2017. For some reason MLS scouts do not seem to rate him as highly as he should be. Very sophisticated player and seems to always be a step in front of others. Can create a lot out of nothing. Needs to develop a tougher mentality but really can impact the game in so many positive ways.
35Andre MorrisonDHartfordGood combine. A little raw/undisciplined at times but showed he can play. Interesting prospect here.
36Mauro CicheroAMFSMUCichero would probably be higher on the list if it weren't for an unfortunate injury in his senior year at SMU. The attacking midfielder could even play a little deeper due to his calming influence and physical presence. Incredible ball striker and passer with great range, Cichero hopefully can bounce back from knee surgery. If that question can be answered - he is too good of a player NOT to get on the field in MLS.
37Drew SkundruchCMStanfordSeemed to be the midfield engine for the Cardinals over their impressive run in the last couple of years. Selfless and a workhorse, Skundrich will need to improve some execution in his passing game in tight quarters. However, if paired with the right playmaker, he can be a great addition to a lot of midfields in MLS.
38Ben LundgaardGKVirginia TechThe ACC GK of the year was very steady over the past few years at Virginia Tech. Although he conceded a lot of goals, he also played in a wide open attacking system that relied on him to make many timely saves. And he usually was up to task. With a good frame and length, Lundgaard gets down low very well for a big man. Can be more dominant on his aerial game for a big man but can develop that with games in USL.
39Eric DickGKButlerUnbelievable senior season for the Butler GK. Very large and quick for a big man, Dick continually showcased his ability to win games for the Bulldogs - who had to play most of the year without their 2 best players! Dick is solid with his feet but must improve that area of his game as well as the mental and composure side. Do not doubt any of his abilities to make the big time plays on crosses and quick reaction saves.
40Mark SegbersW/ODWisconsinDeployed as a wide midfielder in college, Segbers will likely be used a right back in MLS. Very good quickness and a strong player, Segbers can get forward in wide areas. Good on the dribble using his pace, needs to clean his game up building out of the back in a new position. Similar to Krolicki, do not sleep on Segbers.Did very well for himself. Outside backs seem to be making a push in a striker heavy group. Segbers showed very well and used his pace as expected, but combined and moved off the ball like a natural. Played as a wide MF player in college but can do the work up and down. Good start.
41Diego CamposAMFClemsonTechnically gifted player that controlled the game for Clemson for the past few seasons. Has an aggressive demeanor and emotional temper but can use it for the good. Attacks well with very good range of pass and shot.
42Nate ShultzRDAkronMr. consistency for Akron as an attacking wing back. Has shown the ability to score goals, create goals with great crossing ability and inside passing movements. Shultz needs to become a better individual defender as Akron tend to focus more on their attack. However, he has all of the tools to make this change even though he is less flashy than some other players in the class. If given a chance, he can really make an impact as he continuously makes great decisions and is very reliable.Up and down first half....made 2 or 3 good defensive plays and passes out but was beaten off the dribble twice by Twumasi. One very good cross, one cut out.
43Manuel CordeiroCMAkronThe Spanish MF helped made the Zips tick for the past 4 seasons. As most MS coming out of Akron, Cordeiro has incredible awareness of finding space to get on the ball and connect plays through midfield. Not a major threat at scoring and creating goals, as compared to a traditional #10, but he has every bit of technical ability to keep possession and make the correct pass.Steady first half. A couple errant plays but also made the simple ones with ease. As he grew into the game, connected well with Bakero and Gainford.
44Alberto RuizFFGCUBreakout season in 2016 and a solid year in 2017. As opponents focused more on stopping Ruiz, he struggled to help his teammates. In an open game, he can stand out as he is very savvy and takes chances well. When he needs to make the game and is the focus of the attack, he can struggle more often.Did what he does best. Score goals. Not overly active but will continue to impress with his return. Will move up in some capacity.
45Tommy BarlowCFWisconsinThe big striker for the Wisconsin Badgers deserves a ton of credit for his counterpart, Chris Mueller's, success. Physically imposing but also quite savvy. Uses his body very well but needs to clean up his link up play and passing ability. Very good around the goal and tremendous in the air. Excellent work rate.
46Marcus FjortoftCDDukeThe giant at center back helped turn around the Blue Devils woeful seasons of the past. Steady and tough, the international center back is a monster in the air and great at last ditch challenges. Solid on the ball but can improve his range of pass. Questions on his recovery speed could hold him back, but hopefully teams notice that he consistency helps his team great positioning and timing.Two or three bad plays in the first half of game 1 but can bounce back. Started pretty well but I think dealing with Toye and Acuna wore him down.
3Nico DeVeraLDAkronThe former Timbers product may not be large in stature, but has great quickness getting up and down the left wing. Very good and comfortable building out of the back, DeVera will want to improve his individual defending when he is isolated against high level strikers of MLS. If he gets into an environment that encourages wing backs to bomb forward, he can be a very useful asset.Solid performance toward the end. Again - outside backs in this group are doing well.
3Frantzdy PierotCFCoastal Car.Cyle Larin type striker with incredible physical gifts. Pierot has excellent abilities to hold the ball up and spin off his defenders. Has a knack for scoring some very important goals as well. Questions on his work ethic and defensive pressing are reasons he is not higher on this list as he is one of the more talented strikers in the draft. If he decides to be an aggressive and relentless player up top - he could really push to be a go to player in MLS.Was way too quet in game #2. When he was on the ball, performed very well and set up his teammates. However, way too strong and powerful to not be more active running in behind, off the ball and in the box.
3Drew ShephardGKWestern Mich.Another surprise ommision to the combine as he is a high rated GK. Seems to have everything that a GK scout would want: 6 foot 3 inches tall, very quick to get down low for show blocking, aggressive off his line, solid at worse on crosses/air services. Kicking game is exceptional with distance, but decision making on the ball out of the back is not good. Needs some more "experience" dealing with decision making but is a very steady GK with a great mentality.
3Carter ManleyCD/RDDukeManley has very good athleticism and is a versatile defender. He played mainly as a right center back in a 3 back, but will probably be deployed as a more traditional outside back. If that is the case, he will need to continue to develop his game moving forward in the attack with entry passes and getting out of pressure. Great in transition and very tough.Solid and steady in a couple of positions at the back. Has some athletic tools but wonder on set position?
3Afonso PinheiroCFAlbanySteady player that helped put Albany on the map. As Albany played tougher and tougher opponents, Pinheiro tended to become less noticeable. If he can shrug that off and work his way into the game more often, he has technical abilities to create goals for himself as well as his teammates.Kind of a striker's striker. In and out of the play....not the most active player. But can score.
3Jordan JonesFOregon StateBig time strength and good pace. Not enough awareness or technical ability to stand out, though.Imposed his athleticism and energy. Big size on back post for a great header and helped set up other big plays with his pressure. If he can show he is more than big and strong, then he could be moving up quickly.
3Pablo AguillarCMVirginiaGood midfielder but seems to be "dime a dozen" in a lot of respects. However, he has a good pedigree and seems to make big plays.
3Arthur BosuaCFColumbiaThe large target forward put together a very steady career at Columbia. Bosua is a menace around goal and a constant threat on crosses into the box. Hold up play is very good as well as he can use his large physical frame to impose himself on defenders. Not the fastest striker but does his business around the goal.
3Stu HolthusenW/CFAkronSurprised not to see him in the combine...but there must be a reason? Hard to overlook him as he has had tremendous success at Akron and knows how to score (31 in career). Has good height but not the strongest...which makes him better on the wing compared to a true "#9". Definitely has something to him but could also be a product of a VERY GOOD environment at Akron.
3Jason WrightCFClemsonWright has major ability. There is no doubt about that for the Jamiacan international. Fitness concerns are very high for the thick target forward but he uses his strength very well. Combines well and really does hold off defenders. Scouts wonder if he has the ethic and desire to transform into a useful striker in MLS.
3Isaaka Nyeme
4Michael NelsonGKSMUAfter struggling in 2016, Nelson had a bounce back year in 2017 to lead the Mustangs back to NCAA tournament this past fall. A very active GK that makes huge saves, but also can be known for inconsistency and blunders. If Nelson calms down and continues his more recent run of form, he can develop into a very steady GK with breathtaking ability.
4Mac SteevesCFProvidenceBack to goal striker that has some questions about him. Hasn't improved a ton in the last few years (injuries, poor season from his team), but has some very good tools. Has the physical skill to succeed, but may need to work on decision making and finding spaces off of tougher defenders.
4Ben WhiteLDGonzagaWhite is a player that is flying under the radar but is very steady. Quicker than he looks and is a steady defender as well. One of the few natural left backs in the class, he needs to improve his entry passing in build up play and final ball around goal.
4Wilfred WilliamsLDOaklandLeft sided player that is best as a wing back option but played all over the field at Oakland. Has solid quickness and plays out of pressure well. Not as polished as some of the other prospects in his position (Kubel, Blackman, Fiddes), but does possess a lot of the tools needed for the next level. Overall passion and drive could be a concern to make it in a difficult league.
4Brian IloskiAMFUCLATalented, no doubt. Seems to be a selfish player and dribble first. Team struggled a lot this fall and he pressed a lot to make plays but didn’t execute as planned.
4Mike CatalanoMFWisconsinVersatile MF with great strength and a solid overall player. Temperament has set him back in his career but can make plays. Has shown ability to score goals but often fades away in big games.
5Paul ChristensenGKPortlandSolid overall GK but may be the weakest in the combine. Has developed better in the last two seasons under a new coaching staff and has shown the ability to make crucial, high level saves. Not the largest GK in the group but does very well for his lack of size.
5George CampbellRDMarylandNot good enough for MLS. Surprise addition to MLS combine. Solid worker and selfless, but limited talent.
5Audi JepsonMFGreen Bay
5Alex Bumpus
Thomas Vancaeyezeele
Steady first game at combine. Was casual at times but was comfrtable. Interesting to keep a tab on him over next couple days.
5Josh Morton
5Luis ArgudoReally struggled defending at RB. Beaten off the run on first goal against and beaten physically for size and power on the back post header (Jones is tough). Needs to show that he can play that roll in next 2 days.
5Xavier Gomez
5Pol PlanellasMFPitt
5Will BagrouFMercer
5Gio GodoyFUC Irvine
Mamadou Guirassy
5Paul MarieDFIU
5AJ PattersonMFWright State
5Matias PyysaloF/MFCentral FloridaGood energy off the bench in game #1.
5Rafael SanchezD/MFSt. Mary's
5Leon SchwarzerMFSan Francisco
Eryk WilliamsonMFMarylandDC United?
Cam LindleyCMNorth CarolinaFire?
Michael WetunguCDMichigan StateGARETURNING TO COLLEGE
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