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9/19/2011 18:43:12Alex CrosslandThis workshop really boosted my confidence while shooting on the street. It made me think more about how to compose a photo and what to look for in my photos when editing and post-processing. It was awesome learning from not one but two of my street photography idols, Eric Kim and Jason Martini! Don't forget to not hesitate and killers shoot twice! Thanks Eric!
9/24/2011 18:14:49Nuno SilvaI am intermediate photographer who has recently discovered the joy of street photography. Attending Eric Kim’s beginning street photography course was a great experience. Eric Kim is an instructor who is truly passionate about his craft and thoroughly enjoys sharing the art of street photography with others.

In the workshop I was able to get a good grasp of what street photography is all about and over come much of the fear that comes with photographing people you don’t know while in an urban environment.

This is the kind of instruction you just can’t get in a book!

10/11/2011 9:46:19Animesh RayEric's enthusiasm is infectious; he is also brilliant! His dedication to promoting and developing street photography as a genre is remarkable. Thank you Eric!
10/19/2011 10:12:03Dennis WetzelAttending the street photography workshop was a real eye opener for me. I feel like what I learned in the Street Photography workshop is going to affect the way I take pictures in general now and is not just limited to "Street Photography". Eric also made me think more about composition and how important that is. I look forward to attending another workshop in the future.Think Tank Los Angeles
10/19/2011 14:09:46Greg JacobsEric is very knowledgeable and giving with that knowledge. There's no ego or sense of competition ... Its all about sharing information, sharing his experiences and letting you know how he does things and what works for him. I got a lot out of the workshop. I love some of the images produced both mine and my fellow workshopers. My true testimonial? If I had it to do again, I'd do it in a second!Los Angeles
10/19/2011 15:00:06Brian QuisidoI love the small group experience. Especially because we had a really cool group of people. Nobody acted like they were the king/queen of photography and we all had a common goal. Eric also let us speak a great deal and that kept things fresh. Also having Rinzi with the group, who had been a part of previous workshops, showed that Eric is legit and knows his stuff. Another plus to that was having another voice to guide us. Shooting with Eric the first day really got the confidence going. I really fed off his energy and style. The second day when we split into groups, I still felt that I could shoot with little hesitation.Downtown LA
10/19/2011 19:38:48Jennifer CruzI haven’t touched my camera in years. I am a beginner. If there were a category for SUPER beginners, I would dominate. When my friend told me about this workshop, I was instantly intrigued. You see, I have tons of friends who are into photography and who are professional photographers. How did they all differentiate themselves from one another? I felt street photography did exactly that and I was hooked.

When I arrived at the workshop, I was surrounded by well…technical people. People who knew their stuff and I kind of got lost in it all. However, these people became a kind and supportive group. Not only were they technical, they were creative and passionate. At least, I can relate to that right?

The workshop consisted of a lot of educating – in slideshows, discussions and guest speakers. Many of us wanted to shoot right away but Eric was right. We needed this foundation and knowledge to fuel our street photography drive and skills. At the end of each day, everyone was ready to take on the streets. You experience a lot during those hours of walking and shooting on the streets of Downtown L.A. You learn how to read and gauge people’s body language. You learn how to be direct with complete strangers. You build your own self-confidence. Ultimately, you appreciate the art of street photography.

I highly recommend these workshops. Like I said, there are a lot of photographers out there. What better way to differentiate yourself than to capture the rawness and emotions of street photography. It will cost you a pretty penny but can you really put a price on passion?
Los Angeles
10/25/2011 23:43:07Brian BonitzBefore I went to Toronto Street Photography workshop, I had some concerns especially with ethical perspective and fundamentals of rule related to street photography. As result of this workshop, this helped overcome my fear and concern. The best part is you learn something new by knowing and gain some understanding through photography on the street.

In all, I highly recommend for those who are thinking about going to Street Photography workshop near you in your hometown/country, do consider register and participate. Hands down!
(Eric, you may edit or correct my grammar error if needed to).
10/26/2011 5:51:21Les FaberAn awesome experience. Two days well spent. Thank you Eric. You pushed me (us) hard. But did not seem pushy.

You are a very talented young man who teaches at a level beyond your years.
10/26/2011 12:30:31Robert KahnOkay, so first things first. I am not a photographer. I don't even own a camera. My weapon of choice is an iPhone 4 that is always at my side.

A recent mid-life crisis has me looking for things to do that don't include the word "work". An interest in looking at pretty pictures led me to my discovery of Eric's website and blog.

All it took was a simple leap of faith. Not only did I not feel like a total newbie, but I was warmly welcomed into the Toronto groups arms, never feeling like an outsider.

I owe this to the great group of people that attended last weekends event. But more to the point, to Eric Kim, who is not only an insanely gifted teacher, he is a wonderful and kind hearted person.

I highly encourage all fence sitters, if you have the chance to attend one of Eric's workshops, you will be handsomely rewarded. For pros and for neophyte's alike.
10/26/2011 12:34:27Domenic PapaEric, your workshop was such as terrific experience. I've been shooting street photography for a couple of years and it was amazing to meet with people who shared my passion to discuss the finer points. The workshop has certainly benefited me and I am a much more confident street shooter because of it. You're a huge credit to the community - Keep it up!Toronto
11/7/2011 2:00:45Ron FastI signed-up for this workshop with few expectations and walked away with so much knowledge, inspiration, and confidence. I learned about some of the technical aspects of shooting. I now 'understand' and appreciate black and white photography. And I have so much more confidence approaching my subject. Thank you for a great course!!!Mumbai
11/7/2011 2:50:00Sidharth BhatiaBrilliant experience in every way. Great learnings, terrific teaching and extremely well organised. Strong carmaderie too, but that wouldn't have happened without the organisers and Eric, whose infectious enthusiasm, encouragement and constant tips were very helpful.
This is what I was waiting for and I found it. Thanks, KP
Kala Ghoda, Bombay
11/7/2011 3:18:23Chirag KohliAbsolutely exhilarating experience! The passion and enthusiasm displayed by Eric & Kaushal, and the innate ability to become a participant and not be an "instructor" was the icing on the cake. A great confidence booster which will go a long way in helping me as a photographer and more importantly as an individual. Kudos to the two of you! Cheers!!Mumbai
11/7/2011 3:34:43Karan ParwaniA brilliant workshop, makes you realize how small and simple things in life have so much meaning and are so beautiful. Thank you Eric & Kaushal for giving us this simple yet extremely beautiful vision of the wonderful life that exists around us, which we had taken for granted. And how much fun it really is to capture the emotions and reactions of regular people and make it look extraordinary. These were lovely 2 days with absolutely nothing else in the mind but Street Photography. Thank you once again to both of you. Mumbai
11/7/2011 7:24:05Paul AbrahamEric and Kaushal are fantastic coaches. No question was too basic for them. They are patient in their explanations. And simultaneously honest and gentle with their critique - as they nudge you to go beyond yourself. As people they are warm and friendly - all of which adds up to a great introduction to the world of street photography. Mumbai
11/7/2011 8:21:13Nadeem kajijiBrilliant experience...loved the energy of all the participants which was the result of Eric"s own enthusiasm which he brings to the table. Only wished we had a chance to present and critique the second days photos as well since I enjoyed that part the best! Looking forward to many more such workshops in the future. Big thank u to KP as it was after seeing his photos that I got inspired to pursue street photography and b&w photography.
11/7/2011 8:46:19Kapil SuvarnaStreet Photography workshop in Mumbai was a GREAT learning experience with lots of fun quotient in ample measure.
Eric has literally opened up a new world for me and other participants, which would have remained unexplored. With Eric's method the initial veil of hesitance has been removed and I hope I can keep the flag flying high. Moreover, I got to meet Eric Kim as a person, who's a super guy having the ability to put a person at ease instantly.
Also would like to mention Kaushal Parikh a great guy and photographer himself who organized this workshop.
Thanks Eric and all the very best !! Hope the next edition of this street photography won't take too long !!
Mumbai, India
11/8/2011 8:44:47Martin ReinsmoenI joined this class having never heard of street photography before. I had the sole goal of learning how to use my camera better.
I was inspired by Eric and Kaushal's work and eager to try my hand at street photography. Eric did a great job of showing us approaches, things to keep in mind, and helping us make those initial approaches to take pictures of people. There is so much to see here, and I am often wishing I had pictures of what I see... now I hope I will have pictures of more of what I see.
the workshop was very useful. I learned about my camera, as well as several other photography skills.
Thank you!
11/8/2011 21:50:56Gokul MudambileEnjoyed it. Learn't a lot. Liked the Eric Kim's style of trying to make us better Street Photographers. Thanks Kaushal for allowing me to participate in workshop.Mumbai
11/10/2011 13:09:00Seniz YorukEric's enthusiasm is contagious. His simple yet powerful style of teaching covered the main aspects of Street Photography effectively. The most important personal outcome was to get rid of my fear of photographing strangers. There will be definitely a 'before' and 'after' the workshop for me and I will be thinking of you while enjoying the amazing streets of Bombay with my camera!
Thank you!
11/10/2011 21:24:56Mitisha ChhedaThe workshop helped me a lot. It was amazing to learn to Street Photography from you. I am over the fear of clicking photographs on the streets. The techniques that you taught us were really helpful. I am thankful to you for holding such a workshop. My line of thought has definitely developed and I will surely carry my camera every time I step out of the house and get more closer to get a great photograph :) :)

Thanks a lot :)
11/10/2011 22:41:58Anil RaoThe flyer was passed on to me, by chance...fancied the idea despite having zero experience in photography, barring holiday pics..... Eric & KP transported us into a completely different world of photography, but more importantly building a bond with the persons on the street !! WOW !! Going to pursue this with serious intent !!
Recommend this Workshop to one & all !!!
Bombay ( Mumbai )
11/10/2011 23:31:01gayatri shahi thought that it was a great two days--we spent enough time in class to get a feel for what street photography is all about and also to learn some nifty tools on how to process images. And I thought we had enough time on the street as well. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you mumbai
11/11/2011 6:33:02Gai BlythI really enjoyed the workshop. I also suspect it will lead to further outings and new opertunities to shoot in Mumbai with a like-minded crowd. I think the venue could have been better - despite it being a small room due to the fans we really couldn't hear all the comments from participants. It has changed my view of street photography and also the lens I choose.I also think it opened my eyes to finding humour in my photos and just waiting for the moment. Cheers!mumbai
11/11/2011 23:49:23anjali jhunjhunwalait was a superb workshop. it helped me the get over my inhibition of going out there and taking photos of people. more than that what touched me was to see how friendly the people are. this workshop enabled me to see my own city in a totally different light. kala ghoda
11/13/2011 6:59:01Maxie CooperFor me it was a great experience- especially in that I have started getting over the fear of up-close shooting! The fact that one had a 'partner' was a great help to me and a very good idea.

It was an in-depth and detailed workshop with a lot of encouragement and technical explanation if required. Very happy I attended it.
Kala Ghoda Association
11/13/2011 10:03:07Shaleen ParekhEric, you are an extremely generous teacher. It was fabulous learning from you and getting a taste of street photography in Mumbai. I loved the process and and all that you taught us in "class".

Kaushal, it was fabulous meeting you and I'm so excited that you are going to keep this initiative going. You are an enormous talent and have so much to teach!!
11/14/2011 2:49:25Anne Avento-KrapfGrate Workshop Erik!
A perfect combination of street photography tips, philosophy & encouragement. You give me the possibility to grow & shift perspective .... I'm sure there will be more people in my photos in the future.
Great people in our workshop, thank you all for your support!
11/14/2011 12:46:05Parul KumarHaving recently bought an SLR camera, I've mostly been fretting over what settings to use for best results. This workshop was a real eye-opener for exposing some of the more practical aspects of photography, and just encouraging its participants to go out there and have some fun. Among other things, the workshop has made me a lot more perceptive to potential photoworthy moments. It has also helped me approach people on the road with a little more confidence (though I'm still far from being completely bold about it, and at most times I resort to pretending I am shooting whatever's behind the people I'm actually trying to capture!!).

This was a fantastic experience; thanks so much, Eric and KP!!!
11/15/2011 0:03:56Brillian S. KEric's workshop on Street Photography made me go from "Can I" to "I Can". The critique session was the icing on the cake (cheery was already taken up by Eric). From day 1 to day 2 I managed to muster courage and go up close and personal for taking shots!
Thanks KP for bringing SP through Eric to all of us in Mumbai! I look forward to more such interesting sessions in the future.
11/15/2011 4:27:27Mulchand DedhiaThere so many things that one needs to take care while shooting on the streets which can range from the ethics to technical details to finally composing the picture. The teaches you what you will not learn sitting inside a photography school. It has a well balanced mix of theory, street shoot and most importantly a dedicated time to review your pictures.Kala Ghoda Association Office
11/15/2011 9:31:24Shilpa SarafThis was one workshop I was really looking forward to, from a long time! It was so concise & interactive, that I got the perfect input to street photography. Sometimes I have tried clicking on the streets earlier, but not any where near to this output. It has changed my perception. I can also understand a lot better what to do when I'm out shooting. I can prepare a theme n plan the pic in my mind so when Im there I have to only to look for it.
Of course I've also learnt that i must have a camera all the time too! It helps.
11/16/2011 1:11:58Mayank PandeyEric's love for street photography was infectious and so was his passion to share his learnings, tips and techniques. The highlights of the workshop for me were aesthetics of street photography (day 1), the critique session (day 2). Networking with like minded people and shooting together on streets was the cherry on the cake. It would be a good idea to share links / references/ books for participants that they could refer to learn and develop photography styles. And lastly, I thought the space at venue was a constraint for 20 people + all the stuff.Mumbai
11/16/2011 10:21:05Vishad ShanghviAbsolutely amazing. Had a great time and learned a lot about street photography.
The best part was the critical evaluation where everybody critiqued each others best pictures.
Whenever, I'm on the road, in the car etc now I look at the world through the eyes of a street photographer.
11/21/2011 17:39:48Julie AllisonThis is a great workshop for anyone who is interested in photography. Eric made sure we got to know each other and had fun. I learned a lot and got inspired to go out and shoot more often. Highly recommended!Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
12/6/2011 3:17:04Mattias LeppäniemiThe Tokyo workshop was just incredible! The mix of instructors, the fellow class mates and the setting was just perfect. Eric manages to infuse more energy than the shutdown Japanese nuclear plants in all of the students. It was an unbelievable experience and something I would totally recommend to anyone needing to revitalize their photography.Tokyo
12/9/2011 19:39:01Takeshi ShinoharaIt was the most amazing experience to be part of the workshop. Meeting new people from all over the world with their skills and talent made me want to learn more. Thanks to Eric, Alfie, Charlie, and Bellamy, I completely got out of my system and be true to myself. With street photography I was able to know what and who I really want to be. Be true to yourself, you can't please everyone.

thanks so much Eric! Hope to see you soon somewhere :-)
I made a review about the workshop. I just want people to know how amazing the workshop is, i will make this my progress diary too. Really Eric, thank you very much! You really taught that we dont have to please everyone!
12/10/2011 23:49:21Daniel ChuiFun, friends, and street photography are what you'll experience during an Eric Kim Photography workshop. Every level of street photographer can expect to gain something fresh and new from attending - a can't miss!Tokyo, Japan
12/12/2011 3:11:46Bryn ThamThe workshop was a blast. Totally change and made me love street photography. Eric is also a very kind and friendly person! Even borrowed his 21mm to me during the workshop!
You could feel his passion about street photography and trust me, the passion will be passed on to you if you attend his workshop!
Cheers everyone>.^
Kota Kinabalu
12/12/2011 22:15:22RyanShooting streets can be joy and stress at the same time. I don't get close enough often. I think the the biggest achievement of this workshop is that I've overcome my fear of shooting people in their faces. If you're like me, having trouble to shoot people in their faces, I would highly recommend this workshop. Eric will show you how this could be done easily. KK
12/14/2011 6:18:42Abang AdzharA must for all those who wants to overcome their fear of taking close up pictures of strangers in the streets. Eric's enthusiasm and passion is inspiring. He coaches you, demonstrates how it is done and gives positive feedback on how to improve. This itself is worth many time more than the workshop fees.Kota Kinabalu
12/20/2011 3:54:48Justin TanEric Kim teaches by helping you see, and decide for yourself, the elements involved in a good street photograph. He pays homage to the acknowledged masters and his own humility reinforces the fact that he is openly sharing his own lessons and experiences with you, rather than being dogmatic. For me, this is the hallmark of a good teacher, especially in this artistic endeavour of ours, where you cannot teach creativity, you can only inspire. I came away from Eric Kim's workshop, not with a set of generic "rules" of photography, but with a reinforced desire to go back out onto the streets, overcome my own doubts and shoot more street photos. Singapore
2/6/2012 22:54:27Jason Yee, JJFotographyLike all great instructors, Eric Kim's enthusiasm demonstrates his passion for street photography. He is very well-studied in the art, and knows the masters, their styles, and what makes their shots compelling. Workshops are comfortable and casual, which invites Q&A discussion. Most importantly, the experience doesn't end with the workshop - all attendees are added to a Facebook group where Eric's "streettog family" can keep in touch, upload photos, arrange meetings, etc.Intermediate, Hatakeyama Gallery, Los Angeles
2/7/2012 10:33:34Wang SekThis workshop isn't for everyone since street photograph is fast pace and need guts! If that's your personality, you would love this amazing workshop to learn how to create amazing street photos with a personal touch from Eric Kim as he will coach you on the street. Not only my skills have grown by taking this workshop but I feel totally confident to go out to any streets either USA or Japan or other countries, to take street photos that will just amaze your friends and families. DTLA
3/12/2012 16:52:16Mats ErikssonMy two strongest memories from the workshop was Erics truly inspiring and enthusiastic style of teaching, and all the great people I met. Had a great time!London
3/13/2012 9:34:31Malcolm JacksonIt was in at the deep end, brilliant. I was pushed out of my comfort zone. Excellent advice/guidance. Completely reactivated, reconnected and clarified my thoughts on photography. Just wish I was exposed to this 30 years ago. No time to dawdle, I'm out with my camera......
A million thanks Eric and Charlie
4/15/2012 22:28:47Rockie EtezadiThis workshop experience was a first for me! I learned so much in just two days which surprised me. The group was awesome and Eric was amazing! I especially enjoyed the shooting day and the comraderie everyone had towards one another. Will be looking forward to another workshop! Toronto
4/17/2012 0:04:25Kylie KnightBefore this course I would never even think about photographing people in the street up close, I kept thinking that I was going to upset them or just that it was too confronting for me. It was such a pleasure to be involved in this workshop, Eric was such a great teacher and friend. He taught us so much during the 2 days and most importantly because of Eric I can now approach people in the street and photograph them without freaking out. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn street photography. Eric is a very insightful person, is always encouraging and just a really nice guy. You also get to meet heaps of great people and make many friends from the course and you will have FUN!
Can't wait for the next workshop :)
Melbourne, Australia
4/17/2012 19:09:49Jen PearsonI was really nervous about signing up for the workshop as I wasn't sure I'd be good enough - having never heard of street photography. Eric was super friendly and great at putting everyone at ease. I especially enjoyed the shooting parts of the workshop where we broke into smaller groups and walked around trying to put into practice what we'd learnt in the workshop. It was great having Eric give me assignments of what to photograph as we were walking along as it meant I got closer to people than I ordinarily would have felt comfortable doing. It's opened up a new area of photography for me - thanks!Melbourne
4/25/2012 14:48:30Jack MuliadiI had great time and learnt a lot from Charlie and Fabio. Charlie's photo critique are very direct, straight forward and to the point. He explains why some images work and some are not. Apart from very interesting slides on 160 yen, Fabio also contributed a lot in giving his view of the critique. He also participated answering our queries. I also learnt a lot from the presentation materials on the photography project and how to find voice and style of my photography.

On the first day of street shooting, I was given the theme of "touch" and was accompanied by Fabio as the teacher. I wasn't feeling very well and was a bit hesitating during shooting. Fabio keep encourages me to shoot, and pointed many opportunities around me. He also put his style into action, and I was impressed by how "sneaky" and "ninja" he is when shooting his subjects. I told him I was using 50mm lens on crop sensor dslr, so he told me to bring the 20mm tomorrow.

And I did, the next day I was shooting with Charlie. Charlie has much direct style in shooting that often infiltrate subject's personal space. He often make sure the subjects notice him taking photo of them. Before the workshop, I thought Charlie's images approach is very rude to the subject. But seeing how he communicate with the subjects and relate to them after taking the photo, changes my opinion on him.
I followed his tips on standing straight to the subjects, and get very very close (I was using 24mm). It was nerve wrecking in the beginning, but the subjects are all smile and it was fun. So I gain confidence and start shooting closer.

The style of Fabio and Charlie are definitely very different. Yet, both styles definitely work for them Before the workshop, I thought I was a bit like Fabio, shooting with no confrontation, like ninja. But after trying Charlie's method, I kinda like it...

The second time my photos reviewed I got positive feedback on how my images have improved compared to first day. It was a good shooting experience. I will definitely try to make my own project after the workshop.

Thanks Charlie, Fabio I learnt a lot from both of you!
London Bricklane
4/27/2012 16:47:46Pat KeeganA great experience. Fab & Charlie were knowlegeable, friendly, and interesting. They made a great team. Excellent SP'ers and hosts. London
5/3/2012 1:09:55Bryce WatanasoponwongNot only that Eric is a good photographer, but he also is a brilliant teacher/mentor. Attending his advanced street photography workshop was something that I remember in my life. This workshop has transformed to be more creative and a better photographer.

Eric is SUPER supportive. He does not mind sharing his knowledge to everyone around him, and that is a good asset for a great mentor. I am glad that I get to meet him in person. Thank you so much Eric for coming down to Sydney..!

I highly recommend his workshops to everyone. Book it before it's booked out. Trust me, You will never feel regret for participating in his workshops.
5/4/2012 23:19:31Nicholas SusatyoI enjoyed the guidance from Eric, both during discussion as a group, as well as the one-on-one discussion. Eric also encourages us to create a community and keep it alive as it's a very important part of street photography!

Eric does not go into technical details much, as we are a lot more interested to create a meaningful photographs with strong social context, rather than making interesting pictures with pretty bokeh and other meaningless technical minutiae. This, as a result, made us a lot more critical in judging our own and others' work too. This is what's important to improve ourselves as street photographers.

Another thing that makes Eric a great mentor is that he encourages us to look at street photography in different directions - that is by looking at other street photographers' work - in order for us to find our own style.
5/15/2012 12:32:47Jonas GermannThe coffee was good. Just kidding. It was one of the best vacation i've ever done. Everybody was friendly totally different and i got some inspirations for my first project i'll start in Australia.
Special thanks to Cindy stay healthy!

Jackrabbit Jonas (:
5/15/2012 13:32:19Peter HjortsoEric Kim is a committed and serious street photographer and a great teacher. His outgoing nature guarantees sooth interaction with workshop participants. I particularly liked the emphasis put on networking and his encouraging participants to strive towards excellence.Berlin
5/15/2012 18:08:22matteo avanziI liked so much to see eric and juliane at work in different way, I liked to share our photos and have feed back from other people of workshop. I think in just few days I changed my point of view about how I took photosberlin
5/16/2012 5:39:24Andreas WeeberI really enjoyed this workshop with Eric Kim. Not only were his practical tips very valuable, seeing him in action and feeling my own confidence building were fascinating. The group dynamics were great and everyone had two fantastic days.Berlin
5/25/2012 3:54:31Rolando CordovaIt feel great to be next to people who is passionate about street photography.
Walking and learning form Thomas and Erik is a privilege; so that's mean you can learn things that are not in the books.
Be patient and wait for the moment, talk with people and be friendly, don't be shy and take a picture; are some of the toughs I learn in the workshop.
6/4/2012 10:12:15Martin JohannessonI attended the workshop because I wanted to learn more about street photography in general and to become more comfortable with snapping photos of people on the streets. The workshop delivered on both accounts. Eric Kim has a great way of encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone in order to get interesting photos. I now feel truly inspired and ready to start exploring the art of street photography on my own.Stockholm
6/4/2012 12:42:59Jan MonahovLast year was a bit rough on me. I'd totally lost my inspiration and not been shooting for quite some time. That totally changed after meeting Eric and Brian. Now instead of looking down into the street while walking, I look up and all the time I see scenes that I want to shoot. Well I probably could write an essay about this but:
Thank you guys for these four days. I really hope to meet you again.
Stockholm 2012
6/13/2012 15:52:04Paul stewartIf you love street photography and get the opportunity to take one of eric's courses grab it with both hands. Eric is a fantastic teacher and you can't help feeding of the passion he has for everything street. Highly recommend this course to everyone!!Stockholm
7/23/2012 0:16:14Marco GutierrezFrom the start to the end the workshop delivers continously very useful information that helped me a lot to understand why me and the people in the streets behave as they do when I take pictures of them. The balance beteewen the theory and practice was very good. We had a lot of fun too, i really enjoyed this two days with all you.
Thanks and I hope to see you soon.
7/23/2012 0:35:00Jerome TREIZEYou teach with lots of energy and passion so it's give people more pleasure to participate.
Great to give more documentations to discover and learn after the workshop.
So your work (i mean photos) and this workshop make me want to go out and shoot more often and try maybe to do it for living one day.
7/26/2012 8:14:00Ludovic MaillardWhat a marvellous time I had learning from Eric! not only is he a talented photographer, but he associate his great skills as a community organiser and exceptionnal pedagogue with a deep knowledge of the history of photography and it’s modern whereabouts. At the end of his workshop, you are full of a desire to create, search and share your passion with other photographers! I sincerely recommend taking part in his workshop!Paris
8/26/2012 14:42:52Ryo IshikawaIf you're interested in street photography at ANY level, Eric's workshop will change how you look at and think about street photography.
You will gain everything from the very basics to the core thinking and advanced techniques of street photography, Eric has a very intuitive and easy to understand style of teaching, where everything he shows you is very approachable and un-intimidating.
I would whole heartedly recommend his workshop to anybody who enjoys and wants to learn more about street photography.
11/4/2012 8:14:05Stefan SpeidelGreat workshop with a good mix of theory, practical tips and actual shooting. I very much enjoyed (and profited from) the feedback on the photos I have shot - both Eric and Bellamy have given so many helpful and constructive comments!
And very important: they have created an atmosphere that all team members could work together in a very good way. Thanks a lot for a great time, and many new ideas for my photography!
11/6/2012 19:13:03gregory lenteric's gift is not just in teaching, but in naturally creating a space where learning happens. and the subject is not just street photography, because i am a better photographer in all directions after taking his workshop. and somehow he creates an amazingly enjoyable and truly human working environment. i can't remember who i was before that weekend in tokyo. :-)

enjoy, gregory lent
11/13/2012 6:46:50Frank StelzerEric's enthusiasm for street photography is outstanding and he is able to ignite the same in his workshop participants. Eric has a 100% positive approach towards everyone and makes it easy for you to feel comfortable in a group of foreign people. He constantly provides feedback: while shooting, during breaks, during editing. Age does not matter, but experience does; and Eric has a lot of it to share, from which anyone can benefit, who wants to get into street photography. Worth every penny.Tokyo
11/13/2012 8:27:52Fernando RamosI participated in my second Eric Kim workshop after having been deeply satisfied from the feedback I received from Charlie, Alfie, Eric and Bellamy in the previous Introduction to Street Photography Workshop. Once again, Eric hit it out of the park with an intimate and focused workshop.

He spent a lot of time with each photographer, getting to know them and get into their personalities to try to figure out how to have them succeed in their street photography. Eric is very talented at reading people and telling them what they are without being judgmental and it was remarkable how he encouraged people to get out of their comfort zones without making said people uncomfortable.

To anyone who is on the fence about attending one of these workshops and is serious about improving their photography I would wholeheartedly recommend them to do so. It'll be one of the best-spent weekends of your photographic life.
11/26/2012 8:51:04Steve RichardsOn a whim I impulsively booked to fly from London to Tokyo for Eric and Bellamy's street photo workshop weekend - given it's a 12 hour flight straight away I had a some doubts whether I'd made the right decision to travel so far for a few days taking pictures.
However after I had completed the course I'd do it again in a heartbeat! The instruction and organisation combined with the amazing city that is Tokyo made it an inspirational and memorable experience. My work has changed forever and I'm really enjoying the new challenges. See you next time!!
12/19/2012 22:33:29Nick LorkinEric's Kolkata street photography workshop was hugely enjoyable. He's a knowledgable, enthusiastic and engaging guy with a lot of passion for his craft.

I felt that I learnt a lot and really came away as an improved photographer plus I've got so much more knowledge that I also have lots to work on! The 5 day format allowed for plenty of time with Eric and I would like to thank him for a thoroughly worthwhile experience. And Kolkata was a fantastic location too.
12/19/2012 22:45:09Mikael LaursonHere are some impressions of the 5-day December Kolkata workshop lead by Eric Kim. We were only two students which allowed Eric to concentrate on our personal photographic problems. Each morning we had a formal short lecture that dealt with a specific photographic question (e.g. composition with diagonals, figure to ground relationship, color theory, depth). After that we started using these concepts in practice. We were shooting the rest of the day in Kolkata which is truly a wonderful place to test new street photographic ideas in practice. Eric advised us to shoot first only in B&W so we could concentrate on the compositional aspects. Later we used color to put some of the ideas behind the color theory in practice. I was using a 28mm prime lens for the whole workshop (i.e. 'one man, one camera, one lens'). As I was shooting I heard Eric's voice behind my back: 'get closer, get closer, crouch lower, shoot vertical, look for diagonals…'. All in all the week was very fruitful for me. I learned to get closer to people and the importance of framing through the viewfinder. The workshop forced me to change my shooting habits which hopefully will allow me to produce better and more coherent results in the future. Finally, thanks Eric and Nick for the excellent and fun company while strolling in the colorful streets of Kolkata! Kolkata
1/14/2013 23:19:48John Alvin MalinaoEric Kim had a very personal approach in teaching an amateur hobby photographer like me the essence of shooting street photography. I was really glad I got to know him and experience his passion and touch in his photography. Did it inspire me? After that workshop, I can't even sit still in my cubicle at the office. Damn it, I want to go out and shoot photos! Thanks Eric, and hope we can have another photowalk sometime! Manila, Philippines
1/15/2013 5:06:51Jojo PadillaAttending Eric Kim's Beginner Street Photography workshop was a great experience for me. I learned a lot about street photography and was really inspired to go out and shoot in the streets. Eric was really friendly, down to earth and approachable. I really appreciated the critiques he gave me during the portfolio reviews and appreciated how he really took time to give tips and suggestions during the photowalks. Looking forward to future workshops with Eric Kim!Manila
1/25/2013 11:33:15Yaron SilberbergThe advanced street photography workshop was a really unique experience for me. It was very well balanced, comprising of informative presentations by Eric, followed by both group and individual photo walks, group discussions and photo critique, post-processing lessons, editing and sequencing of a series, all well-structured into an intense 2 and a half days. Eric’s energetic personality and positive approach, together with constructive criticism and practical tips, helped me to better understand my weaknesses and strengths, and really motivated me to develop and improve my street photography.Manila
1/26/2013 20:39:58Brent ChristensenAfter participating in both the intro and intermediate/advanced workshops, I think they go well together and would recommend doing them as a set. The intro workshop discussed some basic composition elements for better street photography, but the real focus was on building confidence; after, I felt better about getting closer and taking those shots I wouldn't have done before. The intermediate/advanced went in-depth on composition theory (Eric did a great job, with lots of examples) and themed projects; the focus here was more on getting the best quality photos now that you have this new confidence. Highly recommended.Manila
1/29/2013 7:31:57Christine ChungThis workshop greatly surpassed my expectations. Being a long-time follower of Eric's blog, I thought everything he would lecture about would be familiar to me but there were surprisingly a lot of art concepts and details that wouldn't make as much impact from a blog post alone. I found Eric to be very warm and friendly in person and he isn't cocky at all despite what other people on the internet say. He exudes the kind of charisma that allows you trust him as a teacher. He was very encouraging while out shooting and gave very constructive critiques. From this workshop, I learned how human and non-human elements in a photo work together to make an interesting shot and l was also able build on the confidence to get closer.Manila
2/3/2013 9:18:57Gian James MaagadThe Street Photography worshop was so far the best experiences I've had in my entire 2 years in photography. Eric Kim has taught me a lot, shared his experiences. I would recommend his character as the best when it comes to teaching photography. Lastly, the workshop has enabled me to bring out the best in my passion in street photography as I was able to interact and conquer my fear of shooting strangers. Manila
6/18/2013 11:23:58Harvey Diamondi had a great time. Eric definitely knows how to communicate his passion and knowledge of photography in general and street photography in particular. Eric, Neal and Josh are totally personable and entertaining.
I whole heartily recommend taking this workshop no matter what country you're in.
6/18/2013 14:22:15Jungho KimI can't say enough about the workshop... I am very new to photography (much less street photography!) and over the 2 1/2 days my entire outlook on photography has changed! From composition to how to engage your subjects on the street, the workshop provided me with practical advice on all aspects of taking, editing, processing , critiquing great photographs. My confidence as a new photographer has increased by an order of magnitude and I look forward to the journey of becoming a more enlightened observer of the world around me...Toronto
6/18/2013 17:35:06Philip RiceMy head's been turned upside down on street photography - I think I've been polishing a lot of turds in the past. That's over; now I'll spend 95% of my time shooting and 5% post processing. The compositional concepts that were taught have really intrigued me, and I'm anxious to explore the books and photographers recommended in class. Really, a fantastic learning experience, very highly recommended. Not to mention that Eric, Neil and Josh were the nicest guys you could meet - and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Looking forward to the intermediate course, hopefully in an exotic location! Cheers! ...Phil RiceToronto
6/18/2013 18:54:26Martin CharbonneauI really enjoyed the weekend workshop. Eric is an awesome speaker, and will help you overcome any fears you might have shooting on the streets. His hands-on approach is adapted to each photographers own level, and he will make sure you get personalized attention.

Having Neil Ta and Josh White joining in was a real treat... 2 different styles, vision and experience, was a great addition to the lectures. Having them accompany tag along on the street sessions was excellent.

Shooting in the streets with Eric is an event on it's own, and should be experienced by every aspiring street photographer.
8/9/2013 8:50:11Joe ArbonaSpeaking as somebody 40 years Eric's senior, I confess I was a little nervous attending this workshop. Would I be The Old Guy in a class of hipsters? Would my favorite influential photographers -- Stieglitz, Cartier-Bresson, Evans, Frank, Meyerowitz,etc. -- be ignored.

All my apprehensions disappeared within 10 minutes.

Eric combines excitement and enthusiasm with a solid foundation in street photography. By the time you hit the streets and begin making photographs you feel confident that you're already a better photographer. You just know it!

I recommend Eric's workshop to photographers of all ages.
San Diego
10/21/2013 13:39:33Doug ProvencherBeing a relative newcomer to "street photograph" I approached the workshop with some fear and anxiety. What would people think of my photos? What would Eric think? Were they any good?

From the first moment I met Eric and Neil, I knew attending the workshop was going to be a positive experience. Not only was it fun and uplifting, I learned how to see things and even, if lucky, get some of them in a shot.

I highly recommend the workshop for any aspiring street photographer. You will leave with not only more knowledge, but more confidence.
San Francisco
10/22/2013 22:50:06Jill MaguireIf ever a workshop could change your life as a photographer, this is one of them. Eric and Neil create an environment that encourages interaction with fellow students, making even the most reserved person feel comfortable. They have mastered how to run an effective workshop with the perfect balance of lecture, shooting, processing, and editing. No matter what your skill level, you'll be amazed at how your technique and vision can improve over a few short days. I am already counting the days until I can take another workshop with Eric and Neil. Not only did I learn a ton, I feel like I've made new friends. Thanks for such a rewarding experience. See you next year! San Francisco
10/26/2013 13:29:05Curtis ThomsonThe best single word to describe an Eric Kim workshop is 'transformative'. For me, it has changed the way I evaluate my own photos. It has changed the way I interact with subjects on the street. It has even changed the way I work in Lightroom and shortened the edit process considerably. One of the best photography workshops I have had the privilege of attending and I have attended quite a few.
San Francisco
10/30/2013 12:19:31Brett HighamI could not have been happier with my workshop experience. Eric tailored his teaching style and approach to each participants ability and need. He introduced a technique completely different from the approach I normally take and I now have a new perspective on how to treat my subjects. More importantly I gained a sense of community and friendship from not just Eric but all those who participated.San Francisco
11/6/2013 1:36:17Tom TellezThis is by far the most comprehensive, hands-on course for the Introduction of Street Photography. The critiques are done in such a positive manner that you can't help but learn from them. Eric is an outstanding instructor and his funny sense of humor and enthusiasm make the class very relaxing and fun. I cannot imagine that anyone could take this course and not throughly enjoy it. Thanks again Eric !Los Angeles
11/8/2013 8:53:24Dan MeylorDuring my thirty-seven years of teaching high school English, I realized that there are two types of writing teachers: (1. "red inkers" and (2. coaches. The former left an essay blood red with corrections; The latter coached the writer through the process: instruct, play, review. The teachers in the Street Photography Workshop are coaches who take the students through the learning process. If you want a positive, helpful, and community building photographic experience, you will find it the Street Photography Workshop.Los Angeles
11/15/2013 19:10:20Shannon AtkinsonExcellent experience with two very different types of street photographers. I wanted to up my level of street shooting and decided to give this workshop a try. It was better then I thought it would be. Eric and Rinzi are easy going and patient. I have nothing but praise for the entire weekend. Highly recommended if you want to work on your street technique. A+Los Angeles
11/16/2013 15:44:46Al ShoreAs always a workshop with Eric and Renzi is an exceptional experience. From the overview on Friday night then the two days of working and critiquing help enhance my street shooting skills. I would highly recommend taking a workshop with Eric for ones overall growth as a photographer.Los Angeles
12/10/2013 7:40:40Alexander GraahMy tog-partner in crime and I absolutely loved the introductory street photography workshop! Not only did we make progress but our entire photography paradigm got shifted in a matter of days. Perfect blend of street shooting, critiques, guest lectures and theory that really allows participants to take things to the next level. Hope to join you for the advanced workshop at some point in the future!Stockholm
12/17/2013 12:35:52Nuno SilvaI had a wonderful experience in London, with Eric Kim and Charlie Kirk, two experienced and very talented photographers and instructors.
I learned a lot in only a weekend and i think that in the end i became a better photographer than before the workshop.
I can recommend this workshop to any one interested in street photography, even if you have some experience. I have no doubts that it will turn you into a different photographer for the better in the end!
London Dec 2013
12/17/2013 14:59:44May El-AzabThe workshop has been a great learning experience, practical, hands on with the opportunity for individual coaching. Having Charles Kirk co-instruct was the cherry on the cake. The workshop is designed in such a way that whether you are a novice or have some photography experience, you will benefit a great deal. London
12/21/2013 9:31:30Serge BebingI learned a lot during this workshop about photography and I think perhaps more about human beings. Eric and Charlie are two fantastic instructors that have a great talent to push you over your limits without having the impression of being forced. Actually both make it very easy to step out of your comfort zone and getting really close to strangers and sometimes even interacting with your subjects. I met a bunch of people out in the streets even the day after the workshop only because I took a photo of them and they were happy about it. For a little moment they stood in the limelight and it made their day. As Charlie said you do not hurt anybody by taking a picture. Thank you very much for this great experience.London
1/24/2014 16:44:15Marcus PhungThe thing which really makes this workshop worth attending is the atmosphere generated by Eric. Eric is extremely friendly, approachable, and encouraging; and his approach and personality can't help but infuse the atmosphere of the entire workshop.

Of those of us in the class, I felt I was probably the newest to street photography, and not once did I ever feel a sense of embarrassment or shame in displaying my work (old or new), and receiving critique. All feedback and critique was given a positive, encouraging manner - something that does not always happen in a workshop or class.

It is clear that Eric has a passion and skill for teaching, and he is genuinely excited to help his students improve their photography. Eric's positive and encouraging attitude gave me the push I needed to take the next step in my street photography. Well, that and the actual physical push he gave me!
1/25/2014 16:56:19Richard ReedI had a great time and learned so much over three days. Eric is a very warm, friendly guy and a great teacher. He gave me good suggestions to deal with my fear of making photos of people in the street. Also great suggestions on the shot--get in really close, work the shot by taking several photos. Eric also knows how to create a community among the local participants. However, the last 3 hours were the "cherry on top" as Eric might say. We all had our laptops and each of us selected our best 10 shots from the last two days, then we singled out what we thought was our best picture. Then Eric projected all of our best and we discussed and critiqued each one. I had such a good time and learned so much I am going to Eric's week long workshop in Vietnam in June/July 2014.Seattle
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