Annihilation | Watchman Model (4.0.3)
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PurposeThis model exists to compare and identify the optimal build and stat allocation for Annihilation Marauders & Watchman Sentinels. While this model is publically available, you will need to create a copy in order to make changes to it, including adjusting the gear. Essentially, the model utilizes player selected gear to provide a DPS estimate. Users of this model can quickly compare builds to see which results in the highest DPS. The rotation used to calculate the expected DPS is fixed; the rotation was developped via theoretical and heuristic methods.
Known Issues &
Areas to Improve
• Generally, I have the most confidence in Green-highlighted tabs and the least confidence in Red-highlighted tabs.
• Relics are currently broken
• Several 4.0 buffs are not modeled like increased damage after Annihilate or increased damage to Vicious Slash from Swift Demise as well as the benefirs of Set Bonuses.
• Does not model missed DoT applications so conclusions are potentially invalid when using less than 100% Accuracy.
• Develop better Berserk/Zen use number, it may be slightly overstated for dummy parses, but understated for real combat.
• Does not incorporate any +X% damage such as Weaponmaster's buff, Bloodthirst | Inspiration, or Adrenals; these are additive bonuses and should not affect gearing.
Planned Updates
Several as I get more elder game gear. I expect to have everything completed by the end of October.
Explanation of Tabs
Character's GearDisplays expected DPS, Summary Stats and composition of total damage based on the user-specified input fields. You should only update the yellow fields on this sheet.
Stat CalculationsTabulates the effective stats based on one's specified gear.
Ability Damage CalculationCalculates the expected damage of a single use of the ability. It goes step-by-step building each damage component along the way. As a result it is lengthy and may be confusing. Still, I have done it this to provide transparency on my calcuations
4.0 RotationDetails GCD by GCD the rotation used in this model. This rotation is close to ideal.
Aggregated RotationSummarizes the abilities used as well as adjusts for Relics & Berserk | Zen.
Resource ProcsDetails the expected resource generation from our two procs to validate that the prescribed rotation works.
Berserk/Zen AdjustmentEstimates the incremental benefit of using Berserk/Zen to make 6 ticks of your DoTs critically hit.
Gear TablesLists the acceptable inputs for Character Gear is listed here. The sheet will be updated as new tiers of gear are released.
DPS Benefit of RelicsCalculates the DPS benefit of proc relics, which is necessary as the benefit occurs at random intervals in your rotations.
Relic TablesIncludes tables used to calculate the relic benefits as well as some assumptions.