chemicalsdata30/08/2013ms Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)here is a list officially compiled by the ECHA of chemicals suggested by toxicology studies to be highly restricted for use in Europe, according to EU chemical law REACH. THis list is of substances suggested as being toxic enough to require heavy restrictions and ultimate phase out...
chemicalsdata08/09/2013nmAre pesticides banned in Europe exported to other parts of the World?Regulatory status of pesticides around the world
chemicalsdata30/08/2013msInclusion of Substances of Very High Concern in the Candidate List, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)...this is list of chemicals, drawn from above echa-list, which the ECHA in June 2013 decided to include in list of substances requiring serious restrictions and ultimate phase out according to REACH.
chemicalsdata and resources12/08/2013msOperation Lead, Interpol, Environmental Crime unitOngoing efforts to crack down on illegall logging, often in coordination with local law enforcement and ngo's.
chemicalsdata/story ideas09/09/2013msAre dangerous pesticides being used in your country? Pesticide Action Network Pesticide Databasehere is a database of the toxicity and regulatory status for many pesticides in use today. Includes reference to countries where detailed information is available on toxicity. Cross check substances used in your country against this list, which could possibly provide a sense of the dangers of substances using data that might not be available at home
chemicalsdocumentation28/08/2013nmInternational HCH and Pesticides AssociationA NGO documentating the dangers from the worst pesticides, DDT, PCB, HCH in Russia and other former east block countries. Illegal trade of old dangerous pesticides.
chemicalsdocumentation05/09/2013msRAPEX....Are consumer products banned in the EU being sold in or exported to your country?This is ongoing tally of products confiscated by customs officials for violations of EU toxic chemical regulations. Includes a weekly list of items confiscated by customs officials for toxic substances banned in the EU (check out "weekly notifications").
chemicals/frackingdata13/09/2013msWhat are the chemicals used in fracking? database of chemicals used for fracking, SkyTruth ngo
chemicals/frackingdocumentation13/09/2013dkReport by the Heinrich Boll Foundation on frackingWho is exporting the fracking technology, and to whom? What are the dangers of fracking?
climate changebackground document/data12/08/2013msCarbon Criminals in the Neighborhood? Guide to Carbon Trading Crime, INTERPOL Environmental Crime ProgramOverall survey/background of vulnerability of the global carbon markets to fraud and other criminal activities. Good sourcing, leads from Interpol.
climate changedata12/08/2013msCDM Pipeline, UNEP/Risoe.....Are carbon offsets actually delivering emission reductions?lists status of every carbon offset project considered, approved or rejected by the United Nations. Includes documents explaining projects and main financial interests behind them, also document trail of project's history, reasons for approval or rejection. Somewhat complicated to understand--and a person somewhat familiar with CDM projects can be helpful in navigating--but plenty of specifics about money, owners, and claims to the UN in these documennts.
climate changedata28/08/2013nmData from European Environmental AgencyLots of european datasets, also data on temperature on a world scale - see especially this link:
climate changedata28/08/2013nmData from European Environmental AgencyNational emissions reported to the UNFCCC and to the EU Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Mechanism
climate changedata08/08/2013nm“Global Climate Change, Key Indicators”Basic data and links to a lot of other important websites.
climate changedata08/08/2013dkWho gets money from the UN's Green Climate Fund? Investigations into the use of money from this Fund. Danish former prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen is chairman.
climate changedata08/08/2013nmHidden link to Danish CO2-emissionsIt's difficult to find links to CO2-emission. Here's the Danish with the latest data.
climate changedata13/09/2013dksubsidies to fossil fuel industrieshow much are fossil fuel industries receiving for the profitable enterprises? who are their allies in the government? compare to less fossil-fuel intensive research...
climate changedocumentation28/08/2013nmUnited Nations Climate Change PortalThe United Nation portal on climate change
climate changedocumentation28/08/2013nmUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate ChangeOfficial site for unfccc
climate changedocumentation28/08/2013nmWuppertal InstitutPerforms a lot of research, combining different disciplines. Might be difficult to transform to stories.
foreign aiddata13/09/2013dkAidDatadatabase of foreign aid projects, including in mineral, environmental and energy realm
illegal wildlife tradedata13/09/2013dkdatabase on violations of CITES rules governing trade in wildlifewho is hunting endangered species of animals, and who is buying the animals? trans-national trail likely leading from Africa, Latin America, Asia to buyers in US, EU, Japan, China.
illegal wildlife trade, hazardous wastes, environmental crimesdocumentation12/08/2013msEnvironmental Investigations AgencyBased in London they specialize in undercover environmental investigations as well as detailed data collection on environmental crimes.
mining & oildata12/08/2013msLand Matrix ProjectProduces ongoing tracking of large scale land deals, including maps and data based graphics, and background to the deals.
mining & oildata13/09/2013dkbroad reports on revenues from mineral extraction, country by countryExtractive Industries Transparency Initiative
mining & oildata and resources30/08/2013msRevenue Watch: Oil & Mining Companies on Global Stock ExchangesGreat data collected from disclosure forms required of publicly traded mining and oil companies.