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This inventory contains every item we purchased for our mobile digitization kits. Details include which kit the equipment was used in, the product ID, cost (as at March 2016), where we bought it from and any comments about the item.
ItemCopy Stand KitOutreach KitScanner KitProduct IDCost
(per item)
Adobe license (Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge and Acrobat)$409.23 1 year subscriptionAdobeOptional, depending on requirement for image management software.
Air blasterUNSPSC #45121600$9.75AmazonOptional, could just use glass cleaning kit and microfiber cloth for cleaning glass on scanner.
Archival Methods White Nylon Gloves (pack of 12)ASIN # B0036W7XAE$24.95AmazonUsed to handle fragile photographs, glass plate negatives and lantern slides.
Asus Nexus 7 Android tabletItem model #NEXUS7 ASUS-2B16$159AmazonUsed as an oral history listening station at community scanning events Smaller screen, as image display is less necessary for the oral history listening station.
Backpack: Case Logic Berkeley Deluxe 15.6″ Laptop & Tablet BackpackUPC # 085854228466$54.95B&HSeparate 15.6″ laptop compartment. Four exterior accessories pockets and large interior compartment. Dedicated interior tablet sleeve. Chest strap for better weight distribution.
Book Cradle: Gaylord® Acrylic Book Cradle 8 1/4 x 5 1/4$37.29GaylordOptional (depending on material being digitized). Would not purchase again, did not use.
Book Strips: Archival polyester book strips (1"x500" Long Roll)$29.10HollingerOptional (depending on material being digitized).
Book Strips: Clear polyethylene book strips (3/16" X 100 ft)ZZ-12110$30.70GaylordVery thin - not effective at holding material in place to be digitized. Ultimately decided to purchase wider book strips.
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens (& battery)SKU # 9126B003$399B&HComes with software to allow for remote shooting through computer. Lens curvature is an issue for oversize material. Requires spare battery for continued use. Produces focussed, high quality images in a controlled setting.
Camera: Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lensn/an/an/a$546B&HThis was an alternative camera option we considered that is very similar to the Canon model we purchased. Due to prior experience with Canon, it was chosen over the Nikon brand.
Camera: Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM LensUPC # 013803050424$419B&HMacro lens for digitization of smaller items, particularly lantern slides and glass plate negatives with camera and lightbox. Lens does not produce curvature which was a primary concern of our 18-55mm lens.
Camera: Protection plan for Canon camera (3 years)$73.99Square Trade
Camera: Watson LP-E10 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (2)UPC # 847628542754$24.95B&HOptional, but needed for continuous use of camera in an onsite digitization environment.
Case: Camera: Pelican iM2620 Storm Trak Case with Foam (Black)MFR # IM2620-00000$171.83B&HSmall, sturdy and allows for easy transportation. Alternative case may be needed depending on final equipment choices.
Case: Hard drive: WD Nomad Rugged CaseItem model # WDBGRD0000NBK-NASN$38.99AmazonDesigned to fit the My Passport hard drive. Robust casing. Has opening that allows the hard drive to be plugged into computer whilst still in the case. Hinge opening to get hard drive in/out. Hinge broke on one of cases so no longer usable.
Case: Case Logic Compact Portable Hard Drive CaseUPC # 085854105460$12.99B&HHardshell case. Elastic band to hold hard drive in place inside. Mesh pocket inside to store hard drive cable. Zipper opening.
Case: Nexus 7 Smart Case CoverItem model #0530-CS-GOOGLE-N7-BK$9.99AmazonProvides protection during transportation.
Case: Ruggard 3-Dial TSA Combination LockUPC # 847628577985$12.95B&HOptional, depending on anticipated equipment storage circumstances.
Case: HPRC TSA Padlock for all HPRC Hard Resin Casesn/an/an/a$13.20B&HThis was an alternative locking system we considered. Chose not to purchase as we did not end up selecting the HPRC transportation cases.
Case: Samsung Galaxy Tablet Smart Shell CaseItem model # ESR0012$11.99AmazonMagnet closure. Flip capability which transforms the case into a viewing stand.
Case: V600 scanner: Pelican iM2720 Storm Trak Case with FoamUPC # 825494000585$193.95B&HWheeled case; sturdy and allows for easy transportation. Alternative case may be needed depending on final equipment choices.
Case: V800 scanner: Pelican iM2975 Storm Trak Case with FoamUPC # 825494002367$236.95B&HWheeled case; sturdy and allows for easy transportation. Alternative case may be needed depending on final equipment choices.
Case: Epson 11000XL scanner: Pelican 1730 Transport Case with FoamUPC # 019428071431$379.95B&HWheeled case; sturdy and allows for easy transportation. Alternative case may be needed depending on final equipment choices.
Case: HPRC 2700WF Wheeled Hard Case with Cubed Foam Interiorn/an/an/a$209.00B&HThis was an item we considered purcasing but chose not to as the Pelican brand of wheeled transportation cases were recommended to us by a B&H rep.
Copy-stand backdrop: ePhotoInc 10 x 10 ft Solid Grey Muslin BackdropUNSPSC #60121600$27.99B&HExcellent color for photographic work. Folds for easy transportation, but creases easily.
Copy-stand backdrop: Cowboy Studio 100% Cotton Seamless Muslin Backdropn/an/an/a$51.00AmazonThis was an item we considered purchasing but instead went with the ePhotoInc backdrop. The decision to purcahse the ePhotoInc was based on the color of the backdrop; the ePhotoInc was considered a better shade of grey for photographic work.
Copy-stand backdrop: Heavy Duty Muslin Clamps 4 1/2 inch (6 pack)Item Model #45HDC6$8.49AmazonOptional.
Color balance cards: DGK Color Tools Optek Premium Reference White Balance Card Set of 3Item Model #DGK-O$8.99AmazonUsed to set white balance with camera software.
Color and grey scales: Kodak Color Separation Guide and Gray Scale (Q-13, 8″ Long)UPC # 041771527655$44.95B&HUsed to create master images with color target.
Color and grey scale: Datacolor SpyderCHECKR Color Calibration Tool for Digital Camerasn/an/an/a$109.00B&HThis was an item we considered purchasing but instead went with the Kodak color separation guide.
Computer Mouse (wireless)ASIN # B005EJH6Z4$11.49AmazonOptional.
Dropbox business account (cloud based storage solution)$525 1 year subscriptionDropboxOptional, depending on local in-house storage solutions.
Extension cable for plugging camera into laptop for remote shooting: AmazonBasics USB 2.0 Extension CableItem Model # B001TH7GUU-MaParent$5.49AmazonOptional, allows camera to be a longer distance from copy stand.
Extension cordItem Model # 4907$21.07AmazonEssential for community scanning events where it’s not always possible to set up close to a power outlet.
External hard drive: Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2TB Portable Hard DriveItem model # WDBMWV0020BBK-NESN$89.00B&HSmall, portable and light. It’s essential to have two copies of files when scanning in the field.
External hard drive: Western Digital My Book 2TB External Hard Driven/an/an/a$104.00AmazonThis was an item we considered but chose not to purchase after consulting it in person. It was considered too large and heavy for portable use. The WD My Passport Ultra model was purchased instead.
Extra hard drive for laptop (256GB SSD)$292.49DellOptional, depending on size of initial laptop hard drive capacity.
Flash drives (Pack of 3 16GB drives)UPC # 886576012865$11.99B&HOptional, depending on if offering an institution master images & derivatives on a flash drive. Used for giving institution image files - the larger GB is essential as typically between 20-45GB of image files are captured when scanning a small collection of cultural heritage materials.
Flash drives for donors (2GB)Used to give donors digital copies of their donations during a community scanning event. Optional - if deciding to offer this service. Branded with project logos. More meaningful to donors as a way to remember what is on the flash drive.
Glass cleaning kit: Kinetronics Digital Scanner Glass Cleaning KitUPC # 728429600310$9.95B&HVery useful for cleaning fingerprints and other marks from the scanner bed.
Laptop: Dell Precision Mobile Workstation M2800Dell Item #210-ACRD$1951 (includes support service/protection plan)DellFast processor. Very heavy (5.6 pounds). When ordering, check size of hard drive. We had to order an additional 256GB SSD as the laptop came with 120GB SSD.
Laptop: Dell Precision Mobile Workstation M3800n/an/an/a$2,249.00B&HThis was an alternative equipment choice that we ultimately did not purchase. We only sought an alternative after the purchase of the M2800 as it turned out to be too heavy for portable use. However, we did not purchase the alternative due to the cost of replacements.
Lens filter kit: 58MM Professional Lens Filter Accessory Kit for CANON EOS RebelItem Model #KT1837$14.99AmazonOptional, would not purchase again as didn’t use it during the project.
Lights: Cowboy Studio Photography Table Top Photo Studio Lighting KitUNSPSC # 45121601$45.99AmazonUsed in the community mobile digitization kits. Easy to put together, and comes in multiple parts which allows for easy transportation. Lights are too dim, which can be improved by replacement bulbs. Less sturdy and lower quality than desired.
Lights: Genaray Spectro LED Outfit 500 Daylight LED Light (2)MFR # SP-O-500D$419.95B&HEasy to put together and come in their own carry case. Produces a much brighter, more even distribution of light across the material to be digitized. Dimming function allows you to adapt the lighting to the environment. Light enough to be picked up and moved around to suit the needs of the digitization. Battery powered (no power cords). Require spare batteries for continuous use (requires 4 batteries for a total cost of $240). Significantly more expensive than alternate Cowboy Studio lights.
Light Stand: Smith-Victor Tabletop or Background Light Stand (18") (2)MFR # 700201$21.95B&HFor use with Genaray LED lights.
Lightbox: Porta-Trace / Gagne 1012-2 Stainless Steel LED Light Box (10 x 12")MFR # 1012-2 LED$69.95B&HUse as an alternative method to digitize lantern slides and glass plate negatives (with camera and Photoshop).
Microfiber clothASIN # B00009R7VT$9.44Amazon
Microsoft Office for PCDellPurchased the software to come with the order of our laptops It could be possible to use Google Docs as a free alternative to create metadata spreadsheets, donor consent/feedback forms and other project management documentation.
pH neutral tape (3/4 x 72 yds)Cat # 850$43.40HollingerOptional (depending on material being digitized).
Phone cords (iPhone 4 & iPhone 5, 6 and Samsung Note 4 and Note 5)$42.00AmazonUsed for donations of images from cell phones at community scanning events.
Power cord: Belkin 6 ­Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector with 2.5 feet Cord & Straight PlugItem model # BE106000-2.5$6.51AmazonOptional but useful to have in case onsite location does not have adequate power outlets to plug in laptop and scanner and charge tablet/camera batteries (if applicable).
Remote switch for camera:Vello RS-C1II Wired Remote Switch for CameraUPC # 847628532694$7.50B&HOptional, may not work with all equipment. Would not purchase again, as not used.
RulerItem model # TPG-152$4.99AmazonUsed to measure items to include dimensional information in metadata.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-Inch Tablet (16 GB)Item model # SM-T800NTSAXAR$499AmazonUsed for display of historic photos at community scanning events. Large screen and built-in slideshow capability.
Scanner: Epson Perfection V600 Photo ScannerUPC # 010343873568$199.99B&HProduces excellent quality scans. Negative scanning capability. Scan time is minimum 58 seconds (with Silverfast including a pre-scan of the item). Excellent balance of being high quality and affordable (and light enough to be portable).
Scanner: Epson Perfection V800 Photo ScannerUPC #010343913158$739.99AmazonUsed in one of the community kits. Produces excellent quality scans. More extensive negative scanning capability than the V600 - using different film holders can scan up to 24 35mm negatives, 15 35mm slides, 4 4x5” transparencies or 3 medium-format transparencies. Larger scan-bed and faster scanning time than the V600. Larger, heavier and more expensive than the V600. Comes with Silverfast imaging software included.
Scanner: Epson Expression 11000XL Photo ScannerUPC # 010343907317$2,800B&HUsed in the institution kit. Larger scan-bed and more transparency scanning functionality than the V600 and V800. Larger and more expensive than the V600 & V800. Significantly heavier than V600 and V800. Not our first choice for a scanner that can be used as part of a mobile scanning kit. Comes with Silverfast imaging software included.
Scanner: Epson Perfection V550 Color Photo, Image, Film, Negative & Document Scannern/an/an/a$159.99B&HThis was an item we considered purchasing but ultimately did not. We chose the Epson V600 instead as it is a newer model.
Scanner: CanoScan LiDE 220n/an/an/a$74.70B&HThis was an item we considered as an alternative scanner to the Epson V series scanners but did not end up purchasing. It is a lightweight, good document and photo scanner but does not have the capability to scan film or negatives.
Scanner: Plustek OpticFilm 8100 35mm Film Slide Scannern/an/an/a$278.00AmazonThis was an item we considered but did not end up purchasing as our Epson V Series scanners came with film scanning capability.
Scanner: Epson WorkForce DS-50000 Color Document Scannern/an/an/a$1,499.00EpsonThis was an item we considered for the kit but did not end up purchasing. It has a large scan area (11.7”x17”) which we decided was too large to be truly portable.
Scanner: Protection plan for V800 scanner (2 years)$39.85Square Trade
Scanner: Silverfast license for V600$49Optional. Better color management and more granular setting options than the built-in Epson software. Great pre-scan and selection functions.
Small spirit levelUPC # 739632721211$5.35AmazonUsed to level the camera to the surface of the material being photographed.
Sony MDRZX100 ZX Series Stereo Headphones (Black)ASIN B004WODP20$19.49AmazonOver ear headphones used with the Google Nexus tablet for listening to oral histories at community scanning events.
Spray Adhesive for gluing foam layers in transportation cases (Elmer’s extra strong)Item # 23720-1350$15.50Blick Art MaterialsOptional, the pelican transportation cases have layers of foam which can move when taking equipment in & out. The adhesive allows for easier handling once foam is glued.
Step StoolItem Model #ZZ12-BK$11.49AmazonPurchased 3 to use if tripod needed elevating to photograph an oversize item.
Storage BoxItem Model # 66486CLDBL$16AmazonUsed as an organization method for storing equipment items not in use.
Tripod: Beike BK-555 Foldable Tripod Monopod with Ball HeadUNSPSC # 45121602$45.99AmazonUsed in the community mobile digitization kits. Lightweight and easy to transport. Less sturdy than desired.
Tripod:Oben AT-3461 Aluminum Tripod With BA-117T Ball HeadMFR # AT-3461/BA-117T$159.95B&HLong leg extension gives greater flexibility on size of material being digitized. Heavier than Beike tripod (see below) and more expensive.
USB 2.0 Hub for laptop (4­ ports)ASIN # B00BWF5U0M$6.99AmazonOptional, depending on how many USB ports laptop has & how many are needed.
Weight bag (½ lb.) (4)$17.95HollingerOptional (depending on material being digitized).
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