The Ultimate Website Launch Checklist - TEMPLATE
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Website Launch ChecklistAction Items
- This is a starting kit for a kick-ass website.
- Strike through, delete, or remove any unnecessary items.
- Add new items that pertain to your businss or project.
- Read the blog posts associated to topics that interest you.
- Try arranging items in loose chronological order to help you feel confident about forward progress.
- Don't be fooled, this list won't get people to do things on it's own.
- Action items are a tool to help you make sure people understand their specific responsibilities.
- These probably get tracked in all kinds of places: email, post-its, your head. Transfer here whenever possible to prevent confusion among your team.
Responsibilities MatrixQuality Assurance
- Use a matrix to find clarity about roles and responsibilities. Who's really involved?
- Fill this as you can as quickly as you can at first blush. Put a ? in the touble spots.
- Highlight areas of concern, and be sure to have a meaningful discussion to close out issues.
- Specific tasks and dates get tracked elsewhere, for now just get the steps of the process laid out.
- QA is an exciting but stressful time.
- Write it down. Take pictures. Accept that bugs will happen.
- Nominate a 'triage' point person to keep this list organized.
- Close out duplicate tickets ASAP.
- Stay on top of priorities.
Risk RegisterOn-Call Sheet and More...
- Effective and conscientious risk management is essential to project success.
- Use a risk register to record the things people say to you after the meeting is over.
- Communicating risks is one of the best ways to avoid them (or mitigate, transfer, or accept!)
- What else should be included in the Ultimate Website Launch Checklist?
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