Dining Inquiry 2018 - 2019
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Date of EntryLocation From Inquiry Answer from Professional Staff Bulding Note From Ian
Nov.10Nook Inquiry FormWhy are the berries at the Nook always moldy? Will look into this. November not the best time to buy fresh berries, might need to discontinue.
Distric Market Inquiry FormWhy are twe still using plastic producre/bulk bags when there are more sustainable ones? We will look into other options and report back to RCSA*** Reocurring question***
Inquriy FormIt Would be nice to have a north campus grocery store like DM in the West.Currently working on creating a North Campus District Market that will be located in OAK hall. Market will have a full service Deli and Espresso Café. Opening in 2020
Inquiry FormPlease fix the Hansee Vending Machines x6Could you please provide more information? Which machines and what is happening? If the machines are not accepting Husky Cards please email vending@uw.edu to let us know and we will make sure the card readers are reset.Hannsee Hall
Local Point/ Center TableOnline More vegetarian/vegan options should be added to the breakfast menu. Please bring back the vegan scramble, especially since the breakfast menu is very egg-heavy.We have a tofu scramble daily for breakfast at Local Point.
Local Point/ Center TableOnline On the breakfast menu, fruit is advertised, but after I bought a small fruit bowl I saw that there wasn't any fruit put out. It shouldn't be advertised if it's not available.A small fruit bowl is through the sald/yogurt bar. There is also the whole fruit option. If customer doesn't see something, ask an employee and they will be happy to help you.
Center TableOnline I would really appreciate if there were vegetarian entrée options during late night. Also, if the deli could get vegan field roast slices as a protein option (local point has it, PLEASE CAN WE GET IT). I’ve been trying to get vegan field roast slices (at the 8 / north campus) for a year now.Mac & Cheese is usually vegetarian @ LP. We can look at adding an option. (CT) should have vegetarian options at hot line as well as salad bar being open.
Center TableOnline I had 2 baby dubs at the Burger Place Seared in Center Table. A few minutes after eating these, my stomach hurt a lot and I felt really sick for the rest of the day, so I had to spend most of this day in bed. I feel like the quality of the burger patties wasn´t really good.Please follow up on date/time. We work hard to keep our products at proper hot/cold temperatures, and to rotate product.
Distric MarketOnline Can we please get more frozen fruit options at the DM? The brand we carry for the strawberries and blueberries also has other things like raspberries, mango, pineapple, peaches, etc!We will look into other options and report back to RCSA. Freezer space is limited but we will be looking at reseting this category before Winter Quarter.
Distric MarketRA MeetingsMore culturally diverse Districk Market food offerings (mainly referring to more Mexican example: Corn Tortillas [major support for this])We will look into this option and report back to RCSA. We will need to source the new items and get them priced and into the system.
Husky GrindRA Meetings1. Needs bagels (every other coffee shop has them)
2. Needs to be open later like last year’s hours (Grad students wish there was a place for them to go and study at night that had coffee/a place to use their dining money)
To be in line with or sustainability initiative to reduce carbon emissions (have less deisel tuck deliveries). Husky Grind has opted out of offering Bagels. We thought this was appropriate considering the proximity to District Market and Local Point. Husky Grind Mercer reduced hours of operations because of the lack of customers in the evening.  Especially with the reduced bed count, business after 6:00 PM was not financially viable.  It is a good study space and we apologize for this inconvenience. We will look at extending hours for Finals to provide study space during crunch time.
Center TableRA Meetings Center Table serviece is slowMore specifics please.
Job ApplicationRA MeetingsResidents who applied to work at Center Table aren’t receiving any feedback as to whether they have an interview, if anyone has seen their application.We could start program to acknowledge receipt of applications. This does not guarantee a position, as our offers are based on needs and availability.
Center TableRA MeetingsCan Center Table list their hours by venue not as the whole center table (i.e. listing each restaurants hours separately rather than just stating 7am-1am)To keep the website simplified and easy to understand, the general hours of operation for the residential locations are displayed. As stated below, the hours for each individual station are posted in various locations throughout Center Table and Local Point. Center Table hours for unit posted at both entrances along with hours for individual stations posted at each venue.
Center TableRA Meetings Why is dining limited on weekends?Much less volume on those days.
All DiningHall CacusDietary restrictions are not being followed (cross-contamination, gluten-free, etc) Joyce B, our wellness specialist, will be working with the units to increase awareness in regards to this concern.*Had discussion on self-advocacy but students believe this may be a training problem because it happens so frequently.
All DiningHall CacusQuantities of vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free items seems to be insufficient as they typically run out.We can add more options for this request. More specifics would help us understand where we are not hitting the mark
All DiningHall CacusLack of vegetarian options for soups each day. Sometimes there are no vegetarian soups offered.This has sometimes been an issue with availability. We are adding more varieties of vegetarian soups so this should happen far less.
All DiningHall CacusLack of salad options (especially for vegans). Would like to see additional proteins like beans and tofu more constantly. Would also like to see additional fruits/veggies being offered.There are beans and tofu on the salad bars everyday. We can work on the variety of beans and flavors of the tofu. Winter is a hard time to have fresh fruit available. We will work on more variety on the veggies. Willing to hear requests…winter is also a difficult time to provide a huge amount of variety
All DiningHall CacusMore healthier options during more times (seems that burgers, pizza, and pasta are open more than other more health-minded locations).Deli, salad bar, yogurt bar open the longest and every day at LP for more healthy options. (CT) Fruit bar open for breakfast/brunch, salad bar and deli open from 11 to 8:30 daily, small salad bar open for late night also.
All DiningHall CacusMore visible location/ability to suggest food ideas/requests.I provided this feedback to Gery and Lance, they are working on it. We will have anotehr meeting this week to follow up.
Dining HoursHall CacusLines are still long and service is slow (especially at Center Table). (Would like to see Quench exterior walk-up window being used to possibly help with Quench lines).Quench window is open whenever Quench is open.
Dining HoursHall CacusHours on Friday are short for many stations. Despite it not being a school night, students still desire service on Friday nights in more stations.Reduced hours at the two stations that close at LP are due to reduced customer count beginning Friday Dinner.
Dining HoursHall Cacus Often, many dining locations are closed between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, and late-night. How can we make sure that more options are available at more times (especially places like Select and Taro) or make those times more visible (currently the main hours are 7am-8:30pm or 1am for latenight but there aren’t individual station hours).Station hours are posted on the menu boards at each station. We (LP) are adding printed signs to display during times when stations are closed. (CT) Need to be able to set up stations and transition from one meal period to another. Hours for each station posted at venues in Center Table.
Distric MarketHall CacusDM is expensive in comparison with other stores in the area.Can we get more information. What items do you have concerns about pricing? District Market does not have the buying power as other full size grocers. This means that the cost for us to source certain items is higher then a large grocer would pay. Even though items are not priced to make a profit, the sticker price may be higher then students are used to seeing. We work hard to keep overall prices fair and affordable. Catagories like Deli, Produce, Meat, Grab and Go are more likely to be comprable to prices you may see off of campus. I hope this helps.
All DiningHall CacusPrices for portions is not good. Too little food for too little money. Would maybe like to see an option for reduced-price refills/seconds by bringing back your plate/bowl.We will review protion sizes with the staff.
All DiningHall Cacus Some student staff are generally rude This seems to be a perception and some of it is cultural. Lots of our international students have fears of speaking with customers, so they try to avoid it. They take orders, turn and fill them and do not smile. It is not rudeness, it's fear. It is something we work on every year and every quarter.*I told students to ensure that they get names/shift times/locations for more accurate follow-up on our end.
All DiningHall CacusPeople shouting order numbers (burger place) need to be louder because people can’t always hear their number being called – especially when area is busy/loud.We will take to The Hub team about their speaking volume.
All DiningHall CacusTraining with dietary restrictions/precautions seems minimal/not taken seriously as cross-contamination is still prevalent.Most of the classified attaned a training class called Allertrain. This class reviews restrictions and precautions. The student staff all take an online allergen awareness training. We will have Joyce B, our wellness specialist, work with the student staff.
All DiningHall CacusTraining is insufficient (comes from ex-dining staff member). Would like to see a shadow-training model where new staff shadows experienced staff for a shift or two before going alone.We try have new staff members work side by side with an experienced staff member.
Nov 17Nook Inquiry FormSome things in the Nook are expired I will communicate with Nook staff to audit their products.McMahon
All DiningInquiry FormCan we lower the lowest dining plan?
No the dining plans rates are designed to support dining operations, labor, utilities, food purchases and leave some for reserves.
All DiningInquiry FormShow the prices for the food at Starbucks in the Suzallo Library All pricing should be displayed on a pricing sheet located at the grab and go cooler. We will insure that all products are appropriately accounted for on this sheet.McMahon
All DiningInquiry FormPorper food handling procedure: Handwashing and glove use. Many times, someone wil take a card and swipe it with gloves on, and then go right back to toucing food. This is something we are constantly training and re-training our student staff on. Perfectly okay to ask them to change gloves. We will continue to train also.McMahon
Center TableInquiry FormServing portions of protien is too small. Could we get specific examples? We are working with staff to be consistent in portion size.McMahon
The 8Inquiry FormCan we please bring back the 8? The 8 is gone never to return. Keep in mind you can use the dining room as a study location.McMahon
Rick Ice CreamInquiry FormPlease let Rick's open later. Rick's Cafe is managed by Residential Life, not Dining.Madrona
All DiningInquiry FormPlease have more vegterian options (soup)This is currently happening with the addition of the new Kettle Cuisine soup brand. Look for these to be added to the rotation for more vegetarian options.Madrona
All DiningInquiry FormCan the dining hour change from 5 - 8 pm to 4 - 9 pm? No not at this time. Center Table has the following open until 8:30pm. Noodle, Seared and Quench. The Deli, DUB street and Pagliacci at Local Point are also open until 8:30pm.Madrona
All DiningInquiry FormMore vegan and vegetarian options x3
LP currently had vegetarian or vegan optios at every station for every meal. All of Tero can be vegan or vegetarian, BK always has at least a vegetarian option, deli carries Field Roast grain proteins and vegan Chao "cheese". Grill has veggie patties and the Beyond Meat vegetarian patties, Global also caries vegetarian options for each meal.
All DiningInquiry FormCan we make the menus avilable a day in advance? The Local Point, Center Table and Rotunda specials menus are posted on the HFS Website on Fridays for the menu rotation that begins on Mondays. Please let us know if there is another location you are looking for. Madrona
QuenchOnline Would it be possible to geth the same mugs that they have at the Husky Grind in the DM at quench for those who order their drink "for here"?We have had about half of our "for here" cold cups disappear in 2 months time. I anticipate the same thing would happen to reusable mugs.
All DiningOnline More vegetarian/vegan options should be added to the breakfast menu. Please bring back the vegan scramble, especially since the breakfast menu is very egg-heavy.I believe these two inquiries were answered above :)
All DiningOnline On the breakfast menu, fruit is advertised, but after I bought a small fruit bowl I saw that there wasn't any fruit put out. It shouldn't be advertised if it's not available.I believe these two inquiries were answered above :)
Jan. 10thMcCarty VendingInquiry Form
The vending machines in McCarty don't work (the drinks)
All DiningOnlineSuggestion: I would love delivery options that use my dining account. Sometimes I can't make it out of the building because of physical and mental health problems, and being able to use my already budgeted food money for deliveries, instead of my bank, would be a great help.
CultivateOnlineCan you bring back the Italian sodas at cultivate?
HUB - fire cracker (Asian restaurant)
Online- An Asian man working at around 10:25AM (did not have a name tag on) did not wear gloves when serving me food. He was going to use his bare hands to push the food into my box. After reminding him and politely asking him he put them on.
- Also, using a fork I saw him eating straight out of the food tray. This is definitely unsanitary.
- He looked like he was possibly a sophomore / junior - I sure.
Center TableInquiry FormLate night isn't open as late as it is at Local Point. Can we confirm that they are the same hours/the staff is staying open to the advertised hours
Nook Inquiry FormThe nook has very little fresh produce. They could easily get rid of part of their large candy and soda collection!
Hansee VendingInquiry FormSometimes the vending machines freak out when you slide your husky card and say cash only. These machines have accepted husky cards before, but I think that they just get messed up 
Center TableInquiry FormI have noticed that on west campus, they have about 4 different types of soups, however we only get two. Can we add more if possible?
Center TableInquiry FormBreakfast Sandwiches at Center table (Got this 3 seperate times)Do we have an update on doing breakfast sandwhiches at CT?
Center Table Inquiry FormRoast vegan slices at the deli I think they may have it at LP and not at CT
All DiningInquiry FormSell more vegan icecream I think they specificlly mean dairy alternative vegan icecream like almond milk icecream as opposed to sorbets.
Center Table Inquiry FormWhile eating the "turkey dub" at seared in Center Table, I have found hard bits in the burger multiple times.
Nook Inquiry FormCould you add price tags in The Nook? Many items are not labeled with a price.
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