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NameChas BoothIrvine Wallace McMinnAdam McVeyRob MunnGordon MunroNicola RossMarjorie Thomas
Political PartyGreenLiberal Party in ScotlandSNPSNPLabourConLib Dems
As a candidate standing for local election, do you support the re-opening of Leith Waterworld?Yes, I wholeheartedly support the re-opening of Leith Waterworld and I am delighted that the Green manifesto for Edinburgh also pledges support for the re-opening: http://www.edinburghgreens.org.uk/site/elections-local/ As a dad myself, I’ve often enjoyed the facilities at Leith Waterworld with my young daughter. To think the children of Leith will no longer have that opportunity is heartbreaking, which is why I'm determined to see it reopen.No responseYesOnly if there a sustainable business case that is robust.Yes as a community owned and run resource.NoSee question 6
Do you support, in principle, The City of Edinburgh Council providing an annual revenue subsidy for the running of Leith Waterworld if a community bid can succeed in getting subsidy required below the national average for pools (£2.18 per visitor) (see page 11 of West Lothian Leisure's Annual Report 2010-2011for national figures: http://www.westlothianleisure.com/index.cfm/display_page/annual_reportWe support the principle of the City of Edinburgh council providing a revenue subsidy to the operators of the pool. We believe the national average for pools would be a good starting point for discussions on what precisely that level of subsidy should be.No responseOnly if the business case is strong, sustainable and can show an attempt by the operators to look at other potential functions of the facility to both increase community benefit and increase income streams so that any initial subsidy could potentially be phased out over time.See previous answerSome form of subsidy will be needed and this needs to be negotiated with the community bid.NoSee question 6
Do you agree, in principle, that Leith Waterworld should receive an equivalent subsidy per user to that of the Royal Commonwealth Pool? (£2.54 in most recent accounts)As stated above, we support the principle of the City of Edinburgh council providing a revenue subsidy to the operators of the pool. What precisely that level of subsidy would be should be arrived at through discussion but we see no reason why Leith Waterworld should receive a lower subsidy level than other Edinburgh pools, and should arguably receive a higher level of subsidy.No responseNoSee previous answerSee above.NoSee question 6
Can we have a statement on Leith Waterworld please, and any other comments for potential voters?Quality of life is central to Green politics, making leisure and culture high priorities for us. It is important that we protect our sporting facilities, and Greens have been prominent in campaigns to save Leith WaterWorld and Meadowbank Stadium, among others. Green councillors voted against closing Leith Waterworld in December 2011, and in the face of indifference by SNP, Lib Dem, Tory and Labour councillors, we then proposed a motion to delay the sale of the site by 6 months to allow a community bid to run it, which was passed by council. Leith Waterworld was the only 'fun' pool in Edinburgh, and was used primarily by children and their families and by disabled people, for whom the warmer water temperature and sloped access made it ideal. Since the pool has closed, these people have had nowhere comparable to go - none of the other pools cater for children and disabled people in the way Waterworld did, and the newly-reopened Commonwealth Pool does not offer much to these groups. This is why we believe it is essential that Leith Waterworld is reopened. If we are in a position of influence in the new Council, we would seek to explore ways to re-open the facility. These might include selling or leasing the site to a community group at well below market rate in addition to providing ongoing subsidy to operate the pool. If the community bid does not prove viable, we believe the pool should be brought back into Edinburgh Leisure's portfolio. Some investment in the pool along with innovative marketing should reduce the required subsidy from the previous relatively high levels.No responseI hope the facility is reopened as a facility owned and operated by the community for the benefit of the community. I hope a business model can developed which not only secures the future of Leith Waterworld, but provides a template for other organisations to adopt in the future. I am happy to assist in any capacity I can to ensure such a business model is developed.I supported the delay in selling the LWW site to allow a Community Bid to be developed. I hope such a bid will come forward and that it will provide a robust and sustainable business case for the use of the facility. I have offered to help in getting information and meetings with Council officers to help develop the bid.The community bid to run Leith Waterworld represents the best chance of this resource remaining in the community. Support from Council officers to the campaign is key to making this aspiration a reality. It will require political direction and resources to make this partnership between citizen and council acheive the aim of re-opening Leith waterworld.No responseI believe the Administration has offerred the advise of the Economic Development and Finance Department to discuss any possible Community bid. I welcome this as a first step to serious ly look at the possibilityof a Community bid which I would be happy to support if it appeared to be viable.