CountryFaithDenominationInstitution NameType of InstitutionType of divestmentURLQuotes from leaders
BelgiumChristianCatholicJustice et Paix BelgiqueLay organisationFull DivestmentLink
BrazilChristianCatholicInstituto das Religiosas do Sagrado Coração de Maria (Religious Institute of the Sacred Heart of Mary)Religious OrderFossil-free (no current investments and commit to no future investmentsLink
Canada ChristianCatholicCongregation of Sisters of St. Joseph in CanadaReligious OrderFull DivestmentLink"We want to be part of the collective movement to make choices that make it more possible for all life to flourish. It is clear that those living in deepest poverty are most affected by the effects of climate crisis and the least responsible for creating them. Quite simply, it is one way of listening to the call of Spirit at this moment in our history."

Sr Margo Ritchie, Congregational Leader of the Sisters of St Joseph in Canada
Canada ChristianCatholicOur Lady's MissionariesReligious OrderFull DivestmentLink"Our decision to divest was made because of our concern for the global climate crisis and in the hope that this would help encourage all of us to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels."

Christine Gebel, Congregational Treasurer, Our Lady's Missionaries (Ontario, Canada)
ItalyChristianCatholicAzione Cattolica Italiana (Italian Catholic Action)Lay organisationFossil-free (no current investments and commit to no future investments)Link"The Italian Catholic Action has long been committed to training in integral ecology issues, in an internal policy of reducing the use of energy deriving from fossil fuels and in small but important measures regarding environmental impact. However, we note with concern the widespread belief in the country that slowing down the energy transition to return to the massive use of fossil fuels, in particular coal, is the only possible answer to the increase in bills. Instead, it is precisely while we are dealing with the costs of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine that we need to close definitively with coal and continue with a systematic reduction of both the supply and demand of oil, through a rapid increase in renewable energy and a contextual energy saving. As it is already foreseen by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. National and EU policies have the responsibility of supporting a capillary work of energy efficiency in our homes, incentives for renewable energy and the enhancement of clean public transport."

National Presidency of Italian Catholic Action
IrelandChristianCatholicCarmelite Monastery of Immaculate Heart of Mary - DelganyReligious OrderFossil-free (no current investments and commit to no future investments)
IrelandChristianCatholicThe Congregation of Christian Brothers in Northern IrelandReligious OrderFossil-free (no current investments and commit to no future investments)
IrelandChristianCatholicCongregational Leadership of the Sisters of MercyReligious OrderFossil-free (no current investments and commit to no future investments)Link"The climate emergency that has brought us to the "tipping point" in our Common Home and threatens life on earth, is a decision time for the human conscience. The Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy accept the urgency of the call to cease investing in fossil-fuel related operations. Our commitment to such divestment is immediate and without reservation."

Congregational Leadership of the Sisters of Mercy
IrelandChristianCatholicCongregation of the Sisters of Mercy, Southern ProvinceReligious OrderFossil-free (no current investments and commit to no future investments)Link
IrelandChristianCatholicRosminians Institute of Charity CLGReligious OrderFossil-free (no current investments and commit to no future investments)Link
United Kingdom/Ireland ChristianMethodistMethodist Church in IrelandNational ChurchFull DivestmentLink"The committee determined that the slow pace of corporate change means that the oil and gas sector is failing to meet the standards set by the Paris Accord. After a full assessment, against up to 25 different metrics, it was concluded that Shell, along with its peers, is currently failing to play a substantial enough role in addressing the climate emergency.”

David Hopley, who represents the Statutory Trustees of the Methodist Church in Ireland on the Joint Advisory Committee on Ethical Investment (JACEI), which oversees all Methodist Church in Ireland investments
United Kingdom/Ireland ChristianCatholicArchdiocese of Armagh (St Patrick's Archdiocesan Trust Limited)ArchdioceseFull DivestmentLink"It is clear that many members of our congregations, especially our young people feel we have a responsibility to take action with regard to the challenges of climate change and climate justice. We all share responsibility for the problems facing our world, but equally, we share responsibility for finding the solutions. Each one of must accept our personal and collective need to change and make sacrifices, recognising the inherent issues of justice and fairness that are involved, and realising, as Pope Francis says, that ‘the cry of the earth’ is especially ‘the cry of the poor’. Climate change is already having a disproportionate impact on those who are on the margins, those most dependent on fragile ecosystems and most vulnerable to famine, to drought, to food and water insecurity and conflict, to exploitative and ‘predatory economic interests’, to the destruction of their homes and displacement of their families.

"From a faith point of view, God is calling us to be caring stewards of creation, to protect and nourish our planet and its resources, and not to selfishly waste them or ruthlessly and excessively exploit and destroy them. I support fully the decision of the Directors of the St Patrick’s Archdiocesan Trust to continue its commitment to a policy of divestment from fossil fuels, and I encourage others to consider similar action."

Most Revd Eamon Martin, The Archbishop of Armagh
United KingdomChristianChurch of EnglandDiocese of BirminghamDioceseFull divestment Link
United KingdomChristianChurch of EnglandDiocese of DurhamDioceseFull divestment Link“We are facing a climate emergency and it’s up to all of us to do what we can to protect this planet for future generations. Where we invest funds as a Diocese, we will be making sure they are not invested in companies profiting significantly from the extraction of fossil fuels, whether it be oil, gas or coal.”

James Morgan, Diocesan Secretary for the Diocese of Durham
United KingdomChristianChurch of EnglandDiocese of LeicesterDioceseFull divestmentLink
United KingdomChristianChurch of EnglandDiocese of NewcastleDioceseFull divestment Link“We are very proud to have already divested from fossil fuels, and have now also pledged not to hold any investments in companies linked to the extraction of oil, gas and coal in future.

“As Christians, one of our fundamental priorities is to care for God’s creation and protect our planet from climate change which is sadly happening at a terrifying speed. Anything we can do right now to halt and potentially reverse this damage is a step in the right direction, but of course, we know more needs to be done.

“As well as committing to the Bright Now campaign, our Environment Working Group is enthusiastically working on a number of measures which will help in our journey to become net-zero carbon within the next eight years.”

Revd Mark Nash-Williams, Bishop’s Adviser on the Environment for the Diocese of Newcastle
United KingdomChristianChurch of EnglandDiocese of WorcesterDioceseFull divestment LinkWe are facing a climate emergency and it's up to all of us, as churches and as individuals, to do what we can to protect this planet for future generations. The task is huge, but every gram of carbon we save will make a difference. As well as how we heat our homes and churches, how we travel and live, this stewardship responsibility extends to where we invest our money.”

Rt Revd Martin Gorick, Bishop of Dudley in the Diocese of Worcester
United KingdomChristianCatholicDiocese of LeedsDioceseFull divestment Link"We have now divested ourselves of the few remaining investments in fossil fuel companies. As we continue to strive for realistic, achievable, incremental goals, specific to the needs and context of our local ecology, we are also respectful of the worldwide environment. Care for Our Common Home is woven into our Diocesan Family life; not only do we proclaim ‘Laudato Si’!’ with our words, but also give praise to Him in all our deeds!"
Rt Revd Marcus Stock, Bishop of Leeds
United KingdomChristianUnited Reformed ChurchURC North Western SynodSynodFull divestment Link"North Western Synod of the United Reformed Church is fully committed to divesting from fossil fuels, and is determined to play its part with the wider church and the world community in finding sustainable and clean sources of energy. Our Synod Meeting on 19th March voted unanimously to divest from fossil fuels, and actively to invest in green, renewable and sustainable energy sources. The changes to our world, our climate and our future are already clear to see if we fail to act now."

Tim Hopley, Synod Clerk of the United Reformed Church North Western Synod
United KingdomChristianUnited Reformed ChurchURC East Midlands SynodSynodFull divestment Link"Fossil fuel divestment is a positive means of ensuring our financial stewardship reflects a serious stewardship of the earth’s resources. Too many of our sisters and brothers are already suffering unduly through the climate crisis. Our commitment to divestment today is a small step towards the chance of investment in a better tomorrow for them and for our planet."

Revd Geoffrey Clarke, Moderator of the United Reformed Church East Midlands Synod
United KingdomChristianFriends Provident FoundationCharitable FoundationFull divestmentLink
United KingdomChristianCatholicCongregation of the Sisters of Nazareth GeneralateReligious OrderFull divestment Link"The Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth has recently reviewed its investment policy and investment strategy,
following which we have made changes to our centrally held investments and have fully divested them from fossil
fuels. We are very pleased that our investments are now aligned with Catholic teachings and Laudato Si'. We
wholeheartedly support the campaign for fossil-free churches and living a less damaging, more climate-friendly way."

Sr Hannah Dwyer, Treasurer General of the Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth Generalate
United KingdomChristianCatholicFriars Minor in Great BritainReligious OrderFull divestment Link
United KingdomChristianChurch of EnglandLeicester CathedralCathedralFull divestmentLink
United KingdomChristianMethodistBaildon Methodist ChurchLocal churchFull divestment Link
United KingdomChristianChurch of EnglandSt Paul's Church, MaryleboneLocal churchFull divestment Link"St Paul's, as a recent recipient of an Eco Church Gold award, is committed to putting creation care at the heart of every aspect of our common life. This includes those few investments we have, which we have and will continue to ensure are supporting our planet rather than fossil fuel companies."

Revd Clare Dowding, Rector of St Paul's Marylebone and Area Dean of Marylebone
United KingdomChristianChurch of EnglandSt Paul's Church, RossendaleLocal churchFull divestment Link
United KingdomChristianChurch of EnglandSt Andrew’s and All Saints, Skegby with Stanton HillLocal churchFull divestment Link“We joined the Young Christian Climate Network pilgrimage as they passed near our village between the G7 in Cornwall and COP26 in Glasgow. They impressed us very much and we believe strongly in the needs for effective Action on Climate Change. We also support the Christian Aid Climate Justice campaign – one of our members works in climate change adaptation in the Bay of Bengal and sees the impact of rising sea level at first hand. One of our churches has replaced its heating system with green electricity and we have been in continuous contact with the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham requesting divestment from fossil fuels; we pray for progress on that.”

Andrew Jenkins on behalf of the Peace and Justice Group at St Andrew’s and All Saints, Skegby with Stanton Hill and St Katherine’s Teversal
United KingdomChristianChurch of EnglandSt Katherine’s TeversalLocal churchFull divestment Link
USAChristianCatholicCatholic Theological Society of AmericaInstitutionFull DivestmentLink“Given the global environmental disaster that grows more urgent each day, it became clear to the Board of the Catholic Theological Society of America that we could no longer delay doing our duty by taking these steps toward divestment. Ours is a small contribution to a great cause, but we hope that it will also inspire CTSA members and other Catholic educators to work all the more vigorously toward divestment at all our home institutions.”

Francis X. Clooney SJ, Catholic Theological Society of America President. He is the Parkman Professor of Divinity at Harvard University, which itself divested in the fall.
USA ChristianCatholicLoyola University, ChicagoCatholic University Full DivestmentLink
USAChristianCatholic Marquette University, USA Catholic University Full DivestmentLink
USAChristianCatholicSisters of St Joseph of Peace (US)Religious orderFull DivestmentLink"Pope Francis has called the global Church to a conversion of heart, as we listen to the cries of Earth and the cries of people living on the margins. We believe that care of creation is an essential element of peacemaking. The time is now to act. We have a fiduciary responsibility to Earth.

"Today we see the ethical use of our financial resources through the lens of our vow of poverty. We decided it was morally imperative to divest fully from fossil fuels rather than profit from activities which hasten the climate crisis."

Sister Susan Francois CSJP, Assistant Congregation Leader and Treasurer of the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace
USAChristianMethodistGarrett-Evangelical Theological SeminarySeminaryFull DivestmentLink
USAChristianCatholicSociety of Jesus - United States East Province (UEA)Religious OrderFull DivestmentLink