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TimestampWhat is your name and address? Can you use expired coupons up to 6 months past the stated expiration date?What branch of the military is a member of your family in?How many adults/children are in your family?Do you have any pets? If so, please list them:Are there specific coupons you are looking for?Please leave any other comments here:
11/30/2011 21:58:24Keala Amorin
PSC 41 Box 6888
APO AE 09464
YesFamily of 3, stationed in England
11/30/2011 21:58:57Courtney McCord
PSC 2 BOX 8338
APO, AE 09012
YesFamily of 4
11/30/2011 22:36:09Angelia Frankum
CMR 415, Box 7545
APO, AE 09114
YesActive Army2 adults
1 child
2 dogsNo, I share all coupons that I do not use. Thank you so much for all your help and support.
12/1/2011 0:37:00Sonja Jacobs
PSC 2 Box 12575
APO AE 09012
Yes, NoAir Force2 Adults and 2 childrenno petscleaning producs, snacks items, Thank You very much..:)
12/1/2011 1:08:44Abbie Maiava
CMR 415 BOX 3219
APO AE 09114
YesArmy3 adults
3 children
noswiffer, coffee mate, morning star, razors.I appreciate everyone who takes the time to share their coupons! They are a huge help to my family. Thank you so much for your support.
12/1/2011 1:55:47Tammy Wysocki
CMR 469 Box 1371
APO AE 09227
Yes, Noarmy2 adults, 2 kids1 doganything
12/1/2011 2:21:01Evelin C. Forker
CMR 442 Box 805
APO, AE 09042
YesARMY2 adults and 3 children 1 Cat named LilyNo, everything helpsI greatly appreciate any coupons, and I greatly appreciate the support you are giving military families all over the world.
12/1/2011 8:42:14Cortney Orwick
PSC 41 Box 1973
APO, AE 09464
YesAir force2 Adults
1 Child
1 Dog
2 Cats
No, I share everything i don't use
12/1/2011 17:39:33Casey Hagan
PSC 41 BOX 1119
APO AE 09464
YesUSAFTwo adults, and two children under the age of threenoany and all are greatly appreciated especially any infant/ toddler supplies, diapers, wipes.I just want to say thank you in advance. This program is a blessing. I am so greatful for the help of others.
12/2/2011 15:23:23Lindsey Coppola
9393B Hilding Johnson Circle
Mountain Home AFB, ID 83648
NoAir Force2 adults
1 child
1 dog
1 cat
nope, just happy to get some, thanks!!Thank you so much in advance!! I really appreciate it!
12/3/2011 10:36:49Amberly Gorham
PSC 1 Box 705
APO, AE 09009
YesAir Force2 adults 1 childNoDiapers, food, cleaners, etc... Tide!Thank you so much for what you do! :)
12/5/2011 15:02:13Jade Kearney
CMR 419 Box 1035
APO AE 09102
Yesarmy2 adults one 2 year old an soon to be newborn son in januaryyes, 2 catsbaby,cats,food anything that would help us out
12/5/2011 17:03:08Yeongjew Beatty
CMR 442 Box 18 APO AE 09042
YesHeidelberg4 adults and 2 kids2 dogsCoupon for the rice , eggs,bacon, sandwich bread , frozen vegetables, soysauce, spamThank you so much!!
12/7/2011 21:29:09Sara Danielle Justice, but my mail goes to:

ET2SW Chesley M Justice
USS Avenger-MCM1
FPO AP 96660-1921
YesNavy2 adults, but I usually am feeding 4-6 people at a time. I let my home be a second home to many of the sailors on my husband ship, so I never know who will be stopping by each night to eat dinner.1 dogI will use any coupons, but specifically food coupons.
12/8/2011 5:12:29Lindsay Toncu
PSC 558 BOX 4454
FPO AP 96375
Yes, NoMarine Corps 2 Adults
1 Child
0Any coupons are very much appreciatedThank You in advance for sending us coupons, we greatly appreciate it :)
12/15/2011 2:32:24Amber Lawson
CMR 411 Box 3686
APO AE 09112
YesArmy2 adults
1 child
No petsWe aren't a picky family so anything you have we would probably use!
12/19/2011 12:14:07CHERYL CASTRO
PO BOX 197851
12/24/2011 4:59:08Charlotte Donaldson
CMR 442 Box 314
APO, AE 09042
Yes, NoArmy2/1/2011NoNo
12/28/2011 14:49:37Danell Ross
PSC 103 Box 3011
APO, AE 09603
YesUSAF2 Adults
2 Children
1 CatNope. I can use most of them and share what I do not use.Coupon for troops is awesome!
1/2/2012 15:04:58Tamara jones
Cmr 405 box 2436
Apo ae 09034
YesArmy2 adults,1child(5)1 dog(lab)1catDog food,cat food, house hold stuff(food,candles,anything for my furry babies,ect)Thank you for the support:-))
1/3/2012 5:03:49Amanda Wetter
PSC 103 Box 4
APO, AE 09603
YesAir Force2 adults
0 children
1 catNothing specificThank you! :)
1/5/2012 8:09:32Skyla duke
Psc 103 box 3819
Apo , ae 09603
YesAir force2 adults 2 dogs
1 cat

Currently keeping an additional dog for a deployed member .
Large amount coupons ( will take anything tho ) ... I can not double coupons nor use 2 on 1 item so the larger ones save more money ! Thank you for supporting the troops !
1/11/2012 14:51:44Claudia Duncan
CMR 454 Box 1513
APO, AE 09250
YesArmy2 Adults
1 Baby
2 dogsDiapers! Wipes, bottles, shampoo, pretty much anything baby related! And of course grocery coupons for food/beverages/etc.Thank you so much for doing this! I really try to stretch my husband's paycheck by using coupons and buying things on sale whenever I can. We're also expecting our first baby and I know this will stretch our budget a bit more...hoping that couponing will help!
1/14/2012 2:31:48La Tanya McDaniels
CMR 420 Box 211
APO, AE 09063
YesArmy2 adults
3 children
No petsNoThank you so much for thinking about our overseas families! You are truly a blessing from GOD!!!
1/14/2012 14:09:33Holland Arnold
PSC 103 Box 5264
APO, AE 09603
YesAir Force2 adults
1 child
No :( not with us here :(Goodnights Sleeping Underpants
Lysol products
Thank you! :)
1/18/2012 4:06:52Tammy Allen
PSC 9 BOX 2886
APO AE 09123
3 children
1 dogDiapers, formula, everythingThank you so much!
1/24/2012 4:37:01Shemika Barnes
PSC 901 Box 33
FPO AE 09805
YesNavy2 adults; 1 child (3 yrs old)NoNo
1/24/2012 4:46:24Jacqueline Barber
PSC 451 Box 400
FPO AE 09834
YesNavy2 adults/1 childNoNoThanks for the support. It is much appreciated.
1/24/2012 5:24:27Lori Tupper
PSC 451 Box 200
FPO, AE 09834
YesAir Force2 adults, 2 children1 dogNope, just coupons! :-)Thank you so much for doing this!!!!! I really appreciate it!
1/24/2012 6:23:54Jen Owens
Psc 103 box 981
Apo ae 09603
YesAir force2 adults/2 children2 catsAnything would be great
Thank you in advance!!
1/24/2012 13:39:59Edmy Roberts
PSC 451 Box 510
FPO, AE 09834
YesNavy 2 Adults/ 1 BabyNoAnything would be greatly apprecitatedThank you so much for your help!
1/25/2012 4:26:15Leslie Duong
PSC 41 BOX 5424
APO, AE 09464
YesUS Air Force1 adult0Mainly food, particularly frozen. Things i can use in the dorms.Im just a single airmen trying to save up some money :)
1/25/2012 19:15:54Jessica Ramsey
PSC 1 Box 4064
APO, AE 09009
YesAir Force2 adults and 1 baby on the way2 dogsBaby, food, etc. Anything really!
1/29/2012 17:03:49Meaghan Walls
PSC 1 Box 607
APO, AE 09009
Yes, NoAF2 adults and 1 child1 dogiams dog food, anything Gerber, cleaning supplies and any food!thank you so much!!
1/30/2012 15:09:34PSC 2 11881 APO, AE 09012YesAir Force2 Adults and 2 kids1 dogNope anything will helpThank you
1/30/2012 15:30:47Kelly Gagnon

PSC 2 11881 APO,AE 09012
YesAir Force2 Adults 2 kids 1 doganything will help I'm sorry I submitted an application earlier but forgot to put my name sorry.
2/13/2012 3:33:24Jennifer Baum
PSC 556 Box 313
FPO, AP 96386
YesUSMC2 adults, 1 child (3 years)1 dogNot really. Anything we can get to cut back on the cost of groceries will help!
3/6/2012 15:03:23Amy Kibe
CMR 469 Box 1556
APO, AE 09227
YesArmy2 Adults
2 Children
nonoI do not need any diapers or formula. Thank you for all your support. Any coupons that I do not use, I will share with friends. Thank you!
3/15/2012 17:19:33Jackie Kauffman
PSC 103 Box 4205
APO, AE 09603-0043
YesUSAF2 adults, 3 children, 1 baby on the way2 dogsANything will help.Thank you for the opportunity!
3/18/2012 4:48:02Elizabeth Kelgard
CMR 454 BOX 1243
APO AE 09250
YesUS ARMY2 Adults
3 kids :0)
Yes we have 2 dogs :)Anything and what I can not use or do not use I can pass to other familys here in Ansbach GermanyLook forward to getting coupons and thank you for all your help
3/27/2012 8:03:01dawn corriere
psc 103 box 516
apo, ae 09603-0006
Yesusaf2 adults, 2 children2 dogsno, just generalthank you for all you do. it is greatly appreciated!!!
4/3/2012 10:40:58Nancy Roberts
CMR 464 Box 1739
APO AE 09226
YesArmy2 adults1 catCoupons for Meow Mix and Arm & Hammer litter(he's a picky cat!), contact solution, and toiletries would really be appreciated. Thank you so much for starting such a wonderful program. Please pass my thanks along to anyone willing to help out as well. :)
5/7/2012 6:02:47Robert and Shaina Neal
PSC 41
Box 0498
APO, AE, 09464
NoAir Force2 adults
0 children
1 dogAll of them!This is such an awesome opportunity!! Thank you so much!
5/7/2012 7:26:01Linsey Frayer
PSC 41 BOX 506
5/14/2012 18:07:06sherly lalanne 25 robin way beaufort sc29907Nomarines4 children, two adultsnofoods/ meat/ personel items. diapper, wipes. restaurants. all coupons please let how can some of the coupons. thanks
5/31/2012 22:50:02Tosha Graham
PO Box 153186
Santa Rita, Guam 96915
YesNavy2 Adults 2 Kids2 Dogs, 2 CatsCereal, Dog food, Cat food, Crystal light (our water is not the greatest)Thank you for this program, found out about it from another Navy wife.
6/2/2012 18:27:19Martina Todd
CMR 469 BOX224
APO AE 09227
2DogsKraft, P&G, I am happy for all kinds of coupons:-))
Thank you so much or doing this. This is really appreciated :-))
6/6/2012 0:33:07Allison Goforth
PSC 303 Box 49
APO AP 96204
YesAir Force2 adultsnoneCanned vegetables, frozen vegetables, beverages (soft drinks, juice, tea, and mixes), dairy, frozen food, soup, P&G coupons....We'll take anything and have lots of friends in our community that we can share with if there's something we can't use. Thanks in advance!!! We really appreciate it!
6/6/2012 6:42:21Crystal Christenbery
PSC 477 BOX 25
FPO AP 96306
YesUS Navy2 adults 2 dogs Mostly food, i have a stock pile that i brought with my from the states of body productsI really appriecate what you are doing. I do have a lot of coupons from the states but we are limited to the commissary on base which is pretty small and does not carry a lot of my favorite items that i had coupons for. Thank you again for setting all this up. its so expensive here and every coupon helps
6/7/2012 14:57:29Vicki Andersen
cmr 454 box 2062
apo ae 09250
Yesarmy2 adults
3 children 6,4 and 3 years old.
We have fishHonestly we would be happy with anything that comes our way. But if you would run into diaper coupons that would be great. Thank you for doing this for us. It is really hard to get coupons over here in Germany.
6/8/2012 11:08:26Kelly Lumpkin
PSC 78 Box 1847
APO, AP 96326-0018
YesAir Force2 AdultsNo pets hereAny kind of coupons please!!!I promise to share any coupons I don't use with others here on base.
6/9/2012 4:04:32Nicole Nunez
PSC 1 BOX 1582
APO AE 09009
YesAir Force2 adults, 1 child on the way in 4 weeks 1 dog Baby, dog, and anything food or nonfood related
6/22/2012 3:07:16Leah Claypoole
168th MMB Unit # 15021
Box 85A
YesArmy2 Adults and 2 childrenNo pets.Health products, frozen goods, meats, international, coffee, tea
7/11/2012 5:37:07Kany NDIAYE
PSC 476 BOX 472
FOP AP 96322
YesNAVY2 ADULTS and 2 KIDSNOpull ups, diapers, baby food, cleaning supplies, milk,juices,toiletries
8/5/2012 9:18:55Cat Musgrove
CMR 427 Box 2540
APO AE 09630
YesArmy Two adults
Two children (1 boy and 1 girl)
Two dogs
Both large labradors
We'll take anything! Thanks for all you do! We appreciate it!

Anything sent to us that we aren't able to use we will absolutely pass on to other families here in Italy. We will not let anything go to waste.

8/18/2012 3:22:49Rebecca Hallahan
CMR 464 Box 796
APO, AE 09226
YesARMY2 Adults, 3 children. We do NOT need baby coupons, all my children are teenagers.I have 2 cats, we use Iams dry cat food, and Fancy Feast wet cat food (the blue containers).All coupons are appreciated, but NO BABY COUPONS, please. I am so excited to receive some coupons, our ACS here just never seems to get any at all!!
8/27/2012 20:51:53Amber Nottingham
5098 Superior Valley Court #B
Fort Irwin, CA 92310
NoArmy2 adults
4 children
1 dogWoolite laundry detergent
Castor and Pollux Organix adult dog food
Viva paper towels
Any cereal
Cottonel/Quilted Northern bathroom tissue
Challenge or Land o lakes butter
Frechetta or Digiorno Pizza
Birds eye steamed veggies
Any grocery items really
Being out in Fort Irwin we don't recieve any Sunday papers with coupons and our Army Community Services (ACS) doesn't provide coupons like some do. The closest town is 45 minutes away making it hard to go out to get coupons. This would be very appreciated.
8/30/2012 4:38:21LaNetria Bonapart
PSC 76 Box 347
APO, AE 09720
YesUSAF2 adults/ 1 childNo petsNoThanks!!!
9/11/2012 2:32:02Rhea Dupio
PSC 80 Box 14247
APO AP 96367
YesUS Air Force2 adults
2 children
1 doglaundry detergent (preferably Tide), cleaning products, Dove products, Oil of Olay products and any other personal hygiene coupons and food. We're not picky, so we welcome whatever comes our way. What an amazing program! Thank you for supporting the troops overseas. It definitely makes being away from home a little bit easier knowing that there are people who care.
9/14/2012 11:47:58Kimberly Fella
CMR 480 Box 1316
APO, AE 09128
YesNavy2 adults...hopefully a kiddo in the next year or sononoThank you! My mom sends me some of her expired coupons, but it would be great to have more - anything sent will be appreciated and shared.
9/25/2012 15:19:26Faith Kerr
CMR 427 Box 1062
APO AE 09630
2 kids
NoAny with the exception of pampersThank you
9/30/2012 0:28:14Jennifer Smith
PSC 78 Box 1276
APO, AP 96326
YesUSAF2 Adults
1 Child, 18months old.
NoDiapers, cleaning supplies and ANY food will help!
10/6/2012 0:26:30Lina Devora
PSC 557 box 2755
Fpo, Ap. 96379 - 2700
YesMarine Corps2 adultsNoNo.
10/15/2012 18:07:49Kirsten Callahan
PSC 80 box 13726
APO AP 96367
Yesair force2 adults1 doggrocery/food
dog food
10/22/2012 7:29:08Kiersha Davidson
CMR 454 box 2061
APO AE, 09250
YesArmyTwo Adults, Three childrenOne dogI am having my third baby and i have two children under three already any baby coupons would be much appreciated. But any coupons im not able to use i will put in the Yellow Ribbon Room for other families that may use them.
10/23/2012 3:28:14Marizela Woolums
CMR 422 Box 1198
APO, AE 09067
YesArmy2 Adults/1 child1 dogI like Gillette Fusion Proglide, Gillette Venus, Kellogg's, GM and Khashi cereals, Dove products especially deodorant, Oil of Olay body wash, Tide detergent, Duracell or Energizer batteries, Charmin toilet paper, Bounty/Brawny paper towels, Old spice body wash and deodorant, shaving creams-gillette or nivea for men, Folger's instant coffee, Disney kids vitamins, Clartin for kids (chewables), mouthwash for kids(Listerine or Reach) and adults(Listerine), Glad products, Oral B toothbrushes, ziploc bags and Tampax tampons. I think I've included too many brands but I think you get the idea. I would like to thank you in advance for offering this service to us. A million thanks and I can't wait to receive my coupons. I also left off most food products but I welcome anything that you can send me.
11/2/2012 9:18:16Jonae S Shawl
139 N. Gabgab Ct.
Dededo, Guam 96929
YesAir Force2 Adults
4 children
NoAnything and everything would be helpful, I also would be giving friends coupons I don't use.
12/11/2012 16:57:56Angie Snowa
CMR 415 BOX 7151
APO AE 09114
YesArmy2 Adults, 4 children2 dogsany would be greatHi, any coupons would be greatly appreciated. Once I go through them, I share with other families so all the coupons end up helping many families.
1/29/2013 2:04:34Marizela Woolums
CMR 422 Box 1198
APO, AE 09067
Nope, just coupons! We are not picky and will share whatever we do not use. :-) I really appreciate everyone that is able to help out! Thank you so much for all of your support.
2/20/2013 2:43:24Marcella Berthelotte
CMR 420 Box 794
APO AE 09063
YesArmy2 Adults and 3 childrenOne dogPull ups, cereals, dog treats, toiletries, cleaning productsI will take any coupons anyone is willing to send. Thank you very much, we really appreciate it!
3/11/2013 16:35:28Camila Flowers
CMR 467 Box 6849
APO, AE 09096
Yes, NoAir Force2 Adults, 1 babyNoPaper goods, food itemsThank you ;)
3/24/2013 12:55:20Jesica ware
Cmr 469 box 997
APO AE 09227
YesArmy2 adults 2 children 1 dogAnything that can help us out
4/1/2013 11:18:04Christine Saxton
CMR 414 Box 2751
APO, AE 09173
Yes, NoArmyTwo adults, four children (three teenagers, one toddler)One catI will take any coupons.Thank you so much for thinking about the military families overseas! We really appreciate everything you are doing!
4/6/2013 0:54:07Zonia Lam
22 Laguna street
Santa Rita, Guam 96915
YesNavy2 Adults and 2 KidsWe'll be adopting a puppy soonNo
4/19/2013 5:02:57Dayna Whiting
PSC 557 Box 1232
FPO AP 96379
2catsKid related my kiddos are school ageThanks just got overseas
4/19/2013 13:25:02Gabriel Time
CMR 480 BOX 2336
APO AE 09128
Yes, NoUSAF2 adults, 2 childrenn/aany and all couponsIt would be great to receive coupons for use overseas. Thank you!
5/14/2013 16:28:03EVELYN GUTIERREZ
CMR 469 BOX 820
APO AE 09227
YesARMY2 ADULTSNONEANYTHING EXCEPT PET COUPONS. Good day! I'm looking for expired coupons I can use at our commissary and px here in Germany. Would appreciate if my family can be adopted. Thank you, Evelyn
5/21/2013 8:21:43james wright
E co 2-1 ADA BN
unit 15795 box# 90
APO AP 96260
Yesarmy2 adults and 1 child1 dogno thank you familys for helping us here. youll are heros and youll are number #1 thank you so much
5/21/2013 15:22:32Kristin Morin
CMR 411 box 3541
APO AE 09112
Yesarmy2 adults, 1 babyyes, 1 dogfood, baby, etc
6/9/2013 11:15:23DARLENE SGAMBELLURI
PO BOX 25823
YesARMY2 adults 3 children2 dogsAll kinds as I will share them with other military family members..Anything you can send would be greatly appreciated! I will share these with other military family members that may need as well! Thank you for such an awesome thing you are doing!
6/12/2013 22:50:26Isa CrawfordYesArmy2 Adults1 dogNo
6/12/2013 22:51:31Isa Crawford
CMR 415 BOX 8852
APO,AE 09114
Yes, NoARMY2 adults1 DogNo
6/19/2013 0:26:58Stephanie Lopez
1190 Calabash Street
Fort Buchanan, PR 00934
YesArmy2 adults/3 kids1 dogBaby coupons
Juice box/drinks
7/7/2013 22:01:43Nicole Moy
CMR 415 BOX 8043
APO AE 09114
YesArmy2 Adults 1 childrenNoAlways looking for baby food, diapers, wipes.... We would be very thankful when somebody send us coupons to Germany :)
7/26/2013 19:06:43Maritza Olivarez
CMR 411 BOX4925
APO AE 09112
YesArmy2 adults 2 childrenNoNo. What I don't use I share with others in the community. Thank you!
7/28/2013 2:59:15Amanda Christensen
CMR 411 BOX 5275
APO AE 09112
YesArmy2 adults.1 dog.We are always looking for coupons for food, toiletries, and cleaning products.I am new to using coupons. My husband and I have decided to start trying to save as much as possible to try and get us home to see our families. It's been about a year and a half since we have seen them. So, the savings that I am going to try and obtain is very important to us and I appreciate any help that we can get! Thank you!
8/12/2013 19:48:55Daniela Gissel Estrada
3010 Albacore Circle Apt A-4
Silverdale Washigton State 98315
Yes, NoNavy2 adults
1 Child
1 dogEverything in the works Any coupons wod be great I do t mind what they are for I need a little bit off everything especially for babies and dogs
9/11/2013 11:06:19Jennifer Thomas
CMR 480 Box 3219
APO AE 09128
YesArmy2 adults. 1 teenage girl...but see note below!!1 catEverything!!!We are in Stuttgart Germany. I started a coupon swapping group when I got here. We have 150 members now!!! I need large volumes of coupons to share with my community. Many of the families had never couponed before. I feel very blessed to share this gift with them and bless you because if it weren't for folks back home sending their coupons we would not be able to save money on our household expenses!! SO THANK YOU!!!
1/7/2014 3:20:37Jennis Hintermeister
PSC 103 Box 4273
APO, AE 09603
YesAir Force2 Adults2 catscleaning supplies and food
2/5/2014 19:07:17Ashley Rolfe
PSC 50 Box 125
APO, AE 09494
YesAir Force 2 adults
2 kids
Food , dog , cat and other
3/1/2014 4:07:08Elizabeth Krup
PSC 41 Box 2986
APO, AE 09460
YesAir Force2 adults2 Bengal Cats Food, household supplies, pet relatedAny help would be great as we are trying to save money up for when we PCS back to the states. We have been saving money with the few coupons I am able to get a hold of, but we are looking to save more than we have been. Any coupons help and I will pass along the unused coupons I do not need to other families in need of coupons here.
6/30/2014 2:01:13Brenda Lettera
PSC 817 BOX 3433
FPO AE, 09622-0035
Yes, NoNAVY2/2/2014Dogs.. but if cat or any other animal is sent I will be sorting for the base so everyone can use coupons. Everything.... i have a group standing by ready to help sort all coupons which come in to help the entire base.
11/18/2014 11:47:31Briley Lutes
PSC 78 Box 402
APO, AP 96326
YesAir Force2 Adults3 CatsCat food, cat treats, cereal, granola bars.
2/9/2015 8:07:29Abigail sharp
142nd mp co
unit #15254 box#4
Apo ap 96205-5254
Yesarmy2 adults
1 child
1 doganything is helpful I just want to say this is amazing thing that you guys do for military family's. we recently moved to Korea and any help is much apprected
2/22/2015 5:43:28Nithoska Anderson
PSC 305 BOX 463
APO AP 96218
YesArmy2 adultsN/ALaundry Detergent
8/10/2015 7:43:06Hollie Brown
PSC 10 Box 626
APO AE 09142
YesArmy2 adults
2 children
Dog, catNo
4/8/2016 3:08:49Kayla Rasmussen
PSC 9 Box 2007
APO AE 09123
YesAir force2 adults
1 baby
2 dogsHuggies
7/13/2016 6:36:07Peter Teachout
CMR 388
Box 111
APO, AP 96208
YesActive Army2 adults
4 children
2 catsGluten free
Del monte
School products
Alfredo sauce
Refried beans

Thank you!
12/16/2016 10:40:18Supaluk Faulkner
PSC 558 Box3361
FPO AP 96375-3361
YesMarine2 adults and 2 childrenNoBath soap, hand soap loundry& dish washer detergents, baby stuff, baby foods, TP, foods. We live oversea and the cost of living is very high here. The coupons will save money in our pocket. I appreciate anyone who send us the coupons they dont use anymore. Thank you.