2018 Iron Halo Rules Questions (Responses)
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TimestampFirst NameLast NameQuestionJudge Answer
7/24/2018 18:13:02JasonBourneDont find meWe will find you.
7/26/2018 9:48:07MichaelPraterAre you allowing Forgeworld Experimental Rules for the Custodes? https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/PDF/Downloads/40k-Adeptus-Custodes-Telemon-2018.pdfNo we will not be allowing the Forgeworld Experimental Rules for the Custodes.
8/13/2018 13:53:43BenSpearsIf a player takes a patrol detachment of CSM and takes Abbadon the despoiler and then takes a unit of alpha legion cultists in that same detachment does this detachment gain the alpha legion stratagems found within the CSM codex and can be used by that detachment?
PG 156 and PG 158 respectively
No, a player will need to build a Battle Forged Detachment of Alpha Legion to gain access to the Alpha Legion stratagems.
8/14/2018 10:38:18SamShoresLast year, we were required to pre-select warlord traits, psychic powers, etc., prior to the event. Is that the same this year, or will we be doing that during the pre-game setup as per the missions?Per the ITC Mission pack, you will select all psychic powers, warlord traits ect, during the pregame setup.
8/28/2018 14:42:36DavidWatsonHey , iron halo question . I want to run my nurgle knights with some nurgled out ad mech , would it be an issue if ran them as Imperium?While you might get some odd looks from your opponents, we have no issue with you using Nurgle Knights with some Nurgled out ad mech as Imperial Knights or Adeptus Mechanicus factions. Please let your opponents know what factions each of your models are be represented as.
9/4/2018 11:23:21SamHenleyWhy did you guys rule question #4 that way? I'm part of the Midwest TO board and your the only tournament to make that ruleing, as well the rule book doesn't seem to support it, and it was the opposite of your rulibg last year with no changes to the sorce material. If you could let me know that would be great! ThanksThis was a contentious issue our judges group debated for days and GW does need clarification in regards to stratagem use. While RAW does not prevent you from using stratagems across mulitpal leagions, the RAI as been clarified in a few instances, particularly when GW clarified the Agents of Vect stratagem required a Black Heart detachment. This ruling will not only effect the CSM book, but all other factions as well. Players will be be able to access Ultramarines stratagems without a Battle Forge Ultramarines Detachment.
9/6/2018 13:14:21joshstuartcan a knight charge a unit out of sight on first floor of ruins if it completes its charge and is within a inch.No line of sight is required for a charge and a knight can enter ruins on the bottom level only
9/7/2018 8:55:11SamHenleyWith your ruling about stratigums for CSM and mixed detachments not being able to access stratigums. How will you be ruling this for Eldar, as Ynarii are a mixed detachment with access to stratigums.As answered in question 7, to utilize a paticular faction stratagem there must be a Battleforged Detachment in the army list. IE to use a Saim Han stratagem (Warrior of the Raging Winds), you must have a Saim Han Battleforged Detachment included in your army list.
9/10/2018 14:15:36BestSportwe allowing GSC rules from the tooth and claw box?Unless your name is Daniel Rice, the GSC rules and dataslates will be allowed at the Iron Halo.
9/12/2018 22:38:13NathanielGoodfellowI have High Elf Lancer models that I would like to use as Rough Riders, they would be on the appropriate "bike" bases, would this be allowed?Resolved
9/13/2018 13:44:17MikeKiserDo the impossible robes, warp surge and ethereal form stack to give a demon a 2+ invulnerable save or does the 3+ cap from warp surge apply?The save will max out at 3++.
9/13/2018 14:38:41GeorgeMaxwellRegarding model swaps: Would you allow a player to use regular hellhound tanks in place of or for artemia hellhound tanks as long as there are no regular hellhound tanks in their list? Thank you.No, if you plan on using Artemia Patterned Hellhound Tanks in your list, you must have use the official Artemia Patterend Hellhound Tanks. Please remember to send all convertered models pictuers to miniatures@ironhalo.org, if not your models are subject to be pulled during the event.
9/13/2018 16:49:34AnthonyBaumayrThis is in regards to the "Rule of 3" Is the Captain Data Sheet from the Blood The “Big FAQ” from April of 2018 introduced the “Rule of Three” for Datasheets.
So I wanted to know your idea on the following: is the “Captain” Datasheet from the Blood Angels Codex different from the “Captain” Datasheet in the regular Space Marine Codex?
Every part is exactly the same except for 2 things: the Rites of Battle rule and the Faction Keywords. In both instances, one says “Blood Angels” and the other says “<Chapter>”.
So are they ‘different enough’ that they don’t count as the ‘same’ Datasheet and you could take 3 of one and 1 of the other?
Yes, in your example, you may take 3 Blood Angels Captains and 1 Ultramarines Captain while not violating the Rule of 3.
9/14/2018 14:37:17AidanBarkleyPage 130 in the chaos daemon codex under hellforged relics "If your army is led by a warlord with the Daemon Faction keyword, you may give one of the following Hellforged Artifacts to a Daemon Character in your army." RAW, if I choose a warlord with the daemon faction keyword I can give a hellforged artifact to a Daemon Character, even if that character has the Daemon keyword but not the Daemon faction keyword. The FAQ does not have any correction on this RAW. I just wanted to make the Iron Halo judges aware before I built this into my list so that no issues arise on tournament dayYes, you can choose a different character model to have a relic other than your Warlord.
9/14/2018 18:02:16AidanBarkleySent rules in regards to previous question to email
9/14/2018 19:43:20CharlesFoxPg 179 - Shooting Step 1, Unless otherwise stated, each model in the unit attacks with all of the ranged weapons it is armed with.
Pg 182 - Overwatch - Overwatch is resolved like a normal shooting attack.
If I charge a castallian in my combat phase, would he have to fire his shield breaker missile, even if i die to other weapons since all the guns are firing overwatch simultaneously?
See Question 18
9/14/2018 20:39:31BuckTempleWhen you shoot do you have to shoot all your weapons?

Reading the rules, it says:

"Unless otherwise stated each model in the unit attacks with ALL the weapons it is armed with"

So that means, a knight with 2 siege breaker missles HAS to shoot them in the first two turns (if the knight decides to shoot).

Also, it says in the overwatch rules:

"Overwatch is resolved per all the normal shooting rules except that a 6 is always required to hit"

So this mean, RAW, that if you deepstrike and charge a knight, or a vehicle with a hunter killer missle, if he wants to overwatch you he has to waste his siegebreaker/hunter killer on you (if he has any left).

Just wanted clarification on this.. can you chose not to shoot a weapon or do you have to shoot all your weapons?
Unless it is specifically noted in the weapon profile, you must fire all your weapons on the model. In this specific instance, the Sheild Breaker missle can only be fired once per player turn. In regards to overwatch, if you choose to overwatch you must fire all your weapons including any one use weapons while following the rules in the wespon profile.
9/16/2018 16:44:52AndrewTaylorCan an enemy model use heroic intervention when no charges were declared?Yes
9/16/2018 21:18:04Bruce MerkerIf a Ynnari character joins a craftworld/drukhari/Harlequin detachment, does it unlock the free relic and warlord trait?

If Yvraine, the Visarch or the Yncarne is included in a
Detachment, all Aeldari units in that Detachment gain
the Ynnari keyword. These units cannot use any of the
following abilities, and are not considered to have them:
Ancient Doom, Battle Focus, Rising Crescendo, Power
From Pain. Instead, Ynnari Infantry and Biker units
gain the Strength from Death ability, as described below.
The Detachment is still considered to be a Craftworlds,
Harlequins or Drukhari Detachment, and so can use
Craftworlds, Harlequins or Drukhari Stratagems,
Warlord Traits and Relics respectively. Note that these
units will not, however, gain any of the Detachment
abilities listed in their respective codexes (such as The
Path of War, Craftworld Attributes, Masque Forms,
Drukhari Obsessions, etc.).
9/16/2018 21:34:05BruceMerkerIf a ynnari psyker has already cast a power this turn, such as smite, can they soulburst to cast that power again?
Please send a picture of the unit profile and any related rules to rules@ironhalo.org
9/17/2018 13:13:19DavidVillarealA unit can not charge if at the start of the charge phase if there is a model with in 1” of the charging unit. However the Custodes stooping dive stratagem specifically happens at the end of your opponents charge phase and while the charge phase is treated as your own, it does not say as a new charge phase.

So, if you are charged can stooping dive be used to gain the bonus of charging for Vertus Praetors against the unit that charged you? (Rerolling to wound and going before other chargers.)

Furthermore can stooping dive be used to charge a different unit from one that charged you potentially leaving a charging unit that charged Vertus Praetors out of combat?
No, you cannot use the Swooping Dive stratagem if you are within 1" at the end of step 4 of the Charge Phase.
9/17/2018 13:16:27DavidVillareal“Ability” and “ability” are two different things where the first is a section of rules on a data sheet and the other is to be able to do something. In the case of the vexator mask for dark eldar units that uses the lower case form of ability, if used on charging do they not fight first but alternate as normal or do they just fight last?Send a picture of the rules in question to rules@ironhalo.org
9/17/2018 13:18:42DavidVillareal Does strategic discipline apply to stratagems that happen at the “start of the turn” or is start of turn considered part of the “movement phase”?Strategic Disipline applies would not apply to the Stratagem "Unlease the Lions" as it occures during the movement phase.
9/19/2018 23:34:04NateGoodfellowThe ruling about <chapter> <house> etc... stratagems, does this also apply to relics?Yes.
9/20/2018 6:54:25RileyWellsDoes a Ynnari Detachment gain access to the unique Craftworld stratagems?


Ynnari Patrol Detachment
HQ: Yvraine
Troops: Alaitoc Rangers
Fast Attack: Saim-Hann Shining Spears

Can these Shining Spears use Riders of the Raging Winds, or would there need to be a pure Saim-Hann detachment where every unit has the Saim-Hann craftworld keyword?
No. To be able to use the Saim-Hann Stratagem "Riders of the Ragings Winds" you would have to a Battleforged Saim-Hann detachment. However, as a Ynnari Patrol Detachment, you would have access any generic Craftworld/Drukhari/Harlequin stratagems.
9/23/2018 8:59:12RileyWellsTo further clarify, would a Ynnari Detachment that consists of Yvraine and then all other units with the Saim-Hann (or any craftworld) keyword unlock the unique craftworld stratagems such as Riders of the Raging Winds?

Example Patrol
HQ: Yvraine
Troops: Saim-Hann Rangers
Fast Attack: Saim-Han Shining Spears

Will this Detachment gain access to the unique craftworld stratagem?
9/24/2018 14:38:58SamShoresA question came up at Nova Invitational this year regarding units with the Fly keyword and distance measuring. The situation was that a unit with the fly keyword came in from reserves on the third floor of a ruin -9" away from a unit on the ground floor. Then, in the subsequent charge phase it had an auto-charge, because units with the fly keyword ignore vertical distances while moving / assaulting. This was later not allowed in the Nova Open by the GW staff acting as judges. How will the Iron Halo handle this, or a similar situation?In the situation described, a unit with the Fly keyword would auto charge the unit.
9/24/2018 17:44:03DuncanEnsmingerPer the wargear flow chart GW has provided us, can my unit of tzaangors take a instrument of chaos that was a wargear option for tzaangors in the chaos index?Yes.
9/24/2018 21:06:01DuncanEnsmingerIf a unit is deployed on the board, and begins round 1 on the table. If said unit uses an ability to "redeploy" any where on the board, is it restricted by the Beta rules of not being allowed to be placed in the opponents deployment zone turn 1?If is placed during deployment it is not subject to the beta rules.
9/25/2018 19:38:55DavidVillarealDoes the FAQ answer of a mimimum 9” charge for units arriving from reserve apply to units with the fly keyword that are vertical from their charge target.No, but all units must be 9" away when arriving from deep strike measuring base to base, and mesuring at an angle.
9/26/2018 13:15:51TomyThebeauIn answer to question #20 it was stated that Ynnari characters can access Drukhari Warlord traits. Does this mean the Kabal/Wych traits (as long as they aren’t a named faction, such as Cult of Strife)?Yes.
9/27/2018 22:28:57PeteyPabHow do I ask a rules question?
9/28/2018 10:39:04MikeKiserWhat elements of the 28 September FAQs will be used at Iron Halo?No. The cut off was 9/16.
9/28/2018 11:41:31CliftonRussellNot really a rules question... I'm just wondering if the big FAQ is going to be used... I hope it is... its awesome.No. The cut off was 9/16.
9/28/2018 16:54:02JosephEubanksFor the required 3 paint minimum, do I need to have the base of the model finished?No no basing required.
9/28/2018 20:31:40Adam RaymondAre we going to be using the Big FAQ 2 for Iron halo? It's neat and I'd really like to if you're taking input. No. The cut off was 9/16.
9/29/2018 3:28:56BruceMerkerWill you be using the big FAQ? It really does resolve a lot of the silly and contentious rule problems that we currently have.No. The cut off was 9/16.
9/29/2018 9:26:35BruceMerkerI am confused by Iron Halo's ruling on Ynnari ability to use <craftworld> specific stratagems. The Xenos 1 FAQ clearly states that the detachment is still a craftworld detachment, and the only ability lost is the attributes. The rules also are clear that in this special case, the ynnari character simply joins the detachment. The detachmend does not lose any craftworld keywords, it simply gains the ynnari keyword. In fact, your ruling makes it impossible to field a Ynnari detachment, as Ynnari cannot be a common keyword per the battlebrothers rule. This should show that GW views the detachment as whole prior to the ynnari character joining it. Finally, if the reasoning is that GW intended to require detachments to be pure in order to gain access to specific traits (siting Vect ruling), would it not be clear now since Vect has been reworded to just require a unit with the keyword on the table? Please do not view my passion on this issue as an attack on the TOs for Iron Halo. I know how difficult rulings can be.The reworded Vect stratagem was in the FAQ which was released after our cutoff of 9/16 and is not part of the consideration when making the ruling.
9/29/2018 9:28:07BruceMerkerIf you have a craftworld Saim-Hann detachment. Does it unlock the Saim-Hann stratagems for a different Ynnari detachment that contains Saim-Hann units?Yes.
9/30/2018 9:14:40AntonioCedenoFor Iron Halo how are you going to rule the Orgyn Body Guard with the slab shield out of the Astra Militarum book?

In the standard codex it says that the model can never by taken as a WL. The Spring FAQ stated to change the First Sentence of that rule. But the Enhanced digital copy of the codex removed the second sentence line stating the model could never be a warlord.

I have seen this ruled both ways on if the Bodyguard can/cannot be the WL. How is this event going to rule this?
We are going to go with what is written in the book, the bodyguard can never be the warlord.
10/1/2018 10:32:31MikeSmithThis is yet another clarification on unlocking strategems except it pertains to chaos demons. Can I use banner of blood on bloodletters if it is not in a pure khorne detachment?

Chaos demons do not have any requirement on pure detachments?
Yes a Khorne stratagem can be used on bloodletters not inside a pure khone detachment, but you must have a Khorne detachment to unlock the stratagem. This rule of unlocking stratagems goes across all factions.
10/1/2018 10:34:21MikeSmithTarget units that have moved using the dark matter crystal count as reinforcements or can they be targeted by warp time?Yes, targeted units moved by dark matter crystal can be targeted by warp time.
10/1/2018 19:50:38TonyThebeau Are Ynnari characters able to use Codex Stratagems if they have applicable keywords?Ynnari characters do not unlock faction specific stratagems.
10/4/2018 0:49:04VuNguyenRegarding modeling, if I have 2 razor backs, but one is designated to have Hunter Killer Missiles but not modeled that way, would that be allowed? Each razor back would be distinctive (different gunner models) so there would be no confusion.For questions about models send an email with pictuers of your models to miniatures@ironhalo.org
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