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TimestampWho are you?What Sub-team?What was done this meeting?What needs to be done next meeting?
11/29/2017 20:15:02Julia FrothinghamSoftwareWe debugged some of our drivetrain code and confirmed that our claw code works. We need to put the robot on the ground and drive it around to test more of our drivetrain code, specifically our deceleration code and reverse code. As soon as the arm gets put on, we will test our arm positioning code and start to test our autonomous routines. That may not all happen next meeting.
11/30/2017 18:56:04Julia FrothinghamSoftwareMerged code to be ready to debug arm code. All the debugging. We know our drivetrain code is mostly good, but we NEED to debug and calibrate our arm code and autonomous routine.
1/5/2018 17:56:51Brandon SlomaMechanicalCleaning + Build season prep. Organize for safety glass distribution to mechanical subteam, prototype
1/8/2018 18:42:46Julia FrothinghamSoftwareCreated basic robot project with drivetrain. Uninstalled old software from laptops in preparation for updates. Prototyped.Install new software update suite.
1/8/2018 19:33:13Brandon Sloma MechanicalStock InventoryCAM training for ID students, continue existing projects until receiving drawings
1/9/2018 14:04:07Jennifer YangDesignThis is for the meeting yesterday (1/8/2018). We decided on our drivetrain. After debating between a 2 CIM shifting gearbox and a 3 CIM single speed gearbox. We wanted a maximum speed somewhere inbetween 11 and 13 ft/s. However, if we use a shifting gearbox, our lower speed would be too slow and not useful to our team. So, we decided to choose a 3 CIM single speed. We choose gear ratios of 11:40 and 24:42, resulting in an overall gear ratio of 6.36:1. This gives our drivetrain an adjusted speed 11.84ft/s with a current draw of 62 Amps per motor. We were able to complete the gearbox plate and we will proceed to create the gearbox assembly next. We are going to be using west coast drive, with six 4” colson performa wheels and a drop center. We have yet to decide our wheel width. We also decided on a wider configuration, having our front and back driverails be 32” and our side driversiled be 28.” This will give us more electrical space and although we have limitations with our CNC Jet machine lengthwise, we know of a machining process that will allow us to get around that issue. With a 30” limit and the 32” rail only having mounting holes, we should not have any issues as we might with creating bearing holes on a piece of 2x1 longer than our CNC machine can hold. We need continue working on the gearbox and drivetrain assembly.
1/9/2018 17:56:30Henry FowlerElectricalHephaestus was disassembled and materials were put away from FIRST Choice and other sources.prototype review and if there is time determine what components will be necessary for the bot
1/9/2018 18:49:12Julia FrothinghamSoftwareLaptops were updatedFinish up a few updates, finish drivetrain code
1/9/2018 19:02:35Jennifer YangDesignWe worked on assembling the gearboxes. We decided on an open frame and we’ve created the basic frame for the robot. We chose a 1/16” drop center to allow us to go over the cable bumps with minimal tipping. We know the bearing hole placement and chain calculation. As of right now, we have decided to keep the manipulator for the power cube within the robot’s frame perimeter instead of having one that rotates out.We need to continue working on the gearbox and drivetrain assemblies.
1/10/2018 19:07:07Julia FrothinghamSoftwareCode imported onto laptops. Assisted with prototyping of grabber mechanism.Continue prototyping assistance, begin work on autonomous depending on Bunnybot availability
1/10/2018 19:57:53NupoorDesignBellypan created and put on drivetrain frame.continue working on drivetrain frame.
1/10/2018 21:03:24Jennifer YangDesignWe continued working on the drivetrain. I worked on modifying the rear shaft for the encoder. Brooke and Josh both worked on creating shafts and adding to the assembly of the drivetrain. Nupoor worked on creating the basic bellypan for the robot. It is unfinished and will need to be modified accordingly to account for cutouts. We need to finish the drivetrain and meet our deadline!
1/12/2018 6:46:52James ChaplenElectricalFor meeting on the 10th: For the Skeleton Board we placed down the Power Switch, PDP, RoboRio, VRM, PCM, 2 Talon srx, and wired the CAN BUS for these components as well as the power wires from the Talons, VRM, and PCM. Wire power wires from RoboRio to the PDP, Wire up the Power Switch to the PDP, and maybe attach a camera with ring light.
1/12/2018 17:11:54Henry FowlerOtherBelt intake- We assembled a very sketchy prototype, and determined that it wasn't close enough to tolerances to be functional. This demonstrated that wheel intakes were better in at least one way- they're simpler. We couldn't think of any advantages to the belt intake over the wheel intake so after a vote this idea was dismissed and the prototype was disassembled.The Belt intake prototype is over so now my members and I will work on the gripper prototype.
1/12/2018 19:27:21Henry FowlerOtherGripper claw- We brought BunnyBot back up online and tested its claw with the power cube. Even with a claw designed to hold bunnies and buckets it still worked reasonably well. It could drive directly forward and backwards without losing the cube even at high speeds. It could also hold the cube while rotating, while at lower speeds, but it couldn't really take any direct impacts or else it would drop the cube. This is definitely proof of concept.We have provided proof of concept so this prototype group will now be finished.
1/12/2018 20:07:19Henry FowlerElectricalAssembling skeleton board+ new components organizingresearch 3d printed robo rio cover, router mount and switch cage, also look at our infrared sensors and choose which to use
1/12/2018 21:02:51Brandon Sloma MechanicalFinished gearbox plate mfg. Drive rail mfg.
1/12/2018 22:51:32Jennifer YangDesignWe finished the drivetrain! (Well, as much of it as we can do right now at least.) We started working on drawings for the shafts and compiling an order list for the drivetrain parts. We need to look at how the other components of the robot will be integrated. We also need to finish making drawings and the order list.
1/13/2018 18:44:43Julia FrothinghamSoftwareBasic 2018 drivetrain code tested on cardboard. Firmware flashed on various components. Auto routines written for Bunnybot testing. Auto routines started to be written for 2018. Laptop connection issues debugged.Continue to test and write 2018 auto routines. Begin to program elevator and collector mechanisms.
1/13/2018 18:55:41Henry FowlerElectricalLOTS OF CLEANING. Finishing the skeleton board, research into various 3d printed mounts, making a possible layout for the electrical board, researching IR sensors and dealing with batteriesContinue research of IR sensors, 3d print the possible components, Math the battery chargers, test the broken Talon SRX
1/13/2018 18:56:01Brandon Sloma MechanicalFinished back + side railsFront rails + ship out belly pan + maybe manipulator?
1/13/2018 22:53:15Jennifer YangDesignWe started on bumpers, the elevator, and the power cube intake mechanism. We decided on a 4 stage cascading elevator with 28” long pieces for each stage so that we can get to a height of 88” (6” overlap). We need to decide what motors to use for the cascading elevator, figure out gear ratios for our gearboxes, and continue working on the elevator and power cube intake mechanism.
1/15/2018 16:42:11Henry FowlerElectricalCalculated power consumption for the robot, tested the Talon SRX and tried one possible fix that didn't work, IR sensor research, some reorganizing, teaching some new skills, communicated about 3d prints, some fixing broken stuffCircuits for the field- long term, check on board layouts possible
1/15/2018 17:27:45Jennifer YangDesignI worked on figuring out the belt loop for the wheeled intake as well as CADing one of the tubes.I need to figure out how to mirror the other tube and figure out how the mechanism to drop the intake down will be implemented.
1/15/2018 18:22:53Julia FrothinghamSoftwareWe wrote and tested auto routines for 2018 using Bunnybot. We ran connectivity tests with some upgraded laptops. We began to edit our Bunnybot code so that it can be used with the 2018 control system.Continue upgrading Bunnybot code. Write code for other functions of the robot.
1/16/2018 18:16:00Lachlan PettigrewElectricalTested all motor controllers for faults, all passed testing. Calculated what would be a likely source of brownouts during matches and made a corresponding spreadsheet with related battery information. Informed design of electrical board layout on the belly-pan. Battery status spreadsheet was created to help select what batteries to use in competition.Prepare for mounting our components. 3D print assorted mounting mechanisms. Determine if we will need to purchase more battery chargers or more batteries.
1/16/2018 20:27:28Brandon Sloma MechanicalDrivetrain back shafts faced to length
2-piece belly pan for PB, maybe some shafts if we get those collets. Other than that, cleaning and waiting
1/16/2018 22:04:17Jennifer YangDesignI worked on creating drawings for shafts and assembly of the intake arm. We need to decide how to move the intake arm from up to down.
1/17/2018 18:58:41Henry FowlerElectrical
We organized some more, attached a victor spx to the board for programming, done more math for competition charging and tested the cake.
Plan the electrical board, continue with math for comp.
1/17/2018 19:02:09Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Auto routine to drop cube onto switch completed. Did more connectivity testing with motor controllers on the cardboard electrical test bed.
Update Bunnybot firmware, etc. to run on 2018 control system.
1/17/2018 20:14:05Jennifer YangDesign
I worked more on intake arm. We’ve decided to use pneumatics to make it go up and down.
Adjust the arm to make it possible for pneumatic actuation.
1/19/2018 21:03:48Henry FowlerElectrical
We found bolts for components, finished the math on battery chargers, began dealing with our new go-bag.
Wire practice bot, fix stuff, deal with the go bag
1/19/2018 21:25:29Julia FrothinghamSoftwareBunnybot's firmware was updated to 2018 versions.Start coding 2018 collector, elevator. Continue Bunnybot work.
1/19/2018 21:48:51Joshua IsaksonDesignsecondary electrical board mounting more life modifications and intake discussion elevator rigging and completion and climber started
1/19/2018 22:05:48Jennifer YangDesign
We figured out what we cylinder we needed for the intake mechanism and we decided on an intake with 3 inline wheels per arm that were fixed.
Continue working on wheeled intake design and integration
1/20/2018 22:41:49Jennifer YangDesignI worked on figuring out the intake arm mounting and rotationContinue adjusting the intake arm mounting and rotation to fit
1/21/2018 12:14:28Henry FowlerElectrical
The new go-bag was improved, some cleaning was done, and an arduino was prepared for and programmed to do various things with LEDs.
Begin work on practice bot if its ready for us, deal with the fix shelf, make a circuit for Chuck for the field.
1/22/2018 19:01:05Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Climber code written. Collector code started. Motion profiling researched. Launchpad controller started.
Continue collector code. Continue motion profiling research. Continue launchpad work.
1/22/2018 20:38:07Jennifer YangDesignI continued working on the intake mechanism rotation and mounting.Finishing the intake mechanism version 1 and integrating it into the full CAD
1/23/2018 17:52:00Henry FowlerElectrical
The new go-bag was improved, some cleaning was done, and an arduino was prepared for and programmed to do various things with LEDs.
Begin work on practice bot if its ready for us, deal with the fix shelf, make a circuit for Chuck for the field.
1/23/2018 18:48:45Julia FrothinghamSoftwareLaunchpad development continued. Began coding "smart" collection.Continue smart collection code. Test the collector sensors.
1/24/2018 18:48:23Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Coded floppy pneumatics. Researched motion profiling. Tested IR sensor and data logger. Did some testing of collector code.
More collector testing. More research.
1/24/2018 20:06:32Lachlan PettigrewElectrical
Mostly finished construction of field element micro controllers. otherwise we just bummed around and cleaned a little.
cleaning would be cool, otherwise we are just waiting on fabrication <3
1/24/2018 22:50:45Jennifer YangDesignPresentation! Fixed mates and put intake assembly in the full CAD of the robot. Adding the hinge for the intake and finalization of remaining pieces.
1/25/2018 8:24:45Brandon SlomaMechanicalWe finished the base frame for the PBFinish electrical board for PB and work on Lift/Manipulator
1/26/2018 22:06:22Jennifer YangDesign
FIXED BROKEN CAD!!! Also updated manufacture parts list and worked on getting drawings and CAM to mechanical. Minor changes to certain pieces.
Finish hinge, finalize anything else that hasn’t been finalized yet
1/27/2018 19:03:43Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Array selector for 2018 tested and completed on Bunnybot. Preliminary current limiting code written for 2018.
Flash CAN motors on PB. Test + debug drivetrain code on PB.
1/29/2018 16:18:42Henry FowlerElectricalLast meeting- we prepped for, wired and did the first smoke test for p-bottroubleshoot p-bot
1/29/2018 18:47:51Julia FrothinghamSoftwarePractice bot motor controllers flashed with firmware, IDs. Tested to verify PB drivable.Cleanup and update of 2018 code.
1/29/2018 19:07:33Henry FowlerElectricalFinish P-bot, research energy tray and prep for comp botprep comp bot
1/30/2018 8:53:38Brandon SlomaMechanicalfor 1/29/18 - Worked on PB lift and installed coolant on Mill 2Work on PB lift+Frame comp bot
1/31/2018 18:57:29Julia FrothinghamSoftwareCode review. Update of PDP ports. Branch merged into master. Spline research.Continue coding complex robot functions.
1/31/2018 18:55:35Henry FowlerElectricalPrep for comp bot, remove teflon tape, and pneumatics cleanedrewire P-bot, deal with comp bot if it's ready
1/31/2018 20:13:57Jennifer YangDesign
Made drawings, worked on CAM for intake arms, and added sensor mounts for intake cross bar
More CAM
2/1/2018 19:33:00Jennifer YangDesign
Was mechanical person today. Finished machining intake arms for PB. Started facing for arm crossbar for intake.
Finishing arm crossbar and assembling intake. Making modifications to the shaft.
2/2/2018 20:55:07Henry FowlerElectricalprep for comp bot, install encoders on P-bot, test the intake, cleaning with comp bot, organizing, dealing with the arm, buttons
2/2/2018 21:25:10Julia FrothinghamSoftwareAssisted with assembly. Began testing on PB of encoders, drive train.
Develop drift correction and furthermore testing on PB. Assist other subteams as needed.
2/2/2018 22:08:08Jennifer YangDesignCAM and drawings for mechanical. Organizational things. Assembled intake.
Bumpers, intake 1B (or 1A or whatever we called it), intake 2, and carriage, elevator, basically make everything and do more CAM
2/3/2018 18:50:37Henry FowlerElectricalRemove part of the E-board for mechanical, cleaning etc., buttons, fix a batteryRepair p-bot, work on Comp-bot if ready, cleaning etc.
2/3/2018 18:51:36Henry FowlerScoutingGet JMP, develop scouting sheet, peer review of sheetJMP Software program, find a minion
2/3/2018 23:07:33Jennifer YangDesign
Finished bumper CAD and CAM, modifications made to frame (2nd level E-board) for CB in CAD, drawings and CAM to mechanical
Machine out wood bumper parts, make drawings for metal parts, rev 2 intake, more drawings and CAM to mechanical
2/4/2018 20:03:56Ethan BoggsSoftware
Tested and partially fixed the drift with practice bot. Hooked up the navx and tuned autonomous angle/based commands using it. Looked into issue with encoder counts being inconsistent. Continued research on motion profiling.
Entirely fixing the encoder/drift issues we are encountering, starting actual work with motion profiling, continue testing code
2/5/2018 20:09:22Jennifer YangDesign
Bumper modifications and fixing the CAD for the upper electrical board. Drawings to mechanical
Continue both and modify intake
2/6/2018 11:31:49Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Yesterday's meeting. We identified problems that need testing and debriefed weekend work. We assisted other subteams.
Test and debug drivetain drift, encoder issue.
2/6/2018 18:44:56Henry FowlerElectricalsoldering for the field, replacing butt spliceswork on PB and Comp bot, if they're ready, work on the field
2/7/2018 20:14:46Julia FrothinghamSoftwareUsed bunnybot to test some smartdashboard features for better elevator control. More code testing, hopefully with practice bot.
2/10/2018 22:31:06Jennifer YangDesign
Changed electrical board to make easier for machining. Intake v2 progress w/two slightly different design ideas. I don’t remember what else but we worked on getting the robot functioning as well.
Continuation of intake v2 and any other modifications that need to be made as we figure out what issues we have.
2/10/2018 22:56:05James ChaplenElectricalEnergy Chain put on the Practice bot, Bottom board of comp bot was wired.Top board of comp bot needs to be wired.
2/11/2018 13:31:17Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Yesterday's meeting: Tested code for intake and pneumatics. Assisted other subteams.
Test elevator code on PB. Flash drivetrain CAN IDs on comp bot.
2/11/2018 17:51:09Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Flashed CAN IDs, firmware for comp bot. Verified working code for limit switches, manual control of elevator.
Determine and test elevator setpoints. Test decel code. Test autonomous routines.
2/11/2018 22:24:23James ChaplenElectricalBasic Electrical System for comp bot, energy chain fix for practice bot.
Any fixes as necessary for practice bot, work on wiring elevator/ intake for comp bot when ready.
2/12/2018 18:45:50Julia FrothinghamSoftwareTested drivetrain of comp bot. Test autonomous routines on PB.
2/12/2018 18:53:19Henry FowlerElectricalEnergy chain was assembled and electrical boards were coveredDeal with switch cover, router mount, comp bot encoders, sensors and gearboxes
2/13/2018 18:52:09Henry FowlerElectricalfixing an encoder, finishing up with p-bot, re wiring the energy chainRe-assemble + complete comp-bot, find out about switch cover
2/13/2018 21:22:23Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Tested and completed use of smartdashboard to tune values without redeploying code code. Assisted with driveteam/design testing of elevator.
Test elevator setpoints and sensor zeroing. Test autonomous and decel code.
2/13/2018 23:22:03Jennifer YangDesignWorked on arm crossbar lightening (aluminum piece), two stage lift, and intake v2Continue all of the above and get drawings/CAM to mechanical
2/14/2018 19:12:34Henry FowlerElectricalRe-assemble comp bot's top level of the electrical boarddeal with field set up, finish comp bot, fix problems on practice bot
2/14/2018 20:48:01Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Assisted with and adjusted code for driver trials. Made warning stickers for robot pinch points.
Test elevator setpoints and controls. Test autonomous routines.
2/14/2018 21:05:57Joshua IsaksonDesignFinished 2 Stage elevator Climber
2/14/2018 21:07:40Jennifer YangDesign
Arm crossbar is ready to go on either manual or JET. Worked on adding intake v1 to 2 stage elevator. Went through practice inspection.
Fix bumpers for CB for it to pass inspection. Make sure mechanical has drawings/CAM
2/15/2018 20:40:07Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Implemented working decel and drift correction code. Tuned and tested driveToAngle code to be used in autonomous routines.
Tune and test driveToDistance code. Test autonomous routines. Tune values for decel, drift code. Elevator control and setpoints.
2/15/2018 21:44:34Jennifer YangDesignDiscussion about climber. Modifications to cube intake support and hardstop. Climber, check hinge for cube intake
2/17/2018 6:08:19Jennifer YangDesign
For yesterday. Fixed lift gearbox and finalized carriage pieces. Working on climber. Ran into issues with the lift and it running into the cims but new gusset solution is in progress.
Finish climber, make sure everything is functioning, stuff to mechanical
2/19/2018 20:06:09Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Working autonomous distance and angle routines. Implemented current control of drivetrain and elevator. Assisted with driver trials.
Test full auto routines incorporating elevator and intake. Advanced cube control and driving functions.
2/23/2018 20:37:26Julia FrothinghamSoftwareLearned about VIM. Planned and researched motion profiling.Test autonomous and motion profiling.
2/24/2018 21:57:03Julia FrothinghamSoftwareTested autonomous routines using practice bot and Bunnybot. Did a code review.Identify and fix differences between Bunnybot and practice bot auto code.
2/27/2018 20:13:31Julia FrothinghamSoftwareDebugged, tested, tuned autonomous routines.Continue working with auto. Test code on comp bot.
2/28/2018 19:33:48Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Auto tested and tuned. Flop code refined. Automatic cube height while driving successfully implemented.
Test code/functions on comp bot. Remap controls for drivers.
3/6/2018 21:12:58Julia FrothinghamSoftware
Tested code integration with comp bot. Adjusted drivetrain control algorithm, power output because drivetrain was too fast and sensitive. Established elevator setpoints. Facilitated driver practice and testing of bot's functions.
Tune decel and drift correction code. Test, tune autonomous routines. Write more auto routines. Remap controls according to driver preference.
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