EDGC / EMDGC Spot Distribution and Registration Rules (Version 2019)
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EDGC / EMDGC Spots Distribution and Registration Rules
(Version 2019.2, approved by EDGF May 10, 2019, modified by EDGF BoD Aug 11, 2019)
See an example calculation based on 11/2018 data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TDAYBOxhaCYxUFBgPgvnfbNaVAmbcTAvB1Fcq-WI-K8/edit#gid=1358458358
CodeRule NameRule TextRemarks/Comments
AGeneral Rules
A1EDGC and EMDGCThese rules govern distribution of the spots for European Disc Golf Championship (EDGC) and European Masters Disc Golf Championship (EMDGC) governed by European Disc Golf Federation (EDGF).
A2Approval of Spot DistributionEDGF represented by its Board of Directors approves the spot distribution for both EDGC and EMDGC upon a recommendation of the Joint EDGF - PDGA Europe European Championship Committee (ECC). The final decision of EDGF is not restricted by these rules.
A3Data Used for Spot DistributionECC evaluates the distribution of all spots based on the calculation described in this document using the EDGF player census data.
A4EDGF Census Data 2020For 2020 EDGC/EMDGC the EDGF player census data are the current official PDGA ratings of active PDGA members evaluated on the day of calculation, the data source http://pdga-europe.com/country-statistics/Data covering whole players field in each country may be used if reliable data will be available in the future.
In all calculations the following guidelines are used for calculation of number of players satisfying any specified particular criteria (players age is always evaluated at the moment of calculation):
MPO - all male players 19+ years old,
FPO - all female players 19+ years old,
MJ18 - all male players 13-18 years old,
FJ18 - all female players 13-18 years old,
MP40 - all male players 40-49 years old,
FP40 - all female players 40-49 years old,
MP50 - all male players 50-59 years old,
FP50 - all female players 50+ years old,
MP60 - all male players 60-64 years old,
MP65 - all male players 65+ years old.
A5EDGF General AssemblyEDGF General Assembly has a right to change the spots distribution at latest 12 months before the event start and at the latest 60 days after the EDGF BoD publishes its spot distribution for the particular event.In case EDGF member countries are not satisfied with the spot distribution EDGF General Assembly may decide on a different spot distribution, if the decision is made by the deadline.
A6Player EligibilityGeneral eligibility requirements for players, country group assignment, competition divisions, rights and responsibilities of EDGF and of national disc golf governing bodies (NDDGBs), and players are specified in the EDGF EDGC/EMDGC Format and Standards (F&S).
A7EDGF Player RepresentativeEDGF nominates event specific EDGF Player Representative (PR) who officially represents players from countries in European Countries Group II and III for each event.
A8Players approval by NDGGBAll players participating at EDGC/EMDGC must be approved by their NDGGB (Group I) or by PR (Groups II-III); they must fulfill all eligibility requirements specified in F&S, and also all further eligibility requirements imposed by these rules.
A9RegistrationThe details of the registration process are specified in the Section I of these rules.
BTeam Captains
B1Team Captains Group IEach NDGGB (Group I) nominates a team captain for the event by the deadline imposed by EDGF. One team captain can serve for both EDGC/EMDGC in case of a joint event.
B2Team Captains Group II-IIIIf eligible players from Group II-III countries officially contact PR by the imposed deadline, PR appoints respective team captains
B3Responsibilities of Team CaptainsTeam Captains are responsible for communication of event local organizing committee (LOC) and EDGF event related information to their players and NDGGBs during the registration and during the whole duration of the event.
B4Registration by Team CaptainsOnly team captains can register players representing their respective country for the event, and also only they can nominate players for individual spots.
CSpots: General
C1Types of SpotsThere are two types of spots awarded for EDGC/EMDGC: individual and national.
C2Division Specific SpotsEach awarded spot is division specific, i.e., it can only be used for the division for which it was issued.
C3Payment DeadlineAll spots need to be paid by the imposed deadline (including unnamed national spots), otherwise they are released for redistribution to the waiting list.
DDivision Quota
D1Distribution of Spots Between DivisionsSpots for divisions are distributed based on a calculation that takes into account the total number of eligible players in each division in Europe and also the total number of competitive players in each division in Europe, weight of both factors is 50%.
D2Minimum PDGA RatingsThe minimum PDGA ratings to determine the total number of eligible players and the total number of competitive players are specified in F&S and in Section H of these rules.
D3Minimal Division SizeThe division quota is also subject of the minimum size. The minimum size for each division is specified in Section H4 of these rules.
D4Exponential Law for Division SizesThe spots for divisions are awarded geometrically (exponentially), with 3-times more spots for 10-times more players (EDGC) and 2-times more spots for 10-times more players (EMDGC).
DIndividual Spots
E1Number of Individual SpotsThe number of individual spots in each division is specified in the division quota and it is calculated as the total division quota minus the number of national spots.
E2Types of Individual SpotsIndividual spots are awarded to individual players based on two criteria: (i) spots for current European disc golf champions, and (ii) spots for the nominated players for the event with the highest current PDGA rating at the time of distribution of the spots.
E3Maximum Number of Individual Spots in Division per CountryFor each division there is a division specific maximum number of individual spots per country in the division that is specified in the division quota. The spots for current champions are not counted towards the maximum number.
E4Current European ChampionsAll current European disc golf champions are awarded individual spots in the division in which they earned their title. If such players are not anymore eligible due to age restrictions to play in the division, they will be awarded spots in the next division for older aged players, i.e., former *J18 players will be awarded spots in *PO. Also current European Champions eligible to play in a masters age division different from the division in which they earned their title may move their individual spot to the higher age division, i.e., *P40 players to *P50, etc. These spots are awarded to players without any further restrictions except for an approval of the players by their NDGGB and general player eligibility rules specified in F&S.
E5Nominated Players with Highest PDGA RatingPlayers (with the exception specified in E4) can be awarded individual spots if they fulfill these requirements: (i) their PDGA country agrees with the country for which they are nominated, and (ii) they are approved by their NDGGB and they are active players, i.e., they have played at least 4 events and 10 PDGA rated rounds over the last 12 month (including recent rounds and events with unofficial ratings, excluding rounds with less that 13 holes) OR they have a strong history of recent play, i.e., they have played at least 12 events and 30 PDGA rated rounds over the last 36 months. All dates are with respect to the the date of the opening of the event registration.
E6Period for Public Control of List of Nominated PlayersThe list of nominated players for individual spots is published at the latest when the phase for nomination of players for individual spots ends. Players have then 7 days period to contact their NDGGBs and team captains to obtain additional nomination. These players can also contact PR to to provide a communication mean with their NDGGB. Provision allowing players who are forgotten or omitted to apply for additional nomination within their NDGGB.
E7Award of Individual Spots and Creation of Waiting ListAfter the 7 days period specified in E6 ends, the list of nominated players is freezed, no other players can be added to the list. The current European champions are put on the top of the list and all other nominated players are sorted by their current PDGA rating. The players up to the individual quota for the division are awarded the spots subject to the maximum number of spots per country in the particular division. All other players are put on the waiting list for the division individual spots sorted in the same order. No further nominations are allowed.
E8Tie-BreakersIn case of players with the same current PDGA rating the tie is broken by the higher PDGA rating at the last rating update when the players had different ratings (no rating counts as 0 for this purpose), in case such a rating is unavailable for some of the players, the lower PDGA number breaks the tie.
E9Spots Awarded for Waiting List PlayersPlayers from the waiting list are awarded any available individual spots before the event in the order of the waiting list.
E10Empty Individual Spots Waiting List If the waiting list is empty, the individual spot is allocated to national spots waiting list.
E11Empty Waiting List in DivisionIf both waiting lists are empty, the spot may be reallocated to other division, subject to an approval of EDGF.
FNational Spots
F1Number of National SpotsThe number of national spots for each country in each division is specified in the division quota.
F2Division with National SpotsNational spots are awarded only in some divisions, i.e. they are not awarded in small divisions and in divisions with only a few countries with eligible players.
F32020 Divisions with National SpotsFor 2020 the divisions with national spots are MPO, FPO, MJ18 (EDGC), MP40, FP40 (EMDGC). In all other divisions only individual spots are awarded. Divisions with national spots must reserve a large number of spots for national spots. It is impossible to award national spots in all divisions due to event total size restrictions (10 divisions, 28 countries in Group I)
F4Exponential Law for National Spots Distribution for Countries Group IThe spots are distributed to European countries Group I geometrically (exponentially) based on a division specific parameter p. That means one national spot is awarded to countries with at least 1 (one) eligible player in the division, two national spots are awarded to countries with at least p eligible players, three national spots are awarded to countries with at least p^(3/2) eligible players, four national spots are awarded to countries with at least p^2 eligible players, etc.
A special rule is used in divisions MP40 and FP40. If a country in European Countries Group I does not have an eligible player in age group 40-49 but has an older male or female eligible player the country is awarded one national spot in MP40 or FP40 division, respectively.
Note that p^(1/2) is skipped.
Example: if p is equal to 25 for a certain division, that means that countries with 1-24 players in the division will receive 1 national spot for the division, countries with 25-124 players in the division will receive 2 national spots for the division, countries with 125-624 players in the division will receive 3 national spots for the division, 625-3124 - 4 spots, etc.
F5Calculation of Parameter for National Spots DistributionThe parameter p in F4 is calculated in such a way that the total number of eligible players in Europe is divided by the total number of countries with eligible players (including the special rule in F4) subtracted from the total division quota, i.e. p characterizes how many players on average there are per one extra spot over one spot per country with eligible players. The minimum possible value of p is 8. The minimum value means that at least 8 players in small divisions in a country are necessary for an extra spot for the country. The expected values are MPO (40), FPO (14), MJ18 (11), MP40 (43), FP40 (8).
F6Distribution of National Spots and Waiting ListBased on this calculation, national spots are distributed to individual countries and also the waiting list is created for national spots based on the ordering of countries according to the closest values to reach next spot.
F7National Spots Countries Group II-IIIEuropean Countries Group II-III will be awarded one national spot total per event (EDGC and EMDGC, two spots in case of a joint event), these spots may be awarded only in divisions with national spots. Their players need to fulfill the general eligibility rules, and they must be nominated by the team captain appointed by the PR. For that these players need to contact PR within the specified registration period.
F8Extra National Spots for Hosting NDDGBThe hosting NDGGB will be awarded one extra spot in all divisions with national spots 1 x MPO, 1 x FPO, 1 x MJ18 (EDGC), and 1 x MP40, 1 x FP40 (EMDGC) and also one extra spot per event and per gender for all other divisions 1 x FJ18 (EDGC), 1 x FP50, 1 x MP50/MP60/MP65 (EMDGC), i.e. a total of 4 extra spots for EDGC and 4 extra spots for EMDGC. These spots will be added to the number of national spots, i.e. in each division in which the organizing country will claim its spot, the number of national spots will be increased by one.The hosting NDGGB is encouraged to award the extra national spots to local players and consult the choice with the event local organizing committee.
F9Total Number of National SpotsThe total number of national spots is calculated as the sum of the national spots awarded to individual countries. If the number of national spots exceeds the total number of spots in a division (minus possible spots for current European Champions) the values of p is continuously decreased to a minimal value that removes such a conflict. The formula enforces that the number of national spots should not exceed the total division quota. The extra provision should not be needed if players are not distributed in an extremely special way.
F10NDGGB Criteria for National Spots NDGGBs publish the criteria for distribution of their national spots by the deadline imposed by F&S.
F11Allocation of National SpotsTeam captains allocate the national spots awarded for their respective countries according to the criteria according to section F10. They provide full names and PDGA numbers and all other registration data of all players with any type of spots from their country including players that will later fill unnamed spots. All such players need to satisfy all eligibility requirements of F&S and their PDGA country must agree with the country they will represent at EDGC/EMDGC.
F12Unnamed National SpotsNational spots can remain unnamed until 14 days before the event. NDGGB can award some national spots only 14 days before the event, to reflect the current players results.
F13Replacement of Players with National SpotsIn case players with national spots cancel participation at the event or the players with allocated national spots are awarded individual spots from the waiting list, they can be replaced by next players in agreement with the national criteria by team captain as long as they fulfill all eligibility requirements and their PDGA country agrees with the country they represent at EDGC/EMDGC.
F14Unfilled National SpotsIf a country does not fill its national spot in a division, the spot is awarded as a national spot to the first country on the waiting list in the division.
F15Empty National Spots Waiting ListIf the waiting list is empty, the national spot is allocated to individual spots waiting list. If both waiting lists are empty, the rule in Section E11 applies.
GDoubles Spots
G1Event Total Doubles Capacity and Event Doubles DivisionsAs specified by F&S.Currently 36 pairs, i.e., 72 players per event (EDGC and EMDGC). Pairs will be competing at 2020 EDGC in divisions: open and mixed (no women doubles division), and at EMDGC in divisions that will be specified within the division size announcement for the event.
G2Event National Doubles SpotsEach country participating at the event with at least two (2) eligible players (event players, event substitute players, event team captains) can nominate one pair in the division of their choice. An event extra national doubles spot to fill the total event doubles capacity will be awarded based on the following criteria: the highest total number of the individual event players from a country (EDGC or EMDGC excluding event substitute players and event non-playing team captains).
In each doubles division only one pair per country can participate and all doubles spots are awarded subject to availability of eligible event doubles players (including divisions) from the given country.
G3Event Waiting List for National Doubles SpotsAny available unfilled event doubles spots are always immediately reallocated to the event doubles waiting list. The event doubles waiting list is created based on the criteria in G2. The countries without extra event national doubles spots are sorted accordingly and placed on the event waiting list for the event extra national doubles spots followed by the sorted countries with the event extra national spots that may be eligible for an additional event extra national doubles spot, and them periodically.
G4Tie-Breaker for National Doubles SpotsIn case of a tie for an award of the event extra doubles spot the higher combined PDGA rating of top male and top female event players from the tied countries decides. If a country does not have an eligible male or female player to evaluate this criteria the PDGA rating of the missing player for the purpose of this tie-breaker rule is set to 0. In case of a further tie the lower sum of PDGA numbers of top male and top female players decides. If a country does not have an eligible male or female player to evaluate this criteria the PDGA number of the missing player for the purpose of this tie-breaker rule is set to 1,000,000.
G5Naming of Players for Doubles CompetitionThe event team captain must nominate the doubles players at the latest at 20:00 (local time) on the day before the event doubles competition. The names of the players need to be communicated to the Tournament Director and the the EDGF Event Representative either by an email or in a written form. Any unnamed spots will be distributed to the waiting list after the deadline. In case of the unforeseen circumstances, the players can be replaced by other players from the same country that are eligible to participate in the same doubles division up until one hour before the start of the doubles competition. Any such change must be communicated to the Tournament Director immediately.
H1Total Event CapacityTotal Event Capacity: EDGC 180, EMDGC 120As specified by Format & Standards.
H2Minimal Player PDGA RatingMin. PDGA rating for a player to be eligible: 800 (MP*), 600 (FP*), no limits for MJ18 and FJ18. As set by Format & Standards,the number estimates the total number of active players in Europe in a division.
H3Minimal Competitive Player PDGA RatingMin. PDGA rating to determine the number of competitive players in a division: MJ18 (925), FJ18 (825), MPO (950), FPO (850), MP40 (925), FP40 (825). MP50 (900), FP50 (800), MP60 (875), MP65 (850) Minimum levels are systematically decreasing 25 points/age group; the difference between M and F divisions is always 100. MJ18/MPO had approx. the same average statistics at 2018 EDGC. For FJ18 not enough data.
H4Minimal Division SizeMin. division size: MJ18 (32), FJ18 (8), MPO (80), FPO (36), MP40 (40), FP40 (28). MP50 (24), FP50 (4), MP60 (4), MP65 (4) MJ18, MPO, FPO, MP40 and FP40 have National Spots.
Approx. 2020 EDGC / EMDGCTime to start of the eventGovernance BodyReminders sent out
08/20191 year
I1Evaluation and publication of PDGA current membership data EC Committee
I2Control of membership data by NDGGB (12 days)NDGGB
I3Calculation of distribution of the spots between divisions EC Committee
I4Calculation of coefficients for each division EC Committee
I5Calculation of National Spots Quota for all countries, including waiting lists EC Committee
I6Approval of the National Spots QuotaEDGF BoD
I7Publication of the National spots quota with waiting lists: EDGF website and email to EDGC Country Representatives EDGF GS
I8Appointment of the EDGF Players Representative (EDGF PR)EDGF BoD
I9Publication of a general call for European players to contact their NDGGB or EDGF PR in case NDGGB does not exist in the country EDGF GS
09/201911 months
I10Nomination of team captains (TC) by NDGGB in countries Group INDGGBs-7 days, - 1 day
I11Claiming a spot for Countries Group II-III at EDGF PR ind. players
I12Acknowledgment of acceptance of national spots quota (not an official registration only a check, spots not officially claimed by individual countries are redistributed)NDGGBs
I13Appointment of any eventual team captains from countries Group II-IIIEDGF PR- 7 days, -1 day
Right afterward
I14Calculation of individual spots quota for all divisions EC Committee
I15Publication of individual spots quota: EDGF website and email to EDGF Country Representatives EDGF GS
I16Publication of the list of the current European champions with individual spots, also TCs of the respective countries are contactedEDGF PR/GS
11/20199 months
I17Nomination of players for Individual Spots and check of their eligibilityTCs / NDGGBs-14 days, -7 days - 1 day
I18Publication of the list of players nominated for Individual SpotsEDGF PR/GS
I19Publication of a general call for players to check their statusEDGF GS
Right afterward
I20One week period during which players who were not nominated for individual spots can contact their NDGGB; TC can nominate omitted players for individual spots during this period Players / TCs
Right afterward
I21Distribution of Individual Spots based on the then current PDGA ratingEC Committee
I22Publication of the list of players with an individual spot (including waiting list that is fixed from this point on); TCs are contacted EDGF GS/PR
02/20206 months
I23Registration of players for the event, both for individual spots and national spots, and also substitute players (national spots and substitute players spots do not need to have name, i.e. a country can register a spot without a name)TCs
I24Indication whether the country is interested in receiving a particular waiting list spot - individual or national TCs, EDGF PR keeps evidence-14 days, - 7 days, - 1 day