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TimestampReviewerCigar NumberAppearance [Score]Appearance NotesAroma [Score]Aroma NotesConstruction [Score]Construction Notes1/3 Flavor [Score]1/3 Strength1/3 Body/Complexity1/3 Notes2/3 Flavor [Score]2/3 Strength2/3 Body/Complexity2/3 Notes3/3 Flavor [Score]3/3 Strength3/3 Body/Complexity3/3 NotesDraw [Score]Draw NotesBurn [Score]Burn NotesOverall Experience [Score]Overall NotesSmoking time
8/10/2013 19:37:57Milton (mjohnsoniii)3392The appearance of this cigar alone denotes quality. With what appears to be a twisted or pigtail type cap and closed foot has me excited about firing this one up. It's maduro wrapper is virtually seamless.89The aroma exudes leather which is by far the dominant scent. There is also what I think moss would smell like. I guess I could say maybe grass in the early morning.93The construction of this cigar seems to be top notch. the wrapper is perfectly rolled with no defects (that I can see) and the double cap (which the way this cigar appears would make me think it would have a triple cap) is applied with complete precision. Let's fire this baby up...90Medium-StrongMediumThis cigar started out with a blast of pepper and spices. While I'm not a huge fan of peppery notes, this combined with spice and a certain sweetness (common in maduro wrapped stogies) is reminiscent of dark chocolate. The smoke it produces is thick and creamy.92Medium-StrongMedium-FullAlthough pretty flaky, the ash is strong and has held on up to this point. The sweet flavors tasted earlier has now changed to cocoa and is tasting good as ever. It still has quite a bit of spiciness and the burn has veered off of it's razor sharp path but this continues to be a pretty solid smoke overall.91Medium-StrongMedium-FullThe ash finally fell after two thirds of the cigar. That's awesome! The flavors have continued to evolve. I'm now detecting notes of chocolate and caramel with a bit of espresso in the mix. The spiciness is till very prominent making this small cigar a virtual powerhouse. There is still tons of creamy smoke even with a fan blowing in the foreground. I don't see this being an ultra premium stick but well worth an average price tag.93This cigar smoked very well from beginning to end. The draw had a little resistance that allowed me enjoy it without it burning hot at any given point.88The first and final thirds burned like a dream while the majority of the second third burned relatively wacky before it evened itself out.89This was a good cigar. Not great, but good. It had moments that almost made it great but those were only brief moments. I give this one a thumbs up and would definitely try it again but wouldn't go all out to find it if the local B&M ran out.80
8/20/2013 17:27:43Emmett (rhetorik)3394This cigar is a rustic but solid looking maduro. I quite enjoy it's appearance with its shaggy foot and pigtail cap. The coloring is very dark and very even across the wrapper.97This thing has a great aroma with some pepper, cognac, and sweet tobaco.90Construction looks solid, my only complaint is a few veins and a slightly off-center pigtail.95Medium-StrongMedium-FullSome spicy pepper spice to start, but that mellows out quickly. Once it settles in the flavors are very earthy with some coffee mixed in and graphite on the long finish. 96Medium-StrongFullComing into this third I'm picking up an oak flavor working towards the front. To go along with that now are very dark coffee maybe espresso and very dark cocoa. The finish is still earthy and long. Towards the end of the third I'm getting a nice leather in the smoke and the finish, it's becoming quite complex and very enjoyable.92Medium-StrongMediumThe wood becomes a little papery in this third, but the core flavors of earth, leather, and espresso still dominate nicely. Towards the end the flavors all become a little bitter, but not enough to make it unpleasant, just detract a little.95The draw was great throughout, just a little on the tight side.89The burn kept wanting to wander just a little, requiring a few touch-ups, but nothing major.94This is a great cigar, and if I don't have a box already they are totally worth it at the right price. This is a cigar for the experienced smoker given its strength and complexity. If you like strong maduros in a petite corona format, this is your cigar.60
8/21/2013 16:24:23Nicholas (volpow61)3395Appearence is taht of a nice corona sized stick with a raised cap that almost come to a point. Down to the shaggy foot with little to no veins on the stick. It looks very interesting.90Aroma is that of an earthy kinda cocoa smell that is a little sharp to the nose. 95Construction is near perfect little to no flaws what so ever 94Medium-StrongMedium-FullThrough the first third iam getting some spice and eatrhyness also with a nice sweet meatyness as well the stick has a little gritty feel in the mouth but startin off very nice 94MediumMediumThrough the second third spice dies down to a sweeter kinda citrus flavor almost like a sweet grape flavor along with a touch of meatyness. 94Medium-StrongMedium-FullThrough the final third spice picks back upa touch also does the meatyness. The sweetness that i have gotten throught the stick fades a bit in this third. A nice finish to this pleasent stick 90Good draw a little firm but not a problem 95Burn was straight and even the whole way through 93Overall this was a fantastic smoke great flavors from start to finish. Has a nice amout of flavor changes as well a nice punch with the spice that brings this stick together nicely. For me this stick was right in my wheelhouse that gave a me a great smoking experience. I would definatly grab more. 62
7/20/2013 16:25:35Ian (Sp@rky426)3397Very nice dark wrapper, oily sheen with a ragged foot. 86Nothing particular sticks out for me.96No noticeable soft or hard spots, prelight draw unrestricted. Looking forward to this smoke.87MediumMedium-FullBANG! Pepper and leather and wood. Not in the throat but on the tongue rather. Cocoa in there very faint.92Medium-StrongMedium-FullThis thing delivers a punch, there is still the pepper and leather and wood but a slight sweetness to the smoke that is pleasurable. 96Medium-StrongMedium-FullI feel like the pepper dies down and wood and leather are on the exhale. 97Flawless from the start. Plumes of smoke I'm mostly familiar with a certain brand. 86With a relight and a weak flaky ash, the cigar didn't shine in this department.92Overall this was a good cigar with maybe some more time on it I would enjoy again. Flavor was nice but pepper stood out for me and its not something I'm a fan of. But box worthy or a fiver to age sounds good.90
6/12/2013 9:04:31Ron (shuckins)3390great looking cigar,nice dark oily wrapper90rich coffee and leather smell90i like the closed foot and pig tail style it's rolled in87Medium-StrongMedium-Fullpepper with a woodsy tasting tobacco that's a little harsh on light up.
coffee and leather joined in at the end of the first third to help take a little of the harshness away
88Medium-StrongMedium-Fulla little more leather has joined the coffee. the woodsy tasting tobacco still has a bite to it,along with a pepper kick,that gives a burn when i retrohale,so i don't think i'll be doing that again..lol88Medium-StrongMedium-Fullno real change in flavors,and i was hoping there would be.
leather comes and goes,as the coffee,pepper and woodsy tasting tobacco become the stars of the show
90draw was very good,although the smoke was hot at times90the burn was very good,never even thought of touching it up87I enjoyed parts of the cigar,but it had a harshness and a bitter bite to it at times that kept me from enjoying it all. I would like to revisit it again,just to make sure it's the cigar,and not me.70
Real Average949093917.17.1927.17.5927.57.193909172
Standard Deviation34341131130133313
Milton (mjohnsoniii)928993907.5FALSE927.57.5917.57.593888980
Emmett (rhetorik)94FALSE90957.57.5FALSE7.5FALSE927.5FALSE95899460
Nicholas (volpow61)959095947.57.594FALSEFALSE947.57.590FALSE9362
Ian (Sp@rky426)97869687FALSE7.5927.57.5FALSE7.57.5FALSEFALSE92FALSE
Ron (shuckins)FALSE9090877.57.5FALSE7.57.5FALSE7.57.59090FALSE70
Adjusted Average958993917.57.5937.57.5927.57.592899268
Overall Strength7.50
Overall Body7.50
Total Score92
Initial ImpressionsMan O' War | Puro Authentico Maduro
Appearance:95Vital Stats:
Aroma:89Vitola:Peitie Corona
First ThirdRing Gauge:42
Flavor:91Country of Origin:Nicaragua
Strength:Medium-StrongWrapper:Habano Maduro
Second ThirdFiller:Nicaragua
Flavor:93Factory:Tabacalera Fernandez
Strength:Medium-StrongBlender:AJ Fernandez
Body/Complexity:Medium-FullNumber of reviewers:5Milton (mjohnsoniii)Emmett (rhetorik)Nicholas (volpow61)Ian (Sp@rky426)Ron (shuckins)
Final ThirdPrice:$6.00
Strength:Medium-StrongContributed by:
Overall Impressions
Overall Strength:Medium-Strong
Overall Body/Complexity:Medium-Full
Overall Experience:92
Smoking Time (in minutes):68
Total Score:92
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