American Sign Language (ASL) Honor SocietyTwice per month,
see sponsor
See Sponsor114All Grades$30 fee. ASLHS provides service to the school and community while promoting the American Sign Language and culture.Rochelle Fontaine and Aaron Fontaine
Anime ClubThursdays3:00-4:00 PMC204All Grades$30 fee. Watch Anime, play games, and have fun with people that have similar interests. Even if kids have never watched Anime, they're welcome to join us to hang out and learn more.Mike Weldon
Archery ClubEvery Other Thursday3:30-4:30 PMRon King Trail, Littleton, CO 80125, or C122All GradesNo fee. The Grizzly Archery Club is meant for both experts looking to sharpen their skills or beginners looking for a place to start shooting. Find more information on their website. Student Sponsor: Griffin WittyChris Hecker and John Warden
BBQ ClubThursday3:00 PMD20511th & 12th$30 fee. Introduce and cultivate love of BBQ. Hope to compete some day. Must be enrolled in ProStart
to attend.
Heather Carnes
BroadcastingTues, Thurs, and FridaySee SponsorE204All GradesNo fee. To create content that will inform and entertain the TRHS population. Additionally, to develop skills needed for digital broadcast careers and activities. Gives a creative outlet for students to express themselves as well as be part of the TRHS community. The program helps to give technical skills for broadcasting and production as well as life skills which include interviewing, collaboration and time management.Jason Mercado
Bullet Journaling ClubLast Weds
of the Month
7:00 - 7:35 AME203All GradesNo fee. To practice the art of bullet journaling. Students will practice organizational and time management skills. Student Sponsor: Tara Van HeusenOlivia Holland
Casual Video GamingThursdays, twice
per month
3:00 - 4:00 PMF202All GradesNo fee. To connect students who share a love of video gaming and video game culture. This will be a casual drop in/out club with occasional tournaments. Student Sponsors: Tristan Jones and Josh NeillGreg Kane
Chess ClubTues and Weds3:00-4:00 PMLibrary (Tues)
E107 (Weds)
All GradesNo fee. To provide a place for students to pursue chess in whatever aspect(s) they wish: to play the game casually, to play competitively, to learn how to play, to improve their play, or to have fun. Student Sponsors: Gabe Wardall and Jake Fredericks Paul Rafac
Cinema Club1st and 3rd Mondays each Month3:00 PMC103All GradesNo fee. To learn about the history of movie-making. Each week will focus on a new aspect of filmmaking for that time period. Student Sponsor: Teddy DawsonKyle Pederson
Creative Writing ClubTwice per month,
see sponsor
See SponsorE211All GradesNo fee. To provide an outlet for student-based creative works where students can read and critique one another's work. Twice per month, we will meet either before or after school. We’ll share writing successes and “not-so-successes” and search for contests to enter. Student Sponsor: Kaitlyn SarverAnthonette Klinkerman
Desire to LeadSee SponsorSee SponsorWeight RoomAll GradesNo fee. Developing leadership skills in student-athletes to help improve the culture.Mark Carnes
Disc Golf and
Ultimate Frisbee
Wednesdays3:00 PMMeet at the Disc
Golf Basket by C lot
All GradesNo fee. Will learn the basics of throwing a disc and learn the rules of competition in one or both sports. Students can plan to play somewhere over the weekend.. Student Sponsor: Connor Brandt. First meeting is 10/5/22.Zachary Burridge
DECAIn ClassIn ClassIn ClassAll Grades$30 fee. Students practice skills in class in real world situations through role plays and written events.Gen Bennett
eSportsWednesdays3:00-5:00 PMLibraryAll Grades$120-125 fee. Establish an eSports team sponsored through CHSAA. Provide a competitive outlet for students who enjoy playing video games. Participation committment for one semester.Nick Bidinger
Family, Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)Twice per month,
see sponsor
7:10 AMC213All Grades$30 fee. Student led organization to build FACS skills and leadership. Compete at state and national level.Bailey Williamson
Fellowship of Abrahamic Students at ThunderRidge (FAST)Thursdays3:00-4:00 PME103All GradesNo fee. To bring together Muslim, Jewish and Christian students. Will discuss what stories in the Bible/Quran mean and pray for each other. Will offer opportunities for community service. Student Sponsor: Carter PetersenBecca Eggleston
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)Tuesdays7:00 AMPost Grad Center (in Library)All GradesNo fee. For students to receive encouragement and support in their faith, as well as look for opportunities to demonstrate kindness, love, compassion and care to the student body and TRHS Community. Student Sponsor: Payton WininghamJennifer Szilagyi
French National Honor Society (FNHS) 3rd Friday of each month7:15 AME20310th, 11th, and 12th$30 fee. We provide service to the school and community while promoting the French language and culture.Olivia Holland
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)Wednesdays, once per month7:15 AME217All Grades$30 fee. FBLA inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.Gen Bennett
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)Fridays3:00-4:00 PMPost Grad Center (in Library)All GradesNo fee. School-provided safe space for LGBTQ high schoolers and allies. Students and allies alike meet to discuss current issues and attend activities that help to promote equity and unity for anyone who belongs to or supports the Community.David Rauh
Grizzly ConnectSecond Thursday
of the month
See SponsorC103All GradesNo fee. To integrate new students to ThunderRidge, provide them with a brief orientation and any necessary support systems. Student Sponsor: Skylar StaderKyle Pederson
Highlands Ranch Junior Cycling Team (HRJC)Practices: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 5:00-7:00 PMN/AAll GradesFees to participate. All information can be found on the website. The locations change but typically start at Mountain Vista High School west lot and Rock Canyon High School
HOSATBDTBDF203All Grades$30 fee. HOSA - Future Health Professionals. To provide students with an interest in healthcare careers an opportunity to explore that area as well as career opportunities. Student Sponsors: Tara Van Heusen & Madison LawrensonJulie Blue
International Thespian SocietyCheck the call board (outside B213) or listen to announcements for future meetingsSee board (B213) or sponsorAuditoriumAll Grades$30 fee. Students practice skills in class in real world situations through role plays and written events. There are so many ways to be involved in theatre. Kids can audition to be an actor in the show, or they can tech backstage. Teaching includes building sets, costumes, lights, sound, painting, and props. WebsiteKylene Hurley
Judo/Jiu-JitsuTuesdays and Thursdays3:00-4:15 PMWrestling RoomAll GradesNo fee. Fitness and Mental health. Runs from August - October 2022.Matt Paisley
Key Club2nd & 4th Fridays
of the month
See SponsorMobile #4All Grades$30 fee. This club brings more community service and awareness to our school and will bring a sense of pride, integrity, and gratitude to the students. Student Sponsor: Sreehitha SajjaJoey Cohen
Knitting & Crochet ClubTuesdays7:00 AME217All Grades$10 fee. It's a happy, easy going club to help kids connect and learn an old and comforting craft. Any student can join knitting and crochet club, regardless of experience. Come by, and we'll share our supplies and knowledge!Gen Bennett and Debbie Quintana
Link CrewWeeklySee SponsorE20911th & 12th$20 fee. We provide support to the new freshman class each year! (Application process each spring, open to sophomores and juniors for the following school year.)Tatum Sullivan and Penny Lynch
Marching BandMonday/WednesdayTBDB210All grades$300 fee. Participate in Marching Band SeasonAdam Terry
Marine Biology ClubTuesdays, twice per month3:00 PME104All gradesNo fee. To study marine biology and create awareness about the environment around us. We will be working with Oceans First Institute to monitor microplastic pollution in our waterway. Student Sponsor: Mitchell PolutchkoCaleb Rice
Mock TrialWeekly TBDC217All grades$30 fee.To learn about law and compete against other schools in a trial based competition. Allow students to compete academically and learn about career options. Eric Allmendinger
Model United NationsWednesdays3:00-4:00 PMC112All grades$30 fee. Model United Nations is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. Students will compete in competitions across the state roughly once a month. Through Model UN, you will develop skills in researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.Andy Nolen and David Carroll
Mu Alpha ThetaSee SponsorSee SponsorF206All grades$10 fee. To promote advanced math at TRHS. Students will participate in a variety of math activities and compete in math competitions. Student Sponsor: Carter WareTory Mansfield
National Art Honor Society (NAHS)Thursdays3:00-4:30 PMC123All Grades$30 fee. Community Service, Personal Art Projects, Growth as Artists. Student Sponsers: Kyla Bott and Sam GarzaDarcy DeAno
National Honor Society (NHS)Once a month6:30-7:30 PMLibrary 11th & 12th$30 fee. Meeting dates: 8/31, 9/28, 10/26, 11/30, 1/25, 2/22, 3/22, and 4/19. Board President: Skye Henley WebsiteJennifer Sproul
National Spanish Honor Society (NSHS)Tuesdays, twice per month7:10 AMMobile #311th & 12th$30 fee. Dedicated to promoting the study of the Spanish language and the culture of Hispanic countries. Student Sponsor: Connor TarbertAnne Halliday
NewspaperOdd/All Days3rd PeriodC220All GradesNo fee. Release a newspaper covering current events and interests of the school and students. Jason Mercado
PeaceJamTuesdays3:00-4:00 PMC203All Grades$40 fee. Service related to environmental and social justice. Maintains Grizzly Garden and rain garden.Stephanie Mills
Philosophy ClubThursday3:00-4:00 PMLibraryAll GradesNo fee. Spark intellectual interest and meaning making. To foster curiosity and allow for mental enrichment.David Rauh
ProStartWednesdays3:00-4:00 PMD20511th &12th$30 fee. Promote ProStart, cater outside events, and competition. Heather Carnes
Rock Climbing ClubMondays and Wednesdays3:45-5:15 PMUbergrippen
in Castle Rock
All Grades$30 fee. This is a club for any level of rock climber. We have total beginners and students who have been climbing for years. We will teach you everything you need to know, and you have the option to compete against students from other schools.Meghan Albright, Chris Hannaford,
and Sam Campfield
Speech and DebateWednesday3:00-4:30 PME204All Grades$100 Fee. Work on public speaking and debate skills as well as competitions vs other schools. This is a CHSAA sanctioned activity.Jason Mercado
Student Coalition for Racial Equality (SCORE)Mondays3:00-4:00 PMPost Grad Center (in Library)All GradesNo fee. SCORE’s main purpose is to help start the conversation pertaining to racism, microaggressions, black history, and the experience of students at ThunderRidge High School. Student Sponsor: Emmi SullivanEric Valerio and Kim Evans
Student GovernmentSee SponsorSee SponsorC118All GradesNo fee. Leadership development. WebsiteThomas Sullivan
SWENext1st Thursday of the Month3:00-4:00 PMD200All GradesNo fee. SWENext is a way for high school students to become part of the Society of Women Engineers and the engineering and technology community. Join us to be part of an inclusive community, get homework help, find scholarship opportunities, ask questions to current college students, and explore STEM careers. Student Sponsor: Vanessa WatsonLara Deal
Tabletop Gaming ClubTuesdays3:00-4:00 PMLibraryAll Grades$10 fee. Play any non-electronic, school appropriate game. Members usually bring their own games, such as D&D, Battleship, Uno, Risk, etc. Meet new people, nerd out, have fun! Student Sponsor: Vanessa WatsonStephanie Sjoland
Technology Student Association (TSA)Thursdays3:00 PMC217All Grades$45 fee. This club works on group technology and engineering projects to compete in the state conference in February.Eric Allmendinger
Tri-M Music Honor SocietyBiweeklyTBDB210/B20210th, 11th, 12thNo fee. Tri-M stands for Modern Music Masters and is a club for all music students to get together and enjoy sharing their passion for music! This club was started to encourage the Band, Orchestra, and Choir students to work together and promote collaboration and empathy in our community through music.Ryan Wolterstorff and Adam Terry
Twisted Page Book ClubMondays3:00-3:30 PMLibraryAll GradesNo fee. To share a love of reading, find new books, and talk about books. Everyone is welcome, even if they haven't read the book. Student Sponsor: Tara Van HeusenStephanie Sjoland
Unified1st Tuesday of the Month3:00 PMD209All Grades$30 fee. Our club is all about inclusion and provides leadership opportunities for all students. We plan after school activities once a month where we go and have fun and build friendships with our students with intellectual and physical disabilities.Sam Wheatley and Ashley Ives
Welding ClubTuesdays, twice per month3:00 PMF210All Grades$30 fee. This club will support students with time to work on welding or expand interest into Skills USA competitions. Meetings will include time for welding in booths or fabrication of personal and group projects.Oscar Chaparro
YearbookEven/All Days2nd PeriodC220All GradesNo fee. Create Yearbook. This is a year-long elective.Sarah Luebking