Name (first and last)Stage Name or Group Name (if applicable)Email AddressPhone NumberWebsiteBrief Description of Virtual ProgrammingType of ProgramIs your program interactive?Bilingual Programming AvailableSINGLE Program CostAvailable Virtual Programming PlatformsAdditional Information
Michael QuadroMister Qmisterq@misterqlive.com408-966-6075www.misterqlive.comFun, live, interactive musical entertainment for babies, toddlers, young children, and older kids too! Mister Q's program containers original music, traditional children's songs, finger plays, poems, stories, and lots of movement! Show durations are between 30-45 minutes. Music and DanceLive programNo; English Only$250.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
David MagidsonBoswick The Clownboswicktheclown@gmail.com415-370-1595boswicktheclown.comBoswick's Reading show is silly and will have the children laughing out loud and interacting with their screens. The show broadcasts from "Boswick's House" a set reminiscent of Pee Wee's Playhouse. The show includes magic/juggling and a book the size of Boswick. Juggling and Circus ArtsLive programNo; English Only$275.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubePlease take a look at my youtube show "Welcome To Boswick's House"
Al SkinnerUncle AlAl@Alskinner.net916-225-5376www.Uncle-Al.comCustom Library Show both In-Person and VirtualMagicLive programNo; English Only$350.00ZoomDeveloped an amazing program for 2020, but that didn't happen (HQ!). I've adapted it to Virtual and it is even more spectacular.
Brian Scott Magician Brian Scott brian@brianscottproductions.com415-999-7084www.BrianScottProductions.com45-minute Interactive Magic show and workshop.MagicLive programNo; English Only$395.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pre-recorded options available
Andy ZamenesAndy Zbooking@andyz.com650-257-0743http://www.andyz.comMusic, Movement & Imagination with Andy Z. Performances feature music & movement and storytelling. Andy takes children on an imaginary tour of Andyland, and engages them with character voices and puppets, and music in multiple genres. Single virtual programs run 30 to 35 minutes*. Music & movement, storytelling and puppetsLive programEnglish with a few bilingual songs (Spanish, French)$250.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube*Longer virtual programs (45 to 50 minutes) available. Please inquire if interested. Pre-recorded programs are an option as well. I'm well-versed in live as well as pre-recorded virtual performance.
Christian RachowiczRicky Roo & Friends Puppet Showschris@rickyrooandfriends.com510-270-3300https://www.rickyrooandfriends.comThis is exactly the Virtual Zoom Entertainment you have been looking for in your library! SILLY, ENGAGING & EDUCATIONAL! Kids ages 2 to 8 LOVE our wacky world of puppets! Chris (preschool teacher) makes a very silly puppet show with funny songs and even PERSONALIZES it for your library. The total showtime is around 45 to 50 minutes. We have 4 different storylines (Space & Alien, Pirate & Island, Under The Sea, and Forest & Animals) and over 100 characters to choose from. This is the best entertainment for your event! We had over 2000 enthusiastic kids at our Santa Clara Library virtual event LIVE!PuppetsLive programGerman$250.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Google Meets
Eric ParthumFigmentallybooking@figmentally.com take viewers on a virtual reading adventure, where books talk, chairs dance, and invisible balls bounce around the room! Featuring circus, magic, and puppetry, our show is prerecorded, but still interactive—encouraging families to wiggle and play catch with us, and even a puppet-making workshop at the end! (34 min)Juggling and Circus Arts, Puppets, Arts & Crafts, Storytelling, MagicPre-recorded programA significant portion of the show is panlingual, great for everyone regardless of spoken language! A couple acts are in english, but very visually appealing.$200.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Website embed.We settled on making a prerecorded show because we found that live virtual shows open up far greater risk of technology glitches and mishaps and are an inconsistent and less accessible experience for viewers. Thanks for helping us to reach more families through libraries, even during the pandemic! We look forward to being able to perform live and in-person again.
Mark GriffithsMotivational Family Ventriloquistinfo@getoutyourbox.com470-509-6264www.marcgriffiths.comOutstanding virtual shows! Very funny, multi-national award winning, ventriloquist with positive messages for the whole family! Watch 90 second trailer: Family Ventriloquist Pre-recorded programNo; English Only$200.00Facebook, YouTube, MP4 uploadWatch 90 second trailer:
Jamie CoventryCoventry & Kaluzacoventryandkaluza@gmail.com510-685-6823www.coventryandkaluza.comAn interactive Zoom show which features juggling, hula hooping, music, dog tricks and comedy. Fun for children of all ages and audience participation encouraged! Additionally, we can teach a clown act or some juggling skills after the show. 30-45min.Juggling and Circus ArtsLive programWe can feature some Spanish or German$450.00Zoom, Instagram, YouTubeThank you librarians for keeping the magic alive!
Bob KanegisBob Kanegis- Story Connectionbob@storyconnection.com505-306-4476www.librarystorytelling.comHighly participatory storytelling with musical accents (accordion for live performances, harmonica for virtual performances. Duration is at the discretion of the client. I offerTraditional folktales, spiced with related natural history and travelers tales, and raise up the joys of reading and books in every performance.StorytellingLive programNo; English Only$350.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTubeWith Covid restrictions still a factor, storytelling is more important than ever. My commitment is to make my programs available to everyone who requests them in 2021. If you can afford my full fees great. It keeps the ship afloat. If you need a reduced fee, or even a gratis program I will do my best to make that happen. The old stories can guide us to find what is fair, equitable, possible and just! Library storytelling has been my passion for the past 30 years. Look for superb testimonials on my website.
Todd VictorProfessor Smartps@professorsmart.info800-829-9360www.professorsmart.infoFun Science Shows teaching basic Newtonian physics for kids. 30 - 50 minutes longScience with juggling and lots of fun, some parts pre-recordedLive programNo; English Only$400.00ZoomI have another recorded program called Unboxing Scientists of the World.
Gerardo MartinezGermar the Magiciangermagic2@aol.com925-798-5664www.germagic.netAmazing magic show (TV like show) English and or Spanish Arts & CraftsLive programEnglish/Spanish$250.00Zoom
Norman GershenzInsect Discovery Labidlmanager@savenature.org415-648-3392savenature.orgExplore the fantastic lives of beetles, millipedes, tarantulas, walking sticks, whip scorpions and more! Our presenters will introduce your group to the extraordinarily diverse world of insects and other arthropods and teach you about their key role in the web of life. Scientific observation, insect identification, and the natural history of bugs’ lives are just some of the areas we focus on. Our virtual program runs for 45 minutes to 1 hour and the cost is $200 per program. STEAMLive programEnglish/Spanish$200.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, vimeo Our presenters are knowledgeable, informative and engaging. SaveNature.Org received the World Wildlife Fund’s Conservation Award, The National Environmental Awards Council Certificate of Environmental Achievement, and Congressional Recognition from the United States Congress and Outstanding Contribution to Conservation from The Nature Conservancy. Our programs have been highlighted in Newsweek, National Geographic, Time, Scholastic News, National Geo-Kid and local print and news media such as Bay Area Backroads, Evening Magazine, and View From the Bay. Since 1988 we have focused our efforts on protecting entire ecosystems and natural communities, not just individual species, to ensure a long term conservation strategy. We raise donations and awareness for these biologically diverse ecosystems through our Adoption Programs, Conservation Meters and Insect Discovery Lab. We partner with schools, universities, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, natural history museums, and science centers worldwide to protect wildlife and nature. We work in collaboration with businesses, and corporations to ensure the conservation of ecosystems for all future generations.
Jenn Ekman and Steve SlaterThe Dilly Dalliesschoolofdrums@yahoo.com408-661-5042thedillydallies.comMusic, movement and fun! Original songs and a few covers. Length ranges from 30-60 minutes.Music and DancePre-recorded programNo; English Only$400.00YouTubeJenn and Steve are respectful of the Alameda County mandate to not mix between families that do not live together. We do not know how long this will last, but once we have the ability to safely perform together live we will do that again. For now we provide fun prerecorded shows with the use of green screens to take us to many places! We also perform interactive songs, even though we are prerecorded.
Linda JanklowPeopleologiehello@peopleologie.com6505-088-2205https://www.peopleologie.comHands-on cultural arts and humanities workshops with slideshows and related activities, 60-90 minutes, customizableAt the intersection of Arts & Crafts, STEAM, and Social Studies!Live programNo; English Only$200.00Zoom, But could offer all platforms$200 w/o materials, $250+ w/materials and delivery. The fee depends on the workshop activity, materials, duration, and how library staff and I design the program to work best. I'm very flexible.
Mike Toyinfo@miketoymagic.com415-475-1954www.miketoymagic.comMagic show (30-40 minutes)MagicLive programNo; English Only$250.00Zoom
Alex RamonAlex Ramon Magicalex@alexramonmagic.comwww.alexramonmagic.comA Virtual Magic show including highly visual magic designed to astonish you right through your device! "Virtually IMpossible" is interactive and engaging with a message of encouragement that is built into the nature of the show leaving audiences inspired. 40-45mins.
Option to include a virtual M&G/Q&A post show- 15mins
MagicLive programEnglish/Spanish$350.00ZoomThe show can be LIVE streamed or pre-recorded (watermarked for single use).
Steve ChaneyVentriloquist Steve Chaneysteve.chaney@comcast.net408-329-2336www.cornycrow.com30-40 minute show with ventriloquist puppets who perform magic, songs and juggling...puppets who read jokes, stories from books.Ventriloquism with puppets who perform magic, juggling and interact.Pre-recorded programNo; English Only$125.00Zoom, YouTube, can send video for use via Google DriveRecorded show can have opening page with that particular library info on screen.
Randel McGeeMcGee Productionsrandel@mcgeeproductions.com559-582-5307www.mcgeeproductions.comI have 2 different programs: Randel McGee & Groark is a internationally recognized comedy ventriloquist act that incorporates stories and songs enjoyed by children and their parents. Hans Christian Andersen - Live is a storytelling performance that features Randel McGee portraying H.C. Andersen, the beloved Fairytale writer. It includes beautiful cut paper illustrations made as the story unfolds, as HCA would make. Each program can run 30 - 45 minutes depending on your need. Storytelling, Music, Puppets, and ArtsLive programEnglish/Spanish$350.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, SkypeI have over 40 years of experience performing for libraries, schools, and special events. I have a variety of programs and themes. I have good lighting and sound equipment, so I can provide a good virtual performance. Thank you for your consideration.
Charity KahnJAM with Charity Kahncharity@jamjamjam.com415-425-0372http://www.jamjamjam.comMusic and movement for ages 1-8. Join award-winning children's teaching and recording artist Charity Kahn for a joyful session of song, dance, creative play, interactivity and mindfulness. Themes: kindness, inclusion, community. 30-45 minutes.Music and DanceLive programNo; English Only$150.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeFee is negotiable.
Tom Noddy McAllisterTom Noddytom@bubblemagic.com831-426-2230www.bubblemagic.comOne hour presentation of Bubble Magic: Includes a 12 minute video showing an edited version of "the act" as it was shown from a stage with a live audience reacting. This is followed by Live presentation of extreme closeups of new and repeated bubble "tricks", this time with expanded "educational" aspect and all of this period is done in the framework of a Question & Answer format. The Questions can be posed by the audience members directly (with Library Admin unmuting) or through the Library Admin after receiving text questions.

Bubble Magic is Tom Noddy's original presentation of surprising (and gorgeous) structures made from soap bubbles. This is not just big (messy and beautiful) bubbles waved out into the air but careful constructions, some filled with fog that has been featured in physics and mathematics conferences, university classes as well as kindergarten classes. The answers to the questions will take into account the age group involved. Tom knows a good bit of the science involved but began and is still primarily an entertainer, not an academic. It's a show ... the audience will get the idea that ... it was science and I had fun.
Bubble Magic: It looks a lot like a magic act. A single man standing with his stand presenting what looks like magicLive programNo; English Only$450.00Zoom, Can adapt to your systemIt's a one hour presentation that includes a 12 minute video showing "the act" presented from a stage to a live audience ... this is followed by 48 minutes of LIVE virtual presentation and Q&A
Sean MendelsonSean's Music Factoryseanmendelson@yahoo.com650-537-6856www.seansmusicfactory.cominteractive dance and singing show for 0-8 year olds and familiesMusic and DanceLive programsome songs are in spanish by request$275.00ZoomI do 45 minutes
Katrina WreedeComposing Togetherkatrinawreede@gmail.com510-593-5515https://www.composingtogether.org30-minute show of picture book reading and live original music with harp and viola. Theme for this year is Fables, Myths and Music. We present fables from several continents with music composed by the performers. Skills learned from each story empower the viewers to help the performers create an original story and music performance as the grand finale. Appropriate for toddlers through elementary.

We also offer a 60-minute teen and adult version that combines a poetry writing workshop and opportunities for attendees to read their own words with improvised live music that they help create.
Music, Picture Books, Poetry and StoriesLive programNo; English Only$375.00Zoom, YouTubeWe also have a pre-recorded, sequential 8-unit program on music composition for middle school aged music students and non-music students. It goes step by step through many of the basic components of composition, culminating in a performable new work. Music students can work on their instruments or with a free notation app. Non-music students can use any FREE notation app to compose and perform their music. Fee is $20/participant. Participants access videos via YouTube with a dedicated link sent once a week by the library. Depending on interest and budget, Katrina Wreede is available to hold 2-3, live, 1-hour, virtual group sessions during the process at $100 per session for up to 12 participants at a time.
Kevin MenegusThe Fratello MarionettesPelpup1@gmail.com925-984-3401 offer several of our classic productions as "virtual" performances. Each performance includes an introduction from our workshop, the story, several acts from our Vaudeville Follies show, and a Q&A session.
You can choose from Mother Goose Land, The Frog Prince, Aladdin, Carnival of the Animals, Spooktacular, and The North Pole Review.
PuppetsPre-recorded programNo; English Only$400.00Vimeo recordingYou have use of this video performance for seven days.
Robert ShapiroMr. SHAPmrshap@mrshap.com415-759-7427www.mrshap.comMy performance (around 45 minutes yet flexible to meet library needs/desires) is a combination of magic and balloon twisting to amaze, amuse, and leave a lasting impression with your audience. My entertainment is suitable for the entire family so adults as well as kids (and all others) will enjoy. My magic is adapted to the virtual platform and includes various levels of audience participation and interaction. I am also happy to incorporate and include any particular messaging the library would wish to relay to their patrons and often incorporate various aspects and benefits of the library (and librarians) throughout my performance. MagicLive programNo; English Only$275.00ZoomI have already entertained "virtually" for several libraries in 2020 and majority of my programs exceeded the participation limits set by the libraries. And my performances were warmly received by the audiences. I welcome spreading my SHAPpines and fun more so in 2021 so I welcome hearing from you. SHAP stands for Super Happenings Always Possible.
Brian M Pattersonthe Piccolo Puppet Playersbpunchy@gmail.com510-551-6805www.piccolopuppetplayers.comThe Piccolo Puppet Players, is simply myself and my dozen or so puppets. Together we present A Punch & Judy show. My version of the show has been delightfully received over the past 20 years at most of this Bay Area's Libraries. The show is a 25 minute adaptation of the 350 year old traditional British glove puppet show. In the play, Punch & Judy work for domestic bliss together. Later Mr. Punch encounters a string of characters, outwitting them all while the audience is encouraged, through participating, to admonish Punch for his often mischievous and rude behavior. All ages of children and youth have enjoyed my show and even sometimes the adults!PuppetsLive programNo; English Only$200.00Zoom, FacebookOne can view clips of my show and further historical information about Punch & Judy at my website
Evie LadinCrosspulse Duoevie@crosspulse.com510-502-0400 Minute PROGRAM: FINDING THE RHYTHM AROUND US
From bells and banjos to body music, boxes and balls, the Crosspulse Rhythm Duo makes music out of anything and everything. Bending and blending traditional and contemporary music and dance, allowing rhythm to forge connections in unexpected ways, Keith Terry & Evie Ladin bring together diverse influences – Jazz and World Music, Appalachian Banjo and Step Dancing traditions, Found Sound – with delightful humor and skill.

The Crosspulse Rhythm Duo offers captivating, seamless performances that both entertain and educate young audiences – exploring the rhythmic possibilities in the world around us.
Music and DanceLive programNo; English Only$300.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeWe've done a fair bit of livestreaming in different situations, including fulfilling some of our 2020 library shows virtually, so are easily equipped for an interactive performance chock full of fun information and activity.
Stephanie PepitoneRockin' Kids Sing-Alongstephaniepepitone@gmail.com510-798-0246www.rockinkidssingalong.com30, 45, or 60 minute sessions of live music sing-along. Interactive. Appropriate for all ages, specializing in early childhood. Movement activities (dancing, finger plays), musical story time (books we sing), and jam session for instruments (ideas for easy to find "instruments" in the home). A mix of original children's music, traditional kids songs & family-friendly rock 'n roll favorites. Some songs are bilingual (English/Spanish) and multilingual (Eng/Span/Mandarin). Music and DanceLive programProgramming in English with some bilingual & multilingual songs$150.00ZoomProgram cost: $150 for 30 mins, $200 for 45 mins, $250 for 60 mins
Valerie SmalkinSilly Goose & ValValerie.Smalkin@gmail.com1410-458-3326www.sillygooseandval.com40-45 minutes programs for ages 3 to 10

Springtime Dance with Silly Goose & Val

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with Silly Goose, Willie the Worm, Rufus the Reluctant Dragon, Flora Flower, and more with ventriloquist/musician/composer Val Smalkin in a 45-minute program of songs, puppets, comedy, and 100% audience participation. As one Californian librarian Mom said: “I watched with my two 6-year-olds and my eight-year-old at home. Let me tell you that they loved it. They jumped and twirled, helped sing and laughed and laughed at Silly Goose’s antics.”

The Kindness Program

Celebrate kindness, sharing, and caring with Silly Goose and ventriloquist/musician composer Val Smalkin in a 45 minutes program of dancing, laughing, singing, and movement. Val’s programs are interactive and fresh. As one Californian librarian Mom said: “I watched with my two 6-year-olds and my eight-year-old at home. Let me tell you that they loved it. They jumped and twirled, helped sing and laughed and laughed at Silly Goose’s antics.”

Silly Goose Goes Green

Silly Goose and ventriloquist/musician/composer Val Smalkin celebrate the importance of bays in our ecological system with actions songs, sing-a-long, dance-along, and laugh-along songs. Rufus the Reluctant Dragon and Willie the Worm help us learn about runoff, recycling, and perhaps even why Marianne was sifting sand on the seashore!
Ventriloquism/music/comedy/Live programFrench$350.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTubeI can do live or pre-recorded. Live is more fun and less expensive!
Dan SneiderMagic Danmagicdan27@comcast.net415-337-8500www.magicdan.com30-45 minute fast-paced comedy magic show that emphasizes fun as well as the magic of reading. MagicLive programEnglish/Spanish$250.00ZoomI've been entertaining at the Bay Area libraries for many years and I have now transitioned to putting on a great virtual show that the kids (and adults) will love!
Corky QuirkNorCal BatsCorky@norcalbats.org1530-902-1918 Live Bats Virtually

NorCal Bats offers exciting, informative presentations on bats. These are live online presentations using Zoom (or your preferred online presentation program), which include:

Informative slides and videos about bats.
A discussion of the harmful myths that surround these animals.
Information about the importance of bats in our environment.
Live bats of California native species that are presented for viewing and discussion.
Live animalsLive programNo; English Only$250.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTubeSample of program:
Patricia Bulittcreek.dancer@earthlink.net510-684-0226www.patriciabulitt.comHow My Grandmother Found A Story in a Plate is a retelling of the story my grandmother composed for me from a plate that hung on her wall. Never wrote it down and never forgot it. AUDIENCE invited to make their own story plates from paper plates. -45 min./Remembering Trees! is an inter-disciplinary art, storytelling, and movement workshop honoring trees in ones life . Draw the tree, print words around the drawing, then with partner each dances their drawing through expressive movement. 30-60 minutes /Creative Movement--for preschoolers or for PARENTS and children together. 30-45 minutesStorytellingLive programNo; English Only$250.00ZoomAppropriate for families pre-school through elementary school aged children, and/ or parent-child workshop. Dance/Movement, Arts and Craft is included in the workshops/ performances. Contact Patricia Bulitt directly by phone or email!
Alicia Mary RetesAlicia Mary Retesalicia.m.retes@gmail.com415-696-0078NoneHighly engaging, family oriented tellings of Native stories and songs, 15 - 30 minute recordings available. Supports 3/4 grade Miwok studies.
1. Indigenous Tales with Alicia M. Retes YouTube Museum of the American Indian, Novato
2. North Bay Woman 2020 Alicia M. Retes Interview
3. Forest Knolls Woman Spinning Tales - Marin Independent Journal
StorytellingPre-recorded programSongs in Tri lingual Miwok, English/Spanish$300.00YouTube7 day run $300. Two week run $475. Willing to work with Library's budget.
Zoom book readings possible, English/Spanish
Kathleen RushingBingo Schmingo Music Kafween@mac.com925-216-5395Www.bingoschmingo.comFun interactive music for kids and adults!!! Music and DanceLive programNo; English Only$150.00ZoomNegotiable fee!
Jaime Lee and Eric HartYour Song My Songyoursongmysongband@gmail.com503-421-7756www.yoursongmysong.comGet ready for some funky kindie-rock fun! In their wildly
interactive shows for children and families, this dynamic duo sings you through
a wider perspective of our sweet planet earth. Come for the space adventures
with puppets, recycling kid revolutionaries, and danceable story songs! Jaime
Lee and Eric Hart weave tales of working together, caring for the trees, and our
beloved oceans. Sit back for 45 minutes and sing along, laugh, dance, and imagine with Your Song My Song, and their puppet friends!
Music and DanceLive programcan do some Spanish upon request!$300.00Zoom, Facebook, InstagramOur cost is a sliding scale from $250-450 ... and we offer lower cost if you book us for a series
Sandi HuntSandi and Steviesandiandstevie@yahoo.com925-743-9838www.insectsongs.com50 minute Environmentally Friendly interactive show about insects and sealifeMusic and movement DRDP applicationsLive programNo; English Only$300.00Zoom, YouTubeDue to the current issues with covid, We understand that all platforms are not the same regarding setup and staging etc. So we are flexible in accommodating clients with customized shows to suit their needs.
Benny BendiniMagic Circusinfo@magiccircus.com415-307-4386"The Magic Circus Family Show" (comedy magic for ages 3 - 10, Duration 30 min.), "The Amazing Science Whiz Show" (science STEM learning, K-8 grade, 45 min.), "The Incredible Magic Hat Show" (multicultural learning, K -12 grade, 40 min.), "Little Rabbit's Adventure"(puppet show with animal theme, for ages 3 - 7, 30 min.), "Pirates on Treasure Hunt" (puppet show with message of sharing for ages 4 - 8, 30 min.)Magic, STEM, Theater, Mime, PuppetsPre-recorded programNo; English Only$250.00Zoom, VimeoOptional combination of live program and prerecorded program on Zoom. See our demo videos on our website.
Ron McgeePython Ron’s reptile kingdom ppythonron@aol.com1209-345-3744Www.pythonron.comEducational reptile and arachnid show dealing with what the animals are and their purpose on the earth and how they help us survive and what makes a good pets for usEducational Live programNo; English Only$395.00ZoomThe price is discounted because there is no travel time now thanx Python Ron
Elaine Murayelaine@embodiedvoicestoryarts.com505-400-4123www.embodiedvoicestoryarts.comAll programs are also available virtually in 3 formats via Zoom: 1) live; 2) prerecorded; 3) hybrid of the two (highly recommended so as to diminish any unanticipated environmental interruptions; this includes prerecorded videos but with live interaction and introductions, etc.) Programs are 45-1 hour in length depending on client needs. All programming can be seen at!programming/ which includes Elaine's program that might be of particular interest to librarians for this year's Summer Reading Program (Animals A to Z, in which Elaine uses her particular talents in creating rich animal characters through movement and voice.)StorytellingLive programNo; English Only$225.00Zoom, Prerecorded programs (and hybrid) are available through Vimeo with password for prearranged length of timeI offer live, prerecorded and hybrid options. Program costs are: 1) live--250; 2) prerecorded--200; 3) hybrid (225).
Georgette BakerGeorgette Bakerbakergeorgette@yahoo.com909-239-2735www.Cantemosco.comGeorgette Baker’s high-energy form of storytelling and sing-along songs will engage and captivate any audience.  Her silliness is contagious as she invites everyone to interact – both on and off the stage – join in dancing, playing instruments or to guide the audience through the movements of the story being told. Her bilingual pograms are ideal for:
Some of Georgette’s themed programs include: South American Adventure – An interactive, musical, and multicultural storytelling adventure where audiences experience the geography, music, cultures, legends, and languages south of the USA. Holidays from Around the World – Customs, songs, and stories from different celebrated holidays during the month of December are part of this lively program. Preschool Fun – is designed for young children to be introduced to sing-along Spanish songs, instruments, and artifacts from South America and Mexico. Silly Songs and Goofy Stories – High energy and laughter make this program a fun-filled time of zany, wacky wonderfulness! Día de Los Muertos – Dia de Los Muertos is about the celebration of life, which surrounds this special holiday with stories, songs, interactive instruments, and the building of a memorial altar. Dia de Los Niños – This bilingual program with fun stories and songs reinforce the joy and pleasure of reading. Cinco de Mayo Hispanic Heritage  – Georgette outlines the significance of Cinco de Mayo through song and story. WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD – An interactive show about 12 influential women and girls, from different countries, who brought lasting world change.
StorytellingLive programEnglish/Spanish$300.00Zoom, Facebook
Jeni SwerdlowDRUMMM Rhythmic Eventsjeni@drummm.com510-316-2850www.drummm.com30-45 minutes - Join DRUMMM in a LIVE online journey into drumming, rhythm and sound. Through enthusiastic “hands-on” facilitation utilizing interactive rhythm games and activities, folks go on a playful musical adventure that educates, entertains and inspires.

Participants learn rhythms and songs from around the world and create their own using drums, body percussion, voice and movement. Group drumming has been scientifically shown to stimulate brain activity, lower stress, boost the immune system and foster a sense of connection – things we all need, especially right now!

Drumming is accessible for everyone; no prior musical experience is necessary. Participants grab their drums or find “found sounds” around the home and join in a music-making adventure. Meanwhile they’re learning valuable skills such as nonverbal communication, cultural appreciation, creative problem-solving, listening, cooperation and more.
Music and DanceLive programEnglish/Spanish$250.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube$250 for 30 min/$300 for 45 min. Pricing is negotiable. Programs are customizable to specific ages/grades and themes.
Matt Fernald, Golden Acorn MusicFull-Body a team of former preschool educators, we have the most engaging programming for families with children ages 0-5. Parents and children alike love our work! We capture their attention, engage them interactively, ask for their ideas, and make them the stars of the show.

As educators, we take our role seriously, making sure that everyone is having fun as well as learning something they can use over and over at home. Whether it's in English, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese, we always delight!
Music and DanceLive programEnglish/Spanish/Chinese$300.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeWe are a team of preschool educators, and have the most developmentally appropriate programming for ages 0-5.

We can do pre-recorded or Live programs. Custom programs have a wide range of cost, anywhere from $150-350, depending on length and content. :)

Reach out soon, while we have space!
Alitzah WienerTwinkle Timelilchiquitaloca@aol.com213-272-5798
New York Times calls Twinkle the "Peruvian American Children's Pop Star the like Lady Gaga for Kids" Twinkle's virtual concert runs 30-40 min its Bilingual its-Pop Rock- Hip Hop for Kids of All ages teaching kids to accept everyone , all their differences and to celebrate in what makes them unique. Bringing all walks of life together through music, arts , dance, education and pop culture!
Music and DanceEnglish/Spanish$300.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeI can do LIVE virtual performances on any platform but zoom shows can not be recorded and all LIVE performances are only for scheduled day and time. I can do pre recorded performances that can be tailored specifically to the individual library but will have a set amount of days to view performance and then link is to be removed. Edit pre recorded shows are a different price point then actual LIVE performance so Please inquire within !
Aaron KierbelRhythmALLogyakierbel@gmail.com1415-678-8235www.rhythmallogy.comFacilitated interactive drumming, rhythm making and movement that is fun and accessible for all ages and experience levels (45-60 min program)Music and DanceLive programEnglish/Spanish$150.00Zoomprice is flexible
Oliver ChinImmedium (publishing company)o.chin@comcast.net415-452-8546www.immedium.comFamily Storytimes + Comic Book/Graphic Novel creation workshopsStorytelling or Teaching/Instruction/LessonLive programNo; English Only$300.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeFamily Storytimes cost $150. Comic Book programs are normally 2 hours when in person, so online cost is negotiable.
Douglas McNeelySlim Chance Circusrevslimchance@gmail.com415-652-7609www.slimchancecircus.comHilarious and inspiring family entertainment, Slim Chance's Circus of Possibilities is the perfect blend of thrills and skills to delight audiences of all ages.

This 30-45 minute virtual children's show combines classic circus, vaudeville and slapstick comedy into a multitude of magical moments and surprises. In the show, Children will embark on an adventure to learn about juggling history around the world through the exciting world of books!

Watch a Video Sample:
Juggling and Circus ArtsLive programNo; English Only$250.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, I can use anything similar to zoom. I also offer virtual juggling classes and workshops.
I can provide a pre-recorded show on request.
Tony BordersMagical Ventriloquist, Tony Borderspuppetsandmagic@sbcglobal.net916-391-7269www.tonyborders.comColorful Critters !
Tony uses ventriloquism to bring beautiful animal puppets to life! Lots of laughs as the animals from different continents talk, sing, and joke around in this 33 minute pre-recorded you-tube show. A mama kangaroo and her joey, a zany zebra named Spot, a dolphin who is learning to count, and an elephant who thinks he's a butterfly bring lots of laughs. There are also magic tricks about animals to help you push your non-fiction animal books. Great for ages 3 to 9. See the sample on my website!
VentriloquismPre-recorded programNo; English Only$300.00YouTube
Emily ButterflyMs. Emily Butterflybhoour@gmail.com415-401-0916www.emilybutterfly.comMs. Emily Butterfly creates and performs magical children's theater beloved by all ages and ideal for 2-6 year olds! Her highly engaging shows run 35 minutes and are an interactive edutaining blend of puppetry, storytelling and magic. She performs on Zoom and Webex Theater, puppetry and storytelling.Live programNo; English Only$200.00Zoom, Facebook, InstagramI have been performing virtually since mid March!! My shows have been well received both publicly and privately. I recently did a pre-recorded show for the Oakland Pubic Library that is up on their youtube channel :)
James ChanJames Chandanielgchan@gmail.com415-244-2700 At age 5 James was juggling 3 balls, at age 8 three flaming torches & by age 10 he was picking pockets. James’ credits include appearing on ABC7 News, national television with Tiffany Haddish, Access Daily with Penn & Teller. James Chan on Access Insider with Penn and Teller:
The fee of $250.00 is for James as a solo virtual act. We also offer a Father and Son duo act at $500.00
MagicLive programEnglish/Chinese$250.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeExample of James' Pre-recorded show:
James Chan's solo show for school age audiences:
One of James' signature routines:
Leroy Musical Fun with Mr. Hysonleroyhyson22@aol.com240-388-6741Www.hysonproductions.comOriginal upbeat, positive and interactive and engaging music performance. I use live guitar along with background tracks. (Live and Virtual Available)Music and DancePre-recorded programNo; English Only$350.00Zoom, YouTubeLive performances are $500.
Rodney WhittenbergRodney WhittenbergRodney@melodyvision.com610-941-9300www.melodyvision.comI am a educator Composer and filmmaker. My presentations range from performance to workshops on Songwriting , Music , Filmmaking and Civil RightsMusic and DancePre-recorded programNo; English Only$500.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTubeMy website has information about a lot of projects. I do some for kids and some are not. If you have any questions please call 610 941 9300
Amber HinesSoulSoupamberchines@gmail.com415-209-3486www.amberchines.comSoulSoup is family style music ritual w/ live drum accompaniment. An interactive performance and education for all ages. Amber blends traditional and contemporary music, dance and story to invite you into authentic expression and joy. Her musical collection uplifts, supports social emotional literacy and builds community. Come sing, dance & play!Music and DancePre-recorded programNo; English Only$400.00ZoomThe program runs anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.
Daniel BarashFirelight Shadow“Me and My Shadow” Under 5’s Virtual Assembly Program Description (Ages 2-5) Approximately 30 minutes Introduce your little ones to the magical world of shadow puppetry with Daniel Barash of Firelight Shadow Theater. In this live, virtual event, after first introducing youngsters to the wonder of shadow puppetry, Daniel will share five shadow puppetry versions of best-loved nursery rhymes. At the end of the assembly, Daniel will teach audience members how to create shadow puppets and a shadow screen from scratch, and provide free online access to puppet templates and a nursery rhyme script, so families can continue the fun at home. See you in the land of shadows!

“Spin Me a Shadow, Tell Me a Tale” School-Age Virtual Assembly Program Description (Ages 5 and Up) Approximately 30 minutes Discover the magical world of shadow puppetry with Daniel Barash of Firelight Shadow Theater. In this live, virtual event, after first introducing audience members to the art of shadow puppetry (including numerous puppets from Southeast Asia), Daniel will share five fast-paced shadow puppetry versions of best-loved folktales from around the world. At the end of the assembly, Daniel will teach audience members how to create shadow puppets and a shadow screen from scratch, and provide free online access to puppet templates and a story script, so families can continue the fun at home. See you in the land of shadows!
PuppetsLive programNo; English Only$300.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
Ann TorralbaLittle Miss Annann@littlemissann.com773-387-0772 fun, energetic, interactive kids music with award-winning Chicago family musician, Little Miss Ann. Ann will sing soulful originals and reinvented classics from her 5 kids music albums which genres span from folk, rock, bluegrass, punk and world music. Ann is also a former Chicago Public School Special Education teacher and a first generation Filipina American. Master of multi-tasking, Little Miss Ann sings, plays guitar and uses drum beats to inspire families to sing, dance, jump, clap and more.

Little Miss Ann's standard virtual performance is usually 30 minutes but can be taylored to go for 40-minute (or pre-recorded). While Little Miss Ann's performances are generally geared towards early-childhood (toddler to preschool), elementary school performances are also available. Little Miss Ann is also able to adapt her performances for different themes as well.
Music and DanceLive programEnglish but I do have some spanish songs and many songs from other cultures.$375 - $450Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeI am an award winning family artist with 5 albums, a former Chicago Public School teacher, a mom and a first generation Filipina American.
Devin L WalkerThe Uncle Devin Showdrum@theuncledevinshow.com917-617-8740 Uncle Devin Show is an interactive musical experience for children that uses percussion instruments to cultivate their minds - a dynamic cross between DC's Trouble Funk and Schoolhouse Rock. This music assembly takes students on a magical journey through the Land of Percussion that allows them to hear, see, and play different percussion instruments while gaining an understanding of the history of percussion and why it is the easiest, oldest, and most diverse form of musical creativity. Uncle Devin will introduce students to different genres of music while showing them how percussion is the heartbeat of them all. Duration 45 minutes.Music and Dance; STEMLive programNo; English Only$595.00ZoomI do offer a prorated discount of $545 when multiple shows are booked. I selected live performances or workshops, however, I do offer pre-recorded virtual programs as well. Do you have any plans to archive this show for viewing on your website, FB page or any other platform for any length of time beyond the initial streaming date? If so, live or pre-recorded performances that will be archived on an entity’s website and/or social media sites for an agreed-upon, specified period, will require an increased rate dependent upon the length of the licensing agreement. Please visit our website for more information on other programs and professional development that I offer.
Leah GardnerCircus of Smilesinfo@circusofsmiles.com510-698-2721www.circusofsmiles.comWe are offering an incredible pre-recorded digital version of our show written for children and enjoyed by all ages. Join Mr Quick and Mr. Mustache on a comical circus adventure. These jugglers are one part Charlie Chaplin, one part Loony Toons, and 100 parts hilarious. Their interactive performance appeals to audiences of all ages and even invites willing attendees to participate in the spectacle. This action-packed romp into a world of silliness and wonder will leave you in stitches. You'll walk away thinking "is there anything they can't juggle!?”Juggling and Circus ArtsPre-recorded programNo; English Only$0.00Via our website or a password protected linkWe are offering pay what you can for the digital performance. Sliding scale from $0-$1M! We will honor the amount your library can afford, because our #1 priority is the same as yours - offering accessible and enriching content to children.
Angel SimmonsAngel the Harpist and Flautist!music@angeltheharpist.com510-363-1813www.angeltheharpist.comHistory of the Harp for all ages which includes live or Virtual Performance for 1 hour!Music and DanceLive programNo; English Only$250.00Zoom, Facebookwhen the Covid19 restrictions are lifted I will be able to perform live in person at the Libraries. This program is suitable for all ages!
Nathaniel SegalMagical Nathanielinfo@magicalnathaniel.com510-932-3475magicalnathaniel.comA fun and interactive virtual magic show that is perfect for the whole family! The show incorporates some of Magical Nathaniel's acclaimed original magic, close up miracles, interactive illusions, and magic that he has specifically created for the Zoom platform! The show is full of both impressive magic and sophisticated technical production value.

In Magical Nathaniel's magic workshop you will be able to learn some really amazing magic you can perform for friends or family! All props are everyday objects that you can find around the house. He will be discussing the basics of tricks as well as going into more detail on the the psychology, subtleties, and presentation of each effect. You will go beyond the trick to talk about how to actually perform and connect with others. Don't miss a chance to learn some magic from his acclaimed magic class!
MagicLive programNo; English Only$325.00ZoomI also offer magic workshops and multiple booking discounts. I can customize the show or even provide pre-recorded content (see quotes below). Please get in touch to look at dates and discuss programming options. I am looking forward to working with you!
"Nathaniel was as delightful, sweet and magically entertaining on Zoom as in person.  Using a close up camera, screen sharing and audience participation, he magically made his material appear ready-made for the Zoom-world we live in.  His act was captivating for kids, youth and adults of all ages. He generously and patiently taught us a magic trick we can use to impress our friends with at home (or over Zoom) - and I have the rest of lockdown to work on my patter and sleight of hand to match his skills!" -Yoel Kahn Berkeley, CA

Check out my virtual show promo here: ; See the trick that won me first place in the first ever Virtual Magic Competition:
See info on the talk I gave on virtual shows at the prestigious Gathering 4 Gardner Celebration of Mind event:
Read a recent KQED article featuring me and one other magician on adapting to virtual shows:
Nikki RungNanny Nikkinannynikkimusic@gmail.com224-212-0654www.nannynikkimusic@gmail.comHi,ya! I’m Nanny Nikki! I’m an interactive children’s entertainer who loves classic children’s songs and sharing my love of music with young children and their loved ones.  Reading interactive books, singing songs that get us all moving around and having a good ole time are what I do for my musical playdates, parties and special events.  I offer both live and pre recorded shows via Zoom and shows range from 30-45 minutes. I would love to be apart of your next event or party!Music and DanceNo; English Only$200.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubePlease check out my pages on the following social media sites and my website:
Carl WintersThe Kalimba Kingcarllwinters@sbcglobal.net415-269-5276www.kalimbaking.comI play 10 kalimbas (African thumb pianos) to music tracks. As a retired teacher of 25 years, I've developed a fun, high energy, interactive, curriculum-based performance that I used in my class to teach various subjects. The presentation addresses the California Language Arts & Reading Standards for grades kindergarten through 7. My genres include Civil Rights/Freedom songs, educational songs, & jazz. All songs involve call & response, Total Physical Response (TPR), chanting, singing, movement & dance. I briefly teach the arrangement of each song before we sing it. All songs are saturated with catchy hooks & rhythms. I also explain how the messages & inspiration of each song is relevant to their lives & character development. At the end of the performance, we engage in a brief Q&A period.Music and DanceLive programNo; English Only$100.00ZoomSome of my past performances include the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, as well as other museums, churches, schools, senior homes, & libraries. As a teacher, I also took my class to perform for the Superintendent of Hayward Unified School District & his staff and the Mayor of Hayward & her staff.
Stephen TrederMagic Bubbles And BalloonsMagicBubblesAndBalloons@gmail.com707-254-5057www.magicbubblesandballoons.comMagic Bubbles and Balloons is a variety entertainment and education organization offering 2-60 minute shows in the areas of science, soap bubble art, Minecraft education, balloon twisting, and reading. We believe that learning begins with curiosity and hope that our programs make you wonder why things work and how they can be manipulated.

The Magic Science Show includes science demonstrations that I present in my live program. These entertaining shows teach basic chemistry concepts through fun science magic. The Magic Bubble Show is a traditional indoor soap bubble show demonstrating bubble manipulation and introducing bubble chemistry. Minecraft with Magic Bubbles is streamed live with interactive chat or join the world with your Minecraft account. Let's learn the basics of Minecraft as we go on scavenger hunts, build, learn in the chemistry lab, use commands, and complete quests. Balloons A to Z are 2 minute videos featuring my most requested simple balloons twisted in fast motion.
STEAMLive programNo; English Only$100.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TwitchPrograms can be live, recorded and produced, purchased as a series and available live streamed and/or for replay. I'm currently booking virtual programs in lieu of in person events for libraries and can offer outdoor programs when appropriate. Pricing is $100 to $500 per program depending on subject area, duration, and number of shows ordered. I currently offer 3 bubble inspired book titles and have several science and balloon themes. Order a Variety Show and combine one or more subject areas. Please visit my website for examples and find me on my social media platforms.
James WillsonJungle James of Jungle James Animal Adventuresadventures@junglejames.com925-362-3580www.junglejames.com30 minute animal shows 1. Invertebrates ( tarantulas, scorpions, insects, etc) 2. Amphibians featuring Frogs, Toads and SalamandersAnimal showsPre-recorded programNo; English Only$200.00Zoom, Zoom for sure. Other platforms may be added.We are still finalizing our prices and offerings as we are in a new age of program offerings. But whatever we create it will be amazing just like our live animal shows.
Donald KruszkaOmnipresent Puppet Theateromnipuppets@hotmail.com661-858-0831www.omnipuppets.orgBeauty and the Beast, Anansi's Rainbow, or Rumpelstiltskin (library's choice)PuppetsPre-recorded programNo; English Only$200.00Shared through Dropbox, fit for any format the library uses to presentCan stream the show for up to one week after the original show date.
Pam Faropamfaro@storycrossings.com303-550-4130 stories of community and growth, of mutuality, caring and fun, delivered in a warm and inviting manner that engages listeners of all ages right through the screen! Flexible length depending on your needs; generally 45 minutes.StorytellingLive programEnglish/Spanish$300.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTube
Douglas NolanRock Steady Jugglingdoug@rocksteadyjuggling.com650-266-8286www.rocksteadyjuggling.comA 40 minute livestream or pre-recorded show featuring juggling, magic and comedy . Library patrons of all ages learn ways to protect the earth in this interactive and entertaining performance.Juggling and Circus ArtsLive programNo; English Only$300.00ZoomLivestream or pre-recorded
Lisa di Primaberkeley jazzArt programdiprima.lisa2018@gmail.com510-409-9056two improvisational jazz musicians (violin - india cooke and drum set - don robinson) interpret stories and poetry read by lisa di prima. in normal times children and parents draw to the music w/art materials we provide but for virtual events there are two alternatives:
1. families provide their own art supplies.
2. we make art kits and distribute them to families who register snd request materials.
music, art, storytellingLive programEnglish/Spanish$450.00Zoomby request, certainly. and thank you
Don O'BrienXtreme Science Magicbeniciamusic@sbcglobal.net707-747-5105kidzshows.netTop-notch Science Entertainment Program that really THRILLS kids with its eye-popping, energetic, fast-moving experiments! Gets kids 'HOOKED' on Science! Best VIRTUAL Performance show available! About 45 minutes.STEAMLive programNo; English Only$300.00Zoom, YouTubeRecognized as 'Best Kids' Shows-Northern California' - annual National Tours
Andrea IvesThe Dream Top (formerly Drea Lusion!) booking@thedreamtop.com510-592-8998 Lusion brings you 30 minutes of interactive comedy & magic specially designed for the virtual world and performed over 100 times! Featuring kooky cooking, dynamic visual magic effects and lots of wacky puppets! (Virtual show video samples: and Puppets, Magic and Comedy! Live programNo; English Only$200.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTubeContact me for your own price quote! Depending on audience size and your budget constraints, your price may be anywhere from $150 - 400.
Miriam GouldNAmiriamgould@gmail.com minutes of customizable traditional storytelling (cross-cultural folktales)StorytellingLive programNo; English Only$150.00Zoom, Facebook, Google Meet
Kevin NoonchesterNoteworthy Puppets Inc.noteworthypuppets@gmail.com323-524-7469NoteworthyPuppets@gmail.comOriginal puppet musicals with beautiful handmade puppets. Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, (Muppets meets Hamilton + Science), Kid Zorro (Bilingual, Dia de los Muertos, Dia de los Ninos/Libros), Sherlock Homerun (the audience decides whodunit via the comments!) Avg 35 minutesPuppetsLive programEnglish/Spanish$350.00Facebook, YouTubeNoteworthy Puppets is offering two options for Virtual Performance. Please see the two different packages below and choose what will best fit your libraries current needs and usage.

Virtual performance (Live stream) $350.00 and includes the following: Live puppet show with live singing. (This is what sets us apart!), Live patron shout-outs, “code words” and any other announcements you provide, 7-day performance footage usage window. (Extended licensing available), Performance footage hosted & administrated by Noteworthy Puppets (YouTube Live – YouTube), Additional hosting time may be licensed at a rate of $50.00 per day. OR Pre-Recorded performance $250.00 and includes the following: The Puppet Performance – Administrated by Noteworthy Puppets (hosted on YouTube), 3-day usage window. (Extended licensing time available), Additional hosting time may be licensed at a rate of $50.00 per day.

Please see to sample the quality of our content and broadcast.
Sean powersSesnsshadowsseansshadows@yahoo.comSesnsshadows.comI'm putting out a series of ,12 minute films about instruments from. Around the world. There interelations with people and the people that make and use the also doing a series on shadow puppet theater creation of and there used along with other sorts of puppets.i also have filmed 3 15 minute long shadowpuppet stories and working on more in the future.i have 3 films made on the musical instruments and more in the near future.Puppets and world musicPre-recorded programNo; English Only$250.00YouTubeI've been performing music and puppets for over 35 years and have performed at an assortment of libraries ,schools ,museums and festivals.over a 1000 shows performed
Jason EdwardsRogue Bear InterACTIVE AdventuresJason@RogueBearPress.com914-437-7628https://www.interactive-library-adventures.comCreature Crafting 101
Cultivate Creativity in the one true no-judgment zone for young artists : Building MONSTERS!

In this interACTIVE, hands-on adventure that is as limitless as children’s imaginations, every child is a master creator!
Kids of all ages develop observation, illustration, storycrafting, and vocabulary skills as they identify and generate distinctive traits for all kinds of creatures, practice the use of simple shapes and lines to convey character and feelings, then design and draw their own unique creatures. No matter what level of artistic experience or ability, every participant becomes a successful creature crafter: no matter what their creations look like, they are always perfect monsters!

Program length is flexible and content can be adapted to multiple grades and levels of ability. For budding writers and/or illustrators, there are supplemental lessons that review all elements of the creative process and can be tailored, mixed, and matched to the curriculum needs of each grade.
StoryCrafting/IllustratingLive programNo; English Only$295.00ZoomMultiple performances are available for a flat daily rate.
Yasu IshidaYasu Ishida, Magic Story Artistyasutheatre@gmail.com808-777-9193www.yasutheatre.comI incorporate Japanese folktales with origami, and magic tricks. It goes well with this year’s library theme “Tails and Tales”. It is a 35-40 minutes program targeting family audiences. And I can do any virtual formats your library likes. (e.g. Live streaming on your FB page, pre-recording, or zoom workshop etc.) I also offer a virtual hands-on origami workshop for teens or adults too.StorytellingPre-recorded programEnglish/Japanese$300.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTube
Yumi Ozaki and Tanya CrowleyQuack and Wabbit Puppet Theatrequackandwabbit@hotmail.com707-834-2037www.quackandwabbit.comQuack and Wabbit presents:
“Mr. Gumpy’s Outing” Puppetry Workshop and Performance series
This is a program based on the book “Mr. Gumpy’s Outing” by John Burningham.
The 8 videos and printable PDF sheets are available to rent separately or as a package. Please call for pricing information.
PuppetsPre-recorded programNo; English Only$0.00YouTubePlease call for any questions and pricing. Another phone number is 707-407-7154

8 videos: 1 Introduction video (2:46 min.) This video introduces the sock puppets that you can make.

5 Videos showing how to make the sock puppets (each video is around 5 mins. long) These videos show how to insert the mouth piece and place eyes on the sock and how to make a bird, cat, dog and frog sock puppet.

1 Video teaching how to make your puppet come alive (14:09 min.) This video teaches how to make your puppet move and talk, dance and sing, and create a voice and personality of your puppet.

1 Video Quack and Wabbit’s version of “Mr. Gumpy’s Outing” (30 min.) This is a musical story about cooperation and friendship based on the book by John Burningham. Children have an opportunity to use their newly created sock puppets to play and dance and be a part of the show. This performance is enlightening, playful and full of surprises!
Perry YanPerry Yan MagicianPerry@pymagic.com415-601-2249www.Pymagic.comMy 30-45 min virtual show designed to keep and hold everyone's attention through dazzling magic, clean comedy, storytelling and audience participation. There will also be an easy magic trick taught during the show. The show will not only keep the kids entertained, but any adults watching as well!

Here is my 2 minute virtual show demo:
MagicLive programNo; English Only$325.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube$325-30 minute; $350-45 minute

2 minute demo-

For the 45 minute show, I would be happy to do a 10 minute Q&A afterwards. Multiple booking discount available.
Bri CrabtreeBri Crabtreebritree@gmail.com415-205-3219 you looking for a way to boost morale, reward your patrons, or bring some fun & giggles to your virtual library programming? Variety entertainer Bri Crabtree, creator of the popular children's "Silly Circus Show", has 6 new shows with 6 unique themes that combine educational concepts with entertainment.

Bri Crabtree holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology, and taught outdoor environmental education to kids for many years. Kids love Bri's combination of magic, juggling, and circus skills with themes like life sciences, vocabulary, and social emotional learning. Laugh, learn, and discover excitement with each unique show.

Show themes include "Rainbow Magic", "Animals", "Detectives", "Under the Sea", "Space Travel", "In the Garden", & "Super Hero Pizza Party". The original "Silly Circus Show" is also available. Designed for ages 4-7. 30-45 minute duration.
Magic, juggling, circus arts, & puppets combined with STEAM education and social emotional learningLive programNo; English Only$250.00Zoom, I am open to whatever platform you want to work with, but I prefer zoom.$25 discount with multiple bookings. I will also create social media graphics for you to promote the show if you need assistance. I am using a new website and this page is targeted for schools, but also appropriate for libraries. I hope you are as excited about these new shows as I am! I had the opportunity to write 15 children's shows for a company during the pandemic, and I was allowed to retain all rights to the material. Let's zoom together!
Art GruenebergerPuppet Art Theater Co. puppetartssacramento@gmail.com916-424-4736PuppetArts.comWith great effort we've kept the magic of our live shows while leveraging the technology to create entertaining live-streaming productions. We've learned how to incorporate audience interaction even when we can't hear or see our audience.
We are offering several virtual shows: Three Little Pigs; The Boy Who Cried Wolf; Three Billy Goats Gruff; Tommy's Space Adventure; Tale of the Dragon's Tail

I all of our shows the virtual audience helps the hero of the story foil the villain. Each show ends with a behind-the-scenes look at how we've built and performed the puppets. We also offer a Q&A session if desired. Our programs run 35-40 minutes.
PuppetsLive programNo; English Only$300.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, StreamYardWe miss seeing you all in person and we hope you stay safe and healthy until we can see you again.
Arwen LawrenceCascad-ita de Floresinfo@cascadadeflores.com415-999-3340 Bilingual (Spanish-English) Live Programs: Musical Storytelling (40 min + Q&A), Music Concert (30-60 min), Series of Music & Movement classes (weekly 30-40 minute classes, for 1 month, for example). Live programs preferred, pre-recorded available if needed.Music and DanceLive programEnglish/Spanish$650.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubePricing flexible. $650 is our Pre-COVID high price, that we first ask for as our programming has been cut so considerably. We can work with your budget. If possible, $650 can be for one library, and $750 for one county library system.
Wiley Rankin & Deborah RankinJump for Joy Musicwiley@jumpforjoymusic.com408-757-8126http://jumpforjoymusic.comSuper fun shows with laughter, different languages, dancing, and different instruments! Encourages awareness of world communities, racial diversity, helping others, multi-language/culture, and emotional encouragement. Fun and clever songs which challenge and entertainMusic and DanceLive programNo; English Only$250.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google meet, etcTo our virtual shows, we bring keyboard, ukulele, flute, piccolo, harmonica and saxophone! Here are video examples of live and virtual shows! Thank you! Episode 1 - 16 minute Live Show "Listening Is Super Fun! " Epiisode 2 - 21 minute Virtual Show - "Time for Adventures!" Ten Little Fingers - 6 minute Virtual Show "Song Lesson #1 - Counting in Three Languages
Rossana AlvesRossana Alvesrossana.alves@hotmail.com510-393-7339 offer Family Dance classes, a space for children and parents dance and play together. These classes have a relationship-base curriculum that create opportunities for kids and parents interact, connect and communicate with each other, strengthening the boding between them. They will exercise their bodies, activate their imagination and express themselves in a fun and creative way.

During the class I use lots of movement games that are interesting and fun, like Name Game, Freeze Dance, Mirror Game, Shadow Game, Magician and Scarf and much more. That way, the whole family can participate, including mom, dad and children from different ages. Each class is one hour long. The Family Dance program was created by Luna Dance Institute to help families that were separated by court decision to reestablish their connection. About 12 years ago, the program was expanded to Oakland libraries, such as Cesar Chavez, West Oakland, Eastmont and 81st Street branches.
I have been teaching these classes for 10 years in person at libraries, child development centers and family resource centers in Oakland. Since the pandemic, I started teaching it on line through Zoom for Family Resource Centers, like Bananas, Lotus Bloom and Prescott-Joseph Center, all of them in Oakland.
Music and DanceLive programNo; English Only$80.00ZoomPlease, contact me using e-mail, since I will be changing my phone number soon. Feel free to contact me if you need more information. Thank you.
Darren LiebmanDIDGERIDOO DOWN UNDER: AMAZING VIRTUAL PROGRAMS!darren@didgedownunder.com813-961-4656 deliver immersive experiences of sight, sound and imagination …
1) DDU Show: Australian Music, Animals & More! (ages 3+)
2) Adventures of the Wild Wolf: Children's Author Visit, Storytelling, Motivational Speaking! (ages 5-13)
3) Protect the Planet: Earth Science & Ecological Entertainment! (ages 5-14)
4) Aussie Funk Jam: Didgeridoo Workshop! (ages 6+, especially tweens & teens)
5) Music & More from Down Under and Beyond: Didgeridoo Concert! (adults)

We offer both prerecorded videos and live streaming events. Video: about 40 minutes; video link can be posted on website and/or social media. Live stream: about 40 minutes, plus up to 15 minutes Q&A; can be broadcast on your choice. Please view our promo videos at
Music, Science, Storytelling, Children’s Author, Motivational Speaking & More!Live programNo; English Only$300.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Meet and several othersSince 2004, we’ve presented 8,000+ programs – including many virtually – at libraries, schools and other venues. We have hundreds of references available. Please view our virtual promo videos at We’d love to virtually connect with your community!
Heather RogersHeather Magicheather@heathermagic.com415-824-4220www.HeatherMagic.comDazzling Comedy Magic Show. Also offering a Stress Reduction program and Cybersecurity Awareness program for youth, ages 6 and up.MagicLive programNo; English Only$375.00Zoom, FacebookAll Comedy Magic programs are educational and motivational. Specific program titles: "The Magic is You", "Fun Facts and Life Hacks for Stress Reduction", (as a certified Precision Wellness & Epigenetics Coach I share valuable health optimization tips) and "Cyber Secrets Revealed" (As 'Digita' the ethical White Hat Hacker I teach you how to stay safe on the net)
Liz Mangualliz@storyconnection.com505-514-5471librarystorytelling.comMy Story Sancocho Storytelling Program is a rich and heartfelt offering of folktales from Latin Lands. I draw on my Creole roots that reach to Spain, Africa, and Taino culture of the island of my birth, Puerto Rico (Sancocho is a one pot rich and savory stew of root vegetables and other local ingredients commonly found in Latin America). Even in a virtual setting, you can expect audience participation from home, as kids and their families hear tales that are animated with foolish children, talking hummingbirds, not so smart ogres, and wise old women. Programs range from 30 min. to an hour at your request for each situation is unique.StorytellingLive programEnglish/Spanish$350.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, I can also offer pre-recorded programs.I used to live in the Bay Area, but am now based in New Mexico. I have told many times in places such as; Santa Cruz, Monterrey, San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Sonoma County, etc.
Danny MorenoArty Loon Live! Virtual Variety!artyloon@artyloonshow.com562-706-0180www.artyloonlive.comArty Loon Live! Virtual Variety!- Duration: 45-50 minutes

Arty Loon Live is a high energy virtual family variety show with an emphasis on education and fun! Combining the latest in streaming technology, with masterful magic, clean comedy, pleasant puppetry, amazing juggling, hilarious balloons, magic lessons, games, prizes and more! All designed to entertain kids, and the kid at heart! Each show is customized with your libraries graphics/ promotions and can accommodate holiday themes such as: Halloween, Holiday fun, Dia De Los Muertos and more! The show can be performed on multiple platforms including: Zoom, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Instagram and YOUR libraries website! Check our website for examples of our virtual fun! Bilingual shows available! Live and Pre-recorded shows available! Inquire about introductory discounts!
MagicLive programEnglish/Spanish$200.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Your Libraries websitePlease feel free to give us a call for multiple booking discounts or if you have any questions or concerns. We’d be happy to see you have Arty bring the virtual Party!
Katia LopezZany Zoe Magiczanyzoemagic@gmail.com323-252-5766www.zanyzoe.comZany Zoe is a Colorful Interactive charming high energy one of a kind virtual magic show with funny feats and educational segments for family audiences. Zany Zoe can appear her world famous lovely and tame 8ft Snake which kids love.

Zany Zoe has performed magic shows and toured Libraries for over 15 years. We use top of the line equipment so your patrons can have the best experience. We can also personalize your event if needed. Themed packages are also available per holiday. If flexibility is needed, the show can be modified for your budgets needs. Can be presented in English, Spanish or Bilingual. References can be provided upon request.

-Instagram & Facebook: @zanyzoemagic; Youtube: Search Zany Zoe Magic
MagicLive programEnglish/Spanish$300.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
Carmen RomanCunamacuécunamacue@gmail.com408-334-8838www.cunamacue.orgAfro-Peruvian music and dance demonstration with live and pre recorded components. The pre recorded component includes a performance of Afro-Peruvian music and dance along with an explanation of the dances. The live component is composed of a 15 minute Afro-Peruvian percussion class including instrument demonstration (Cajita, Quijada, Cajon), and a 15 minute Afro-Peruvian dance class. Total program length 45 minMusic and DanceLive programEnglish/Spanish$350.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTube
Andrés Salguero123 Andrésandres@123andres.com816-237-9555123andres.com123 Andrés are Latin Grammy winners who get kids and families singing, en español y en inglés! Andrés is a multi-instrumentalist – guitar, saxophone, clarinet and more – and Christina is a former teacher. Together they bring original songs in Spanish and English, and traditional favorites, that invite children and families to move, sing, jump and learn.

Our standard duration is 45 minutes, but we are also available for 30 or 40-minute programs, as well as pre-recorded. We can gear our program to all-ages, or tailor the event to early childhood or elementary ages.
Music and DanceLive programEnglish/Spanish$500.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeIn addition, we have published 2 books by Scholastic - "Hola, Amigo" and "Diez Pajaritos."
We are happy to offer discounts for multiple bookings. We primarily do live programs but pre-recorded programs also available.
Brian Kolmstaff@atomicbearpress.com415-409-8491www.briankolm.comOnline Cartooning and Drawing workshops for all ages. The price is for on-line workshops that last 1.5 to 2 hours. The workshops can focus on basic cartooning, comics, superheroes, fantasy characters, or other themes and techniques. Other themes could be based on pop culture, seasonal events, or library comic-cons. The workshops help develop creativity, communication and problem solving skills.Arts & CraftsLive programNo; English Only$240.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google MeetThe price is for on-line workshops that last 1.5 to 2 hours. Custom promotional materials can be provided. Discount for scheduling 3+ workshops at same time.
Matthew MazurTurtle Dance Music ("We Help Kids Come Out Of Their Shells!")turtledancemusic@gmail.com973-493-2326www.turtledancemusic.comWe provide autism-friendly music programs (we have graduate certification) and interactive S.T.E.A.M. dance parties. We can host up to 500 kids per performance and we offer opportunities for librarians to block-book and do big collective, shared bookings between library branches at a discounted rate. We offer livestreams on all platforms (but WE LOVE ZOOM and we would love to show you a free demo as to why we love it) and pre-recorded videos. Our shows are normally 40 minutes. We over 8 shows but our main shows are Reading Rocks: The Music, Bubble and Comedy Show, Space: The Cosmos For Kids and this summer Tails and Tales: The Music, Bubble and Comedy Show. You can find trailers for each of our shows at and DanceLive programEnglish/Spanish$150.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Tik Tok, VimeoHere is our program menu for Winter, Spring and Summer. All programs can be either virtual or in-person (and can be changed last minute for the circumstances) and we will keep the rate the same. We will also offer block-bookings for in-person events.

Note: All videos can be left up permanently. Also note that we offer $50 block-booking discounts for same day bookings and if multiple branches book together and share a livestream it's only $50 a branch for a livestream.

Links -;
Our YouTube Channel -

If you have any questions please call or e-mail me anytime at Thank you!
Charlie FassMister Illusioninfo@misterillusion.com916-441-8059www.misterillusion.commagic show to entertain or to convey a message to the audience. Another option is a magic "workshop" where magic methods and performance techniques are taught. Duration is flexible depending on your needs. Typically duration is 30 minutes to 45 minutesMagicLive programNo; English Only$450.00Zoom
Jeffrey WeissmanMark Twain Show & Acting For Teensjeffreyweissman@sbcglobal.net323-397-0533www.jeffreyweissman.com1.Twain tells the Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and other fun tales. 2. Acting for Teens (Jeffrey's been at it 48 years).StorytellingLive programNo; English Only$350.00ZoomJeffrey plays Twain live for many years, and in the PBS movie; Dreamland: Mark Twain in Jerusalem.
Jeffrey's teaching information & testimonials here:
Ellen JohnsonUncle Jer's Traveling Bee Showinfo@bee-show.com916-387-5377www.bee-show.comBEE SHOW: Uncle Jer & Ms. Ellen so an engaging show about honey bees and honey. Film clips of honey extraction, the queen and hive inspection. Our puppet, Henrietta, will do a rhyme. 40 minutes plus Q&A at end. Ages 4-adult.
GOLD SHOW: Uncle Jer lectures about the California gold rush and shows how to gold pan 30-35 minutes plus Q&A at end. He will offer each child their own piece of gold if they send a self addressed envelope to Uncle Jer. Ages 7 and up.
STEAMLive programNo; English Only$300.00Zoom
Karen Lukkl@karenluk.net510-579-5772Karenluk.netI offer a variety of drawing workshops:

1. Manga Mania, 1.5 hours
Draw manga style face and compare it to a realistic one, using front, side, and 3/4 views of the same face. Discuss differences in body proportions.

2. Chibi and monsters drawing workshop, 1.5 hours
Learn how to draw cute chibi characters (big head with small bodies) and monsters/creatures from like Pokémon or general animal drawing technique.

3. Basic character design or Design a super hero, 1.5 hours
Discuss character design process to develop unique characters or superheroes for comic stories. Participants will draw their own characters based on power, weakness, environment, species, and age.
Arts & CraftsLive programNo; English Only$250.00Zoom, Facebook, YouTube
Mike Della PennaMagician Mike Della Pennamikedellapenna@yahoo.com510-408-8080www.mikedellapenna.comMike's Summer Reading Magic Show... Virtually! 30-45 minutes of participatory fun and laughter. Mike is a favorite performer at area preschools, libraries and Children’s Fairyland. He is known for captivating the 3- to 7-year-old crowd with his laughter-filled, participatory magic showsMagicLive programEnglish only, but I do have a Spanish translator available for performances if desired.$350.00Zoom, Zoom is preferable, but I'm happy to work in other mediums as well.
Dante ManciniDANTEmagicdante@gmail.com415-735-5321www.magicdante.comVisual Interactive Comedy MagicMagicLive programNo; English Only$400.00Zoom
Kevin A. MaddenAsh K., MagicianMagicianSanFrancisco@gmail.com415-531-1725KidsMagicSanFranciscoBayArea.comBook the first magician to be reviewed on Yelp n the world, AND the first to perform a paid, magic Zoom show (March of last year)! Show is written by a guy with thousands of hours of teaching and kid experience (in three countries), to appeal to young readers of all backgrounds (Ash K.'s first language is NOT English).

Lots of fun and video online, including librarian testimonials.

Big discounts for multiple-bookings, even across systems/counties/states/the country.
MagicLive programNo; English Only$250.00Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Zoom preferred for quality of audience experienceHow can I make your job easier, and both your patrons and supervisor exceedingly happy?
Cynde McInnisThe Whalemobileinfo@thewhalemobile.com617-838-2646www.thewhalemobile.comThe Tale of the Tail of a Humpback Whale
Have you ever seen, the tail of a whale? The black and white patterns beneath the tail?
Every humpback’s pattern is unique. And to many it looks like Ancient Greek.
But for scientists, we tell them apart, And many of them have stolen our hearts.
Meet Nile, my favorite, join me and see, How fascinating humpback whales can be.

This 1-hour virtual program will be a tale about one of my favorite humpback whales--Nile. She was born in 1987, and I have seen her almost every year that I have been whale watching since 1994!

I'll share why she is my favorite, how scientists study humpbacks (by the patterns on their tails), and what we have learned. We will also "virtually" go inside the life-sized model of Nile to learn about how humans and whales are similar!
Animals "Tails and Tales"Live programNo; English Only$165.00Zoom
Fred BerthelotArchitect of The Mindfred@fredberthelot.com646-752-7512www.thememorymasterclass.comThe Memory Masterclass - How to Remember Everything, and Never Forget a Thing!

How good is your memory? Do you often misplace items? Do you have a hard time
remembering people’s names, facts and figures, or forget items on your to-do list?
Do you or your child have a hard time studying for exams? You don’t have a bad
memory – you just need a better way to use it!

Mentalist Fred Berthelot will help you discover the true potential of your amazing
memory. This interactive workshop will alter your preconceived notions of how your
memory works and will open up a whole new world of mental abilities you didn’t know
you possessed. You will learn skills that you can apply to your everyday life, that will
improve your professional life, help you learn a new language, and alter the way you
learn and study.
MemoryLive programNo; English Only$400.00Zoom
Onye OnyemaechiAfrican Village Celebration " Together We Celebrate Life "onye@villagerhythms.com707-528-4458www.villagerhythms.comOnye brings the joy and soul of African Culture, music and village life. He engages children and families in a participatory experience of community celebration through drumming, dance, songs and presented in a historical / cultural context. 30 minutes Music and DanceLive programNo; English Only$350.00Zoom