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SchoolPersonaNotesScheduledInterviewedCall SummaryAdditional Features Requested
ShelleyAthleteHe was all about using this for Football. Used Hudl, can't see anything live. Used Hudl to cut up clips. Hudl is really slow to upload video. The video files are big and Hudl is kinda slow. Goes over video with coaches. Watches video of opponents to do research on them. Thinks viewing live is a huge benefit to review the video during a game. Can see who is messing up on the team and let them know how to correct that. Thinks that school provided equipment for recording would be difficult to get. Thinks wifi is hit and miss for live streaming. Can only access video that he's given access to. Can't upload to hudl unless you are a coach. Video editing to overlay text and drawings on top of the video.
ShelleyAthleteParent would record matches and he uploads them to youtube. Used an android and ipad to record the video. Always knew win/loss but never knew fine detail stats. Would have liked to have stats to track progression. Viewing team mate stats would encorage healthly competition but it could make the bad players. Have privacy controls on stats for the team so not everyone can view. Thinks wifi will be hit and miss. At bigger tournaments it will be an issue. Used track wrestling to see his rankings against everyone else. Liked to see how he compairs to other wrestlers on Track Wrestling. Only serious wrestlers were using Track Wrestling. Kept his own spreadsheet to send to recruiters. Always had at least one stat girl. Would have one girl record video and another keep stats. Most important feature is being able to rewatch videos and sharing them with family.
Twin FallsCoachUses iPad to record video of matches. Currently renames video files and then uploads them privately to youtube, and then embeds on a website. For stats he uses track wrestling on a laptop. Pays $50 per season. The hosting school provides a laptop to use track wrestling. Uses Chromebooks to use track wrestling. Uses iPad if chromebook isn't. Has been using track wrestling for 3 years for keeping stats. Typically only one stat girl. Thinks one device would be good. His team has 4 iPad. Thinks it's hit and miss with the wifi being fast enough for live stream. Thinks there is some syncronisity between mat boss and track wrestling. Thinks integration with track wrestling is a must. Wants a way to highlight things like single leg or double leg takedowns.Highlight specific parts of the videos, integrate with Track Wrestling
S. Hills Middle SchoolCoachDon't call until laterNeed permission to release video content, need the ability to remove video if inappropriate. Usually don't record video unless it's a higher skill kid. Uses coaches eye to breakdown video. Uses a paper and spreadsheet to record stats. Thinks the internet is fast enough if the recording is done on the private network not the public. Uses android phone. Thinks tablet would be best for recording stats. Doesn't think it'd be an issue getting devices to record and take stats. Privacy controls on videos, ability to edit and share sections of videos.
American FallsCoachRuns club, highschool, middle. Team size is 28, 33, 27. Uses pen and paper and track wrestling. Doesn't transfer stats from paper to digital. Does keep a book so he can always look up stats. Does take some more detailed stats on the fly. Records matches on an iPad. He has a stat girl record video and another records stats. The iPads are provided by the club. Has 4 stat girls on highschool team. Doesn't see a lot of parent involvment maybe 25%. Emails parents videos all the time. Thinks wifi is good enough to live stream. Pays $50 per season for Track Wrestling.
Former Burley HS Coach
CoachThinks $500 a yr. is ok. Uses Mat Boss to record as an official. Share by default with option to make video private. Doesn't think sharing on other platforms would be important. Flag important events in video and allow users to jump to those flags (takedowns, reversals, etc). Everyone is on track wrestling looking at scores.Thinks having everything on one device is a good idea. As a highschool coach he wants a way to quickly lookup the exact moment in an exact video and share that with the team or download and share on social media.Highlight sections of video, ability to quickly share video content.
Coach10-11am best time to reach him.Coaching for 14 years. Kids record their own matches. Will sometimes review video with the kids but runs into technical difficulties. Uses pen and paper and transfers them into track wrestling. Tournaments and duals are put into track during the meet. Track seats the schools twice a year for district and state. Track is free for him but he has the option to pay more for the stats. Does not pay for stat feature though. Does not currently have an iPad for recording but used to. Most stat girls would have their own smart phone. Thinks the wifi will be hit and miss. Track wrestling takes up a lot of bandwidth. 20-30% of parents get involved. Has used Hudl in the past but found it difficult to use. Can provide two people to keep stats. Seating schools.
Malad CoachCoachUses track wrestling for bigger matches and home duals. First year using track wrestling. Previously used pen and paper and uploaded to a spreadsheet. School doesn't provide iPads or Chromebooks. They would have pay out of fundraiser. They pay for track wrestling per season. Does not think wifi is good enough for streaming live. Has two stat girls that watch one match each. Trying to get rid of stat girls to save cost. If they got rid of stat girls they'd use an athlete. Thinks having everything on one device would be best.
Gooding Head CoachCoach
Out of town until Wednesday, Call then
Does not use anything for video right now but would like to. Does not know if video would be fast enough. Doesn't care much about stats just win/loss. About 40% of parents are engaged with their kids wrestling. Doesn't care about detailed video editing. Uses a reminder app to communicate with kids.
ShelleyParentWould like to be able to share videos to FB. Watching videos back to coach kid is ideal. Don't flood the video with stats. Just show the score and who is wrestling. Uses an android. Wife uses iOS. Thinks the school wi-fi would be good enough for streaming live. Would like to be able to send stats and video to recruiters. Share videos externally
Shelley Mat ClubParentuses huddle for football and track wrestling. isn't very good about keeping stats and TrackWrestling. mostly just use his pen and paper. does record video but only reviews it with elite athletes. thanks that bookmarking video would be great. says that huddle is difficult to find video that you would like and is very time-consuming. says that being able to find the specific video you're looking for quickly is essential. and being able to use it during practice would be great. currently pays about $500 per year for Hudl. he says that that cost is fine.