Guide Your Gifts 2018-19
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First NameLast Name
Role/Position at CPADietary RestrictionsFavorite ColorsFavorite Gum and/or Mint FlavorsFavorite ChocolateFavorite CandyFavorite Sweet SnackFavorite Salty SnackFavorite FruitWhat I would order at StarbucksWhat I would order at Dunkin DonutsIf I went to a Drive-Thru, it would be...and I would orderYou will most likely see me shopping at
TheresaAnderson9/6teachergluten freepurple & yellownonedark organicnoneNothing Bundt Cakes (gluten free)vinegar potato chipspineapplecold brew with light coconut milksausage egg croissantPanda Express: grilled chicken with veggiesTarget
AnneBaines10/232nd grade assistant / elementary carpoolnonebluespearmintmilk chocolategummi bearsanything :)Sour cream and onion PringlesstrawberriesStrawberries and Cream Frappachinodonuts :)Chick-fil-A: chicken sandwich Target, Michaels & Amazon
KennBaker9/17TeachernoneBluesoft peppermint balls & Icebreakers Cool MintChocolate CakeKit Kat, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Almond JoyCake or BrowniesPecans & CashewsApples or OrangesDecaf Coffee with extra cream and sugar or a LatteGlazed Doughnuts and CoffeeChick-fil-A: the four-piece mealWalmart or Books A Million
JillBarrett8/29TeacherNo onions, please.NeutralsPeppermintAnything darkM&M’sCookiesPretzelsAll berriesDecaf cafe au laitBavarian cream filled chocolate frostedChick-fil-A: a Southwest salad with ranchHobby Lobby
SharonBeaner8/18Instructional Technologistnonenavy, teal, coralMentos peppermintorganic dark with almondsnonefresh fruitsea salt butter popcorn (organic)pineappleStrawberry Acai refresherapple fritter or blueberry donutChick-fil-A: Market SaladAmazon, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross
JenniferBolding2/3Teacher’s assistant Green HallN/AAll shades of pinkSpearmint, wintergreenLindor milk chocolate M&M’s (the originals) or Snickers Cupcakes from the Publix bakeryPopcorn with butter and salt Strawberries Banana bread or cheese danishRegular coffee w/cream, sugar and hazelnutChick-fil-A: Chicken strips with a CokeKOHL’S, Belk, and Ulta
JeanneBorders11/21Head of Schoolnoneblues, graycinnamonAnyAnyChocolate or baked goodsPopcornAnyChai latteDonut with chocolate icingChick-fil-A: sandwichTJ Maxx or HomeGoods
SherryBoyd8/1MS teacher nonelime and teal any kind at all darkAlmond Joycookies trail mix mangocaramel macchiato glazed donuts Chick-fil-A: waffle frieshome online or Target
WhitneyBradley6/10Teacher Technology/STEMnonePink, purple Life Saver mints AnyStarbursts Any peanut butter/chocolate Chex Mix Any Caramel Macchiato Iced Caramel CoffeeChick-fil-A: any food, large sweet teaTarget, Marshalls
GingerBraund5/23teacherhealthyjewel tonesEclipse WintermintDark with almonds (Dove or other)peanut or almond M&M'sfrozen yogurtpopcornallsoy mocha cafe, mocha frappachino, or green teadonut holes, breakfast sandwich/cold coffeeChick-fil-A: market saladAmazon, Trader Joes
DoreenBuben8/6Kindergarten Teachernonepink and greenspearmintany kind! Gummy worms/Sour Patch KidsChocolate chip cookiesPopcornBlueberries and Strawberries Hazelnut Latte or Hazelnut CappuccinoChocolate glazed donut/glazed donut/bavarian cream donutChick-fil-A: Market Salad & Arnold PalmerSchool Box,Walmart,Target,Kroger,Sprouts,Belk's,Marshalls
KellyBurton7/66th Grade Language Arts TeachernoneblueCinnamon Salted dark Hot Tamales chocolate chip cookiespopcornall fruitwhite mocha latteiced coffee with cream and sugarChick-fil-A: #1 combo with Arnold PalmerTarget
BobCagle12/1Teacher nonegreennoneMilkThree MusketeersBrowniesPopcornAppleDon't drink coffee, would order foodSausage egg and cheese croissantWendy's: Double cheeseburgerHome Depot
BrookeCalabrese3/101st grade teachernonegreen, turquoise, bluecinnamonpeanut butter with milk chocolateReese's Pieces/Peanut Butter Cupschocolate chip cookieschips and quesocantaloupe or pineapplenot a fanham and cheese breakfast croissantChick-fil-A: grilled chicken wrap meal with avocado lime dressingTarget, Amazon, Gap Outlet
KenCampbell11/1Athletic Director and P.E. TeachernoneblackOrbit mintDove dark Sour Patch Kidsdark chocolate almondschipsApple or BananaMocha chip frappuccinoDark roast iced coffee with a little cream and sugarChick-fil-A: deluxe mealUnder Armour
KatrinaChampion7/20Reading SpecialistI try not to eat a lot of carbsI have manyWrigley's EXTRA - peppermint or spearmintdarkdark chocolatedark chocloatealmondsoranges, tangerine, grapesEspresso Frap or Latte with 2 extra sugars coffeea breakfast biscuitCato, Kohls, or Target
KristinChandler1/10Elementary Art TeacherNoneBlues & greensAnyDarkDark chocolateChocolateNutsStrawberriesLatte with almond milkCoffeeChick-fil-ATarget
SusanChapman9/5Secondary AssistantnonegrayPeppermintWhite ChocolateGummi BearsLarabarsPretzelsGrapesVanilla Latte made with almond milkCoffee (cream and sugar)Chic-fil-A: grilled chicken sandwichSprouts
DeniseComer10/24Athletics AssistantGluten FreeBlack/White, Aqua BlueIce Breakers Ice Cubes SpearmintGhiradelli Dark or Dark Caramel Sea SaltM&MsBlueberriesChips and SalsaMangoCafe Mocha with Coconut MilkIced Brown Sugar Cold BrewChick-fil-A: grilled nuggets & lemonadeAmazon
MelitaConrey5/3Director of Special Events noneGreen, aqua, pinkCinnamon Dark Chocolate Anything chocolate barkTHINS Dark chocolate with pumpkin seedsSkinny Pop popcorn Mango & watermelon Nonfat hot chocolateVanilla creme filledChick-fil-A: chargrilled fillet and side saladTarget
JillianCosgrove7/2School CounselorNo dairy, gluten, soy, onionsPurple, green, bluePeppermintEnjoy Life (at Kroger or Sprouts) or Unreal brand (at Sprouts)Chocolate or gummies candies (with no soybean oil)ChocolateChocolate? :-)Most anyCaramel frappe or latte with almond milk, no whip, no drizzle, non-dairyI can't :-(Chick-fil-A: grilled sandwich with gluten free bun, fries, Arnold Palmer (half unsweet tea, half regular lemonade)Target, Amazon
KellyCowart10/27Elementary bible teachernoneTurquoise Peppermint sugar freeAnyRolosKettle corn Lightly salted kettle cornStrawberriesHot chocolate with extra vanillaChocolate cake donutsChick-fil-A: southwest salad Belks
SamanthaCrump7/5teachernonepurple, redOrbit Bubble Mint & Orbit Sweet MintanyJolly Ranchersfruit or anything tart/tangy/sourany nutsany (I love fruit!)Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew or Blonde roast with hazelnut & creamcoffee with cream, lemon-filled doughnutChick-fil-A: three strip meal with lemonadeHobby Lobby
LandonCunningham2/24IT DirectorNo Avocados :(BlueMintMilk ChocolateSnickersYogurt Covered PretzelsCheez-It’s Fuji AppleMocha LatteRegular CoffeeChick-fil-A: Spicy Deluxe mealREI
AngelaCusick12/22TA, PhotographernoneGreen and Blue or Green/BlueWintergreenAnyCaramels or RuntsCaramel popcornCaramel popcornWhy are we discussing fruit - I thought this was snacks!Chai Tea Latte or Iced Chai TeaIce Tea - half sweet and half unsweetChick-fil-A: combo #1Target
AngelaDaniel11/17Kindergarten Teachernonegrayspearmintdark with seasaltnonechocolatepopcornberriesChai tea latteregular coffeeChick-fil-A: grilled chicken sandwichTarget
Deena Dickerson8/9Teacher AssistantnonePink, turquoise PeppermintMilk chocolate Snickers, Milky Way, TwixPound cakePeanutsAny fruitSmoothie Apple fritterChick-fil-ABelk or Old Navy
JoyceEarp10/10StewardBeef, pork, bread, sodasPinkDouble Mint Gum, peppermintAny dark chocolateAny dark chocolateFruitNoneAll berriesNothingNothingWendys or Chick-fil-A: saladKroger, Hobby Lobby and Big Lots
ScottEdmondson11/13Faculty/Directory of FacilitynoneBlue and OrangeClassic DentyneSnickersWintergreen LifesaversDonutsRegular Chex MixStrawberriesLarge Coffee Cream and SugarLarge Coffee Cream and SugarChick-fil-A: combo #1Half Price Books or 2nd and Charles
MeganEdwards5/3TeacherNoneGreenspearmint lifesaversAre there bad chocolates?Almond JoyChocolate Chip CookiesPirate BootyAnyJava Chip FrappuccinoLemon Filled DonutsArby's GyroWalmart
AngelaEeles9/1Elementary and Secondary Teacher NoneBlue Extra PeppermintDark Chocolate with NutsDark Chocolate with NutsDark Chocolate with Nuts Mixed NutsPineapple or Raspberries Peppermint Mocha or Peppermint Mocha FrappuccinoVanilla Iced Coffee (Flavor and Creamer only) Any Salad, Unsweet Tea with Lemon, McDonald's Vanilla Iced Coffee (Creamer and Flavor only) Amazon, Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls
PamFinnegan10/29Elementary Principalnonepink, greypeppermintany dark chocolate nonebrownies or chocolate chip cookiesSkinny Pop Popcornblueberriesskinny blonde vanilla or hazelnut latte (iced or hot)Boston cream donut and iced caramel coffee with creamChick-fil-A: grilled nuggets and Superfood side saladTarget or Loft
Samantha Foster3/232nd gradeNoneTurquoise MintDark chocolateDark chocolate sea salt w/caramelFruitTrail mixStrawberries Caramel frappuccino, vanilla chaiBlueberry donut & vanilla chaiChick-fil-A: half sweet/unsweet tea & sandwich & friesTarget
AmyFreiler12/8Teacher/2nd GradeNoneAny!Love gum!Milk ChocolateSnickersAny!PopcornI love all kinds of fruit!Cafe LatteChocolate Covered DonutsChick-fil-A: sweet tea!Target
FranGarner11/20AssistantNonePurpleSpearmint or cinnamonAnything with caramelM&M'sTrail mix with chocolateCashewsStrwaberry peach or plumsCaramel macchiato extra caramelApple fritter or French crueler Arby’s: beef n cheddar classic comboTarget or Ross
Cindy Gurniewicz2/7Director of Admissions & DevelopmentNoneBrown, Green, RedTrident CinnamonAny!Reese's, Take 5, Peanut M&M'sReese's, Peanut M&M's Nuts, Kettle ChipsWatermelon pumpkin breadDonut HolesChick-fil-A: Southwest Chicken SaladMarshall's, TJ Maxx, Target
Teresa “Terri”Haas2/18Department Chair and teacherNoneBeach colors, redIcebreakers Grape CubesReese’s Peanut Butter Cups with chocolate chips or Reese’s Pieces, Peppermint PattiesHard candy-cherry, Junior Mints, Snow Caps Edible Cookie DoughAnything crunchy-pretzels, Chex mixClementines, watermelon Pumpkin Spice Latte, Iced Caramel LatteRegular coffee with cream and sugar, iced caramel latteChick-fil-A: deluxe chicken sandwich meal (American cheese) with unsweetened teaTarget
RebeccaHansen9/8Classroom Assistant NoneGray, Peach, MintSweet Mint/Spearmint Milk Chocolate Swedish FishCinnamon RollsPopcornAny kind of berriesChai Tea LatteIced Macchiato Chick-fil-A: combo #1 with unsweet teaTarget
JoyHart12/9Kindergarten Teacher’s Assistant No sucralosePinkCinnamon Milk chocolateTwizzlersOatmeal raisin cookiesFunyonsPineappleN/AIced or hot caramel macchiato Chick-fil-A: southwest salad with creamy salsaHobby Lobby or Kohls
AshleyHoldiman6/10Science 5th/6thNonePinkOrbit gum White chocolate or chocolate-covered raisins Anything Sour (Sour Patch Kids, Skittles) Caramel PopcornChex Mix Watermelon, Apples White Chocolate Mocha Iced Caramel Latte Chick-fil-A: any salad or combo #1 with sweet teaTarget or Marshalls
MalorieHubauer 8/21Teacher NonePink, gray, purple Pur gumMilk chocolate Butterfinger Ice creamAny chipsKiwiLatte (no flavor)Iced coffee with cream Zaxbys: buffalo bleu zalad Target or Amazon
MelindaJustice6/26Teacher's AssistantNoneI like all colorsPeppermint and SpearmintMilk ChocolateChocolateBundtlet from Nothing Bundt CakesTrail MixStrawberriesDanish or SmoothieMunchkinsChick-fil-A: I like all the menu optionsJC Penny
JeanetteKessler11/22Classroom Assistantnoneyellow and purplespearmintdarkanything dark chocolatebrowniesalmondsraisinsEnglish Breakfast tea with milk & honeyCoffee with cream and sugarStarbucks: teaTarget
HeatherLee9/6AssistantNonePinkIce breakers mintsWhite chocolateSour Patch KidsAnything chocolateCashewsGrapesAnything but coffeeChocolate glazed donutChick-fil-A: sandwichTarget
Michelle Lochamy 8/12Welcome Desk assistant NoneHot pink and lime greenSpearmint or cinnamon gum/wintergreen mintsDarkPeanut M&MsCakeChips, cheese dip, and salsaPeachesVeranda blend coffee with extra half & halfCoffee with extra half & halfChick-fil-A: grilled nuggets and half sweet tea/half lemonadeAmazon
MichilieneLorenz10/15th/6th Grade Elementary Yearbook AdvisernoneredOrbitz Wintermintmilk chocolateTwix, Milk Duds, caramels, peanut butter M&Msfruit, chocolate, StarbucksChips & salsaany!caramel frappuccinon/aChick-fil-A: combo #8 wrap mealTarget, Kohls, Macy's
AlisonLuke7/4Director of Fine ArtsnoneBlack and Red, BlueIcebreakersall of itChocolate-covered raisins, Almond Snickersanything chocolateCashews, ChipscherriesWhite MochaAny kind of coffeeChick-fil-A: Cool Wrap with Avocado RanchKohls, Hobby Lobby
AllysonManning11/6English Teacher/Dept. Chairn/ablack/redExtra peppermintDove, Ghirardelli, or HersheyM&M'sanything sweet without nutspopcornany fruit!n/aiced coffee with 2 cream and 2 sweet and lowChick-fil-A: combo #1 with diet Dr. PepperKohl's
ElizabethMartin8/24Program SupportNonePinkPeppermintallLindor ChocolatesAny cookies/browniesNutsAll berriesTeaMunchkinsZaxbys: SaladKohls
DanaMcCollum1/3Assistant and Robotics CoachGluten FreeBright colorsWintergreenChocolate with caramel PezCaramel PopcornMovie PopcornWatermelonSweet Iced TeaSweet Iced TeaChick-fil-A: Grilled Cobb Salad Gluten Free with Ranch Target
LindsayMeyer7/225th Grade ELA TeacherNonePink, Navy, YellowStarbrite Mints... I don't chew gum :)Dove dark chocolateKit-KatGraham crackersGoldfishStrawberries and grapesIced latteIced latte :)Chick-fil-A: Spicy chicken sandwich meal with pepper jack cheese and sweet teaTarget
EddieMorlot6/20PT Maintenance Steward, Football & Lacrosse CoachNoneBlueSpearmintNoneSpreeCookieBBQ Corn NutsAllDark with cream and sugarApple fritterLittle Caesars: $6 pepperoni Any sporting goods store
EliseMurphy10/29math assistantnoneblue, gray and purpleice cubes spearmint dark chocolateHershey's dark chocolate bardark chocolate and peanut butterdark chocolate and sea saltblueberriessalted carmel frappuccinopumpkin donutZaxbys: blackened blue saladMarshalls or At Home
KatinaMussett4/11Teachers AssistantNoneGreenPeppermintDarkChocolateChocolateAlmondsPeachTall nonfat latteI don’tChick-fil-A: chicken biscuitKroger
LauraNguyen9/4secondary math, student life, ACT prepnoneKelly greenspearmintYes :)Almond Joy, York Peppermint, Butterfingercookies/browniesnonepeach or nectarinemint tea or vanilla lattevanilla iced coffee or blueberry donutChick-fil-A: wrap meal with no lettuce, creamy salsa dressingWalmart
KathyNixon8/21Third Grade TeacherNoneAll of themTic Tac GumDarkDark chocolate nutsDried applespeanut mixturesAll fruitSkinny decaf caramel macchiatoSkinny decaf caramel macchiatoSkinny decaf caramel macchiatoTarget, Costco, Publix, Kroger, Belk
BrandonNolan8/24Director of Student MinistriesNoneGreen and blueFruityDark; TurtlesNerdsCoconut chocolate almondsTrail mixKiwi and watermelonJava chipHot or iced mocha with cream and sugarChick-fil-A: Wrap with avocado ranch dressingAmazon
NicoleOrton4/9Substitute TeacherNoneGeorgia Tech Old Gold & greenSpearmint, really any mint LifesaverMilkLaffy Taffy, Rainbow Twizzlers, or chocolate Mott’s fruit gummies Thin pretzels AnyCafe Mocha or Caramel Macchiato Blueberry donut Chick-fil-A: combo #1 with extra picklesHobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, or Lifeway
JennyOstell5/16Front Office/XC CoachCookies (haha)Green, white, grey, light blueAndes Chocolate Mints, York peppermint patties Dark chocolate-covered almonds Almond Joy, Hershey’s Chocolate Bar with Almond, Peanut M&M, Gummie Bears FruitPopcorn Apples, Oranges, Pineapples, Strawberries, Watermelon, GrapesGreen Tea & Blueberry scone Glazed donut with chocolate icingZaxbys: saladAmazon
DeeshiaPartin1/23Third grade English/Drama TeacherNone - I do not care for cream cheeseBlue and grayPeppermint Dark Chocolate Anything dark chocolate with berries or M&M’sScones, muffins, cookiesPretzels or Skinny White Cheddar PopcornBerries and applesVanilla LatteVanilla Latte & Pumpkin muffinChick-fil-A: Anything grilled and the kale saladTarget, Altar’d State, Francesca’s, or Kirkland’s
RaeannaPitzer4/17Farm2Fork Teacher/Garden CoordinatorN/Alove all colorsreal bubble guma good quality dark chocolate anything anything homemadenutslocalregular coffee with coconut milk regular coffee with coconut milkPanera: saladWhole Foods
Annette Prem9/4TA/welcome deskNoneBlue and yellowPeppermint GodivaChocolate Trail mixPopcornOrangeMocha frappe Boston creamChick-fil-A: combo #2 with colby jackRoss
JenniferRamsey9/296th Grade Assistant/Lunch Room MonitorNonePurpleJuicy FruitALLPeanut M&MsChocolatePretzelsNoneHot ChocolateChocolate DonutChocolate MilkshakeAmazon
GabbieReiner9/11Finance/RegistrarNoneBlues and yellowsPolar IceChocolate peanut butter pie or ice creamPeanut M&Ms or Take 5Anything sweet/saltyGuacamoleBerries or watermelonmint chocolate frappuccino or cappuccinoNadaChick-fil-A: Chicken WrapCostco or Target
ErinRichardson10/87th and 8th Grade Math TeacherCitruspink and blue5 Peppermint CobaltMilk ChocolateReese's Pieces or Reese's SticksChocolate Chip CookiesPretzels Cantaloupe or Red ApplesIced Coffee with Vanilla and Extra CreamMunchkins (Chocolate and Blueberry)cheeseburger and french friesLove Street (at Seven Hills) or Target
LindsayRisner9/288th grade Earth Science teacherApplesYellowSpearmint/ExtraDark ChocolateTootsie Pops or dark chocolate M&M'sGranola barsPopcornBananas or red grapesSkinny Cafe MochaMocha MacchiatoStarbucks: Skinny Cafe Mocha Target
MarshaRobbins12/29Secondary Principal, Assistant Head of SchoolNoneTurquoisePeppermintDove Dark with AlmondsAlmond SnickersChocolate covered almonds or yogurt covered pretzelsMixed nutsstrawberries or peachesChai Tea Latte non-fatSugar free french vanilla coffee, cream onlyPanera: turkey/apple/cheddar sandwichHome Depot or Kohl's
LissetteSanabia9/5Elementary & Secondary TeachernoneGreyIce Cube GumDove Dark Chocolate with almondsKit KatCottage cheese with FruitSea Salt AlmondsAll BerriesSkinny Vanilla Latte (only 1 1/2 pumps)Regular Coffee with 1 cream and 1/2 SplendaChick-fil-A: Cobb Salad grilled with Avocado Ranch DressingTarget
HeatherSanders9/13Teacher's Assistant Gluten FreePink, red, purpleSpearmint Almond JoyLemon dropsPerfect Bars - almond butter flavorNuts and potato chipsAllCoconut milk latteCoffeeChick-fil-A: grilled chicken nuggetsKroger, Belks
KarenServiss8/253rd Grade Science/ HistoryNoneBlue/greenWerther’s Original Caramel candyAnything Reese’sBrookside/Chocolate covered açaí and blueberry Chocolate chip cookieCashews/White chocolate dipped pretzels Clementines Do not drink coffee or teaGlazed donutChick-fil-ATarget
TracieSetzler10/26TeacherNoneBlueMentos gumDark Chocolate and AlmondsDark Chocolate and AlmondsDark chocolate and almondsdark chocolate-covered pretzelsstrawberriesa Cokea CokePanda Express: orange chicken bowl with riceAmazon
BillSikkelee10/8Teacher, CoachGluten FreeBlueExtra, Trident (Sugar free)All goodN/A (I like to get some small chocolates to toss out to kids though)FruitPeanuts or assorted nutsApplesDark roast / BlackCoffeeSomething gluten free like a bowl with rice and Mexican food on topGAP/Kohl’s/Marshall’s
KatySimmons7/8Music and Electives TeachernoneturquoiseMentos gum, chewy peppermints, butter mintsHersheys, LindtButterfinger, York Peppermint Pattyfruitcheese and crackersall fruits!Grande Decaf Cinnamon Dolce Lattenothing :)Chick-fil-A: Southwest SaladTarget, Publix, and Macy's
LoriSmith4/1Secondary Front Office NoneYellow, blue, black & white checkAny mint flavorDarkTwizzlersOatmeal raisin cookiesAnything! I love salty snacks!WatermelonWhite Mocha LatteCoffee with cream & a donutChick-fil-A: French friesWalmart
MonicaSmith3/29Geometry TeacherNone Red/BlackAnything mintyMilkReese’sAnything Anything MelonsGrande Cinnamon Dolce LatteMaple donutTaco Bell: probably a $5 boxTarget
RhondaSnow11/10Teacher; History Department ChairnoneBlue, turquoise, really all shades of bluepeppermintDark; the darker, the betterDark chocolate with almondsDark chocolate covered pretzelsCheesy crackersblueberriespeppermint mochanothingChick-fil-A: probably the wrap or a saladTarget
TinaSouza7/10Adminstrative AssistantNoneBlue - Navy/DarkExtra/FiveLindtReeses/SnickersChocolateSkinny PopStrawberriesWhite Mocha Boston Creme DonutChik-fil-A: Combo #1 and ice-dreamAmazon, Target
KellySparks9/9TeacherNonePink and PurpleWintergreen or CinnamonAll of it!!Any but I really shouldn't!!Trail MixPopcorn or Mixed NutsAnything but Honeydew:(AmericanoMedium Coffee with cream and sugarChick-fil-A: Market SaladPublix
SherryStone10/13Teacher/4th grade math and secondary mathNoneRedExtra NAGummy bearsM&MPretzels StrawberryStrawberry FrappuccinoBoston CreamChick-fil-ATarget
KatieTuck2/1Director of Communications and MarketingNo gluten or peanutsBlueSoft peppermint ballsAny kind of Ghiradelli dark squaresAlmond Snickers, Three Musketeers, Milky Way Dark, dark chocolate M&MsIce creamPopcorn (especially any flavor of gluten free Popcornopolis - sweet or salty!)BananaLondon Fog Tea LatteDonuts for other people since I can't eat them!Chick-fil-A: grilled nuggets, waffle fries, CokeCostco, Target, Sprouts, REI
EmilyVarner7/18Teacher NoneRed/pink Any gumPeanut M&MsPeanut M&Ms??AllCinnamon dolce latte Regular coffeeChick-fil-A: grilled nugget combo and diet Dr Pepper Target & Walmart
XiomaraVehrs5/5Spanish TeacherNoneBlueEclipse (blue)Hershey NoneChocolateAny nutsCuties Peppermint mocha/ regular coffeeCoffeeChick-fil-A: sandwichSephora, Bath and Body Works
DeenaWerner3/95th grade math teacherNoneBlueCinnamon Dark sea saltPeanut M&MsCookiesPopcornAppleLatteCoffee with cream and a chocolate donutChick-fil-A: large 1/2 sweet iced tea and a chicken sandwichTarget
Cynthia White2/15TeacherNoneRed, teal, hot pink, blackNo gum, any mintDarkSour cherries, chewy sweet tarts, Spree, Runts, Bottle CapsAnythingAnything Pineapple, grapefruit, apples, grapes, berriesWhite chocolate mocha - hotAny donut but jelly, caramel mochaChick-fil-A: combo #1 with sweet teaRoss, Kroger, Tuesday Morning
WinterWhitney10/5Teacher's AssistantNonePurple and PinkWintergreen and butterscotchall kindsReece's cupYogurt PretzelsChex mix or trail mixBerriesHibiscus TeaVanilla filled donutChick-fil-A: sandwich with extra pickleLoft
Debbie Wingenroth 8/314th grade English/history teacher NoneTeal, peach, oliveWintergreen Dove Dark Chocolate Twizzlers strawberry licorice & Mounds BarDove dark chocolate Cheetos cheese puffsOrangesNothingBoston cream doughnut Chick-fil-A or McDonald’s: a grilled chicken sandwich or quarter pounder with cheeseKohls and Amazon Prime
AmandaWinkler7/261st grade teacherI don’t like chocolatePinkAnyWhiteSkittles, Starburst, gummy bears, Sour Patch KidsAnything except chocolateAnythingStrawberriesIced caramel macchiato Iced caramel latte and bavarian cream donutChick-fil-A: anything with fries and a lemonade and sauce Target, Walmart
CarolWrenn4/14MS and HS Teachernonebluepeppermint, spearmintdark chocolate with almonds Kit Katchocolate chip cookiespopcorn, nutsall of themBlonde roast with creamcoffee with creamChick-fil-A: salad or grilled chicken sandwich & sweet tea Marshalls
SarahWynn2/26Secondary English teacherN/ABlues, greens, and graysPeppermintAny dark chocolateHeath BarsIce creamPopcornAll kinds of berriesDark roast coffeeCoffeeStarbucks: coffeeMarshall’s, Target, and Loft