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Acc. No.Call No.AuthorTitleYear
CeG-8696LG 993 2017 P6 /A49Alvarez, Camela Hope G.The circle of life : socio-economic impact of coastal resource management in Sipaway Island2017
CeG-8577LG 993 2017 P6 /A48Bontuyan, Avekhenn A. and othersAfter Tokhang, what now? : an evaluation of Barangay Subangdaku's from Tokhang to LaBang Program2017
CeG-8697LG 993 2017 P6 /D43Decenilla, Mary Eunice RellitaCebuano phoenixes : a multi-stakeholder approach to the challenge of relocating informal settlers2017
CeG-8578LG 993 2017 P6 /M87Muralla, John Darwin Kitt P.Who put the demon in the demonstration? : a study on the influence of political culture on public perception of the activism in Cebu City2017
CeG-8111LG 993 2015 P6 /A23Abaoag, Czar LorenzoAn analysis of community-based disaster risk management in the flood-risk barangays of Cebu City : the case of disaster mitigation and prevention and disaster preparedness2015
CeG-8262LG 993 2015 P6 /A27Abragan, Mark L.An assessment on inter-agency coordination : the case of Bogo City's response, rehabilitation and recovery after Typhoon Haiyan2015
CeG-8263LG 993 2015 P6 /C65Colaljo, Carla M.Analysis on the configuration of civil society organizations in environmental protection : the case of the tree-cutting operations in the City of Naga, San Fernando and Carcar City2015
CeG-8264LG 993 2015 P6 /D54Diez, Emelie Marie T.Power over power : a study on the configuration of stakeholders in the electric power industry governance of Metro Cebu2015
CeG-8265LG 993 2015 P6 /E54Engcoy, Krystel MerianneAn assessment of gender relations and women's empowerment of barangays with best solid waste management practices in Cebu City2015
CeG-8266LG 993 2015 P6 /E83Escobia, Aleisha Merryl Z.Children in cities, changes and challenges : an assessment on the responsiveness of child-related policies of Mandaue City in addressing the emerging vulnerabilities of children in urban areas2015
CeG-8267LG 993 2015 P6 /G38Gatab, Janen Donnil C.Intercity governance towards an integrated flood control and drainage management : the case of Cebu City, Mandaue City and Talisay City2015
CeG-8268LG 993 2015 P6 /J83Jubiar, Dara O.An analysis on community-managed savings and credit associations in aiding the recovery and reconstruction of disaster-affected communities towards resilience2015
CeG-8269LG 993 2015 P6 /M34Mahinay, Shammah ReyThe intercity coordination among the cities of Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-lapu in traffic management and its implications on urban disaster resilience2015
CeG-8270LG 993 2015 P6 /P36Pampilo, Hansel Jake B.Containing tha chaos : an analysis of the phenomenon of urban sprawl in Cebu City and government's policy responsiveness2015
CeG-8271LG 993 2015 P6 /P53Pialago, James Glendon Q.A governance analysis on environmental compliance in the Visayas : the role of the environmental ombudsman2015
CeG-8106LG 993 2014 P6 /A27Abrea, Kathrina Mona S.An evaluative study on the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program as a tool for empowerment among poor beneficiaries in Cebu City2014
CeG-8107LG 993 2014 P6 /A34Acerden, Karyl Trinidad C.Assessing life after the storm : a case study on human rights violations in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda in Barangay 6-A, Tacloban City, (November 2013-February 2014)2014
CeG-8101LG 993 2014 P6 A41Aguirre, Edrese Grace O.The anatomy of corruption : an exploratory study of cases of infrastructure corruption filed and decided in the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas Cebu City (2006-2012)2014
CeG-8108LG 993 2014 P6 / A45Almaden, Rosalie S.Comparative assessment on the level of responsiveness and effectiveness between GO (Department of Social Welfare and Development) and INGO (Catholic Relief Services) in the delivery of goods and services based on the perception of the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda in Brgy. San Roque, Tanauan, Leyte2014
CeG-8116LG 993 2014 P6 /A46Alombro, Katherine Geen Kaneishia A.Voices of the indigenous people : an analysis on the impacts on the implementation on the health and education provisions of the Indigenous Peoples' Rights Act of 1997 by the local government of Impasug-ong, Bukidnon2014
CeG-8112LG 993 2014 P6 /A73Ardina, Charmaine Pearl T.Narratives of call center employees : a study on the conditions that promote empowerment at work and the perception of the employees on empowerment in the workplace2014
CeG-8113LG 993 2014 P6 /A74Argallon, Kristine Joy P.Peasant movement and empowerment : an assessment on the Lingkawas Peasant Movement and its impact on women empowerment to the women's organization in Brgy. Bonbon, Aloguinsan, Cebu2014
CeG-8110LG 993 2014 P6 /B46Blones, Roxanne P.The perception on the concept of Panmumulitika and its effects on the delivery of goods and services in Brgy. San Antonio Poblacion, Alangalang, Leyte, November 2013 - February 20142014
CeG-8114LG 993 2014 P6 /B66Bontuyan, Mary Stephanie G.GAD mainstreaming in Metro Cebu : a comparative-evaluative study on the implementation of the Philippine Plan for Gender - Responsive Development in Talisay, Lapu-lapu, Cebu and Mandaue Cities2014
CeG-8103LG 993 2014 P6 /C33Cabada, Aldwin C.Content analysis on the extent of partisanship among Cebu City-based local dailies in their news coverage of typhoon Yolanda, November 5, 2013 - February 8, 20142014
CeG-8100LG 993 2014 P6 /D46Denila, Jun Marr M.Roadmap to quality and globally competitive education : a policy implementation monitoring and analysis of the K to 12 program in selected secondary public schools in Cebu City2014
CeG-8104LG 993 2014 P6 /E75Eria, Anna Jean A.A study on the perceptions of residents of Brgy. 78 Marasbaras, Tacloban City on the efficiency of the delivery of basic needs in the aftermath of super typhoon Yolanda2014
CeG-8115LG 993 2014 P6 /J36Jamin, Mark Jeeg C.Revisiting the child friendly barangays in Cebu and Bohol : a descriptive and evaluative study of the LGU-NGO collaboration in implementing the global child-friendly cities initiative of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Child in Macaas Tubigon, Bohol and Kinasang-an, Cebu City, Cebu2014
UGTP497UGTP P65 /2013 A35Adlawon, Argelyn B.Utda ang kauhaw: assessment on stakeholders' participation over the management of Taguibo River Watershed Forest Reserve in Caraga.2013
UGTP498UGTP P65 /2013 B38Bautisa, Karla LeeDodging disasters: a case study on disaster risk reduction and management in Barangay Mabolo and Barrio Luz, Cebu City (2011-2012)2013
UGTP499UGTP P65 /2013 B45Belmonte, Katherine N.Pagka-inahan sa kabukiran: an assessment to the performance of the barangay health centers in Barangay Malubog, Barangay Pamutan, and Barangay Paril, in terms of maternal health.2013
UGTP500UGTP P65 /2013 B47Bernales, JessaLaarni B.Monitoring compliance of the Philippine disaster risk reduction and management act of 2010 (RA 10121) in flood-prone barangays in Cebu City. JessaLaarni B. Bernales, Danielle Victoria G. Gumba.2013
UGTP501UGTP P65 /2013 C36Camello, Tessie Jean D.Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction and management act towards a disaster resilient barangay : a case study on disaster risk reduction and management in Brgy. Basak Pardo and Barangay Sambag II (2010-2012) [term paper-political science]2013
UGTP502UGTP P65 /2013 D44Degamo, Clarissa Beth S.A study on the trend of youth activism based on the narratives of selected youth activists from the Marcos era to the 20th century in Cebu City . Clarissa Beth S. Degamo, Shenna Jane T. Parado.2013
CeG-8105LG 993 2013 P6 /M47Merino, Rose AntonetteGender responsive governance of local government units : a case study of Argao, Cebu and Pilar, Camotes Cebu2013
UGTP503UGTP P65 /2013 M67Morado, Princess Angelica P.A rapid appraisal on the socialized housing project for kinamaligan residents in Maingaran, Masbate .2013
UGTP504UGTP P65 /2013 S25Salazar, Keeshia E.An assessment of the juvenile justice and welfare act of 2006: filling in the gaps, strengthening the bridges.2013
UGTP505UGTP P65 /2013 V35Valendez, Mikko Gabriel L.Mainstreaming peace education in Abelana National School and Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong National High School: a descriptive evaluative study.2013
UGTP506UGTP P65 /2013 Y36Yan, Regine LacsonWhat it takes to give life: a case study on child birth services of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) to women from low income group.2013
UGTP482UGTP P65 /2012 B36Bandoy, Dawn Hugies E.An assessment of the closure of the Inayawan Landfill on the plight of the waste pickers.2012
UGTP487UGTP P65 /2012 C37Castillon, Edwin N.A situational analysis of convergys Philippines in I.T. Park Cebu City's labor practices in terms of labor unions.2012
UGTP488UGTP P65 /2012 C47Cesista, Vincent Joseph.Forging a metro region: mega Cebu as envisioned by the metro Cebu Development Coordinating Board, reactions of LGUS and challenges.2012
UGTP489UGTP P65 /2012 D59Dizon, Jehann Mae Lleve."Vote straight" campaign strategy in the 2007 and 2010 elections in Mahaplag, Leyte.2012
UGTP490UGTP P65 /2012 F33Facurib, Roxanne Jane S.Assessment on the awareness of selected youth of Lapu-lapu and Mandaue City on prostitution and human trafficking. Roxanne Jane S. Facurib, Ailene R. Galicinao.2012
UGTP491UGTP P65 /2012 I46Ignalaga, Ma. Leny.Hotline: an experimental study on crime prevention in Barangay Cogon Central Ramos and Barangay Apas, Cebu City.2012
UGTP483UGTP P65 /2012 L54Llegunas, Ivan Joash Oberes.Breaking the lenses a contenent analysis on the media's portrayal of muammar gaddafi in the time and newsweek magazines from 2000-2011.2012
UGTP492UGTP P65 /2012 L67Loquinte, Nheza May L.Politicization of student activists in facebook.2012
UGTP484UGTP P65 /2012 M43Medina, Amylene S.An evaluative study on the 'deliquent' sir benefeciaries of barangays Suba and Pasil, Cebu City.2012
UGTP493UGTP P65 /2012 O49Olayvar, Joeddin Niño D.Komunal: organizing farmers in Cantipla and Aloguinsan towards communal farming.2012
UGTP494UGTP P65 /2012 P33Pada, Alexar S.The social and political involvement of a LGBT group: a case study on the self motivated gays of barangay Luz (SEMGAB).2012
UGTP495UGTP P65 /2012 R66Rontos, Januelle C.Enhancing policies and practices towards barangay empowerment: a case study of people's participation in Barangay Camp 7, Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines.2012
UGTP496UGTP P65 /2012 T39Tayrone, Kristy DelightUP PolSci Grads: WR N U?: A tracer study on where the UP Cebu political science graduates are today and how relevant is the curriculum in their chosen career.2012
UGTP455UGTP P65 /2011 A35Adlawan, Catherine R.Narrative of prostituted woman: a study on prostitution through the eyes of the prostituted woman.2011
UGTP456UGTP P65 /2011 B39Bayani, Czarina F.Energy as an environmental mainstreaming: focusing on the implementation of RA9513 and the energy programs of Cebu City and Naga City2011
UGTP473UGTP P65 /2011 B85Bulay-og, Levi Faith P.Corporate environmentalism: a case study of top five industrial corporations in Mandaue City.2011
UGTP459UGTP P65 /2011 J86Jumarito, Mary Annchyr.An Assessment on the implementation of comprehensive juvenile justice and welfare system act of 2006 (R.A. 9344) in Cebu City. Mary Annchyr Jumarito, Joreyna Mae Tan Melicor.2011
UGTP485UGTP P65 /2011 P35Paler, Jezzene Gail R.Comparative study of the attitudes of catholics and mustlims on reproductive health.2011
UGTP460UGTP P65 /2011 P37Parawan, Eula.Asessing the implementation of the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999 : a case study on policy implementation in Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu-lapu City2011
UGTP486UGTP P65 /2011 P47Pescadero, Cris Virgil M.Care for the victim: a descriptive and evaluative study on the rehabilitation program of NGOs for victims of trafficking in Cebu.2011
UGTP457UGTP P65 /2011 R45Rejuso, Jovelle Carmel E.Implementation of Philippine clean water act of 2004 in Cebu City and Mandaue City: a comparative assessment of policy implementation.2011
UGTP458UGTP P65 2011 /S29Sayson, Gerlyn MaeEducational refrom for quality education: a policy analysis on the proposed two additional years in the basic education curriculum.2011
CeG-8109LG 993 2010 P6 /A43Aledo, Ermine R.A comparative case study of ALU-TUCP and KMU of Cebu City on their perception of the impact of the current global financial crisis2010
UGTP383UGTP P65 /2010 A44Alegado, Jan Lorenzo Geonzon.The limits of gender mainstreaming in the educational sysem: [term paper-political science] case study on the gender socialization of a public elementary school in Cebu City.2010
UGTP384UGTP P65 / 2010 A45Allera, Reymarie M.A study on cyberspace prostitution among children in Cebu Reymarie M. Allera, Kennethmar P. Nogan.2010
UGTP385UGTP P65 /2010 B33Baclayon, Hanna B.Gender mainstreaming in the Philippine Air Force:2010
UGTP454UGTP P65 /2010 B58Biton, Johnbee D.Gender mainstreaming in the classroom: a study on the impact of social science 5 and political science 164 on the knowledge and attitudes of University of the Philippines Cebu college students regarding gender roles in society.2010
CeG-8102LG 993 2010 P6 /D33Dadole, Veronica Felicity G.Perceptions and attitudes towards the delivery of justice at the Court of Appeals - Visayas : an insider and outsider view2010
UGTP387UGTP P65 /2010 E46Egonia, Jessah Christee A.A comparative study on land distribution and support services under the comprehensive agrarian reform program in Brgy. Cantipay, Carmen, Cebu and Brgy. San Vicente, Trinidad, Bohol. :2010
UGTP430UGTP P65 /2010 E87Estillore, Daisy D.Philippine poverty : a study on the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of the youth in Barangay Day-as, Cebu City2010
UGTP388UGTP P65 /2010 E88Estrera, Edwin B.Political socialization of the youth: a comparative study on the political knowledge and attitudes between the students in private sectarian and public state universities in Cebu City: (January-March 2010)2010
UGTP389UGTP P65 /2010 L43Ledesma, Lloyd Paul C."Social implications of the global financial crisis as persceived by the people of barangay Basak, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu"2010
UGTP390UGTP P65 / 2010 L67Lor, Remfel G.An analysis on coastal governance, case studies of Brgy. Simala, Sibonga, Brgy. Tanke, Talisay, and Brgy. Gilutongan Cebu2010
UGTP432UGTP P65 /2010 N38Naval, Antonette Mae Felice C.Towards harmony in the workplace : a case study of Shemberg employees independent union2010
UGTP391UGTP P65 /2010 P47Pernia, Ronald A.A comparative study on the civic culture of the selected middle class residents in Barangay Bahay, Sibonga and Barangay Poblacion, Danao City2010
UGTP392UGTP P65 /2010 R85Ruiz, Cheska O."A comparative analysis between government agency (CHR) and NGO (KARAPATAN) in resolving problems the cases of human rights violations in Brgy. Talamban, Cebu City and Brgy. Marmol, Tuburan, Cebu2010
UGTP364UGTP P65 2009 A23AbdulRauf, Tasneem C.Tolerance in inter-community relations among Muslims and Christians in Brgy. Kamputhaw, Cebu City2009
UGTP365UGTP P65 2009 A24Abella, Edsa Marie Maghinay.Multi-sectoral views on the Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008 (H.B. No. 5043) among opinion leaders in Cebu City2009
UGTP366UGTP P65 2009 A68Apura, Marie Liz W.An assessment of the community eCenter of San Remigio, Cebu2009
UGTP367UGTP P65 2009 B46Bentazal, Febie Faith B.An evaluation study of the Barangay Development Planning - Participatory Resource Appraisal (BDP-PRA) in Barangays Luz and Cansaga, Cebu2009
UGTP380UGTP P65 2009 B57Birondo, Francis IanEmpowerment in Coastal Resource Management (CRM) in the municipality of Barili. Cebu2009
UGTP368UGTP P65 2009 B66Bontuyan, Alvin G.A content analysis on the war on terrorism campaign of the USA as featured in the Time Magazine from 2002 to 20082009
UGTP386UGTP P65 /2009 C84Cuevas, May Zyra V.An analysis of interest articulation of Cebu LGBT groups against institutional discrimination. May Zyra V. Cuevas2009
UGTP369UGTP P65 2009 D33Dacay, Ernie Jerome Q.An assessment of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) to the out-of-school youth in Barangay Luz2009
CeG-8117LG 993 2009 P6 E44Elevera, JezalenThe socio-economic condition and the effect of the initiatives done towards the Badjaos in Alaska, Mambaling Cebu City2009
UGTP370UGTP P65 2009 E76Ermac, ArdieTaxi girls : a case study on child prostitution in Cebu2009
UGTP371UGTP P65 2009 L37Larino, Emily Joy A.Local area studies on the prevalence of malnutrition in two public elementary schools in Cebu City2009
UGTP372UGTP P65 2009 M47Merencillo, Jerra-Lyn R.A comparative content analysis of health education textbooks of a private and a public secondary school in Calbayog City, Western Samar and in Garcia-Hernandez, Bohol2009
UGTP362UGTP P65 2009 P37Paronda, Aubrey Mae Marzan.A study on the notions of motherhood among rural and urban mothers in Cebu2009
UGTP381UGTP P65 2009 P45Pelinio, Norman A.Political attitudes of UPVCC students : a comparative study on the political attitudes of activist group members and non-members2009
UGTP373UGTP P65 2009 S26Sanchez, Ralph.Lessons learned from Gawad Kalinga's "Kapitbahayan" community development program in the GK villages of Budlaan and Eversley2009
UGTP374UGTP P65 2009 S46Señagan, Richard Horace D.The lamppost case trail and the responses from different sectors in Cebu2009
UGTP375UGTP P65 2009 V45Veloso, Pinky D.Coverage of federalism and parliamentary systems of government by a national and a local newspaper (Philippine Daily Inquirer & Sun-Star Cebu)2009
UGTP340UGTP P65 2008 B34Bagatsing, Lea Margarette A.A study on the attitudes and practices towards girl-children in Barangay Magay, Compostela and Barangay Kamputhaw, Cebu City2008
UGTP361UGTP P65 2008 B35Baguio, Cindy M.Labor contractualization in MEPZ 1 : women worker's struggle, coping and resistance2008
UGTP379UGTP P65 2008 G36Ganzon, Mina Angeles LimMapping of initiatives of Cebu local government units and non government organizations in compliance to the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 20062008
UGTP429UGTP P65 /2007 A43Albeos, Vincent Deo."GAD mainstreaming in Cebu City : a review of the programs, projects, and activities of the Cebu City Women and Family Affairs Commission (CCWFAC) for the past three years (2004-2006)2007
UGTP376UGTP P65 2007 A47Alquiza, Mary Stephany Q.The implementation of the land redistribution policy under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program : the case of Toledo City2007
UGTP360UGTP P65 2007 A98Azucenas, Nina Tiasna Gilbuena.The socio-economic conditions of women in the informal sector of Cebu City2007