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Welcome to Ekrund Expedition, the 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers dungeon group, with your host, Tibdum Butmerer

This organised dungeon runs are made for entire Return of Reckoning Order community and it reffers to all dungeons from the game (current and upcoming ones)

How to use the spreadsheet:

- each tab is designed for a specific dungeon:
- Altdorf Sewers (SEWERS)
- Mount Gunbad (GUNBAD)
- Sigmar Crypts (CRYPTS)
- Warpblade Tunnels (TUNNELS)
- Bastion Stair (BASTION)

- i added a new tab named ROSTER - in this tab you can put your discord name, guild, alliance in-game name, class. spec and dungeon set status (if you have it or not)
- added new FEEDBACK tab where you can put the suggestions/problems you have related to the Expedition spreadsheet and game runs

- on the dungeon specific tab you will find:
- Short teaser about the dungeon
- DATE - when the dungeon run will take place (it will be updated everytime)
- TIME - time when the run will start (everything here is based on ALTDORFTIME)
- MEETING POINT - the location of gathering in order to fill in the groups and sort them out according to class
- OPEN STATUS - refers to what kind of classes/races can join. Since this is made for all of us, not only dwarfs, all the classes from all the races can join without restrictions

The Ekrund Expedition is designed only for DUNGEONS, no PQs, no CH22s, no Epic Quests, no Lairs, no Beastlord quests. Purely dungeons.