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Vision and Domino x-force.Missing Characters (new ones not added yet)
Mysterio - 4Teammate 2add yours
3/14/2018 20:33:15Riri Williams - 4Jean Grey - 5Iron Man - 3
use jean purple and im yellow to fuel riri blue and then red. (jean damage taker)
3/15/2018 6:52:31Hawkeye - 3Agent Coulson - 4Star-Lord - 4
SL4 makes blue cheap, momentum from AC count down bonus. Every Hawkguy Blue means 2 countdowns, 2x ap gain.
3/15/2018 17:28:37Medusa - 4Carnage - 4Blade - 4blade and carnage fuel healing and damage builds
3/15/2018 17:31:23Carnage - 4Captain Marvel - 4Loki - 3
SL4 makes blue cheap, momentum from AC count down bonus. Every Hawkguy Blue means 2 countdowns, 2x ap gain. ( from forum suggestion)
3/15/2018 17:32:09Rogue - 4Vulture - 4Professor X - 4
Vulture and Prof X The key to Rogue is keeping her in front as much as possible. She also really shines as a tank with a Protect Tile producer. This team utilizes both those strategies. Get Vulture airborne to start his antics, which will cause Prof X to start spamming special tiles (including Protect Tiles) every time Vulture does something. Match enough black to keep him airborne and out of Rogue's way, allowing her to tank more colors. Then, get Prof X invisible. Now Rogue is always in front with Protect Tiles and no matter what your enemy throws at you, it'll be anemic. Remember: Rogue's yellow mitigates the incoming damage first, then the Protect Tiles subtract from whatever is left. Use Vulture's blue and green as your main offense, but he'll also generate a trickle of red for Rogue's big punch. You may want to mix in one cast of Rogue's green to neuter an enemy if you're facing an opponent that relies on one color to succeed (like 4blade). from forum suggestion
3/15/2018 17:32:50Rogue - 4Agent Coulson - 4
I use her with Coulson, really helps manage her ap gen without self harm. In pve I still like her as a support. The key to not hitting yourself with power siphon, cheap powers and tile movers. Going above the 14 ap limit using a power at the start of the match lets you spend that ap before power siphon goes off. - from forum suggestion
3/15/2018 17:34:19Rogue - 4Luke Cage - 3Vulture - 4
cage minimizes damage with rogue in front. and vulture builds for bigs hits (adapted from forum)
3/15/2018 20:14:04Wolverine - 5Professor X - 4Quicksilver - 3
Use Quicksilver's black to swap to make match-5's. Get black from Professor X from match-5. Repeat
3/15/2018 20:15:51Captain Marvel - 4Sentry - 3Agent Coulson - 4
Make sure you have at least one strike tile (from Carol's black, or as a backup Sentry's yellow) before you use Sentry's green. Coulson will speed the countdowns, Carol will buff the strike tile whenever one expires.
3/15/2018 21:46:19Jean Grey - 5Riri Williams - 4Scarlet Witch - 3
Scarlet purple for PHX, blue for riri. PHX critical power up strike tiles
3/15/2018 21:49:04The Hulk - 3Storm - 3Kamala Khan - 3Hulk tank attack, can go wininfinity
3/15/2018 23:09:40Steve Rogers - 5Blade - 3Sam Wilson - 3
Can quickly take over boards, either use purple for shield or overpowered 3k attack tiles
3/15/2018 23:59:36Thanos - 5Black Panther - 5Doctor Strange - 3
Thanos procs black panther red, Dr. Strange as utility (can be swapped out)
3/16/2018 0:05:14Steve Rogers - 5Iron Fist - 3Luke Cage - 3
Cage/fist combo keeps you in early game while you build your cap up for big damage and board control
3/16/2018 0:10:10Storm - 2Magneto - 2Hawkeye - 2
Magneto purple creates crimes to proc Hawkeye passive, storm can hit big with her blue and generate so with her green
3/16/2018 0:20:14Luke Cage - 4Iron Fist - 4Doctor Strange - 3
Obvious Cage/fist synergy, Dr. Strange also fits here perfectly, 5 star also working well if you can sacrifice the heal
3/16/2018 1:36:54Rogue - 4America Chavez - 4Mockingbird - 4
Get ahead on AP to Chavez critical maker, which prepares MB's passive fires, Rogue absorbs damage and Green can power Red/purple powers
3/16/2018 1:56:55Black Panther - 3Iron Fist - 3Scarlet Witch - 3Get black then use it
3/16/2018 2:33:24Medusa - 4Gamora - 4Rocket & Groot - 4Strikes, healing, AP gain a slaughtfest
3/16/2018 2:35:30Nico Minoru - 4Nightcrawler - 4America Chavez - 4
7 purple gets you board shakes, healing, crits and chavez-whammo. Bamfinity!
3/16/2018 8:24:14Daredevil - 5Gamora - 4Vulture - 4
Get 6 blue to stun with Gamora to set off DD purple passive. Vulture black to build Gamora blue and DD green. Once you get enough attack and strike tiles MEGA damage!
3/16/2018 13:08:23Gambit - 5Thor - 5America Chavez - 4
Thor accelerates, Gambit suffocates, America Obliterates (with crits)
3/16/2018 13:11:25Thanos - 5Captain Marvel - 4
PVP seal grilling. Smash the weakest, court death. smash the next, Court D. drop either black (C4rol) or Green (Thanos) and accelerate with carol. Match over in 30 secs.
3/16/2018 15:27:56Captain Marvel - 4Scarlet Witch - 3Spider-Man - 3
Use Carol's yellow to complete SWitch's countdown to spawn purple matches, that drive Spidey's protects and buff them through Carol's passive. This team can not die once you get the ball rolling.
3/16/2018 15:32:01Vulture - 4Iron Fist - 4Luke Cage - 4
Start with black to get Vulture in the air, then focus on using Fist's Blue and Green to keep the black rolling in and Vulture in the air. If you end up with more than 18 black at any time, go ahead and use Fist's black. Use Cage's yellow and red as those become available for icing on the cake.
3/17/2018 1:53:46The Hood - 3America Chavez - 4Blade - 4hood fuel -> chavez fuels -> Blade
3/17/2018 1:55:03The Hood - 3America Chavez - 4She-Hulk - 3hood steals/ America builds / she hulk denies ap
3/17/2018 4:07:28Cyclops - 4Blade - 4Professor X - 4
Prof X and Cyclops at 3/5/5. Use Cyclops's yellow to get as much red as you can for Blade's Bloodlust. Lots of special tiles because of Cyclops's cheap yellow.
Special tiles go through the roof with Prof X invisible.
3/17/2018 4:10:14Carnage - 4Medusa - 4Mr. Fantastic - 4
The only time you'll see Mr Fantastic in any team on this sheet, most likely.
3/17/2018 4:13:14Iron Man - 4Jean Grey - 5Cyclops - 3
Iron Man at 5/3/5. Cyclops at 3/5/5. Generate Red. Repulsor Punch. Repeat twice.
3/17/2018 4:39:58Wasp - 4Sam Wilson - 3Wolverine - 2
Fun Combined Arms team. Strikes with Wolverine. Protects with Falcon. Boost them both with Wasp.
3/17/2018 7:29:27Agent Coulson - 4Professor X - 4Mr. Fantastic - 4
Only works if Coulson is not the highest match damage. If so, you have tile swapping on two colors (purple and blue) and Professor X makes blue on match-5's.
3/17/2018 7:39:20Ragnarok - 3Iron Man - 3Storm - 2Fuel Blue then stun
3/17/2018 11:43:18Iron Fist - 3Magneto - 3Quicksilver - 3
Match purple and black and control the board. Can go winfinite
3/17/2018 15:55:14Rogue - 4Deadpool - 4The Thing - 4
4* Defense team for Shield Sim. Easily beatable but takes time and can withstand Grocket/Gamora/Medusa in Shield Sim meaning those team leave it alone. Key is to have Deadpool take the first big hit to get Thing's Protect tiles out.
3/17/2018 19:07:29Gambit - 5Thor - 5America Chavez - 4wrecks
3/18/2018 18:59:39Wolverine - 5Captain Marvel - 4
The Hulk (Totally Awesome) - 4
Collect 5 yellow ap. Carol yellow target counting tiles. Carol yellow can power up OML strike tiles. Can change T-hulk to 3 scarlet
3/18/2018 19:57:29Riri Williams - 4Ragnarok - 3Iron Man - 3
Riri's blue makes red, Ragnarok's red makes blue. Iron Man is just to help you get started.
3/19/2018 0:50:57Mordo - 4Sam Wilson - 4Blade - 4
Rainbowish team - use what is dominate on board between Red, Black, blue or Green. Using Red green to fuel blade, and black and blue for mood (adapted from Calnexin post)
3/20/2018 0:09:26Ragnarok - 3Professor X - 4Quake - 4
Quake 5/3/5 Ragnarok 5/x/x Professor X 5/3/5 Rags Red to charge quake blue (also hopefully hit PX passive (adapted from WalrusBrigade forum post)
3/22/2018 1:44:41Red Hulk - 4Captain Marvel - 4Rocket & Groot - 4
ANTI-Groot4/Medusa/Gam4ra team RH up front, his passive makes tons of countdowns, which boost attack tiles (adapted from forum)
3/26/2018 8:11:17Red Hulk - 4Thor - 4Iron Man - 3can be quick
3/26/2018 8:16:27Mockingbird - 4America Chavez - 4
The Hulk (Totally Awesome) - 4
america takes ap lead,
3/26/2018 8:52:06Captain Marvel - 4Cloak & Dagger - 4Medusa - 4
Runs off Carol's black with C&D acting as a black battery. Yellow is sometimes used to speed up Carol's black, sometimes use C&D's to clear enemy special tiles. Medusa is mostly passive -- create countdown tiles to accelerate the special tiles that get created, heals are more of a side bonus than a primary goal, though they can come in handy in long fights.
3/27/2018 2:40:57Luke Cage - 3Iron Fist - 3Scarlet Witch - 3
3 star team focus on black and purple to fire fist's purple (SW helps build) build up black until fist is doing damage with purple. Then use Cages black 2-3 times in a row...
3/27/2018 2:47:15Wolverine - 5Thanos - 5
Node Clearing
add anyone else with regeneration for node clearing
3/27/2018 4:16:50Rocket & Groot - 3Wolverine - 5Thanos - 5
Node Clearing
Assuming you have a level in Courting Death, obviously. Set Groot's yellow to 5. Eventually, he'll heal right up.
3/27/2018 4:17:50Medusa - 4Iron Fist - 3Doctor Strange - 3
Node Clearing
LOTS of passive damage. If you have Strange 5 doing higher damage with his yellow than Strange 3, by all means use him.
3/27/2018 4:21:48Ghost Rider - 4Nick Fury - 4The Hood - 3PVE
Ghost Rider and Nick Fury Tank fr Hood, who steals AP to fuel up the expensive abilities of the other two. GR's Black is really good for Boss Events
3/27/2018 4:30:46Gambit - 5Captain Marvel - 4Medusa - 4
PVE, PVP, Node Clearing
Gain black, red and pink come free. Destroy
3/27/2018 6:00:38Bullseye - 2Thor - 2Black Widow - 2
PVE, Deadpool Daily
2* team to clear Deadpool's Daily. Full rainbow team. Bullseye's purple keeps the team from being hit too hard. Black Widow steals colors and delays countdowns. On the wave level, you'll have a very strong chance to use Bullseye's black, which is a great finisher and/or setup to Thor's powers. Thor just self powers himself to hammer the other team.
3/27/2018 7:46:02Silver Surfer - 5Gambit - 5America Chavez - 4PVPSurfer 535, Gambit 355
3/27/2018 8:46:54Storm - 3Kamala Khan - 3Magneto - 3
OTK. Use storm yellow and mag red to eliminate team up tiles. Use mag blue for damage and random matches. Use KK purple to spawn green. Use storm green to constantly refill AP.
3/31/2018 1:49:10Nightcrawler - 4Cloak & Dagger - 4Gambit - 3PVE
NC 5/5/3, C&D 5/5/3, Gambit 3/5/5C&D fills board with black for Gambit so he can use his black ability to do damage and fuel NC with purple and red charge tiles. Collect then nuke enemy with En Garde! and BAMF!
Not the best team but its fun. Too bad there is self team damage on Gambits black.
3/31/2018 7:51:30Captain Marvel - 4Daken - 3Loki - 3
PVE, PVP, Node Clearing
The basic idea is to make your opponent match rows of 4 early on to active Loki’s countdown tiles. At the same time, green matches will activate Daken’s strike tile generation. Captain Marvel will power up the strike tiles when the countdowns expire. If the opponent’s strongest color is the same as yours, Captain Marvel will do extra passive damage.
3/31/2018 10:16:11Captain Marvel - 4Scarlet Witch - 3Hawkeye - 2
PVE, PVP, Node Clearing
The challenge is gathering Black for Captain Marvel. After you’ve activated her power and/or have strike tiles on the board, Scarlet Witch’s Arcane Incantation takes over....making match 5s and activating Hawkeye’s Quick Shot arrows. As the arrow countdowns expire, they also boost Captain Marvel’s strike tiles. This also allows Witch to stun multiple enemies. Use Marvel’s Executive Decision to expire Hawkeye ‘s red and blue powers when necessary
4/9/2018 13:02:15Agent Coulson - 4Captain Marvel - 4Beast - 3
PVP, PVP , when any one of the 3 event it is
Get blue for beast, black for CM, yellow for AC, really pumps up the tiles beast makes
4/23/2018 22:09:46Quake - 4Doctor Strange - 3Gambit - 3
Node Clearing
Quake (5/5/3)/3*Strange (5/3/5)/3*Gambit (5/3/5)
6/3/2018 22:57:22America Chavez - 4Mockingbird - 4Vulture - 4
PVE, PVP, passive (non firing team)
vultures black (passive blue) to build and a eliminate specials and build for Chavez/MB- keep all others colors high
6/4/2018 1:53:40Shuri - 4Iron Fist - 4
The Hulk (The Main Event)- 4
Get those fortified tiles out there asap! Do it by collect red for Shuri or Yellow for MEHulk. When you get 5 fortified tiles out its basically game over. All your abilities are reduced by 3 and enemy increased by 3. Ironfist will self fule with his cheap green and blue and deal massive damage.
6/4/2018 2:02:14Doctor Octopus - 5Captain Marvel - 4Vulture - 4
Fun sim team. Can take out almost anyone
Ock 5 green. Use vulture to generate green, carol yellow to set off ock AOE
6/4/2018 2:04:14Doctor Octopus - 5Daredevil - 5Gamora - 4
Fun sim team
Ock 3 green; lots of stuns for gamora specials and DD extra damage
6/4/2018 5:28:41Agent Coulson - 4Rogue - 4Wasp - 4PVE
A good AP generating and denying team that can still pack a punch. I run them at AC 4/5/4, Wasp 3/5/5, with Rogue at your own preference.
As soon as Wasp gets 6 blue, you're off to the races. Her countdown steals AP every turn and even if it targets a empty AP, Coulson is going to give 2 AP. Potentially 4 AP every turn. And if they match it? Wasp hits them hard for it and makes them regret it. Wasp's other cheap moves ensure Coulson will be dropping damage dealing countdowns that'll generate more AP.
But wait, there's more! Enter Rogue. Her green can be a AP denier and generator for you. Nothing more fun than shutting down Carol by denying her black and using the extra black you generate to have the Wasp sting her. Depending how you run Rogue's red it'll hit really hard and get you some AP or hit weakly and get you some AP. Either way, more AP! And yellow is an all around annoyance.
That's not not even getting into Wasp tile creation/buff and her stun.
6/4/2018 5:52:59
Spider-Man (Infinity War) - 4
Miles Morales - 4Spider-Gwen - 4
SM green at 5, Miles yellow at 5, Gwen yellow at 5. Flood the board with web tiles, each web tile matched generates AP and heals the team. Once one opponent is downed, Gwen purple at 5 can stunlock the opposing team. This will work best once Spiderman can tank most colors.
6/5/2018 19:43:54Vulture - 4Gamora - 4Sandman - 4
PVE, PVP, Node Clearing
Gather black, launch Vulture. Fire Gamora blue. Use Sandman to stun the remaining enemy. Rinse and repeat.
6/7/2018 22:40:13Medusa - 4Gamora - 4
Venom -(Eddie Brock) 4
An antidote to the Grocketdusa teams and any other special tile spammers, as matching the enemy special tiles will generate AP for you, specifically green (damage), purple (conversion) and blue (stun) AP. My trick is to get 6 blue ASAP and stun lock ASAP, matching special tiles (which Venom generates, then negates with his black) to continue generating AP and healing.
6/7/2018 23:20:11Thor - 5Doctor Strange - 3Luke Cage - 3
PVE, Node Clearing
At least let dr.strange yellowpower on 5
6/8/2018 0:29:33Gambit - 5America Chavez - 4Blade - 4PVE
Gambit generates purple and red, fueling blades passive and chavez crit, can meet chavez extra damage after a few moves if you match right
6/8/2018 2:02:05Black Widow - 3Professor X - 4Scarlet Witch - 3PVE
Charlie’s Angels - it’s a classic but it’s slow and easy to counter. n.b. PX has to be lower in level than either SW or GSBW so that purple is the strongest colour. Collect purple, use GSBW to make match-5s, big floating head deals damage and creates more purple. Rinse and repeat.
6/8/2018 5:32:06Hawkeye - 5Shuri - 4Agent Coulson - 4PVP
Build Shuri's red to get Hawkeye's blue to 3AP. Hilarity ensues.
6/8/2018 14:08:40Black Widow - 5Valkyrie - 4Cloak & Dagger - 4PVE
Widow + Valk makes bounty return purple AP; C&D use their purple each turn to poke the bounty for profit and suppression. Passives also generate a good mix of attack and strike tiles, plus black AP for "Red In My Ledger".
6/8/2018 14:17:48
Okoye (Warrior General) - 5
Storm - 3Black Widow - 2PVE
Purple and blue trigger Espionage, which benefits from Wakanda Forever; Storm's yellow and green keep TU AP values extremely high.
6/8/2018 16:27:35Blade - 4Captain Marvel - 4PVPPvp
6/12/2018 13:02:04Deadpool - 4Captain Marvel - 4Rocket & Groot - 4
PVP, Shield Simulator
Anti- Grocket/Medusa/Gamora team. Carol or Grocket out front triggers Deadpool's CD multiple times which buffs your strike tiles. Will likely require a health pack each time.
6/17/2018 5:06:09Gambit - 5Silver Surfer - 5Vulture - 4
My favourite Team for long climbs on SHIELD Simulator. Get 6 black, send vulture Airborne, use SS (tanker) blue on red, and make endless use of aces&eights.
6/18/2018 22:01:27America Chavez - 4Doctor Strange - 3Luke Cage - 4
Node Clearing
passive team vs goons or active - DR attacks when they do, and Luke protection grows... DR also heals. America spawns criticals,
Credit Dormamu
6/20/2018 1:45:35Loki - 3Storm - 3
A team based on AP dominance that is almost a ‘winfinite’ team. Somewhat slow. Add 3* Hulk or a Charged tile maker as a third.
Credit MPQ ranked
6/20/2018 1:47:50Green Goblin - 5Luke Cage - 4Iron Fist - 4
Green Goblin + 4* Luke Cage 5/*/* + 4* Iron Fist
Luke’s yellow is capable of massive damage with lots of fortified tiles.
Credit MPQ ranked
6/20/2018 1:50:44Deadpool - 4Wolverine - 4
Deadpool + XFW. Surgical Strike almost always targets DP’s CD tiles.
Credit MPQ ranked
6/20/2018 1:52:24Nightcrawler - 4Professor X - 4
Nightcrawler + Professor X (below Kurt’s level). Get a purple-dominant board, cast Bamf to get purple match-5s for damage and purple AP.
Credit MPQ Ranked
6/20/2018 1:53:29Riri Williams - 4Ragnarok - 3Professor X - 4
Rag turns red AP into blue tiles. Riri turns blue AP into red AP. A ‘winfinite’ team after some AP buildup. As a third, Prof X can give even more blue AP, and he doesn’t need to be underleveled.
Credit MPQ Ranked
6/20/2018 1:56:59Steve Rogers - 3Captain Marvel - 4
4* Captain Marvel + 3* Steve Rogers. Get that red/blue AP back immediately for 5 yellow AP. Improves those defense tiles too.
Credit MPQ Ranked
6/20/2018 2:09:56Iceman - 4Nova - 4Iron Man - 3
Iceman + Nova + IM40. IM40 yellow generates Iceman’s colors and red for Nova. Amazing stun and damage.
Credit MPQ ranked
6/20/2018 7:58:27Nico Minoru - 4Storm - 3Lockjaw - 4
PVE, Node Clearing, wave nodes
Chase black for Mohawk storm to get attacks on the board, let Nico buff them to the moon and then have Lockjaw eat all the damage that involves your friendly spam getting matched away. This is a fun team for long wave nodes or bosses, though it can work on slower teams in PVP as well
6/20/2018 8:03:55Yondu - 4Nico Minoru - 4Rocket & Groot - 4
Set Yondu to 3/5/5, Nico to 3/5/5. Obvious GotG synergy, but with the added bonus of Yondu making more strikes on black (while denying AP) and Nico having an early head start with quality strike spam on the board. Yondu's blue typically 1-shots somebody right away, then nibbles on the back end with those big strikes that just keep getting bigger. Adjust Yondu's build to 5/3/5 between fights if you need to recover free health
6/21/2018 2:01:58Riri Williams - 4Iron Man - 3Doctor Strange - 3PVErandomMLODY888
6/21/2018 3:04:15Captain Marvel - 4Agent Coulson - 4Medusa - 4
PVE, PVP, Node Clearing
lots of skill to use / regent and survive battlesEternal Angel
6/21/2018 6:22:14Blade - 3Beast - 3Scarlet Witch - 3PVE
I call this Team Twilight. It worked great in my 3* days and I always love to share because no one had thought about it previously. These three work together real well. SW's blue CD counts as a special blue tile for Beast's green. SW creates purple to fuel Blade's attack tile, which can be beefed up by Beast's blue strikes. Try it :)
6/21/2018 6:25:21Black Widow - 2Wolverine - 2Daken - 2
This is the perfect 2* for DDQ. I have used it everyday for the past 2years and it's great for new players. This team took me to 3* land in my early days. The point is to create strikes with Daken's passive but matching green which fuels Wolv's passive. The strikes are double dipped by OBW's black passive and she'll steal blue/purple AP from the enemy which helps steal more AP from her purple and fuel Daken's blue. Try it, love it :)
6/21/2018 6:29:00Wasp - 4Captain Marvel - 4Medusa - 4
PVE, PVP, Node Clearing
The point of this team to buff special tiles! Wasp must have 5 blue and Cap Marv have 5 yellow. Start matching blue first to trigger Wasp's passive to create CD tiles. Try to match Medusa's CD tile so you can start buffing her attack tiles with Cap Marv's yellow. Keep flipping Wasp's strike/protect tile with yellow. It can be slow to start but you'll start killing enemies quick.
6/22/2018 4:51:26
Venom -(Eddie Brock) 4
Kraven the Hunter - 4Medusa - 4Someone wanna test?
6/22/2018 6:35:34Carnage - 4Kraven the Hunter - 4Nico Minoru - 4PVE
Let carnage spam tiles. Kravenweakens theirs to 1. Nico buffs yours. Use Nico purple and yellow to add strikes and attack tiles. Once you’re going raven passive hits at beginning of turn your attack tiles hit at end of turn.
6/23/2018 10:53:31Valkyrie -4Blade - 4
Third can be anyone as long as bounties still collect red. Hunger gets you started, then Bloodlust keeps you going. Valky should lead so that if Bloodlust and Bounty hit the same target you immediately profit AP. Dragonfang may be used as a finisher if any Strike tiles remain.
6/25/2018 1:37:32Gambit - 3Kamala Khan - 3Iron Fist - 3For Fun
Spam black ability and have KK heal for the damage it does to you
6/25/2018 4:13:48Rocket & Groot - 4Gamora - 4Nico Minoru - 4PVE
Grocket for stike generation and Nico to enhance them.
6/25/2018 5:31:55
Spider-Man (Infinity War) - 4
Miles Morales - 4Vulture - 4
4-4-5, IW create web, 5-3-5, get rid special and battery, MM 5-5-3 battery
6/25/2018 13:42:00Wolverine - 3Doctor Octopus - 3Iron Man - 3
IM40 recharge then Patch green and red followed by Ock blue
6/25/2018 13:44:43She-Hulk - 3Luke Cage - 3Iron Man - 3
PVE, PVP, Node Clearing
Shulk 3/5/5, Cage 3/5/5, IM40 3/5/5. recharge to fuel AP denial and group damage from IM40 and Shulk. Prioritize yellow>green>red>blue>black. With AP denial and Cage's protect tile, damage is pretty much limited to -1 per turn
6/25/2018 13:47:02Iron Fist - 3Luke Cage - 3Sam Wilson - 3PVE
Cage 5/3/5, Fist 3/5/5, Falcon 5/5/3. get 5 blue early for redwing to negate enemy CD. then collect 12 black for Fist's purple and green and Cage's yellow