FPV Quadcopter Guide and Parts List
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Thanks for taking a look at my quadcopter and FPV guide. This is based on my personal experience and my research on forums and other websites.
Take a look at the sheets at the bottom.
You can message me on reddit if you have any questions at /u/whitenoise106
my YouTube account at http://www.youtube.com/user/KSLee106
or email me at klee106@gmail.com
Good luck!
From my post on reddit:
"So I posted this in a help thread and it seemed to take pretty well. It's also already in the wiki.
If you're new to the RC hobby, FPV, or multirotors, take a look at the contents of this guide. This originally started as a guide for my roommate's father. He had no knowledge of RC but was interested in the videos I was making. So I included the full parts list for my original build and some extra information.
I also wanted to make it easier for those getting into FPV and multirotors to understand the concepts and terminology. When I started looking into FPV, I had to spend a full week researching parts and their purpose/compatibility. It was a lot of work and there was still a lot of things that I didn't understand. As a result, I added a notes and tips section to give beginners a jump start and added information on small things that I still had a lot of questions about when I started.
The parts list included in the document include all the parts I purchased to build a 450 sized quad that could support FPV, give me a good filming platform, allow for a good transition from CP helis, and stay around my budget of $1k. I did end up spending a little over budget to get better FPV gear, but FPV gear is where the quality really matters. A lot of the parts were things that were recommended on various forums (including in the FAQs here on reddit) and also based on results from flybrushless and ecalc. Hopefully those of you who who are looking to get into FPV and multirotors find this very useful.
I'd also like to make clear that this is based on MY experience and research on the forums. I too make mistakes so make sure you do YOUR OWN research on top of this. Read forum posts and take a look at the sidebar on this sub and /r/fpv[3] and /r/radiocontrol[4] . If you find something that I might have gotten wrong, let me know. I'll correct it as soon as possible. I also included my YouTube channel on the first page if you would like to see my current and past quad builds."
last update: 11.20.2014
Basic Checklist
Information, Links, and Videos
Notes, Tips, and Warnings
FLIP FPV (completed build)
Blackout Mini Spider Hex (completed)