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Tara Mom and Artist. Like many multipul cancellations currently through July. My list is Necessary Baby items, Diapers, Baby Wipes ect. All the best to everyone. Your help is greatly appreciated. For those in need:
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Amara Visual Artist, DJ and Educator. Temp. laid off / Quarantined due to Coronavirus and School ClosuresIf the link to your Wishlist does not work, it will be highlighted in yellow.
Donna, temporarily unemployed due to virus in Virginia
Adele and part time after school educator for the Boys and Girls club at a Title I school that is closed, currently, for at least a week. Lost work at SXSW, and now at the school, as well. About to add educational resources as well as the household resources I have, as a decision was made as a family for me to homeschool my nephew while schools in Texas are closed. For those who are buying:
Timbre from nashville, lost work after tornado and then all gigs were cancelled because of the virus. I am on medical keto for migraines, so groceries are especially difficultMake sure you select "[Wishlist Owner]'s Gift Registry Address" for shipping!
VD visual artist in Seattle who relies on local farmer's markets for income, all markets are shut down and need to procure equipment to switch to online selling.If you are having trouble with a Wishlist, please highlight it in yellow and put a comment next to it detailing your issue.
Tiffany artist, poet, and activist. Quarantined due to being immunocompromised and unable to do the land acknowledgements and art sales I would normally try to get done. Also spending my bday quarantined.Please feel free to share this list far and wide, both to other folx in need and to folx who are interested in purchasing items for people!
Molly, activist and facilitator. I'm immunocompromised and have been fighting a kidney infection for the past five weeks, so my income has been limited and worried that it is further compromising my system. Now getting cancellations from clients and gigs as people self-quarantine. Appreciate your consideration.
Felix actress and part-time bartender. All of my gigs for the upcoming weeks have been cancelled, and the bar I work at is closed. Depression/anxiety/chronic back pain from an injury limit my alternative options. My wish list includes items that will make it possible for me to potentially work from home (mics and a tripod), pet supplies (my cats need prescription food, which is somewhat cost-prohibitive as it is so I'm already pretty anxious about that), and some other basics that would take a load off my shoulders (non-perishable foods, cleaning and self-care supplies, etc). Thank you so much to anyone who has the resources to help out!
Cierra Singer. Performances and part time work are cancelled. I currently have zero income. I'm asking for additional cleaning supplies, a mask, and grocery help. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Nicky Every gig I have for the next month was cancelled including corp role play work and improv workshops
Dail single parent of a 3 year old and teenager. full time freelance artist and healer of african and indigenous descent. my business events have all canceled and my daughters and i are not fully prepared to maintain my auto immune disorder that my three year old also has. i am in gratitude!Hi Dail, your address doesn't come up when I try to buy. Is there a setting or something that has to change? This link can walk you through it Let me know here if I should try again. - AN
Clint & sculptor, art installation to make ends meet recovering from reconstructive scapula surgery (3 plates / 14 screws) seeking more work but finding it impossible due to quarantining and lack of exhibitions / temporary closures. Ex-military Army Airborne for Bernie Sanders. Thank you for any contribution! I appreciate my arts community. Your address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Morgan POC preforming artist who is currently out of work. I have respiratory issues and am self isolating at the moment. The space heater I’ve been using just broke and the heaters in my apartment are inefficient and expensive. It recently snowed and is still cold where I live. This heater would help keep my costs down and help me stay healthy while I’m at home. Thank you!Hey Morgan, your address doesn't come up when I try to buy. Did you put your full address into Amazon? lmk on this form, Erika.
Elizabeth ---We finally got our stimulus checks so we can now get groceries and other basic neccessities - removed my link so help can be directed to those who haven't been reached by govt help still or who don't qualify for it. Thank you to everyone who helped us in the past month. Literally kept us fed and safe. Deeply appreciative and will pay it forward as much as we can. Thank you as well to the list creators. The people who visited this list were kind and generous and I'm so grateful and touched that anyone cared that we were struggling. Thank you feels inadquate. I hope everyone here continues to be as safe and well as the situation allows.
Check out my Apocalist. I am a queer/poly poet, scientist, greenthumb, and artist of color. This March I worked on Yes on R!, a political campaign to reform LA jails, which won by a landslide, then lost all three job opportunities lined up afterword due to family emergencies and the virus. Don't have $ coming in and need essentials like toothbrushes and first aid materials. Two partners are getting teeth removed. Hi Juvonne - your address does not seem to be attached to your list. Please double check that you have it linked! This may be helpful:
Stephan filmmaker with two kids and a partner. Currently trying to homeschool and hope for jobs to somehow/someway pick back up. Behind on bills, and currently using all available cash for bills. Nothing left for basic preparedness. We live in Seattle where it seems like things are at a tipping point of closing everything. Want to prepare my family for the worst. Thank youHi Stephan - your address does not seem to be attached to your list. Please double check that you have it linked! This may be helpful:
La'Shaunae model & online creative. Was just let go of my main source of income and now im struggling immensely mentally and financially. Trying to keep myself busy during this time as well as get some things to help me with self care.
Dana as a Chalk artist, face painter and Birthday Party Instructor - teaching crafts and sewing to kids in the bay area. Unfortunately, under these circumstances - all the events got cancelled. All my contract work were also cancelled. Any assistance would be so helpful and I am so grateful for this community. venmo@danafong
Lien Recording Engineer and Music producer in bay area. Lives with professional violinist freelancer. Both of our multiple gigs have been getting cancelled this month so we are just looking for supplies to help.
Esther editor and part time babysitter in NYC. Gigs and babysitting have been cancelled due to Covid19.
Raine and freelance stage manager - Both my on-campus job and contractual job have been cancelled. Could really use help with groceries, clothing, cleaning, and pet supplies, as all the money I have saved right now won't even cover my utilities and rent. Both of my parents were also both laid off so I'm completely on my own.
Judah time Teaching Artist for 5 Arts Orgs in NYC ( ) . Totally out of work with a family of 4. I am the sole income in the household.Hi Judah - your address works on your Amazon registry - no need to make it public here. Thank You
Natasha freelancer. All of my gigs were canceled this month. I had already bought tickets for a trip by the end of the month and my gigs were going to help pay for any extra expenses. Now everything is uncertain. The trip was more for my own missionary kind of work for filming the impact of some recent earthquakes. My list has traveling essentials still needed, personal essentials, and some equipment that would be helpful as well. Your address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Lya, my name is Lya Pouleyy (IG: @lyapouleyy). I am dance choreographer, dance teacher, model, actress, artist in freelance. All my jobs/ gigs have been cancelled and are getting cancelled. I am at home now out of resource. I was also working at an elementary school and gym but everything is shut down. All my acting sets, dance classes, private events etc are cancelled. Any help can be provided would be really appreciated. Thank you.Your address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Eddie name is Eddie Gangland (@EddieGangland on instagram) -- I am living in the middle of San Francisco (downtown where most stores are shut) and we are really feeling the brunt of this virus Right Now. At this time there are very few people able to purchase new art, and that is limiting my ability to purchase new art supplies (aside from basic necessities like food and emergency supplies for myself and my wife) I am trying to figure how to get enough income to continue buying supplies to make art,aside from money to feed ourselves and pay our monthly rent which is going to prove to be very difficult at this point. Anything helps at this time. I have listed food items as well as art supplies so that you can feed my belly or my spirit.

** Also I know it may seem dramatic that I have added a stun baton to my wishlist but there are unfortunately homeless struggling persons attempting to forcefully get into my apartment building at this time due to their struggles intensifying due to the coronavirus (much less people stopping to give money on the street these days). I have had two violent interactions in the past week and the situation outside worsens by the day. Yesterday evening I had to literally push a violent outsider out of our elevator who was trying to follow two female residents to their room. (within our apartment building) With the help of security I was able to get him out and get my dog and myself back upstairs safe after taking my dog for a walk. All of your help is greatly appreciated at this time. Stay safe friends.

StevenVideographer, Electrician, grip, V1, A2, IT expert. Items related to being able to survive/earn income when opportunity presents itself.Hi Steven! It seems your wishlist link is missing.
Anna name is Anna Tregurtha (@anna.tregurtha on insta) and I am a queer, genderqueer visual artist. I live and work in Los Angeles as an art teacher and freelancer. All my art classes have been cancelled due to schools getting shut down. I babysit and nanny to supplement my income and because no parents are going out and all events are cancelled, I am not getting any babysitting jobs. I also had a few upcoming art events where I was planning on selling work that now have been cancelled or postponed. I am trying to stay busy making work while social distancing and get some essentials for around the apartment as my partner just moved in before the virus really struck here and we are struggling to pay for household essentials. We both deal with anxiety and panic attacks so this has been tough on both of us.
Robyn, disabled artist of color (@spaceboyrobynart on instagram). I'm a mixed person of color, Latinx/Black/Native American, and I have multiple disabilities, autism and Hypermobile Ehler's Danlos Syndrome being the ones that impact my daily life most. I work in a dining hall at my university, and am out of work due to university closures. Things will be added to help me in my day to day life, and things for entertainment, because I'm stuck at home. I was struggling before the virus hit, and being out of work makes finding accessability things even more difficult.
Carin, looking for work, taking housekeeping gigs under the table and commissions in my online shop: if you would like to barter using my wishlist please contact me thru the site. I'm queer, neurodivergent, and trying to get through Massage License School. Anything helps, just trying to make rent.
Abby, looking for work, taking housekeeping gigs under the table and commissions in my online shop: if you would like to barter using my wishlist please contact me thru the site. I'm queer, neurodivergent, and trying to get through Massage License School. Anything helps, just trying to make rent.Your address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Elizabeth'm a freelance artist working in Broadway. Broadway shows have been suspended for a month, and, therefore, so has all the work I had booked. I'm hoping to use this time to expand my art skills, create some personal art, get inspired, and just try to not freak out (reflected in the items in my wishlist). I have very high anxiety about this, and no insurance. Crossing my fingers for the best as we all navigate this insanity.
Mariya female photographer, all gigs canceled for this month and probably the next few months. I've been in LA for 2 years, got my MFA in SF and grew up in Montana (cowboy cuntry). I'm a unique artist who's passion is creating social justice messaging through an artistic fashion lens. I support the queer community, body positive, differently abled, etc. My clients come to me to book models from these communities. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Your address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Jadeley name is Jadeley. i am Visual Artist, currently out of work for the next couple weeks because of Covid. I freelance on the side; portraits, poetry and working on a tshirt company. I had a couple projects planned for the next month but might need to push back because my job is currently closed. Anything helps greatly. <3Hi there! Your link seems to have broken. Please share a new one!
Tess'm a queer, nonbinary freelance videographer based in Los Angeles. I mostly work in live music with independent artists so most of my jobs have been cancelled this month and I'm currently quarantining myself to prevent contracting/transmitting Covid. Any help would be much appreciated!
Rachael'm a writer and nature photographer. I also work PT in a grocery co-op. With stores, restaurants, and other businesses closing in my area, I don't have job security. I'll be appreciative of anything on the list! I've included food, household and self care supplies, books, running shoes and an inexpensive tripod. Thanks for your consideration!
Nina'm a queer, nonbinary freelance teaching artist and theatre artist based in Seattle and I'm getting surgery soon. I'm currently quaranting myself. All my gigs are cancelled, and I need some help with some medical supplies to make sure I'm safe and okay while we're all struggling here. Anything helps.Hi Nina, your wishlist link is not working. Please share a new one!
Darren, my wife is pregnant so I'm under a bit more stress to figure out how to pay for all the expenses as my entire source of income has been cut off. I'm a freelance photographer/artist in NYC and like most of us, my jobs have all been cancelled for months. My documentary website is In addition to every day supplies I had the idea to sell fine art prints as a way to offset all the lost income so have included paper and ink in this list. Any help would be very much appreciated. Be well everyone. Darren.Ornitz@gmail.comYour address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Monique and Yoga Teacher. LAID OFF both of my jobs as of Monday 3/16 and Quarantined due to Coronavirus. I live in WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY.... and we have it bad here ... they are saying everything will be closed until at the LEAST MAY. Not sure how I will pay my rent, utilities, bills and take care of my 4 foster Kitties... praying god will make a way. Thank you for your help. (greatful for Venmo donations as well.... @monique-michaels ) THANK YOU.
Olive'm a freelance stagehand working in New York City. I'm trans, I just moved to a new apartment, I was barely holding on to begin with. I had 3 jobs booked for this month, 2 of which together would have paid my rent. All were cancelled fue to coronovirus. I now don't have money for food or rent and am out of food stamps. Anything would help thanks!
Ranyah'm a artist, jewlery maker, reiki healer and student. My small buisnesses have been impacted due to the Coronavirus and people's discomfort with mail right now. Most of my art is sold online so I'm currently facing a significant loss of income. I am also a student who's campus is currently shut down so I cannot seek many resources there. Anything on this list will help, thank you !
Natasha! I'm a professional dancer and choreographer working as a fulltime freelancer here in NYC. So far i've lost 6 gigs just this month, as well as all my classes I teach throughout the week. My whole income has just been swept away like so many others. Any little donation or help I can get will truely be appriciated. I hope we can continue to help eachother out in these hard times. Stay Safe.Your address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Erin, I am a Lighting tech, my usual recall is end of march/april, however I have word that we will not be opening till May 1st. I corchet on the side and that is not proving fruitful due to everyone needing to pay their bills. anything helps me keep afloat to make it easier to survive.
Jackie, I am a photographer and business has been really slow recently. I have not had enough to buy supplies and food. Any assistance would help! Your address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Robin'm a travel writer who finds myself suddenly in a bind when my life was completely changed now that I can no longer travel. Since I struggle with personal mental health issues and a chronic condition, this is an especially difficult burden. Any help is appreciated, and I hope I did this right. I will be looking to pay it forward when I am on my feet again.
Richard am a college student who is also an actor and magician. No one is hiring for either vocation, so I am definitely struggling right now. Anything helps.
Samar am a food and prop stylist who is also an immigrant and person of color. I lost two different sets of projects locally this month as well as two projects which required travel to LA. I'm a freelancer and so unemployment is not an option for me at the moment and because I'm an immigrant, public welfare is not an option. I'm clinically very overweight and I have sleeping and breathing problems. This concerns me because from what I understand this puts me at high risk of developing covid complications.
Danielle, female actor and admin working at a production company in Georgia. All of our staff was laid off. My list is mainly for food, and one sound proofing thing thrown in there so my voice auditions can be more competative, thus getting me paid work. Anything helps, thank you so much. Love from ATL, stay safe everyone.
Shannon'm a freelance photographer as well as a food industry worker. I currently don't have any work coming in and the restaurant is closed. I don't know when my next paycheck will be after Monday (3/23). Anything helps and I have been paying it forward by volunteering when possible. Thank you for the love! @sshannonsimss
Grace and college student at Rice University. I was laid off from my student job and cannot get any gigs, and am concerned about paying medical bills. I am paying off two ER trips last year, and for physical therapy from tendonitis last year. My list is for books I still need for classes. Anything helps! My Venmo is @grace-templeton and email grace.s.templeton@gmail.comYour address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Pamela and college student at Rice University. I was laid off from my student job and cannot get any gigs, and am concerned about paying medical bills. I am paying off two ER trips last year, and for physical therapy from tendonitis last year. My list is for books I still need for classes. Anything helps! My Venmo is @grace-templeton and email
Leigh artist living in the heart of the craziness in Seattle WA. I'd been in the middle of trying to get back on my feet after my apartment flooded, gearing up to start selling in craft shows and markets again, when the virus hit. My rent and food is stable for now but I have no income. I'm setting up online shops to make up for the in-person shows but it's slow-going. Have no money for art supplies. Disabled and trans/nonbinary.
Sierra months pregnant, out of work, need items for new baby. Thank you for your help!
Jasmine in Seattle suffering due to covid-19; Unemployed with an extra sensitive immune system.
RinaDisabled visual and performing artist. Was working on getting back to work when this struck. Completely unemployed due to Covid-19. My Cash App: $littlelovewind My PP: katarinirawr@gmail.comHi Rina! Please add your wishlist link when you can.
aleeya and new mom of 4 month old baby. The resturaunt i work at closed due to covid-19. stores are running out of diapers and they are all out of myy babies formula. bills are coming up and no income is coming in. very nervous.. Anything helps Cash app $leeyacatYour address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Margo Industry Professional Located in the hardest hit city so far Seattle. I've lost serveral jobs and still have several bills. Anything could help me in this time of need. Thank you for being so kind to start this list. my cash app is $missmargo206Hi, I wanted to check and see how this list is being circulated and see if we had any idea on when we might be able receive anything on our wishlists? I'm just curious. Thank you again for doing this it means a great deal me.
Hi! This is Liz, one of the creators of the list. I have posted it in multiple theater facebook groups, as well as a few other non-theatre groups, and encourage others to share as well. I submitted it to be listed on the website of artist resources, as well, but do not know if it has been posted yet. I know of at least a few people on the list who have received items; to check if any of your items have been purchased you can go to your list and choose an option to "view purchased". I know that many items are now out of stock on amazon, which may be slowing purchasing.
Sarah state designer and maker that relies solely on wholesale orders from small business retail shops for income. I had just started to get my business off the ground after not being able to find a design job after being laid off six months ago. I was previously a graphic designer for a large consulting firm that laid me off without notice in order to hide my HR complaint on being severely bullied and discriminated at the office I was working at. I have no ability to get unemployment and am trying every day to find a job to provide more income long before COVID19. I am currently quarantined to my home with no family or help for me and my small Pomeranian puppy, and I have developed pneumonia in the past week that has worsened my already compromised low immune system and asthma condition.
Jennifer Thank you for this opportunity. The pay it forward is definitely a fundamental ethic that I adhere to in the kindest of forms. An independent artist in the sewn products industry using hemp fabrics, upcycled textiles, and sustainable practices throughout our entire process. The studio is also rented to other creatives and education is done here, as well. All reservations and classes have significantly been affected by recent regulations and the situation at hand. Our list link to the left is for general overhead items that will greatly assist in keeping our space. Again, thank you for consideration and keep up the strength. Venmo: @Jennifer-M-Brown Your address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Auden you so much for your support! I am a theater technician (wardrobe supervisor and stagehand) in Chicago. I am unable to work as all of my gigs have been cancelled and all theaters in the city are closed. My biggest priority on the list is dish detergent.
Catherine artist and musician struggling with Lupus and immune thromboycypenia, all gigs have been cancelled. I am unable to risk exposure with my health conditions Thank you so much any help, it is greatly appreciated
Corey and father of two (10&12 yrs old). All of my gigs and lessons have been canceled during this time, so I can't work. We are quarentined I our home and just need a few of these items to keep sanitary and the headphones are for production use to work on music for licensing (if that's a possiblity during these times). Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. All the best to everyone.Your address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Fiona freelance photographer and mother of a 1 year old daughter. The end of last year and the beginning of this year were already slow (last month of frequent work was September) and now all my holds/confirmed jobs are either cancelled or postponed for the forseeable future. In the meantime, my husband and I are doing TaskRabbit and Door Dash to try to make some interim money. My heart goes out to all as I know everyone is going through their own troubles and appreciate any assistance. Thank you.
Adrienne DJ, visual artist, choreographer, and curator. My DJ gig has been cancelled for the foreseable future, all of the creative spaces I collaborate with have had to postpone future collaborations with very good reason, of course. I don't have any income to report as of now. Waiting to see if I will be able to receive the SNAP benefits I applied for last week. I've been making hand sanitizer at home and distributing it to other artists in the area. My hope is that I will be able to mobilize to help, albeit via snail mail or video. Love to everyone. Thank youemail + PayPal: / Venmo: Adrienne-White-30
DC Professional actor/choreographer. Fortunate to have one part time job left; but not enough to support my family (wife & 2 kids). The salon where my wife works just closed. Would work anywhere, if there were anywhere to work. Hope to pay this forward someday. Thank you.Email: Facebook: Venmo: mottopuck
Tann poke tattooer, Non-binary, African-American BROOKLYN, NY- my list is of basic needs for my apartment and snacks. i take my tattoo appointments out of my apartment. I'm currently not taking appointments but will tattoo myself and share on my IG platform to folks. I'm unemployed and getting cleaning supplies covered would help alot!Hi Tann! Your address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Mary Elizabeth artist & musician, and mother of an infant. Currently facing loss of income by closing my online shop temporarily due to not being able to purchase supplies & production costs, during COVID-19, as well as cancelled shows. In need of necessities for my baby (food items.) Even just one item would help so much!
Jolene Rheault income earner in family, 8 year old on free lunch plan, i am immune compromised - I am the sole income earner (immune compromised) in our family, our income has been cut in half in a matter of 2 days and could possibly get worse, need money for food, rent, etcHi Jolene! Your address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
I'm a grad student and a foreigner who is also a musician as a main career. Due to this pandemic, I lost performance gigs which are my main source of income and I don't know how much longer I can rely on my savings in order to be able to pay for rent and utility bills.
Minerva am a disabled, trans, multiracial sex worker. I've had to self isolate due to my disability making me a "high risk" which means I'm unable to work. I've marked items on my Amazon wishlist by "priority" so folks can see what would help me the most during this time.
Dolan Pondsmith & am a part-time artist (about 50% of my income) and I have lost my other job due to Covid-19 closing the business. I am working extra hard to try to do commissions to make rent and buy food, but I'm starting to run low on art supplies. I have a second list for a few small things of food. I'm not picky and I can survive on cheap snacks.
Celina'm an American grad student fully self supported, abroad in the UK. Due to COVID-19 I lost the job that made up over 50% of my monthly income, at the same time I was forced to move and my rent has almost doubled. I owe £900 due tomorrow to my new housing, so don't have any money to spare as paying the rent I could wiped me out. I've tried to make my wishlist solely food. My cashapp is £celinattolbert if you prefer. My next student loans won't come until late April, so until then I have almost nothing. Anything is appreciated, thanks.
Hi Celina! I'm trying to make sure everyone's address is properly linked, but I do not have an amazon UK account. Here are the instructions, please check when you can: - it is linked now, thanks
Brandon am a freelance opera singer residing in the US. Due to COVID-19,I so far have had two future opportunities canceled - a significant loss to my income, and I am nervous about losing my last production/source of income that was supposed to financially carry me to June. I'm in a decent spot right now as far as food is concerned, but I'm realizing that I am quickly running low on household items, that are impossible to find in stores now - mostly making up my wishlist. There are also a great deal of books and such on my list; trying to find things to keep me occupied since I am not really able to "work" and don't have much music to learn with gigs being canceled. Thank you so very much for assisting in this difficult, scary, and anxious time.
I am a freelance Massage Therapist and costume designer with zero income because of covid. I need basic supplies and food...toilet paper, beans, rice, peanut butter, oatmeal...just survival food! I will share with friends, family and neighbors in need! Thank you!! We are in this together!, venmo: LibbyBirk, paypal:
(1506 Address on amazon)
I am a queer, black creative - primarily music and I have lost all upcoming work (near $6000) through June. My wishlist consists of items needed to document and create art during this downtime. Alternately, monetary donations are appriacted to go towards rent, utilities and food as monthly expenses exceed $1700email + paypal - Venmo & CashApp: @GLADNEYofficial
Jenny Lynn
I am a single mother of color living below the poverty line, my daughter is 15. I had three jobs and have gotten laid off of ALL of them. My rent is due on by the 5th at the LATEST. I just used the last of my foodtamps to stock up, and have no food funds left until mid April. I am really stressed and scared of what is going to happen in the net couple of months! And of course sincerely appreciate this effort. I have been an activist in the community my entire life. THANK + paypal =, Venmo: @SteadyJenny
Eboni am a photographer, writer and filmmaker. I've been freelancing for years and decided in December to go into business for myself. I was working 3 jobs to fund both my startup photo and media businesses as well as maintain my life. I was laid off of all three jobs two weeks ago. I have no other income currently coming in and spent the last of what I had to buy essential supplies and food for myself and my family. I have applied for state benefits but am waiting to hear back.,
Helen I am mom to three (22, 17, 9). I am an actress/improviser. I'd been making ends meet by freelancing/gigging. I lost all 5 of my part time jobs 3 wks ago, and swapped out employment for homeschooling (teacher's s/b pd $100k a yr imo). I started picking up deliveries/Instacart when I can, but it's minimal $, & not enough to survive on. I'm a higher contraction risk because of my compromised immune system/autoimmune disease. I'm terrified of contracting the virus, & bringing it home to my kids. Stimulus has not gone through yet for independent contractors to claim u.i. We were living check to check prior to the job losses. I just had to use my car pymt $ to buy groceries/essential supplies. My rent/utilities/cc pymt are due now. I'm terrified I'm going to lose my car (which I require for work). If anyone has an old laptop, my only internet access is via my phone. I am going to be applying for any & all admin opportunities, & would need one to work. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. We are all in this together., Paypal:, Venmo: @helenclairduffour
Paula am a painter and a new mom. I live with my husband, my three step-daughters and my 8-month old. I also work as a Social Media Manager and Event Organizer but everything has been very slow, and almost gone, because of the coronavirus. My husband recently lost his part-time job due to the coronavirus, too, and we are very tight. I need diapers and some other baby stuff and things for my teen stepdaughters. Also, some painting materials to do some work that will hopefully serve as an income when this situation gets better, and because I would like to be able to do my art. Any help would be deeply appreciated, thank you so much.
I am a painter, and filmmaker pursuing higher education. I am putting out the hopeful call for supplies during this time! I don't expect anything, but I truly appreciate this form. I am working to build my portfolio and have started running low on painting materials. Hi Chloe! Your address is not properly linked to your wishlist, so people won't be able to send you things. Please follow these instructions to add your address:
Delia am a blogger and graphic artist with a dead computer. I need a new one urgently to be able to do my job and find a new job since many of my clients cannot afford to pay me right now and I need to find new ones. I am eternally greateful for any and all assistance. Hi Delia! Please change your link to an amazon wishlist link. A product link has no way of someone having your address. Follow these instructions for your address to be usable:
Chris (weldboy)
I am a sculptor. I just had two festivals canceled, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with their art grants and I am in the middle of creating the piece Dodecahedron 7. I have been working at burning man for 15 years. Burningman is my primary source of income for the year and now it is also threatened with being cancelled. I specialize in interactive art. I worked for the City Museum in Saint Louis for many years building climbable art. If you would like to see some of my work check out Please help me get the materials I need to complete my next piece. Thank you for your support. <3
Zeke, I am a single father and photographer currently continuing my education in Graphic Design. My daughterr is at home with me during this pandemic and has special needs, which keeps me wearing multiple hats all throughout the day. This has cut into my time to study and to work, not to mention not to many people are interested in photography right now with income so tight. I have used all of my remaining school loan to pay for the day to day necessties and have found myself short on my school supplies. I am in need of a new hard drive as my back up has failed recently. My keyboard is quite worn and some keystrokes are no longer responding. I have put in my list some local grocer gift cards, whatever you can manage would be so appreciated! I was going to put some items in my list, however a lot of their soups arent even available right now. Hi Zeke! Your address is not linked to your wishlist.
Sophia Alone
Professional Musician here. ALL of my gigs and work have been cancelled which means I have zero income. I have been applying to grants and such and am hustling doing live streams where fans tip me to make even a little money. The only thing on my list is an indoor bike. A proper workout to get me through this time would be such a beautiful gift to get some endorphins and start the day right as I figure out other ways to find work. Stay well friends. Thank you for your consideration.Email:
Thank you! Took Care of that.
Dyanna you for putting this google doc together! So kind. I am a self employed artist and work as an artist assistant as well. I lost my job and three potential commissions because income for everyone has changed. I also had two exhibitions cancelled. I am not able to go to my studio or workplace because the building had to close during this time. I am ordered to stay home, like many others. I did not have time to get any of my art supplies. I would like to create some work to relieve stress and to give to others to bring positivity. I am not sure how I will pay my rent but art supplies definitely bring the mood up! I added some art supplies and books for inspiration. If someone has the means to purchase multiple items, I can create a piece you you. Any contributions towards my rent or food would be so helpfull too. Thank you so much!!Venmo- @dyanna
Leah travel writer without health insurance. Lost all clients as the travel industry came to a quick halt, with no possibility for unemploymemt as I'm a freelancer. I really need a few basic hygeine/health supplies: tampons, deodorant, vitamins/suplements, and some coffee. Thanks so much.
Thank you for any assistance you're willing to provide! I'm a Professional Entertainer for special events, and all of my gigs (and therefore income) have dried up due to the pandemic. I'm also in a vulnerable group for complications due to CoVid and have to isolate. I've put tugether a list of pantry items, as well as basic equipment needed to segue into voiceover work I can do from home to get back on my feet.
hello my name is zero i am a black trans/nb freelance artists i solely rely on getting booked (lost two gigs this month -dj) or selling some of my digital art or doing commission pieces for other artists, (also was doing “under the table” sex work for a while) i am chronically ill/disabled i don’t have that much/big of a support system and i have absolutely no funds whatsoever i am running out of food and i need medicine because i’m still feeling sick and want to buy some medicine and supple to help with my immune system as mine is very weak, i was doing sex work until i was assaulted in november and too scared to even think about doing that again, or at this time in my life, i’m seeking any assistance of any kind i really wanna just buy food and medicine and cat food for my ESA.
Marie beautiful community. I'm a mom of two young children, 3 and 5, self employed helping people declutter their homes. With Covid-19, everyone cancelled of course, to embrace the social distancing. 0 income is my new reality for a few months to come, and unfortunately used up my savings when my kids where babies so I could stay with them (and was not able to work). I can still afford simple and healthy food (hurray for veggies that are still plentiful on shelves!), but I can't afford anything extra, like cleaning supplies, supplies to keep the kids busy at home (paint, markers, books, etc...). If you see something in my wish list that inspires you, I will be forever grateful!!:-))) And I can't wait to be on the other side : giving back to my community! God Bless. Hi Marie! Your address is not linked to your wishlist.
Liz am a working musician and DJ who lost all gigs due to the covid-19 pandemic. I am currently staying at the home of my boyfriend and it's an extremely abusive situation. I'm scared and dont know what to do. i am not able to leave the house to get food because he will lock me out on the street. I also am immunocompromised (rheumatoid arthritis) and he refuses to abide by the quarantine rules. I am afraid he will either continue to beat me or will give me the virus. I need some help so I can eat and can save the money I have and am requesting through grants and emergency funding to move asap. please help. thank you. also I'm not sure if this is appropriate but cash app: $LizStarry venmo: LizStarry215 paypal:
KANNADI @kannadi-ridenour single mom to 2 boys, San Francisco Bay Area resident. Low Income and now NO income.
Ellen out there. I work in commercials, print, and events and find myself completely out of work due to the pandemic. I rely on myself and don't have assistance. I was already low income before this hit and I live in Los Angeles which is very expensive. I'm also prone to bronchitis and lung issues so I'm scared to get a job in a grocery or something right now. Any help is greatly appreciated.Please be safe out there and wishing you well.
Erika, i'm Erika and i'm a singer, recording artist and single mother of my 12 year old boy Jason. We are currently struggling to make ends meet during all this madness and while I'm doing what I can from home it's difficult without any gigs and with the state of the economy. I appreciate any assistance whatsoever and hope to pay it forward when possible! :))
Chioma am a working photographer and personal trainer based in Brooklyn. I was laid off from my full time job at Fotografiska due to the COVID-19 and my gym closed which took out my remaining clients and all of my photography gigs has been cancelled. Getting aid from New York City is impossible since everyone is in the same boat needing aid. I have so many bills coming up and since filing from umemployment is impossible at this moment, any help is good help. Thank you so much for doing this and God bless.

My PayPal email is
Cash App $chiomaozuzu