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Reddit ProfileWhat's your Reddit username?How long have you been using Excel?What is your Excel user status? Respond with things like Noobie, Wizard, Ninja, Assassin, Guru, etc..What version of Excel do you primarily work in?Are you a VBA user?Are you an Access user?What is your job title?How often do you visit /excel?What are some other subreddits you enjoy?What state/province/etc do you live in?What city/area do you live in?Anything else you would like us to know?
frescanifrescani4 yearsBattle Mage'03, '07, '10yesyesReporting Implementation Analystweeklyfunny, discgolf, austin, fitness, lifeprotipsTXAustinmy girlfriend bought a purse yesterday in the shape of a chicken. she's pretty excited.
Omar_torritos Omar_torritos 7 yearsLover2003 :(I tryA bit of Oracle Blah blah blah analystUncomfortably long, like relatives during the holidays /r/accounting PaPhilly
yawetagyawetag15 yearsModerate2007NoSometimesNot Excel ProfessionalDailystlouis, answers, some dealing with collegeMissouriSt. Louis
0m1cr0n0m1cr0n> 10 yearsGuru2011 mac / 2010 pcyesyesNetwork Analyst2-3x / weeksysadmin, netsec, scotchBCVancouverThanks for keeping this subreddit going! I'd love to see it grow, it's been an interesting peek into other people's experiences with Excel.
SydFoodGuySydFoodGuynever countedjockey2003; 2007sporadicallynopeBossonly on networkdaysfinance, personalfinanceAustraliaSydneygreat community, lots of knowledge
---sniff------sniff---4 yearsI made .xls my bitchExcel 2007 / 2010const c_sAnswer as string = "Yes"I'm a proProject Controls Engineerdaily/r/mlsWashingtondesert
burketoburketo6 yearsExcelibur!2010I dabble....noEngineerDailyr/IrelandAustralia?Australia?Very well, where do I begin?

My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a fifteen year old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet.

My father would womanize, he would drink, he would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Some times he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy, the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.

My childhood was typical, summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring we'd make meat helmets. When I was insolent I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds, pretty standard really. At the age of 12 I received my first scribe. At the age of fourteen, a Zoroastrian named Vilma ritualistically shaved my testicles. There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum, it's breathtaking, I suggest you try it.
moistrobotmoistrobotforever?nerd2007whenever inspiredno thoughInternet Monitoring Engineer. Seriousevery other daybestof, depthhub, fitness, foodforthought, sexMalaysiaKLI've said too much
CG_OpsCG_Ops5 YearsGuru Apprentice2003Noobie in this areaNoobie in this area tooOperations AnalystDaily/mtb /pics /machineporn /fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuCaliforniaSF BayI just want to spread the wealth... I learned 95% of my Excel knowledge from Google searches. Reddit seems to be one of the better, consolidated learning bases I've found. Ozgrid and MrExcel seems to be a bit harsh if the questions aren't grammertically kurrect.
sheriffSnooselsheriffSnoosel5 yearsGreen Beltmac 2010soonnoscienticianoftennsfwMNMinneapolisI am using excel from a background in hard core numerics. This is often frustrating but I think once I break the VBA wall I will find it more satisfying.
BornonFeb2nBornonFeb2n~21 yearsExcel is my bitch.2003 / 2010Msgbox "Yup"....While I _CAN_ use Access, I prefer legit SQL, not that inbred bastard hybridUnemployed, yay!Frontpaged.Standard assortment gifs, funny, pics, world, f7u12, etcMidwestMidwest..ishAnswering questions. Making the world a lazier place, one problem at a time.
NacklesNackles10 yearsThe go-to person at my workplace.2007Nope.I try to learn it at least once a year. I always fail.Library clerk.Whenever a topic interests me.IAMA, happy, atheism, creepy, nosleep, offbeatPAPhiladelphiaMy favorite color is orange. I love buffalo wings. I have high blood pressure. I can bring almost any topic around to an SNL sketch in less than 2 tangents.
obliskoblisk8 yearsModeratly Competent Swashbuckler03 and '10Oh god YesHell NoJuggler1-2 times a daynyc diablo photographynynyc
ProThunderballerProThunderballer~5 yearslesser Greek god2007 - todayIntroducting myself to itNopeApplication EngineerJust found itAthiesm, Politics, Engineering, Robotics, MATLABCACall it North of Los AngelesLookin to start building my VBA skillz
upload333upload3332 yearsIntermediate Wizard11need/trying to learnnopeResearch AnalystLike every 3 hours r/music, movies, forhire, fitnessIllinoiso_____Or/Excel is a great place! Learned a lot, hoping to learn a lot more. Oh, and I'm looking for a job.. Just sayin'
ninjagroverninjagrover10+ yearsNinja, approaching Assassin at times2003YesIf I can't avoid itFinance and Budget Supportonce a weekr/pics/martialarts/kungfu/gifsNorthern TerritoryDarwin, AustraliaExcel is my favourite piece of software bar none!
xinnehxinneh4 yearsflag duplicates, and then band then with cFormatting :D =IF(A2=A1,IF(B1=1,1,0),IF(B1=1,0,1))2010I use macros when needed. Find em on the web though, don't write em myself, with some personal tweaking here n there.Access is for sissies.Business AnalystAs of last week, obsessively.I'm a guy, so erm.. r/aww ?UAEAbu DhabiI'm always happy to assist with what I can, so if you need anything just PM me. All hail the great cell matrix.
saynotobreadsaynotobread>15 yearsExceloRaptor2003-2010noob-eskyesandroid, linux, chrome, firefox, xkcd, discgolf, atheism, austin TXAustinnothing i probably won't regret later
mrosetomroseto20 yearsninja2011noyesoffice managerdailypicsOhioClevelandno
_johan_johan5 yearsWizard2010YesYesDailyVictoriaMelbourne
mugmugmugcoffeemugmugmugmugcoffeemug7 years#DIV/0!2003Yes, but at beginner levelYesMaster of the Universe (really just an Analyst guy)When Excel makes me cryr/bass#N/A#N/AI like pie
seainhdseainhd4 yearscomplete hack2010nonoBusiness Development97% of workdayspics,funny,WashingtonSeattlejust askin some questions. Bein' a turd.
chickitychickencheckchickitychickencheckSince my mother was prepubsentViceroy of Office Excel Operations07YupIndeedAccount ManagerHubby's not protesting quite yet. Negative!CANorthernNone ya.
chinsue32chinsue321monthNoobie2010nononetwork engineerhardly evertechsupport, DIYoklahomaoklahoma city
DatheRDatheR6 yearsMaster of all but charts2003SomeA little in the pastSeeking Employment (with lots of free time)DailyCaSan Fernando ValleyQuit it with all of the questions already.
MajorMavMajorMav12 MonthsNoobie2011NoNoPilotNot as often as I would liker/Pilots, r/aviationUKLondonNope
andyjwallandyjwall15 years2010Oh Yesnot muchartisanI breathe excel
imshanehimshaneh1 monthShortcut whizz2010NoNoStudent of maths and economicsonly fond it now, but seems useful!math, ragenovels, ubuntu, IrelandGalwayI like the ribbon.
seadave77seadave77~10 yearsGuru2007 & 2010YesYesApplication DeveloperDailyAccouning, RTS, AskScienceGeorgiaAtlanta
nodistractionnodistraction10 yearsGuru2010-PresentYesYesAnalystEvery dayfinance, fitness, business, statistics, economics, math, rockclimbingCanada, OntarioToronto
vertexvortexvertexvortex6 yearsSpace Cowboy2007of coursenot if I can help itDepartment Specialistseveral times a day/jobs /mensfashionVAHampton RoadsI'm always looking for new things to learn. Show me what you got.
fcukitstargirlfcukitstargirl3 yearsPivot Table Princess2003 - 2010No, but I really really want to learnNo, but I use several other database programs Data & Support Coordinator (I asked for Excel Ninja and, while my boss thought it appropriate, upper mgt did not)Occasionallyminimalism, xxfitness, lifeprotipsNCCharlotteI exceedingly love excel - and since half of my job is playing excel, I love my job! I first learned to use excel in 2000, but I never used it for more than basic accounting until 2009. I think I learn something new about excel every day. My goal is to become proficient in VBA. I'd also like to become proficient in SQL, as I use several database programs at work.

I like sushi, supernatural type TV shows (Buffy, Xfiles, etc), and musicals. I like gingers, too.
l3g0m4n1al3g0m4n1a6 yearsLevel 2Mac 2011terriblynoLord of Catanmore often recentlypolitics, world news, pittsburghpapittsburghneed some help and opinions on my work!
Mock2025Mock2025Few years.So Average it is boring2007YesNoExpense AnalystDailyManitobaWinnipeg
destroyitwdynamitedestroyitwdynamitea few yearsSpreadsheet SuperheroExcel 2007yesnoPlease.r/futurama, r/shittyaskscience, r/psychologyAZ
mr_minermr_miner5 yearsSkilled. Passed Excel, Access etc Easily2010Hell nawskilled but don't use regularyInternwhen it comes up on my frontpage/skiing /androidUtahPark City
djhughmandjhughman12 monthscomfortable with pivot tables2007nonodebt collectorfirst timecats, MMA, travel, animalporn, photography, tattooOR, USABeaverton, ORI need to gain new skills so I could get a better job. Operation analyst position looks very interesting so I'm learning Excel, Access and MySQL. Wish me luck!
armandgarmandgActively using it at work for the past two/three years, but started fiddling with in high school.n00b++: (can nest if-statements, love trim(), upper(), left() and right() (and other string-manipulating formulas), but never touches VBA.Excel 2010NoNo, but I dabbled with it in high school and now the basics.Sales Operations CoordinatorWhen I visit Redditm, which is about once a day.Beatles, Skyrim, Games/Gaming, Geek, Apple, talesfromtechsupportNorwayI hated math in school, but love to play with Excel. Go figure.
Jason_SmJason_Sm4 YearsFord Escort2010No (willing to learn)NoOperations ManagerEvery other dayForza, Personal Investing, WTFNebraskaOmaha
ITGeekDadITGeekDad15 yearsNoviceProfessional Plus 2010NoSometimesIT AdministratorDailyTechSupport, 24HourSupport, ADHD, AnnArbor, Detroit, Michigan, JusticePorn, ReefTankMichiganMetro Detroit
BokstavkjeksBokstavkjeks2 yearsApprentice wizard2010YesNoStudentOften. I might have a problem. Help me.DenmarkAarhusThe captions are funny. Good job!
Frenzy165Frenzy1654 monthsbetter than noob, and learning2007not reallyperipherallyDemogod of pantsdailyrpg, swtor, creepy, gothicmetal, metalNJCentral JerseyJust started using excel more than basic spreadsheeting at work about 4 months ago. Learned a lot, and need to learn more.
eulerupeulerup5 yearsexcel is my bitch.2010I'll edit or use it if I have to, but I'm no expertughhh, yes. And the last time I checked, being an Acces user means you're an Access expertActuarial Analystall day e'ry day/r/actuary, /r/mathILChi city!writin all the if statements
ZalcZalc10 yearsAssassin2010 & 2011 (Mac)YesYesSenior Manager of TechnologyJust started, plan on visiting a lot moreOrigamiILChicago
stimilonstimilon10 years. Before then it was the program with boxes.monkey2010. Version 14.0.6112.5000dabblernoFinance Leaddailythe usual suspectsNYNYC
llooggaannllooggaann3 yearsModerate2010YesStudentOccasionallyImGoingToHellForThis, AdviceAnimals, Guitar, Funny
cobainbc15cobainbc1510 yearsNinja2010YesA littleSenior Financial AnalystDailytoo manyMassachusettsCambridgeI teach the University of Reddit Course on Excel at www.excelexposure.com and enjoy helping people out on r/Excel as well.
gordonguthriegordonguthrie25 yearsI wrote my own spreadsheet server2003Used to beUsed to beCEOBonnie ScotlandLinlithgowI like spreadsheets so much I wrote my own one http://vixo.com and I want to hang out with some friendly spreadsheet people and bounce ideas off them, get to know their problems and try and help solve them, and stuff.

Here's a wonky self-shot of me giving the secret handshake in my pyjamas:
mrdelayermrdelayerForever.Better than God.2010, baby.YepMhm (Though, TBH, I prefer MSSQL.)Reporting AnalystCouple times a day.listentothis, poker, spicy, SubredditDrama, cars/autos/cartalk, dataisbeautiful, dataisugly, math, technology...TXSan AntonioCube functions. These are the key to godlike Excel abilities, in an OLAP environment, anyway.
CoffeeSweatCoffeeSweat10 yearsNext in line to the throne2010NoNoData Analystonce a weekSFW porn network plus a few othersUKManchesterHi I'm CoffeeSweat, and I'm addicted to Excel .
edhaker13edhaker133 yearsNinja!2007YesNoI honestly don't Knowevery few daysr/learnprogramming, r/javagamedev, r/android>_><_<
MultiGeometryMultiGeometry7 yearsCreative Problem Solver200720102013NoFamiliar, not experiencedInfo Systems AnalystSubscribe, weigh in when I canNHUpper ValleyEven after receiving a four year degree valued over $200,000, the most valuable thing I've ever done was read "Excel 2010, the Missing Manual" ($26) cover to cover.
gerson11gerson117 yearsKingPC 2007, Mac 2011Negative ghostriderWe have a dynamic relationshipReporting AnalystAlmost daily/r/soundersfcWAGreater Seattle areaI eat databases for breakfast
TayjenTayjenAll day every day since 2007They call me guru2007Yes, I code.Not if I can help it.AnalystMost days/weeksUK
tehhowchtehhowchSerious user since 2006I'm basically magic to the hunt-n-peck community7/10/2013Automation is awesomeI dabble in DAOResearch InternDailyWI, USA
atsomepointididatsomepointidid6 years, but I barely use itNoobie... I can make simple charts, lists, use simple formulas... 2010you mean secret love notes?i want to learn that toocommunications specialistonce a week but i plan to rent an apartment herecommunity, futurama, pokemon, free design, random actsPhilippinesManilaI wanna show off at work. I want to learn how to make dashboards for my reports.
harishrvtharishrvt5 yIntermediate2007Not YetNoSoftware EngineerEveryday/PhotographyIndiaBangaloreOver the years excel has integrated itself way way too deep in my life .. I actually use it to document notes rather than use word, cos I feel so comfortable in the Excel GUI...

As of late , been using it a lot at work and somehow , I m the guy with the most excel experience on my floor .. while it is fun to show them little magic tricks where i get an entire day's computation done in a single day , i do often feel the need to improve my skills and explore the tool to its full potential ..

Hoping I can make use of it after I get an MBA degree (in the next 3 years)
limx0limx03Expert2010YesNoAnalystWeeklyTechnology, DatabasesAustraliaBrisbane
ulyssesssulyssesssYearsLegit but so much more to learnMac 2011just the tipno thankssales engineercouple times a weekpersonalfinance, economics, dataisbeautiful, buddhism, minimalism ILChicagomidgets
GuatemalnGrnadeGuatemalnGrnade10+ yearsFormula Grand WizardExcel 2010No, google looks them up for meBeginner in AccessGuy who makes Excel filesALL THE TIMEI stay away from all the political/religious subreddits.ArizonaNorth PhoenixJust here to share my knowledge with others and learn from everyone else.
prattenpratten< 1 yearNoobieExcel for Mac 2011Umm?No.Small business ownerVICAustralia
rebubularebubula10 YearsGuru2010YesYesData Senior LeadFirst time...just subscribedAsk Reddit/Music/TIL/Funny/Advice AnimalsPennsylvaniaNortheast
pvskisteak5pvskisteak510 yearsGuru2010Small amount, but in past moreNot any longerFounder, OfficeScholarDailyinvesting, gamingIllinoisChicagoBuilt a Rails site called OfficeScholar to help with learning Excel. Plan to expand my few initial screencast tutorials into more advanced Excel topics and add lessons on other commonly used Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. I left technology investment banking after 4 years to focus on web development full time to pursue projects such as OfficeScholar. Look forward to continuing to contribute to /r/excel.
majordeeganzmajordeeganz10 yearsGuru?2013yesnoProgram ManagerdailyawwWASeattleI work as an engineer on the Microsoft Excel team.
RiskTrainerRiskTrainer30 yearsGuru2007NoYesChief MentorOnce a weekFinance, Technology, GeeksPakistan
ankitkaulmachamaankitkaulmachama4 YearsWizardExcel 2013YesNoProgrammer AnalystEvery minute.Sure.IndiaPune
jpo645jpo6455 yearsI'm pretty good at it2010YesYesAnalytics DeveloperoftenOhioDaytonI run an Excel blog, http://optionexplicitvba.blogspot.com. I'm also writing a book about Excel development for Apress publishing, out Fall 2013. You can email me directly: jpo645 at gmail
wsnyderwsnyderAwhile nowLearn more everyday2010YesYesData and Reporting AnalystMy other wife would say yesWTFAZChandler
wwwertdfwwwertdf7Master2013System Admin, Currently working as a Sales Associate at Best BuyOccasionally/r/techsupportgore /r/i7t12OntarioBellevilleNah
sixoutsixout4 yearsModerate2003YesnoSchedulerWay too oftennfl, askredditTexasHoustonNot really.
MacBelieveMacBelieve3 yearsCompetent?2010Mehnot yetCaptaintwice a week or so depending on the questions askedminecraft, neuro, learnprogrammingnopenopenope
emmy1515emmy15153 yearsWizard2010/2007Nope!YepBoss LadyDailyCheap_Meals, because Excel doesn't pay the bills, only balances themWIEau Claire
recharge051recharge0515 yearsNobie2007nopenopeFinancial Analystmeh..once every few daysOttawa
fearnotthewrathfearnotthewrathFeels like centuries, but would guess 15+/- years...VBA Hunter2010YesYesWish I had one...Hourly...TexasAustinIf you need something just ask, gchat me excel@jeffreylopez.net
GeorgeBaileyGatesGeorgeBaileyGates10+ yearsJunkie Pusher2010Occasionally.. simple stuffYes, have designed dBstechnically "Business Analyst"Whenever work gets boring (hourly)/r/dataisbeautifulMACape CodCruisin' the streets looking for more kids to get hooked on the drug that is Excel.
foundflamefoundflame5 yearsChampion2007, 2010Yes. Yes, yes, yes.SomeReports analystFirst time here (random)WTF, pics, games, funny, doctorwho, masseffect, spaceporn, roompornTXAmarillo
T_at~15 yearsBoss!2010A littleNoBossweekdaysmotorcycles, minecraftIrelandDublinI like excel. I like finding interesting ways to achieve what I want to do. Nothing annoys me more than seeing people using a calculator to sum up the contents of cells, or hand transcribing values from one place to another.
epicmindwarp7 years... Kick ass and chew gum.2007 =/ i only c&p other peoples codes....Kinda... sorta. Ish.Data Analyst. Seriously.Like every other hour.I normally just enjoy the front page =)UKLondonUsing Excel since I was a child. I love this shizzle. I go through this stuff and my mind is blown.

I thought I knew some real shizzles, but clearly people want some more funky stuff than I realised. Keeps me on my toes.
Booj1since 1996never know it all2010nonoestimatornow frequentlyanything with nude women onlyhereover hereno
ForgottenSandwichGetting towards a decade.Exceedingly average poweruser2010-13Barely, I can record and modify but would be a little pressed making anything much from scratchNot really, have to use some pre made templates at work.StudentA littlebestoff, mushroomporn, aww, /randomhmm... Not in a united stateI don't think we know each other well enough, but I do live in a quite city area.
namer98Five years8/10/20132010LearningNoFinancial AssistantDailyr/JudaismMDBaltimoreI want to start learning simple macros. But most of what I want to learn is to make my job go faster.
chamber3715+ yearsNinja Mage2010yesyesReporting ExecutiveregularlylifeprotipsUKBirmingham
monopolyking1 yearWizard2007no :(not yet ;)Manufacturing Engineer2 times a week/apple /gamingdealsMexicoMexico City
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