Platforms for Issuing Open Badges
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1 Badge AcademyAcclaimBestrBadgecraftMakewavesYoutopiaForAllRubrics (includes ForAllBadges) *Please note that this tool is intended for vouched Mozillians & is being deprecatediRemixBadgeOSCredlyOpenBadgeFactoryBadgeForgeBadge ListBadge-it Gadget LiteClass BadgesSashWP Badger WPBadger is a simple WordPress plugin for issuing badges and adding them to a user's Open Badges backpack. Consider it Open Badger's lighter-weight cousin. --> doesn't actually let you create them or integrate as much elsewhereSeton Hall Badge Project - not actually a platform for non-seton hall BUT might be good to get insight into how they do it. They have people (staff, students) submit ideas for badges and criteria. But also things like a basketball fan.. -_- ReadAbout MeBadgeCulture - badges specifically for cultural experiences... also in SpanishP2PU Badges - more of a group thing. So you must earn a badge and then are considered an 'expert' who can give them to others. They have schools and courses, but the entire platform is designed for peer to peer education and not corporate use like us.Openbadgesme `9787881
Audiences:Organizations, Learners and Professionals. Schools with learners 13+Companies interested in creating badges, individuals who want to earn those badges, companies interested in hiring ppl with those badgesWorks with Canvas LMS onlyAll audiencesK-12All audiencesK-12, Universities, Informal Learning ProgramsConferencesK12, Informal Learning Programs, Professional Learning CommunitiesAll audiencesAll audiencesOrganizations such as: schools, vocational organizations, universities, companiesk-college, businessesCorporate Training, "Open Source" Learning Groups, Decentralized Communities of Experts, Colleges & Universities, Customer ServiceK-12k-college, businesses, personalCultural Tourismhttp://badges.p2pu.orgAll audiences
Company that created platformMakewaves & DigitalMeAcclaimCINECABadgecraftMakewavesYoutopiaForall SystemsLes OrchardDigital Youth Network & Remix LearningLearningTimesCredlyDiscendumLittle Bird GamesKnowledgestreemClassBadgesEverFiCompartia & MarinvaPeer 2 Peer Universitywww.myknowledgemap.comChamilo Association / BeezNest
Is awarded badge data downloadable?NoYesyesnoYesYesYesYesYesyesSoonUnknownOnline learning communities, classrooms, maker events and meetupsYesYes
Is platform open sourcedNoNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNoYes (AGPLv3/Affero)Open APINo / Open APINoNoYesYesUnknown
Price (with regard to capabilities) hello@openbadgeacademy.comNot working.lucas@littlebirdgames.comEmail:
Twitter: @hankish or @badgelist
Vanessa Gennarelli, vanessa@p2pu.orgFREEFree or official providers services - One e-mail to contact them all and, in the goodness, bind them
Level of credibilityPortals of up to 700K students. See
Integration abilities (LinkedIn, FB, ProMazo website)LinkedIn Login/ConnectionLinkedIn doesn't support OpenBadges other than through linking. Issued badges are available through a unique URL and respond to the standard, so they can be exported to the Mozilla backpack, for example
Issues Open BadgesYesYesYesYesxXYesYesyesYesYesxYesYesYes
Display Issued Badges CatalogYesYesYesYesxXYesYesyesYesYesxYesYes
Earner DisplayYesYesYesYesXYesYesyesYesYesYesYes
Integration w/ Social MediaYesYesYesYesXYesYesyesYesYesYes
Digitally Signing BadgesNoNoNoNoXYesYesyesYesYes
Generate ReportsYesYesYesYesXYesYesyesxYesYes
Earner Generated BadgesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesUnknownYes
Huawei Y-511U30not yetYesYesYesYesyesYesYes
Issue Badges by completing RubricYesyesYesYesXYesYesyesSoonYes
Import Open Badges earned elsewhere (acts like a backpack)Not Yetyes-YesOpen Badge NativenoYes, via
Today, learning happens everywhere.
Yet, we still struggle to capture valuable learning that takes place outside of formal settings.
We need a new way to help people capture and communicate all of their talents and use them to transition into new opportunities.
Open Badge Academy is a complete solution that makes recognising lifelong learning simple.

Organisations create academies to launch open badges
Use badges to recognise learning, validate skills and build capabilities

Track and demonstrate the impact of your programme


Learners use badges to build a richer picture of themselves
Evidence badges on the move via mobile

Share your profile to stand out from the crowd


Professionals verify skills using endorsements
Experts, educators and peers provide evidence based endorsements of badges

Connect with the people who matter to you
Free for schools and education programmes - teachers can create own badges, stealth badges and badges from 3rd party projects available to earn too. Badges can be issued to under 13s as digital badges and converted to open badges later. integrated student eportfolio and teacher moderation tools. Charged for pro package to have private badge library, channels and more space.Freemium and Premium offerings for any size class, school, non-profit, or after school program. Other services offered by Youtopia include: Badge System Design consulting, Professional development, LMS/SIS integration and live supportThe Badging and Rubric Platform for Teaching and Learning. Supports typical class structure for schools and informal learning programs. including secure FERPA compliant storage of student data. Supports standards-aligned badges. Includes progress and standards reports. Support learner, teacher and organizational logins. Includes iOS and Android apps for issuing badges offline. Free for teachers. and lots more...Free. Basic and easy tool for the quick creation of a badge. Lots of junk badges.Platform to create custom challenge based social learning networks. Turnkey solution with no technical expertise necessary. Provides social learning network with a robust badging engine and challenge framework at its core. Learners develop a portfolio, earn badges, support peers and gain guidance from mentors in their areas of interest. Free for everyone. Support services available. Available as free plugin to WordPress. Plugin on and code on GitHub.Built on the free "Open Credit" API, allows anyone to issue, accept and share badges representing their achievements. Recipients can manage their badges, share them to social networks and Mozilla, or add them to their website. Free for everyone. Also supports import of Open Badges. (Premium service available for things like: identity verification, assertion white labeling, massive bulk badge issuing, and user support).Open Badge management platform as a cloud service.
Strong tools for badge management
Open API makes it possible for anyone to create plugins.
Moodle and Mahara issuer plugin provided by OBF developers.
Free level (full badge creator and issuer features) and premium and professional levels with extended report features.
All features currently available in free beta to end of 2014. Page does not load in Safari but does work with Firefox browser
Free. The focus of Badge Forge is earner generated badges and data collection. 4 tiered validation system in the works with administrator tool. Customized versions can be created for locations. Designed to enable social learning.

Each badge has a built-in knowledge base, a threaded discussion forum and learner blogs that help track progress.

Free for public learning groups, private learning groups start at $10 per month.
Simple platform based on WordPress that focuses strictly on issuing badges. It does not do any of the MOOC type things other platforms do. Also, WP Multisite/Networks allow you to administer several badge issuing units separately.In early stages of development. Specially suited for museum visitors, from kids to adults, school groups, etc. with the objective of tracing and certifying every learning activity related to education & culture & tourism.P2PU's badges are great for learning communities on the web. The learners determine which skills are important, and peers evaluate each others' projects. OBI compliant since March 2013, Badges are embeddable elsewhere as an iframe.
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