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Rivals of Aether Academy Frame Data
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Current Dev Mode Version is 0.8
Last Revision 28 February 2023
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Frequently Used TermsDefinitionsValue Definitions and More Information
StartupThe amount of frames before a move is active and able to hit a character. Listed as the total number of frames in this part of the move.Endlag: Whiff Vs. Hit
Active FramesThe frames in which a move has a hitbox, dealing damage and knockback. Listed as the exact frames for each move.Rivals of Aether has a mechanic commonly referred to as either 'Whiff lag' or 'Hit-cancelling'. This mechanic will cause all attacks, with the exception of most jabs and special attacks, to have their endlag multiplied by 1.5x the regular amount. Due to this, the only endlag values listed in the dev mode files are the 'on hit' endlag values, with the whiff multiplier used on almost all moves that have extended endlag on whiff. There are some moves that have unique endlag values on whiff due to various reasons, so please refer to the numbers recorded in this document when necessary.
Endlag (Hit/Whiff)The amount of frames that occur after a move is active and that you are unable to act for. Listed as the total number of frames in this part of the move. See the Endlag: Whiff Vs. Hit definition for more info.
FAFFirst Actionable Frame (FAF) refers to the first frame in which you are able to act after a move has ended.
DamageThe amount of percent that a move will deal. Some multihit moves that share all hitbox properties are listed in the same line, the damage will only refer to the percentage that is dealt in a single hit.Knockback Scaling and Hitpause Scaling Values
AngleThe knockback angle of a move, ie. the angle that a hitbox will send a character. All angles are listed from 0-360, with the exception of the Sakurai angle, which is listed as 361.Both Knockback Scaling and Hitpause Scaling numbers are multiplied by 100 for the purposes of this document, all formulas listed below use the values found in the dev mode files. Correct the numbers accordingly when using them.
Angle 361 (Sakurai)In Rivals of Aether, a hitbox with this property will send an opponent at a 40 degree angle if they are grounded and a 45 degree angle if they are airborne. Sakurai angle is commonly written as angle 361.Knockback Formula
Base KnockbackThe base knockback value to determine how far an opponent is hit by a move. Refer to the Knockback Formula for more information.BKB + damage * knockback_scaling * 0.12 * knockback_adj
Knockback ScalingThe knockback scaling value to determine how far an opponent is hit by a move. All knockback scaling numbers are multiplied by 100 for the purposes of this document. Refer to the knockback formula for more information.Hitstun Formula
PriorityEach individual hitbox has its own priority value. If hitboxes overlap on the same frame a character will be hit by the hitbox with the higher priority value. This is relevant on moves with multiple hitboxes that are active at the same time.BKB * 4 * ((knockback_adj - 1) * 0.6 + 1) + damage * 0.12 * knockback_scaling * 4 * 0.65 * knockback_adj
Hitstun ModifierMultiplier for the amount of time a character will be in hitstun for after this move. Refer to the Hitstun Formula for more information.Hitpause Formula
Base HitpauseThe base hitpause value to determine how long a move will pause on hitting an opponent. Opponents will take knockback and be in hitstun after hitpause has taken place, with DI (Directional Influence) determined on the last frame of hitpause. Refer to the Hitpause Formula for more information.base_hitpause + damage * hitpause_scaling * .05
If the game calculates that you will die on all even DI possibilities (not accounting for possible ledge techs or partial drift DI) a galaxy effect will play, locking that move into 20 frames of hitpause.
Hitpause ScalingThe hitpause scaling value to determine how long a move will pause on hitting an opponent. Opponents will take knockback and be in hitstun after hitpause has taken place, with DI (Directional Influence) determined on the last frame of hitpause. All Hitpause Scaling numbers are multiplied by 100 for the purposes of this document. Refer to the Hitpause Formula for more information.Charging Strong Attacks
Fully charging a strong attack will cause it to do 1.25x its total knockback and 1.6x its damage. These values increase linearly during the charge state of each strong attack, the startup of which is split into pre-charge, charge and post-charge windows before becoming active.
Angle FlipperAngle Flippers are a special property of a move that influences the knockback value. There are 10 individual angle flipper values, refer to the Angle Flipper Definitions for more informationAngle Flipper Definitions
Landing Lag (Hit/Whiff)On landing on the ground or a platform there are a set amount of frames before you are actionable referred to as landing lag. Each character has a default landing lag value of either 4 or 6, with all aerials having unique landing lag values. If you land during the startup, active frames or most of the endlag of an aerial the landing lag values listed on that specific aerial are the amount of frames before you are actionable. Landing during the last 5 frames of an aerial will always cause it to autocancel into the default landing lag state regardless of hit or whiff (either 4 or 6 frames). On hit you are able to cancel the last 5 frames of landing lag into jump-squat, allowing you to become airborne on the same frame you would normally be actionable. 0 - Sends at the exact knockback_angle every time
1 - Sends away from center of the enemy player
2 - Sends toward center of the enemy player
3 - Horizontal knockback sends away from the center of the hitbox
4 - Horizontal knockback sends toward the center of the hitbox
5 - Horizontal knockback is reversed
6 - Horizontal knockback sends away from the enemy player
7 - Horizontal knockback sends toward the enemy player
8 - Sends away from the center of the hitbox
9 - Hits toward the center of the hitbox
10 - Sends in the direction the player is moving.
CooldownThe amount of frames before a move is usable again. This value is shown in its own field for all special attacks, but there are some regular attacks which also have cooldowns before you are able to use that same attack a second time, such Ori's down-air or Sylvanos' bair after a pin, which are listed in the notes section for the move.
Force FlinchUnique property which changes how characters react to attacks. Flinch replaces hitstun if the knockback applied is too low to lift a character off the ground, and unlike hitstun will not scale with damage. Force flinch values can prevent moves from lifting characters off the ground at any percent, make them unable to cause the flinch state even if the attack is crouch cancelled or cause them to be crouch cancelllable at any percent. Refer to the Force Flinch Definitions for specific values.Force Flinch Definitions
Intangible frames are those in which a character does not have a hurtbox, effectively making them invincible for that period of time. Certain moves or objects also have invulnerability to projectiles, in which case they still have a hurtbox and can be hit by all physical moves.1 - Forces the flinch state, unless the attack is crouch cancelled
2 - Cannot cause flinch, even if crouch cancelled
3 - Can always be crouch cancelled, regardless of percent
Prat-fallPrat-fall, commonly referred to as special-fall or free-fall, is an airborne state a character can enter in which they are unable to act. Each character has their own unique prat-fall landing lag value that is their default for prat-fall, however specific moves or circumstances may result in this value increasing or decreasing.Cancelling Moves
Sweetspot/SourCommonly used terms to describe the powerful and weak hitboxes on moves respectively. A number of moves have different ways in which you can cancel it early, either preventing further active frames or cancelling part of, if not all, endlag. The most common methods of cancelling a move is a regular cancel (commonly input as a parry or a second special input or attack, but can be any input), Jump-Cancelling (input a jump after a certain period of time) and special-cancelling (mostly up-special cancellable). Some moves can also cancel into another move or set of moves on hit, such as Kragg's dash attack or Forsburn's cape attacks, or can be cancelled into a specific move, such as Zetterburn's dash attack cancel into an up-strong. There are also moves which automatically cancel on hit, such as Ori's sweetspot dash attack.
UntechableA property that prevents a character from being able to tech on the ground when hit. Etalus has a unique untechable property on his up-air which prevents characters from being able to land on a platform during hitstun. Zetterburn and Shovel Knight have untechable moves that force the missed tech state on their opponent.
Hit LockoutThe amount of frames after being hit in which a character cannot be hit again. Starts after hitpause ends. This value is mostly used on kill moves for characters who have projectiles that may interfere with their opponents' knockback.
Super ArmourMoves with super armour cannot be interrupted by an attack unless it deals a certain amount of knockback. This is indicated by a white outline around the character.Strong Attack Charge - Damage Values and Pre-Charge/Post-Charge Values
Extended Parry StunMoves with the extended parry stun property will scale their parry stun based on the distance between characters. Parry stun will be increased to a minimum of 60 frames (20 frames more than default) over distances less than 150px away and a maximum of 100 frames for characters further than 600px away. If a character is parried when they are not currently in an attacking state a further 10 frames of parry stun will also be applied, increasing the minimum and maximum parry stun to 70 and 110 frames respectively.Orcane Forward Air Knockback Scaling Calculator
ASDI ModifierThe Automatic Smash Direction Influence (ASDI) Modifier will effect how many pixels you are able to travel during hitpause (performed by holding a direction on either stick during hitpause). The impact this has on how many pixels you can move is currently unknown. By default you can only move your character 10 pixels.Etalus Fair Armour Calculator
Ori Forward Special Charge Calculator
Extra HitpauseValue added in version 0.4 of dev mode. The value represents frames of extra hitpause on the enemy character only, allowing moves to link more reliably.
Elliana Up Tilt Knockback Scaling Calculator
Kill ProjectilesWhether or not a hitbox can destroy an active projectile.
IASAInterruptible As Soon As (IASA) is another form of cancelling a moves animation. It allows you to cancel into another move or state after a specific time or event has occured. Usually there are limitations on what you are able to cancel into.Shovel Knight Forward Special Charge Calculator
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